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Full text of "Minutes of the Common Council of the City of New York, 1675-1776"

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?,^'if.N,„'i'?,V,M"'"V PUBLIC LIBRARY 

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KSV; YOI^': (City) Co— en council. 
;.515 ...?.'.inutcs of the Ccr..7.on ccuncil of the city 
':o of >'cv,- York, 1675-17^6... Published undor the 

authority of the city cf hcv York. Nov/ Yor 


" At head of title: Kc^sisterod no. 475. 

Editorial ccr.:;:ittce : Herbert L.Oci;ood. Fro: 
eric V/. Jackson, Robert H.Kelby, Hiram S-.ith. 
Contents.— v.l. 1675-1GC3. — v. 2. 1697-1711 

—v. 5. 17] 2-1723.— V 
1754. — V.6. 1755- 

1765. — V.7. lie 

.5. 1740 

O- 1 I ; o 

,, Q T 

V,.' In^^ex 



iMarcli 24, 1697, to November 30, 1711 


Ciltyof f 
N:Yorkej ' 

ESq-1 Aldermen 

Att a Coinmon Council licld att the 
Citty Ha]! of y? said Citiy on We'isday the 
24^- (lay of iMarc'h Anno DoliT 1696 [-7] 

Present William Merreit ESq'' Mayrr 

jsme" (iraliar;: ESqT Recorder Kip 

Brandt Schuyler 

Robert Darkins 

Leonard Lcv/!s 

Phillip French ^ 

ISaacD: Ricmcr , . 

. • u T r. -1 > Assistants 

Jereniiah J otn;l .' 

Jobri W'indower J 
Upon Reading the- Rop:'.rto of y" Comnnttee Appoititcd tlis 17'V 
day of Nov''' last co make A true and F'erfect Reprcseritation of what 
have been yf Ritfnts and Privilcdr;es of tlii^ Citty S: \%liat may be Need- 
ful! to Address his :\Iajcsty o.c: Itt is ORP.KRr.n tb.e Said Fvcporte be 
Recorded witli tiie P'aj-.ers tliereur-to Annexed that is to Say An Address 
to the Kin<: \viih thr Reasons tor tb.e Rtpealin<^- the Rolting Act. 

U^6] Citty of ^, 
N: Yorkej^"'' 

Att a Common Coimcil held att tb.e 
Citty Hall of yf Said Citty on Fryday the 
2'^ day of April 1697 

Present William Mtrrt'tt b'.Sq'' ;dayor 
Jauics Grabain ESqr Recorder 
job.annes Kip 
pjrandt Scb:U\ Icr 

Robt Darkins 5^-ESq'r Aldermen 

Leonard Lewis Tnrneur 
Fliillip French "> 
Jeremiah Toth-i ^Assistants 
Peter Obliniis I 


The Mavor Acquainted tliis buard that he 'AiiS Served withi A Ccppy 
Of A Pctif-on of .Matthew Ciarkson to h'.NXtrtf the Clovernour and 
Council lie^iriii;; he nmy have the Kinjj^s Ch-ant for Ahout j,rx^ foot in 
length MI orouiid Xear nr before the hVrry fmin Hioh water to Low 
water Marke v.hereni)Oii uie Coppy of the Said I'etition wa? read '.vitii 
an Order of O^nt^cii luvi, >rsed thereon i;i theye words hdhnving ( \'iz! » 
Att A Ccinici! hel:l alt his Majesties Forte In New Yorke April y: i^= 
1697 Present his Kxceli Penjannn Fletcher 6:c : the Abo\e i'eiition 
leini: Read itt is Or^uFRKo that the Ciily of Xew Vorke he Served with 
A Copin- thereof forth>vilh that if th-y have Any tliins^ to otTer 
Against tlie Granting thereof they n:ay make tlicir ol)jections on 
Thursdav next '{0 Order David Jan^esnn O Concilii 
[2^7] (JKO'iKri) t':at the i-h-corder doc Kxandne what Ritdit or Pretence 
the Cittv ha^ to the [Venii^ses and make Rep-rte thereof with all Speed 
And also "Vaw A Petition oi Supjilication 10 his Excell and Councd. 
to Order his Maik (P-aio fo: :d] the (dround from Hit^h water to Lov; 
water Marke from V? \VaMi:oiit {■> ih-^ !■'" ' hiooke. 

Citty oi I ^^ 
K : Vorke ( "^ ^ 

Air A l.'ommon Cotmcil 

Citty Hall of y"- Said Ciity on Saturday th 
3'' day of Aj-rl! to.,-. 

Preseiit WilliaiP Merrett FSq- Mayor 
lan-.e^. (drahatn liSq'.' hvccouler 
foh.annes J^ip' 

Rr.tndt Scimyl'rr 
Robert Ijarkin.-, 
Leonard Lewis 
dd'.n;n.'o^ d'uriicu.r 
Philhp ['"reneh / 
Peter ( ihli'nis \ 

dhe Recorder -Xrr. .rdin;^ to the ( )r 

hlSq'-' Alderm.en 


A tins no: 


Reported t'le Ri-ht and Pretence this CiUy hath to the Ferry and 
also Drew tlie Pctitio.n to Ins hA-ceh which is A<;-reeahle to the said 
(Vdor and hereafter Recrderh 

Orokkfo that the Ma>or Alderman Kip ;ind Mt French doe waite 
Upon hi< 1-^xceU v.dth the Said hVtition 

OuDf !r.n that the Mav^r ,loc fee ^V Fn>ett or Any other Council to 
Appear att vf Council h-.arrl Xcxt dduir-dav to [defend the Cittys Ricfht 
to the hVifv ,v that th.e Mayor Sii;-n A Warrant to the dd-easurer for 
the Sa'r.o. 


i :>N! (.J<;ipp\- of t!ie Secretaries [\"tition & Order tliereoii 

T. •• !!■> Mxcelt lie!!)?!!:!!! FletclKr CVip*^ (Sen'' ^.''c Gmv'c nv>ur in Chiefe 

of llie Province cif Xew Yorke cVc : i,^: the Hon'']'^' Council 

The hunible Petition of }JattIie\v Clarkson 

Most hiiunbly Showeth. 

Jliat \\'hcrt.'as tiicre is A Cert,iine Ouantit}' of Lan.l L'nappro^ 

j'Matt'! in Xassaw Lsland Xear or before tiie Ferry beinf^ from bli^^h 

'.vatcr t(.; ]_.o\',' water Marke Your h'eiitioner }>lost liun.lily Prayeth that 

/''...-■.' he may have l)i> Ahajesti"? Cirant for Aljont ^,00 fuui in Icnt^th 

V :t!i as Moderate A Quitt Rent as Your Excel: and IPvaours Shall 

tihnke hit ti'.at Your Pelitioncr will be obht.':ed to Erect C'onveiiient 

■.', !:arfs an 1 Slips to tl;c Streets now Att the lA'rr}- which will be most 

f- r l.andiiiig ^.y {uit.tint; Into I^oats Goods <!\- Passcnyers that Sliall C'ross 

x]b: Vci-vy of New Yorke An-d. "i^oiir Petitioner Shah lA-er 'Pray i.Vc: M : 


'.'opia \'cra 

Da\id Jameson C! Concihi 

Att a Gonnci! held att his Majesties 
Forte In Xev/ Yorke April y" iK i6<jj 

Present His Excel! Jienjamin Fletcher cvc: 

■|"}ic PitUion }teinj4- read itt is ORiJi:].-.fO that the Gitty of Xev/ Yorke 
1 - S-.iN.'d with A Goj'iye thereof forthv/ith tliat if they Have Any ihinp 
!- Oi'Ter Ayt tlic (drantiny liu-reof the\- mav Make tlieir Objections on. 

Tiun-sday Xext -, n , 

^T Order 

l.kuid Jameson Gi G'jiici'ii 

[■*'5V] Giitys An.-,\ver To His I'^xcehencics fav.jurable Reference 
May m Pi,i:asi: Your Exci-.[.lf.xcv 

Y'ith luitnbb.- Acknowledymen.t of ^'our hkKcellencies favourable 
Kt.f<.Ttnce lo y? withdn Petition TIk- Ak;_\or Aldermen and. Goirin^.-^iialitv 
of ills Maiestics said Gitty of Xew ^'orke doe humbly I'^epresent unto 
^'.'ur IX.-cellency the I.oa.lintT v^'^' Pandinp; Place of the Feriy fo.'m this 
Gitty on Xassaw Islan.d hath iieen G<-.mmon!y Ivsteenied i?^: Repute'd for 
'he^c Sixty Years past to ]^xtend frr,i;i A heap oi Rock Stones Gath- 
<T.-d lopftluT on A Small wharfe att tla- S'' j.'ace Unto the Hill to the 
^A of the same, and tliat from Hi.qh water to Eou- water Marke 
f -r th.'^ Accomnx)dation of all Passer,q-ers .V Travellers t.) and from 


tii:< Oitiv as well as for y' l.,>a.l;n.L,'- ,S: uiilondin;; of wheat and otJier 
Frovi^ioiis which arc Accli^lolncd to be there loadetl in the Ferry boats 
for yv Si;bsistance of tl^e Inliabitants oi tliis Ciity att al! of Tide 
as ilt Coiisists with th.c Conveniency of t!io?e that are .Minded So to 
uoe which ]:ight this Citty Idokl? & Enjoys b\- \'ertuc ft A Grant from 
Coir I'ho.nuis: Don-ar. I.ale Governor vi this Province Scaled with 
the Scale of the Province y^^ 27'- da} of April iGc-6 And Since his 
Majestus happy Accession lo Xhv Crown Conhrmcd unto them by An 
Act of Gcn^' Assembly of tliis Province which is hundjiy offered as a 
Reasonable <^ l.awfull 01>jeetion .\^\ the said Grant tlie Land Re- 
quested being- the Same Used for tiie Accommodation of th.e said Ferry 
which \'.ee liumbly pray Vour Fxcert may take into Your Serious 
C onsid T.ition which 

[260] Sital! be Ever Acb-nowleilged by 

May ii:t bdease Your Excellency 

Vour Excellencies most Obedient Servants 

To His Excel! Benjamin Fletcher Cap* Generall And Governour it! 
Cliiefe of ins ^.lajcsties Province of Xew Yorke And all th,e Territories 
(Jc Trac;^ of J, and Dej'eiid'n^. thereon in An^erira and \dce Adm^> of 
the Same ^:c : 

The hun;;de Fetitir-n r>f x^ yiayoi- Aldermen and Conanonality of 
hi'^ :\lajestics Fitly Ov Corp .ration nf Xew Yorke. 


That Your Exc-n IVdii Under.u:ndin,r that Son;e Persons 
for their own Privao: Lucre aud 'dainc are Soiicitin- ^'our Excellency 
lor hi. r.^aic .d.- 'h-.. :t <i & r Fm! on Xas.iaw Island Over A-ainsc 
this Citty from Idi-!- waler io Low w atu" Jdarke De^i-ning to make 
thereon Cunsider.dde F.iprcvcn'ents which Your Excclt Petitioner? 
hvnnbly O-uceive may in time not oidy i'rove Injuriotv^ to the Trade 
and Cjnuaerce of this Citly but also be a Means to b.esscii \-? Ficome of 
his Maj': !F-venue Estaldished Upon Trade to the CFn- Fecay of the 
I'rovincc. i' e ImpT-ovemcr:! thereof Imployed now in Trafivpje being 
S-arlrj-dy able to ^raintaine the Inhabitants n.,w settled in this Cittv 
whos.' hvelyliood does onlv !-Fly thereom for the Prevention wherec^f 
May iit Picasc Your Excellency Your Excel! IVtitioners most humblv 
pray that Your Exce'kncy would be fav-urabC- Pleased to take the 
I'remis: es unto Your Prudent Considci-ation and Order his Maj-? Grant 
of all the \a:::mt Ground <?:: Xassaw F^bmd from Ilicdi water' to Low 

()]•■ TllF. CriY C)F XKW YORK ; 

\\.iU: Mav;;c l-:6il fiontinj^' unto {h\> Citty from ibc Vhwr CulhA liie 
\\;.ll l;cu-i;t Unto the Red IlMoke A<;1 Nulien J>lan<l wiiich shall only 
be Jn^plovrd ]iy the said Citty lor his ^lajesties Service ^ ti^c Geii'^ 
^•. .".\ vi ihc =arne And Your JAcccll Petitioners A> in duty h-mnd Shal! 

Ciwv ni j _ A-ii \ Onnnion (''uncil held ait die 

V:\V,rk<'\^^ houve oi yV Mayer on WenM^y th- Sra- 


l"rr>ent Wdlliam Merrdi hSq' edayor 
James Graham }'.><^: ]\ee',jrder 
johanne-^ Kip A 

Jacobus V: Cortlandi I jr^^.s Aldermen 
Bran.dt Schuvler 


Leonard Lewis 

Phillip Preneh ^ 

Jeremiah Totliill J^ Assistants. 

John Wdndou-er J 

'! i;e Ma\or Cap! Kin v^' Yl'. French lIm- Reporte that they v,-aitr<l 
vj.^.n hi-- KxcGt \\ith the Petition Ordered last Conimon Council thai 
i:\-. V.\(\-u Comndtted the Said ['etition to ihe Aho'or Atrain to he 
>a,-vl io- ihe \shoK h-ard. Wdiereup-n in i> ( li^mooo that the Said 
P(t;d'''n \\ Siii^-ncd l-y the whole board. 

(;)ko.:K't> llKd Alderman \A C-rtiandi \a\<\ AP dd.dnh d-e waite 
I'pcn has Excetl with the Said Petiti'-n wdiicii is Si-ned lyv the Ah'^ve 

K>] Tdityof /^ Aif A Ga-im<ni CMuncd held art t!u' 

KAYorkc ( ^" Citty hPdl of yv S; Citty on Saturday y' 

20'''- da\- of '>da^■ Annr) l^oTl ]f<)~ 

Present Wihiam Merr.t! KS^^ ^layor 
Tames Craham laSql Ivecorder 
Jacobus \': Cortlandt '\ 

•'•-^^''^'"^^ ^^''' IpSq- Aldermen 

Prandt Schnyler f ^ 

] •■onard Lewis J 

PIndlip ] '\ 

Jcruniah Tuihill C Assistants 

folm WdndowiT 1 

6 AllXL' I KS or 1 Hi: CuAiMUN curxciL 

I- f >->r .^:;i(i-:i;^ tlic K(.'j)i..r!.c o, the Cuiiiiiiittec Ajipoiiiteu the I/-;' 
day rn' Xovcnihcr last to make A true and Perfect Representatioi/uf 
what haue h.'cii y' Ri^hi^ ^ Pnvilcdges of this Citty and what might 
he Xccdfidl to Addre-s liis Afaj^sty ^c : wa. Approiicd And Or- 
DtiiKU that the sai'i Redone I;.: Recorded with the Raper^ thereunto j 
Annexed ( liuit is to Say; tiie Address to tl;e Kinj^ with y? Reason? for j 
y- Kepeah'n^:.; the V.oluuir Act. 

Reporte of y? Connnittee 

In v)hed:ence unto tlie I'naninious Kts-dvc of y" y'onujion Council 
ConvcuM o.i due-day y- i;-:^ of Xoveniber last A\"ee have made Diii-ent 
Seardi and inquiry into the Ancient Riidu^ and Priviled-es of the 
Citty ami V]u:v t!ie Kxandi^iti'-^n of y? Records iu the Secretarvs office 
and this Cifty Wee (hd tluiikc fltt to Cause Extracts to be made of all 
Such Grants of 1 'riviledge.; to the Said Ciily as was needful! unto the 
Said Order, and the Same wee did Appoint to he Carried unto the 
Recorder by AidernMu G.rtlandt and Alder-ia!i Rip two of the Afore- 
said Committee and desired tlieni to Conduit witli tlie Sairl Recorder 
what was 'no:-e Xeedfuh airl that \j(.:,\ lie >'.ould thereup^m Draw A 
Petitb.n ill tiw i!ehaife of y'- Said Citty unto his Alaie-tv for v- Re- 
peahn-- -.f v^ .'vforcsa'd \.:nv. wC- --r:s the ('nuse of t;!e ]^re>ent Rx- 
trcn;l5y that the Inhaldtanf^ of the Said Citty lay under, for v? vrant 
i>i bread, an, I A]^,, Meit he wr^uld have in the Rrawin- thereof 'peoard 
tw^truih, t!;at the S;ene mioht he ju>,tiHed A-ainst all Adver>aries 'Per- 
ceivino- the J^eople in the Countrv to be Soe AfYected with the Said 
Paw t'-.t thev would r^^e aM their Tm-rcst thev Could Procure to Ris- 
turbe the Citty in Obtainino" their Resolve. And that he would Like- 
wise Kecollect Idmselfe s^ hrin- the 1 est .Ar-uiu^ms he Could Conceive 
for y^ Defence of the Ri-ht of v Said Citty. Whereupon wee left v" 
Said P.ipers with And in Some time .Vfterwa.rds he did send to us 
A Draft of A Petition to hi^ AlajcMy for >• Ciuy oljtaininc;- the End 
.'\ for said to-ether with Re;•:^on^ fe,r y^' ju:>flfyin-- the san^e Wdhch 
wre Seriou-ly Perused An<! I'pou Great DGiheration And Ar-uments 
had thereupon d'A tlnnke itt Rea^onai;!e to .Vpprove. thereof and them 
therefore hereunh. aftlxed which i^ Submitted t.^ the Consideration of 
W wliole board by. JaoCus \ : Cortland; Mr:, ell :^chuyler Johannes 
Kip Pernaid Pev.i< je'-emiah ']~otlii!l J : D: Piemer P Prench "um^ 


Ad'lre.^s to tl.- Ixin-- ( \'izV) 
To Thi-: Kixos must f-:\C!-;Li.EN-T aI.\ji-:stv 
i);c inni;b!c i'cnii'.n of the Mayor Ivecordcr Aldermen and l"o:n- 
;. Tiaiily v( i'our Moiie-iies Ancienl (ALU oi Coritoration of Xew ^^-)! ke 
;• Anicrica. 

Mo.^t i.A'acious Soveraitoic 
'i'.'jr .Majesties Most Lo\ all :vj.^t Dutiful! and rn..^.-,! bumble Sub- 
v.;i. tbe Jnhabitants of Your Maj'; Said Citty A: Corporation lJ'>4l 
TraasiAiiiteii TbeO'^ieives from tieir Xativc ixjuntry and Selilcd 
att {ris p'ace whe/e they have been att i;reaL Charge Tn Krectiui^ 
i'-;'(bnrs for y^ Accommodation of d'rade and tlie Increase of ^'our 
^!^;c^ti■- i-hnuire. Dependin<; upon the i'ublick b'aith and Assurance 
;h.n ;]hv and their Ao^terity Should Peaceably Ouietiy and witliom an;' 
; .;t hindrrarce uf Moks-tation Poscss and Enjoy those Rights I.ibcr- 
:a- Criviled^^es h'ranchi^^es Free Customs Preheminencs Advant:e::es 
\'\n- hcti-n> Jnimolumcnts cs Imnnuuties Granted and C.>nlirmed Tnio 
t:.,-n bv Ye.ur Majesties Royall AnceAors and the Divers Governours 
;.-:'b- .:;'/. A And tYa-imissionocf by tliem a= web as by tlie Sewrad 
( .-vcrn. ur-; Directors and Comman(b-r> in Chiefe of the Aether Dutch 
C d.^n ■^hib: tiv- Sanie was under their Power rmd Suidecti:^;.. And 
>:i;re t!.v- Gb,rioi> dav of Your Majesries \cc:s-ion t'^ the iVown 
'b-,ni :;ai'.ta-:> I'ctuioners havr fidiy Knio\cd ah these PenenU!- \'> 
r: r_ P;c:aa>e of V.Hn- Maiesties Revenue and the Sencible A-ivancement 
•■! Y-nn Maie>lie> Said Citt\- to the < rreat d Yrnau- of all Ynur Majestys 
r..n.m:rs and in Such (;r.>vNdn- vV d-urisldn- Stale itt had Continued 
A \our Ma;': P. niioi favours and TVc>tecti<ins to ^Aur Majesties Said 
C ioy bav! not been Imerrupted by An Ihiacemmtable and Rash Innnour 
thai S-.i-ed nn^-n \^ A^-rmld. of this "I'orr Majesties Ih-ovince Pre- 
r.j;ii;ar;n- them into Such A CuvuPa^n tint v h'-vit thoutdit or CuU- 
vATati',.n ibev Pnadvi^edlv Pa--.d an Act fnlitided An Act Alt; un- 
law full Pv r^v,s and uareasonaldc' ihirfAtnri-s \n '')piJOHtion t.>\our 
MA^-r-^'kiyali IherM-.tive And the Rirdit 'A Vo^n Majb Said Cittv 
b^ wliich Ac; th.-y ditl Att (hpce Sta-nate ah the Gi-owing budd> {■'■ ■'hi!; ihe 'lAahhnu- and Connnercr ,.f the Sanua takin;; away 
;r^.!n then the i 'r:v!!--d<;e of th<- Sole poltine; of Flow.-r ^ bakeim: of 
oi-k(t: f^a 'l rai;-rM.-irtaia'n \.P le. a Grant was iSonfined [-:'>5! ^- "''' 
y>'ur .Maiestiev Said Cittv. And Wherecju y*^ livelyho-.d o! all 
^•,,^;. :i.-;-: S-a.i,:L< tlvuvin <\IA aial d- .e> (duedv Depend. f't ha^ 

8 .\il.\"L i l-.S ()[• '[ilF'. CO.MMOX COl'XCIL 

A)<-.o Given Such A Scope and LntiliKU- tu nil liiat has A Min-Jv to 
L'se ih'U trad-; lh^i K\vr\- J'lantcrs hull thrfjiii^houL this Provi-^ce is 
now bfconie A Markcti i'>r \:\v::d i^r wncatc Id^iwer ana Liskett 
whereby the r'i-i;icii)a!ls of Trade are l\educed :■-> Confi-sioii bein.;- h\\- 
p('s?;b!e to hrini; that Act \-iider Rei^idation whiUt the Marketi is 
of Soe iarg-e aii hAteni Soe i:ot only Voiir ^Majest^es Snojec'.s vvirki- 
in tliis Cuty vnusi Sniter and lon^^e their liiiproveuients lut kke- 
wise the lives of Your Aiai'v snl)jocts in the W'e-t Indies arc tberehy 
rnucii h^ndai-<geri_d b'_v Kea.-.on c»f y? (."orru])ii' >ii ti'ai ;-iia\^ ije I'sL-d in 
the S'? Com.niodit}- And a;- now Circumstanced vdtlioti.t Rerner!;.'. 

May iir PleaS::: Yov.v Aiaje^(y this ^V,ur :daiesiie> bdtl\ itain been 
for Many Years the Only (dranary of all Your Majesties PlantatifKis 
in America and hath been nil \^ays identifuky St' -red \'dth ad Sori-^ 
of Graine aiv.! Flower a^ \\e!l fe'r Voru' Maje.^ties Ser\-ice L'poii Ariv 
Exigent as for y' Reheie of N'* ?^laje^ties SuJijects in the i;:ucs of 
Scarcity or want in Any vi Voar Majesties I'lantations wiio up:;;n 
sucli occasion> iiave had Reoc>!i. hitiier for iluY- Suj.jjp- and i^ave i_ice:i 
cillv.'ays furnished art l\easona!)!e ]\ates. but Xo'"c niav itt hdease 
Your Majesty the (A'y in the Streets is the want <d bread tbo,:^!i itt 
be After one of the I'leniifnlif-t harviests tliar h.a^ l;een Icnnwr. in. Yoi'.r 
.Majcsties r'ro\ in.ce 

ddi' KM o:oc May hi I'i.i..\s:-. ^'uOK :dAji::eiY 

Your Ma;e--tie: b'etitionerv eith .\wfu!i bdv:r:;wc in Ih- ^a:,u- 
blesi of P.^stmes lye Pr:>trate at; ;wur >Ptiesties Sacred feet viosi 
humbly Pra>"irii:i" that ^d)ru■ Majest\- \\'e>n!(l be (dracioush' hdea='"d to 
take the IVj-'o-aMe }diserabk- and i:^-:ayim' ^tat.- of this ^Mur Ma- 
jesties lanj;-ui>;bin;^ Cilt}' into ^\:iur Kovaw GcmsideratiiDn and in Yotir 
I'rincely \\dsd';:n a.n.di 'daT' li^ative Reipeale Abrogrr-te X'acate an.:i An- 
luiU y? Aforesaid [.:tYj\ Act an.1 all the Articles atri Clauses tiierein 
jv[enti<'!ned Ar,d b\ \d>ur Majesties nixesi. (_iraci':aLs and Rovall favour 
Kcstore unto Yr,\y: Maje-t:' s Said Ciliy A Xew Scuiie by Conierutin,;^: 
Unto Yoiu- Maie-ti'-s Petitioners and tM thi-ir Successors the Liberty 
of the Sole Poltiu;; of bd;jwer .\ndi Pakino; <>i I'.isk'orr for Transnor- 
tation as formerly Accu-ionied. .And ^'our }iajesnes Most Loval! most 
Dutiful! and most Innnble Subjects as they have a!read\- Dedicated their 
]i\-es andi forttmes Solel>- in Ymw ?\Iaj" sor\-ice soe tb,e\- most luunbl}- 
pray that ti:ey may rn'y I'-^e them in th,- Snppeirt ^Faintainanco and 
Defence cf Your Maje.-tys Sacred Person Rowdl dipaiity ^V Cbv/.-rnnd 
Af^t all ^Your ?daj'' Pneudcs \'.'! aO-ce\ er and as in duty ■}i'i!tv! Shall 
Cnces^amly pray vi-to the lik-y of Kin-s that Imi-^ life A P--: and 

Oi- Tlii: CITY OT- aF-:\V YOl^K 

1 :- ,;.T,,;;^ Kvign with v.r, r;:!i::^iti--a C».!i;u-^l over all Yr.v.v M ;u 
] T-vT^'ii'S inav for Ever Aiuml Your Majesties Royail Person. 

Ott, of / ^^ All A LotMniem CViu^cil h.lJ ?.v. ihe 

Vrw N'i rkel ' ^ C'itty Mall of y? Said CiUy on ^Ven^'lay 

the (j'l- dny of June iGyj 

Tit-ciu WiKiMii MiTreti i-Sq- Mayor 
James Graliarn ESq: Rceordi-r 
fh-andt Schuyler '^ 

h.eonard Eewis j> '■-^^q'- -Mdonnen 

Johannes Kip J 

John Hardenbrooke [^^^,-^^,,,,, 
ISaac D: Kienier [^ 
Jeremiah Tothil J 

I )K:.!-Khi) that Aidevnian kip Aldernu-n Schuyler >P 0: Rieinrr and 
aP ■{(■thil! ho A ConnnitLee to Enquire what has been Advanced for 
ih'- i'-.,r and what ^vlli [jGj] be XeedluU to be Raisrd for their fu-dKr 
K''ibd.- and APo what Su!n wid hv x.antin^ to ihiish >? bridirc -x Siip 
.\ f 'A. r :.n!>brk ^\u:■b^ ^: also what v^ Cdtt\- is Indebtv.l And wisat \-. id 
'■V \hv id^dc.-i and be-;t v;ay lo pay tbv- Sranc and d-at ihv rrcasnrvr 
r;:vc an Ab-i:aet onv of bis Uo. Acs thereof Oc that thi> Cnnnitiec mak- 
]-:<-po:ie thereof by t(.> n-orrov; att 2 A C\<"± 

():<i/K;na) the Mavin- ];)ii-ect his Wairani to y^' dd'easurer t^ pav 
nnto W'iilian^ Sharpa- CI rd thi- Citty the Sum ed ten ponnds Cuind 
M'Mi: y of New Vorkv- iit being' for halfe YAars Sailarv (hic y^^ id'V dav 
of April la^t ]->a<t ^^ nabi.Ri-D the dAeasurer i>ay the san^e. 

f )in);ano. the Mavor Dinet A Warrant to v^" Tr.aMnar h^ i>ay unio 
jr.rvi-; MarO^all th- Sum of Seaven pounds ten S!dlin-s ( duT! M^ mc-v 
'.f Acw \(a-ke in full -A three Quarters Sallary dn- >): Eiidin- the hr^t 

'i'he n:;!ft of the Ar:nit> I'.r y; ]")i-pvo:d; ^^l }V b.and Sold t: ■ tb^- 
lA--pcctivc inirchasers in r).;.ck Street was read And Api'iroved. 

AdiiinrnM till tr. morrow J a (d';c!: Aftertux.n 

lo Mixriis L>i' ■rii,'. coMMox cuuxcjl 

Die ]o\v^ 2"' liora '{} >.!eridicni 

Present William .Merrctt i'^S*]' 2i!a\or j Gral'.am liSqV Recorder j 

Johannes Kii* ^ j 

ilramh Sclin\ler I , ^_ 

^ - ", , , V-hbd'^ Aldernieu 
Jacohii-; \ : ( ortlairii, 

l^eonru'd LA-\\'is 

Joliann.-s liai'd'/nino^ .ke ~^ 

Phil:![) I'rencli L Assistants 

JSaa- 1 ): KienK-r J \ 

[268] 'idle (.'o-n.nn'Ltei- .\]);) -i-.v.ed i'j !ai>[i;:re what has heen Advanc'd 

to the poor O^c : tiu-ir ;vi.-;).>rle in these word:> following (X^iz*) ' 

Pursuant to the within Older \,ar doe lliulo that there has heen j 

Advanced i\ hhig-ap,ed to ];C tviid hy the ( )versecrs of y? }>oor the Sum ; 

of £'H'/> for y? Reliefe of the pour of tliis Ciiiy and ih:\t the Sun) of i 

£50 Currant }doney or this Citty wdll he Need.full to be Raised for i 

their furt'ier iveliefe untih \'^ i-L^l' da\- of C^ctoiier Next F.nsuein^-. ! 

Thai JJi.^o Currant Momy of this Citty will also he Needful! to i 

finish the brid;^e. that .0 > ) Ji're Afon-.-y X'.ill h^e \var,tin;::,- to frnisli y- Slips. j 

Wee i'aw also made Ihanury inr., \hc T).-],[< oi the Citty and Hnde as j 

folloveeth rVizO j. 

John. D.'Uw Sc:',\Tri'4er nf \': (,_"itt>- £15 00 00 ; 

Cap-' D->'nurMnK-nt> isn 'die Guard f.n ere And t_'andle.. 50 QJ 00 j 

To Cap' Ttuier 'p? Order of Sessions 12 o<:) CK) 

To Sr Edmond Andm. :t^ Warrant — — — 

Tr, y'; ]'\e> as V' War;;mtr- i6.\ 00 O) 

To y? Co-hctors of y': Fhihlick Taxes all 'V "-' pound. . . . • — — — 
To y*^ ]\epresentatives for sevcrall Certihcates not| 

'v'ett p.T^sod in Connui'Mi Comicil ( 

Wee ;d-o hnde t!;e Cit:\ ha> Credit ( X'iz-) 

By Willia.m P.:\her Dectasi.-d Given to the vr^nr 40 GO 00 

"By Sundry^ for Freed..,.,- uc: Reeci\.d l-y the Nhudr^ 

from >' jirst >>f his .\!;.y. Mali'}- Xot ^'e^t Aceounk-d forij — — — 

Kevemu- '-^i y' Citt_\ R'-c<-ivrrl hy th- dV.-sm-er Since the Last 
Audit'" \\hi<di i- .^u'-mitted 

-f-") Order of y': Cr.mmiltee 

IoiIAXXR> Klf 

oi'" 'liii'; crrv oi- .\}':\\" xokk ii 

..'f^r ( '::1)i:ki I) iiK.t it Any of y- A!(li.:rnicn or Ai;^i:-ianis Shali l^c 
AN;-;'P,t ivovA y? loniiiion Council afu-r (.Iw: suir.iiion.^ halfe an huur 
:.:tcr Kin-in- of yV lieil Shall for each DcfauU fMrfoito tlic Sum of 
S:\ Shiii!:j4s unle.-^i a Tvcasonahle Excuse tr. y^: C'onlrarv. 

[•'lsoiatd tl^at i'i56 lie Raided n.r tlic poor t!ial ei2o be Raised for 
tee nri.Ij^c tlial ilOo be Raised fnr the Shu and Cr^ be Raised for y? 
:- avenerr wbicli in al! Anionnls to th" Suiu of i;;^5[ ^ Okdeurij the 
: ■vcr'.eers of the poor Attend this board to niorrov/ait Xine A Clock 
f r ih-'-r A-^seiit to the IvaisiuL^ of tho Same. 

ICSq''" -Aldenneii 


'■'^b'''-'^ / c^c; --^'^'i' A Coi-eanon Council held ait the 

'-'■^^^ ^'o--ke\ Citty b[all o^ )- Said Citty vn fryday the 

Ji":' da\- oi June Araio Dom 1697 

1 'resent Wdliani Alerreit HSiC Mayor 
jaTiies Graham bCSq- Recorder 
johamxs Kip 
jacobus \': ConlaucU 
Rrandt Scluiyb-r 
Leonard i.ewi-^ 
Rhihi]. I-rencl; 
Jeremiah Toihil 
IS:,ac ]V Ri-m^T 
John W'indower J 

Thoma? WAnliaui A 

liob^ Lurtin.; I O\crstors of the 

John Theobald f poor .^x : 

Johpi Crooke J 

v»KrM-.a!:i) tlie Ma\or i lirccl A Warrant to the 'i'rea^urer tei pa\- 10 
' ■;•■' J' an 'i'nder bite ili-ii Sberifi of tld.^ Cittv the sum of tweba' 
!• 'ii'i !^ Currant Ab.aey of Xew [270] York^> itt liein-.: for the T^xecu- 
\h,u of A Xe-ro Sla-e for v^ Mnrcbn- of John Royee vddeli 
Ai^o\scd in (Jen" Ouar<er sv^si^ms as A Count- C;iarL:e. 

I'pe>n Ai.plicatiiai eC Colt Xice4as ICivard ll-at Ibe (. hmvli Str.-et 
-■'id! 1- iaid out be bavb": (bvamd t!nrC.\- 1 n "Cich lie desiLMi- to 
i'-a buildin-- 

( ^i<ui:UK\> tiait Ablornxm Kip ,V Ml I lardenb--. doe in their 
b''."nee Cau;^c \-- Survevors ni this (du\- lo hv ( hu the Said Sot. a 

12 MlXU'lf.S 01" 'lliE COMMOS COU.X'CIL 

as m:>y U- Convrnicni for tiic Clunch aiu! the liiliabitrnns of 

IvKSMiA]-!) Xoniiiir C'uiitrii J.iccntc ihia uv.c iiundrcd ».\: liftv Six j 

pounds be Raised for the j-jov for yV pa\-iiu:^ of what has been Dis- j 

bursted !)>■ the OversL-ers f.jr tlieir Rehcfe and also for their furLher | 

i\laintainaiiee untill th<' bxHirintii day ui ()ctober Next Knsueint^. | 

and al-o the Smu of one hnndred and tw^MUy ]je;und> for \-- Ivepair it ; 

finishhi- the Ijrid-e and n^ikin- ilw ^an:- Comniochou> for Landing- I 

A^ Shining:- of goods u also y-' Sum of Sixty yiounds for vv flnishin-; ■ 

and makung Convenient tii.- Shp alt the >jiv\ of the broad Street, and j 

also llheen ponnds all Cnn-ant Money of Xew Vorke for y^ [kiy;nent | 

of the Scavenger which in all Aiununts te. the Snni of three hnndred I 

.V fifty On-^ ponnds ^ DKOKuiai that A Warrant be forthwith directed to i 

the /\ssessors fcir \' Assessin;; ihe said sevcrali sums & also npon y- \ 

Return of tlie .-aid Assessment, that \\'arrants be Directed to the Col- | 

lector of each Respective Ward fe^r y ColLcting of the same on or I 

before y^ 24''' day of this Imtnm jnne and that t]:;; Said (Solk-cu^rs ' 

l-ay the San^e ine; the Trea-;nrer of lids Ci:i} b\ yv time Aforesv ■ 

OnDiiUKD tiiat th.- lnlia])itmu< frondng ii:e Slijj att Ihn-ers [-ath | 

doe pave y= Said Sii;. Acc.n-din- 10 the Directions of Alderman C-T'rt- ! 

landt Alderman Le-i^ ^h' Freaeh 0^ \\- "le-hi! .y tliat the\ Call the i 

stu-veyors of thi. Ciliy to thCi- 1271 \ A^si-t^nce for v^ moi'e Reonhir | 

HfTecting the Saine, j 

C)ki)ORn!j that tlie ^iayor Kxecnu- ihe Deed, for the land lateiv laid 

out in the 1 ;ock Street According {■> f')rnar (h-(]rr. ' ; 

()i-D!-ki:D thai v^ Mayor Hirect A Warra-u t., t^e Treasurer to pav 
to James Ciraham ESq' the Sum o\ ninaee;: pounds ten Shdings Currl 
Money of Xew Yorke. iit beuig for ;-ente Xine .lays Servh:,- as A 
Rcprescntadve of this Cilty in the la^l Se-dot^s .,■ Assembha 

The Acel .0" J, ,1,1! Klhson Commiie-d n. of ih(^ 

OKOKkKo t!;ai the Kennlaiioi;. ,,f t\^- nankeU be lAntinned in force 
for three Alorths fn-e;; \-- fy-ue Iiereof. 

C)unn:r!) ihat .'vid-rman ((xdandi Auk !\ip Am SchuxT-r M' 1 

French Mi T(:thill and Mr D : l-!ieiner be A Comndttee to Cxamine th^^ i 
Laws of tliis Cilty and n^ake Ke|)orie in A M^nth rn Such a- will l^e 

proper tr, be Amended Continued or Keneahol I 


Att a ^vleeliny of y". Mayor & Aldor- 
iiifu of \-^ Said C'itt}- en fr)-(lay y- 6^1' 6^^ 
of Auct'i6g7 

I'RESf^NT \Vi!iia;u Mcnvtt KS«it Aiax'or 
Brandt Sciiuyler '~^ 
Rob^ Darkins LnSq'^ Aldermen 

Leonard Lewis J 
OkDi-KKiJ the Ai^'v/.r o^ [.read }■<- til! fartlier Order as follo'.vclli 

A White 'lOafe of \ C firmest flowfr to weir^l! Nine Ounces for three 

\.'.'/A -'"^ ^'v■iieatcn Loafe \? Coiirsesl Uran c^nly taken out and Xoi 
Otlicrwise to v/elg-h two jrjund three Quarters for four peiice hialfe 
v/eniiy. wheato being att Six Shilint^^s k Six pen.ce ?,-.' P.v,-b,:S.k 

A iv'yc loa'e to weigl; li\e i'oiinds for four j.ience halfe penny ^Vnd 
that Xo r)uicr bread l)e n:ade for sale then what Ahove Specidcd And 
ali f-"lal:ers witliin this Citt}' are liereby Reqrdr'xl to keep l^read in thvir 
S!iop5 According to \\ Above A-^size th;:t tt:e Inhalritants may be 
Snpplycd Accordinglv 

OnncKKn this Ass^i-re oi" Ih'ead be f:jrthv.dth }^^bhshcd. 

OR'Or:Ki:o tbiat Leinard ITiv/ge?) b'eter \"anti!boriuighi d' Lawrence 
'Idu.Tnas vS- jacc^b Curnehs<on be Over^•;ers and Viewers (A bread \sith'- 
in 'hi:, C'i*\' to h1^pect \\\\>} tiie Gor)!hi;;?s thereof and that the =a:ne 
Uv{z.,.AK due A: sire. 


Yorkcf ^ 

Att a Common Council iieiil tiu 
Citty Hall of y? Said Citty ow Wen.-^day ;>' 
I'cf'-} da\- of Se[»"^ AniTj Doo! 1(^07 

Present Wiiham Merrett KSn- Abu-or 
Joha-ae:- Kio 
jacobus \': Corrlandl 
Brannt Sclunier 
Robt Darlcins 
Leonardo Le\-,ds 
Ph.ilHp rrcnch 
Joh.anncs I Lardenbroo'r 
ISaac i>; Ricmer 
John \\'indi_nver 
Hv \'ertuc of the Warraiils of the Mavor Lsued to tbie Aldermei 

'■ I Assistants 

of Lacli J;t.^ix.:li\t- Ward of tliit- I'itty AccorcVinc;- to 1^73] The Usage 
Custo:i:i^ L:r>\s and Ordinances of }■- Sai.] L'nty fi>r tlie Electing this 
day 'Jna Aidcrniau one As.'sistant two .X'^ :=•>.•-- sors One Collector and 
one }vjtt}' Constable i;i each Res[vctive Ward the Said Citty 
it Also Overseers of }•■ Jiii^diwavs {■•[■ }'■ Divisi'^ns of y'^ Bowry and 
ilarlcin of y'^ Otit \\';ird to Serve in their Ivespcctive Offices for y' 
Year EusueiMo; And Accordingly y'^ snnic day Return was made thereof 
att tv.clve A Clock at; Xoon to y: OiTice of Town Clcrke Under yf 
hands and seals of >'■ Respective -"vh.Iern'.e!! Acci:.rding- to y'^ Tenure of 
y^ Aforesaid W'arrari r'b followith (Adz!) 

East Ward 



West Ward 

South. Ward 

Leonard Lewis 

John i:t!waL..e 

Roh! Sincklair } 

Tho:Ma> Lewis J 

John Mortler Collector 

Peter Van Tilhcfrough Constable 
f Jolii; Uutc'iin:. Alderman 

(oini W'in'jLiwer Assistant 

Tohias stoutenlmrrh ) . 

, " A=;-e>sors 

l\u;li:- 1 urice Jun^ { 

\-.,,..i..,-iw.,..-t- Coilcclor 






North W^ird < 

nock Ward < 

C onraau- \ an-ieritc 
William r;ickleyjunr 

^ I'aidus Richard " 
LSaac D: Riemer 
Jcdiunnes \'an Geesen 
William Jaekbou 
C.v.^berl Xk'.ninbm'gh 
hVanci-v X'incent 

' Jacob l^oeK-u 
Everct l'.yvanke 
jess.' Kip 
ISaac Kip 
Asumis Hendricks 
R.armt \'an;il!" irougl 
David Rrov.H:,>tJun! 
Cierrot^ Duyckinck 
D.ividt !h-ovoo>l Sen' 
Johannes Outman 
Paul r)r(n!!ett 
[('lin X'anlv.irni.' 







n.;: Ward 

Coii stables 


Gorrard Douw Alderman 

Martin Clock: Assistant 

j l:;q-hbert liarman } 

Teunis Dalier \^ 

I Wci! fen Wel-her ( 

I juhii fvicrse \ 

\ j(.>iin Hendricks \'an Hrev( 

Johann.eb Thomas 

Adoli)li Meyer 

samuell A\'aldron 

Jan Hckcr^e / ^ 

} Collect 

Surveyors of yf 

Hcndrick Kyckhont j 

Thomas P.orroughs is Eiecttd l>y the .Mayor to serve as High 
C? i;-t;d)l-.' of this Citty lor the Year Ensneing 

Cap: l-J;ei:-2er V\'ilkson is Elected Trcasnrer of this Citt}' for the 
rv-uciri^i: 'S'rar v.'hich place he is duely to Execute ifc for his Sallary 
I-' iiave iv,-o Ov halfe ^^ Ceti' for Receiving iS: paying- y': Revenue of v? 
s..;d Ciity. 

M^ Jameson y^ Clerki- of y<? CouTicil brought A Message from his 
k'xeClency the Governour »"> Informed tliis Board that his [275] 
iCxcellency this day in Council Xominated the present Mayor to 
'-erve in tlie othce of Maeor of this Citlv f^r the Year Ensueing-. 


Att a Meeting of y^ Mavor Aldt 
^■: Assistants alt ihc Cittv Hall of the 




M . 

iyr.r 1 





'te of 


err t 




Citty on Saturday y? 2''* day of Oc 

William rsk-rrell EStE Mayor 

Johannes Ki[> 

Jacobus \~ : Cortland I 

Brandt Sclmyler 

Rob'. Darkins 

Phillip Ercnch 

Johaimcs Hardc-nbi-i/,ike 

Jerviiiiali Tolhil 

L^aac ] ) : Riemer 

nlorm--d tins board that rai Tuesday Next the Su- 

y' F'rovin.ct' v.ould sitl att which Se\'erall CriminaHs 

to wlutdi itt i'; SuiJpo.-ed great Xumliers of Fe^jplc 




v.ouid lu-orlc Insomuch that itt is fear'd the C'itly Hall will not 
be of Sufficient Strcngtii to Containc them Whcreupnn itt is 
that John Wanscr >.^- j:i';i:bu; i'.crry O.vpciucrs Jacobus Coelet Brick- 
layer dec view the Sanv..- and make I^cj^ortc X<? tliis board whether y^ 
Sar.u: be of Sni'hcienl Streii.L^nh .'c will })C wanting- to Secure the 
Same. Vv'hercupon y'- said Jacobus Coelet havint;- \ie\ved y? same 
does Repoiie that to the best of his Skill the Walls of y? Said CiUy 
Hall are Sufhcient !'> Sustain the Weigh.t that may l)e therein & 
Jacobus I'erry Reportelh that with six Sludds and a Planke the Sam=' 
may be Secured from Au\ danger of f;d!ing ORDEio:r) that the Said 
jacobus Berry doe Frovid.c y- Said StU'bJs cl" A Blanke and place them 
as Shall be most Xess^-fsary for y'^ I'pb.olding the said Citty Hall & 
that he perform y"- saiue betwe'.'u link- il: Tuesday Next ^. that he brin^' 
in his Arc* of y^ Cliarge tia^reof to this boar(b 

[276] Citty of / ,- , Ait A Meetuyg of y-: Mayor Aldernv:n 

NewYorke^^^ And Assi.-tauts att y^ Citty Kail of tl\e 

Said Citty 'in '.Mu' > '' 4*':' day of Octo- 
ber 1607 

I'resent Whiian-i klerrrtt ■■. 
Johanu'/s l-^ij) 
Jacobus \' : Cortku 

Johanu'/s l-Cij) ^ 

V Aldermen 

Leonard Lewis J 

ohanties 1 lardcp.l:.root- e 

Phillip ]-r--nch ^ 

*> /Assistants 

Jercmi:d; Ikjthhi J 

The kIa\or Produced A letter froiu the judges of the Suoream 
Courle Directed to y? klayc>r Alderiueu u Assistants wh.ich v;as read 
in t*;c:e -.vords fr)llo-,ving ( A'izA 


\VHr.)U:AS his klaj': SujU'cam Ccurte of judicature for this Prov- 
ince is pur^uant to an Act of Cen'^ Asscri-.kly to be h-ld to morrow 
att V' }'ub!ick Hall vf tk's t.klt}- v!': Forasmuch v.-Cv are Infornied that 
Your present Town h.ouse is Run soc uuuch to Dccriy that Xo 
Considerable Number of Pen])le C"an then- Ar>paar with safely of 
their lives and thar scverall of Ids .Maj': Subjects who haue been 
summoned to Appear their as Jururs l;aw: declared that for t'uat Rea- 
son they Cannot Obey y" Suiiuu':wis CAw.u \\"e<; ru'c therefore Obliged 
& h.ereby in his ^vRajesties Xamie Require ^'ou tlic ^Lagistrate^ of this 

oj- Til]', crrv ov new york 

Ciit} to A])i'oint v\: pre[)arc Scdic Othv-r place wlurt-iii lii; Majesties 
Said Coiirte nK-.y be ir.nre Co'-r.-cnently Ik-I'i Wee Aix; Yowv 
AlTccLionaie frieI!d^ W'T Sniitli W'' l-'inhorne 

ORULi;r.D that y? Ai ovo letter ije lordTwith Answered >\: that the 
Judges be liife.rmed i'iUl bet'ore the Receipt of their letter thi? board 
had talcen ("arc ( I^'iir.-.iriiU to the l\er>r'rte of A ^lase.n and t'A-o Car- 
penters) t'l put Studvls and Planlce for } ■' ^^.Jaking- of the Citty Jlali 
Secure fio!n falling iV tha.t [277 I Tb.e Said Workenien c''.)c believe the 
same to be of Sufiicient Strengli! to Containe Any Nuniiicr oi I'eoplc 
liiat may Ijc tlierein 

Citty of ( 

New York e( 

Att a l.'omn^on Council held att yv 
Citty Hall of y? Said Cittv vn Thursday 
y? 14'^ day of October Ann^ DouT 16Q7. 

It W^ilHam Merreit ESq^' Maye 
Brandt Schu}-!er 
Rob! Darkin^ 
Leonard Lewis 
Thonaas 'rurneur 
Phillip French 
Johanne.-, Kardenbroi )Ke 
ISaac D : ]\.i enter 
Jeremiah Tothill 



This day the Mayor Attend.-d b}- the Sheriff Aldermeti v.V Assistanis 
According to former usage and Custom ^yaited lk)cri Ins Exceit 
the Goveinour vC iVnnicil \vl;ere tlie Mayor had the Oaths Accordu^g 
to Law Administred tmto bun t}".: Ebenc/'.er Willson Esq''' was als'-. 
Sworne kiigh Siierilr vi y: Ciity iV Cotmty vi New Yorke A; Cotmty of 
Orange, Wdiereuj.^on the Mayor Attended as Aforesaidi Returned to y-: 
Citty bLall where y-' May^ir vV SheriiYs ConTi^^ions were publislied Ar.d 
y*^ Aldenra'U and Assistants Elect ha\ing taken the Oaths .^[jpoir.N-d 
Listead of yi^ Oatiis of Atleigance and Supremacy ^y Subscribed y^ 
Test And Also ha-cir.g taken. According tv~) dieir Ivesnective 
th.e Oaths of Aldermen i.'v Common Council Acecirij.inidy took tb.e'.r 

Eveii I'yyanke Eiectedi Assislcnit i>; 
W'itidower of y"-' West Ward were Al>sent. 

Vr.l. I!. — 2 

Xorth Ward vv ]< 

is .\N.\L'rr:s ui' TiiE c<j.\f.\i(')X col'N'Cil 

I'hc Con.-.t:!bIes of u ivc-^ijcciivo Wards were Also Sworne Peter 
\'anli!b')n)ug-ii i.iected fo: y- V.:i>i Wart! F.xcepted who v:r^ Absent. 

[278J Citlyof / Axr A Couimon Council heid atr y? 

Nov..- Yorl.:t(' ' Citiy Kail nf y? S''' Crlty on Saturday the 

13^1' da)- of Xov^'" 1697 

Prer.:.'nt William -Merreii 1",.S<|'' .Ma_\-or 
James Gralian-i l-'.Sqr Recorder 
Jacob Eoelen ~^ 

Leonard Lewi.- \ ^... . , , 

y ' TT , , ■ y L^n" Aldermen 

jotui J-iiilcluns j 

]3avid r'rovoo>U j 

John Euv.-arse ^ 

LSaac ]') : Ricnier V Assistants 

jol-.n Windower j 

John Winduwei- tookt- the Gain Appointed Littead of the Oath 
of Alleiizanc- and Sui^remac}- ^: Subscribed y? 3>st & also had the 
( -'ath of -V L'^jmn'-.n C'-nmci; man of Citty Administred to": 6c 
Accordingly tocke his place. 

The pre.-enr Citty ILall Soemir.o- to be Defective wherein- his 
IvJajesty siibjecis might be L!;danc;ered Should the Courte of Judica- 
ture he lon'/er held thj-re itt is tlierefore Resolved y\ the Corn-tb of this 
Citty u:; Council d.;e silt att the house of George Rescarrick 
Adjoyning to yv Citt}- Ihdl uniiil the ly'j da}- of October Next and 
thai the said Gci^rge Rescarric!-. be Aliowed for y'^ Same the Sum of 
tv.elve ])''.unds Curr: Mone;. of this i-'rrivincc to Commciice from the 
iirst day of October last i)ast. 

ORDnRED Thar Alderman Le\vi> Alderman Iduteliins Ml D : l\ieriier 
^ AR Euv,-at-e be A G.nimitlee to Audiie the 'l^rLa^urer^ Bo<d<es A: 
Accompts together with all y^ rub'Iicks Accon.ipts of the Citty Ol: make 
Rcporte tb-cre(n' to tins board with all Convenierit Jixpedition. 

ORr)r-:KKn tliat the Ma>'or Execute a Warrant t'-> the Treasurer of 
this Citty for yK Payment of Sea\enteen piunds Sixteen Shilings 
unlo William CI of this [279] Cuty in full of his Sallary to y" 
l4'^ day of Oct'dier la^t ^^- for {•.n Lik and paj'er l^-: Engrossing ».^- 
Recordlng the Grants for Land in the ])ock Street as Appears In' his 
Accl which is Allowed, ilv 0[ir)Fj<F.i> the Trea--urer pay the Same. 



Littyof / ^^ 

A-T'i" A Coninion Councii held act y 
Cilt) Hall of \ V Sairl Cilty on W'cnsday >■' 
I /'•I' day of Novi'inber Anno ])oTn i6gj 

Present William Ylerrelt ESq'' ^ia}-or 

lanics Graham ESql' RcC'jrtler 

Paul PJciKird "" " " ' 

Jacob P.oclen 

Leonard Lewis 

John linlcliinv 

David Provoost 

Gerrett Dnyckinck 

ISaac. D : Iviemcr 

Jolm. \\'uidower 

Joh.anii'-S Harderibrool-: 
Ordeke^ Thai x]vj isia}.or Jlxecnte A Vv'arrani 10 yV Treasurer for 
the Payment to Cap' Praridt. Sclmyler Capl Ebenezer Willson Cap- 
.bjhn Merrctt Capt John D: Briiyn Capt John D Peyst^M" Capi John 
Kip a:id Capt Jolia Tuder eaeh }'■ Sum of Nine pounds Currt yloney 
<T New Y'jrkc itt bcin.g Money by them dlsburstcd for fire wood and 
Candles for y? >ao'l-:t Guard.s of this Citty from y' hrst da}- of August 
i'>.;6 to y" firsi day of Augt 1607 whicli i-; Allowed l^' Orderkd tl'e 
Treasurer jviy y" Same lit being in all Si^.ty three pound-. 

()uoMa:.n y? Mayor Aldermen P.oelen llntchins M' 
V: Riemer M^ I^ardenbrooke or ativ three of them be A Committee 

>.EScf? Aldermen 


>:! to tl 



.f *!i;- c 

•) to L 

•ait m 

C-nvenicnt Letts the Ground on y? West Side of the Cu-tom hous^ 
Fh-idge £: tliat thev Cause A Draft to he made thereof ,V: make Report, 
r-t th.ere P'roeeedings therein vvitli all Convenient PNj)cdiLion 

lifej Ciityof 

'■ SS 

Att a Com.;non Council held all >*: 
Nt\v^Tirke( "^ Cill\ Hall of yf Said Citty cui Saturday y1 

jo'-'} dav of November Anno Dom 1*^97 
Preseni William Merrett ESq'' ALa\or 
James Graham ESql Recorder 
Paul Richard 
LeoEiardi Levris 
G err;:. id Douw 
John Ifutehins 
David PruN'OOSt 
Jolm luuAatse 

Job', - 

Johaimes Hardenbirookv J 

>-l'2Sq'T Aldermen 
I Assist 


20 MiNrjFs OF tfif: comm'^v council 

An (jRDt.K oi h!> ["xcc'llciicv y'- Goverr.oiir was read for tii^ Absolv- 
ing- liie Citty AiiFii.i iroui y' (Ivax of Xidit (n■!ard^ by A Military 
W'atcli inuil! }'? 2^''. (l:\y ()i r- larch X'exl iCnsiicing Trovidcd the CJfnccrs 
or }da,i;-irft rates of y'^ Said Citty do'.' Appoint A IV-duMn or more And 
O'lier Civil Watch to ^mx; rr-und (he Citty in the Xi^lit lijne to Pre- 
vent ]rrcg-n!aritie> that may liapj^.-n oy in-..- ^.^c: Wdiereupon iti is 
thought Ncsscssary by this htoard that fotu" Sober '.t.-'nest men be Ap- 
pointed f-r to Keep a \Vatch in l!;i> t'irty Every Xighi until! the 25-? 
day of IMarch X'ext i"^: that tlu'\- hourly gvie through the Several] Wards 
r.i this Cdty durcing tlie Said tin:e in (C'der to l^revciil Irregularities 
fire ac: t^; (hat Yi^ Mayor .Agree witii Persons for \-^' Execurdng ti"e 
Said Servdce on Such PeasruMlde Terms as he Shall piulge X'eedind! 
■v^ mi'he Reporte of what l^e Shah »!•-'/ therein by ddtesdav Next. 

d'he (■om-nittec Appointed f-r y' laying Out the Potts on the ^\'tst 
Side of tiie Bridge liave Caused A Draft to be made tliereof which was 
Produced before this board ■;: that the Said Groun.d is laid out in 
fourteen lott;. of 25 fii.jt v.ide wbiich !;)■ ?\Iajority of \'otes is Approved 
i.'V tlie Disposal thereof un.dcr Consider:-- tir>n till 'i'uesd.ay ?\ext. 

[281] Citty of / ^^ .A'rr A Common Council held att xT 

New Yorkej' '^ ' ' Citty Hal! ef y? Said Citty on Tuesday y^ 
23'' d.a.y of Xoveriiber Anno L^om 1697 

I'rescn; W/ilii mr, .Merrett riSq'^' -Mayor 
James ( drahrm h.So: Recorder 
Paul Kichar'i 
Cerrard IX-v^v^ 
lacol) [;ooRn 
Leonard Pev.-i> 
jolm JIutc-nnv 
David Provofisi 
Joh.n F.uwatse '| 

Gerrrtt Duyddnch Windrover 
Martin (d-'A: j 

Cl'Sq^: Aldern^cn 

C Assistants 

Idle Mayur having Acq;:- ini 'd the 1 .jard of ;. : Insnfiiciencv oi the 
Citty Hall itt is th.(^ C\; of tr.e vhC'lc b(ja.rd ioiiely or.e desconting') 
ti^ai th. re i< A Xcv-as-ity uf building A Xew Cidy Hal! tor y*^ publick 
Scrvic(\ -^ ■ 

Pr-.i.\-KD that V P<nt< C'U y- West Si'le of v^ llridge ^t1ad n<^i ]> 


S'-IJ or Disponed for yv building of A Citty Hall and that the buildiii;' 
:!•;• Same he under Cotu-idrTation of tiiis Ivoard until! tlie twenty fifth 
(]:■%■ of March Next Knsu.einc;-. 

Tl^is board lakin;,'; irilo Consideration tlic .^rcat J.'r.unvenii^ncy that 
.Vtiends this Citty bein,^- A trading place for wavit of having lights in 
tile Darke tin:;e of y'' ujioon in the \',inter ?eas^)n itt is therefore 
OkUEuri) that all and Every of the house Keepers within this Citty 
Sliall put ( ut lights in ih.eir Windows fronting y? Respective Streets 
of the .Said Citty According to Su>:h manner and Rule, as Shall 
be Directed l^;, tin: Mayor t^\o iVlderuien and two ;V-.-.istants tnider 
I'le Pcucdty of Nine ]K-nce each, Night for Every Defouli. 

Op.dercu ih.e Ala_\-or Call to Ins Assistance any tAVO of v? 
-\ldenv::,-n And two Asssistants for y? n.iaking the Said J<.egulati<)n 
aiid that they Also be a Committee to Audite the Ace*: of y^ Respective 
Collectors of the Taxes Paid by this Cili}- 

! 282] 1'he Petition of M': 'Javid \'i!aut being read desirt-ing he may 
Kee[) School in th.e jjUi)lick Cict}- TJaH as has been formerly Granted 
t.. him by tijc prectevling ?^layor »•: Aldermen itc ; is Refer'd to the 
}dayor to doe therein as be shall See Cause. 

Tiie Peiition of y? Sv.orne Paclcers l^' Cullers was read Setting forth 
Tnat Creat Quantities of Provisions are Shipcd of v.dthout the Packers 

Ok!H••l:•o^ iha; >' Srid Packers ,^:; Cullers Execute tlieir Ouice 
.Vcccjrding to their (')-;ihs vc the Eav/s of this Citty. 

FoRASMeoH a.- itt is thor.glit Convenient for }V g.jod Rule il' (.lov- 
ernnient of tl»e Inhabitants of this Citiy that the hereafter Named Ea\N s 
Carders ^v Ordinances Sliould Continue in. force for three Month? 
•e'nger itt is therefore Ordained that all the Articles Clauses and Con- 
ditions in th.e said Severall Eaws and Ordinances be Continued an.d 
Remaine i'.i full force and \'ertue for y'.^ Space of three Month> 
any thing to the Contrary hereof in An\- wise Notwdth.-tanding and tluit 
the Clerke Cause y-. Same to be Ahixcd on \ V Citiy TPdl (Vizi) 

For y; Observation i>f yr Eorcls dav 
Cciuccniing Strangers 
Concerning I'reemt. n 
Keeping y^ Streets Clean 
Concerning Retailer- of Eirpiors 


Coiicerning Sra-vt-N-.irs of yV Citty 
To f'rcvent nrt- 
Couccrniiig :\i.'yroes 
Engrossers & Forestallers 
Assize of bread 
Xo tiinber Jo lye in the Streets 
ConconiJUi^; Swine 
RegT.lation- for Canvjcn 

Officers to lie Observant in the Execution of these L.-»iv-i 
[283] Concerning Negroes c': Jn-iian Slaves 

Comiiiou Council Xot to h.e Ab^.cnt nj)on Suininons 

Guagers Packers & Cullers 

Weights ,:e ^Measures to i,e Scaled 

Masters of \''essel]s to give Ace! of their Passengers. 

Concerning Bt'cketts 

Packers ]\[arke 01: l)eef vis' I'orke 

Freemen to be In rolled 

Ap,')renticos to be lound befcjre y; ]\i?vur ^oc: 

Ordinance for Pa\ing yV Streets 

Laws iV Orders for y? Govcnnii! of vr Docks .'^: S!ir)S 

Regnlatioiis of \ '. M.-irkett 

Citly uf I ^^ A'l I A Conunon Cciunei: iioid ait ikt 

New Yorke^ ' "' Ciily JI:dl of the Said CiUy on. Munda}/ y 

2(f} da\- of Novernlcr pTaT !&)•/ 

IVesent Williani Merretl ESf[- Maw.;r 

Janie> (_~;ralia!;^. i^Sri; Rec';»rdei" 

Paulu- KicluuvP ^ 

John ] futcliiiis CES(|" Aldermen 

David Pro\v,o>L J 

Cerreti Du'.clcinck ""^j 

ISnac D: Riemer , . 

, , ,,.. , C Assistants 

jolm \\ md'.nver f 

Fwvi. r.yvanke J 

M: lA-ert }p;vanke bdected A-sistant of il-.e North Ward A])- 
peared In Connre.n Council and had the Oaths Vrlniinistrcd to h;-^ 
Appointed instead of tiae < ^atb.s of Alleig;u;';e ^v Supremac}' an. 
Subscribed the Test and tooke the Oath of Coninion Council Aw 
Accordingly trKd<e his place. 


Cittyof / ^ 
■(.w Yorkei 

.\iT A Cornir.on Council held att. the 
Citty ilall of the Said Cilty on Thur.^- 
dav thf St'ccnv.t da\ of Deccintvi" Anno 
DoITT i6c)7 

> ]iSq-^ Aldrnr;en 

C Assistants 

[J84I Prt'sont Wihiam Alcrrett ESq'ANIayor 

Janics G'-alian.! I'^Sql Rocon.ler 

Paul Ricb.ard 

GeiTctl Douw 

jacoi) iioelcii 

Joh.n ilutch.uis 

r.eoiuird Lewis 

David Provoost 

GeiTclr Duyckinc 

John V/in'IrAVcr 

Martia Clock 

Evert Cyvanke 

fnlni 1 aiwatse 

lit is tiie Upiini,;n of the h^'Hrd that ? P Cicrrett DuNckinck doe ]ia} 
tor y? J. and lately Granted to him Pursuarit to his Petition the Sanie 
lying- in {]w Ivear of In's former purchase in tlie ])'">ck Street Accordinc^ 
to the Snrvev thereof made And now Upon t'lle in tlu^ r^iTice att the 
Rate of Ni-a.e pence for j-^acli Square foot. 

Itt is Resolved Xenrine Contra Dicente for die Regnlatin.q- of tin 
li.L^^hts to he i-ut out in the D.irkc tim.c of (h.e IMonn vdthin this Citty an. ■. 
for the p:;'-e of the Jiihahdants tlial Ever\- Seawii'i; hoir^e in the 
Several! Wards of this Ciliy doe Every Night in the Darke time of the 
McMjn Cntill the twentv fifth day of T\Iarcli ?Cext Cause A Lantliorn ^ 
Candle t'. he hung- om on A Pole Every Ni-lit and tliat the Charge h_' 
defrayed in Equal proj.ortion by the Inhabitants of the Said Seaven 
houses Upon Pena!t\- oi Nine pence for Ever}' Default to be paid by 
the person v.liose turn itt is to put Ou.t tlie SatUL- And that the Alder- 
man And Assistant of Each Resptctive Ward doe take Care that the 
same be forthwith put in Effectual Execution an.d that Notice Ix 
Given tn the said lnhal)!tants to put out y"" same. 

\2S^\ This Courte taking into ConsideraliDU the danger that ma_\' ha-p- 
|)eTi by tire for want of A Due Tn-pection made to the Cleaning' ri\ 
Chimneys .V MLiidmg of h.trth.s wi'hin thi- Citty itt is theref'-r.- 
(;iK0i-R!:r, that tl-ir Aldermrui A: A-sistant m' Each Ivespectivc Ward of 
this Citty de'C Appoint two sufilcient Person.-^ iui Every Ward v.-ithin. 
thf "^rnd Citt\- to be X'icwers of the '^airl Chimne\-s and h;irth> who. 


Sij^li \'ic\v the same (Jnce A Week jVihI where th.e\' finde An)" defective 
Give Noiieo that tl'>- .^airu niMv he Renifedlied att such time as m their 
di>o.\-iic'!-i the>- Shall thinl: iiu Aiul it" Any persini Shall Refuse their 
DireeiiC'U hereiii th.ey Shall fi.;-feiie h'.)V L-acii OlYence the Suni of three 
Shiiinos i.)ue haife to the Citiv and the Olher halfe to the Said X'icvv-ers 
of }'■■ K'ec?r'ccti\-e \V'ards and that if -Vny Cliinvacys Shall be on fire 
After Xoiice Given by \hc -iiid A'i..\vers for }-^- Cleaning of the Sanie 
the dweller in such iiouse Uj Vvhi'mc Notice tl:( rLof shall be soe Given 
Shall forfeite for Every C' that Sliall be soe on fire the Sum of 
Fourty Shiiincs for y^ u-e of the Cnt\-. and if the Said A-^iewcrs Shall 
Neglect I'l FMecute their dtuy hereby jxcquired Siiall for each OfTense 
forfeite the Sum of Six Shi'ii-gs :avA -\nother be Ap})ointed in 
his place. 

Ok))!-r'd Tiie Ma}or Jssu.e hi.^ \\'--'rrant to the Treasurer for the 
Payment ■.;. Jarvis Marshall tiu? Sum of five pounrls for halfe Years 
Sallary due and bdudiny- tlie iifteenlh November last which is Allowed 
Sc Orher'd the Treasurer pay tb,e same. 

Ri-.sor.\-}: :) that the Persians iliat Shall be Appointed the Pellmen 
And Watch, oi this C'itty (b,-.e Give in Security for the Sttm of five 
hun'lred j.^ourid'- Currant Aicuey ni this l^roviu.ce that the}^ Vvdli v.'ell 
and truely iLMCciite tlie Said < 'd'lee .\.ceor(liii;:>; to Such PJireetions and 
Rtt;'ulaliC'ns ;i- Sluar.ldi be .Q'iven ibcm by }■'• rvra\a.r. 

OKt)F.R'D diat v.'hat IVlon-.^y i^ ( to the Pelimen and W'atcli to this 
day iV fr.r firewood Gandde and .\ Cdass m be paid by the Treasurer 
And that tiie ■\[a>-or I^xecute A W'arr.ant for y? Pa\m'. of the same and 
rhai Au AccoiiiVi o'i I'aT-rieuiai- thereof b'- Asct-riain'd. 

[286! Gittyof I , .. .via A Comna-n Council held att tla. 

Ne\\-Yorkcl "' " Cut} I lai! <jf yi' Said Citty on Tuesday thi 

2.*^"';- day of December 1697 

Pre.-,ent Wilhaan .Merrcti. b^Sqr yjayor 
James (iralaim PSri^ Recorder 
Paul i^ichard ^ 

Pee>nar<l Leu-is 

^ , ,, , . vl:,Srr^ Aldermen 

John Hulehm^ ' ' 

olin .1 lulehm> j" 

)avid I'rMxoost J 

Geirelt 1 )ii\ elohicb 

John \'\dnd..awer ^Assistant: 

lA-ort Hvvanke 


()iWKRD the ^^a}0^ [)ii\ot .V Warrant to the Treasurer to Purchasc 
f.nir Ba^reI^^ of Powder for y'' saluting tti-:- Enrl.-' of Belloriiout on lii- 

'J'iie Mavor Jnfmunir.i.;' iii:ii rb'^ir are .Vrreara.i^e of Quitt Rerit du^- 
\<^v y^ Citty Ciiarter from >■ Arrival of Governour Slrni^dilcr, lit ir 
i!iereiO!-e Oitf-M i;ed tliat the Treasurer doi- forthv.-it!' pa)- y'^ Saine tr. 
bis Majesties "Receiver Gcii^' And make Iveporie tliert-of to the Next 
Comnif']-; Co'i'fvjii 

I'itl) of / -, -, Ati a 2vleuiiu.^ of y- A!a\-or & Alder- 

XcwYc'rkei ^'' mcii On Vver.sda'/ \': ic/i da\ of January 

Prcseiii V/illiaru Atcrrctt ESq- isFa\-or 
Jacob r.oelen "^ 

Leonard Lev. is \ ^^,. . , , 

-, , _-- , . vhoo'"" Aldermen 

John riutc-'mis 1 

David l^ro\-oost J 
Orpkr'd tVie Assi/;e of I'read be till iurti':er (Jrder as foHoweth 

A White Ic-afe of tiie finest flo'AX-r to v/eigh Pleaven Ounces for 
t!n-ee hr.jfe pence 

A Vvhe-'cen Loaic the 1' Jh'an only taken out and [2S7J 
Xot Otlierv/ays to weigh two i)ounds rhree Quarters for four pence 
halfe p<L-m)\ v.dieat being :itt ihe Sliiiiiig^ ^f' Bushell Iti is .\!so 
Oi;oKREj5 liuU Xo Other br^'ad be made hir Sale within thi- Citty then 
what Above Six-cifiC'l and iM j.'.akers v.dthdn the Same Are iiereby 
Required to keep breafl in their Shops According to tlic Above Assize 
liiat th-' Inhabitants be Su.pplyed Accordingly. 

The Assessors (^f the Respi;eti>-e Wards of tin's Citty were this day 
Sworn.e to Assess the Sum uf three lumdired ^S: tifty three pouiub 
twelve Shilings t^' Six pence itt being the Ahweiy of £707 — 05 — cxn 
Raised by \'ertue of An Act of Asseinbly ui this Provitice Eniituled 
An Act for yV Raising the Smu of three .V twenty hundred pounds ^.^'C : 
And Also A \\ arra.nt v.-as directed to the Said Assessors for y'^ Making 
>; Said Assessment and to Ivcturn the Roles of y? Sanne to the OiTice 
'•f T'own ricrke rm nr befdi-e the first day nf Pebruary Next. 



Citty of ( ..^ 
New Yorkt( 

Att a Meeting- of the Aiayor vi; Alder- 
men art y: Citty liall of y? Said Citty ov 
Saturtia}- the 2'' day of Ajiril Anno Dom 
Present Vv'iiUaui Mfrrctt HSq^ i\Ia)or 
James (iralu-m ES(f Recorder 
Paul Richard ~'| 

Leonard Rcwis V ESq" Aldernien 
John Hutchins J 
This day liis Majesties Co'iimi-sion imder tlie greate Scale of 
England Appointing Ids Excellency Txichard Ea.rle of Belloniont Cap:- 
Gen"^ And Governour in Chicfc 01 U;is I'rovinec was after y=^ Ringing 
of three Bell? Puhh^hcd att the Citty Hall, ^ Also his Majesties Com- 
mission Ap])ointing th.i: Hon':'-' Jolm Xanfan. ]iSq'' Lieu'; Gov^ of the 
Said Province ^^ his Exeellc-ncics Proclani;ition for th.e Continuing 
All Officers in their places till fiirtlier Order were att the Same time 
PnbllckU read vV Published. 

[2SSI Citty of ) 

New Yorke 

A IT A Common Council held ati tlu 
Cilly Hall of y? Said Citty on M'unday 
the 4"1- day of April ifxuS 
Present W'dliam Merrett ESq?" IMayor 
James GralKnn l-lSqr Recr.rder 

Paul Richard 
Leonard Lewis 
John Hu.tehin^ 
])avid J-'rovoost 
Jacob I'.jelen 



ESq""^ Aldermen. 

Isaac D: Riemer ^ 
Gerrcit Diiyckinck C Assistants 
John Window er J 

The following .\ddress ^^a.^ thr^c times Read A: Approved and 
'' )[oni-.K'Kn h^ be I'Uigr^-^sed A: Recorded. (Vizi) 

To Ins E.xcel'ency Richard Earle of ]]ellop.iont Capt Gen" au'l 
Governour in Cliicfe of his Majesties Pro\ince of Nev/ Yorke and 
the Territories !)•. pcuvling iherr<.n in America cV \'dce .\dm,irall of 
y^ Same £c : 

The humble Addn-e.->s <>( ilie ?viayor lU'ceuder Aldermen and. 
Assistant'; of tlie Citty of New \'(irke Conven'd in Comm'^n Council. 
Ma_\- iti l.)lea^e iixcellenc}- 
With y? Greatest of Grmilude w^e most humbly Acknu>v!edge the 
Honcnu" done us 1)\- his MfMCstv <Aur most <iracious S'-".'eraign in 


Appointiti^'- Yoitr Lordship his Capt. (jcn^^ cV, Gov'' in Chiet'c of thi? 
Province, ih'.- f;rcat Ci..'a;icfCT yoiir Lordship liears aral is See Jnsti;. 
(hie Lntc) Your Lov(.Llni)-> Integrity (,';iils for our ou.iy whicli wv- 
iiOA- offer Your Lor(Lhip with Strong affections And with true Rever- 
ence most heartily CYiUgratulate your Lr)vd>hips Arrival in "j.^ouv 
Government, the Satisfaction wee have in Soc Great A I'.Icssing doll; 
En.gage us to give Your Lortlship [289] As.-urartce thai will nia.'<r 
itt Our Interest as itt is Already Our duty to Support \Yiur Lordshii•^ 
Digiuty in y- Kxcellcucics A-drninistrariou. and itt Shrdl Also he ov,r 
Studv to pu.r-'ue tlie hest .Metliods wee Can Conceivs' to Renrler }■' 
Excellency's Governuii ( )\-er r.s happy and l^asy. 

The ilou''''^ Genl of his ^lajesties Council Can Justly Witness th.- 
Loyall Affections that tliis Citty (.t Corporation hatii allways Mani- 
fested for our >lost Ch-acious Soveraign his Most Sacred I\Iajcsty Anrl 
how ready s\ee have p.eevi on ail CJceasioub with Oiu" Lives and fe^r- 
tunes to iVJaintain his Interest & (io\'ernment Ag; all liis Enemies auij 
Shall not he wanting to Render the lilve ohedience Ihito your Excel- 
lenc_\ s Conunands l^'ving ^Nlothin.g Soe dear that vree \vil! not rea.dil;.' 
Sacrifice to v;hat your ]C-:celleney Sliall Jualge proper for his IMajesties 
Service, adi Ciur Affections [{] as ir, duty th.e\' Ouglu) Are Intirele 
fixed unto his .Most Severed Majesty Yett the\- are unhappily Attendc'l 
with .\ A.liy.ture of Division \vdiich lieeetts Contention And Obstructs 
y? Growth ot .Soe Needirdi .\ Duty in viovernnient. Division Au.ioug 
us not heing Soe gviod A Ride for Empire as Concord. The great 
Loyahc that Your Lorddu'[:» hath Evidenced on all Occasions for yv 
Suj)port of lii.^ Alajesties tjo\'"rnmenv in Our Native ivingdoni Gi\es 
us great hopes that the I'unanatioiis of itt h.ere will Speedily di^sij-'aie 
those CU'uds of di-sention which r)vers(iade.-- ouir Tranriuiliiy 

Wee therefore hecome most humhle Suiters to your Excellency 
that You v.'ould Litluenc\' us vcith Your Jixcellencies favour Soe fa" 
as to lieale our breaches I'v Reconcile CFur Differences v/hicb. will 
Intirelv lYiite Our Affections which wee most Dutifully 
Ihito Your Lr)rdshij)S Service Most hun:!)!}' Lrax-ir.g for the long li''. 
?nc\ Rro:-pcrity of C)ur Most Gracious Soveraign iV tl'.at Your' 
may Enjoy Long tU'er us A happy (V Prosperous Ciovernmenl v.h.ich. 
to vSu{)port vcee Shall da._\ly Study iV h^-er Aclcncnvlcdge Our Seb.e- 
Your Lordships nr)st C^bedient *!^- sni-t failhfuU .Ser\-ants. 

Wilt Merrett May' 
lames ( iraham Rec-s-rd^' 

L Assistants 


[2i/)] C)&D!,KD the ^tayrir Issm- lii- WVuTant to y- Treasurer fur 
llic l-\-:;yn ■<"•:"! 1' to tbc Lat< I'cilnicii the Si;r,i of Sixty i»o'iikIs Currant 
Money of Neu Yorke itt bein^' for tlieii" Service in that Office till the 
25'!- day o*' March. last pa.^t. 

C'itty i,'> I ^^ A'rr A C'onnnon Council held att the 

Ne^v Yorke( ' " CitLy J-hd! of yv S'.' Citly on Munday tlie 

11 -V day of .\i)ril Ainio Llonl ](x,i8 

Jh-eseni Wilham Mcrreil i-;!^q-' }.Ja}-or 

Janics ( HSor Ivcrordcr 

Paul Richa.rd, 

Leonard Lewis ^IfSn'^f Alao-nien 

John liuichin? 

C..-;r.;-t^ I Jn-chiiM;!.; 

John Wdnduwer 

L-^a-'C 1>. KierncT J 
Resi'LVKh th^'l l^inncr he prepared all ii^' L'harge of the Cor- 
poi'alion for die h'nrei-iainr.K!!' of his Exxellency Richard Earie of 
BellouiOnl Capt fn-n" And Ch'vern! t-r ni Chiefe of tins Province and 
tiiat Aldennan Lewis Alderman ITntehins Mr Duyckinck And Mr 
D: Riemer be A CoMindttee to make A Bill of Fare for y? S<? Enter- 
tainmenl and ihaf for y:' Effectual doin^ thereof they Call to their 
Assistance Such C"o.iIc-; a-: tiny Sltaii thinke Ncssessary to Advise 
tiioni in the Same .^.;n! tiei; fhv ^h.yor draw A Warrant on the 
Trc'as\irer for the pa\!n<.-inL of the Cinir^e thereof. 

[2i;i] Ciiiy of I . Att A C'(>!ranMn Cuir.icii lield att the 

New Y-- rk'.- \ ' ' Citty Jlali of th^e Said CiUy on Munday 

the 2f day of May 1698 

Pvi-scnt \\d!!i;nn Merrett J-'-Sq'' .Mayor 

James Gradiam h.Sf|: Ivecorder 

Paul Richard ^ 

[acoh Ruclen ,_ 

■ ,, , , • ^ESq" Aldennan 

John iinlchnis f 

David. Pr.n-oMst J 

G'-rrett T)u\ckinc 

tSaac i) : l\ieiner , , . 

iohn W md.owcr f 

Jr,!in h:iuvat^e J 


Okueh'd iljai for _\'.- time to Come No Freemen be Adiv.iii.jd into 
this Citty but what Shiall be Soc Allowed bv" tiie Muyor and thrr-j 
Alderjiien pursuant to the directions oi the (diarter. 

That No man for yv time to Come doe Cdaime A Right of hciiur a 
freeman of this Citt}- that sliail be Absent Out of tli: same for the 
Space of tweh.'c ylonths I'nless lie Shall keep hre v.'>: Candle And pay 
Scott and Lott, And in Case Any person ihat i-; A freeman And Sl:a!i 
be Absent as /Vf'.a-esaid and not pay Scott and LoU iw.d Keep tire a/e/l 
Candle shall his freedom. 

Ordkr'd th;u the AK'erman. a!id Assistant of each Respective \A"ard 
within this Citty doe take Care that the Severall Streets within tiieir 
Respective Wards lliat '\\ant pavir.g- he fortlnvith ]);ived Aceordiinfr to 
tiie Directions (.)f An C)rdinance of tliis Citty Erilituled An Ordiiiance 
fc-r j)aving the Streets Lanes vK' Allivs vnthin this Citty. And that 
for the more j'ClTectnall doing thereof that the Alderman 6: Assistant 
of eacli Respective V/ard doe Call to their A.-si^tance the Surveyors 
of this Citty ^: tliat thev doc Levell And Order the paving" of the Saidi 
Streets as may be m.ost Conver.ient for y? Inlialatan.ts of the .Same 
and the Genera!) Conveniency S: Accommodation of th.e Inh;a[)itanrs 
of vf S'J Ciitv. 

[292] Citty of J Att A Connnon Council held au the 

NewYorkep^' Citty Hall ai y- S^ Citty on Tu-sday y^ 

T.dl' day of June 169S 

Pre'-eei William Merrctt RSq- Mayor 

James GrHhain j^Sqi Ivccordc-r 

Leonard Lewis 

Joh.n Hutcliins ^KSq''- .Aldermen 

Da\'id Pro\-oost 

Isaac D : Riemer 

John Luwatse 

John Wi!i<:lower W^ssii-taidJ 

Evert B\ \ arnkc 

Gerrett Duvckinck 
Ordkr'd that Alderman Le\', is Alderriutn I'ruvoo^t Mr ?> : Riciner 
and M'' l^.mvatse or Auy three of tliem h.e A Committeo forLl!\>dt!-' 
to take A Vi. v.- of {he Citty h.o.nse att t!ie Ferry And they Irnploy 
Worl;cmen to Make Sucli Xessessary Repairs to the Same as they 
Shall think fitt, and tha.i ilrc Cliarge tliercof be defra}-ed out of th.e 
Rent of the Ferry i tliat tb.ey make Reporte of their Actin:^.-: h-:^rein 
to the Next Common Council 


DKDi-.Ki-.ij tliat al! tiiOi-e persoris tii;it huve Lately purchased J.olis 
or Laii.d in ihc D-jck Stix-cl be Sunini.oncrl to Appear before tliis 
board to luorrow morninp; att Nine of the Clock to Show Cause 
why they doe not pay for yV sanx; According- to Agreement; and that 
if they due not Appear tu Show Cause that then this board will take 
Such Course as y^ ]..;t\\ d^es Di'-ici 

OKitKR!-!) that the Cornijjiltee Last Ai.peont^-d for the Auditing the 
I^ibliek Accounts of lids Citiy be Continu'.xl till further Order. 
[293J Okokke!) th.e Farmers of ihe Dock- be Summoned before tlie 
a\Ia}-or to- Show Cause wh}- tl^.ey doe not Keep the Same in good Repair 
According In tlieir Contract. 

Okdf.uei^ Tliat .-Mdern^an ]'rov>X)^t v.^: ]\Ir Luyckinck doe take Care 
that tiie lk:h!ick house vi C^Hkc on y? Docl: be Cleaned and put in 
good ]\epa}r And A Person A[)p.)intcd Dayly to Keep the S?mc Clea.u 
and wha*- Ciiarge Acciuc.- tliat the flavor Issue his V\ 'arrant to the 
Treasurer for the Payment of the Same. 

OiiDERD tiiat die Alderman A" Assi^lant of the Nu'-th Ward due 
take Care tl^at ihc powder Iv'U-^e ^ t!:e fence About itt he put in good 

Ordkuld the Committee that were formerly Appointed for the 
Repair of tlie Bridge by tlie Custom house doe fmisl; the Same cc bring 
in their Acc^ of the Cliarge tliereof. 

Oi^DEKKO tliai .\'dern:an Lewis Alderman Ilutchins Alderman 
Provoost W D: Rirrncr AL Luwatse & i\Iv I^yvanke o'- y? Mayoi" 
parte of iheni iralhng ihe Rccurd'::r to tiieir Assistance lie A C'ommittee 
to Kxamine all the C.dity Laws and. make an Extiact of Such of them 
as are Nessessary t'-; l^e C<i:i(inu.ed and w*. Repealed tV make Reporte 
thereof with, ah Con\(;uiont l^xpedition 

Citty of ^ ^^ AiT A Comiiiuu Council held alt the 

NcwYorkcj ""'^ Citty 3Ldl of yV Said Citly on Tuesday 

the 2[y1^ day of June Anno Dom 1698 

Present Willi;nn Merrett ESq^' flavor 

James Ciraham LSqr Recorder 

Paul Richard ( ,,,, 

T , ,, 1 I^' Aldermen 

Jacob t.oelcn I '■ 

[294 j Leonard Lewis "^ 

John nutrliins C]';Sq'; Aldermen 

L)a:id Pruvoosi J 

John Window er 

Evt-rt P.'.yvv.mlvr *>..'Vcc;ct;ii!ts 

ISaac 1): ]^icl;a■ 

Ol" TIIK riTY ()}■ :\l'-\\ YORK -t 

f)iu>;.Ki.iJ lli;it all lliv Inhabitanls of this C'iily their Apprentice- 
.»:-.: C'nl-lrrii th'tt were h'-re thr- \Wo'' thr Charier was Grautrd be 
AHov.-cvj Deemed .^- Esteemed Freeraen of this Citty they Regastrin- 
th.aV Names in tlie Town CleilvOs Ofrice lor wliich. each person Soe 
iv-L^istrcd Sliall pay Xii.c pence. Provided that None be Reg-istered 
Tnil'T \': Age of tAventy one Year- and that the said Register lie 
t.iVcn before tiie .Ma^'or and two Aldermen \\-lio are to Sitt every 
'I'l'.esdav moriiirig- att v; Citty } L:d1 fror.i the liours of 2\ine to Eleaven 
t,f the Clock til! ir.e San:e be perfected Ar,d that the Oatli of A 
fia. :aar! of Citty he A'hninistred to all that Couk- to be IvegisUed. 

(')iir)[-.KK):i Tliat adl tlie printed L,aws Orders and (Jrdinances r)f this 
<. ra\ t;e Contiiined iri force for three ^Months Lor.ger ICxcejtt w^iat 
Kci.-'tes to the Rirolln-ent of freemen and An]>rei'itices 

OrdIlRI) tlu.t t];e 3.Ia>or Issue in's V\'arrant to y? Treasurer to pay 
1.) W'illiant Sharpas tlie suni of ten ])0unds ten Sltilings Ctirrant :\[c'ney 
oi New Yorke for Recording the Tax Roles of tliis Citty wliich was 
.■Kliiiwed as A Coinity in Gcrf" Oaarier Sessioiis held in Ma;\- last pa«t 
And OkdiCRED Vac- Trea-nrcr pa>' the same. 

\-:-^\ Tins Board taking into Consideration the Grieviance of bcine 
]"''.; .rived of the Sole Rolting of ilov/er lI' Baking of Biskett for Trans- 
p ^ri.a'd'Mi from this Province Order that the Recorder prepare an 
. Ad^ircss iron! this Board to my ].ord p[r]aying lor his Assistance io-- 
t'e Restoring Again the IVivilcdge of the Sole Bolting of l^ower ;S:c : 
U^ ^his vdttv. 

Citty of / ^ .\-iT A ConmiMn Council lieid ati the 

Ne-v Yorlrej "' Citt>- liall of tl-e Said Citty on Wensdav 

v^ 2<)'l da\' of pine A'mo DoTTT 1698 

l^resenl \\'illiam Merrett !£Sq'' APiyor 
James Graham ICSqV Recorder 
Jacob Boelcn '\ 

Leonard Lewis ,, . ,.^ ... 

,,,,,. > I'.Sq': Aldern.ien 

John Hutchn-s f ' 

David l^rovoost J 

Gerrctt Duyckinck ] 

TSaac D : Riemer i- Assistants 

John Windower J 


i'urtiiant to the Order of tin.' Ia^i Coiiimoii Cmmcil ti'c K-.-oordt-r 
broiuVfit in A Draft of the Addrc.^- to my Lord wh.ich \va- three time- 
Read and Approved Aiv.i Ord;-r'd to he Kngro.'^.sed and And h^titrc-d in 
tiK'se words foli-iw ing- (\'i^V) 

To IJis Exeelleiicy Richard I-arlc mI ik-iltim^iUt Capt Gei^^^ and 
(jovcrnonr iji (diiefe of has ^dajcslies i'rovince of Xev/ Yorke <kc\ 
and Vice :\dnnrall of the Sarnc. 

Tlie iluiiiblc Addre^b and Petition of the Ma_.or Recorder 
AldcrrneP. an.d Assistants of hiir. 'M:-iy: Citty and CorporsiJon vi 
New Yorke Coiiven'd in Comni'jn Council 

[296] May ilt j:ka-e _\our Lord.ship 

The Interest of tlie Crown \\-as Xevcr more Adva^cd in this 
Pro\-ince th-en when thie inhabitants of this Citt> Enjoyed thieir Just 
Ri^^hts and Pri\iicd<;es and Xee.-i- in Soe htle Esteem as Sin.ce they 
v.ere Deprived tiiereof. the Ineourat^em; of tradie being the Only Sup- 
port of the Ivevenuc and the Decay thereof in these late Years ma}- be 
Jn.siiy (Amonpf^t f dtlier things) Attributed to that Grievious Law 
whicli tor'ke Away tlie Sole Boltin:.'; oi flower t^e llaldng of Biskett for 
TransTiortatio!' from this Citty and placed tlie ^'darcatc thereof rdi 
lA-ery Idantcrs d u:r througliout _\ • ['ro\dnce by vddeh means all trade 
is Reduced t'.' Coitfu.sion and those yl have laid Out th.eir Estates in 
this Citty for yV Accummodation of Traftlque and in Exi)ectation that 
the Rights AT Pri vdedges they fou.itd tlicrein Shouki be Continued to 
them ?.w\ their R'St.-rity ar- Xo^v Idcidy to Shdce and '''erish. "Wee 
therefore May itt please \our Lordship thiink itt our duty with tlie 
Greate-t of Inmdlity to Address your Excellenc}- and loy before Your 
Lordships Pr'idcnt Consideration tlie decaying State of this Civly cV 
Corporation wlio liath for these a;tn- years n.iiw Last past Groaneil 
and Laboured under mniiy Imnlv'n^ and lncon\-cnier:cies bv l-*ea--Oii 
of the passiu!.; an. Act of Assembly Entituk^d An Act x-Again-t un- 
lawful by Laws and unreaso;iabk' forfeitures which hath Deprivedi 
this Citty of tlu-ir Riglit of Scjle Bolting of dower and Baking of 
Biskett for Trari=;r)ortation and hath theieb}- tal:en away titc lively- 
hood of tv.o thi;<ls of the Tn'-.abitants of this Citty v/hich doe depend 
thieron And (di',a:n the S'unc to About thirty persons in tlic liest of 
the Govcrnm'.n.t; And tld:- Citty which v.'as Aceu.stomed to be th.e 
Granary of all thes^' parts in An-.ri'ei and N'ever had le-s in Store then 
fourty or fifty thou and lUi-^he'ls of wheat [207] for th.e Accommoda- 
tion of hi'; Majestic'^ Subiect-- is r.ov/ Rednced to Soe great 

OF THE cn'\ OF xr:vs" york • 33 

V, ;iri; .-ai<l Jixtrt-iiiity that ilt Cruinot procure Cornc Enough in Store 
in S^:pplv Ills ]n]i;Ll!'Larit- wi'Ii their clayly Xe^sessitics of bread and 
what in To-'.vn au Such I'^xlravaijaut ]vaie> ihar ifc F- bceorae \^cry 
*')vnrcsive to the poor. And wh.ilst thiis l/nhap])\- Act is in force itt 
\\\][ he ]nip;>s:ble to Reduce }'^ F];.];ers of Citry unto Any Order 
tla:-y Challengin,:;- thv Same l'.t.-nLriLt that Every ta.rnner of tlie Province 
Intitles hiiriselfe to by liie Said Act; this i>- not tb.e Only Cirieviauce 
iluit Aitends t'le Said Lav; but all tb.e Trade on flov.-er and Biskett 
Sciit u> the W'e.^t Indies Iiath. Since the passin.Q- of tlie Said .Vcl fallen 
under iJi.-reputatio!! tl'at itt v.dll Xot Yield Soe much by four 
of fev: Shilings 'f' Innidred as ihat wh.ich Comes fror^i Otlier ports And. 
S'-'c surdect to Corrupuiun for \, ant of due Inspection \vliich Cannot 
i;e Effected wiiilst there is Soe great A Latitude Gi^'en for th.e Bolting 
irat V.I Probability the vdiole Trade Vvdl! fall in A few Years to 
tiie lolall Puin of his MajestiL--"- Pe\-enu.e Am! Decay of tlds Cilly. 
We; tliercfore 

Ma.y it'i |.'iv-as.i ^'om- Excelieney ?\[ost humbly Supplicate Your Lord- 
.-hii> tha.t You v:ould be favourably pleased to lay our Complaint before 
bis Most Sacred Txlaiesty And take y? deplorable State of this Citty 
vmder Your Lordsliips Patronage ^.^V' Pi'oiection c^: Represerit the In- 
juries that y]ui-\ attend his Alajest}" in his Government of this Province 
:;<Av;di as the Absolute decay of this Citty if the Said Act Sho\dd Con- 
tuiue lon-er in force a41. which Shall be Ever Gratefully and humldy 
Arlc!iO\\K-d-ed by this %.rporation who Only \^alue themselves by 
;hfdr Co:i^tarit Loyalty to his Majesty and their Strict and faithfuil 
' ""Ju dicnci' l^> his Maje-^tiv^ Lav-s which the\ vdl! aliva\s reu'ler by 
Supporting Y. :;n- Lordship in the Administration of Your Government 
A.d ab Vf ur Adversaries with ah that is Ijear I'nto us. and as in duty 
bonpd Shall Ever pray &c : 

WiH ^.lerreit Mayor 
James Grahrun ibjcorrler 

Jo!u> Eu.tuatsc "^ Jacob Boclen A 

Gcrrett Duivckinek L Assistants Leonard Lewis 
'^ - r. . :', • I )^ Aldermen 

John Hutchiu: 
David Prov^jost 


' -^r^] Itt is Con.ddercd tb-il the Sum of hity p^'unds Sterling l^e Raised 
'■']-.-n; y" Credit of y" Citt}' to be Imp!<^yed ly an Agent att Inme in 
Pt rdand y^ Representing the State of this Citty Unto his Majesty 

34 .MlXl."'li:"S OI" 'nil- COMMOX COLWCJL 

aiul tlic ],jj!cl> Co:iinii.'>:(jiH-!> 'jf I'vv.'lr And J 'Iculaticm-- in r;rfler t'~' the 
haviui;; the Said Act l^ciH-alcd And t'ne Sole i'..dtiny d Hcwcr and bak- 
in<4- of l-.liskctl fur 'rian:-j)iMlati^in U ■>tf)i-cd Ac;ain lu tlic Cittv anji tr-a: 
the .\[a\or ivecC'ruLi" Alderman ].e\-,i>. and M- ]) : !\icrner lie .A L'.'It;- 
niittce of this r^oardi for \ '^' Ixai'-ino,- oi yV ^a.i.'l .M )nc}- ^^-c Inipl:.'\in;:;- of 
An Ar^'cnl. for the Said >erviLi.' And tor drawing' of rnstrnciifins Vj tiie 
Said Ai^cjit t...i;\-iher with Reasons ;i;:d \-^ said lioiiiiii^ Act and n^ake 
]\cporte with all Convenient S[)ecd of Wdial they Shall ilo^: therein 
And that the Said Conirnittee (Uk- v/aite r])on ni_\' Lord with, the said 

OuLU-RKi; the Ma\or l>.-ne hi.- Warrant t<:' the Treasurer of this 
Citiy f ,)r the j»a;. iiu;- lo Jarvis .\!;.r.-ha.ll the Sum laf ti\'e pounds 
Currant Monc}- of Xew 'I'orkc in full of halfe years Sallar\- clue the 
tifu.-en.rh da}' of .\' jV'-P.ihei' la-t. ) 

(diu)i:kEi> tliai iliC M<u::r .\k't--::- :n nnden and Alderman liutchins 
be A Committee lo .\-a\-e with L'ar|)enter.- for the iliiilding- A I'ev; 
m "jVinity Chm-ch for th.e u.-e of y? ?\iayor Reeor'.ler Ahlermen and 
Assistants of tliis (Alt)' and fiir th.eir Successors and make Keporte 
of tlieir .-Vctlnc: hciein wa'ih ail (^invcnient l^oeed. 

Citty of j ^^ 
XcNV Yorku] ' ' 

A-i'T A Common Coumcil held at: th 
Liny JIal! of yV Said L'itty on W'cnsda 
liie j->'.' da\- of iup.e Anno DoTTT lO'. :S 



[•S(i" Aldermei 


(.)Kr'i:i;"!( t'le .\i;!y>.r C -a.-.r hi, \\\-irranl lo llu- d"iL-a..--tna-r to pa\ \o 
Jarvis Marslia.ll the .^um of live p'.nmds Currant .Mtjney or Xew Vorke 
ill beinj.:- for iialfe ^' .^^allar) as Marvh.all of thi- Citt_\- due th.e t;*'' 
<l:\y of May lasL ];■.[<{ ;\ ' )r'iii:R'n die Trta.^-urrr p.ay the ."-^ame. 

OF THE CirV 01- NEW YORK 35 

j-,.jv(..'f } ,^. AttA Common Council held att the 

N\ ,'. "i'orhe \ ^" Cilty IlaH of the Said CiU} on Thursday 

the 7'1' da_\ of July Ami-j 1 JmiT kVjH 

}^rc>eiU \\ illiam }derrctt hLSq'- :\iayur 

J nines I'raliam LSoJ Recorder 

l\anl l^ich.ard "^ 

i.eonard Lewis -c r \ 1 1 

^. I'L.Scr: Aldermen 
John Ilmcliins f ' 

l)avid f'rin-oosl: J 

John Euwatse "^ 

ISaac L) : Ivienu-r vA-.sistants 

John W'indowcr J 

TiiC ^'ayor did Reporte what \va< Concluded hy the C'Mnmittee 
A;>i".mted for the Representincr tlie State of this Citty Vj his IMajesty 
.•\p,d the Lords Com.mis.doners of and Llantation in Order to 
lu-'.ve the Bohing: Act j^epcah-d .<:c: That the Said Connnittec h^ad 
Drawn up the State of th_e Citty \' Reasons for fne Repealing the Holt- 
ita; Act and Such r)ther pa'pers a.s are IVRjntioned in the followinj:'- List 
And that he had also Raised th.c Sinn of lively pounds Xew-Yorke 
'doiiey towards ihe Sum Mcntie-nc] in the Said Order and that hfteen 
p'.'unds is Still war.tin.p; to Co:r;pleal the Same Sterhni;- ^Foney. Wdicre- 
upon itt is GRDF.RrL) thud the Mayor Raise Out of the Ivent of t!ie Feriyv 
ih'ieen poun.ds n-;ore to Cnm[deat th.e Said Sum uf \ yjo] fifty ivjurais 
Sterliii!.; And the Sarii.- he paid urdo tlie Recorder in < )rdi..'r t(j 
iii- Lrocurin.i;- A I'.ill of Lxchan-e to l)e Impu }ed for the u^r dvh.ra- 
^.ahI. And, tra.- Said papers i>ein-- all l-leaii were Cnanimon-ly Ap- 
proved hy this ]),;>ard Ai'd Oaniadi) die Same he Remitled int.. rhudand 
fiy t!-e 'Recorder And dia.t he Solieite the Accompli>hnf. iheoji' hv 
a:'.! Opportunities And Wdiat Answers he Sh.all Receive thereon lie 
Return, to this hoard Accurdin-La And if tlie Said Iveijuest he Accom- 
I)lidied this Roard will Satisfie and pa> the just and Rea<onahlc 
Cliargc in Obtaining }'- Same And that all tl;e I'apeis X<:-w Read .\nd 
Approved be Certifyed I'nder yv Scale of the C'ittw 

OuDERi'D that Alderman liutciiins and Ah- luuvat>e dn.: Aulite 
the Accounts of Henry Jourdaine and }>Ial:e IR-p.^rte thereof a, ith the 
I'.rst Convenienc'y 

ORor.uri) tlie Ma\-or Issue his Warrant to tla.' ITeasurer for the 
payment of four ]_'0uncls Sea\-enieen i^: Six pence Currant 
^d^oney cif Xew Yorke to jose|.)h Laxa's ill being fijr Severall Cha'.-ges 


I\TTi:S Ul" TilE CO.'.I.MOX corNCd.. 

iiuidc ill i'!> lio'.nc-. i,y the Miivtir Aldtriiicn arid Comnion Council ov. 
Scvcrrdi i'lii.iick (Jcciisions *.v pariiciilarl}- on 'ii;/ Lord l]elk!.!r;on•^ 
Arrixa! ^^ ( 'Kni^--:'!) xhc Trcasii-ev i;a\" :'^ Sanie. 

lli^RK Fo!,L/t\\> rn >v.\\:a.\\.\. pai-kks Kiii.Mixc; to V' Rei-calix., 
YV B(.'!.f[X(; Arr 

Tiii; Cask of Xi:\\' Vouici: 

In the Vca-- of ( jur Lord 161^, The Citty of Xew Yorke 
fi.n'ndLd hy tl:c ;^M;.ie r.i <h- Xciiher DuicJi Xalion and had Granv: i 
to tlic Jnhabilai;U. t]^:n Settled b\- the States G;"ncrail of the United 
Pi-o\ince^ And the V\'e-t India Con^pany I'le Se\-erall [301] Ri-•!■:^ 
;:]]'} Pri\dlc(ig'es Recitedi in A Sehiedule hicreunto Annexed which Righ.ts 
and I'ri viledges ueia; Succe^?ively Cfudirnied by ali t'le Dutch Directr.r< 
and (lovernours y\ were Comndsioiiated And Appointed by tlic S^dd 
Str^aets Cien'- and tl^' .i^reai W'c-t India Cornj^any and were held an.[d; 
Rnjoyed by liie Inbia'dtants ajid ^:n!■ger^ of the Said City whilst 
the Same was under yV p.r.\-er .Vnd Subjeetioti of thiat GovernnierA 
And I'j-'On th.e Surrend'T of die Same unto th.e Crown of Eri,':;!;m:i 
Among ye Rc>t of the Anicies Agreed Upon ],y Cen^' Xicolls [ind y^ 
Rest of the Co!iind>vioi;ors Auii-'ri^ed I'nder the Rroad Scale of Kng- 
laud itt was Agreed that the Inl^djitants of tiie Sairl Citty Slv.-idd 
Cf-'ntinue to Po^^ess and Enj.o- all tlie former Rights Priviledges 
usages Cnston^s .v I'ra'.d;.-.:^ h<'b! and Enjoyed by them And Rcmaine 
A Corporation v;iiiior.i .\jvv- Dd-er Ciiange or V'ariation but in Lie.; 
of lAu-ger Mast.r.^ ;-n<; Sehepe::s ttbe Xan^e l^y which they v,ere 
formerlcy Picorpnr.ue i tbev Sb: nl.l Arter\Nafds be tenu'd and dis- 
tinguished by the Xa'ne oi" die Ma\or and Alder-men of the Cittv 
of Xcw ^'orke av Ia the ArtiCf s of Surrendi-r and the (Commission oi 
Ce-d' Xieods to tlA' hr^: :d:go..r d. -th Apv^:--- by ali which Grants Ihv 
Said Cdtty was Called and by al! the Tnimbiiants of the Province 
Rstee-vtd ^ Rer-nt- d the Meirop,..h. Stajde Porte and the Only l^d lick 
I^Larkctt of the Province And without Interrujition Enjoyed 3danv 
Rights an.; I'riviled-,. And Aro-.rd'n- to it< fhvAwh nnd Pnno:ve:;-nt 
v.a- (iovern'd in i!-^ dd'ade and Odwr (donvenieiwies by itts Own Prw^ 
And tb- Sanu- Pra-lir.-^ Conip-m'd by Governour Lovelace Dtirim: 
his Adminis'ration And Afterwards by the Dutch Governour when be 
tooke the Pit.i\dnce from the luigiish. ::ud wlien the Same bv Articl:-^s 
oi Peace v. as ]X<bdi\erwl to the Crov. n S'' Edmond Andros who wa-^ 
then Autborizwl to Reeeive the Province unrler the broad Scale of 
England did by bis Prorlamation Confn-m'.' il- Ralifie ilv Said Iviidn,. 


,: i i'r:>.ok-;i;^^ i^Hto the Said Cilty of Xfw Yiirke Tlivj Said :^' E<\- 
^,;::.; Andro. as a fuithor nmrkc ^A his Caro f^a-; .7' ius Care of his 
'■,',, k;,-tvs Interest and for the Encouragxnr. And rrwppi'-aiion of i radc 
.: i i.v l;i< iVoclaiintion l^rohibitt the Transportati.'n of wheat that the 
<.:-:c niiirht be InipTT.ved by tlie J\ihabitants of this Citty in I'okiiig- itt 
:':•-.. Ibw-r .;: t.> Hake Fh-kett for Transportation and f.T their Ikicour- 
..:•;■:• ent (hd by Ord. r of k'otincii Conline the Snlc inilting oi ilower 
Ar'd i'akin::^ ^^^ I^iskOt for '["ransportation tinto this kiitty linder the 
; -.;d'v of f-..rfciU;re \.;:irh Ikiviicdge was kV-nhra:ed by Col' ]}ongan 
A;; ! the C'itty Continued in the Enjoyment of itt untill the Year 1694 
•.:,■;.■ b} an Act of Assembly Entitnled An Act A;>t unkuvfu!! by Laws 
... i i rin-cas'-.nabbv i-rfeitures tliey were dispossTessjed of ad their Said 
K:-!ils A'Ad Everv Planters liouse in th.e Province made a Mercate 
: ■: the Sale of wheat and PoUins' of Flo^^er S: Piskctt bv which 
<: ■•ars tlu- ItihaldtanN i.f this Cilty haih been often Reduced to the 
}':-:tremity of the voant of I'rcad to th.e c^rrat (Oppression ct the 
p. or. Ar.d this Citt\- which formerly fwdien itt br. joyed tlie Sole 
jk.hini; of flo\\ei-) was the Granary of all thi- Continent )f America 
:bi;re Never bein;:: b-s then du'-ty or fifty thousanl Bushe' < ot ^vheat 
in Srore iov the Sun[)!v of Any Kxii^ency thar mip:ht happen f^r his 
Maio-tk-; S:rv:.--ln:i Since they have been dc})r!v-d of that Prlviledg-e 
tk',-.' 1 ath IcLn Scarcely (dnc thousand Bushel;; in stcre to Su[)ply the 
•;;v ;y >k---^-<ky of y*^ jieoide vdth bread. And this Calamity hath 
:■:■ : A;;en.;.::l the Citty Alone but hath had the Sae^c lOYect^ throu-h- 
'-:;■ •:.- I'r.-o-inct fr i tliroUL'ii thi-; Liberrisme ef brade and Coiuusion 
ii kb-rcate the whole Governm; is Reduced in:o An Anarchy Every 
:-':n di>:ncr what seemeth Good in his Own Eyes and particularly th^se 
^\.\ ]'':h in the Country hau'/ Cnrruptcvl the ib-v/er thev Polt with A 
Mixture of ' btber TirairH with wheat to such A liVi^rec that the Peputa- 
ti^'ii of Xew Ykirke flower which formcrlv was in Sucli Esteem in the 
\y>:A Indies itt was Sold att A b.i-her Rate then Any Other and 

now falkii se.c [303I Eeiw that itt 

ot ^'ield bv ti 

b'ent. Soe nnich a.- Others and. th.e from tlie Indies Sne 
^<\\:v^yo\\-. tl^at yK W'hnU.- Trade is likely to fall and Perish. And the 
Trade e.f i!ie Provir.ce Since tlie Ren^.-vall of t'ie froen this 
bitty is S-ncibly IXvayed and ly that kb-an^ th- Reveime much 
i.e;-' = n.ul Soe tint the hurte and ik-.-judice hath Attended y'? Licen- 
li'-us Poltiny thnuii^hout the Province is Soe C^VrA .u> diat ilt wdl Xot 
Adautt of A Contradiction whcv. the followin;:^ State is Considered. 

^^'hen the Citty Enjoyed th.e I'.e.hiu.o- the>--e Advantae;es did Accrue 
te the Govcriunent. from the vcar 70 

38 Mf\L"i"r.S O!'- 'l}!!-: CO.AI.MOX COLWCIL 

liKi-v.- was ii) TfAMi when the I'.olth.ig- i>roaa in the }-ear 167S C>rilv 
343 he'■.l^^^s \n tiie \''-:vr \G'J) 51,14 Xew i.uihb'ngs aiKlcd which Increa--;j 
Orii_\ hj ])c Attributed to the iJoItini^-. 

'J lie Revenue in Ve;irs ■j'S. -jlj. to Xot Iwxceethng- 2000' did After- 
ward'- Annually Enciea-e that itt Amounted in the year 1687 to 5o:)o' 
andi if lit had been duely Insi-eeted woubl have Anirnuited to Xear 7 or 
<S<jlO; Sniee th,e year 94 that tlie i'-olting was Removed Reven.uo 
iJecrea.sed. Tl'ere was ii: t h.e Ve:,r 7S 3 Ships 7 Doats 8 Sloops. Tliere 
belonged in the year 04 60 Sldps 40 Boats (\2 Sloops Since which time 
Navigation 1/ecrea^ed. in the year 78 did riut Kid aliove 4a-> hcei> in y4 
near .'CVX! Kil'efl Lands were then of Low X'allew r.ow Advanced t'j. 
ten tin;es their \"a!ue Since the Liolting att New Yorkc of t!:e 983 
houses t' are in Xcw ^'orke Too of them Depend Upon LVJtii.g 
In tile Counlry tl^-r.- are '-r,]]: tijrec Ci'untys {\"\z\) Kings Queens 
>K: Ldbler C<-\\^\.y ::\\^ iii them all Xot Abouc thiriy lUdter^ whicii 
J-lnhanse ail tl;e \--'ieat of tlie said Countvs for their Private Gaiae 
Soc that V'O feed 30 f)Oo families Must Perish att Xevr Vorke if tiie 
Polihig Act (/ijutinues in fi,)rce in the 3 Counties Xot 50^0 fandh -s 
in X-:-.- ^Ar^e abwe 8000 Souls S..e that itt i. plain^. Aianifest th;.r 


[3-41 The ]'e-en;K- y 'rrad^> e f tlie i'rovince 

Tw: ?\avigat!t'n 

''■!-, Granary ar' Xew \'. 'vlce for \ ■:■ SujMdving in time of i^xigeacv 

Ih- Ihdldings of Xew ^''.rke fad to DecaV 

Ti-- Peop]-' iVserl 

Hie Government bv'C. 'U^e mean Oe Despicable for want oi A Support 

Tile ?N'oiiey depane Gut of the Ih^viTice to Our Xeighbours and all 
thiT-> P.'dueed to Gon fusion Lven t'> the diss.dntion of y<^ I'rovince 

T;u-: RKcoani:Ks LiCi'iKR to V Go.i\!itt;:k \\'\-:)\s\vx) in L'om moV 

^' ''fN'^'-- ;o AoDiitSS HIS .\fAjj:ST\ . 

.'L^>i.u-s Jacoiai- \G LV.rilandi juhamies Kip Prandt Scimyh-r 
Rob: r^arkins A^ lermen Ai; 1 \'ou tlie Rest of the Committee Ai4)oinied 
in Conuron GamG! t > Addre.s bis Majest}' 


! n; ^ Tru.-h {'• n-ern"d b .r the grw^l beale 1 ()])>erve'l Am.. ng 'b^ ai 
att our last Meetm?-. air t!.- h:.Ge way bou>e but the More when I (Gm 
See j: . 'iround b.r th.-m if wee Can Spare time to Reflect iqi-an the 
Concent that is uu'lcr Ge^n^^ideration w.-c will find;.' itt of Xo less 


;,-:,i;i:i Uicn tile li\\.-Iyli.>K[ uf all the jnliabitaiils of Xt-w Yorkc and of 
■ :.; jL-ieut Iniporte itt ib i-i \[aiia;^c tliat .-Vffair with the ;t,Teatest dis- 
( rr'.u.-.f! wcc Can nuikc our Selvo-^ Ala^tcv of Vou may all Jndg^e. if my 
"n-tv.'.ivv ''.Me not faih- uw the .MayMV Called A Cor.imon Couneil at^d 
d'-.-!H(i liieir :{d\-icc Ci 'ncernini'- tlie da}ly Comi'laints he had of llie 
'..;•.:•! ('[' hread >V \'r.<w ilt Afi'^lu I'e Remedied \-;hereiipon an ]nquir_\- 
v.ii^ TJuido into the ',')r.;intit}- of Coriie ' was in th.e Citty and there 
v. i-- 0;:i\" foninl Ahout Seaven hundred Schepel;- of wiieat which was 
t:. .10;! t uwi lu he Snihcient for hi'ead to the Inhabitants above A Week 
,- •; i did As-i;::.! tix' (A\u>e of that Scarcit\- to proceed from An Act 
of A'-enibly i-.iitiinled An Act Ai^l milav/ftill \ Z'--^l\ oylaws and L'nrea- 
:■ ;..;bie forfcitnre.- winch takin,;; awa}' th.e Ad create Olx: from the Citlv 
a;.d p:,'Cii':L; itt .ttt tlie I)oi;ir of Kvcry flantatic-n in tlie {'rovince it!; wa-^ 
k'-.i-'-silA to iiave tlie Inliabitants lM;c;ailarly Snpplyed \vith ])read 
i;'d--< t:K- Alercate ivc: was Restored Ao^ain to the Citty to whiclt the 
p;o.p]e Mi;,dit h;ivc Recourse for their dayly Subsistaiicc with, feread, 
a::d !::at liiis X'iolence being- done to the Citty b} the Said Act of Assem- 
\l\ there was litle Grotmds to I'AjKCt itt CouM be l^epealed here Ihere- 
jA:r rnanimo'usly A,Q;ree.l that an Address Sltotikl be jnade miio hi^ 
::.;;■ --y for Repealini^ the Same and Restoring- to tlie Citty the Sole 
M'rcaf: <..l (^orno and P.olting- of f^ and (-Inking- of Biskett for 
■ii;>:-;-.,:-tati>_.n o;c: And that the San--.- Aright l.*e l^dectunhy done ti'at 
) - ]-"x.:e;k;!C} and CoiukiI Sliuuld be Ac!itiainted with -^^ hat Should be 
i ■■:.<:U]i\^ :\ ilvTein and their Assistance desiicd therein to Avoid All 
! C>;;nder^-;ait(iinv:-< A Oli^iruction^; in S':e weigiily And Soe Xeedfu'l 
A f;-og,: And Appoinfd A (Vinmii'-e to Exannne l!ie ]^ig-ht> and 
1 'rivi.'e.'ge,-.- (,,! the Sail] Citty anrl to drav." an Adulress imto his 
:.Jaje-ty for the (^>btaining the Prenii^-es which Committee Ajipjinted 
Aldorn;an 0^:t!andt i*c Kip to Sr^eak t<;) me 1>eing Acquainted with 
tlu- Citty Rights lo Draw y^ Saine I'ursuant to the Said Order. I did 
Draw in Addres- or Petition to his Alaiestv And in the Consideration 
iherfof (iid think itt ti'e I'cst Aletliod Pj lay fn-^t h'cf.jre his Alajesty th.e 
Motive.-, ill. It Jiidinced the Inhabitants to Tranqx^'te themselves from 
thvir Native Coi-.iry> and Xext ui>on Wdiat To'lucem^ they Planted 
tkejnstives and kiid Out tiieir PAtatcs att thi> place and then the Ad- 
\:o)t::g'-> tleit I 'id therelw .Accrue Cnto jiis AkijeMy in tht> Enerea^e 
01 his Revenue ;ind Emj^ire And to wh;it a Degree itt Iiad i)een Ad- 
vanced Si^ice liis A!;ij.. -tys }<Jr.ign And that ill would have Continued 
>">•'-.{;:;.- to g:v::icr |,erfecti(in if | h | ha<l not been di<o-,iu-aged bv tl^e 
Ator..^-iid Act of A^<:en'bdy which tooke Av.av the Alercate from Xew 
Yo--'-' Ari.d the Other Penefi(l< ^ hi'-h >-ere the Ordv Oraise of tlie En- 


uv '[WE CG'.iMOs coi;:\cii- 

cre^isc lV .\ih-anccT.icnt |.3C/.>i thereot .Aiiit t' if .Wa A,v,ain ivorto-oi! 
ti'cn ihc Inhai.itaiit^ }.lu>l liiihcr ])crish r<v 'lran-M)')rl thriii>e!vc^ u:u. • 
Other place- wliich will !a\- tho Said Tilly aii-l itb [nipn ax incTits ^;'a^l^ 
k ]a- tliat I.c-son his Majr>tics Said Kinpirc. in liii;-. Mahod [ Iiavc 
hud tliO jiroi-cnt Slate of the C'itty l)::f<.re his Maie^ly in the Acdrcs:, 
or I'ctition I Transndltci.l I'lito \oii :ind ihdl the ^ame is true in ah it^ 
Circunistanccs I liavc iiol only r^daintaiiiedi itt with Ariruments that 
was thcr^wiili sent Vtai Irat also Ihrecledi Von to finde the Order,^ 
and Grants of \-^ l\eS!^eCLi\-e Govcrnours and (f..>uncill oi ti;c }:'rovince 
Contirniin;;- the same to iVie (fitly. 

Xow (.7LXTLi-:Mi:x th;^ hidiv^ the Metlujd tliis ],>j\ni^ the truih Ac-iovA- 
hv^ to the Resolves of G'.Minnon Gonneil where is the iJefect wiaal ib 
the Ganse (<f Sncl) iicate. ^'ca llierc i.-. Ganse the Stile is Defective itt i:~ 
not iA-A^ with Siiitabie word^ luu with I'i'iing'^^ate lancaiaiv-' thai lays 
alt \i\\ do'U- and I thin:-: i ean jn;-lly Defeiid itt therefore- Alloy Your 
beats and I will h^jlli \ iiidirate tiie ]an-uaf;e And Save the Govej-nni-nt 
froo.i'-nnient as falsely Sug7;estedi. in Seems G'pon Inquoiry y^ 
Government is Arraigned, and the Gnseernl}''e rare c:.ntaiu>ed m 
these w>;rds f'"And in thai Gro^^ ine^ and ilourishi^-itx Stale itt iv^d C< "- 
tinned if Vuur Majesties Benii:;n faveiurs and IVotecticin to >oin- 
Majesties said Gilt}- iiad not been Int--rru|aed Iw an unaccountaldo And 

[vash h 

^uv tliat 

Ih'Oii th.e Asscmhlv (if this 


Ih'ovince F'reoipitatiuc: the 

I. onsKierat: 

noli a Lonvulsion tnat walnoul 
.isadly [Ja-^ed an Act ]fnl'iui.-d 

An Act As"i unlawfnll hy laws and Uma' isfjnahle Forfe:tures[ V] . 
I thou-ht his Aiajesty was to be Addressed to Rcpeale this Act thai was 
and is the (n' the v au.t of bread An unq^t us And since iit i- 
Such in what tern;s Shall itt !^e Representvd Sludl wee So. ah unto id- 
Majcsiy in rm I'nknuvn h'la^ue or Shall be jv/ej }Nla;:;isterialiy R.'--uirr 
him to ]^-p.;ale A Law wiihout di>co\-crin;; Ft- Derecis or Ass!C;-;une: 
th.c iiurte itt does himselfe or his people [307] Or Shall wee pra.v hdm 
to Repealu A Law that w;u- past upon due Deh'aeration An.d in th;'" 
Goi):,id!.raticui thereof tludr was wciirhcd all the Advantacres a:; i cb- 
adviinla.c^'e'S tha.t might liappen to v^ Sub,jects i!i tlic Rrovince aral t'.:-ti 
•ail iK-rsons that An\ th.ii:;:; to Say in defence of th.ese Uinrea-^ -I'-ddc 
IjyLiw^. v^- mda.vfudl forfeitures (So tcrn-.ed) thai vcas by the Afor:-'ji-i 
law made A'ui.le were h.card And. th.creup>>n itt was Ap'parcnt 'j:e 
t.'onnning of yv .Mt-rcate of Gorne <>- ^'^»!tin.: .vc : to Xev,' Yorke was A 
C^rieviance o hurtfull to the Proviiice And ill did also Appear ^) li 
niorc for his Majesties Literest And the good of all his Subjects in t!;e 
I\o-> ince tliat the Same Sliould be att Evco'v Planters Doov than 

()(■■ THK CIIY Ul- Nl'W YOUR 41 

Ci*\ \i.\: \''>rki.-. if u{)un ttK-se terir:*^ riis Mrijc-sLy was to be Avidrtsseci 
l.v.v 1; ■.j'L-rliiiviU Slioiiiii v;ec be in tiie first place And in thr- Ncx-: how 
UMOtslifiill and Iveheilious And in tlie la>t now unreas->nn'dc and Uijn-;': 
red l!oub!c>omo Sii.^uld woe iiave been. Wdiat tlien Shal! v.-:c doe 
<h:\\\ wee Speak trnili and Say tliat itt was Wickedly i^ Malitiou^Iy 
C'nntrived t.> take Away the livehhood of two iumdrcd families that 
Bulls in Xcw "i'orke And Give the Bent-fin to About thirty fatnihcs that 
!'.«:■•!♦.; in l_'h;ter Kiv\c;- ^^' Queens Ccuntys. or Siiah wee Sa>- that they 
•■ • :;c iho >!crcate h,>\n Xew "^'orkc that about Ei-ht th- ^^-->-vJ S'uls 
ida rein Slionld. ;>cri.-.hi for want 01 bread to CiWe plenty to About i 5C.0 
that art^ in the Alorevaid Coinuies or Sl^ah Wee Say that Whereas f^iew 
V<:'rkc i;y th.e i>:ever:Ue ar,d. Aditional Duty briuii^s hiic Kins: five or 
-ia !h;aa;and p.junds f^ Aniunn they will Ease Xew Yorke of that 
ihu'then and the Said Counties that hc^s now the ]:.... htt of the Mer- 
i.;'te ,V M create will h:;- tlie future punctually pa}- the Said Sura and 
Als. \],c iliini oi the Taxes that Xew Y(nd:e pays or shal! wee Say that 
thv S.'c'.i Act laat'n Chvon Liberty to Anv X'uniher of persons th;at Can 
ra:--r (evenly </r tlhrtv- thousand pounds to buy all the Cf^rne in the Pro- 
%!•■,■(• and to force the Inhabitants thereof to Give them their price or 20 
■ r }." Shiiin^rs r^ [h^shell Otherwise Must Remijve or Starve for v/^au 

• '. a;^ed f- \.. luav t;v-re is no certaine Mercate Airiaed there Can be 
'• '■' I-' R. •:;!-. thy- n-r i ,^o8 i Fore-tahinj::- to bring" the purchasers under 
r r ! -aahic-^ of i!ie<e Laws. Xow all these are truth-^ and the Matural! 
^ ' •■■ ^--e:' -no-: ;het Xt'end- the Said Lava and if \W\ Sh< ^uld nnich leayer 
« »'a;--ua; ;:• f :■--,■ -rea] \,y u'cay one in F'ractice and it ^ou I'lxpr.j--s itl 
a: ^ nCi Ihaaas is Xedhni- I)ut truth but yett i:a\e nt^t been swe Urehar- 
-ahlc. in wliat Smooth Tern^s Shall \\h:e then Express the Truth Aivi 
ina..aa hi> Alajestv of the R\d!L {he Said Act has brou;;ht and dayh' 

• ■:'a;:-. what more r\Io'.!est Could ha Invented to the truth hafore '■■- 
Mau-sty the-i t^ Assij^n the Cau-^e of all these Evills tl^it d.a,- threaten 
«f:e t !ttv. r.-) p.rocced from A Rash huniean- which is .An Apolof^v a^d 
Kxru'-eth the failin-s of the best n\ men .\nd what ans\^or Shall he 
;e-:oe unid Ins alaje•^ty if ;:e Shovdd Asl:e have n.-.t I Granted You 
an A^^emhly has Xnt y: Citty of Xew Yorke four rhi--d-ers in rke 
Said As>en;h!v la-w Came that thev were not heard in their Objecti )nh 
Ai;ai:;st U)v Said ]ai\c if th-' Said Ac: was nnt Keas-nalde wiiy did 
^^■a^ n;a]:e ^'our Defen^: there vdiy doc you trouble nv: \vith IMatters 
'-•vt ( an h<- hotter discu-sed Ihv.n tlie place wdiere tliere must be Pientv 
' f Lviduice to Illustrate the truth. I am Apprehensive You are CL^-u- 
•rr.ns haviny Given, ^'ou the power to make Lav.> You doubtless 
v-ei<:]i lA-ery duni; for the puhlick iyood what Answer (Yn be n^ade ti) 


i:a-'i-:- or 'i he co^im'jx curxci: 

these Oiicrii.-^ IaU the Inuh it wii,-. Conceived h\ A Rash isumonr itt wr.? 
li?.stily pa^.-C'! ;.nM -a-cc lirul not tin.-!e to make oiir JX'fcnce the\' wear 
See fc'nd c-i the thine;" I'l.'it they ^voul(l uot liave J-'atiencc to hear \vh.;:t 
mijrht !:._• 0;)_iectecl And Soo havin^- No Reliefe l)Ut froni your Majest;.- 
is the Can-c ui' (.Jur Aitpheaiie'i! if this be not Modest 1 Know not v/hat 
bel.Mi^s I'v M(,<le-t\ An^! that wee nii-hi luive y^ Assistance of his Ex- 
cellence I'i'.ri Council in ' ^'ar Said .\'.hire.-.s wIk/i Could J floe more then 
to fix i[\-: Rashness upon the As-enihh- And to leave his ICvCclienc}' And 
Couu'i: 'hit ^. a- in truth ill was ;uad.^ that house ho-ji the Coutrivor 
<v huiry;:r uf the iias>;u£;- the Said Act. and y: this is Soe Evident >S: 
Can meet with Xo ( Vdi-.u- Ju.-t C"')ristruction 1 doe Apcale {•'> the Stile of 
his \!ajesties Eetters I'alteriis v/hicli ! 309 | L'ails the house of Represen- 
tatives the As^e^I^dy and itl !.-einp- to the Kiuf; wee Address Know= 
hesi his nv-n Slile Ix-.idc^ d-e Erinted \'.;.tes will also teh You. that itt 
lis ilic C'>r ■■rear\- Stile fr;;:u his Excellency and C(ir;ncil in. all i\[cssag-e-^ 
to t]:e ]^Ml^e Soe thai I thinh itc is Sufhcienlly Manifest there is no 
ArraingnKait of his Ifxcvlh-ncy and Cc'uncii as was linjtistly Objected. 
J can See n.oe ]\ea.-on \vi!}- re,}' writinc;'s Shouhl liave been Soe Exposed 
to the Censures of thase rl\;t Xeither ixnew yV Alotives Xor the truth 
01 v/hat was Tran.sactin;;'. 1 h'\ne I h.^ve .'^uhicienllv Removed ail th.e 
rilstacles tiiat Rro.juced the heats att our last Meetinir ^vhal does there 
Now Ivcmainc Init that "Vou. Communacate thus my letter Unto th.e 
Mavor an-i Coimcil te>c;aiher wath t!ie Adidress audi ]v:a>ons for the 
Mainiainm-- ;tt and EetL tliem Judire if tiiere has been Either De- 
parture inru ^hv Resi ,'•••- X Duly. I have no Cause t'l Change my 
Minde I did albvavs thhd: tlv-t the luu^rovemeut of the Citty was the 
Encrease e,f his i'ylaje^tie^ ri;e,pire o. Eiterest and t;ie ( )nl_\- lienefitt oi 
tiie Pr<^ci!^a; hi CjcW'- that itt (>:uld or Can Receive th'-refure Knows 
Nothii:..e:' of Crc-a.ter .Mom', ni in tlie whole CovermiV. tiiaui tluit th.e Same 
be ducly Re-ulated Eitl er in- .Vr .pointiue^ the Afercate att the Citty 
Aq-aiu. •■'.■r att Sonic CHla-r |>lace of the Province to which the Subjects 
n-iay Keconrse for bread Ratiu r tlxui perish iw" Stuyal [crnorance. 
T dare hh<-wise li. ildK' .XiViriu.t.- thi.-'.t in the vditde world wdiere th.ere is 
Any S. 'tl'^l Ci'.verr.iVi'. lA'en u.n.der th.e barliarmscst of Constitution- 
there v. a- Xcwf .\ i^reater .\rt nf hupro\idi-nce thrm i'^ t::he .\way tlv 
> of Come from (hie place wdth.Aut fixiu- itt att Soiue Other 
Certain'' pEex' withhi the S-^me wh.-reiu-t'! ['C 'iple X'either i)'ow 
Tier Sov. uor iNCPpe aI:o.- have Rece'Ur<.^ to bu.v bread, for th.eir Xh-.tnra! 
Snljsistarce. T have X<n^• Wearied Yiai t<^ -uucli vett 1 Ondd not Sa;. 
-!css hut in Sileu.ce all i;-ain,<ayers and that ih.e t"ut'.! m iv be manife-t 
^vitV'^;:' al;!hti'-.u^ Miv-onnruriioM^ T d.,.- ALynin desire ^^,u to lav l — 


jVt'v :]..<.; cVv.'.'.jcJl Your Procccijini^-s lliat all Lhiii;4>. iwixy 1,-e .Xcci'TTTodalci, 
fi'i til'- 5n;;)iii.k :< xij 0^ liirit tin: Stiiijcets )!i;:\- i;ol Irui^-cr SuiYcr by oui 
f. oij^h Miftaiccs. 

I am GenI Yr.ur ^[i:)Si iuncMc >erv: 

la : Graiiani. 

■ortai)(.-ii X 

21^' ir\Q6 

:,-;!0; Ri-..\>oxs Horiir.'i- C)i'1"!:kij* ix ])!:i-i:N'ci: or v"^ Kk;hts Ov 
i'i<;v-!.i:[.".a..; or ]n< AIaj kstii.s (/irxv or Xi:w ^'ouisi:: iv Am;-:i;ic\. 

The (.'ill}- of Xow \'orl:i' was lirsl fi^uiajcd by ti^c ]H'o;)le of the 

!\vih.(.r Dutoli Xati<.i!! i;i tli- \\'ar of Uo.r Lord iOkj \v<\ thoy had 

Granu-d b^ them by the Sta^■t^ llci^'rra!! r>i y': I'luLcd I'roviiico- and the 

\\'est Inciia Comixany SuiKh/y IviLdUs and l'riviled_:i;e? thial arc Recired 

i:; A Schcvhilc hereunto Annexed whicli Rig-h;s and I'riviledgos have 

■ ; en Suece?.sivci\- Con:n-n!"d hy a!! the Dutcli directors A; !^o\-ernin;rs 

that wire Commissicaiated and Ai)i^ointed hy tl^e Aforesaid States 

': n' And the (dreat West hidia Compan\- and were h^hj And Lnjoyed 

.-:■ th-.- inha]>itants iS' Enrgi-rs cf the Said Cdlty whilst the Same was 

. :)<]:r \- powt-r and Suhjv-etion of tiini (d,,vernment And Upon the 

; -niaiv-er i,f the Same Into tlic Cro\.ii of !Uie;htn.d. Amoni;;st the 

-• -t -f the Articles Af;recd I'pon ])y Generall Xicoils and the licst of 

. < "■^,^a:..~;n,^■r^ Anthorized Gnder [lie broad Scale of Kngland did 

•■: . -A.: -h.- inhahitams of il,is (..-itty Should (Aaitinue te, I'..ssess 

AA '"■■■■ ai! lia' n/rna.r Kiiilns Pri\dledp;e> lAag'cs CAislonis Anvl 

:- ! e.- '-"'d and ;-nioy,-d 'y d'e^n and Remaine A (dc-p-ration with- 

■'■ "''•.• ' K':'rr rhrin-e < a' Xdniatii-n hnt In Idew of r5nrf;o Masters and 

^-'hepiM (the Xarae h_\ wliich tliey v/erc formerly InC'Vrpm-ate i tliey 

■"^' ■ ;i ■ i-: Afi■l■.\ard^ termed And I'i-tinii^uislacl ];y the Xanie of th.- 

M.y,<v A Aldermen of i'^r. Citty of Xew "^'or!:e as doth more Inhv 

"^hX'-" '";■ '''*• Afr"e^:iid Artiel-s of Surrender and the Commi>sion of 

*: '" S\rr,]\. 1,. the f:y,t Mayor of the Said Cit\ after the said 

:^:\i^\ Ciity doth Lawfully C/halLn-L- A Li-ht to all these Usages ^ 
Uns;-,ri^ iti b.rmerly iicM and Enjoyed and \:,ii\ Though the Said 
'■n<to:a> O"a:;not strictly he Soe termed Accor<iing {<> :hc La\es of 
i-i:;;!am] Vetl they ar^- rd the like force having i>evn ali-aaiys without 
<"-.nironie or Coiitrad: ui,,;! Snaa- the th>t Set'ien;ent of the S:iid Citty 
-•t having ];een a'!hva\ s the Metropolis Stniile Li.rte and tiie Only pnh- 
hek Mereate of the whole \\.^y\vrc and iv,i]) alLvav. without Int r- 
:'api.ion Lujoyed all the Aforesaid LriviXdges According to It-: f h-ov/th 
■■'.'■■n fn-,].rovement. and So,- 1 ^- t1u\t Cleans hadi lieeii ahwavs ternvM 



An ATiciciii C'itiv and Uirtl jn>i!y i!;c;"v* b^-in;:; Xuiiihi^ v.uw Aik:v.k in 
this Provincv: tuc lin^e v.heii Iv. v. as hrA Settled and ate thi^t time 
itt ^va^ IiKorpoiaio liv the Xanie ff tl.e Ciuy L'i Xvw Aiiisterdam and 
GovcrnM in iti- trade !>;. Its own Lav..^ and Albeit itt is n-'t one thausand 
^'cnrs old Vctt itt is Older then An\- Otlier Citty Corpoi-ation or beinic 
within this }''ro\-inee ad ■:.!■ niost (d the SettlenieaLS in tl;e Scimc prei- 
cecding' from itt. And fed upon the ]n4)ia:)venieiit of Ti!Iac;c v.-:;ere;.)y 
Grainc is becoi; c I'v Slrdde CJeMnniochty of the Trovinee an:i the 
Citlizens of the S:dd Cid\ Xo Sooner pereeived that ihere were greater 
quantities of \x]K'at Raised than CotiM he Coitsnnied within t;,e 
Said Pr.avinae b-n they Coniri\ed and Invented the Act oi Tlokd::^ by 
whiciT the- Con.arted the Wheat into rhnver And made itt A }dann- 

the In. 

n'e Pol (•!.;•; ;.0).naiae to 

h ih^ Inhabitants of the Provineu iy. 

it of d'illacre and Xavi^^ation but Hkewise bcr 

And Connnodins t.^ ad his Majr-tir^ idantatie^ns. and ti^e Imorovcm;; 
thereof in tlti^ Cittv is tiie triv a;nl oidy Cans-,' of the Grwwtii Strvi-ngth 
atid jfnoreas./ of l,vibh;ii;s within the Sooic and of the Riche^ Plenty 
of :\lrme> an-] tla.- ri>e of the b'a'ue of Lands in the Other parts of 
liK Province bi't ti- iivelyi^oed oT ad t];e lnhabi*a-t> of thA C'itty doe 
Cddelly DepLnd tiwreon. And thi> hath been t:u- Seniin:ents of ad the 
Governmen-. a-d of th'se tl^it have had the j^ovcr u:\.\rv the Ca)wn 
of Fn-bov! to R'a\- rr Said Planta^on as itt (b'lh Appear by their 
Sevoraii C'vA V:^ aitd i Vocbmiatioj^s niaJanL;- tiie Said Citt\- tlie bbdy 
porh- bb-idn'-itiiy:; fr-'tm time to time the [312] Transportation of wheat 

1 r;insp' e-tatien bnt aU tld:^ Citty. Xow the Ivcason why this Ciite 
v.-as Soe Ineorjiorated o. had (iranied to tliem the aforesaid Ri^ltts arid 
Privib-'jjes i-- bv.ano; the nr^t founders of the Same were not Suf- 
fere(] I'} the ih n Gr.\-e--mnent ui [■P.n-'nd tlien^elvv's into partictt'ar 
Settlement- Ifntill drsi there should be Gathered te.-elhcr A SuHLAnt 
XuTuber of iV ,pb- att this ])bme that AP-ht be oi A Reasonable Atco 
f'-'r tladr (dounne'n Sveurit}- <>^ deuiioo \\d;erenpon they bet;an to for- 
tiiie rod !:r;db;-y pds idaee r.i their ^'dtuati^ n to be \'crv Barren a;»d 
u:ii!tt !y their l!idn<tr\- to inake di-m Any Returji for tlieir Snbd.'-nce 
in t:e;rA;r.;- Podveted rliat all Such a^ would iix then;^Ave^ att 
tins )'!aee Sheadd oiily Aflict thLna^elxes t*' trade b -r the .Vccon-m'Xla- 
tioii i'i the-v that Should ;;oe S' tde in the Gonntry y: the\ niioht be 
pl-nlifully SupjArd vddi ^uch thinL;-s as Xes.w-sm-\- b^r Cultivation 
And lihcv ;-• tla.i tlay imopt bnde alt llii> pb\ee A Mercate to \"end 
what the;. r:d>^ed frian thur lndustr\- and that the trade then-, d 
nd^ht be i;iore Rt-ulafrlly Mana-ed the Said Iniuddtants had ;^:.ver 


GiVM. thcni to r.iake Laws Ivule.- rnul Orders lor the CJoveruniciU of 
the Same Trade Ov ti.o good and w.-a'.- of tnc K'.urg'ers and Inhabitanls 
vi iivo said Cilty by vdiicli KcLrkir.eiU Ar.d (dood Order this Cilty 
did YliKXcii^r ill iV;.;dc Slrcn;:^th and Riches tu siudi A Dcrree tiial 
lit becaiiie iIk- Ln\ji" of die Crown of [•j-.yiaiid \'>;!iehi liicreupon iitted 
out A l^eet L'uder ihe Conunand of Gen'' Nicolls who i;: the year 1O04 
did. i'educe th.e Said Ciity and J'rovirice Idraj thie Ail'jigance of hi:. 
Majesties Said Crown of Juigland And those Steps t'lat were made by 
th;.; Dutcli (dovcTnnier:t iov y^ Eiieouragesni of d'rade ^: this Citty 
were Soe Iveasonab'e that ti:e luir^lish Governours haue successivGy as 
Aforesaid Conhrmed the sanie Soe their being Stici'i .V Succession of 
Accord Arnono; th.e Kulers ami Snprcani .Magiitrates that have been 
fro-i: -iirne to tinie Entrusted with [313] Tiie Governir.ent of tids f'rov- 
incc bvilh under the ])utci: <e li^nghsli Adnunistration in the Seserah 
Ci_;r;i:cs from the hrvt Settlement to the }ear 1694 that this Citry 
Sh.ndd Enjoy all ids Eranchises Eights and Eriviledges Aforesaid itt 
Can-.ot be A Doubt after soe Gen'' an Agreement Anvjugst Soe n^u)}- 
i;Sf;nel ].>ersons tlu: Ivulers andi Cioveriiours of the Said Province Alt 
So': Man\- Dinerent rhne:^ and o^ Such different Circumstances but all 
tiivsr C'nston:-; Ebages fdaetices o:c: of this Cidy are Reasonable dm J 
I- V'.r: of th- like fr^rce a> if they were time out of MiiuE Since no time 
bath CGitrueled them and all these Practices and PriviledgcsJGsed and 
• ■■''-'e"td :y the Said CittN' in nianner afores'? are not only Ide'ldy 
K--;-.<.< 'rd.b; in theui^clvo i^nt warranted i)y the Con<litional Se{i!en;ents 
: ^t:! d'e eU't i '!an:nd:)ns. for \dide this Province \v'is under the DutCi! 
G-,e--^rovnt they were S-^e jeaK^us uf the Trade of thi^ Cit'}' il:nt 
rb'v vould not permiit an\- Settienvnt t'^ be n:ade in An\' place \-. iddn 
b.G- ju-SGxdon but under Such Ivestricd-ns a.^ ti;ey thought Cou- br yv Sccnricy of their Trade An.l parii.-ularly did Re^trainc 
the hJ abnams of }ludsoi:s Eiwr and Long Islatid d^at they Should irct 
'■;; n: ):■■■•: Aianadye any :ente (T liusbandr}- witlv'Ut paying the teiith 
] ■■r\-: (f what they ]\ai-e'l unto tl^ie Governneji.t and besides did (dbage 
u e bbnvrs that tluy Shoubl i;o; Apply theniselves to Any Tra le but 
^ddy ij luHbandry. And tliat the Ini^rddtanls of Albany Should ' bdv 
ddd^y th.:-n>^elv(.s Gnto tio- Indian Trade And All their Grants or 
b' I'Cts had ti-at i-.v^er- ati..n of dbamre in ihcm Yielding Een-lrh;:; 
ami ^avinir all Such Duties and Acknowleslgnients as are no\,- E;dab 
bsl^ied (.r hereafter Should !;e by the Go^;ernml Coll Xicolls Coll b.r;ve- 
ieee c. S: Ifrhuond Andros did R-Maine the Said Tenures in all tindr 
Gr:inis And Patents the}' made During their Respective Adminislra- 
V,---^ of t'^^' Gov^'rinnetit ^'ett Nevertheless Soe i;reat was the CLnuairv 

46 -MiM/Tl-S L)i- tup: COMMOX COl'XCIi. 

of til'- l-"r.,f;!ish ( iijvcrniii'. tliat tlic}- RchkivcJ from the hushaud'.iiar. itia: 
Giicvioiis 'j'.-aue And placed in lieu tb.ereuf llie l)are Acknowledgn'^. oi 
A Small qnitt Ivent Since which tiir.e by ij-.e 1314J i'rovidcnce of the 
Cittyzen.- i';f the Said C.'iuy in, hiidini;- (UU forreigu "\larkeits fe^'F ti:e 
ikjwer (iixinj^' then; v:>-"d Ihite.- for tl'eir whieat ar,d (Jiher (iradns antl 
rrovisiiiiis the}- rai-^e hr.dinf;- a!l\\:i>s A ready iMarkett att Citty 
and brouy'-'it i jfeat (JuaiUitie? c-f Moiie-, inlv) llie r'rovince in Return, of 
tlie i]<^\vcr ^- thai i-^ transportC'! a-^ Afores:dil whereby th.e 
husljand men are gi'e>\v!"i !\ich and not ci !y fi'ri^ett tlierebjr th,e forn^rr 
tabks and^ ()l)liq-atir>n< the\- lav under but ;d.-o the Ad\"arit;i;;'es tliev have 

^Merchants of New ^^)rl-:e an^l in ]^nn.rn of all these Advantages Notii- 
ing Seem? nriw to Sati-fi- tlK-m Init an Annihalation of the Said Cit\ 
and that J'iver}- Ida.ntation v.y.iy be A .Mr/rte lor Trafrirjue and A r<3rte 
for Xavicyation Xot i.'oi^^id.crin,'.;- what itt i:> that }'dakes A Mercate or 
Gi\"es lir'c to Xa\'i':;atii.':i. liUL the I'"n,i:;ii>h ClovL-rnonrs as ^vell :i^ th.e 
Dutch, liave likewise had .\\\ hXtcem for trade and the Generali good or 
the i'roviiice tint th.e;e v.ijnl'l pj )t [)err;-iitt .\n} Incroachnient to be 
made l'j)on the IViviledges of th.i:; CitL}- ill bein.g" the Only .place Con- 
venicrit!}- Scituated in tiie b^'ovince to be the porte of the Same and 
Only Ck!pai)!e of In'.pri..\\_-ing the Staph- ('omn.iodiiy of the Province 
v/hich is n.el only ]>r.ofitab!e b\" y'. Impro\-em; to all tlie Inhabitants in. 
the ]'r(,>vinc<- in (ien" \>\:- Servicea.ldc as form-'rly Regulated I'nte; ai! 
his Majesties Subject- in the West Indies, tliere v/as therefore A Xes- 
sessity tlK't the 1,-oUing '^f {lower for d'ra.nsportation tr) be Conhned. 
Unto one Certaine plac*:- that itt miLiht b-e .'-^iricth- A'iewed an.d Ex- that there niight l>e no .Mi.xlure or Corru])tion therein ESpeciallv 
now Since itt is nov/ bc-coira- Sr^- u-^efuH in d^rade and on which, tlie 
lives of hi-; ^dajesties Subjects in the WcnI Indies dr.e sr,c much Dcpeu'i 
and itt is .\pparent v/ith.'-nt Contradiction that the whole Province Can- 
not Affo.rd another p'rrtr m 'C CeMivenienLl)- I 313] Seated for trade an.di 
the I'raii'^porratirin of the Said Commorlit}- as this Ciitv and itt is 
absolutelv ]mpo..sil'le to .Manadge tha.t trade Att Any Other place in 
thi- Pro-cinee with llOl^o;li- m the bving ])rofiii to the jjeople or lastly to 
hi.s Mai'; subjects in y". Plantations th..M\-fore itt i.s uw Imposition nejr 
.■\nv \do'ei,re to prop-n\- or Right oi the Subject for liis Majest)' i" 
Confine the Pu.lting of flower Au'l P.aking Bislcett fr>r Transportation 
to this Ciil'c (^iily the .Advantages Afore^.aid being to the Comir.on 
wealth arvl the Same Justly warranted bv Reason Exjxa'ience iw.d the- 
Laws of England which has Conflnerl the making .and srde of many 
Manufaciuros to One place only and particidarly Greater Restrictior,s 

OF Till". CITY Ul X]:\V YORK 


I 'jK-n tlie Suilc ot LT.iTie then Upon Any (Jtlier lliin,-' A iCSpecially thai 
None Shai! i>e Sold oi Soe niucli a^'. C'lian<:;0(l for seed but in Open Ak-r- 
L-ate V<y\v nnlawfull mnst iti then he to make livery haisbanai mans barne 
.\ .Mcrcate for itt \-} [\w i'l-iAJnce. Xow all these I'riviledges fiirnierly 
held l)y the Citty of Xew Yorke are for the Connnon i^ool l)ecaiisc 
tiiev Itring- .\ 1;*,ene(kt l') tlic Kin'j; A Proiitt tu the Cillizens an.'l <.<> all 
]]':> Maie-ties Subieer> rhrou-honi the l'r.>\incf and to all Utlier 
!ii;iL tra-le and Repair to the Same. In the Ihst I'lace the} h:rin- A 
[Tufitt to tiie Kin?; beeause tliere is A Kevenne Establish.ed npon 
TrafK" that is to Say ui)on the AFei-ciiandizes Imjxirted *;v Exivorted from 
the Said Citty by which the Cliari^e of tlic Government i- d,.T'ra}ed And 
t!ie tpeace thereoi' p-e-.'rved an^I th.e Subjects th<n-ein Secured in. their 
Pr'ij.crties, for if the tratle of the Province were nut CMiulnM te- one 
C'ertJiine porte and j)articu!ariy to iliis Citty which, i- in A :\fanr:er 
Sealed in the Centre b'r the Ac<.-omn,otkaiwn of all tlie Out Settle- 
ments itt w-onld be Impossible to Rrn>e Any Jvevenue. for if all the 
<. reeks witiiin tlic Province were .Admitted to be j)"rL•^ _\ " \vho,le 
Revenue we)nid n.jt ije Sufiic'ent to .\1 y: r)fiP-ers I'rr/per for 
the Inspection oF ilt, Soc that li An>- Alterat!o.n Shonbl be of the PcuT-' 
ih.e Reverme mu.-t Certainly Si'.'ike and that P.uiefilt Arisin;^- to the 
i\in',^- lost and his ?\!aicst_\- thereb_\- discouraged to Ci\e us prr;- 
tunion ; for itt Cannot be Imre^miol that y^' hn.sband lo'-''! ^'^"' •'^''"P 
N' ith.-t.-'.ndini;;- en' his ':^Teat Riches and Caipacit}' to manadi^e the Trade 
of tlu' Province as th-.'ir barne doors would be willin:.^- bv .V Tax to 
Rai-'e A Reveina: 10 his Majesty for }•" defrayinc:' the Cluar-e of th.e 
CoN-crmnent \vhen there is Soe i;reat A MnrmuriuL' in the payuicnt of 
thr Taxes that are Rai-ed for the Securit)' of the ironteers So lliat as 
that i'^^ A Mon.'tiTus li:.d\- th;T is all head soe th.i- Province would be 
\ ' ry Miserable if ihere Should be any Chan-e of ids haid or MetroiiO- 
■ i- for itt would b,c Wry unable luther to Secure itt selfe or Tticrea^e 
'■■^ Trade Soc thai ih.e ConhninL;- tlie Rultiri-- of n^.n\er and Pakins;- of 
P-i-^la It for dh-an-portation to tlnS Citt\" lirin!:^.^ A Ccrtainc prolltt to the 
!m:i.:.; b> the I'-.-cenue. an.fl All^eit itt l-e the kv^: and most barren. Spott 
' f Groniid in the whole Ihovince ^'ett I - the Pitercourse of dd-ade itt 
l'a\eth AmmaH}' within A Sm.all matter om- thi'.d 1 arte rn' all the d'axes 
"I th,(.- Pro\inre bevid-.-s the uTiOJK' Ivevenne : Itt ladnqeth likewise A 
P'^rieHtt to all }'' Cilti/.ens And (diher.s for Cpon the Pxpectati'.ui of 
T'-.-ifnqno Merclrants had Recsn-se l-j tlii^ Cittty And the Pdr:.bitants 
" '-re Inconrai;ad ITon the iio'ic diereof to dVan-^porte themsel\-es and 
ihjtir Estates from, their Native Country and fix att this Citty for if 
'key |i;v| ,•)(,(- found A ^.lercate here for what tluw brought the\- v;ould 


^^xL"•ii:^ (^-i- hie comiox council 

have been Dibcoura^^ed .v Rciurncii but Inidiny- A M:'vt for win: the-. 

broi-r;hi Aiv! Other Con;,.! .HtKs att this place Suitable for Return'. 

they Continue.! their Trade and for the belter AIana,:;-cm". of itt S^aiici 

them?e!ue^ and laid ( )ut A Considerable parle of tlicir Estates in Ijui'd- 

^^^:^ ^^^ tl'^ Accon!nr.dat;on of d'ratl^que. which bringelh tliesn da-, I. 

Advant^s:es whereas if tiiey Iv^d not depeinled that ibis ])!?ce as itt w;.', 

the S.Ce Mart of the ['rovince Soe that itt Sliouid Continue to be su.-;- 

tliey v.-.ul.! have Transplanted themselves to Otticr places for Xeith::- 

Mcrch: nor Tradesman Can live withouL d'rade and Coinmerce and if 

itt vrcre not lor Trade \o Man would be Kncourac^ed to Improve morr 

tban^ i3-) Wh:it he Itas O-xridot^ for then this \^ast Counlrey would 

Nenher i^e Subdued n-ir peopled. And that ili. i^ for the General! -ooj 

of al! the Jnhabitrmts of the Said rro\ince itt is \'erv Evidenr for 

before that_]-.-.-mi:-m ,d Robing- fiower the men were Wry 

low An-l ?dean in their Su;c!: btnldin^;s and Apparell ^fc feedino- -t, ] 

what thex raise.l att soe Inv: A Rate yi what tl^cy Produced front Ihei; 

labour did \"ery mean!\ CK-'m them \\diereas Since that tiitie thcv i^e- 

^'^;' ^'[j- ;t -t^ ^^w Vorhe in- d'ran^portation t^e X^.vif^atioii is Con- 

sideraL'iy irerca^ed the Lauils nitic't more in \'alne the people b-::tL.r 

Cioaii-d the hu^hiivd man nuicii Eased of his labour bv the help .A 

Slaves And -K Cr>nsiderr.!,h: Incrrase of the Stodc nf Cattle and s'-d d 

att dorbJe y- Rricc of wliat they formerly and for Instance abv ut 

fourteen Tears A-oe there was not above four hundred Xeat Caitb' 

Killed for tiie Service of the Inhabitants of this Cdttv and Xow Xcar 

three thousand bead i;eside-; Sh._'ep and Od-:r Siriall Cattle which fuliy 

Con^re-l to do Ciity all the Inhabitants diereof dortbereb'r Receive 
C(.n^tant :^;:ebtt wdh-r> as if i •±vvv:]^q ihr inhabitant- of this ih-v- 
ir!cc w:.u!^^ be libe thCr Xei-hbours in Plvmondi Oc C(-m.ct!:-::: 
Collonie. \_n-;;:!da and Maryland who for want of A b'uid^dc Mart lib. 
unto th:s L:vy have \Try litb- Shipiiicv bri')n-ii-:-: ^ ' tl:-;i And th::r 
people ^b^anb. Chrtthed and id Supplyed with ( ):her thinr;-s X^.s-^^arv 
for C:.^i-^n AV^'^l.' bvii;-. 

All which Reasons n:ay bo Suidcient to Convince Anv man 
of Rusin:;ss that by the Citty bobbno" ^nd Rnjoyin- ail tieX:" 
torn-er Rii:\:[s And RriCled-es ivmI KSirjcialle vV Ri^-ht of cb; 
Sole ilobin- of Idrwver nial Rabin- af Risbelt for'Transoorbttion 
the Kin- wid have A Cer;anw- !b;adi;t by the Encrease d W-' 
Re%-cnuc the husband man A C-rbiim: jyiR] I'roi^tt bv bavin- A 
Mercat.- for Ids Come and liw Ihovincr in Cen^ A L;rc;^t 
Advant:;e:c by Knoura^^x iitcr tbc Citiy wberfb\- itt mrv G 
Stren-th and Xaviaatinn. 

nrv (irow m 


Articles of SuRRp:NrnEK to Coll Nkolls 


Thest fo'lowing" Articles wire L'un-eiitecl iv \>y the persons here- 
under .Snb^crihcd att the (jovernours ISowry Atigust }r 27''.' Old Stiie- 
J 664 . 

Woe Consent the States Gen-' or the \Ve:.l India Conipanv 

I Sr.ull freely luijciv al! farms and hiOuses (Except Such as are m 

tiie forte) and thuTl witliin Six }vIoaths tliey Shall have free 

Liberty to M'ransrxirt all Such Anns and Amniin-sition as Now doe 

belong' to the!7-i or Tdso the}- Sliall h.: jiaid for tlienL 

2'' All Puljiiqne Imases Shall Coutiniic for the Uses which Now 

they are for 

All people Shall e on'inne free D-j-m'zep.s a!id J^njoy their Lands 
3^ lioiises Goods Ships "W'heresoever they are within thi'-:- Country And 
di'^posc of then"! as they please. 

If Any Inhabitant have A Alinde to Rtuiuv-e hini-^elfe he Shidl 

4 haue A Year a.nd Six weeks frou'i this day to Keiiinvc hiniselfe wife 
Children Servants Goods &; to disjjosc of his Lands licre. 

If Any OlTicei- of State or Publique .Minister of State h.ave A 

5 Alinde to goe for Etigland ihc_\ shall be Transjjorled freight fi'ce 
in his Majesties Fri:,;otls v^dien tliese Frigotts Shall Return thitliei'. 

Itt is Con^clued to An}- pirop'e ma}- freel}- ^'uine from, the 

6 Netherlands and Plant in this Country and that chutch \''essel1s ?vLay 
freely CouiC Intlier And .\ny of the dutch, may freely [319] Pe- 

uj;-n home or send An}- Sorte of Merchandize^ homc' in Ves'^ells of 
dicir Ov>n Country. 

All Ships from th.e .Vetherlands or any Other phice and Goods 
; tli^rein Shall be Received here and Sent hence after y^ manner 
which formerly the}- were before our Coming liithei- for Six Montb.s 
N ext Pn^ueing. 

The Dutch here Slial! Lnj>;.'} the Liberiy of ih.cir Consciences in 
nivine worslVij) .And Church disci])line 

9 No Dutch ; here or Dutch Ship^ lierc Shall Uiion Any 

<-'«:casion be prest to Serve in ^^''arr .A<:'. An}- Xaiion ^Vhal-oe^■er. 
Vol. IL-d 


l\!l\l li-:S OT' I'lii', COMMON COUNCTl. 

Tlial the lownsnieii of Manl^aiUm Shall nut have any Soldier 

iu Ouartcix-d 1:\k>u tiu-;ii wiilioul i^e'ng Satisfi-.i! and paid for then: 

by tlieir Ohiccvs And Uuit all this present if the forte be not 

Capable of Lockdng all the Soldiers then the Ilurg-omaster b> hi^ 

Onieers Shall Aj'i'.'iini some li'nises Capalik t':) Receive thcni 

11 The !_)uleh here Siiall J^njoy their ( )\vn (.'ustoms Concerning- 
tlieiv Tnhcrilance-.. 

All Pul.ilicl: writings and Records wliich C^oncernc the In- 

12 hcritaucos of Any Pe^.ipie or the Reglement of y^ Church or pooi 
or Orpban:^ Shall be Caiefully Kept l)y those in whose hands Now 

they are an.d Siicli writin<:s as pnrticularly Concern the States Gen^ 
May att Any ti:ne be Sei.t to them. 

Nc> Jnd^ip.'. iliai bath passed An\- JiidicaJure here sliall be Called 

13 in Ouesi-(-:i bui it Any Conceive lie hath not had Justice done him 
if It: A];i|i1>- riiii-^elk- to the States Gen" the Other party Sha'l be 

l.i'innd t^' Ari-wer I'T tb.e Snppos<-d Injur} 

i^jf')] If An_\ jr.iieh lixii"!!.;- liore Sliall att Any time desire to travell or 

14 Traftic[i!e inlo b'.ngland or any |)lace or Plantation in Obedience to 
his Majr^Jv- f.f Kn:-land or witli the Indians he Shall have Upo:i 

his Request t'- (be vlr,nvernour A Certiticate thai lie is A free Denizen 
of this place and Liberty t'l doe Soe. 

If itt d.oes A}.i>e;ir that there is A Publick Engag-ement of debt 

15 by tb.c b'lwn ui Manhailans .'vnd A way agreed On for tlie Satis- 
fying o'i tlrti l-'.!i;.,..!,L:,>--nient itt is Agreed thai the Same w'dy 

pr(.i>o<'d Shall g-e en and that the Engagem*. Shall be Satisfied. 

All Inferi'iir (Jivil Officers and }^lagi<trates Shall Contipue a- 

16 N<V'.v tliev are lii tb.e}- [ilease) till the Customary time of Nov-' 
Elections AuA then Xew ones to be Chosen by themselves, Pro- 

vid'.'d that ."-Miiii Xew Cbi')sen Magistrates Sbrdl take y? Oatli ^^ 
AUeig-ance u, bis Majesty of England before they Enter upon their 

.Mi Diifei-eMCes of Comr.'.ets aid I'.argains made before thi- 

17 dny 1)\ f\n\ in thir. (Jomitiy Shall be determined According to tb'' 
Maiinei of die 1 hilcli. 


!f ill li'.'c Appear that the West Jiulia Company of Amster- 
tS (lam dee'y Dv. e Ai,_\- Sums -jf Mo;ie> to Ar,y persons here itt 
is Agreed that Ivecogniliori Oi' duties payahle by Ships going 
I .;■ ti^.e Netlierjands be Continued for Six Ivlontlis longer 

The OilK-ers Alilitary and Soldiers Shall Marcli out with their 

!■) Arms Drums beating and Colours flying 'X' Lighted iMalelies and if 

Any of them will plant th.e\ Shall have livety Acres of L;.nd Sell 

niu. lor them, if Any of them [321] Will Serve Any as Servants they 

Siiall Continue with all Safety And become free denizens Afterwards. 

If Alt An_\- time h.crealter the Kit~g of Ch'cat Brittain and the 

.' States of the Xetherlnnds doe Agree that this place ar.d Country 

be Kedelivered into the hands of trie said States Whensoever his 

'.iajestv will S'^nd hi^ Commruicls to Redeliver itt itt Shall be Iininedi- 

;;(' Iv done. 

Tliat the Town of Alaiihattans Siiall Choose deptities and 
.'i tliose dj\jputiLS Shall ha\'e free Voice,- in all puljliciue Aftairs as 
much as Any Other Deputies. 

Those who ha\'e Any propriety 111 Any houses in the forte 
-■- of Auratna Sh.all (if they please") Slight ih,c Fortiilcations there 
And then Enjnv all tlicir h.ouses a:, all pco]de doe where there i- 
^.* Fnrte 

If thu<: be Any SoMi>.Ts that will goe into Holland and if die 
-'•;. Company of West luviia in An]Slerdain or Any private persoiiN 
here will Transporte them into ilolland then they Shall have A 
■^■'fe pass poste iiom (/oil ICefiard Nicj!!- Deinity Goveriiotir under 
''■ i>'oyall Idiglmess and the Other Commissioners to defend the Ships 
''at Shall '(Vansport Such Sol.liers and all the goods in them from 
■"■!'-) surprizall, or Acts of 1 lo^tililv to be d^m- by Any of his Majesties 
"^''.ips or subjects 

rh:it the Copies of th.v Kiiig.s Crani to hi-s Ivoyall Highness t^- tiie 
* "Uy of Ins Royall lliglnu-ss his Commission to Coli Richard Nicolls 
' 'iticd L.y iwo Cor.imi>siMner> more and Ah \\'int1iro]j to be true 
' • p:<-s Shall be delivered [■■> tiie )don'^- Alf Stuyvesant the Treseiu 

'• iivcrnour On -Munda_\- Xext by Kigh.t A Clock in the Morning att 
■•*'■ "lil Mihu- And these AtlicU-s Consent-'d to [J^^-2] And Signed by 

■■:! Richard Nicolls Deptit}- Guveniour to his Rovall Highness and 
■•■•'t v.ithin two hours after the forte and Town Called New Amsterdam 
' l-n the TSle of Manhattans Shall be delivered itito the hands of tlie 


Saifl CoP kichan! Xicn!!s by the Service nf such as Shalt he by Inn: j 

thereunto rkpute.l h\ \v:^ hand pnd Scale. ^ 

Join- Dcdcckar Robert Carr | 

Xieh: \'erlctt Geo: Cartwvig-ht j 

Sam^' ^legapolensis John Winthrop • | 

Cornelius Steefn Iwick Sam'^ Will}'s i 

OlofTe Stevens Yv.n (ortlandt Thomas Clarl:e j 

James Cousseau Jolm Pinchon | 

J cioe Consent to tliese Arciciei | 

Richard NicoLL> | 

Secrvs ( )M]ce Province of New Yorke ss 1 

This is A true Copy takei! from the R_ec_Tds Lib X' i8 | 

pag- 23: ;:'4 . 23 0^ 26 att the Request of the Mayor a.nd -3 

Aldermen of Xe\\- Yorke /''.' of jic.h i6i>S I 

[•A;am'i cV i'omp { d D: Iamesox D Serr"v. | 

S'' IjiMuxi' Amjros J;'koclamatio>; | 

])V the Goroce'-nour "^ 

\Viirur\s itt hath pleaded his Majesty *>: his RoyaH Highness to | 

Send ri:e widp. Authciritv to Receive this place c\; Gover[n'!ment fr-:'!'- | 

the dutch And 10 (Yiidnne in iIk- Command thr-reof Unde- his Royal' .| 

Hig-hnefs vdio hath n-t only taken Care for our fnunv Safety and j 

defence hnt also Givr', im.- his Commands for Secnrin'Cf- the PJp-h.ts and --i 

Propertie^ \^:},\ ot ih^ Inh:d,itants Aii<l IJ'at I Should Endeavour ))y i 

ail titling Jdvan^ the gMod a'ul Welfare of this Province S' Dependencies j 

under the Government, that I may not be wanting" in Any thing >' il 

May Coiid!i.:e rhec< imtM :'ud foi die Saving of tlie trouble ^nd Chan;-- ^ 

of Any Connmng hi^brr n'r th- Satisfying themselves in Such dou' i- | 

as might Ari-e I'^^iicerniucr their Rights ^^ Pri>perties CpC!i this Chanel | 

of Govenmn: ar:d W'WAly \o Setle the Minds of all in Gen'^ T hiw | 

thon;^ln ritt to pnldish And declare that all former Grants Priviledge | 

or Conre.J.,!v. li^rrton:--,. Gr.mted and ad Estates Legally possessed 1^- | 

Any tmdrr ld> !'.-val' tiighness before the late dutcli Governm! a^ I 

aPe. all i'-.:a'l judicial ])>< .eeedinc^s during thai Governm! to my AriAa' | 

in tliese iv;ris are !'-rcby Confirmed and the Possessors by Wrta- | 

tiiereoi to l-gna\inr in (hueit possession of their [^lights. Itt is la reb' | 

funb/T .' that th.e known Booke of Laves formerly Esta'uiisb.e': I 

A!id in force under hi- i\oyall hi;dme.s Gavernna is now rigain C- '- | 

hrn :cd by his Royall Highness the v.hich are to be Observed d\a j 

I'racti-ed tn^M-t!;er vdth the Manner and time of holding Courts thereie | 

>bnt-. iH'<l -.i'-- hernofore. Anrl all Ma.-sirates And Givi? O^c -r^ b- | 




lon.Liiiig Ihereuuto to be Llio.-cii And Eslablishl Accordingly Given 

L'iid:?r my hand in Now Yorkc tlii^ Xiuth d;iy of N-v/cmber in t\w 

twenty Sixth Year of his -\Iaje^tics Aniioq Dom 1674 

.„..-,,. ... ., , E: Andrcs 

.Secrys (.Mnce J. ru\'nice ij'l Aew 1 orKf 

Tliis is A true Copy taKen from the Ivccurd of llie invoke of Entries 
Ijcj^iuu October )? 31''.' 16-/4 P^t^^ '3 ■■^^- tivj Request of tiie Mayor and 
Aldermen of New Yorkc this 7"; Judy 1698 

Exam h Onsp -f~) Dav'IO Jamksox D Secry 

[324] Govi;:r>;ouk Xicolls CcaixMissiox to 

the Mayor and Aldermen. 
WuiZhK/it^ Upon Mature deliberation and Advice 1 have found ilt 
Xessessary i<i dischar;.';e tlie forme of Govciiiment lately practised witli- 
ii: tliis hi;, j\'iaj<.;Siie-> of Xew Yorke under tile Name and Style 
of Schout ];'.urg-oniastcrs and Schcpeu.> Vvhich are not Known or 
Custo?r;ary in A.nv o+" his ^^fajeslies Dominions to trie End that the 
i.ourse of Jusnce for tb.e fuiurc may 1)c Ecgally Equally & Impartially 
.\drn.iriistr..d to all h- ■ Majesties Subjects as v/ell inhabitants as 
Stranj.rers Ki^ow .\i.r, men 1)y these presents that 1 Richard Nicolls 
Deputy Governour to his Ro)-a!l Highness the Duke of Yorke by Ver- 
r.'.e of his Majesties letters pattents bearing Date tlie twelfth of 
.March in. the Sixteenth Year of his Majesties Reign doc Ordaine Con- 
>titute atM declare that the Inhabitanls of Xe^\ Yorke New liarlem 
•"ith all Otner his Majesties Subjects inhalutants Upon this Iskmd 
'. onimonly Crdlcd and Known by the Name of the Map.hatlans Island 
arc and shall i^e for Ever Accounted Nominated and Established as one 
b Kly F'olitique And Corporate Under [lic Covrrnmt of A Ylayor Alder- 
"■.en *.<;' Slicriff. And, T doe by these presents Constitute and. Apjioint 
'■ '' One whole Year Connnencir.g fiom the date hereof And En.din.g 
d-,e twelfth day of ]u\k- wlu'ch Shall l.e in the Year of Our Lord Oik- 
'd:"usnnd Six hundred Sixty Sik Mr Ihomas \Vilb,tl to be Mayor M': 
'i'':Onu!S Delavall M^ Olofte Stnyvesant M^ John Ik-ugges M'' Corneliu- 
Can Rugecn ».V Mr John Eawren.ce to be .Aldermen .'\rM Ml" .Mlard 
• ■oithony to be ShcritT Giving an.d <'iraniing to them tlie Said Mayor 
i.v^sl And Aldermen or any four of thcP.i Wdiereof the Said Alayor c^r 
"'•!■- ].)eputy Shall be /\l'w;o.-s one and Cui;!> Equal division of W^ices 
'■' have all ways the Castinr; W deci^ive \ oice full power and Authority 
'■= l\ule and (.lOver)) as we'l ai! thu Jnhaliitaiils of this Cor[)oratiou as 
•■'ny Strangers According to the Generali Laws of tlri^ Govcrnm'. and 
■"'••ch prcidiar Laws as are or Shall be thought Convenient Sc Nesses- 
'•"■■.;•■" ^^'r the good and Welfare en this hi-^ ^Majesties Corfx-.ration as 



als'-i t.:> ApjioinL Such. Under Offict-rs as they Sbal! Jiui.^c Nesscs^ar ^ 
for Uic (Irdf^rly i^xevUt'Oii of jusiicc. -\n(! 1 doc n-r>^uy Strirtl- 
C'lirir-o nnrl Co;'ini;uvl all Fevsoiis to Obey And J\xcc;ue from time t'.» 
tit;'<' ?■]] Sueh Warrants Orders And Constitution- as Sliall be niade ]>. 
ii:(.- ,'"':;id Maenr ;md .Aldermen as tliey vvdll An-v;er >V ConLrar)- att 
tl.ei: utlineist pcrills and for tlie dtie Adnnnistration of Justice Accurd- 
in- to ilie fonne anr} prescribed in this Conmiission b}- thu; 
^^a-Mr Alrlenntii and Slu-riff ttiese presents Shall b,- t."- Ih'-ni & Everv 
of thun A Snfbciciu" Warrant an.d Discharg-c in ncb:alfc. CiiveTi 
lb:dc-r in}- hand and Seale att Fnrtc James in New \'orl:e this 12'1 
(!a\ of Juiie 1665. Kith'] Ntco; ls 

1 !ns is A trut Copy of tiie Rec-^.rd i\; the SceivUirie^ office of the 
I'rovincc of Nev«- ^'orlcc in, lib X'"* j P^ page 121 122: iK 123. 

ICxam ^- Com]) j> David J-meco)i D : SeeTy 

lihin: KOLi.owKTu A List of papers Rj;r.A-ri,\(. if.i y: Ppjvfi.FDC-F^ of 


1 Co\-ernour .Vicol's Commission to y9 IMayiu- 

2 Orde:- of Councii f ■ a" T'oltin.L:^- att New \V.rke f>!d Corfion 

Cx)uncil booko 14.5 

3 Warrant for Seizing flower 1,'^itto 167 

4 Warrant for Se!>inci- tlower Ditto i6-.j 

5 IVtition to Co!! Dong^m iJcc: Ditto 170 

l:,2u] 6 Col! ])<... loans Order on S^ Petition Diib. 202 

7 Ciny Ordinance ja-olhhlting in)portation of llo.ver i'^i-to 232 

^' Tetitioii of y: Ma}or ^Ivc : for yV Confnniati'.'n of P.olti^'g DiUo. .244 
9 Reasons offered to Coll Dongan for Contirmation of y? 

Roliihg ditu. ' 235 

10 ( oil D.mgan- rroelamalion [jrehiijitiag HohiiiL'- but att New) 

' "2(1',; 

Voike \ 

11 !'etitio.n of y'^ Mayor .^'c : To Coll Fleteher upoii riassingl 

the l'>o!ting Act to [>re\eni y'^ passing of itt. New V u3 

C"ommon Council Dooke j 

'-- Judges C)})inion in favour of rlv- ]>o!ung to the Citty ditto. . . .10;^ 

13 Address to Col! Fletcher Concerning FoUmg Ditto 113 

'•J Fec.irders letters to .\ Committee of Common Council ditto. .3e)-i 

C' Fea^ons for l^.-jjealing tlie Frdtin^ Act Di»to 3T0 

C' '1 h.- Case of New Yorke Ditto 30'-' 

T tvcpresi-niation of y; .Miserable l^staie of W t'ittv Ditto 252 

I'; 'v-n-ernour Andrus first Froelamation Ditto 322 

i^" Xnicios of Snrrender ITiUo 31.'^ 

20 \ddross to \? Kinor ]:)itto P.6'^ 


Cittyof I ^^ 

New Yo'k<:| 

A'H" A Common Council held att tht 
Citty Plall oi y? Said Citly on 'i iiersday tht 
i-o'l' day of September Anno Dom 169S 

Present \\'iJli;an Merrett EScjf Mayoi 
James Craliam ESqr T<ecorde 
Paul Richard "^ 

Jaco];, ]',o-len 
Lconarr! Lewis 
John lliiicihns 
David Provoost 
lS;u'!C 13 : Ricni', 
Jolm Enlwatsc 
John j 
Gerrc-tt Diiycldnck 
FCvert j'.cyvanke 
Martin Clock 

), ]■ S(fr Alder 

V, As-iisrants. 

W'arranis of the Ma}or Lssn.ed to tl;c Alder- 
Ward of this Cut}' .-\rcording- to the usage 

[^2/] P.y X'erLue of tl 
men of eaeii h:es>)ecti- 
Custom'S and Ordinances of the Said Cilh' for the Plecting' this 
day One AldeDiian One Assistant two Assessors t_ine Cf)1lecto!- and Oric 
!>eUy Coirstahle in each Respective Ward within the Said Citty and 
• Mso Overseers of the iludi ways fur y'^ ]3ivisions of y'^ L'owry arid 
llarlei-n of y^' Outwaril to Serve in their I\espective Ottices for }? 
\'ear Ensueint^- and Accordingl}- the Sanic da>- l\eturn V\'as made th.cie- 
of att twelve A Clock att Xoon to the Othee c-f Town Clerke Under the 
iia:ids and Seals of y'' Tvcspeclive Aldermen .Vccordin,:^- to x*? Tenure 
fo the Aforesaid Warrrmls as followeth {A'izt') 

South Ward 

Wrst Ward 

f^Cap^ 'Idiomas Wenhan: 
I AP Robert Lurting 
J Tl'omas Noel 

John Mnrri< 

Jr)h!i John.-on 
^ John El!is<in 
rjohn Ilutehins I'lSqr 

AVilliam liieklev 
j Jrdm Parharie 
1 Harthol,-!v,o- EarouK 
I C<)nraed \'anderb<-eck 
[ Ja'^r,l>M^- CneEtt 


j Assessors 


I Assessors 



Dock Ward 
Ea<t W^aixi 

North Ward 

Cap', jacobus \' : Cortlandt 
SainiR-l! iJ-'}'ard 
Richard Willctt 
^1 Thomas ]'urrouc;hs 

johallJ;e^ Hoghlatidt 
J'.iivcnt Uun 
^Leonard Lewis KSqV 
jelm ErovaUi; 
Ur.hert Siiiohlair 
I' l.cwi-; 
John ->iorticr 
'^ A(h-ian Ho;;h'andt 
rjacob Boelcn ESqr 
lArTi. r.evvarike 

) (jcrreti Uncloi)a,eh 

i /Vhruhahi Ivip 

[ Abra.hani 1\ el let as 

Mr- tin Cli'ck 

Ahrahau! 3Jcsicr 

Aira'iam LJoeke 

!a;i K'-k(Tsc 



[ Assessors 


|. Assessors 


j- Assessors 







Jan. J lendricks \'an Brevoort Constable 

Jacob \'an Cowenhnven Surveyor 

iJa'-cnl Waldr*)!-, Assessor 

Jan Corncli^sc Collector 

,_ Cornelius ]')yckman Constable. 

Cai-'. ].'~bLn-;:/.;-: Wilh-ui i»io!v>(s :\i^\ \? iveuirii of Alderman Lewis 
(.f til-:- East Ward .v Says y" Return is false and not Lcgall because 
there were more \'olc? of y? Tnhabitants of the East Ward for him to be 
Alderuhan. the;.- wore for .Mderman Lewis l^- prays Examination l^e 
made. E')enc/:er Willson 

William .\n.l rson likewi-. protests A,£;l \V Said Return ."t prays he 
ma\ Ix l..r^:\V.y b.cardi. Will. Anderson 

Tl-.e lAtiti'.-n of I'elcr Willemse Roonie Johannes Van Gclder !r 
J;,;! Wr.icm>'j v,as read C' •m.ijl-.iinnL;- oi an undue Return of the Elec- 
tiui^ made by llmrhins ESqr Alderman of the AVest Ward, of 
the Said Ciny 

[ ^j.,1 1 he i;<.'a.rvk:r i> ot Opinion that the Construction of these words 
r.f ;!•(• CI-arttT (Xd/.A andi that the Aldermen Assistants And petty 

OF iLii. CriY Oi' NKW YORK 

5 7 

Constables be Cliusen by the Majority of Wjiccs of the inhabitatUs 
V'. ea.ji-' V/ojc!) i> ih?.i ilie FrcchoMero ::re Only to be Confined V: 
the local Inhabitants of >■'= Ward & not tlic froehoiders ihat are not 
ActupJh- loc';] Inhabitant? of titc Ward. 

David Provoost ESqr Aldenran of the Dock Ward of this Cilty is 
Elected hy Majority of A'oiccs of this P.or- rd CharnbiTlain o Treasurer 
of this Citty for y- \'car Ensucing 1die Mayor liath Ix-en. i)lea5ed to 
Ap]ioint Jnivics Spcn.cer of tiiis Citty Xdctualier to be }Iig-h Constable 
of y? Ssid Citty for y" Year Ensucin^-. 

OiU3i:ki-D that Alderman Provoost tV yb- Duyckinck be A Conniiittee 
to Joyne -vvith. the Coroner to tatce JiiTectuall Care the Gaols of this 
Citty be r.ade Stron;^ and Convenient 5: be put- in g'ood Repair. 

His Execllency tlie Earle of BcHoniont was pleased to Signitie to 
this board Ir li by and witii y: Consent of his Majesties Council he has 
Appointed j dnav-es ]J : iCyster F.Sqr IMay^r .'•: LSaac I): Pviemer ESql 
HigTi SIicrJlT of the Citty A- County of Nev Yorke to Serve in their 
Respectivt Ofhces of Mayor and SlierilT of this Citty for the year 
Ensueiiii^- A''c<'>njii;u- [,, the Directions of the Charter of this Citty. 

Citty r-i" l ,^ Att A Conunon Council lielu att the 

New Yorkcj ^^ Ciity IJall of y^ Said Cdty On Tuesday yC 

fourth day of October Anno Doiu 1698. 

Present William Alerreti ESqr Mayor 
jam, js rii-aliam EJ^-qV Recorder 

Paid J\icliard [.Alderman 

[,?,3o| Jacob i'oelen ^ 

Lcona.rd Lewis 

, , ,. , . C Ebci'" Aldermen 

John Imtclrms C ^ 

David Provoost j 

John Euv.-atse ''^ 

TSaac D: Riemer , . 

,, ,^ , • , > Assistants 

Gerretl Duyckinck f 

]^:vert Deyvanke j 

Ord.-.rkd that A Well be built y*^ ui)pcr End o^ the Nev/ Street 
b>- the Inhabdants thereof Accordinr; to their desire >.\: that y^' Alderman 
-'•"■d As'dst.ait of y- Ward doe take Care the Same be placed in Sucli 
■■ anner that itt ma;. Niot Stoii up the .Street or be A Nusance to an\- 
< • the l-obrddtanl- thereunto .'Vdjacent. 



Oiij")KKi-D that Capl William Morris M'- Lawrence Rcade M' Jock- 
ham Staals k C?[>1 r.xAKVt Sinckhiir Trliabi.ant- of the Ha-!; Ward of 
thiis Citty doe Examine yi .Pole of 'Electors for Aldermen A^sistams 
Assessors Collector and Con-sta:ble of the East Ward AikI I'.eturn \-° 
Nanie-s of th.e InhahitanK^ in the Said Ward lliai Were Elecfor? for 
Each Candidate I'ursnant to the Warrant from th.e Mayor to the 
Alderman of the Said Ward Directed 

Ordkrki) 'J'iiat OI})lv,-rt Sieert Evert \'anhooke Peter King and 
direck \'ander])iiri^ii Lnhabitanis of y? West Ward of this Citty doe 
Examine the I'ole of Electors for Aldernuan Assistant x\ssespor- 
Collcctrir ^'^- Co'-iahle of die West Ward <,^' RrUiri] the Names of the 
Inliabitaut^ i- ih;.' Saiil Waid tiiat Were Electors for each Candidate 
Pursuant to )"; ^\'arr.,nt fro;;; tl^c !\Iayor to the Aldernuni of the 
Said M'ard iJ;u>t>>; ' tir , th.-v make iNelmvi hereof to this board 
hv Mun!]a\ Me>rnincr Next. 

[331 j Citt\('f. / ^. Att a Com.ivjn Council lield att the 

Now \'orkr'\ ■ '■■ Cuiy Hall of yf Said Citty On Isltmday y? 

lo'l' day of October Anno Doni 569S. 

Pu'seiU WilHarn M-jrrctt ESqr ^hayor 
Jariies Ci'adiam ESqr Recorder 
lacob r.oelcn 

l.eonari.! i.vwis 
John. Idutchins 
r)avid Provoosl 
Paul Kicliardi 
ISaac L>: j-^iemi 
Cn-rrett ])uyekinck 
bAert J' .vxankr 
jf'hn lAiwa.t.-^L- 

>. ESq' ' Aldermen 


()KL'i-.Ki-n liiai Jan;e< (.irab.:im ESql Recorder of tliis Ci'ty have 
Libertv tc v. -Ar A \anit u-, du- Church Yard of this Cittv upon tht- 
C.roiHid Wne'x- hi- la>' 'i'<>Ui\) St<!od or Now Standeth. 

M^ M~.rus (:u\.\ j^.ide ^ Cat;- Sincklair th^ce (^f y' Freeholders A; 
Inhabit. :nts rd the l-;!<t Wa-d Appnimcd t'^ Scrntinv the I'ole of tl;.; 
Sai.l Ward Apprarrd l-..dM:,' tin; b. .;M-d Ov Re!>v,rt''d that Iw die Plurality 
of X'oic-'s att tlu:;' r f tire Pole Alderman l_,L-\vis wa.-. Elected 
Alderman b\ the Mai'>rit\ of ( )!U' Inu if l-h'rhard Eawr.nce ^K: fohn 


Benficlil )3'j Admitted to X'ote after tlic Pole was Shut! then Cap^ VVil!- 
POT) wns Elected Ald(?nnan by One X'ote. The L'.oard having taken yv 
Matter into their Consideration are of Opinion the Return liiadc 
by Alderman Lewis lV Iiercin before Entred is A Just and true Remrn 
of the Ofncers to srree in the East Ward of thi-; Citiy for the Ycay 

ORDi'RKi) the Ma_\-nr Sic;n A WarrarU to the 'rreasra-cr for yV r'ay- 
ment of twenty nvo pound- two Shil;nL':s Cm rant Money [33?] of 
New Yorke to VVilliam Sharpas 'JV.-wn Clerke of tlii? Citty itt beint'; 
for One Years Srdlary Pen Ink »5: Ea])er (^- jiriniing Certificates r-f 
Nattn-ali^ation which is Allowed l^^ Ordered the 'i'reasurer pay y^ Same. 

Oi;d::fi-:d A \Varr-int be directed to tlie Treasm'er to pav to jarvi-^ 
•Marshall tlirce pounds fifteen Shiling-s li Seaven p'_-nce in full of hi> 
Sallary to the lo'l^ Instant, as Marshall of this Citty. 

OjiDi-.RED the Alayor issue his Warrant to the Treasurer 10 pay to 
Thomas Clarke ESqF Coroner of tliis Citty the Sum of four pounds Six 
vShilings and seaven pence halfe peimy being Money bv him Disbursted 
for yV Mendirig- the Goale of this Citiy 

OkdI'KKD lliat Banhoiemew Eeroux *S: Peter White doe examine the 
Pole of y? Election of the West Ward in the Room of Peter King A' 
Direck X'anderbiirgh. 

Oki--ered Aldernnan Lewis Aldernian Provoost ?'.P- 1>: Rienier & M' 
Beyvanke be A Committee to Atiditt? the Ma}ors Account Sr IvTak-' 
Return thereof to morr.-;Av Mornincr. 

Citty of I 
Aw Yorke \ 



Att a Common Council held att the 
Citty Hrd! of the Said Citty On Tuesday 
the ivV day of October Anno i6q3. 

Present William Merreti ESql" Ma}X)r 
James Graham ESql Recorde 
Paul Richard 
Jacob iVK:len 
Leonard Lewis 
John PLutchins 
David ProNOO'^i 
Gerreti Duyckinc 
John Euwaise 
L^aac D : Riemei 
i'^-ert Revvanke 

>ESq'~ Aldermen 



The Persons Appointed for to Scrutiny the Pole of the Eiection of 
ihc West \Vr.r<l have Iv.. ported that the}- f^nd? by Exriminr^tion the 
Choice cf llie OiTiCL-rs of yv \\'e>t V\"ard lo serve in their Respective 
SlTifion« for y. Year luisueinc; are as followeth \'iz*. 

Roberi Walter? Aldcnnan 

I'eter Wdlicnise Roonie Assistant 
J.-hn Wihen-e / 
Pauliis '[~urke Juii: \ 

Conradus \andeib.;eck Collector 

Jacohus A'andespiegel Constable 

Whivh ibporl^ i.- d by this board. 


Citty ol 
NewYorV.e( ^' 

A'ri A Coninioi! Council held att the 
Citty Hall of the Said Citty On Thursday 
ilie 13^1' day of C)ctober Anno Doni 1698 

Wiliiain MerreiL ESoV Mayor 

James Graham KSq: Recorder 

Paul Richard 

1 ..-o-rd Le\vis 

John Hutchin: 

Da\id I'rovoost 

IS.'iac D : Riemer "^ 

» '.erreit Du}( kinck 

h lin Kuwatsc V Assistant. 


! Wind-nver 

[jJCl Oki.-ewi-J) the Mayor is.-ue Ins Warrant te yV Treasurer to pa\- to 
Jo.-eph Davis the Su»n of tlna^e }H)unds Currant IMoney of New Yorke 
iti hJn^r for Otie Ouarters Rent hn- dte P'o.nt Citty Hall dv^: i 
Ihidin;: tkK- fir^t of Ano.ust la^t. 


Citly oi 
New Yoi-Vri 


Att a Coniniou CouiKil lidd ati the 
Citty Tlnll of the Said CUty m". (ryday tht 
I4'l- day of October Anno JJom 1698. 

Present William ?\[crrelL }'i>qr ^^Fayor 
James Gral''am F.Sq' Recorder 

Paul Riciiard -j 

Jacob Boelen 

Le^uiard I.ewi^- VKSq''* Alderntu* 

Job! I ITutchin? 

David Provoost 

John Fj.iwatse 

Gerrett ]:)nyckinck 

ISaac D : Ricrner y Assitta 

Even !icyA'an!:c 

Martin Clock 

Thi? day the l\la_\-LV,- Attended Ijy Cap: Johannes I): Pey&ter the 
Mayor KJect S.:, the Recorder Aldermui High Sheriff Assistants Asses- 
sors Constables tV Ab-j all the ofhccrs Elect & Other ofbcers Accordin;^" 
to the former usage Practice .^: Custom of this Citty Vv-aifed upon his 
Excellency the Earlc of Ikllomont in Council Where the Mayor & High 
Sheriff Elect had the Oatlis Adnrinistrcd unto them Appointed Instead 
of the Oaths of Alleigiancc & Supreni,ic\- c^- Subscribed the Test and 
Association and abo were Swcrne [3 ^^ | to tlie due Execution of their 
l^espeetive Ofiices (!^' Rtceived their C onm.issions Aeeordingly. fnjm 
ihencc the Mayor Attended as Aforesaid Went to I'rinity Churcli 
\^Micre the Rector ilierenf Mr Williatn ^>^ey preached \ Sermon Suit- 
able t'j the Occasion, vehie-Ji linded, they Returned to the Citty Idail 
where after tlic Ringing of the Bell th.e Ma>-ors ii' Shcritls Conn Mis- 
sions were published upon \\diiehi the New Mayor Ivesumed the Chaire 
vV Caused the Oaths A.ppoin.ted as Afore^aid to l)e Administred to tlie 
Ivespcctive Aldermen and Assistants wlio Subscribed the Test and 
Association and Were SwOi ne to tla. due iixecution of their Respective 
Offices ^ Accordingly tt-oke their ])!accs. 

M' David Provoost wa.s Also Sv.ome Chariil)e!-lain and Treasure-- 
'"^f Citty for \-''' A'ear Ensneing. 

W'illinni Bickle}' was also Swornc lEfdi Constalde of this Citty f' ■- 
:'^ '^V.•'r Ensu.eing (S: the Cc'nstrib'le:-; Elected for the Respective Ward- 
of this Citty were aisr* Sworne except the Conslablo 'bllectcd fe^r 
Harlem wp.o was Absent. 


Citiy of j* ,^ Att a Common Council held att the 

NewYorkt'l " " Chly Hall of yf Said Citty On Miniday y? 

17'i' tlay of October Anno DoTiy 1698. 

CEScf^ Aldcfnien 


Present Jcuiain.fs I) ^e^^ter EScjT Alayoi 
janics (iralKun KSql' ]\.ecorder 
Jacobus Van Coitlnndt 
Tlio'uas Weiiham 
Leonard Lewis 
Rob'. V/aliers 
Evert Lcyvanke 
John ]-:u\vatse 
Sanuieli h'liyard 
Rob! I intint^' 
Fete; W'slleivisr 

[.^36] OiJ!);.;Rr.n that the .Mayor doe forthwith take Care to hire fonr 
£;Ood An.d hunest I'ah;ibiiant> householders of this Citty to Watch, in 
the Night lin^iC from y': hour of Nine of y? Clock att Night till break 
of day Eacii IMornin^,^ I'lnill y? 25^!? day of Alarch Next Ensueing And 
to goc round tl^e Citty l':-c!i lu..'Ur in the Night with A Bell and there 
to proclaimc tlu- sra>on oi ili-c \\!.-at'ier and ilie hour of the Night and 
if they Meet in Uieir Ivui.uid- .-\n}- jjeofile disturbing the peace or lurking 
abrnit Any j'cr.sons luii:'-.- or Committing any theft they tpke the most 
prudent \\:iy ihry Car. t':> Sjcuio y^ s'? Persorib Until! the Next Morning 
that they m,\) h-.- !C\air.;n_\( liy the ALtyo: o;- some of y'. Mr'gistrates m 
Order to he deaU witii a< ih.v Law Directs And tliat the High Constable 
:iP.l all Other (.'. astabk- whhin this Ciit\- ]v:. Aiding and Assisting 
unto Ihern i;; th-.: cxecnliop r.f this Dutv \0V uhicli Service they are to 
he /Miowed tlu- Sum of Six')- pou.nds to be paid by the Treasurer of 
the Said Citty b\ Montldy payments Out of the Publick Revenue 
of the Said Citt\ liu-v pp.vidiiig their Own tire and Candle light. 

Oku--U!-0 that Alderman Cortlandt AMernian Lewis Ai'' Euwat.'^e 
and M'' I'ayard or an;, lliree of them be A Conmiittec to Audite the 
Publick Aceount^ audi ilir P.ookes of the ht/ dVeasurer of this Citty 
And that tlrey nnke i\r],,i!ic thereof 'uy the hrst day of November Next 
Er.sueini;- Au'l wl:;it Ivok'-^ ?\!r)iie\ cV fKipers the late 'I'reasm'er ba- 
in his haiids Rrl.;'iii- -a- l)elonging to the Citty that he Deliver th'- 
San^e udo the hands of Nk David Prow.o.i Now Trca^urer of thi- 
Citty v.-ith An l'iventor\ th^ereof and that his Receipt be A ^uflicieut 
disrhar]cc inito him f ■ m' vv ■^ri-nr. 



(Ji<jj£-t:i:.u 'liial -Mi Ma\or -\ldcriiiau W'aUcr- Alderman Wcniiaru 
Mr Lulling aiiu M'. W'il'k'msK' h: A Coinmittuc hj l-'xaniin*.' into the 
State of the ferry And tij Ayree on the best Con<_lilio!i'5 for the tanning 
tiie Same on the twenty fifth, day of March Xext And that they takc 
t.j tlieir Assistance A Crickhtycr and A Car)K'nler and Examine What 
will uc Conveiii'-ni for the Relnulding or ivepaijing of the ferry 
ht'use as to them Shall seem most meet and ]\lah-e Reporte of tlieir 
prt>ceedings ther^'in to thi> board by y'' first d:'y of November Xext 
[x^7\ Okdi-Klo tiiat tb.e Alayr I.>site hii> Warrant to the Treasurer 
tu pay to the Reverend M- VAibani Vczcy the Sum of fr,e jvjunds Curr-. 
Money of New Vorlie itt being A Gratification for A sermon I'rcached 
before the Mayor Aldermen and Assistants On the fourteentii Instant 
being the .'vnn'ver.^ary d?v of sxeearing the lMa}'or and ?.'Iagistrates 
of the same. 

Ord'-red tliai Alderjnar XA'enhnm AJdernaan Wahors Mv I.urting 
And M; Willcmse or Any tbiec' of them by A. Committee to Examine 
all the Laws Orders ond Ordinances of this Citt}- and make Reporte 
to tins Courte by the first of Nt)^■ember NexL of Such of them as will 
be Needful! to be Continued and also of those to be ^Repealed. 

Okdlred that the 1'rea.surer c)! this Citty doe forthwith take Care 
that tiie Publick liouse of Ofbcc of Citty on the Dock Wharfe be 
Rebuilt in Such man.ner as iha.l itt ma\' be Ki]A Neat and Clerm. 

Citty of / 
.\"ew Yorke^ 


Att a Common Council held atl y? Ciit\' 
Ilall of y'^ said Citt} On \\'ensd?y y" 2'' 
Noveni^'- Anrno Dom 1608 

I ]:S(i'* 

Present Johannc,-. D: I'cNster ]LSi.i^ iMa>or 
James Grahan.! ESifT Rccc>r<!vr 
Jacobus \'' : Cortlan.dt 
Jacob ]'..,e]en 
Leonard l^cwis 
Thomas \\VnIiam 
RoW ^^'n Iters 
John banvatse 
Rob: Lurting 
Pcicr Vvi!iem,-e 

The Connnittee AppriinU'd for ICxamin.ii 
Reporte in tliese word^ following Yv/.[ 

Mew York October y"^ ^:^i".' i69<S I'ursuant U) the Order of [33^! 

f* Aldermen 

y Assistants 
■ tbe Laws Ac: make 

64 AilNL'TES OF rHi'l C^'MMON CUlXCIl. 

Common Council Unto us directed and hereunto Annexed Wee liax.; 
ExaTuined the Several Laws Orders and Ordinances of this Citty Ai;.; 
are of Opinion that the Severall primed Laws Orders and Ordiiianor;. 
of this Citty for y' Wei! Regulatiiig y'= Inhabitants thereof are gc<"i 
and Wiiolesome ].>a\vs ik Ouglit to l)c Con^tinued in force with th;: 
AiTicndinents aiid .\dditions hereafter >dentioned whict'. i*; hn-.r.',.:y 
Submitted. Amendnv- ( \'iz') 

That there be th.iriy Carmen and as many more as the Mayor An.: 
tv/o of the Aldermen Shall think Convenient. 

Tliat the Cart? be R(L;uhted for y? Carting of Lime. 

That the Carmen liave A Greater price for Carting pipes of \vi;.c 
and hoj^sheads of Pum. 

TiKit A Strict Law be made to Oblige the Bakers to Supply the In- 
habitants witli bread and to ivestraine them from Issueing- bread tii;'.' 
is Not Accoidin- tc' y'-- Assize. 

Tliat A jve^fula'dein fru- yv I'orlers be made and their fee* Ascc-;-- 

tairxu. rr.1 -x-^T u 

1 ho Wenham 

Robi ^Yalterf 

Rob' r urting 

Which I\eportc is .-\pproved by this Courte. 

The Mayoi- Report^ that he has Agreed v.dth Peter Hogaert Ck'i- 
lioeg-art Leonard IV-gran- aiid L-ireck Slyck to be Belimen of tl.'- 
Citty. Lentil! the :i5^l' day of March Next Ensuring for the Sum -'. 
Si>;ty pounds CurKUit ?d(,ii[ey of this Citty According to the Order '■: 
Common Council tc, hiiu Directed in that behalfe. 

The Crunmiu./c Apj'ointed to fncjuire into the State of trie Ecrr; 
Rrporte that t!u;y have \'icwcd the ferry hou ,c A: Called A-r.d Cc'/'i- 
Bricklayers and Carpenters tr- their arid doc iindc \.' ■ 
ferry lio\ise is Soc far gone to decay that itt is not worth 'Repairhig A".-: Report'.- that So:ne per^cns ha\e Vicen making propo^ab'^ "■ 
tiiem fc'i larmirig th.e Same. 

[339! ^^i^ni-R!:n that tlir Said Comiuittce treat with those persons ' •'•■ 
y^ Most Advantnfious i'erms i'^v the Citty and make Reporte thcr^' : 
with nil Convenient Speed in Order that Conditions be nmde for V'^- 
timely farming the Same. 

'Ilie Ouestion being putt or no tb.e Mayor Recorder ni"' 
Aldcrnicn of this Citty arc SutTiciently Authorized by v? Charter t- 
hold Courts (if Liuarter Sessions for this Cittv without Any Commi^^s- ' 
of t)ie peace itt is Carried in tlu Attirmative 


Att a Coininon Coiir.cil Fickl att y? 
;^sc\v Yorkc^ """ Citi\- Hall of }'r Said Citt\- On Wensday 

y"" (/I' day of Xovcr.-.Fcr Anno Don! 1698. 

Present Jo]lanne^ D. Peysler ESc;!' }.Iayor 
jauv.-s Gra.liani ESql Recorder 
Jacobus \'aii Cortla.ndl 
Jacoli JJo'.Icn 

T II- ^ ESqr-^ Aldermen 

Leonard J.ewi-^ 

Rol;! WVdters j 

Kvcrt Beyvanke "^ 

Rob! Lurliiig- >> Assistants 

iAtcr Willenisc J 

OR;:;Ki;i) tbai Xo Rutdier or Otbrr person due Slon-luer any 
Xcac Cattle within this Citty but att ihe publick Sloup:hler houses 
ly ihe water side Lhidier y-' penalty of ten shilinj;;s for Each Ofi'ence 
One haifc to th^' Inf-nner an;! the Other halfc to the Citty to be Re- 
covered by Plain.t or Inftjrniation before the Alayor or Recorder or one 
)f the Aldernicn of this Citty And tha' Xo Cattle be landed but att 
die Nearest Convenieni jdaee to the sloughil^.'r h,on-'es Under y- Pen- 
alty of three Shilings for each OlTcnce for the use A foresaid And to be 
Ivccovered in ^ucli .Manner as Aforesaid 

OunrRKD that y"^ CaruKU have for Cartin?^ each pipe of wine 
t ; I. ig Silt-ad of linra or liogshead of Molasses Xinc -pence. 
[3.^0] OkI-M-uko tiiat ah die I'rinted Eaus of this Citt}- with the 
-Vniendtncnts Reported by tb.e Committee be Continued in force till 
fnrdier Ord^■r And Ahv. y? tln-ee foregoing Ord-rs A^^d that the same 
he placaded Upon \K Ciuy Ualh 

W'T the beiier Observation of the Eord; dav itt is OudilRED that the 
Mayor issue Out his Warrant to the High ConMable that he Cause 
thv Ccnsui'dvs of each Rcsyie:-ti\e Ward wiihin this Citty 1)\- Equal 
1'urns t.^ take Eilectual Care 'wch Snkhath rkiy tl'at the several Laws 
Orders iS: Ordinances 01 this Citiy for y\ diw Ob-ervatiun of yf LonU 
day be put in E::ecution. 

'Idle edr.yor Inforn^nl dus Poard that he ha-^ Appointed Enoch 
Eill to be hi^ ^raisliah, and Messenger to the Conunon CMnnril And 
ind.,-rlo has fcawd Iiiin \-er\ (hhg.-ut in his (hity an I rlv-sires that 
for his Encourageml he be Allow. 'd A Cone Pr.vches Hatt Shoes 
Stockings and A Cl-^ake o'> y'' Citty Liver\- And A Ceedles Staff att 
;•" Cdnv Charge. • 
V. 1. Il.-q 

^!!XL"i!;S '■-'!• TllK CUMAfOX CoL'XClL 

Okdi-k!.!) ihril tiu: 3.1a\o;- purcliii-c the same att the Citr\' C'lir.r:^: 
And ihal the Livery he inew wiih An < )raii-e Lisl 

Oiujlkli> tiiat .VMeriiian Lonlantlt Alderniaii Lewis and Akler.T.j.i; 
W'ciihaiii M'' Lurii;u' ^P- Wi'.lenise and r\[" Le\■^■aid^-e or Any lour of 
then-; he A C'jniniiuev; ti.< \do\v yv Condi:i'''n of the ];rc?e!iL Ciit}' ILdl 
And where itt will lie i-:j.-i L.^^uvenivnt fwr }■■ hnildini;;- of a Xew '^hie 
And wiial idaieriah- wiii !ie Xe>^e-^ary f(jr y''' Same Li'C,etiier witii an 
Lstiinate (>\ yV Cost thereof And make Reporte \viih a/ll Louvenient 

Citiyof / ^, 
Xe\v Yorke\ ""' 

M 1 I 

IhSq'-^ Aldermen 


Ar'i' ,\ Connnon. Council held att the 
Citty Mah of y? Said Citty (.n Wen?day vr 
iih- da}- oi January Anno D'^In 169S [-0] 

j'.h;-n.c>^ i) Peyster LSq^ Mayor 

jaM.s <h-aha n L^.jV Rec>.rd.r 
. Jacchu- \ an LortlandL 

Leonard j.cwi'. 

Thoma? W'enliam 

jacoi> floelcn 

Roh! Walters 

J'.)hn hai\\aL.-;e 

Lvert L'.eywinhc 

Samnell Bayard 

I'eter Wilknr^e ' 
I'l'vu tiie K^i-.rte cf Mi h)auid !'rovo('^t d'reasurer of Ihi:^ Ciliy 
thai pur>nant t'_» an (, haler r.f C'o-ninMn Council 'A this Cill}- nrule the 
'.eave;Uv.vni!! da> eh ( 'cn.hrv la>l j-ast he want to the huuse of Caul 
]^henezer \\hli:v>n Ian- h'r^.eurL-r of tihs Ciu\' and According' I:.' the 
Said Order ICnanrLd tlie Mtnie- i'ooh^ and papers h^lonivinc; !■> 
ihi-^ Citty vdhch Ir- liad in hi-; L'n>tody with an Jn\a-ntory ther^/of liait 
li^e -aid Whih-.n di'l (JiTcr yV i'o.;ke> And Papers to the said Ih-.'VO'.-t 
and t-'!d inm he wi'uid pay the nionies in Six weeks lime Iaic wrudd 
n.i't. (di\e :m: i.n.ventor\- of the r.''.ekes an.d j.apers to the Sai'J Y'rovor)^! 
Acc..)r hn- to the th(> Said Order nf (h)Pin;'>it Gnmcil Wdiereup'-n iu 
i< Ordvre<! tl at A'derjnnn Wuiiaim and M'' Laxard with the Trer.-urj: 
I'.rthvS;!! -.,, t-. tiu' ^aid I'h.ea-zer WdhM-.n A Lemand <h him ih,' Said 
Minnie- Do .kr> and i>ap. r- 1 (■Ir.ii^iii;.; {., thi-^ Ciir\ -dud make Rvnurte 
r.f tlien- j^r^ ^ . -din:; - S' to this (ourte. Aldeianan Wenham ^c: 
ivfp-^rte that they have iven \'. ith tlie Said Lhen<-zer \\d]X-)n and havr 
hrnuid't liie Hnr^ko': and i>ap-_r- of thi- Ciity and that thf said Lheuezer 


Willsoii IS ready to deli\'cr llie Aloiiics also in lii::^ hanu.> l'[)on ilitnr. 
allowance of An Ace; Delivered with tlu; Said Hockes Am. iuniini^ to 
twenty Six pounds Six shilings. 

Meniorand : itl Appears ]>y the Cilty Llookes audited \'^ Jy'-' 
Octo'=' 169S that the said Ebcnezcr Willson has in his hai^IS of the 
}donie5 of this Citty t'.K- .-urn of One huiidredi tvvent\- 2\ine jwjnn-l-^ Xinc 
shilings and Xine pence. 

["342] Ordlkkij a placade Le hjrthvAih J'rinlcd i^e pnid;>hed to Give 
Xotice tiiat the Ferry between this Citty and Xassaw Islandi on the 
Second day of February Xext Fnsneing- att the C'itt\- Had of } ; (dtty 
of Xew Yorke v.ili be Lett to farnjc for y'^ T'crnK- of Sea\'en Years to 
(Joiinnciice fruni th.e 2y''} of IMareh Xext Ensueing And thai th,e Con- 
ditions for farniii-;!.; tlie same n:a}- l;e seen, att tlie ^la}ors h.ouse c^f tins 
(htty AjkI 0;^nj:KFLU the money thereof Ijc Ap:Topriated to Xo Otlier 
u-e then to the building of A Xcvr Citiy Hall. 

L'pon examination of th.e Citty booker Kejri by y-- late Ihcasurer 
( a]j- Fbenezer \\hliso:i itt A]>pvareth by the I'allance thereof duely 
Audited that the :,ai'i Fbenezer Wdllson has in liands of th^e ?\Ionies 
of the Citty tl-e Sum of 0)ic liundred and f.venty Xine I'ounds Xine 
.'^liiliiigs a!id Xinc pence Cnrr?nt iMrjney of Xew Yorlce Oi;Di"Ri':ii 
Ms David Fro^■oost tlie prescn.t Treasurer of this Citty Reeeiw tlic 
said Sum of 129-oy-cx^) of the said Fbenezer A\hl]son And tluit the Said 
Da\-id Prwoost doe Also Demand of the said Fbenezer Willson all 
FScripts minin;ents v/riting Books and i:)apers Relating nr belonging 
to tliis Citty Xow Rt-niaindng in his Custodiy or Fossession 

The Committee Appointed t.;> Auditc y'. Publick Accoun;; i-f this 
Ciiiy have Reported that they have Audited the puldick Acc(>un;< of 
tlii^ (kitty And are of Oidnion tiial the loilovdi"!!.- Acconipts are Ju^t 
and IVue Acck and ti:e Res[..eetive snm> due to the Respective j)er>ons 
Under Xamecl And tliat Wko-rants Ought nj l^e Executed for y^ 
I^ayment oi the s:ime 

ORDi'Un." that the Ma>or !s>u.' hi^ Wku-rant- to y'. Treasurer for 
tlie jiavment of tl-e same i'\hz;'i ,. , 

D) [acobus Rerrv for worke (k'ne to the Citi\- | 

Hall a^ p Account ' \ ""' 

To ];ireck \kanderburijh for v.nvke done r-j th.e ) ^ 


T 8 O' ■) 

Cittv Hal! Goale and foniiication.< 

\?,A2] To Direck \kniderburgh Ditto for men-k ) 
ing Goalo \ 

i o David Jameson for A Comniissicin of \ ? / 
peace Cot)y of Capt Kip- Petition ^:c: ( 




U s 

41 07 

] ^ O: 

l(.i jac^'hus Aan C'jiiiaiKit ESq: U> I'alhnce 
(.f .\ Arc'; t.i ^[oiicy due lo hlui ,;s an 
^s.-ciiil'/iv iru'i'.i ami Id i]vc woodi Dr'ar-ls Xails 
A.-C : 

'J I.' i-CL-narJ ].i-\'.-i- :<:->.;] S'd\nuA\ L'<a\'arcl io': l 

iiiaking- .\iui juwin- :1k- Street ]ku-,c;-er< path \ 

To lo'iii Arson f>-r taxes ])aid of the ferr\- hovsc j ^ 

' .. . . , ■ ; I ^ Oj 

a'ld aI^M.^!^^tn-lenl- (ui _\ - iu.nsc \ "^ 

'J"o Cr;] Abraham i>: i'ev^ter for two Harrells \ 

'-; [ I f;.r LW'> }]arre!ls Ditto of Canl ( 32 07 

Kvans^ Some junck ^ j 

'in John Klhsnn f:.r worke and IManke ^ Nails/ 

.vcr^ruicCulyMak \ °^ ^^ 

To W ikian, ]h-af!-:.rd for 2 Hookes of Records ', 

j;riiit::iM- Reii^nlali' ■n.^ of tlie ^Larkeli and V 04 10 

l.awv of >■:■ Ih-Mvinee j 

Tu ]aoH;i:> A'an Oorilandt for l.uildini- ^^ }via-] 
irrialir. vi ilw- Cu'-ur.n house bridc^e \ ^ 

Tm I);;.etor Joiia:nirs Kerfliyli for [.ooki!i- after/ 
}■-■ t>oor ior (^ne A 

'iV, l;randi Schuvler and TSaac D: Rienx-r for 


10' J M 

10 o;'- 

ear irorn ioS'7 to idS."!^ \ 

I^rr^id Street 

in tlie '- ;6 o; o; 

18 12 

(0;;!; ::k.:i. that .Mder:nan Le\s is Akk 
M- k:in-.a:^e and liiv TreuMircr ike A C 
Lk-;.o I- Andke [''■■.: u-,]^^,::^ A-e-.iint< of 


\ lew 

M W'altirs y\' kkiyar^: 
iii(e-) or Any three ••: 
Ibis kitt-'. 

li^e Citiv tlall Jve: Re-v-rl.' 

.ve \ i.; 

cum aed ^i.^e tidnk tk;- rpp^-'r on! of ih<- kread Street A [.ropper ]•>'■■• 
h^r }'• kikldin;.; A new Cdtt\- ifall And kelieve t'lat the Sun: ■■ ' 
^'■'^'^-' lei -I Thou-anrl ;-)onn(h niay be Snfhkent f 'r the kuildi:u: k' 
Sanu' Aec-rdin- tn t'-e k-nner .'rafi drawn !)v ki'' kioies Rwit^ wlii:' 


'-'i in iln- follov/in^- wo-ds ( \d;k . Gen^ hi-^ }daje-k 
Co;:nki and niy .ad A have tlen-kr lu pr'~pcr k^r his klak,;- 
^e•■^;c^• t-, ( Hve id-; ]>eM)le witidn tik< Province y- Op])ortu;ki/ 
Sv.a:arn'e- Adei-anee to hi^ Maje^f-- which i- the least dk-ikut^- 



•■'.v ari'I ihaj 11 jks v.ce Can pa\- to (')ur Gracious K'.i\l^' ti^at lias S.-ciircil 
■• w- <•!.!• Kiliyion atv! K^iat^-- f tlu-i:-!" :•!■.■ (','>irc Vou to be 

.■■■■fun vV (.-xiRxlitiou^ in t'^king' the (,)atl)? lV Siqan'm;- the 'i\--.t and 
\ -H-;.:'.i«in Y(u\- Soivc- a.ivl ah^o in Adininistrinr^- tl^e Oathj;. in the 
;: h.ihita!it> wilhin Vuur T.'wn Ol (h^tr;>_L Pnrsuant v) tiie Direction-; 

'■ ;:l.,inc(] in > • ^ 'n-.cian;al"on sent ^'ou Aicn;^ with tins IctT^r And 
■'■..: Y:\'. -Lit yV 'j\-^t anr! Asvi;ciat!on ' >vlhch is al-* Se;it Yo-i here- 

,.;h: Si;:--v! le. all th-re tliat take the (Oatlis And he sure to nvikc A 


■ncn o;'i-ons as 

Oen .-! 11;. ■ .\a::w< anM p.a-- 
.dl Ih ;n^: tM take }'■ ():i[\i> v.r.d si-n v Tc>[ ?jv] Association as 
■• --ei i<^ th^■ ]■.'.):] there may be A made i)etv.een liis 
-■^■o.-^ Gn.'^l and Lou-all Subjects and those that by ill iTineiplcs 
r o'-'.aiie'i Upon to be Enemies to his ^fajesties [er.^on and 
^.ii.::.,nt. J an! Your Affectionate friend *^ Servant Bellomont. 

-Vtt a Conmiun Council h. ■<{ att v? 
Citty J kill of yV Said Citty Oi ^funday 
y- 23'.' day of January Anno Dom i'V^'-d-o]. 

h-<j-ent Johannes 1); he} bier ESq' }>iayor 
James Graham ESq^ Recorder 
Tacol.) IJoG^n ^; 

Lr-crnard Lewis 
-Afartin Cl'X-k 
Thomas Wen liana 
John Euwatse 
lA^ter y^-l\l.v>.•, 
Abraham Jan.en : 
Evert Tk-yvanke 
Robert Lurtiim- 

l-EScr^ Aldermen 


<d:u.!:KLi) that the Keciaa'-r Aidmanan Lc^v:^ Alderman W'enham 
-- Ltirtini; and }.\' Euvaise he A Comndtt.T i- i^xamine into the 
Ancient Rio^lns and Lrivilcdc^es of this Citty and vdvit Additions will 
■ Aeedinil {o be added thereto for Y": W-d! Rwlc And Government 
' ! tin: Inh.abitant^ of the Same and n.:al;e RepL'rte th.ereeu' to tins 
•'■ -'o-fi with all Ccinvenicnt loxpcdidir.n 

^■ia)n!n-:i^ t'nit Aidrrman Levi,-, Aid. rnam Wen'emi Ah luiwatsc 
• '■ Lm-tino- ^"v tl;e d>easurer ur -.'nv I'our o\ tl-rm he A Coneanattee to 
Aadite the rio'.kes and A'-count^ ot the late Treasurer and al! t dhcr 


ii: CO.\i.MuX CT.rxciI. 

m?.[i^-y> ivMi Ull:^n^< Rc!atiii- to this Cittv Durciner y^ time he was Twa,^ 
nrc:- -f tile Same an<l make R'-pnrte thereof witli all Convenient Spee*!. 

(.'i^ri;.Ki:D iliat the Oriier for iVovidiny jkickett> in y9 Printed La^\5 
\>c \AV. in ]:xeeiUir.n aiu! that the Inhabitants of ihi^ Citty Provide \1 
San:r Piir>u-!nt t... yv Said Order on or before yv 25H' day of :Mare'i 
Xe\( En^iein- I'nd.-r yV Penalty Alentioned in yV Said Law Aiui ihat 
the O'UsraMc of I^acI; I^espeetivc Waol doc Giue Xotiee thereof to [!■•.■ 
Jnhabiianrs of .>[' tliei" Re~pcclive Ward^ Aceordin-ly. 

Aleni-a-and tiiC hon^e t' . Ic \:u\h att yV Ferry t.j be of Stone and 
]b iek to ]ie tvv.j Storie- ili-h And A CeUar. to l)e fonrty foot lond Aivi 
iv.nty f nr fot broad And to !;>■ built in the llrst Year of the Pea^e. 


At-!- a r\leetirig- of yV ^laA'or Abd^-nn.eii 
and Assi-tanl^ .A yf Said Citty ait y? Citry 
IPd! on Thursday v? Second dav oi}^ Ann.o D>jTTT li')0S[-9] 

u T..hannes D: I'eyster E^c:^ Muyov 
Jacobus \'an Cortkiudt b 
Le^-nard Li v. i^ U-S^p- AbbTno-n 

db.-,m;,, Wcnbam i 

R-bert Luriby;- 

Peter AA'ilk'm.c CAs^istants 

Abraliam Mesier 

JLN'ei t P<e\-varike!.V::o u.e lerry bctu-f, n uds Citty and Xassaw Jslanrl be thi^ 
^'d- ''> ^^^y-^ f<>!' y? Tcrme of Sea\en years to Commence from 
J5b dav .n }dareii Xext Pn^ncin-r Cpon the Conditions fob.r.vint^ 

ay \vi;at i; 
ve Revtauu- att to the db-ea>urer of this L 

That tlu- farmvr Shall \\- ( )bh-i 
•'arn.e tiu 
bAen 0>;arterly payn:ents Crrrl }d.,poy of ih's Province 

i • ^t ;i;. i-arn-er Shai; b,; ObhL.ed liefo-v ^he Pnsealin^ .A li 
bva-v- ;-:■ ;bv >an^e to (bvr Siudi Snibeicnt Securi[\- as ii 
Mayor Ai(kTn;en and Commonahty of the Said Cittv Sb- 
.iud-.' X.rd!u!! P;r ili- tni.- [iorformance of each Rcs;.ecti-. 
Covenant Crmtain^'d iii tlr- Said Pease. 

OF 'iiii;: crrv oi" xkw ^ork -, 

1^}jat the Farr.ier SIu'.l] i-Ti^vi'!;- ,\mi rvlaiiiuiin two grea!: 
'r'-'Kii^ or Scows Jm;- tlic C'arr, iu;.;- I'lbJ ']>aii>po-liug of Cattle 
Conic vN;c; And two Sniali Li'T'ais Suhioiciit for y^ Carryinc; ot 
pa^b•el1c:•^'rs Anil tluu the Great ]:-'\-;t> Sliall l-c kept (Jiie on ea.^h 
Side of the Ki\er. And the Small [U.-ts ihe liice Constantlv ^-n- 
ing to And fro ])V.[ Xnt both to KenKunc ()n the Same Side of 
the ]\ivcr att A,i\' time and aisLi to kecj: g^i^'d and abl-- men t:) 
Row in the Said Hoat? who ^hall (.hve their Ccin^iant Atien:lanr,j 
and ]/e Read\- ait ad times Aecr,rding [<> lurme i^c Cn:;:tnni. 

dd'ar div >aid In^ri-n.-r Shall heej) and Maiiitaiiie one suhkiuil 
r'>nnd for yV Secin"it;.' of Calt'e m he 'I ransiu^ried to and fr^jn; 
:he Citty of Xe\^- Vorke and delive'-ed att \'^': U.yvy to lake 

-es-aiics for tlie i'rojdn;^- them th'/re and fo:- their d'ran-p._.r- Likewise ah C^i ne hrrmgl;; into the ferr\- kl.jate to i^e 
h-nvlcd within, the Dock' y'i Slins fU" iinrgers prith. 

That tl]e -\Ia\or Aldermen and k'onunonalilr of the Cittj.' ed 
Xew Y<jrke \',ithin the Uv^i Year o\ the Said Lea-e Shall Can-e 
t.. i)e Erected A- Ikdit ait the ferr\- on Xa^saw Inland A go^vi 
snfncient house <-,r Stone and brie!: of two Stor!e> Hi^h fonny 
foot i:i length And twenty four foot in breadth for }^ Ac- 
oonmuaiation aial ( '"nvenienc\' oi the ncrs^n thai, farmeth \'-^ said 

dd:at die Said iXriUer i;! l]\. Said hr.n>e ^iadi ke.--p a |-ub!iou 
hon>u (d Xnt<.ruii:ni,^nt in ( )rder llun Mranger< :md Travrlkn--; 
A their horsCo may iiaue go.xi Acoonnnod-iti ^n au 1^'asraiahle 

'jdiat the S': Idirnier During y^' Said^e >!kv!1 l;een y^ S^- 
liouse in •;i>j'^-'\ Anri Surticient Repair and att die Expiration <d 
die Said l.ea^e the Said li-.u^e Soe well and -nfnciently kept 
Maintaino.! Repaired and Amended Shad Sm-ander an.l Yield 
nil to the J^hoo :- .Mdermen and Connnonalilx- of the Citt>- ''•: 
Xew ^'orke f')r tlie time bein^' 


ii.n n t: 

if .\ny ' >'* \ ■; On-u'teriy 
pa\ments n. be naair mi- in fonrieen da}- adler. that then itt 
Shall ami ma\ lie Rawftdl for the Said Mavor AMermen and 

:n;ona it\ tb^' i '■ 

■emne< to Ke-i'.ntcr ana i)-)Ses-r 

:'a:-rerif to tak'C /\nd to farm<.' leti b'}' puldick (duicre in as full 
md Annde matmcr a^ if tbr Sana- had vvi be.-n af-aa- IV-ni-ed. 

-2 MIXl'Ti::; OF YWU. COaIMOX CuL'XC[[. 

(>'V i iial it the Siiu! l/rnuicr S'lal! X<ju;i-:ci to iVwc Su:h S.-cur!lv 

ii5 Af(.rc;saiM i\v,\{ iV.-w tlic said !".;rr\ Shnll he A-ain de;niseu 
iS: it icit for ir^s turn iir-1 Ac;:rcc'l ( )u t:^i; Sjiid ilrj.t fanvor is to 
make y,u.;.\ an<l pr^}.- the- l.o;-^ with aii I'har;:^^:- ai:il L\vr. prices 
and if t!ie Same Vjo farivcd fe»r ;ii::.rc he to have v.o heaefitt 

10''' f34^i 'Ihal the JiarMr alt yV h"ei-ry he forthwitii ])iu i:> 'j^-yA 

Kej-air atl tiie C'ha;-;;e i.'f the Citt} and tliat itt i)e kept aiid 
Maintained in ^-^.od ]\e]iair In- the fanner- thereof (hndni^ v? 
Said 1 .ea^e And (k]i\-i-i-ed no in hie:- (leu.d Repair att y^ 
Kxpiratioi! of the same. 

] I ']"hat th- farnx-r Sliah not Tnipo.-e or ta::e Any (Jiher Ra:e> dt 

liriees \'-v ferriac^e then \' hat are hvieafter Mentioned ( \'iz- i 

lA'ery sinrde i'eison to pa\ for c^oini;' ( )\-er Ki!.;iit Si!\'er> in 
\\'anipui;i mp A SiUer t\',o pence. 

Fae!i p; rs'-i in Company fom" Stiwr.-. in W'anipnn e.r A Si'\ev 
penny if after <v.n Selt doulde ferriage 

iiach l^or^e or l)ea^t Singk: One SInhny in Company Xine j^ence 

l^ach Colt or Calfe i!iree ix'nee 

J'.ach Hoc^ ^■'^"•ii- Stivers in W'amjinn or .\ Sii\er two jience 

]:ach Sheep frnr Sti\-ers WAn.pnn or A Sih,er pennv. 

Cacl; ]'arreh r>f ]^nn Snear M'.das-es (U-v V aA- Cc: tinae penee. 

liach }:n]p;\- k;i:-re!! f^n;- Stix^r^ ^^'anlp. i^ ' .r A Silver [^enny 

A Beasts liide tiie iike. 

A Inrkin '.>r Tni) of Ihitter two Stivers \\' 

JAcry ihiee Ihi^-hel! of (Airne A SilNan- pen:iv or four Stiver- of 

A I'ale of h.ntter tv.e; Stivers 

Rver}- r.nshel] of Salt Iv.o Stivers 

]A-er\- ho-'shead of Tohaeoo Xim penee. 

Tiie al)iive I^ates to he paid L\- all pa^senL;ers att their i^oine;; into 
die iv-r. !k ate anrl for all CaLtie hor^e^ or Odier c^oods or thin:'--; whe.i 
thio ferry man Keeeivs th.e Same into hi> I'.oate in silver or W'are.pnm. 

And Aee^e-.iiiy/ lo tlie Said tsesoive !'nhh<-k Xolice was ( iiven to 
nil pcr^.e;. and I'p. -n Ihe hefore Menti-e.d C'-n lilitMis the ^a:d ferry 
Was lett to farnx- for the herme oi Seaven ^■ear^ ti> Connnenee frian 
the 2y'\ .lay (d Mareh Xext i'\\[<^ M " Rip \'an dam who \'.as the faire-t 
i->id(k-r att ilu- Ram of ( )no InmrJred A- Sixtv Kve ixmnd-; V^ Anmmn 


.ViOi Cittvof ) .-.^. 

A-fi A Con^Ton Coi^ncil held att 
(-'itly [ilali! r.f Use S:au Citty on Mud 
\'- 27".* uavof l-'chrnarv ^.tii.o 1 Jo" n -/^ ^ 

Present jolianncs D : I'cy^ner KS(r '1 
Janies (Jraliani I'^SqV ivecort'i: 
jacobus \" : Coi'Llaiidt 
J.eoiiaril Lew is 
Ja':o!:i J'oelcn 
'J'hoina'^ W'enliani 
jobn liuwals;^ 
Sanuiell lia^-ari' 
lAvrelt JJe\vankc 
liol.'. Luriinc;' 
rrU-i- \\i!knn>e 

S(!- All 

^ Assistants. 

OiiDiLRi:!) thai Aldeniian Conlr^ndt AM-^nnati llorien }\K Ceyvai 
A- l\K A\'i!!eni?e o;- Any tliree uf tliem he A C'mmiiltee to Ex:u^: 
What Alalerialls wiii ije wantiuL^- f.:.r \' jaitlin^;- >■- luirne att y^' fc 
in good a!td Snihcivnt Re])air and litat t\K-\- A^ree w itli \\-orken:jn 
the ]vCi")airin£r of \? Same AccTdin: Iv. And also that t!ie\- nr-ke 

Lstin^ale ot what win lie y-? C'hr!-:.;v- 
Ferry s.^- n^ake Reonrte r,i t'neir or(),.\\ 

The Rej'orti- of the Coinniittee Appr.inte<l f ' ^ 
Ancient Riehts atid T 'rivih^dcre- of this Cdtty >^ 
word,: folkn-dno- (\]vU 

■- Ihnkhni: tiie hon-^e 
s herein Avith ah Ce.nv: 

Xe^v N'..ri:e Jaiuiaiy > " 24k' U)<,o[-9] 
Ikn^aiant t'l an v -rder C'f Ccniinon (.iriUiicil to us dn'cclcd R.::' 
].>a(e y? J^'^ Ri:.tan[ Appointinc: us A CV)nunittiL' to Kxaniine into 
Ancient RiL^luS and I'rlvik-lr^es of this Citty an I hkewi-e what .:\'- 
tic-ns niiL:iit l^e Xc^'Rid! to 'le Ad ied tliereto for y. weli Ivule cL li 
erjinicnt of the Inhahil.ant^ of tiic Same CA- : Wk^e have \'iewed . 
Exaiiiined the I'ec.nd^ of tie: Cioy .\nd cRie inule that if the *'' 
Coukl Obtaiue ill. ir l^i^ht of the -ole l;.jhiu- of Houer ^ Ikdcinij 
Riskrli for 'ik"an-i;.irta!i' lU as f>'vinv-rh. lin'oycd hy iheni itt would '^ 
c:reat VdvrMUa;:^^ t^ thi- Citt\- as weh a.« A i iei.erall Ik nehtt t- ah 
Inl^ahitant- of. th.- tRr-vincc: d !u t ill \M'u!d A A." a :p"eaL Ak. 
t.4;e to ihi^ t^iny if tl:- (JlUn- nf f :-oi Tn-xn (derke WkUer l-'a; 
Clerke of y^ Markcit o^ the Apy-iiuuK-nt cA Ike- .uer now Inve- 
in thic Corpuraticn, C'f \' Said Citty aud y'. Ikirsui'.nt thierena-it--' 
jurisdiclion of \' \vai'.-r IdyliiT drje Exteml Rpon all tii'^ oi'. 
R'-ad- k'oves IhirRm!- In!t;tts and w;'ters '^urroinuhn;:: the said C 


Miiiinin^Cs fsuiii'l Htio and Greul iJarnes Jb-laivls and fr'^ni \-; r.ouiids 
vi th.c Sa'M Lilly I'pon TIiids'')!is Ivivcr See far a.-, ibe ?\foulii of }t Ifntrin,!^' ati Sand}- hoclce wliicb liavc Ijccii formerly lield ij\- the 
Said, (."illy ^:v Corporation And thai also y-' An;d:Oragc of cd! Shiping 
Rifliiy^- ill thi- llarliour fonroilx' Ivfceived 1j\- Ibc said Cor])or3tion 
t( iTilvji- with ih.^ juri^diritnn of ti'c Landi'ic; atl y\ Ferry upon Xa^- 
saw Island att Ion- 1-iand and that al! llic Land from y? Idasiern End 
of o'nlii n J-!;ovdi for lud.i;; .\ MiK- deep Ic- }"^' W'e-t ]ioinl of } ' ' W'alia- 

Sav-nj; lo Kvcry person \\vjvc. tlicir freehold. And all the Land from 
ILqii water Marhe t'l^ L.t^w waler Afarke froniing' ;/'? Same, all wdiich 
w<:: are humh!\- (if t )j:)inion if Pan be (d'^tained In- a;i huml)Ie Address 
1' hi:, !o:eelieiiey c': (.'oimed inv CondrniiuL; liie same to this Corpora- 

dia- t'o ("o;-p:!;-aii'.n (di^sda lo doe \ ■-■ sanie \v'~V is LLnrdd}- 

Sld-n,iifed bv .^ ^. , 

J a. Cjraham 

Lcor.ard Lewi? 

Tliomas \^denhan'! 

John l.uwaLse 

Ivobl Lnrtipig- 

Okfii'Ki.n thai Aklerriiau Lewi- Alderman W'enham AI'' Euwatse 
cii-i Mr lja}'ardi i*v tlie Treasurer ov Auv four C)f tlojm be A Committee 
to Audite y=- Vech of y« late Alayor An<] n'ahe l^eporte wdth all 
t;o:y.-<-iiieni Lxp.'didon 

e'iityof / ^.^ Att A Common Couneil lield att the 

Xev;yorh-\ ''"" Citty [Tall of y: Said Citt}' nii Frydav the 

^T'V da.y of AJarch Anno 1^190 

Pre-ent Johannes D: l'ey>ter I^Sq'' Alaxor 
jam.e~' Crahaen F'.S.'i'' ]\eeorder 
Lieobn< \A Cordandl / ,,^ ,., ,, , 

[351] Le.>nard Lewis C 

Robert Walter'. J LS.|- Aldermen 

d'h.omas \\"enbam ' 

Sanmci! Ihoard ") 

• Peter V/li!env,e Roon^e vA^sivtant^ 

L.d.:Lu,i;r;v ! 

''e..r'r:u! 1) U];'A Aldeiaran Cortland' and M: ''ava-d doe Ai^ree ^vilh 
A Seavei;;:er mr the Clennin-- of \])'^ Sire* 1- :ind that the Cryer doc 
CL" Voder- I., the ri.habitam- Lverv Satnrda\- ATornino- t. • Clean y< 


Slrc-l> and Sweep y: Dirtr on heaps bef.jrc their Re^pecti\v (hvch::;^ 
hia:ses And thai the Sheriii (."on>la;tles and Other Umcer^ have 
Notive to pnt \\:l: L:\.\v>- nnde for ketpin^ (dean y"^ Streets in due 

Orderkd that Aulernn-n W'erdiani and /dr WdUenise be A CcMnnd;.- 
tee to \de\v and Exami^ie the Condition of yV Ahirkelt hou-^e hy the 
bridge and \vhat ^vih he proper to l^c Added or Jvehihlt there. ^ I'pMr, 
v.-hn: I'eniiS am! rpoji uVjut 'l\'nr:S they Can lia;-e A e,'^'od hou~e 
on ;hai (dr..iund w here'-^n i^; Standi aiid rer wlu.t tinio it! w :h !:._• 
("I'nvenieiU to (Und^o the K^nie and inak^ T<,pyrte tlureof v.iti; all 
(.'onvenieT t i-"x{~edition. 

ddie hVtiii'jn of Robert CraneH was read and tiie Conrte doe Urder 
tiiat he he Admitted A iMxenian of this Ciiiy (h-atis. he b'dnLr A v-oov 
n^an A not Able to ]>nrcha' e } '' satnt. 

The i^et-iion of Cap" Cor:,e!iu> '': P'-ys:or wa^ read prayin,.: A 
Grant of A Small Sh[) of ("/round P)n y'^ TaA side of his Lott front'ni:r 
the Dock 

Okdkrkd the whole hoard to forthwitli \de\v the same which they 
Accordinji}- ilid. iV OK!>!:i:rii that the Snr^^^l.■^^ ia}- out wdna is 
Jdesired by the i 'etiiif'Uer and make A Draft iliereuf. 

('Cpki'Cd that Alderman CV.rtiandt Abhrmau iSoelen :\[^ IVyvanke 
And Mr \\dlleni>e or Any three of them he A Comndttee to Aqtoc 
for :!atrrial!s A" AIm. with WArhemen aP the bcM and most Ki^y 
Rate they Can f^)r lanidinL: the h^aisc atf }V ferry Accordinp i.,' y: 
Dernensions lately r\esoh-e.i (dn b\' (dt -arte anrl inaA-e }h-p<'rn.: 
thereof with all Convenient T^xnedilir,;). 

^^2] Citty of I -.^ Att A Cojnjr.on Council htd-i att th.e 

New Vurke^ ' " Cilty lial! of yV Said (Aity i'-u Satnr lav y- 

2 2'"' day of /\pril 1699. 

Pre.-^ent Jidiuinnes }); h'e\-.-ter F.Sri'' Mayor 
Jacobus \" ; (fortlandt \ 
Jacob r..U:. I 

Leonard r^ev.ns 
Rob-ert Wdalters 

JC'^d;'"' .\ldermen 

ddionia> W'cnha; 
Martin Clock 
John ^;uwat^e bayard 
Peter \\'\l\ri.)<c 
Kvert ihwvanke 
Ai)rnh.-un Mcsier 

»n;e C ]AC|d A!dern:en 

I A-i^ta!!tsl 


MfNU'lF'S CM 'nil: C>):.:M(jX CC^rXCiL 

The Co;,i:i:;ltoc .\pi>- [:\l<d the la^t Comnv^u Council t.> Ayrec for 
Matcrialls ^ with v-nvki-n^cn att \h- be-t aivl n;u>r ]\d^y Rate thcy 
Can for y? huildinj; the hon^- alt y': Ferry (loe i-leporie tliat thoy have 
Agreed with Mr i'eler \V;Moin>e Koonie f.jr y'; hulldiii- Aiul tlni^hin^ 
of y? Sr'id hou<c Arc-r<jiiiir t-i such i.i^niicv ^: forme a^ in the hero- 
after Keporie is alt hiri;v :\Ientioi:evl 6: ILxpre^^ed an.i Aceoniinijly 
have hruuelit in A l^rafr thereof 

.\n Ai;siKAer ni- V;" F;-urv isol-si-: 

Th* lenL^ih Shall he funny foot the brcantli fuin- J?: tweniy !:■'.:. the 
Ctlia'- is to he ni.ele e.f Ruckstoiie of One and tw-nty In.'h,^ thick 
Seaven fo-if fr-n; y- hnindation under the '"eani-; the side Wad of 
the South Ikist side iv.^> Sirade^ i'■^ the Roofe tc» he made of Roekstoiie. 
J-ialKveii Inches iln-i; the S.)uih Vdest C-ble the rnderino>t story of 

On': A h:dfe Mr.|.'p,. and tl 

■must Stories tr) the ton to be 

of One Manp. the X-Tthwesi Side One And A haife ?^[app lo the 
Roofe die North I'a^t (j:dde from the Cellar to the d'op of Oae A 
halfo Map. the hr-.t Storv- ai^ove \a Cellar Ivinst be hd-ht And A halfe 

toot uiaier li 

'an;> the ^econd Seav.n and -\ halte f-,.a. utvRr y^ 
Ream- the lW:.'v-- t- ;,e dnae l^,-;.] fc'^t from the Cen'cr, < hie frum 
Anodxr ;a;d dait it: all Stories the Cellar Bcanis h> he dd.-': ten and 
thirteen Ineh'--; ihe ^econd the same and the thirtl Xine ami t\\el\-e 
Inches all the iieanis hev/ed and Shaved the Door:. Wdndows Gias? 
Windows Accordin- t.. Si-uin- the Cellar to he niade r.r Wddie Oake 
])oard^ duck hve Oaart^r- the thri-e thdie- du(_>i-s o: \\ hi;e pine ho:irds 
liein;- tlrch ( H\- A halfe Inch in the Inside tivo Chinmey^ n'ith jams 
or a< the san.e Sha'' be nio-t T)roper Whereof four ("hinmeys Must 

Jialged to he heM pr. ■p;T. and in Fvrry Stor\- one ]ndr of Stairs -.vith 
T'anisierN and i'> b.- placed where the ?an:e Shall he n^-jst pro;'»er. and 
all th<- Re^t in the MateriaIR bcl^'nyanct to the makiuL:- of -^tad; as 
Af.riseid !aa;se Aec.-rdin-' t^ tlv sl-ninc; hcrecst te. the turidnt'- of 
the la y And all ihe \R;!vrialN en" the >-aul lArrv la-u-? Shall be to the 
Rrhoofe of the nndenakrr Wherefore he is to pav four hundred 
thirty live j.-nuiR ^auvI M(.nry of dds Rro\ince of X./w ^'orke. Xew 
Yorke thiv r- <if Mr!\ Aimo i^.f;.; J; \': Cortlandi 

Jacob Roelen 
Rv< It r.e\\-anke 

r)j. ;-;..;; — . 

pavramt of 

• R^u.• Ins \\ arr- to d;e i rea^nrer rjr the 
amds (-urr! Mon. v of Xew Vorke to T^..,.pP 

UF 'I'iil-: CATV 01" XKW YORK 

D^vi^ iit being for tlirec Ouarters of A Years Rent f^r the Courl. 

line the hist <'i Aja\- X( 

nsueiiij,: an>i ici- fire wood Expcnde.J | 

for yv u^c of the Citty a> Appears hy his Ace: which is Allowed vt 
Ordered y^ Trea^-urcr pa\- \ V Sair.e. 

Lilly of I ^^ Att A Couinion Couiici! held att the 

Xew Yorkej ^" Citty Ihdi of the Said Citty On Thu-rl-v 

y" 25H' da; of A lay Anno iJoTn ]6y^ 

J're^ent j-jhannes D : fexsur KSq'^ Ma}-or 
James Grahani ESnr Recorder 
Jacob Roelen ^ 

Robert ^^^aker. ^'^^^^i^^ -^--■-- 

Thunuis W'enhani 
[354; John Enwatse 

Sanuiel! I!ayar(i 

Peter WiUenise Roo-\ij f" 

Abraliani edesier 


7hc Couiniiticc Appointed to Aiuh.c die Aee<^ of Ebenezer WiUson 
llie late Treasurer doe iCeporie tluit they have l^xandne^,! his Ace': 
And d^.c inrle thai la- has in !d^ hands of tl;e AFonies lielon-in- V. y. 
Citly the smn of Oiie l^nndred Aad fourtv j.i^unds lu-Et Shilh!;';^ 
An,; Sio jjeneo I'ardda;: .\n-[ a;t iV.': same time did Exhii^t au Acc; 
Dehvcred to rhc;n hy xhr Said Ebcne-cr Wdllson Amountin- to r^entv 
Six ]K■w^(]^ f-n- Sidh'^-^ for Se-erad <;enis made by hi:n for 
the S.T\-icv ■■i the t/iity ;.>- we;[ as f -r id^ trouble ^ o.d;i-. u^v his pob- 
lick -.Tvice or i!;e Ciuy in Autlitin- the CoaMabks And Cod-eiers 
Ace', -f the dd:xes Ee-Ced in the Said C'itry fr an the Arrival! of Cod 
Slou-hter to the 14'; v;ei:d,er idyd which beini^ Inauediately taken int- 
Con-^ideration i;; is ( J.o.Kai.o that there be Alhvyed tiie said Ebene/er 
Wiils.'U the mmu ..f Eieaven pounds \^.ur sinii^^^s to he deducted out 
of ihe :\!onies i-i hi.^ i^aud-; beion-iuj;- to tiie Citt}- And thar I-c fo:ah- 
^vith pay t!;e lE'siiiu • tii-reof to iIk- Treasurer cf this Cittv wliich i,^ 
the Sum of One hundred And tw^uuv >dna p-nuids four ShiHu-s and 
six ].c\,cc fartlun.' Ciuad Money oi Xew Y._.rke ;^ I'pon his i'avineiu 
thereof that the :\faye;r bixecuie A Ceiierai! ide'easr- f..r die 'sau;c. 

Tiiis Hoard tahin.- iulo Gaisidcration the Xessessity of the 
bUuidiuL;- r,f A Xew Ci\\\- [j-id (!■.• Cnauimou^b Res-lvo (Ablernaui 

^S MIaI'i-I"S ur Ti(E CO:.\MO\ (^-X'XriL 

Cortl-iKlt r.;:ly (Ie>cenii!ur! tl^nt A Xo\v Cilty Hall Ik; built wiih all 
(.'onvLiiiciu Kxiicdiiioii And that the sani- I;:- ICrcctcd Av.d huili a:; the 
ujjpcT Eii'.l ut the broad Street witliiii the ia^'- Cilty irt bci-.iL;- Approved 
tlie iiii'.vt C'on\-cnieiii aiid proper place h/r tl'e building- tlie .-arr.e and 
that the May. .;• lakiiu^ :■.) his A^^i^ta^ice Sueii of tlie A!dern:eu 
A-^i^tarls and snrxey-.irs ui ihc Said Cilty as ho Shall think Con\cnient 
(l;ie !a\- oi;L the Cround for ihe Ihii'dii;:'; the- san":e. 

Rf.soia'I'.!^' f'.'r thv- iietier Carr\in,'i,' 'd)n of th.e l-.uilehni;" of the 
Xc\v Citly Hal! tiiat the A!ati-;ialls of the Old Cilty Hall l^e Exposed 
to sayle Ar.d; ti;at die CrtJiind beloni^nhig' to the same be Lett to farnie 
[355] for the Ternie vi Ninety Xine Years And Ori^ekej^ that Alder- 
jnan lloelcu Aidernian Le\\i> Aldernian A\"enharn S]: Li:rting Mr 
lCy\a;';ce ..■ M. i;a\ard ',y Any four of t'-m he A Ccinuidtlee to ?dan- 
a£^\- the faindn:^ the >anv C]kjii tiie nv>.^t Ad\'antag-i( 41:^ Terms that 
n;a\- !»e [.-■ ilie ])r(.llii ^; lienelnt of the Citty .): that }■; Clorke doe ntit 
np pnl^heh ijlacades thercf. 

d'lie i'enii'O, r.f Wiiham lleeeknnan wa.^- read };)raying- .V Coniinna- 
tion of tie- I'ir-a .d te» lo\e water ?\larke froniinse; his h'.u:^e and Gronnd 
att the lo-ver ihid (..1 Oiieen Street, by the Slonghter honse OtrniR'n 
that lie -.nrv.,\ors uf this Citiv dc^e lay ont hi^ land According to his 
Eattnts .\ ieake i<eporL ■ \vhat Snrphisaye of Grotnid their Iveniains 
l;et\veen lov wan r inarke \ his Ground And niake Rej^orle thereof 
vith all (..n\enie:U I h- oediti. mi 

I'h- iMnii't; <;f jaciG Heisler was ixad lor Th-onn' 
house. Glider Gonsideralii -n 


'.(■he iVini'-:! -f Rodnian Wiiham Hnddlestoii .K" John Hutcin 
ins \.a> r; .;d p:a\:rg ih.- ^ Irani of .V Small Slip oi Hand hdng on y'^ 
Xf !'d; tG\.;r fo-ming tlam lve^[.ee' i\-e ]inrcha-es between them Oc 
How v,ai''r fdaike .\c: < )i.;;>:;ui.!) the -an-veyors of this Citty doc lay ont 
And mak-- A Hr.ifi ^f Wdiat ijronnd is de^red by the P< litiont-r^ <\: 
n-ake R: i..eae ihere-f wid^ ah C<-n\enie!U Hxoediiion. 

)':!)! ;••: It t' 

H-Ue hi> W'arr: \i> the d'rea-in-er to p 

W'ilh.nn Sluirpa'- the -nm <■■{ twelve tvhukH Sixieen Slnhngs Oc Xine 
pence LhnTat)i AoMi^y cf Xew >',-r|<o iit being for halfe Years Sal- 
lary dn.' l::e ; .pi .April l.i-t le-r pen Ink and paper And C)ther Services 
in naddn- Copa- .d tht R A;- <d tl!,,se thai lO'dcc the <datii^ A: as 
ApjAar< b> in- AcA vddcli is Ali^^wed and ( )icnt:Ki:u the dd'easurer pay 
tlie Sa.nie. 


Cilrvol ; .. 
Xev, \uvk:-\ ~ - 


A'l r A Conrir.')-.] CouiKil holi.l ai: ti 
Lilly ikii! oi llie sai_l Ciily on W'eii:-'!::;. 
Xlniii 'Jay of Air^ust 1699 

joriaiitK^ D: \\'\ .<vv ];!S(r Aluyor 
Ja.iiK'S Ciraham ICScf Re(-or.'ler 
[acobus \' ; Coriiaii 

.. liSq'"' Aldcnncn 


Jacob Doc!.:MT i 

Ll-oikuci Lewis 

i\(_il)'. \\ alters 

Marliii Cluck 

John Euwal^e 

Sair.ucll 1'- a yard 

}\u]y. LuiiiiL^ 

[\'i;T Willeinsc Ivooaie j 
Oi.:i)Ek;:D tiiat if An}- Ciiilrlrcn YoutI: c.r (Alhor pt-r.-on? doe hrc 
d-.nv ("juii or Pistall art .\ny nar!:o "V ArA Ra.ndcmi Agaiinsi an}' fence 
j>a!c> or vnihin Any Orchard Garden or Oihcr Inclo^ure or in Any 
]KHC'- wlierr per-i3ns f'-'?{[nci:t to valke On the South Side of 
till' frcvh water of ihis C.'itty Shall for TA'cry Snch. oft'eiice fnrfcite t'a.e 
-u\u of i\vent\- Shilinps C-'-.rrjinL }\[oney of Xcw Vorlre to be Re- 
covered ]>y Plaint before tlie Mayor Rccorrler or Any One or m.-re of 
the Alderinvn 01 ihc said Citty One halfe the-V'..f to the Informer & 
tl'ic ( halfe to the CiUy. 

Tlic Con^niiooe Appdnled for farniiitc^ the Citty TIall Reir^rte tliat 
they Cannot finde Any Rerx^'n will farnie the same on the Conditions 
Lindted to th.eni Imt are of (Jpiinon that if itt ntii;ht be S';'Id for Ever 
irt v-.nld T^rodiva A ConsiderdR- snnt of Money which woidd be A 
Chv;iL Asdnance towards the laiildin- the Xcw Citte Hall Okoeucd 
l.'y jdajority of \'otc^ that the sa'.ne be fold for Ever by T'nblick Out- 
cry A; OF'ni-Ri'D that th.c .Mayor arid ; iiy three of the Alflernien And Any 
tl-ree of the Connnou Conn.cil ni* it or any tR-e r,f thent be A Contmitt':'e 
to sell the same On -U'dt Coiidition-^ a> th-v Shah think-- most Reqnidte 
iV most Eeneficial f'^r the Cilt}- 

Opt'}:in. )-) thai die Mayor and three Aldernn-n ^ three Co'.MV.on 
Coimcil men <''r Ane five of them doe Cadi the surveyors of this Citty 
to their A^=istance And Order them to la}" out the Ground f -r the 
huildin- A Xev "hitty Hall ait the Upp-r end of the 1)rond Street 
I 357! And Also w Enploy Workemei; tr, la}' the feimdation of the same. 
Ordf-rkd all the Raws Orders and Ordinances of this Citt-.- be 
Continued i!t force ''.m three Months lonirer. 


Mixrii-s Or iiiL com:\1(_):\ col'ncil 

WHhKFAS t]-,c rira;-;il Jurors the la?t Gen^ Ourirtcr session^ 
of the j)eac^ (h'l I'ri. -i/nt Several! Ha;\kers and Olht-rs for Carryhig 
of go<r.d-s I'p and d^wii tiio Streets of this Citly to be sold by whichi 
moans !r.iH-h St'jlcn ,!^0''ids n.iay be \\:ii'ied to the j.irejudice hitrte and 
l)aTiia;:jc oi uw Inhabitai:i,:; of this Citt\ . for the iT^veiUion Avheruoi 
itt is thi; rcfo'-c- ('.)i; tliat Xo (rvid-; (.r merchanthizr Shall be sold 
by }\.eiai'" cr i:: ])arcel' ■.-.•ithiii this Cih}' i-ut n^ shops Warehouses or 
in i'lddiolc .Markctt nn !\iarkc'.t (la\--. And tluit Xe> Hawkers or 
rv-'lc- ihj:: Carry Aiiy G?;ods o: Mevehandize U]i and dov.-n ti:'~- 
Streets <■! ti:i- Citt}' t',> ik- S')ld Chi Penalty of twenty Shili-ig-s for each 
([)'atucc hj hv Recovered Ix-fore tlie :dayor Recorder or any one of 
the Aide: nien of the Said CitL\' One lialfe thereof to the Infornrer An..l 
tlK Oth^'r hai^e to t'v? use of the poor of this Citty. 

Okdfk::!; that t!;e ('..laiuiuee Appointed to sell the Old Citty Hal! 
bo A Conirdttr'e fu-ihvdth to take I-^fiectnal Care for yV Cleaning- of 
the Dc-c'-: Ai^d tliat t'lc}- '^raw tn^on the dd'easurer for the j^aynieTit of 
the Char-e thereof. 

0;;;ir:Fvi.i> that the Mavi>r take Care fe'rth\\-ith that the Covenants 
made In- the Citty to tlie hdiaidtants of Ouc-'U Street for y? tilling up 
of (~'n-> part- e.f iNings Sfeet ije fortln-dth performed and that lie 
Als^' Ai::ree \'. iii- pcrjon> fr-r the doin;:;- the same And he Issue hi^ 
\\'arra;U to the d'rea: uru' for the payn-ient of the Same. 

dd.e I'.'-itie.n of Kisie L,Cder Wdddow was read };raying A Grant 
of the Ci-t;-- f'. r C-nal fronti-i\£-if tlie Petitioners (dround before tlie trees 
near the Shy ao per- ■;•.■ jx;fh frf.m the water Side to le'W water n-iark : 
^c: \\d -S: !Ca--.nabh' leefyies: lite (dtty hein- XxuWn:- to Grant dae 
0:-der that the same be Granted According: And OiioL:i^:tD that 
Al!'Wa::n 1 w- i> \]'.o!-;::n C!'>ck Alderman Poeies' hP Pmiin-r \ 
Mr \V:h^a...e he A Comnnrtee ( Callin;- the surveyors to their Assist- 
ance ■ J I ;■■' ia . out and n^ake .V [3raft of \\-hat Ground is desired to be 
Granted \<> tie- i'etitiom;r t^^ iPmge with the tdtiior wi^arfs and rd.o> 
[358I that tiao. Reportc to this boaid Wdiat will be Xeedfnll to i;e 
paid le tie: Ciiiy in Co!i>ideraticn of the saiie;. 

Oar;:;:; o die ^ante (."onimittoc doc Order ti:e Carte \: a\- to Rtm into 
the S'h) from the V."h; rf^ <.i dae Dock Street be forth- ith laid Out 
Aceordii-g lo the Ci-ry td..venain and tiau Alderman Clock Pesi^t 
l)tn;dinj; tiJi the ?an:e b;- perfi-)r!t:ed. 

OKoaa'i. tlie :dae 

Warrant te) the dh-ca.-^n.i-er to j>av !• 

Fnoch Hid M.a-shal! t-f th'-- Chttv the sun; o^ Seavr-n pounds te!i Shi!- 
inf;S (inrram M..ney 'u Xe\".- ^'"rkf- ii^ full of Xine Mrii-iths Sallary 
CorrTUcricine: fro;-;' \': la'? da\- of (dctoler la^t. 


Cittyoi' I ^,-. 
New Yurkcj 

Att a Mcetiiic,' of A Cotniriittcc of ihe 
Ojii'.niOM Council C'li y" 17''.' of Aug"- iCvy.j 
And wliicii were Appointed ihe c/'-' d-.iy of 
AiKru-L for lo Soil yr Clliy Hall of the S; 

I'resLiU job-'ni;-s i J : re^'st 
Lcoiv.rd F 

Leonard i.cwii \ 

UcAl Waltei-s LilSn- Alderni.. 

r W'ciiFani J 
Pckr Wdli^m^e ^\ 
Sauiueli j!a\'ard V- Assistants 
ivOi-i J -urtnif: j 

Fursuaut to Vr.c Above JMentioned C)"dcr of Common Cfjuncil tbe 
;:;d(I Citty rlai^ widi ail and sing-uhr yv Appurtenances belonginrx 
tiic;^ luUo (tbc ]>eii l\:n;;s Arms cc Iron works hclonginc^ to the prison 
Excepied) are this day to be Exposed to Sa}lc ]■•}' Publick Onlrry or 
X'enduc to tile IncdiOst bidder Upon y': Condition? followlnrj (\'iz!) 

That the Enrei^a^cr vdtinn the Space -.f Six days Xext Knsue- 
Jn^j' incr the date hereof Shah Gi'/e sufncient :;nireLies to make trood 
Fa.)nient for thi.: sain.e .Vccordiiirv to tiie Conddtions follovrinpy 
2''^ That tbiC Mayor Alderrncn and Conn.nonadity of the Citty of 

Nov; Yorke [359! Whthin the Space of Six days Next Ihnsuein;::- 
t!ie Date liereof Shah Giw to the rurcbaser and to his Heirs and 
Assigns for Kvcr A Grant for die srnne Dnely and Suh^ei^'ntly bA:c- 
cnted with good Covman-s ^Iv Warranty and Shah pat hiui in Oniett 
auid Peaceable p'osession ^v Sei^dn of tb.e sanv.\ 

Thai the TVyn:enis f..r yv Same be att tiirce Pqnail Payments (to 
Sa\ ) the hrst Payn'l on the first day of October Next the Seconi Pay- 
nicn.t on y? nrsl day of May then Next Ensueitig ami the third and 
La>! Faym.erit o\\ tlie first day of Ang; Ne;:t foliuv. nip;. 

Tluit' the Cage Pih^-ry and Stocks Standing befure y: Same b- 
Removed A\ithin ilu Space of twelve Months Nc::l Ensirdng .v y; the 
Slip fronting tb,e said, Cilty llall Shall Rcmainc Cordimie iX: Abi.:b.' for 
Ever A Publick Shp f,.r y? Publick u-: -^ Pcn^dnt nf the Citty. 

That the Ciuy have the Tdi'crty and Pen^fi't of the Goale within 
tb.e i/Ad Citk\ Ifall ihc y." S]ia':-e of One 'Montli Next Faisucing Any 
thij:!:^ A!;ove Mdrdioucd, t''' tbi: Conirarv NoPvirhstanding. 

John Rodman of rb- Cittv of Nc'v V<n-k<:' M-rch; hath by Pnbhck 
Onlrry .*;' X'en'lne Purchased the -aaid Cilty [Ihdlj with tlie Cironnd 
»i' all the Ap;>nrtcnances ilvreu.ntr. belonging A'X-ording to tb.e Draft 
Vol. H.- 6 


!XL''i;s (J!- mv. C(),'.LA!r)X rorxciL 

thereof for the bum oi Xino luiiiilred iV twenty pouu'ls Currant Mfjue; 
of X'ew "^iVjrko on _\ '. C'MK'iii'''r!s tn.-fore writior, he h'riiig- thiO hig'hcsi 

Citly of I ^^ 

/\'j'T .\ Cciiniiion Council held ati the 
('illy jliti; of the >:\\(\ Ciltv on Frvd:^y \r 

iN'V ('V.V (.;f AU!^; AnU',' JO'';') 

KSn^^ Aldennc 

■ Assistants 

Present jc.h.cuinc- JA i'e_\stcr E^••['" }da\'nv 
James tirrdiam h'.Sqr Kccorder 
Jacnhiis \ : Cnr! landt '"^ 
jacol) r.tjelen I 

i.eonanl ] .ev;is 
l"h'"'i!'as W'euhani 
Kohl Walters 
[35'ij ^ John lAuva^^e 

Teter WhCrnse 
Sa'^Kieii Ihiyard 
l\obi Lnrtin:;' 

(JivbKUFD thra ill-.' fiAiCiNving- Petition be H.'i;.;Tussed & Sii^'n^^d And 
fortliwith lie f-rer-r'ited to y? Lictu Governonr t'l' Council 

■!'. ilK- Ih.iC:' ]^-^-.n Xanlan VS^i^ Lien: Gonvern..ur J> 
C.M.inand^T in (.■hieh; wi the r'r^.vhiee of Xew Yorhc and 
t'j ihv llon-'^ Conncii. 

dhe llnnd;!- iV-titinn of >V :\[ayor Alder;uen 

an! tdMVin' ujaliiy nf ilh Citl\- .>f Xe\e '^ -rhe 

C-!i\ined in C<;nai:,;n CAntvih 

ddiat li;e former line of fortiticat Aiis that did i-lan^^e 

b):i-U' iit -M-.^; the V-':']'. Siroct from du- iCist t-j tlic Xcrih lvi\-.-'V 

t..n:et!'er with the r.;.>tians that thereon Erected are 

fah:-n to decay and the Incronchnisnt of Puilding's wdiich have been 

mail A'hacent thvicnric ;\i!l Peiider y^ S^nne C>eless for \- tinic to 

Come A;'d the Citi> puri^o.;;;^- v:lih all Speed to build A Xev. tdtt;. 

Hall alt the I'ind of one of the [jrinciple strecds within the said Citty 

frontinc;: to die Afo:\•sai^l Line of fortiucations tlu'refore lumibb.- nra;. 

thrt ^'onr Hoi^.^m^ w-mM be ple;'-.ed to Intercede with Ids KxcClency 

thr (Vipt (.en" That da.; sn.a- f(n-tihcations may be den^olislual AeC' 

in^ tn th- powrrv ;ifid \nt;i ■:ilir> !ntrnAt.d with Idni And tiict tla- 

StoTK- of v: S- ;::i-da: :•> -Aith tl'' b'oiiscnt ^d the iduners thereo' ma} 

be; :■!;,-.•,! ;,, x'.-.r ilui'din- the said (ditty fbdl. And Xour 

'Kv.r.r In fr.i;- f.{ ih,; '.rii-ai;:.!. 


n: CITY OF NKv; yokk 

ORDEKii) that Aldcnruin \\''enli;i;-i iV Mv Luriiui;'; Yk- A C'oinniiuec 
to Dr'.iw u[) Articles (<i A^rcenKiu! llie Citt\- A.' John KlHson 
tV'r the buiidin:;' -V house of lirick aii'l sionc in the iv-nn vN; on tlie 
liTound ti;c OK! .M:! h.,")ii^o Stands on. f<ir which tl;o Sind h^JHson 
!- to pav twelve jjounds |^ Antunn and to h.ani A Loas'.* fur y' Sanii: 
for tlic Ternie of t\vent>' (Jne Years. 

The Petition of VA: Mary Delaiuj)- \va- ivcad setlin- foidi that tiic 
i."i-.'y wa^ In.dehted to lier hnsband in. ll;e ^nni vt One Indndred and 
I _:;(>•:.! Seaventy p.:-.ii;nN fur .Momc}' h\- hin>i I>I>lun'.-Lcd for tlu* 
i.n'd'cU nenehtt And jua\s an (_)rder fcr y- Paynvnl of th-j same 
'. •i:iK-.n'n thai the Omniiitiee Appointed to Audile tlie puMiek .VccT of 
A CitJy due Audite tiie Ace*: of 'M: Peier ].)elanoy Oee.-a:^..'*! u make 
Kei)or(e V. ilh all Convenient IkxT^eciition 

<- )k'!.i;:h'() tlnl .Vl'.tern^-'.n Lewis an.i }■.]■ Cayard he .V Ooriunittee to 
A-rec V, ith 1\I;' Peccl:man foi' the Land h.e has desired in Ids iV-tition 
lu be Granted te> hina and they .Mso Jns])ect that the Land he 
d'.sire? dor not Cionie ];efore An}- Other persons iHneha.vj. 

OKDr.KFCD that the Coli of the IMiiitia Ueq-iment of tliis Gtiy or .Any 
< '>:her persons Authorized by liini d.-'C liire ^eMne Ciorn-en.ient I\ooin or 
Storeliouse for \? secnrinq- the Carriaj:^-e> of tlie Great Gimn.s iielon!:^-- 
'.:>,;.; to tins Citty lV that the ^-reat Ciunn? be forthwitli dismounted ir^ 
Order for the preservin,c;' tiie same. 

ORDi.Kn the ALayor .Si^n A Warrl to th.e dd'easurer to pay to .Mr 
}'']u\ Thco1)a!d the smn of tliree pounds Cr.rr': iMr.ney o^" Xew Yorke 
ill Leini.; for b.alfc A I'arrell of powdicr for salniin.Q- tlie Karl of 
i-i'-llotnonl on his \'oyai,'-e t':-. I'.oston. 

e.utsoi / ,-. 
-\c\v Yorke 

Att a i.Viiuinon Council held att th.: 
Citty ]L'ii (if iiie said Cilt} on W ensdiay y9 
6''.' da) of Sei-'temlxr .-Vriuo DoiTT 11)99. 

I'resent Johariue.- 1.) : Pe>ster i-iSo' Ma\or 
James tiraluun bkSqi' l'ec<.)rder 
Jacobns A' : Cortlandt ") 
Licoh Lrxden 

Lcoiiar'J Lewi> 
Lob'. Wa.lter.. 
Thomas W'enln: 
Martin. Clock 
jolm Ifnwa.lse 
Lvert I'l'yvanke 
Robi Lu'.-liii!;- 

y LS(|'- .\ldern;en. 




1 :.\ 1.. M. 

cr;.\i:.:ov (:T)r>;(:i] 

\fa\ Ui.\>::k-a> tliar What Ab;ncy Shall ]:e uisluirsicd l;y Ar 
J;j!:n i-]:i\', iit-v; I'T \ " j\ .s^.^^ar;/ Repair of y*^' jjrirnt: and bridg-e alt y- 
i-'crry be Allowed io hi:;i On Acol i!-: tnat A Well i^e :i:ade and il;.; 
(d\ii;nd bc'i':n.d:;;^" i.) tnj Citty l;;e inclo;.d wiihin, fence. 

OKDr;^:;!) tnat Aidernia!! JSoelen Alderman W'enliani Mr Lurti'^u; 
an:! Mr l'e\\a!da' i e A Conmiillee to take Sucii proper ^detliod^ i' ■: 
•y' iv<';n.'v;n_;- iia^ incn;ni:raiicc ol tlie Ground helonL;ing to the Citt_. 
liall for \\l.Hh L'k'nr^e lAn-L^^cr has A Grant as th.-y -hal! think most 
})r;;per u hene!lGal f: >r }■: Citt\-. 

vJ!n)i-.;;;-:i) that the jda\';;r doe take j^nectual L'ar^ forthwith to haov- 
ihe Street? of this Gitty Gleaned ci Paved G put into Good Order f-- 
;.0 ■Jeaural! hi.'i";ehiL d .\ecovnniodr:ti-n cf the Jnhaidtants of lids Giity. 

(d'a- ;aa) diat hM Ships Sloo[is iVoats or other A essells doc lye la 
th ' i ':adc o" an\- of the Slips of this Gitty A h)n^er lime then for 
G-nw-nicui Loadin:; u: ludoa.linc; I'pon the hk^nalt}' of Six Shidngs for 
IGai-}- tide tiie\- Shall h-c longer then &uch Gonvenicnt time. 

The >iayor Repr.rts tlad he has Agreed with Vl'- Tennis Dekey for 
■ e* hi! np Kin;; Street for yV Snm of Sixty pounds G A Silver Gup Xot 
JG<cecdin-- ;Aa- pr-unds ( ;ne hnife irt^^ccoi to be paid when lialfe idled 

the rra;ror l^bue hi:. W'arr: inv ilict Payment of tlie same. 

Th'-- Gonnnitiee Appointed fo\ to A;^ree widi John Ifliison Ai>ont 
tla^ Mar::et^ louse iiaue noole tia-ir Rcyorle whidi was read and An- 
]-rovd with this Aflditrjn that tio' laai^e Shad la- iwn Sf^-.rys KiMi d\nd 

|.:d2i dh:e I'etition nf the TuhahiratUs of (dawn Street wa^ read 
[rayi!- ;la.f A Mark-tt ^- Ap; Mhit.-d att Gramt- ; i Ay and that t^:-- 
v.h; h^nid A G>n-.;- -u Marh.W hou.v ad C/-:': r\.n Ghar5;e f..r > : 
ha' I'ek h;aavk: -. df !i,- i^ Gecadi'^-iy Granted And V)aD:-in-n 
the 'a' ahi^ant-^ - f tie said Slra.t atr ti^eir Oan Gs't -^ml Ca;ar;e havr 

th:' (^.-.^aniency and Orn-oueat r.t die Gitty. 

( the May<,r T^.-ie hi; Ahuad to tlu- dhvasmvr !:- pny f 
Mattlwav (darO. n S-ra d;^- ^-nn: of fao piaaaG Id-ht Shihn-s Cui:: 
>hiaev (d v.a.v Vorke iu ; ein- l..r [v, o Roaks >d h^ecords ()v.: h'^r G 
'^'- r h;A: d;: niher Gr v'Alayors Gourte. 

C^)iaoaa:^ the Aeek of tl-e Sheri^" GGl D : i'.y>ter and Gapt Fr.- 
\ .^M i r ( Gaa-aa,.l tn t^c Anlit-r^ of {'w Ikd'hrk Aee': and that d^r} 
V. :'■■■ !^r;'r- tia'noi Arv. aaha-iy. 

d'h.^ IkGd n ni Mr William IG^ecknuui was IGaal pravin- A Gr;ni- 
{'■- A G.TtaiiT- r>iere r.f Ground Ivinrr heiaeen yV land nf S!.n;-vesan:- 
riowrv ;ual idodau-y .\ tiaa 1 v is Wilhn- to pav tl'e \':\}\\v theve.if. 


( )Rjn:k!:L) that Aklcnran Corllanwi And Aidcnron Clix'k h:- A Coni- 
iMitor ti) \':.-\v \? ]''renii>s:'>; d: Kiko to th'-ir Af^ - '::";r..' ihe Surveyor 
Aiui make A Draft therof 6: Kepi. no t!ic-ir I'rcccod'Ui^-s ikcroin lo 
tk..- Xext Ckuiini'')!! Council. 

The Coiiinktlec A]).)'nnte'' 'o A:;r^ e v. kk Mk' LeJiker fo: ili-j Ground 

!;; Cousirk-raiioa of ti;e lv.o Sirecls Ak>\'ck t^ ; l';-/ C'ir.- wsit of \k 

\-,;Uer V■^ low N'/aler klarke froiUinr^' her Pat -k (, kik.- wka; Iw--^ i>;fo;e 
\r- ';.>;:-aa. of i.e^iiard ! iuyL':eii Oc Jaok fkak.r kxc-'itek. \vki>:h 
Ur-.r:r is c: r):a-;:RLn tl:e surv.j.r:-:- :\y[r A Draft of y^ 
.-.o:^* vV il-at ike kla-.'or I'^lxccutc A Grant Accorkiriole. 

^■.; ,- ■, Att A Coiriviio!! Council kek,l aiti. ilie 

■ llie 6-1' cia}- of Svptein]>er Aiuaa ' jTil J Cog 

Ikci^ent jokarnco i) : Devstcr K Sq^ }.]ayor 
Janic^ Grak.ani ESqV ]\ccorder 
Jacoku^ \' : CorLiaiirlt "^ 

Jacok i '.oelcn 

r . 7 ■ k- Aklernien J.ewi.s 

^^lartin Clock 

Jolm Euv.aise 1 

Kok: T.i. nk;- CAssisiarts 

IVter Wilkaiise J 

C;,n::i;;,n ikat tkc k[ayor A;:;rco with Sooie p'.-!-<on for ike jvcvjuiuc; 

f'f An iio^pital f"r ti:e 3iai;niiiiajv:e of tlie j);.i'ar of tkir- Ciit\- I'pon \-'^ 

Hio^t Easy Tern;- that nao- lie and rdso tliat lie hire A hnu:>e Suitable 

tor tliat Occasion. 

r)i!oi:REi) that ass(jon as A]d'.r:ran Eewis has uiade his Reportc on 

d,e Accl of ?.l- J(.nirdain that the Mayor Issue his \\':'^ak C'U Coil 

Merictt )■*? late .M;:}T:r trjr y^ Pa_\in: to jd.j-iry jourdain what Slial! 

he ailowe 1 him hy tlic Andile. Coil ?\[errett havin- khau^ys in hi^ 

haials heloni'inrr to tJie Citty. 

Ttt is the Opinio;! of tkt.- Major ;iarte of this Moard ikat AMerinau 

' iOek has A Ri:_d;f to kuil i I'pon yV Ground rau'dn;^ wiiii his k()use 

A'oar }ku!;er- path. 

johanne^ t^:ort!andt and koidries Grrw'urr-et i<:^r th-ii^-^elves t\- the 

C)ihrr iTihabitant- of th.e South and Dock Wkuals of this Cittv l^ater 


MiMTf:< <:»;•■ Tiu: co\;a1ux coi'xci! 

A Ca\cai A-L ihc ]j;i>si:n, of A Lease to Jolni R!II^on for the Mark<'0 
lioii^-- r.ti v. Ci;>lo;ri ]u,[]--c iirido-c I'nlili Such liino thev arc heard. 

Citt> of / ^^ 
\c\v ^'o: Ice \ 


Act a Coinniou Council held att th..^ 
Lilly Hal! of the said Citly on Wensday 
tlie 20'-' day of Septenii^er Ann3 DoilT Ko j 

I 're.-eJU J(^l!amu-s 1): ['cxster IiSi[' ?\]a}-or 
[.Vqj jai.irs (draluuu l^Sq: Reo.rdcr 

JacoljM-; \": Cortl.-tndl "^ 
lacc.Jj J'oelen j ,-, , ^. . , 

.i\o'>eri W ah'ers ^ 

dd^.!ua^ Wcuham 
John ILuwalse 
rotor WiHcmse 
lAori [-•yvanko f 

i\oh: Au.rtinc'; J 

The IVliri'.iu of t'K- lnhabiiaut> of ihe sonlii and !").)ck Ward ua-; 
read And ta!;^:i into rony'd;: ration till Next (...n.n;;.n C'luncil. 

'd:;n;jn o ihal the Ala\or Issue his Watrain lo the Treasurer for t!;'.' 

the Cu.y ]i;d!. 

I'l-a-' '.Ni i) ih-; Act of As<envT. f.^r y: Knabiin^ die (ditty c:f 
Xew \'.- rl;e to l'!efrr!y diAr jiuldick Cd;ave;o i)^c : iit is rnaninn'ush- 
(. )\o'-k>:n that Rici^ard Wdllctt 

ISaa- Deioroest 

Jrdnn Cr.iokc 

John Willenise 

yhiliii<'V,- LlaiAson 

Ov Teuni> Deb-y 
In- thv ' )'.er-ers ni tlr- jnihhck Works and huildii^-s to As>i>t the 
C'or.iin.'-'i] Council .Vccci dini;- as [.]v:- said Act k)irects. 

'idu I'etidon of ike InlKiidlanis of ]iarie;n was read nrayin;^ rhev 
nuo' A'-nmaiiy (.'h-o-r liu'ee iK.r^oll^ of th<' said d'owii t'j liave the l^i- 
lernnnan -n of ail i^elit d'respasses Coder y- \kdue of fnurty Skiiinu- 
Accordino lo - rn-^ Cu tn-n that their Conun- to Xcw Yorke Vy.i 
hl\-€:y fri-'/A'Ts ( ^o'-"-':. 'U U A ( irio\i' ti'^ Ikeinkcc to than v*ec : 

(Cue:;;;;) i! tit tie- ]nh:diLii:ls of liark-ni doc Ainnially on the 
twenty Xindi day of SepirniiH;r Ijeinrr tke feast day of Si Micliacl i!^c 
Archantrek hy Majoriiy of \\,;;es Ek-ci And Choose tiireo surhcieui 
freet:oldors of tlic said dd-.wn of iran-le;n l.> huive the Determiniati' 'U 

tjl- Tlii: CiTV (>l' SEW \()RK S7 

(<: .'il! JVtit 'l"res')as'-;e> [,V-'>:'! l'ii''"r tlu- X'^iiuc of lourt}- Shil- 
in[j:s that I'pou v'^ Sai'l i^l'Cti.Mi RiUini ShaJ! l.i,- iiia^ic forthwith to 
the 0?nc€ of Towii Clerko of the IJtty ot Xf\v "^'orke of the Names of 
Such person- l[!eetr'l as Aforc-in-l that tlie said Persons Shall he 
Called C'verseers of Harlem ^\- Aurnially On I'a' 14^'' day of Octnhrr 
tl'.e said persons Siu'll Come t.) Xl-w ^'orke and be swornc hy tlu: 
Mayor well true!;,' liir ••artially a.nd Justly .Xcco^ralii^c;- to the bc-t oL 
iluar Kno^\l.alL;■e t^' doc Kfjual }l^p^n to ilie Inhabitains of the said 
Town of iiarlem X: that ihcv or any I'vr, of then", Shall Award hixi'cu- 
t'":i A<aa rdini: In saeh Method .V forme :)r. has been Accnsto;ned in 
[':■■ :kiid Town of llarieni. And tlial tlie Consta.ijie of the said 'j'own 
■■■i Haileni <l()e ;-c--ve all sinnnions Warrants bxccniions r.r Cther 
]'.'Ci>. Awarded by the said C)ver.;ec-rs 

ddie Inliaidta.irLS of iiarlein /\Co petition foi' ].ibert>- to b".i-ect A 
Mid < r Mills (Jii the ]vi\cr bet\.ceii Kinns Uridt'e and Ilndsons i'iwi- 
f ,ir tiie Conveniiin'y oi \h<- Triliabitanis of the said towai 

CanKRKD that the Inhabitants of Harlem Jiave Idbcrty to Rreet 
ou- rrr two Mills nU on<' place on ihc said River and Xo iMon- i^a- 
vided that tliey doe X'ot b.inder tbic passanx of Boat?^ and Slooj^s Round 
Manhaitans Island. 

■ ew "1 orkc 

At-; .\ Comnaon C'onnei! lield ant tr:e 
Citty Hail of the said Citty on Fryday the 
20'1' (lav of S-n^-^ Ann:, ])oiu 160O 


ann- - IM Pey^^I-r l•:^rf Mayor 
James Graliani laSrn Recorder 
\p^-o.'\}^ y : Cortknait ^ 
Jar,,b [ioelan i 

l,vo!aird Lewis 
Th._.n-as Wen;. an; 
Martin Clorl: 
FVter Wdlk-mse 
lA.'ri IP'waiike 
Rokl Purtin;; 

Pursuant t^) thv Warrants of d ,■ Ma\or P -uvd to v? Aldermen of 
Each Resprctlv.j War;; of thi:- Pirt\- Accrrdinq- to the Usapv Custom 
Laws and Crdin:,;,ccs ,,t ih. said Cittv b..- y? bdectint; this dav 
13^61 C);;e Alderman one A-si<lanl two Asse-^ea-s one Collector and 
one j'eitv Constable in each Resi-^eetive Ward within the said Citty 
anr! -Ps> 0\<-rseei-s of the IP-hwavs bn" the Pi virions of the Ikvary 

VlPscr^ .Mdcrma 

I- Assistants 



M[:vri'!:s ciV '\\\ii cci^iMov c* 

and llarlcin of i'k; ( );LL\Va!'u U; ScM've in K:--spcctiw ! )riici-s i^-^r 
tho \c-:'r l^nMk'i;!:.: ; iu! AccM-dintj:!}- t:;j .-:!!::■: 'iay Jictiivn v,\u; 
thercr-f :\V Uv.;i\ •■ .\ ( "Kh-k ati Soon to ih- Drrico of Town Clarke uu^U'T 
the Jiauds au'l -;:ai-^ oi i!ie Ro;:]jective Ak:i.T.,Ka-! According; lo tkc 
'IViinrc of tlio Ai..i\-aid Warranb h> fo]lo\vcth 

rjacoki^s \': C'^riiaialt f^S^;' A:d-;n.un 
I Saii.i:*'!! Ikr/ard Assistant 

Dock War, 

! i;Akard W 

~1 -^^ 

J>JM':n X'anhornc 
f Since ■I'lcctcd 

North \\'ar. 

^ J-awiii;.:-- \'an Mookc Constaklc 

"Cno: i>,\.rt ];.\\-:od:v Alderman 



IS i:.iecto,' in 

v„ii:.inas srund-s 
rCar^c k^r.ndt Sckinlor 

Sontii \^ki^.l 

j A ;:ka;n Jackson 

[ j-c.^l^w'i Cornclisse 
fL-oiiard Lcv-ds TSn 



' Colkvn:,- 


A!dorn;an Since Elected 

Joliarmos 1) Peystcr L><\' 



Aiirani Akrani. ) 

V.T'M Ward -< Adrian R. -kiandt \ 

C"' rn; :i^!> I..A;:o r-ol'cctor 

I'./.cr Xcv.ddr!:e Constaklc. Sine- Chose Kn-iinnci 
Youn;r;. Jokc! Ki^'iton a' ]-iur;:r- 

fC::ri TSaacTV RicaxrKSq: Akk-rnian 
I :\tvr Win.anso A-i^i::nt. 

^^•.■<t Ward -( >-'' '^ ''' -- / 

\ Mar:-anas \ an Cclder \ 

\ nardad^r,,..;,,- I.-iroux Collector 

i,_>fartin Hceckn-an Constable 





Jul ill R'vc'.viv.j'ii 
L'liiiiip Aiaiitt'n 

Out Ward ^ 


Coik'Ctr'i- fnr )■'. i!c>.vry 
Coiistakk:. Juhn Hen- 
dricks Sv,-..ri:c: iu hi^ 

|i Siir\-e}ors uL L!:-j Iii;di 
\ ^va^.■. • 
(Aiiirlaijk- ^ 



:r^ «,>! v-:a;ir:n 

joiia.riiics i!ioir,assc 

l.xylicrL [iaririan. 

Sa;-nell \\"aldr..n 


Johai;n^s kle>cr 

ISaa.c Tu.niMir 

PetLjr Oklinis 
^ Lawr-iKe Taiise J 

]"he k!a}ur haih kv^ii p'^'asc] lu .\p;Kiii\l Coenra>. 1 Toncicc lli;-;k 
Constable of {\\\s Qxiiy for y" Year Ensueing. 

JSaae D: Rierrir l-k-kir i. ApjKMnlcd Chaiiibcrbui ,.r Trca-ur-T -.f 
this Citiy for tk.^ Year Fnsueing be Giv!:-;^*; Siinieiciu Surelic? icr: ike 
due Hxecution of ikat Office for wiiich ke is 10 ha\ e one pou'su ■-.■n 
Shilings "O (A-ik icv Recvi^ i^g and Paying 

The k'.'titio:! of Wkkiani Skarpu:-. was read pra\ii\g tliat tke Ckry 
v,-ouk! (^iranc to him A Certaine p!;jce of k.and !;n;iii";:r iroa; iligk 
v,ater to Lc)V. \^-atcT kla'-ke frontii'g the l'urek''-e ol W'iluan: 'In!- 
dle£V-.a :A : lying >kv-r '.h^ I^ons- i'i Tko-rw 'Ic-ke F^. sad'-r And 
Contains One hundred l-~'A in k-ngd. Ak)ng the Kast River ^A : Ckn 
DCRHD that in Cnnsideraiion of his Dikgent and faidifnll Service :•; 
tkis Ciitv a- To'.vn Ciei:..e ikereof for this seaven Years pa^i :• k-' 
Ins RnC'''nrage;ne!U t.^ Continiie Soe for \\\v future timt the said kand 
Contaiidng one kundrcv! f(u;t in len-rk and 10 Ro'\- v/ater Mariie ke 
Granted niko kim and diat ike lav can F;e s.nne >k tkat 

tlic kla^.r kxecut- A Grant Aco-^rdinoiy and t'mt Uk- Mayor S:-n 
this Mivnate by Order of this F.oard. 

|k^! 'Jdiis l:(-ing die Anuiversar)- day tlrn tiie .\lay.a- k Skenn .a 
this Citty are to be Xonnnated to Ser\e in dieir Respective Stations 
for this Cilty fe^r t;:e Year lAn-neing ill x.- tlierekn-o ^)kn-uno tkai kR 
Recorder di'X' waite 'Gpr>:i ihe Lieu'. (de-)\ ernoiu" And iknareil to Irnovv 
their p!easin-e d.erein :\nd M de^ire they wik be i)ieased Ti' Nonkn:ae 
the Akivor and Skeri-f of r]k> Citt\ for liv "^Yar l^n^ueing Rnrstunn 
to the r)ireclia.ns of th.e Glnirur of tb.e said Cilty and t'"'-)' he 
forthwith \V::\\-K^ FkjiV'ne rh-reof t" t]n<- Roard. 


MfXTTKs o[' THE COMMOX ror>:cti.. 

(Jkdv.ria) t!ic Mayor Issue his Warr^ {n the Treasurer to ])ay to 
Enoch J Jill <>r (,»r(Ier the sum of two poini'ls t^-n Shiiiin^s Curr! M<>uey 
of New \'(>r]<e itt heiiic,-' lor one Quarters Sallar}- due to him as 
Marshal! 'u' rhi- Citty hjiclin.:^'- the fourth euth day of Ociuber Nexi 

Mi Ktcorder Keixirt^ t':> lids (."u'urte that hie wailed on the lion'r^ 
the Lieu^ (djouveruour and ("ouncil Wdv.' were pleased to Noniiuate ia 
Council Cai"' Da\id I^'l•"VO'.^l Ma^'or anrl ;\lr Charles Oliver sherilY to 
Serve in their Respeeod e <. dTu:t;s of Maj'e.'r ^" sherid of this Citty for 
the Yea.r l'd;>uein.C''. 

Okdi-.kko that ih.e dlayor Eaecute dv Cease tu johii Idlisou for the 
]\larkett house h\- ihf !;ridi;e Arcordiri-.' to the Reports of thj Com- 

mittee dvp[>oii 

; Terms for 

same Aud tliat thr Inhaidiauls of the south Ward haue Liberty t^ 
Hrcet d.ny jnildiek budvliu;;;- all ihtir 0^\]\ proper Chari^e On th' 
Ground Adjacen.t ihercunto d)n ilie south side thereof for th^ 
i'uJjlick Accommodation dwi.l (Caaam.ent of the Cittv. 


-Att a Common Counci! Ijeid att th 
Citt)- Mall of y: Said Citty On Saturda 
>'■ i-j-'l da}' of (Jctotser Ann.o ]Jiom 1699 

Present johariU'.-s ],) : iY^vsto" ICSqr Ma)'oi 
fames Graham T'lSor Recorder 

ras V\'enham ( 
:ia Clock J 

CSo'"' Aldenrien 


R(T-t Wdih 

ddion-as V\'enh.; 


Peier Wdlinms.- 

]\vrrl Ib.-yvauke 

Roh! [.urtiuf^ 

Ahr;d-un MVslei 

This day the Mayor Attended hv Cap! David IVovoost the Afayor 
Elect And tiie Keo-rdcr Aldiv>rmen Slieriil Assistants t'oiistahles Ot 
Other Ofncrrs a^ \\e!l tho.r in f)n^ae a^ 'd'Xi Aeer^rdinc^ to the 
usajic Rraeiict Oe Cuslo-ii -.[ th.c snid Ciity v.aaited CY>'".'n the llon';' 
Jo!)n Nanfan h;S(:'' Licul ('i^ aivornom , in (d)!m'd! Wdu-rr the Mavor 
^ sh.-rilY nr,d shcrifr ideol lanl ihc C).i&- Ad-nni^trrd in them Ap- 
p-iiiUed Inst. -ad ■;{ the ( ^a.ths (d All-iya:;-e and supremacy ^^. suh- 
scrih^d the Te-t an-1 As^ocdation. and Also tlie Oaths for the dvx 
Fxerutioii r,f their P-s''-'-t;\-e T)!!"--? ,'■: R-eeived tluir Commissions 

OF THf-: C! I Y 01' N1-:\V YORK 


Accoruingly. from thence tl\e Afayof A ttc!!<lt;;i as Aforijsard W'cut 
to Irinity Churoli whoa; tbe lA.-ctor tlnrcof .Mv William \'ezey 
I'reached A scniioii suitable t^- tlie (^'coasioii W'liich Iviulod tlio>- Re- 
turned to the C.'itty Hall wh.erc J'lftcr tlu- Rir-iiyc;- of liiree j'ells tiie 
Coi-nmijsioiT;; cf tlie Mayor and sh.erllT \.-crL ])Ul'!:^hcd, W'lioreiipoii 
the New Mayor Re^ui)vd the Chair And (':\v,-vd the Oadis A[);.ointc(i 
a? Aforesaid to he Adnrinistrcd to y^^ Respective Aldernicu atid Assist- 
ants who Suhscribecl the I'est and Association and were sworne to 
llie due Execution of iluir K'e.-pvctive Omces An<l Accordingly too'ce 
their places. JacAus \'an Cortlandi ES^il Ahlcrinaii of tlie Dock 
Ward ^ Leonard Lewis ESq^ Alderiuan of the East Ward Only Ex- 
cepted the first cf which, is Sick And tlie Other Absent. JSaac I): 
Rienier E>ki' \\as also Swurne Treasurer of this Citt}- for the Year 

\V/0{ Coenraet d'ene}-(-k v. a/ .Ms. ^ Swi-rne 11 i':;!! Constable of this 
Cilty for the Year Ensueing and tlie Cons:al k-s Elected for the Re- 
.s]icctive Wards of this Cilly were all swurP:e Ikxcept the i. 

onstahle of 

tlic East Ward. MenT Jolin J [cnd.rick> LAevort was Sworne Constable 
( f the Rowr}- in th.e Rc^oni of W lihani ( 

ORnKRFn that A Warri (s^uc to die Aldernuui of the East Ward 
for the Election of Anntiier Ccinstahle Reter Xewkirke Return'd for 
>T Offico havin,::: alread,y Served therein tv,o '^'ears Siiice. 

Idle 0^•erseers of ihirlen-! were .Sworne to ilie d.ue Execution of 
tiud; Ofrires According- to Cu'-toni. 

Cittyof / ^ 
Nc^v Vorke\ ^ 

A'i r A Cnnimon Council iicld att the 
( iitv Ihall of th.e said Citty on Wunday the 
l6y' <Ia}- of October 1699 

)a\id l'o.Vi,ost ESm^ Mavor 

an'e> Craha: 

Hi. Jvecorclet 

ISrauot >ehuyler ^ 

LSaac I): lAdjuer C ESq'- Aldermen 

Evert r.e}vaiike J 

Reter \\i'l!em:e ^ 

Samuel! lAtyard 

llendrirk JCies.n 

Johannes Ti'-bout 

Abraham i>ra;:icr 

yM>rahani Metier 

C Assistants 


Leonard Lewis ]-'Si.]- Kciiu'ii"'! for Aldcrnuiii uf liic La^L \V <'.:■•] oi 
the Faid Citty ihh day Appeared i)efurc tins i;.jnrd >:•. Lesircd iio be 
Excused froii: scrvi:-;:^ In thai Siaiion lie havi')*^- s,jr\'cd the said Ward 
in tij" S'' Oflicc for ihrce >'ears past and that itt \:ou\<\ !;e A prejudice 
tc> his particular Jhisiaes:; \c> Atte;id llie (huy uL the same. (J;^i;:;!^,.L) 
that y i'day(»r Is-ue Ids \\'arrai!t I'-.' M- Ahrahani l]ra/:icr Assistant 
of the iaid Ward lo C'ar-se siii'iiTion:? rd: aavl L'/ory tiie Inhahilants and 
Citti>;cn^ within ihe said Ward t^ ■ niak,- ClaWe of A hit person to 
Serve as Aidvrn an of the said \\'ard for the ^j'ear Ln.^nei;!;^- ^l: Re- 
turn tiiereof mad- ],\- \Vv\:^i\:iy alt t-.'. cive of the (Jiock to l;:;; Oi'dcc 
of Toun CIcrhe. 1371 1 The Oalhs Appcintc 1 Listcad of t-e Oatl- 
of Ailei;.'ance and Snpren^acy Avere Administred to Jaco'vus \'an 
Cordandt hiSrir Lhvled Alderpian of the h)oeh Ward of the said Cittv 
also y^ thol. vi Ah.lern;an who Aee-rdiii-]y Snhscrihed the dh. st ^: 

A-SOciatio-i \vi.] lo.^:-: ' Ids plaao 

Oi<lK■[i\^^ thai the Ma\or Alderman h) : iviemer Yi: J(dl-son and 
i\V- Tich'.An A- A ConaniUce Cadino;- to their AsA^iaucc Sia:h Car- 
penters Cv: ihiehi:;;.e:s a- dioy Shah ihinla (A:nvenitoU to niske an 
Estimate of \\d;al Ste-ae llrich. Lim.- ddmi^er anrl Orlier Matcrialls 
w il! W Kcssc--a-y l-; ie p;o\idvd i\: ih;i|do\"e<J for \ ■ huikiin:;;' of tiie 
Xev.- 0'i;i\ Ih.d do Xext sonan;! and ai^o xrhvi vd'A he !•-.■ Wnri^c 
therv-f A n:a'.;e J'ei>one to the Xext Comn^on Council 

<,JKin.';!!> la. >one yomniillee cioe \ lew tde IJaKivi^onse ■■,y Uvi 
Governovirs (lard^n A W iiether ill may he (Amvenienlly h^Lcd for A 
Prist-Ti rna! n;ak(^ Rpono thereof la. die Xrxl: (."omtnon Council v\: 
■a]<o \\ !ni wdl: ;a- the e'!ao■:^.• thereof. 

()i'F)aK!.o oa-l da- Alayt.r A;;rer Wdlh four a!;ie and laaw^t Cuti- 
zcn> lo Serve in tie- • 'hice of I'dhncn of ihi; lilt)' U'llil! the tvventy 
fifdi day iii Maiadi Xm;t I-in^iuin!;; Ci)on the Mc:-^[ Reas(jnahie Terms 

that V..-V. 

,1,-' ■- 

ahe ivvporie th'.Teof with all Convenient Expcdit-nn 

! dd.i^ iVntk.n -A t:o- inludiiooim of tla- s.,uth\rard was Read Pray- 

I in- that tlay ha\e hihvrO- t,. ;rake and Errct A Puhlick M.arkeit 

I hon-'.- f'.r ;!:e ('hnaiaou and Peneliit of y: Ciii\ on th- Cdrotmd Where- 

i on Ihe (dd ^hirkelt hovise Stand' < 'U in which John hdh^on live^. he 

j t)u- said }<<-v) V.U]<(.') hnvincv P-linMuislmd ids A^:re.>n]ent vvith the 

i <d:tt\ 

OF 'ilii: C\'\\ OI' NEW YORK 


(}krriK],\> i\d .M<ivnii:i:! Cortiandl AtlT. Bcyvanlie VJ Brazier and 
Mr Willcin^e be A to C':^Ji-uit w'nli the liiliabiiants of the 
s;dd Sciitli Ward ^^■hat: iniildinLr t'ley vro])o^c to nialxe On the prcniitcs 
And \vi:at Ycarh IvLnt they v. iU Pa}- for tlie same .\nd niakf- Reports 
tlierenf t" llic Xcxl Conuiion C'juncih 

[372 1 Th.e P'etitirm of Peter Janscn Mesier was read p;-a}'in.C;' .V (dr.anl 
from Hijdi \v;,it:r te- l<^\': water M;!.rke fronlin;;^; his Purchase to tlic 
Xo^-'h ]-ivcr 

Or;])KRrLD that Aldfrnu-iu Pjeyvanlce an.d a\ 

TelleFon (daiHn:: the 

purveyors oi the City to their A^^■:^l:^Lncc he A Co'^iti'ie to \'ie%.- li 
faroe and inake A Dia.t of Wdiat is desired i)y tiie Petitioner and nni! 
ihiiorh- therer.f hv t! e fh-s: ConveTiient C)p:-:'rl:nnif \-. 

0;<Dr;KKD the hiayor issue hi> Wairant to the Tre:;surer to [iay to 
W ihiarn Sharpas or Order the sunt of Eieaveii pounds four Shnoigs 
Curr; Money of Xew Yurhc itt hein^^ for halfe years Salhry due ihe 

i.i''- Pi:-lenL .V for \>:n Jnh ^e pajier for the same time which is i\ 

j\, v'>;. 

da; Potitie^n s f Ciinnnu Klsw-erdi was read prayin;:^ A Grant of A 
■ ■'■' i^rouof! irontiw^- the Past Iviver Xero" the (Ground of ed- 
'n,a; fn- d:, r.. of A \'ar<l h s yv hui'din- of S]d[.in- .^X; Ou- 
o .\'d^rn■an Sehnyhsr A](Xrn;mi ']) : Rien^er .v :V Pyard be a 

' h•.!^o.l.!J that the Alayi.r j'rt;,dde a Ci.'ai.e i>revches ShovS hi ici-:- 
::;.'. /\nd innt of tiie Citt>- Li\-ery ff.r jhavsh hiih MarX^ad of thi^ ChPy 
Ami dan 'ic dra.'s up'.n tl-c dhaasurer for y'^ Payment of y'- San:e. 

0;-.o;a-,;n) t;;at AMLrnian Ci^niandl AU!enn:m Peyvanke l\l'' And }[' Ih-asicr \.'^ A (Aenndae^ to Auciin; tlie late dhvasimers 
i''-'X> and A.eeoi;'ns .nai nndce iX[;mie tin-reoi vsitli all Convenient 

C)Kr)nun[) tins ^[ay^.r p.ue his Warrant to the Treasurer to pay i' 

^^; Uuth PaX - th^- . 

nn ar .\m: 

P Onr- shihn- Curr: :\[onev I 

■'•f Xeo- \'orke itt lad.v^ for ( erdics and ]X-pen.^e:> with iM^ Rochi^an 
about the Sab' of the Ohl (.'n.y Ifal! and A halfe yeares Rent for the 
Cfnirir l-innm due and b'ndiny' ll"o iir^t da>- of Xo\-ena!)er Xh?xt. 


AiT A L'uuinion Council h:Ad aci y= 
Citly I-lall of \-V S;iiil Citty on \\\n,day y? 
fir^t day of X'-'vcnibcr Aiino Poni jO.aj 

PreseiU Davi'l I'rovOuNt i£Sq' Mayor 
(anifs Graluuii l-LSci: Ivccjrder 

loiUuitu's i ) : ley-t 
"iSaac 1): j^ioincv 

LS([''^ Akleni'.e!! 


Alaniti (.'I.^ck 
Saninrii llayard 
\-cirv \\ilVlIl<e 

AbraiiaiTi Mc-sier 
A];i-a]:an; Iha^J-r 
IKMHricL J-''.-oii 
l.,.ha;H;r:; Ticlxuit 

riu' C'o:ii;^ritkv Ar;|)oiiil'.'.'i lo uiakr an lislimate of What Siones 
i;ric!- Linio 'I'iiiikvr aivl ( MIkt MatciAdl. will be XcodfuU lo be 
in:pio\r.l u.r ibc Iviillin- Vw Sl-w Citty Hali (l^e ]^;.ep<■rte tiial they 
liavr- Called \o iheir .\>>-i-.i;i.ico Severall able Carpeiuor.- and Urick- 
layc-is and b:i\c niadc an K-tiniaie of the Cbari^e tb'-;cui which 
An.. mill- tv> the ^uni m*^ C)?ie tlionsand ' liimdred ^S: fifl}- 0])c pounds 
}'"iL;r.l<en. Sh-,in:;'s and ihrce pc-ncc M(.)nev of Xcw Yorkc as 
Ap;xTir> ]i\ an Ksii-'^atr tbciaof nunle which [^stiuiate was road and 
Ayipii .ved. 

C)Rn;:Ki:n ibai ibr -aino lonnnillee iky A^reo with ]Vi>!.ns for the 
finishiuLC the ^a^^• Materials all vv bofMro the twenty tffth day of 
M;M0b :-;o-:' rn-i; ■hi;: Cjx.n iV.r mr-l Ka-y d'eini^ ti!0\ Can A-reo for 
the IWnclit: "' lb- Citty. 

r)ui)Kiu-o t!';-.t M' Mavor Alderman li; Kionior M'' Jollcson And 
Mr Tiebonl i^.■ a C-.nnniu-r to niake an lAlimate of what Monov will 
1)0 Xet-dii'nli {•' Ik- "\ai-ed! b>-tv. .Tn this an.d the 25''. day of March Xext 
I-'.nsneini;' f>.r t!;e l-uildtin;^- th-.- ferr\- bon.-e. the X'ew Cittv Hall and 
Otlior pii-'liek buddinL''^ Acc-^rdin;^ t(^ tbic Act of A?send.)ly in that 
Caso !nad" .V e'a'K-- K-'y.trto ilu-ronf toj vvrrmw niorr.iuL;- Xin-? A Clock. 

\'\7l\ .\.'^>!/i-: i.K th<i .\n [>> ]\i: AS KDi.i.owirrir 

Wdv^at at: 4-— -i' >' ibrshell W'hdu- Iwcad 1,^ Ounce-; for throe 
halfi- p'Ta- \\''aaun brvad th'a-v \u und,-; and A Ilalfc for four ponce 
haUc prnnv Wdioar att .p ..- S' ■-' Bushel! Wdnto ])read 12 Ounces for 
tln-oc halfe y.t-ncc And \\ leaten broad tbrr<' pouted for four pence halfe 

OF iilK CUV Ol- SEW YOvlK 95 

penny. Wheat at* h\c S!jilin-s >\: fuin- pence \-> Ikisliell Vv'inte 
bread ten Otinco> tV.r three lialie pence aivl W'ho'iUT. hi\'n<\ tv,o poiuv:! 
tV a halfe for four }i.::;nce halfc }>enr,y 

Wheat att Six ShiM■ul^^ 'p Jiii-liell Whiit' I'jgh.t Ounce, for 
three halfc pcnc; iin;l \\'ltcati--u I'rvcul two jj'iinvl fur for.r ],>ence Isalfe 

(jRDEKiiU thj Ahoecir lIo-.: Ac^ree wiili soai.- per-'.ni or per>ons 
to be the imblick Scaveni^crs of th.i^ Cut\ in (Jrder tlKit the Street.^ 
of y^ san;e i;c weekly Cleaned And the h!th and Sr>\lc theieof be 
C,"arried -\\va_\' iov iW puiihch Cunvenicncy vV Ikn.cfitt of the inhabi- 
tants of the sanv.- and make Repcrte therced with ah C"e)nern;Lnt 

i)Rl.'i:Ri-o that Alderni-n D: Pe\st'.r Aldcrinan h) : Kiemcr V^' 
Biiyard (K- \h- Bras'er or Any three of tlieni be A Coninuliet- to .Vudite 
all the [uiijliclc Acco'.nn.s of the Citiy and Call onL of the harid< of Cap; 
hew is all Stich. Ace-, itntls as h.c has in Ids Custody Relatin;:;- to the same 
and Also make an Abstract of vdKit Money tlie Citty is Tn.debted and 
make J\.e{)oAc I'y t'le first 

CUiy of 
Xev,- Vorl 

( s 

A'i r A Comnvjn CouPiCil held V 
Citty Hall of the Said Citty on Tiuirsda} 
\'^' 2'^ day of .\o\enil.:er Anno Don; ](X}o 

'rihcnt David I'rovoost ESq'.' May<n- 
Jarnes Graham TfSq; Recorder 
Johannes D : I'cvster ^. 

r.\-ert i.e} varace 
Martin Clock 
Peter Wilicua-." 
Abraham Alesier 
.\brahani ]Ir;isier 

:] Hendrick Jelleson 

>:i^und\ hayard 
Jolianne:-. ddcbou.t 
.Matth.ew ClarksoM 
Tennis- lA!:e\ 
ISaac 1): b'uree.d 
•Jolm Crooke 
John WillemM^ 
Richard Willeu 

rL'kSf.w"! to ;ni Act >d Crii'' As-emi 




C Assistants 

I ( )veri,eers of 
[ the publick 

Work? \- 

buildiiigs (J^c: 

ro\-ince Hn.tit'.iled 


MlNUl'i-.S O]' TMK COM}.M)X COl XCiL 

An .\ci for liv l'"n:i;);;n;', tiie Ciity of New Yorlcc to p-i}- tlu'ir i\::\,\ 
and to t'^rcn u (vejxi'r ilioir pUijHcIc buildini^s u Defray their Nes^.-s- 
sary and Pnblick Lharg'o the Mayor A'devnien i>c Assistants havii>-' 
C'c'Hcd io their Assistance tlie Overseers of liv; I'nbl'ck Works an-i 
buiWinj^s in L/ioer for the j-'reparir::< oi an l^stirnate of tlie I^Jonic^ 
tbat v/ili be XceclfnU t'") be Raised for the Year Kusuein;^- for tl'- 
bnildinj^ tbe (dity Hall and the ferr}- boure and itt is blesolved !■;.• 
}\lajority of \'otes iliat tbe tun: oi Sixteen hundred pounds Currant 
Moiiey of Xe^v Yorlce be Raised for tlie ^'ear Eiisufdng- to be pa' d 
by f../-jr Xrual Ouavterly j^aynxa-its bileaven bi'ndred and sixty il\o 
pounds Wdiereof for tlie Frovidinf:^ IsRit^-rialb i^: luibhng; of the Citcy 
ITall ifv' four bAindred <5: Thirt\- five oounds 'Residue tb.ereof for d;.- 

b-dld;n<.: d'e i-ouse att the Ferrs-. Y 
Re-Tv:i:ve A<-?. 

to R 

lie'-! is Ori 
:. A.-eoul 

be Give)! t' 

•j> PLo_;LTsurL) Ao\'i::i'''- the 22'-' 1699 
o'i Rread l;e till fu'tiier Order as foilou-etb 

finest idower to v. eiyli i o elve Ounces !■ 

Our-Ki^D tbe As- 

A Whir- loaf,' 01 

A Ydieaten loaf the Coursest Bran Only taken Out and not Od^;;-- 
ways to 'aei^'h three paunds for four pence halfe pCiUiv wlieat:' beiii;; 
ati four shiiings and Fig'lit pence '^■' ihishell. 

[3; 6] Tlr is Also OKOi'RKD that Xo Other bread h- ma<le for Sale 
v,dth;n tids Cii ty taen vdiat above Specined and all ]bd:..TS within th- 
f^aioe ar;. !a_-rv;:y IXaydre';: 10 Keep i-aead in thX^- Sh>;.p^ Rursuaui: I-.' 
\\r Abov- Ar^size t'at the InJ-abitants be supplyed Aceraabngly 

f / ^-, Att a. Connnon CounXl held att tiie 

:bei ■ " Citty Kail of tbe said Citty on dAiesday v: 

i6d- r!ay of January Ann:.i DoaT 1699-700 

ih-esent Da\dd Provoo-^t F.Sqr /da}-or Gralaain FScp Reror'ler 
Jacobus \' : Cortlandt f 
R.randt Scluiylcr i ESci'': Aldci 

JSaac D: I^^ienier 
Sarr.uell Ra}-ardi 
• Peter Wilienise 




A1;ralaun Rrasier 
Iohr.nne> ddeb^aui 

r Assistants 


OF Tuy. crry of xj.w vera; 97 

Oia.>Ki;[;D llie Mayor Issue his AVarrant to llic Treasurer to pay to 
.I*eter Wi!iei7ise Kooir:e tr.e laiwi of two ];u^uire(i e: Xincty pounds Cui- 
raiit Money of Xcw York.:- wiiicli wiih One lumdred and foiirty five 
pounds he lias Alrrad}- !\;Ceivcd is in full payment And satisfactioti 
for the Maierialls and bnildino- rhe Ciliy i!oi;:^o att the ferr\- (^ Ordered 
the Treasurer {.-ay th.c sanie. 

Ordi;k:-.L' that the ?Jayor Alderman ]): Peyster Alder nuiu D: 
Kien-cr J'.H j'eter W iliemse and AU Brasier he A Coniinitiec of this 
board for the Mana^iii;.^ a Supervising the buildiing r;f [he New Citty 
Hal] for the puhhck Serviee ._>! this Ciity v.ho are herein Tmpowered 
to treat wiili Any person or persons A\dio ^\•ill ur.dcrtake l^itlier b}- the 
Great or by the d.ay the bu'ldin.?; and finisViiiig- of the said Structrire att 
such Reasonalde and l/.asy Termr. as may be me)st b.^nefieial and 
Proniable for die Said C'iil)-. arid to the Etid tliat ah things and 
Materialis Xeedfidi dir d;..- ^aid hnihli-ig i-iav be duely Satisfku 
and paid U> sucii a? are Imployed thiercin itt is ORnrnp.D tlial the 
Mayor doe Issue his Wairants from tii-ne to tisnc as there Shah be 
d'^cca.sion o:-, tiie dVeasui-er of tlie said Cilt}' f^jr the ];ayment of th.e 
]\es],cct:ve sums whicli Sludl l-econic due for y'^ Service Afrn-esaid. 
And Tnat A true and distin.ct Account oi the Mpteidahs and severall 
Pavironts he kept by tiie said Committee. 

L"-//] Ordmukd the r\Iayor Issue his \V'air;mt to tlie Treasurer to pay 
i<'» A'derman sclnuler die run^ of Six Shiiings iii; being iov Mending 
:hr Wail of d:e liile bridge. 

n.<i^::K! ;: t":ai ad i\u. f.^ruier La^^s Chairs and Chalinances made 
•' ■: U-v c;.-'d jude ai:d l-overnmuii of the Inhabitants (d the same be 
LV'nfirmed ^ Coniinued in force till furtlicr Order. 

(^';vi'/:.a^i) t!iai .Mderman Schuyler and :Mi Jollcson be A CiKumiltec 
tT Agree v;iih jVrsoiis for the I'dreciurd Clenning of the Dock of Ibis 
''ilty as tlv;y Shall See n^ost beneficial and ODuvenient ffU" the Pu!i- 
iirk Aceomniodalie.n of il^e said Citiy Soe that the same be Cleaned 
dns Next -\\\v.i.-^y. 

OjjM-U!.!, ii;at Aldernam ]): Pe\ster /Vldern'an Clock M^" Bra>ier 
.^ M- Ti-b.vit or any three of them be A Committee to \d-\\ tlte place 
On \vhich Ja-[)er Xessej^,>;t t :i cXc/. J(":\-r Xrssrf^oH intend^ to 
build A Mid ci: att KiaL:;s bridge and mak- Penorte to this board 
v^hctlter die ]-reeting the said Mill will hinder the pa>sage of Poats 
<^: Siooi.s Pcaind. dhis Pkmd And Wdagher itt wall be Cotivenient to 
'^■ani him Idberty t' . Krect A ^vlih tlicreon And Uiake Peportc thereof 
to ij:c Xext CoUiUion Council. 

Th;C I'elitio.n r)f Vdilliaiu Peeclmian for A Grant for i-^arte of th.e 
V,.l. [i._7 

ijS Misii'\:< C)[- iiii: C0MM(.)x ex»i;xciL 

Commons X>,-;ii Kii»i)ur\' was road luid jxcjectrd this ]j>»ar(l ii,.,t Lvi;;. 
wiliin;:; to d; ;■;' ^.■ wf Ai;;, cf Vac S'J Cow.wkaiF: 

The IV'liiiL'i; ci CK-i;,ord I'd.sworth i-jY A Virant oi: S^iiie laud i,.-,. 
twceu M''- i!v\-ci:iuans A: Ai- Sladcs was read and IvcJ'.oicd ilr.' (Jiii- 
not be WdJiin- to Sell tlrj ^anic. 

Cittycif / 
Xew Y(^tl.:e\ 

Att a Cuminoii Cuuiicil held an t: 
Citty Mall ot ilie 5.a!d Lilly di Alunday d 
it;d^ da\- oi Vt^hvvwv .\v.u<_) J )■ luT i6'/!-:;' 

i reseiit i 'avi'i i 

n: \ 

avi 'V 

Jal)^,'^ ( irahaui KS;iV ]>lci 
Jo!ia;!:;e> 1): Teyster / 


ISauc i^; Kienier ^. J' Sq« Aldermen 

iA'-'ri IU-\\anla; J 

Sa. u;eil I ;ayard A 

I'eter \'' iilemse L/Vssistrmts 

lieudriek Jelleson J 

The Coniiidtiee A;-iv,imed to \d.-\e the ]>lace Wdiercon Ja.ecr 
Xcssepo't Inleiids to huild A Mil! on att J\in;_;-> Ihdd.Q-c Ivepone in di-se 
words I'ilAvi;:-- ( \dz; ) jan 20': i('k}(j piir^tiant to an Order of ;.' 
(djn^non I'ouncii to u^ directed Wee \vd\<: Xdewcd the place f. :r 
hh-ictinr; \ Mid al hCiny,. hri U:e and Wee are oi (,)j)iidoi! tla.r the 
same re AianUd to ja-pvr Aessep'Hc ( )n d'ondidoa thai he talce i'U{ 'd 
the way the ^-tone< and Ko-dcs On the rather Side thereof that th./ 
same .ra} n 1 hinder the i'as^age of Hoais and Canows and when Any 
is to pass alt their i^■;^^,,iv;Mt_■ i-^cqnesl: he is to shult his Since? A (Ad 
the Oilier Ade of the hrid-v Kreet A p.:>[ in the watc and ha\-c A 
Jvope ready to Asdst them in {)a^^in-• Wdiich Ivcporle is Approved. • 

ddir JVliiitM! of ji'hn Ahm.-li \.'as rei-ii.yiri;..;- th.e Gra.nt of the 
Mill to he huik at! Kinys l,rid-e he made t'_' him and Tas])er Xes<epoi 
he the said Mar>h 1 ein-' the lirst Projector thereof. 

ddns C( nrio ha\iny heai'd }V Al!eL;ali'a:S oi holh parli..> doe ' hami 

Xcs^ep'.tt .\nd. JrAn Marsh. I'rovided he the said John Mard; d-e 
I:eep and perf'.rn\- tie; deMa'.;ments n^adv helween him .V the said 
Jasper Xe^^_pott iXA.tiay to the huildiny the san^e. and that if tha 
said ham ?\!ar>!i .]■-.• n. a perform^ the said A;4rcemeni^ d^it theit the 



5ai(] }.fiil and Protili.s tliercof citx- _\ccrue ami be (ira.nted to the Said 
Jasper Ncsscpolt. 

Upox ]<,eadiii,q- of tlic Rc[)orLO of tlie Ooin;riiti<jc AnpoiDlcd to 
\'ie\v the Markett houbr and for the Erecting;- A ['u!dick Iniildin- there 
iuv the Ornament and ].>cneiitt of the Citty by t!ie ]nh,aJ)itanls of y? 
Sviitii Ward. Ofi]>i-:Ki:!) that tlic said Markett honsc Ix- Granted to the 
s: Ward for tlie Ternie of tifty 'Vears th.ey the '^add Inha])itan.t> in two 
Years time Hreclinc;- -V j'tddick bni'dinc^ Accordiny to the ?doddell 
Exhibited to tiiis Conrie the\- Yieldin;^ the Yt arly Kent of i.velve 
puunds &■ kecjiiiyc;' And tieliveriny the sante in y 'od Rej-air att the 
i'-xniratiori of the Sai'l Tern:e of nhv Y'ears 

i.^;9] The J'etili..n of j^.hcrt \YaUcrs K^ 


(V: ^^v■e : loi 

■as read. Refer'd t' 

T inriiier 

..! the \Yharfe t.. J-Cv water Alai 

' )u;);.;r!:d tliat the se>sions (.u the Yfayor Cottrie ^jc C'oninion Conn- 
i-ii he hekl for the Citty att the hon-i^e of Gabriel ToniiiS'jn in the sini;de 
Sn-eet And that the lEll l.)e himy there. 

Okj^rrfl. that Alderntan 1): Riemer Aklermar Eeyvanke Mr 
lirndriek Jelieson and :\i" Johannes Tiebotit be A Coniniit'ee to 
r-^annne the Acconnt of IV: Peter Delanoy Deceased ^- make Reoorte 
t-^ ^his Cc-urte by all Convenient Speed. 

< ■i-n; K;:u the Mayor Issue his W'arrt to ^.lajor 3derrctt for the 
y..^:>, nt of tvn ;>'.nnds for ITenrv Jonrdain. 

..::t,.r ( . 

AiT A Common Coun^-Il hCd att t!ie 
Citty Ikdl ui the ^aid C^tty on TneS(hL> >V 
JO'l- dia.}" (jf ]^ebrnar_\ .Yrnio i )ciiTT i'V,k)-^-oo 

Pre.-cr,t J3avid. Provoost ESqr :\[a\or 
James Gralian.t lESqT Reconler 
Johannes D: iVy.ter '^ 
Ikrandt Sehitiyler 

]Saac D: Piemer [> EScy'^ Aklermcn 

Akn-lin Clr^ck 


."^amiieii j-avard 
-Yb'raham !h\o:ier 
Johannes 'I'iebrMf 
ilcndrick- Jelk-son ( 

Abrahain ib.ier J 


Th. I'aitii.n oi Jnlu; Junvatse who fanned the }'"crr\ beincj rc.f! 
(Ji(DE:<:m) 1'kiI M; r.iri\(ir Aidciii'aii SciiuyK-r Al(JLr:ii;in ]_) : Peyst>-: 
A'dcriuan i): Ricnicr M- nayarJ Ov" 2\i; j-rasicr be /v ConiuiiKc..- i,, 
Inspect h:bi liie ])r>';li;s <A [hv ivivy k tbe CMiidilioiis thai ill ha^ l;eer^ 
fariiied for sivice :U was vuuler _\ C Direction of tiic C"iit\ and ?dakc A 
State of the same ho\: iit niay be most Advaiitagioub]}- Jnirri-ovod f..r 
the Deii-nu cf the CiU}' and make ]\ei)orie what they Sliall doc thciein 
with a'J C\ aiveniem S.H.ed viilo the ?vla\or. 

(380] Tile r^'.ard tah'hi^ iiito tiieii- Consideration the fonhiess of liu- 
])ock Ouin:i;ei) the same Committee thje Examine the Conditions {]:■ 
Dockaye is farmed for and take Caie the farmers doe lorthwitii 
perforate ihe Condiii.'e. ih^y are Oh]k:ed 10 (3therv,-ise that th-y 
make Sat- faaie-ii for t; D^iccL. 

Citlv of / . . 

NcwYorke^ "^ 

An A fleeting uf the :ia\ur AUlerma' 
And Assistants v^: Overseers of the Puh'icl. 
Works Andi on }"? day C' 

]H-;ii'nar'.' Ar.:;n DuTTl iCt<y)-'-(jn 

'reseiu 1 )a s i I Ih-ovoost r:Sq'" Mayoi 
Ih-an(h Sehuvler / 

ISaac D: Piemcr \ 

Tdendriek Icheson 

Jeh,.nne-- ddelKUU 
Abralvnn I hazier 
J.'hn t-r..oke 
Tenni> J^drey 
^lallh-v; Clark.on 
Richard Wihai 
1m!-m \--inen:se 

:S(r: Aldcrmt 




Fur^aiani to ti:e 1 );r.ei;.:.ns uf the Act <A Assemidy Knabhrig t':. 
Citty rd Xc- Yorke to pav {hjW D.hts .ve: tids board Convene^ 
togetht r w finde they have 1:0 pre-cnt Occasion tf) Rai:^e Any mor. 
Monev ]^\- \"ertue of the said Act. 

or TM!: CITY Oi' Xi:\V ^"Ui'K 

CiUyot / ^^ 
Ac^v York(.-\ 

All ,-V Connr.on Coimcii lield alt y' 
Ciuy liall of yr Said Ciny o;i Tryday \ 
29":' (lay of ^larcb. Anno D'hv. 1700. 

^l::Sq- Aldcnnen 


I'rcscMt r)a\id Frovoo.-t F.SqV ]\ia\\:' 
Jai.KS Gralian liSq: R-cordt 
jacwhws \': Corili'-dt ■^ 
ilrandi Sci:uyl.T 
TSaac 1) RiJni.T 
I'aer \VilRn!<c 
Sanniell Bayard 

Abraham Lrasicr ^ Assisi.aiUs 

Johannes Tieljout 
Ahrahan; }Jesi;.r 

[3S1J Ordkred that AkhTman Corthuidt Aldorriian D: Kic.ncr M'' 
Wilicmse And Mi' Tiebout be A Conniiittee to Knquirc for A Con- 
\\n:i>nt house Vj nia!;e A ^o^^•der Itonse till such one a^ the Citry Can 
i'rovide one for tiiat nse v: make Repnrte ui^un v/hat Term^ they 
i-'<^ii Inre iit and \vlnu Cha-a^e vi'l mal<e the same Ceir -ahcn: fur 
tile inip^^se afore^aid And make Repurte thereof to tl.e :\ ayoi v/ith 
.::. r,.nvaiient T^xpedition in Order the Ruwder of tiie Ci'ty he 
C:o;,^:d ddiher Ov :v cnred Accordin;:^h-. 

vh aa.Ki.o the :day.>r Ts;^ne hi^ \^"arranl tw the TreaMU-er U pay to 
'.■> •;:;:i:;= Skarpa< .^r ( haler the sum of ten pound- Currant }d..:i:y of 
>k-A V rke ;U ^ ••in;^ i-'V ha'h- ^■ears Sa'^ai'}' as Ci <d this Conrtc 
!:n-;:! :,: ihe iO:-rtM'nt!i April ?\ext. 

(.•k\>\i<i:\) the Mayor Issue his Warrant to the d'reasnrer to pay to 
Matthew Clark-on ES(]r Seeretar\ of this j'rovince the sum of ilve 
pou::ds Sixteen s1nhinq-> Cma-ant ?\hjne} of Xew Yorke itt heine; for 
tw,! Comnu-^sion> of the peace. 

(hn.!-.K!^r) the ;\h>yor Issu- hi< Warrant to pay to ddiomas Bur- 
r-uph^. or Order tlie sum of Xine pouiids Six <hilim;-s ^ Xine pence 
Curr' Money of Xew Vorke iit heint;^ fea" Several! Measures for the 
C!tl;, Monev liy him dishnrsted for Mendin;: \= Ca-e and severall 
("'Oi'T things U^y the Ciitys use. 

( .'i-T)i'.R!-n tliat .Mdei-man Sehu}-ler Alderm-'ui O: Riemer Ml' Jelle- 
^oTi anrj Mt Ti'-Rmt or An\ three rf ihem he A ComnhttLe to leU tlie 
h-t-ek of this Ciit>- u, f:'.rme After y? RxpiraU'^i; of th.e I'^resent Cease 
Xvt Cxceedin-- Sea\en ^'ears and al-. te; A::ree '^th the p-rsons that 
C'-aM.< yC Same fur the Cleaning- th-Teof tins summer 0\\ such Rea^on- 
;d;le Terms as tliev she.!! Sec Convenient \- tha:t the ]\evenue of t;n: 

COAf.Ml'X COL'XCll. 

same l;c .\{i;>lyL-d fur ih',- lJcfr;'yinL', i!k- C'b.;irc;e of Cioaning tlicix-u: 
Am; lo S<j <_>lli'--r use tiii furllvr Orucr. 

Oru: i.:i"ij llic't t!u- Maycir If-Mic his \\'arranl to th.j 'J'rcasurcr r 
pay to j'jiocii Jiil! ^!a:•^!lail of {Wis CiUy the sum of fifty ShihTig-s f. : 
ihvj Qiiartrrs Saliarv tlur the foiiitccnlh day of Jamnr}- la^t. 
I^Sjj C'roKKiai liial {]->.■ Troasurcr pay t^) Ca],t Juhn D: iVysicr Layi 
jr>hn K-p t"ai)L ]>ran<U Sc]^iiyl>.r C"apt John Tudcr t^c Cant Jeromia'' 
Tothiill ['a oil tl'.o svaii of Om: pound leu Sl-ilings ill hcinr^- ^Fonoy h', 
thani bN::i;r-tcd in tl;o y':rir iC-ij ir>r ilrc and Candle on the X';;!;' 

, -. - V -Air A Coiiiiiion Counoii held all du, 

>.- ' , , >> e Uiv jiah oi liie said Ciuv ixa On Tu^^sda'. 

^">'^^"'"' >:,/Obyof A,n-;!An:K,'n,,rH,700 ' 

la\-.-ni ])a\id I'onoo^t b^^q; Mc^yov 
Ja:ue> Ciadiant KS p Recorder 
Joliann... I): Peyster 
jacohus V: Corllandt 
Ih-andl Sehnyha- 

JaS'!-' Ahlerniei-i 

>aa.;ul: bayard ~^ 

lohanue^ ddehcut | , . 

A:)raaa-u Ih'a^ier { 

Ih-adriel: jellcson. | 

< ''-■■:..■ ■ la-.v -he ''■':■• : aver of ihi^ ( 'iuy G-jj I. > lA^u; Cnh W'iiiaan 
IVierreit late /dayi^r of ;h:s Cut\- and lieniand of Iiini t'lC I'ahance of 
Iiis Aoc; wad'-h he i- liidehtcd to the (fitly >\- inai<c Rep^rte there-*- 
to t'a" XvM Coaaa-n' v"o-;iei! 

Oi.naaa!. da- Co-un-haee Appointed to hire A Vov.dvc ]:ou<e >\r-c 
Ai^rce fo:- idr -;iu:e ou the most iv.aisoiadde Teru-s t!iat may he Ce d-y:^ 
Ah(' i!:;'''a' '^■!'--'':'' to make die <ame hti and C'^'uvenient ar th.' 
Ihiiih'-h ; :.-ad..r hoa-e -.! iIi-< Citly ^ wliat Clanav shah Aeerue 

WjiaKaas ihe Inladdtania of this Citt}- have Xei^leetcd t.) Kesirain 
th'dr hXan aa-i i'haro S'aves fro-u Avsoeiadng toc^eiher ov. the holy 
Sahhat;; in tiair .■,< niviir,- Service to tlic Great Seanihd of tl;e (dud^iian 
Profe^f,.-' and.iveaeri-.n Pi is l!Ka-ef<n'e Oanr-RFD that Pul>!iek Xotiee 
]>c <h\en I- ihe Pdiahin.ux < i [\\\i < dn; .■ Ciumrrin:;- tiiem Strictly : ' 

the tinuj of l)i\-' 

Service i Act^ m Xe^^.-sGr.- Kxce['fed'i And diat if Any Pidi-'U o 
X.>cr<-. -ia\es <''n nny'^Syj time ,.f il^r SGPalh he mural to A^>oGal 

01- 'iiiE cir\' ov :a:\v ^"Ork 

to?;-tlicr ?1)(:hu tlie Xuniijcr of thrrc that r.iTcctua!i Care Shall be taken, 
to l-'imish thci'.i a? t.h>c Law direct.^. 

Whereas Several! Ili.Llisposcd [H.-rsuns cloe p.iakc A Coimnon Prac- 
tice of Knii-iying Tuhhs <.■( OJoiir and Xa^^tiiies? in this Citty to the 
Great Xusance aiid Incmu-eiiivaK-y of y- Inhahitan.t? of tlie Same. Itt 
is therefore Okd; I'l'u tiiat if Ai.y person witliin tins Citt\' doc thr<.iW or 
Empty VAvy Tid)b.> of Odour in .\ny of the Streets of this Citty the 
Ji^habitants of Sucii house fo^ni v.-hcncc the same is brouglit Shall be for y? Sariie ait the discretion of tlte ^vlayor Not Excoedip.i.;: 
fourty Slii!in-s ie.r each OiVenc; O.iC halfe to the Informer ^ the ( )dier 
halfe to tiie Citte And that all I'ersons witliin this Cittv doe KniotN' 

en' L'aoi.n'< 

t!.e JM 

;ere Else On 

:\iv Aforc^ai 

Ordkkei) that for \r ]^e;;ulan^!g■ the PaviniL^ of the Sheets oi this 
Citty that A\'hatever persons h-ihabitinc^ within the same yi Shall be 
C)aD':;^Eo to patie L>ef^|■'e their Respective houses oe drie Xcijdect en- Re- 
iw^v to i^aue the san:e Shall for Every Xet^lect or Refuse Fay the suin 
of twer.ty Shilir.-s to be Levied i.'V" disposed of in .MannaT as in the 
( )rdinaT:ce of Pa^■in:; is C<'nta!ned. 

'' / nS 

Att a Common Council held att tlr. 
Ciiiy llah of the Said Cilly on Satnrda;. 
the 13'V day of April Anno b'oiiT i7C>o 

a\a(i i'ro\a; 

)o?t ESq: M: 

ames Graham T'^Se: Recon 

j'Miannes i_>: I'ew 
jacoi>u> \': CeaLla 
Ih-andt Schuyler 
TSaae D: Rien^er 
lA-ert R.C3-vank-<' 
Jkter Willem-e 
samuell Ikiyard 

1 lendrick J'-IK--- .n 
bdiannes Tiebout 


C i^Sq ."■ -Aluermc; 


Citty lor th.e 

thai X.' Inlsa! 

rv la n^e h: forthwith built vdthin tin- 
I'ublick- powder v.ithin. tb.e sana.e. Aia 

^ Lilt- doe 

iheir ];o 

laa!^e- ab.'W- the Quantity of ilfly pounds of powder att oi^e tin:e On 
])eriaiiy of ten ^biliii^s foir lA'ery Offence for ench I'arrell And \'/bat- 
ever ]Hy.v(]c- Shall be FnipC'rted into this Cillv Shall be Lod-ed in t!;e 

110 ;-o\\(!e 

u-e \- Shaii pav f> 


me v?;: f^ir beim: 


\;ixL"rES oi- TiiE (:o:\i\Jox culxcil 

DelJveretl ijui ir.'.-rv'i [\\<j Shiiirii^s o^ tl'vvv' |;c;;ce f. ir riicli iuir.'ci; \) 
tiu: Yc^'.v ::] :'mc I -n-- a- :il >hvM C^juliwuv i\icv<j. 'i'lu- r.fayor l:..v;;i^ 
prop':KC(i ll:;'.i hv' wiil liixci A Public!: Ihiiluing for tlic Kt-cpin;;- of 
pCiwdcT att ]v,> n\.i! L'l;,tr.,o of ilie Dciiicnsions ui fcuny f.jol inn-^ 
t\\"t.-]ily f(ji!r foot \-. ioo ciivi i\\ n Stories iiii;ii w lUi A !:^v;of: fence fi: 
closing: i!ii" Snn:e i'rovivhd lie may Kiijc.y ior ilu- IVrii-e of t'lirf. 
erne Years At'I ha\-e lliO I'ei^el'iil; of two siiiiiiig> ai;<] t'lr^c ii-ence to:- 
each I'arrcli liut: Shall i-e locii^ed therein toc^ether wiili \V j;ne> ini- 
pos ■(! for J\eepiiig- po\vt!<.r in Private hou-es ^;c : \\"liich Puhhck i;:a;:- 
inif he \'. ill Keel) ^'^ i^e'O'l ar'i Snfncient Re])air hHiring the said Terine 
an;l att il^c inspiration therein surrender A' cle;i\-er v\) t:. tlie Ma>f'r 
Alaernien and C'nuinionah'y 'd the CiUy .)f Xcw Yorke fur tiie time 
hciiii: in t; ■ 'd cind ^ndYi^■^L ideixur wdiich Pre.]-osa' is Apnro;-ed by 

this Conrte ^: ^'X 

■t> A ( hant lie n;a 


the ^anaJ .N; 

that the Ih.a^d.r S;-n iit Ace(:rdin-;y. It^ is also further Ordered 
that il>e ?da;oT have yV Si'.ju. s left of the ihs^tians to hvdUl y: San:e. 

(jKiir^-Ki:!) thai f( r the Adiusdn- the dv...-l between Lieu^ Coil Mer- 
rctt And liie (fiity that ll'e Same he Pefer-M l:- four PulirYercnt Per^on^ 
to be Arbitrat^>rs tiureof t .\o of which to be j\p] ointed hy the Yayor 
iN: two by (.""ii AP-rrett auvl b'jtii partie:^ t" be Concluded bv tiieir 

ORUi:Ki:r) that if the said I'oll Yerrett d.^e Kefu^e to leave W' Same 
to Arbitrati'ju tliat tlnai ihe 'da}or fee A Pa\v\a;r to >U' hira ii.r 
what he is Indebted to the Ciuy. 

OaL)i-KKD thai tile laid;'; • be Run ( iwr ta the \\d\arf" (dros- the 
Dock And Ida-. :'■■.■ VKr-v-, ,,-. th<- West side uf die Prid-e Ijc t^lPd no 

Chary.^ to the Cittv. 

■385! Cutyof /.,. 
Xcw ^d-:ke\ ■ ■ 

CoNDITJ'iNs J UK IWUMlNi; V: Dl-OK >>: 

Smi'.s (,:■ y: Cinv "[■ Xi-w "S'oai;!-: att v^ 
iou-sF. OF AP- ?\iirii.\ra. IPwroicN" fi-oN 
S \i fKUA-i- V? 13''; or .Vi'Uii. 1700 hor 0".' 

'Idan the i '•'<): of ihc ^aid Cdily Shall lie Pelt to farnu- for the Ternte 
of Scaven Years to Con'rv.en,ce from the first 'la;.' en" Xdi\-ei-.d)er 1701 r-.w 
th? Condition.- !■ (\dz') 

That th-; farin^T tiicreof vdthin tlu' space of d)ne \d.'ar Xext Tnnsuc- 
inj;- the Pa!^' h- reed Si^all att hi- Own jmojier Cu-i and char-e well an ! 
Sufiicicntly irPan tla' Kiid Pocb. >y ?hp in the P'uck <d ail V.v.- APald i" 
nith tlaaain f'> c i]^,^, as tiil ihey tinde A saialy Llottom and Parini;- 
Xhr :■::]•] Pvavc daih --^e Keen the ^anie Clo:n! and v!-,ll Ai.., Ko--. the 

OF -IMK CI I V uv XLW >'(.)Ui: 

Wharfs inol'^siii^; the ^:ul;c hi £;u;.k! ^mhI SiuucinU Repair ami l^i: the 
l£xpiratio!i of the Lra:e tu Deliver the said W'haris in ^o.xi oi: i-uiikicnL 
Kcpair a;;i/ c:// i':c lixhralio)! cf the J. case to Deliver the said lVhjrf<; 
in Good and s:'f:ieieiii Ke/'uir arai the Saicl !)-ek and shp well an-! 
sufhcieiitly Cleaned "Lhilo the sai'.l .Ma\ur Aldennen ami CuMi!,:;:;aaty 
of tlic said Cilr;,- of Xc.v Voi-kc lor ;" iiw.v h'/mo; or to their A--igns. 

d'hat the Far:iH-r Sisd! be Oblii::ed to pay the Reri: thereof to yr 
dh-easui'^r of thiis Lilly by four Kqnal Quarterly paynH-nt- I'm:'. 
Money of this Ihv.vince. 

That ihe FariDCr ShaU be ObHe:\d bct'ir^; the En^cahnl:; ^ dehvt-ry 
of tl'c Lease for \ 7 Same lo (dive such snincient Siuvtios as die Mayor 
Aldcrii^en and Conm'onality oi the said Citt\- Sliall Judg-e Xe^dfuh 
for the true perforninnce of Each Respective Co\e!uint X'oiitaincd in 
tlu' Said Lea^e. 

That if the far:ncr shall Xe>:U\;t iu idve Mich Sccnriiy as Afwr-^aid 
thai then the Said Dnck Shall 1)C Again nend^ed And if Lett for iro 
then fli>t ,-\.j:;rced e)n the said first fariiicr is tu n\ake i^ood And pay thi- 
bi^s with all Ciatrgvs and r.vp^nee:^ and if farn-'cd for more he {<:> 
lian-.- Xo benofitt thercb}- 

Id, at Wdiateiier \'esi,cli> Loai-, occ : vA\\d\ Sliall ^oc iwio Any n\ 
!hr slips ( f tliis (dittv Shall be (dhiir;,-d to ])ay Such Rates as \A->-X 
* f the like [380] iPnlhen xvhich gov into tiie Aforesaid Dock A-.l th-: 
!■• O' :h' t';,;rtof lo p.. to ,_P(_. farmer l'I tbe said Dock. 

And i. ], ni d:c A f. a-esaid Conditions lli^j said Hod: t> be (hrni-ed 
^■ -b.- !:,;dx~- ladder. 

"r- ^'-^ KcLpna 

>a\-m: or 

Ak-nrjranoinn tiun ine I imrniuan.t.-- « 
luii! Ward .a- iheir A- i-ns have Lib^. 

D-k MoM.y kok. 
paje If A. 

torn i!om-e C 

dn ihe \\ est Side of >: Ln-- 
Rnnin;-' from the Street ;nt.. 

tlie Dock one Inmdred and t\vo;U}" Sea\en fooc. 
and in brea.ilh Seaventy (■•■:^l. Any thii-g het'.-re 
Merui-en-d in the AI 'ove ComlitiMi::, Xotv.-ith>tandinp-. 

d'iiat tile said baraier Shall also Reeeiv- by Quarterly i;aymeni- the 
Kcveime of t\\.- .:,id Dock as itt is X(..\\ farmed att fwhbdi i> lonrtv 
iionT;d> "b"' d'omimn to Commcn.;e from die nr^-i day of Ma\ X:af. 
rntid the hr-t da}' of Xovend^ei whicli wil! be ii; the ^Aar ^yoi to 
dispose of tov.a'-d:, tbe Cieanir- of ili^ said 1 b-k which will Conadeat 
llie snm of Six'y p(-:n!!ds bein- One 'hear and A balfe. ddie Ab-^vc 
Docl: and Slips on \: 13b- dn- of A;iri! iy;>i v. as demised [o M: Phillip 
Frmch f.-.r the Ivevennc of fonrty p'.. inaL yd Annnni nu the ("ondid.-'n.^ 
A1>ove Mentioned h ■ beino tbe IdaLe-^t bidder. 



any of I 



All' A Common CoMtici! liclJ ate ilvt 
Cilty I-lall of lIiG said Citly On Fryday y- 
17'i' day of i\Iay Anno IVdIit i-qo 
iVL-cnt David Provoost J-iSqV iNlayor 
Johannes D: ]*e}-s[e!- 
Jacoi.u- \: Cortlandt 

brand, Schuyler lESq^r AIdern;an 

ISaac D: Kiunar f 

:\'aiiin Clock J 

Ifendrich jcUcson ^^j 

Johannes Tichont 
Ain-ain Drazier 
i^etei- WiUcmsc 
Tc-nnis ]3e!cey 
Riciiard Willett 
John Whdlemse 

;hii:-nant to tlie Di-\-ciions of an Act of Gen'' Assembly of thi- 
! vsyi jVovince lintitnled An Act Enaldmc; the Citty of New Yorke to 
\-.iy thon- I)ei)[^ a:c : iit i- ihe Opinion of tiic hoard that their is not Any 
[>:< ~;:rt Occasion 10 "K-ise Anv more ^loney bv- Verlue oi v? said Act. 
'i~ho Acconnt of Jolumncs D: iVj-sfer ESqr late ad'ayor of thi^ Chty 
V-.;.- r^ad And Oro!:kp:d the Comniittce for Anditinp; the publick Ace': 
t'o..- Andite tiK' same And ina!:e Reportc thereof to thr Xe:;t Comm.-.!i 

Overseers of y' 
poor S:c: 

n;:i.',RFr, t!-:at the TvcasuiCr ?.;....■ U' John Kiu^atsi- wiih two :;.,od 
.\;.d S\:fi!a;.nt Wdttnesscs and Demand of 1dm the Arrearage of Rent 
T->'ab'c bv him for y<r Ferry of this Cittv and that if the said Jolni 
!'nv.-ai:-e Siiall Refn^e io |-.ay the same that then tho '.frrasurer doe 
O-vh^r him to Ren'Ove Out of the Cittv house att the ferrv hv the 24''} 

f Fn-e Next ^^ OKi);;:n"n ti^ar 

r Cahim^ to his Assistance 

throe Aidvrn^en And three Common Cou.ncil men fljc Demi.M- the 
Knnr to f.irine by FniFeh Omcrv to the hi-he^ bidder. 

'•-;;■■«;. K'.n the Treasurer C'^e to aF' h'ir' \h n, iFnn an.d F)eniiairl 

r: ]'.-.'. to hixeente the Fea<^e of the h\^rry Fm-suan,t to y" Article- we. 
N^hi'-}i 'h-- ;-an:e \\a^ farmed the Second oav of Fei^ruarv 1^08. 

n-.!...Krr> {hu{ the d'rcasurer Demand of TauKS Fvetts k Th.enas 
r::.rU, ,n.. A;-..,..,.._,^,. ,,: |.^.,< ^j^,^ p,,. jp^ p,.„.v ^,,.,1 ^],..\_ if tl,ey R-fu^e 

ro p.vv the ^:'.\])<t by the first d'ty <<i June \d-h T'nsneini^ tlaei to 
R'opr.i aTid take r.-^esidnu cf \-v Sam''. 

Ore :aa-n tl^at the drea-nrer .lo- ]FT;^;ur! -d Ocrrrtl Dnyehi:'^d: 
Atid Frar.ri, Co.-.deris th.e Money pa^yablc by them to the Citty for land 
Af:r.-'d \r, },.. '.-,M ,,nt'^ th-an w Dock Str.'.-t k ther if thcv RcU^-- 1-' 

OF Tfii: cnv 01 vi^:\v ^x>R^: 107 

pay the .same}) tw Ivt-cnttT l^': t,'-'l:c p':)-sc>sio:i of [lie .-aiiic :'•: 
OKDEKifD also ttK- :.::ir\^ I'v Exposed to sole to }-'■■ hi-!ie?t bidder. 

The Fetilion of John Marsh fur I.iherly to lUdld A Mi!! alt 
Copshee read aiid Graiitevl. 

Ordki-iitd the Mayor Issue hi-^ Warrant 'v tlie 'Jdeasur^-r to pay 
twenty Shdlings Xew Yoricc iMoiiey !;> G}-.-l)crt \'^anir.i)urg'h for 5 
Beam's for y? Old Citty Hall. 

[3S8I 0!;r'i-:".Li) the Mayor Issue his W'arraii! to ti;e Treasurer to pay 
twenty shiiin-s to Isaae Dc Milt iti beiii- fur Worhe done att tlie 
Block l:ou.e. 

The Petition of M' ju!;atu;js (Jnlnian v■a^ lead 1 )csirii!:'- A 
Grant for tiie snrplusape r.( land in Street \s-h!e'i is U' 't \-ett 
Appropriated whieh reliti<->n is Grautul .S: ()koi;uko the su!ve}or5 
make A D'-aft tiiercof a .-V'-^n-taine the Surn!i[say;e o: maire ]\eturn 
thereof lo the Next Gommrjii I'oimeil. 

OiiDERio that Aldern:an D: Peyster Alderman Cloek Mv Me:der 
And }.!r i^rasier 1)e A Conmdttee to i-ixamine what Incroaelnnejit^ has 
been n-ade on the Citty Gummons <e lli;dv.vays hy Grccii ^fo^re an.] 
Corda:^ And what Preieuiions they have to the land on whieh they 
havv: hniit ^e the land tliey liave nigc;-ed up And make Reporte tiicreoi 
• ' the Xext Common Couneil 

AkiTivan Schuyler Aldern'an D : I^i.mer >v >P Jeikson rk>^ 
i'o 'a:-', t. pay to the Ciittv t^N'eke pc>undo Vj AniUim tnr tiu' Markett 
' ;: ^ mt •■:•• hrit'-c t.> h- ;)aid Ouartrrh, a: to Goinmence irum the first 

< h.u,.:::;.; d;e tGcr'a (m ihis t'itty I 'r iw Ire I_ea-e f( ^r the Demisinf^ 
the 0* ck .V S]ip< of tld^ ("itty lo M: Phillm Preneh Accordin- to the 

Kev.-Vr,rke\ ' " 

Att a Gommnii Council hekl ait tii 
Citty Hal! of y*: Said Citty on ^\'cns(1ay th 
I4''- d.av of .Vueust .\imo Di^ui lyno 

david rr.:.v(--t KS'j: Mayru" 
Joluunu^ D: Peyster 
jae"i)u.^ \' : Cortlan't 
nrai;dt Schuykr 
ISaac 1): Riemer 
lA-ert Paywauike j 

['ctei Wdilem.-e 
Abrai:-en tk-a-der 
HendriA J.Tcm.u 
Jolianne-^ ddob''Ul 
Samuel! Baxard 

;sq': Aldennen 


i-i]-: COMMOX cc'i;>:cn 

[2,8ij] The Trrasuivr Reruns ho I^oinamlcil of Jclm luiv/ai^c ih.- 
Arr(;ara:L;^' ot Rciii div f^r tli<.' ferry v:\nd\ tl.c lirai'l John Kuwat>e 
Refused to pa\ . ^ A!-C) Refused to Lx.-cuie his Counter j^arle of tiie 
Lease inv ii;e saiiu- aud Alio thai lie Ord-rod the Said johu Kuwat-' 
to Ivenioue inil i'i the S;d 1 house hy th: twenty hftli da\' o: Juno hist 

The 'j"rea>urei- Ah-i Rcj^;,rts that he I 'euiauded <<i ai^" Rip v'an 
dam to >'e:!i the l.v:\<'- of tiie ]'err\- who Rofus^'d to Sii^n the San:c. 

'Hie Troa^urcr ai^o hAnorts tliat he was with di-eit !ou\-ck:i\jk 
And ?d''; (ivOKJ^mA wl;.' are wilhn,:;: to Aecept of their i h-anrs for the 
Land in l)"el- Street an^l pay the ^h-ney for tlie same t!v C'itty p-r- 
frirniine; tlic:;' (_ o\'en:r.l-. 

(Jun::::;!. th:it M'' Alasor Ahlerman ]) : Kilmer ^K Jeheson ^i M' 
'J"ieh:.)Ul h.. A L'onuniitee l> Cause thr surveyors oi thi> Cirty in tlicir 
presenee t.) hty out tlieir Respective L>otts lately Crauted in Dock 
Street to t':e Jnltahitants tliereof and to nialce A draft of the same 
and Ascrrtaine the 'ina ki^saL^e iherech 

(:>i<t)L!n:n tliat the Treasurer Doiuand uf John hhuvat-^e to Sii^'n the 
Comiter j.'arte "f the I .ea^e ui the ferr\- Accordiur; to the Articles ^-■i 
Demise and make Rep.nte thereof fe,rihwith to the Mayo,-, and that if 
the said John I'uwaoe doe Refuse to Si-n the Same tliat the Mayo- 
take such i^ Mediod^ to Rjeet the Said J' Euwat-e as the La\e 
in such Case l/rovides aiui also that After the said John luiwatse i^ 
Kjeeted to Lett th.' Sann- to farm<- to Any (''her jv^rson or persons 
hut not for A L-s> Ree.i then one Imndred auid, sixty hne pounds "{."^ 
Amuun and fra- X" haayer time th<'n f'^r Se->ven ^'ears. 

(■)r!.:0!;o that the ■j■!ea^nrer pay U; aR Kmolt the >un' of 
thirty Shiliues for A fe'- a-; Attorne\- for ihe Lily Acrt Johii Luwat<e 
Ivelaliiyi;- {'> tiie Lease of ihe ferr\-. 

C..)ri>kk!;o tliat if hLn Luwalse Refur^s to SiL;n liie Lea>e of y- 
Ferry that then ihe Trca-air.. r ^'oe with ?■[■ I-imoil the L'ilty Councili 
to the |,^ooi Ferr\ vY- Di'^train for the Arrear^nye of Rent Av.c fro:n 
the Said Jwlm Lu\\a';e to the Ldity and jnake Reporte c,i their 
jHTjoeetlinL:- thicrein to the Xext Ci^mnimi {\umci! 

OKDKuro thrifall the Lavs 'Jrdeis an<! ( )rihiianee> of thi:^ Ciitv 
Continue in force till Order. 

ORiaauJ' ih.-it tlie hhjvemie of tia- f.-rry i e Appr.v^jriated for the 
payn^cnt of M: Reler Wileen^e Jv th- R-l!men and to no Other u^e 



l.'nt^]] they are jjaiu tuvl that the 'rreasnrer pay the sauiC Unto thcni 
in prf,nr.vtin^ to Ihvir debts. 

Cnlyof I ^^ 

*>. A-^sistants. 

.\vi A Cuii;ni-!i GxmcU held att the 
Uitly Hall oi ih.e Said Citt;. on i-ryday the 
i6'l' day oi .\u^\ Anno ].)o7ri 1700 

iVesciit David Frovoost ESq: rvlayor 
Johannes D Pey.:(:T 
Jacoluis \" : Cortiandt 
Brandt Schuyler J> ESq" Aldermen 

TSanc l3 : K'iemci 
i^vcri. llc}-v;i!-ike 
SaTiinell Bayard 
Peter A\'il!emso 
Abraliani Brasier 
Ilendrick Jehescn 
johanne? Tiebcut 
Abra!;a;ii Mesier 

n.o C"onnni:tee Apywinlcd to ?ee the Bott^ Measured in Dock 
Strvft v,d;irh \vere lately Granle^I to the Bihahitants ot y? Same doe 
!-ky^'r;: that thev C'aiiscd the ?an:;e to be /Jeasnred in their presence 
A-:d do, thide their is A surph:5ag-e of t'vo foot and A haUo Ba-ntiag' 
V i!-- :-aid Street and to the water side three hx)t ;*^: A halfe ov 
': <.:o ,:. ■■::■■ ' . o.vrm F;,- haises of :\B 1 .iv!n;.:ston .y M^ Onl;nan 

;;-e (.' ^'^roK'K! in t!;e Dodc Street a; ove :\U'ntioncd does not belong: 
:■- ■ h ^.-:i nel! i;av:ivd h'Ul to ihe CiLr\- v\ C");'oi::hD the ^anie he dispoted 
<'f lo {-.u- hii^host bidder, v^. 0:;i)i-a::n tliat [301] Aldcrnui!! D: Rien^er 
'd: Wdienise and M' 'ihJv^ut be A Committee to Kxpose the same to 
sale by rni hck Wn^lue to the highest bid'Jer. 

j. in Ku.^\n^e the larnter of tiu^ ferry Aj'p^ared bef.jre tliis boaid 
And the Lea^e of ihe ferry bein- tender'd V, him he J^;fused to 
Acec;'l 01 or si-n the same and aBo Beiu-.ed to pay y? Arrearajje of 
Iveni dne. Wdar^np-n ill is ( -Ki>!-:di) tha' tlie Ma\or eir Treasvnv; 
Order the said J-'hn hu\-. .m-- te^ i^onove from the Said ferry <^ ferrv 
lionsc: !y the iwenty lifih (\<\\ of Seplereher Xext. 

Okdlu'd that the G'-nu(s for land in i:^ock Street lo aB Gerretl 
Duyckinck and M: Frarieis Cioodcrns he the same breadlt'i as in t'nei-- 
foi iBraiU- is Mentioned. 

M[>;rii:s of iiil Cl)^i^i(J^; council 

Cittyof I 
Neu-Yorke\ ' -^ 

Arr A Coitii-n^.n L'ov.nci! held :••,: die 
Citty rial; r:f l1i<; Cilty on W-n.lay 
the lo^l' f'a\ of Scjiio; iiijtjr Anno Dl;TI 170; 

Present D:n.i'l l'ruvO(^?t ESqr M:;yor 

iJavi'd i'ruvoost f'^-Sqi Depiity Recorder 

Joh.annes D : I'eysti^r ^^i 

I Sane !"): Kicni-r J^ESq" Aldennen 

Miinm Clock J 

SauuK-li Davard 

>. Assistants 

I'elcr \\'illen!>c 

Abraham I^ia.sier 

Hcndrick Jellcson 

Johannes Ti-hom 

Abraliani Alesicr 
dhis da}' [.'ersoiud'y Anf,;.-ared heiure this hoard XichokiS Burger 
C't this Citty Conner And Acrrecvl with this Courte to IxelcaiC to John 
Rodman and t<> ids Ileir^ and -Vssigns for Ever A Ccrtaine -djco of 
(hound in the lh;ar uf tht^ hue Cilty hlail which was Granted Ih'to him 
by tins I itty the Uv,-n{y I'drd <h:y of Jm-e 1690 a. Appears by A Grant 
n.nder the seale of the Sai'l Citiy o.i t!ic Considieratio]]s h.ercaflfrr T'dcn- 
tioned ''i say that the Cioy Shah pay bhitr) ti:e Said Xicliolas Burj^n- 
the snn; of fifteen ponnds Curr- i\!oney of Xev; Yorke And Grant 
A Rtlease unto the lieir:^ <A ISaac [39-'] Bed! aw Deceascvl f-r the 
Eotl eif Ground I'-^'li^y in ti:e in'<'adua\' bet\'.een tlie liround <af Cob 
Sieplianus \' : C'adaiah A' ih. soeei kachnr: t:; the (~)vste'- pa>tv 
According- to tiR-ir Pateiit whieii this Coniie doe Accordingly 
Agree !-• And ORnono) tin; Clvil-r rhaiw A [■h-k-as- >v tiiat t!v Mayor 
Execute the same accordinglw 

(h<m:--iD that Aldernnm E: lAyster E: Riemer V.- Tic- 
bout I.V Mr Bra-ier or a-pv thi-ee of ihiCn-. he -V Connmn'ttce t.' m^kc ani 
Exch.ange of mjuvc hand lying Xear Inckiemli-rgi' v,-i*h Hetnyv Cordaz 
\ incesit Eekunontagne Oc Richaid Moore, tlial they take Care that' Xo 
ln>rro;-.chment Ire :v:i<\c on the Iiigh\\:p\- a'.id tliat tlic}- make Report 
of tii'^so- procec'.hngs h;erein t£.) tlie W-xt Connn.on (^ormcih 

dd>e Coinmittec for SeUiiu:- the surphisagc of Ground in Dock 
Street doe Repr-rte that the} h.ave Soul the san^e to M: Joliannes Out- 
inan for the sunn, of Si-avei'te'-'i ponnd-^; Tn'-ranl }b^n,e}- of Xew ^'orke 
;.nd the ^an;e is two fo-t -v A halfe in breaddi fronting to tlie Dock 
Street il' Runs dowm to the w!:arfe fronting to th-e East Ri\-er three 
foot and A halfe or ih.ereabonts And is 'n^friinled on. the West bv t'ne 

OF nil: criY of xf.v; york m 

Ikjusc anil Ground ui il\c Si Juhamacs Uiitniau And on the East by 
the- Ground of the W'idd^nv Gri--. 0: Orderc d trie Mayor Execute A 
Grant Accordingly. 

The Auditors of the nublick Ac:'^ R-'turn'd the Ace! of Jwiu.niios 
D: Peystcr ESqr hue Afayor of tliis Cilty Examined c^ Auchtod and 
Allow thereof by winch their is (hie tu Eanance to the S'i Jolianiit? D: 
E'eyfter the sum of two jjoundf. Xiric Slnhinj^s Cnrr: Money of Xew 
Yorl<e whidi is Ap;>r.;ved i)j Ordered the Mayor Issue his Warr! to the 
Treasurer to oay the same. 

ORDiau:D the ^\hi\or Is^ue A Wat rant t> tlie dTeasurer cf tins 
Citty to pay to M;' Eeter Wihiemse Ivoome th.e sum of t-N'/elvc ^j^unds 
One shiiin;; rmd Six pen.:e CurrI iMone}' of Xew "j'orke iit ]>cln:^ for 
Sc\'eiall Disbursuricnts by him n adc f';>r thic C'itiv houcc atl t';" ferry 
as -Appears Ijy liis Ace'"; 

0:^D:cki:i) tiic Mayor l>sue Id'^ Warrant to dw TreaMu-er to pay to 
Johannes Provoost or Order ihe sum of four pvnmds Xme -inhnc^s i: 
four pjence itt being for Maintain.irig th.e poor of the scnit'.i \\'ar:l for 
the ^A-ars ]690-iCoi :is Appears by 'a':-: Aecl 

[393] Okdi:rl;l) that tlic Ma)-or I'-sue Warrants [■> t];e d'reasur^r 10 pay 
to Cain David Erovoost ^ Capt jol^annas D: I'eyster Each the smn of 
Seaxa'U pcmnds Curr- Mon.ey of X'ew Yurke itt being i<y: -erviuig 
as Representatives of this Cit!.\- from tl'e tJ:c twentieth day ..f July 
)>-: to the Xinih of Aug; bdlowing being fourteen days Sundays 

■^ ? .e 

Att a Comn.on Ccam'-il held au tlie 

Lilt-, J. 

af tli 

d Lutv 

the uj'} (k«y cd September Anno D^an 17.; 

i 'recent David Erovoost ESqr Tdayor 

David ES-E D:'put>- Kecordr 
JcEannes 1): Peyster A 
E'^-ki.-ic TE Rien;er L lESq-* .Mdernicn 

:>Einin Cleick J 

}'eter Willemse 
Hendrl.-k Jel!es.m 

Johannes ddebead S^ .Assistants 

Abral^am Ew-ier 

. Al>ra]:am AfeA-r 

'1 his C'jurte are of (dpiidon tliat they haw. Eawful! Authority to 

la} an [iu[-i-oit!: m Ep>an a'l ibiv. er Enpruled into this Citty to-.var:!s 

the defra.ying tlie ijubliek a.nd .Xe-;r(_ ssary chaige of the Same And^ itt 


is hereby LJkdkkkd that fron and After tlic thr first cU'iy of Ociulicr 
Next nnsvru:^: tl'L- Date bcr.-r.f of all no\'.-'^i- Whatsoever il-al shall \k 
Imported into the said CiUy of Xow Yor'-c from any place What- 
soever Shall pay to th-c .Mayr^r Ah.lcni;eu v\' C.'omnior.ality of the Said 
(fitty (to I'O Ipiuloyed for the Dofiaying the publick A: Xesvrssavv 
Ch';.rf,^c of il'ie Said C'itt\- ; tiie simi ot tliree S^lili^!e,^> fur eoeh halfc 
Bprr.i] (-f llwwrr ihat Siiall be Soc inij;ortcd into the said Citty And 
50C in proprivii. •n for A Greater or lesser Oiiamit}- cV also fo;- all hard 
bread t\vehe j;e!!cc for Each huiidred weij^ht tl'iat Shall h-e lu:ported 
iiitu the Saidi ( iU\' And soe in i^roportion for \i().\] A greater or lesser 
Quantity and (JKDKRF.n that ti-ic Clerke Send. A Copy of this Minute to 
tiic Recorder b'v ih.e first Opportnirity and (};<');--,reo tlie Recorder Dra-.v 
A L-Av i.;r li.e j)L:tti.-;::- thi.- Minute in i'^iYeeuial Kxeentiwn with all 
r-onvenicn! S;-ed. 

ORi-'KK!:i> thsj iXlayor ]s>i!e Iii-- Wdirrant t.' the Treasurer to pa\' t'l 
Fhioch Hill or Cjrder tlie sum of Scaven pounds leu Shilings Curr! 
Money of Xev. Vorke in full of Nine Monti is sallarx- due the fourteenth 
of October Xext. 

dl;!e Petitii.)n ui John Jdar>]i vas Read pra\dng- leave to build A 
Mid On ftov. iny Island ?^ear Hell Gate ORDi-RtiD that he have Libertv 
to build {he sai- ?«li!l on the said Island Provided the same beloni; 
t^. the Gili\- 

Ch^yof / ,^^,^ 

Arr A Cr^euaon C:yiM\:U h.dd a'l th- 
Citty liaii o\ the Said Citty on y: 
2.y'} flay of September Anno I ). "T < 700 

Pre.->eut David Rrovoe^st ESqr Mayor 

l^iudd, I'rovoost ESqr Deputy Iveoord^ 

JSaac D: j^Jien 

Martin Clock ^ES'P^ Aldermen 

Evert I'eyvardce 

Peter Willemse 

Abraliam Pra-^ier 

Toh;.nn.s d"i,d..;;U ^ Asdst;-nt 

Abraham Mesiei 

1 i'^ri 

,1. ; a n.n 

Ofo:-r:-i^ that the EnM side of the Sti-ee; uhndi Run.> from t!u 
North sirle of !he Citiv IPdl 1^ C->11 Don-an . Garden be E^ceenvd U 

or Tin: ciTv of nkw york 

be p,.rte of the Ka^t Ward of tl,is Citry an.l tliat iho Wo^t Sid- of the 
said Strotl Iveiiianr^ as v^jnnerh'. 

ORDZfU^o that the Xth::^[h]lA.uvhood tiiat live Ahjacun: to the Kin-s 
farnic and hr've h^eieih of the puhhch Weil there hthU, doe [395! Cuu- 
tribute to the Charge tliercol In pn.nortioi: or Khe t'lat the}' he 



Ou':>!:;Kr:i') tlic ^hivor Is^aie his Warrant to the Treasurer to j>aj,- to 

■h-^rA iJ- 

■Xh SM'il of ^ 

_.■ a? \vns ]^ix[)ended in Hquois in 
^fakiri; his }dajesiie-. tv.rces drinh- on tlair Arrival hetc from Eva-land 
for Vae Security ^v Deiercc of t'hs Province. 

Ots/i^md the Mayor Issue his Warrant to the 'IVcasurer to pay to 
ihc 3cHVcn£;cr of [h\> Cilty such svun of Woncy as Remains di-e to 
hir;^ for that scrvi.v. 

ORDZKhij th:>i Aldcrnnn D: Rivnicr Aldermaii I) Pey^ter II: Pie- 
bout and ^P Prasier or any three of thcni he A Comniittee to Audite 
tlie Accounts of i'eier Delanoy ESqV Deceased C^- n;akc Renorte thereof 
v,iti; all Convenient l^xochtion. 

ORDERED that ah such persons as have Diu;' hcaev in the Ciily Coiv.- 
i: ovis on the South Side of the fresh water he l1Jrlh^vhh 0:;d;-:r:,o to 
si"! up the same, ^^ that if they Refuse So to o--- that tiiey he hound 
('Uer u: iho sessions f(u- Xusauce cc that the :Mayor Order his Marsiiah 
:-' ("hvc tliein ^hotice ddiereof Acco^-dincrly 

< Mej.:-..^ <;.,.; .\hhTa;an Be} vanhe /d'' ddei^eui a-^d M'-' ?\k-sier h- 
A (..-on;iuittee to Adjust wiiat Jasper Xessepoll Shah pay to ]':\va 
^::"-'d) for his T'rojection Contrivance and worhe dune on the Will ait 
Kir :s l^ri',h;-e ;utd luahe Ivej^orte with ah Couvcnieui P>:ped:fioii a;a[ ilt 
i> A:.^. ORDr:Ri:o that if the Said Jasper Nessepott Shah Conuuy with 
ai^d fuilhil the Award or Reporie of the said Cornnditee that then the 

Sa:d 'ddl wih 1 .: ijranted vii 
Jlcirs and A^^i;;•ns fi.M- K\er. 

r :\es-LO.:,tt A: t^ hi 

The foh-'wini: (drdinrince wa-. three times Pea'.! and Appro\':d and 
O V :)■::'.:: .> fjrth-.'.ith to le puMislied ;^- Accor(hn:^iy the Same was 
pu'dJsh.d .h:er the ]'in;;In';- of three Rells ^ 0:U)i:ei:n the same he 
fordiwith pri)ited. 

p:.0'">i A.-: OiauNAXCt: hh-tahh-h.'d hy the Mayor Recorder Pddermen 
aiul Assi^tants of tht> Cit^e of Xrw ^'oihe Convened in Comnieai C^nn- 
ci! fr>- the layiuc;- tiie di'fy and Import of three Shihngs Upon each 

Vn!. II.- s 

Mi:ai i:s oi- ti!]-: iommux Cv.i!';.;cii 

haiic l;arr<-ll oi \'ln\:<jv aiul twelve iK-iic; UjH.n cac!) luuiarcd u ■•!-;;: 
...f Ii'4.^.;? \,i;ii-Ii Shall l-c [nipi:irtcrl v/itliin t!u- Ciily of Xcw V: -; •; 
After tiio tir.-.i of Ociol)-r Xcxt 

\\'Hi^Ui:\.-. tho I'ubiirk a;ul Xe^-i;SN;:i-y Chari^e of the CiUy of X.-w 
^"ll^ko (Uvcc^ uayly ifncreaso and M^'iiy of rhc inihlicl: an-1 X(-^-/■ -:■;■. 
i^iii'iH:!;;-- ihcrcof ara la^l >'alL hiiiii ami i!ni^lK■d iu ijcii;;.^ i'AUVi ■.■-.■ 
(i:-i.-\^:r^ au'l Laconvi'i.ivi'i lo tha Inhal^itaiUs of lIh: Said Citty. i!;a: 
•-iivh }.hiiK-;S which laay -c Xccdfih! for ihc Ace >n-;plis]d!;;;- <if Li:C 
S iii! Xesse?^ar\' \\-orh.-: ^liioulu lie Lc\}C'l h\' 'i"aAv> LSiJeciall;/ \sh:-n 
th- hdi:.l.ilan[ts] of the ^aid CiiLy have leui LatXy \X:-y i::u.:h Ini- 
y'»\e:;'Xtd hy UKans of the Chvat Oiaiinili'S rd li >\var and i^:<haU 
[Irj'i hadi hacii ipr-'a in ihc (f':)untry r-n l or- u;4hi: i^Uo dds (."itly 'V;;!:- 
.-•i* T^rydnj; or (f'-'ilrihuliia; any thin:,^ !■ ■ the jiu'diclv h'luiri^e of d:c 
•^■dd eddy ait the r^;i-ia-' tin a the ( )^^-la r or IiaporU-r ed liu- said Ida'.V'T 

<d d - X:.;-'-::t 'd da- ^aid Xdry- 'IX the l-.d tii-rcfore that thj J!>- 
hahn:''':> ■■■'• da- ^aid <di-!e laa}' in s-jme ;d.a.u"; X; I'a^ed of t;:eir 
i;'reat 'dirdens and thoiie (Hher whc- in A !a'L;er dX'asurc do:- pariahc 
.d !l:e ^:r.Xu> McnelXi- »>; AdvaiU2i^-cs of the Markett oi the Said ditiy 
n.a> r.v >\\ch th-X- ;^T.,-at Gain ContrilniX- And pay in > .nie Reas-'^adle 

ill d;evafu!\: (drdaii'ed hy the d'ayor Alderaien and ConiU'waaii'; •'' 
i1k .aid C.ydy C'rav'TiCi] in I'onimon Conirdl and ill i^ herely. ()!■■;:;•■ .d 
hy th-- Aathority of da.- same Thar all do-,ver ^nd Hidccti that S'-ad ho 
i^olad and .Ma-le v,dda.aU ti;i^ Citiv of Xew Xorhr and Xiherd. . . ad 

nt nao t. 

;n:d Afha- ih 

'dcr.:;er Xc-xt Shall jiay the dnty and hn]-.>l he;eafu:r ^le!:d>.n.d that 
is I'. Say the ^n:ll -d diree ^hi!infr^ Cuw'. Af-iiey id Xew Nh'.X- f :• 
aa^d; half- I'arrell >.d !! w^aa d.n'i th-- :-uni of ( )n;' ihilin.r ra-a---a 
Ai>--vv af-re-aid i:..v each hinaired wei-Xt eX id-d.-.-;i whhh Sia.h h;- 
I'nhvd ci Made And hnported and hron-ht intu tiie Said Xiit^ i- 
>hana.r Aforesaid .a" that Shall h: nnt ..n~ X^a'al :,:-,y \d->-Xl <>• \' ^ 
>Xh- t!;at ':^h:d\ le'Uihhi- in the Xiaide '.,- Ihirhanr .d the Sahl < X^.> 
'd X. w ^^ rhe to le Inipleycd hu" the r>e> Ad-re aid. .\>:!> d !" da' 
na-a-e ( hahriy f.^o^] Xollectiiu:^ of the (luties and [niy-h .\f.-«r''^aid ''- 
itt l-ad-ir X:-dX--ed h> the danhoritv Aforer^aid th U the Mny-.- -d tia 
Said V itty for the tina; l>cin- Shad inuXr the s- ah- -d th-- .'d-l e'df- 
An:a = -rl a' XoiilI);:^<i .n -te One ;; a".d and ynflicient ritii/ea -f the . .d '. 
'dliy I ,T iM CXiet ;. l-Xveiv \\w Said Idutv and Tn^p ■>t. Who Shad 
attend da- Koeeivin;:- '-f the san^e att sona- ^ndahh- and pXnvenieiit 
[ihrr \dd;in the rd\'\ Citiv att the hoars and tiaa-r^ .d the dae thil th- 

OJ-- Till', CI TV Oi' xi/.w yorf: M-- 

ollicers \vho lvi:cci\c his -\Iaic>lit'S Revenue doe L\-ually K-c-jj aii'l 
0])scrvc. at'id ali person av yjcr-uns wh-i l^iiull aiicr tnc hv^i ikiv oi 
Octoljer iscxL Iinpini or i^ri!;,^;" any ilo'\\fi- or ijiskeit boiled ur iikkIc 
in Manner Afore.-aid iiibj ihis Lilty Sluill l;eu)re he or ihey Lanci or 
put aboard of any \ef-scli a^ Atoj-esaid air. of tbiO .\;:id Fk.wer 
or CiskcU nuike Repev,-L of ^ucb Ouaiitii}' and Ouaniiiies of tlower 
and Bisketi as they] So Import or b-ring unio Sueli I'erson or 
j)ersons as Sliabl be Ap]'v>:iiled I'oni'.nissicip.ated as Aforesaid and 
to them pa_\ tb^e dul_\- and! impost of tlrree SbdHn..^"s f.jr bbieh bab'e Llar- 
reJl of Idowcr and On ■ r>irdin.g for er.cii b.nndred \ve;L;b.'L ui Liskett 
--Vnd Soe in prLiportion for A Greater or Lesser Onantit}" l;:efo're he or 
they Sliall Land or Shiij the same v:\ihiu ilv Said Citt\-. And if Anv 
person or persor.s ShaU [^resnme U) L^nr'ort ariy b'b:-\ver a.ncl T'iskett 
and Land or Sirip tiie .^amc L'pon -\n\ Ship or \'es?oh v. iiliin ibis 
idarl'onr b( f._>re be or iiiv.y Shall make s'lch Repi.rLe i nd pay tlie Duty 
ar»d Impost Aforesaid Uien and in such Ca.-e ah Sueb. Idower .'ind 
Diskett Shabi be soe Lriportcd bir.ded *!^: Siiiped wiihjut Reporte 
and paying; t'lc duty and Lnposl Aforcsab' Sludl \>r ft>rf.'ii.-d One baifc 
to ihe Jufor)ncr and the Oilier lialfe to t'le Ciity iov ilie u-;.;s Aforesaid 
ti) be sued and Recuuvered in aip/ Ootu'ic of Ree<'rd wdtliin the said 
(.'my by Jbll Plaint or Liformation Dated ati the I'ilty ILdi the tweiiiy 
f.rm-tb day of September in tlie twelfili Year rd' Abty-tles Rei;:'-n 
Ann.-,.; j ),,r.y ,-(^ 

>:^"Y''k\ ^^ 

All A C'on^moii Council b -Id an the 
Citty Hall ef the said Citiy ■.■n -uiiday the 
3/; day of Sejb--.\-no l^^'ri i;:r-> 

'resent David lh'(;\-oost ESqr ?\ia><ir 

David,^t KSuV Dontv Rer^.rder 

Johann^rt; D: Leyster 
L^a;ic d : isiemer 
bA'Crt 1 !cyvan\'e 
Abiriin CLock j 

Sanuu-Il 1'aya.rd 
Abraham I'rasier 
Johannes biei>.' r.r 
Hcndrick Tello^^on 

Abraham Metier 

LKScr^ Alder.nen 





PursiKU'l to the Warrant of the :Jayor Issued to y? Alderiiu-n of 
J^ach J<e?pectixe Wan! of this Cftty for die [Hecdu- this dav oru- 
Aidcrnnii one A..i<'ant two Assessors one CoH.cior'\;nd ouq pniv 
Consiai.h- in each K^speriivo Ward cd the Said Cilty and two Coii- 
stables f..T the Uiuivard and Overseers of the Jii';hwavs fur th- 
JJowry and Ilarle.n Diviv;,,!^ of the Onlward of the said Cittv l > 
fcrve in ilieir kv^soeetive Omces for tlie Year hhisuein- Accordii^- t.. 
the nsatre Ctislom L.av.s and 0^dinance^ of this Citty and Accordin;,;', 
tlie same day Ivetinn^ wa- made thereof atr twelve of t'lc Clock in th- 
forenoon to the Oivk.' or Town Gierke under [he ]iands and seals .d 
the Respective Aldermen A-cordin'r {o tlie Tennre of the Aforesai"! 
war^:' as followedi i'Vb:') 

Dock Ward 

r Jac(;bn> V: Cort'an 

Sann.iei! jiayard 
j Tlionais ThirroL:p-hi 
1 John \"an!7or!ie ' 
John OntTnan 
\bra!:ani ^[ctdaer 


^ Assessors 


Souti, Ward 

'^Xitdiohcs koscvclt 
Hendrir-V Jclleson 
Stephen (Richard 
"^ Wiiiiani Jackson 
I '^drv.d-: ]h-;hlandt 
i^Jae.d.n. lU-rrv 


( v.. 


West Ward 


Kast Ward 






Adil Shakerk- is Sw 



Nortli Ward 

Jivert Ec}vankc .Mdcriuan 

(.KTixtt Onclcbag Assistant 

J AUxviiis Ringe ( Ass^-nrs 

^ Jacob Xordslraiid \ 

j'.cijiardu^ Ilardciibrooke (.'olitclor 

'ic•uni^ ^.iiiick Constable 

C.i'at Ward < 

Marlin C!..dc 
Abvaba:n AJc-d.-r 
Wolfort Wcbb^r 
Itie Tuiiosc 
RciiAr Oiiackel)os 
J.hanix-.^ Ton:ase 
lAd;;eit ITecriiiaii 
Arciit Han:iei;^c 
?\farcr.s 'I'icbout 
saiTison lienson 
JA-tcr Obbids 
],a^vr*'nce janse 
J Saac 'i'lH'neur 



A?s-,-sor of tlic ]^o\vr\- 

Cok^Jvlor of l;;;^ Ko\vry 

) SurN'cvorf. of the Ijir-k- 
\ xva^; 

Odlcct- >r y i'-n- Harlcin 
Constalde J 

LOvcr-eors i Earkrn. 

(3k:>!-:t;!-o the Ck^ke or ibi^ Coiirte Waitc vi-oii ki-- k:xceik-ncv the 
A-'l'^ .:f ]k>ilo;,;oni Cap* God-^ and Govcrnour in Chi^fc of ibis i'rov- 
irrc a:'d .\c:.raint bim tliat tliis is the A!:ni\\;r^aiy diiy of the 
X<-'r:dn;iOon >•! 'Iv Xw; Mayor a!:d siierrib" iX ihi,, Ci:iy :. jiiay bis 
l.-rdd:ii) uii; Xa-ie ibe same parMiaut to ike dirceOwn. of tk<' Cleiri-r 
of this Lilly And Aceordinidy the Gierke Kei^orted from bis Lord- 
-'ip that bi; l.ordslii-. in Conneil bad Named 5>aae D: Riri>;er RS'f 
Lo be ?Iay:.,r of (I;e Citty nf ihc Cilty of Xew Vorke and I'cter Ide Milt 
10 b^- HiHi Sheriff of tl^e =aid Citty and County h-.y the Year Kn- 

Aldennan Kvrri IXyvanke I^S^A '^ 'x ^'^^- ^^''^^I'de Elceted 
Trrastirer of thi- Ciit\- fo.r the Year En.sueinua 

[400] Til-.' MaM)r is plea-ed. to Lawroiiee Wanbooke ]Ii!7l"i 
Constable of tbi^ Cittv fr.r tlve ^X^ar iCnsuein''^- 


T v; [ • |- 

iiii- coM\:ox corxci 

Guy of / ^^ 

Avr A CoriiiiiC'ii Council held alt t!'.' 
Citty J J all of tlic s:>u\ Citly on Mun.j.-r, 
the fourieenth clay of Cjctobcr Anno ]J;.r: 

I /CX) 

]JL'.\ifi f'rovousl ]iSc[l' Mayor 

David ]?rr)\-oc)St ItSqr ])cputy Recorder 

Johannes D: Pevstcr 

ESq'"' Aldernion 


ISaacl): Ricnier 

Martin Cloch 

Ivv'crt rey\-anice 

Evert ]!c>vanke 

Peter M'illcnise 

Abraham lh-asit:r 

Hc'i'lric'; Jelle-cn 

Aijrahani Mesier 

layor Attended b_. Ca}^ J^aae J ) 


•r the Mavor 

]-;K-':t And the Aldeinuni SherilY Asn^^iani^ lli-ii CAnsiabU-s i,etty 
Con^t-diles Asse^:x;vs Odlectors and Other '<:eo.r^ a^; w: 11 tii'-.^e in 
ofllce a^^ thr.-;e Elect .\eccrdin^- lv> the nsac;e -.rictice and Cnsloni ni 
the said Ciity v.aiied Eprm his l-^xeellenc}- the hiarie of iVlL mon! 
(.'apt Gen" ai^d ( i'-mernonr in b'hiefe of the ^'rowi^cc n\ Xew ^'':■'■ke 
^e: in (Anneil «vhcre the Mayor and SherilY Elect l\ad the Oaths 
Adniinistred inUr- then^ Aj^^ointed by Act of Earlianient Instead oi xlv 
Oaiiis of Ai!ei::ai:C^' rnid snpremae\' and snl:scrihed the Test and 
Assjciaiir.i! ai^d ai^o the Oaths na the due I'ixecuti.-n o\ tluir Iv-- 
si)ectivc OiYice-- antl Ixeceivcd tlieir Comnd^'dons .'\ccordin;_;-iy frean 
llience the Abiyir Attend'cl as Aforesaid ^^•enL t^-- dVinity Chnreh vdie-r 
tliC Eeetor t!\ree,f Mv William \Aa/:y preached A sermon suiiabi^ t^) 
the v. hic'tt Ivnded they hb.'turned to t'ic ( 'ittv Hall v/lurc ihe 
Commissions (''\ the Xevr Mayor a.nd SherilY .\ftrr the Rinyin-- of 
three Bells were ]n:bbshed u;)on which the X.-w Mayor Assumed tla;- 
Chair X: Received the Charter and seals from the Old Mayor and 
tlien Caused th>e C)aths Apiiointed as Aforesaid to b(> Adnnnistred to 
the Re-jjectivc Aldermen and Assistant? vEio Subscribed the Test and 
Assc.ciaticn and v. ere Sv/orne \n the fine bA:ecntion of their ]ve-i)''cti\-e 
OAlcis and .\ccird;n-ly i'K^:v their places Tiie Tdie^h Constable oe 
Pettv Connahle:- uere all ^wo!•ne l\xceot the Constable of tlie 
}-aeh Warfi \sho did Xot Appear. 

f4e)i] Ih.e C )ver>eers of Idariem were aRo Sworne duly and 
Irnnartialiv Im l^-a cute tle^ sai-l r)fi"ice. 

OJ- 'int: riTY OF NKW YORK 


Att a C'jnviiiun Cuuncil hckl alt the 
Citly j-iall 0! uw said Citty on Salunlay 
tb.e -^6''.' (hv of C)ctober Anno Dom J/uK) 

Present ISaac O: Ricnicr 1;^S()' Ylayor 

Abia.hani Gouvcneur T.Sc^l Iveco'.alcr 

JohaniKb 1): lY-yster 

Marti!) C!ock 

Evert Deyvanke 

Nichola. Ros-velt 

Abraham Brasier 

samucU ]'.a.\-anl 

ESq'^ AlJerni^n 

Peter W'llienise Roonie 


HeiKhacic JellescM 

Gerutt Onclebag- j 

Abraham !\Iesier J 

This day his Exeehi-iicy Richard Jvirle of JadionionL in Council 
Conirnissionated Abraiiam Gonvcncur EScu Recorder of this Citty 
I'ndcr the Great seak- rd the Province winch was read C Or!);:u::o tl-e 
same l;e Recorded Oe Acrordinoly he tooke his pkice. 

Rtx:oRr)KKS Co^rvissiox 
Wji.i.i vM. tlie third by the Grace of God Kin- of i-nyiand Scotkind 
JM-ance and 'irek nd Defuider of the fCih ^c: Grcetin- Wke Re;)..>i!i:r 

•iSnocial! Tru-l and cY'niidence n^ ti 

■A\[\- I'ru'-leP. 

Civcnmsp-dM^ and l...-a!iv .d Ovr Trnsiy and Wed hek^vea 
.vhvabrni Cionvera.ur CS-jV vi our E>v.-\v.l\ (dace kd'yCu- Kn^'vA 
'•'iye and Mcer m^jtii).: have (duen and Granted an^i by du\^e j-re-cnts 
d- <• (dvr A- (irant nnn> id- said Abraham i ;< .nver)ienr !:>([; the oikce 
Cv.^! of Recorder of our Citiy <d Xew '^Trke in America And him 
-- "-:nd Abraham Gouven^onr KSfy Recorder <>i :\e^^ Yorke ui 
A' ":-a Vvd-,- doe Xan:e Make Create and (drdain l-v tlieM- present^ 
^ ■ H^.K ib.:!> i-ixcrcive and ]'nioy tl>e ^aid C^fn'-e oi flecorder of Our 
' ■■■V . • Xew ^',e-ke in Ameri-a unto him the -aid .\bra;nun G -uver- 
::-ar !.<•,: \h:vlv:: oar i-k.-asu:a-. And further Wee iiave Givcii and 
G-.oo-.' and bv d"-e r're^cms do-- Give an-l (irant Iduo tlie said 
Akra):.-.--' G..-nvern-ur ad and -^in-nlar >uc!! And t'le hke fe,;< Rii^hts 
l'"w<r' i'rehen.ine ee, . iM-i-.yndll- protkt-. and Advaniaye^ f.r and m 
R^'i'.vt d the kis^cntion of tlie '^aid Oidce a- any l-lecaaicr of O^r 
Cniv ,d Xr.v \'o-!;,- hevet .nav kave of Riyl't take!\ ideceived or En- 
io)t.; ! ,r the iA:ercise of the said OhXe d'o Ikwi. Receive perceisv 
A kddov ilie Sana- uiUo the said \brabam Gonvernenr ViSu^ Accea-d- 


ing to iho l: IK- l::l','iil i;ii;l .'.l caviiiir; <ji l!i->. oav LviI'M's Paivut-. 
Wjtxk-^s Our iMi^Mt ■j'rnsty and kiglil \\\M helovcu O.ziu ixiohard 
Earic oi L'lMuiri^iu v_M;.: ^dm" am! O^ uvcriii'ur in '.'Iiicfu of our 
Province of Xow Vorkc arid d crritoidc\- Dcpondinj;- tliereo!-; it! Airicrica 
in Ccuncii rdt \r\v ^>.r'.- t^^'? live and twcnriclli day of ( )ctob-r ;:; 
the tw-elitii ^':ai- of our RMi;'n Annc^a i )■ MT 1700 

ince of Xew Yorke in lid Xo. V>. l;egnti I ''184 in pag- f.dy- 604 'r' •'•^ 
Clarksou Sceiy. 

Oui-'iERF.p lliat ;tn ''Ji-ddnanco of tins Citfy Iniitidedi An i )r<]di<'.:h-e 
for lise l^ayii'L' lin- Duty and Import i'i Uncc ^i)iiinl.;s l']y^u each iiaif.' 
I'arrcd . f l';:,.,er O'^ Lwci\e pence npon eacii hundred weight of 
Bi:Akett ^^■kicll Sradi be ln]po:-tcd \,dt]nn ti.o Ciity of ?\e-,-, ^^^d:e Afler 
the rrf-t d:iy of ( ickM-,.;- A,;:a ];c Rcpcaioc! \'acate.! and nir-le Xid: ai'd 
VoMe and\he :anie is herJ.y ]<ep-aled \ acated and n.ade Xnd and 
\'oide t" :iii Con; irnc^icins and inirp ;St-S W hat^oeser as if ti:e 
same had \c v-r keen inadr or Ordaiiied An\ thin;;- therein Contained 
to tile (.d)nn";!ry hereof in An\' \\d^e X^atxCti-i-landin;;-. 

Okdki'I'o ihai ihe ix-corder draw an .dddre^s I) d'e .\-seinh;_. .^! 
thi? rr(>\i-'ce pra\-iiK^ tiiat the}' wii! 
Of this i..;i:y lO Xr-ssaw Ishuvl i)e 
some Iinp.-iu. n -.n kdower :^nd bread In-ported into this edtrv d 
Give son^e ("idler finul ic lids Corporaliun to Defrav- the pnhhck aii 
Ncsses^arv (''M'a'e ihe-ee.f. 

d tnat tne terrv ron-< 

roe. liiav tnev \-, i 

Thai X, 

.rM->!^ n\n;L; riU tlie iHire (JOe i ra:'->n 

\Vhat>_^e' -r n . m' ::\>\:] \h<- Citt\- to Xassaw Island nide^s llieir Own 
prodiu'e :• i '■ then- oM'/n lae v,-it!iont pa\-;pc; fjrri;'c:-c Ihakr A t''n:ahy 
<^ a::^o t^' . d ; :-nch ( hhvr dnngs thcrei;i a;, he >liad jwl^^r Xeedfnd f r 
the Ciliy -nd ihat die >h;\ijr sit^n ti;e same and preseiU id t-' diie 
As.sein''!y c:! ^handay Xexl. 

OKoran!) that the ah'yv.r I^^ne las Wdirranl ?<> th- 'i'rea = in.r t" 
pay lo Wdihnri :d-iari)a:^ Idea\e!i i'^/unds four Sliilii'-rs Cnrr: Money 
of X<'w ^■■che dt hein-- ha- I'alfe "\'ears sahary as CIcrkc of thi> 'dinv 
duo ihe !!-nrU'-n'h Instant iX: for pen Ink and paper h-a- one Y^?v 'Ivx 
the ?anu- tin:r. 

re;nM;.-n Uiat the}' hhiyor Ap]'oint A CApviahles Wdnch t' • Con- 
sist oi A Consi.dde a!ai Uvvlvc Able men n. he the Wditrii ..f thi- 
Citty t^-> ta';e C-.^: '.'• Id -ep and P-e^•a•ve dn- i-a.ce 00: : And t- u rhc 
ConMa'!*.^ ef l-iaeh R=sp.clive Wdird doe tak^- their Tnrn^ and that 
t)\c I'i^h i"crw;ahle t;da- C;ire th- ^aid WMt.d^ he dnei> ^(t; pnd d-pt 
And tlia! th:e )da-.-.'.r rh-'->vide hre>d for tiic Sana.-. 

uF 'ii:i: CITY or xlw vork 

C'ittyof ( ^.^. 

Air A L'op.-iirsun Council hclu j.:: il;- 
('.My ['all of t'iO s:iu\ Ciit}' on Saturda} 
the SccijikI da}- of November Aun.c Dom 
1 700 

]-:St!" Akicnr.L-n 


Pre:>eni IS:,ac 0: Kicnirr KSq' MaNur 

.■Miraluiii; (iwii\ cnicur KSi[: Records; 

Jacobus \': Corllandi 

Johannes I): Peysiev [ 

Even ]le;.vaiikc r" 

Nicholas Ro^eveit j 

Abraham Jh"asier 

Peter Vv illeiiiSe 

HcDdrick Jclleson 

(Jorrett C);-cleba;.:h 

A!>ra.ham M.^-ier J 

[40.;] This C'lnrie are of Opiiiion that Aldermau D: Pey^ter ..1 
Right is Eldrst Akkrmau he having been >kiyor of this CAty before 
Alderman Prov(.o^, .v thru be l)e the tir-'t Xanied in the Coieniission 
of the peace after the Ma\or o: ]\.ecorder Cn.!it. Provov;.t the second 
»!v the l^est According to ti;e r^ei-niority of their C)riice?. 

Ordi-iri-d the }vkr. or Pro\dde hrewood i- •: ll'jnhres in the fourth 
end fillh days of tbi^ InAaut ^ioiitli of Xo^ e!u!)-r bein-' the birti: 
day of Our ^o^ rrei'^n Lord KiuL;- \\'ilLam e^ Gun jh-jwder '['reason. 

(dRni-R-!, i.h:n dw P.-er.r'l r ( Caikn- such to Ids As-idauc- :.s he 
Shall think llti ) i^xaniine int(.! the ka\'.> Or b-s ,?^ L)rcbna-'''e;- '■' lic^ 
Citly and )nake Rcporte of such of th^-m as will be Xeedfuk to be 
'--■utiinicd and of such a- ()uL;ht tu be Repeab-d an^! al o 10 •■.cvy.-ii^ 
io ibis Courte ij\' tile f^rst CunvenieriC}- \v! P-'WS are Xe<sess:iry to bo 
naide and Added to the sa)ue for ihc better i-^ule and Gov.'rnm-cn of 
•^c Inhrdiiiants thereof. 

WiinkKA.; T„hn ]•uv.-at^e the farmer ,.f the ferry 'd ibib t'ilty l:ath 
Krlu id and Still duth Refus- to nay the Arr.-aravTc of Rem cxv: from 
him t.. the Cl-ty for the said Ferry and rd-o Refuseth ;o (liv.- the 
Otty {.oses'do;-. therv-f whereby the Citty Are b)efrand"d of t!-ir 
Kii'M to th;- ^rr?{ (dri-viane,- .-f the Iidiabhaniv el thi> ' Atva P' i- 

OKuaurn that iJ!.- :\ia;,-,>r b-e Council f-r ibv Citty i'>r the -c-ini: 
;iit Paw the said John Pucao:,- f,-,r tb- S'; R> nt aiid aPo 10 Pjert b:n> 
from tlie same and n.iake Ucit'uU: of Ids i)r.)Ceedi!yL:s b.erein to tb.e N'e;-:t 
Connnon Comicib 


Om.'i-ia.ij Th-jA for t!:e fiitirie this Conrtc of Coinmon Com^cil cIjc 
sict ail liu- Ciuy [fall the la^t Saturday in Every Mouth in Or.ler V) 
hear an\- j>;-;'i'i;ck husiiie:;?. llu-.t may be brought before tlieio. 
[405] liki).',;;! i' 'J'hat the ?^[a}or Issue his \Varr;)nt to y^' Treasurer 
to pay to tiie RevercUil Ml' AMhiaui \'ez-y the sum of Ave pouudf. for 
preachirsif .\ ^crn-:o:; IcT. ,rr tlii^ Courli' on l]:c fMurteciilh of C)ctob-er 

OkI'Krku 'i'hal ihe M<:;,!r Provide for the ^vlarsliail oi [his Ciity A 
C'oate ]>v<;cliv- lialt Sr ■'■••-it^c^s ^c Shoes of tlic CiU}- Livery and that 
he Issue Ids Wari-aiU t" ihe dd'easurer for the pavuient therei;'f. 

L Assistants 

C;iuy<jf / ^^ A.T A Couuuun Couneil held att the 

Xew^"..n:e^ ^^ (diiy Ilal! of tiie said CiUy on Thursday 

dv: J '■'':• day of Xovcn;h^r Anno Doni 1700 

f'resein ISaac 1 - Kie;ner J'^Sq'' Mayor 

Ad)rahari Gouveneuir KSq' Record(;r 

Johan;ies D: Peyster 

Da\-id h'io\oost Lr.Sq'" Aldermen 

h:vert f!ey^anke 

Ahral^a-,. Ilra-.ier 

sanruoil ]'.;'\'ard 

I\-trr Wihemse 

Mendriek Jelles^.n 

Ki^^■^■o d-at A (deitaim^ piece of Land i>in;4' >'^'''' ^'^^ ''''^'^ ^'' 
M: V:\'\\.:u l^veinnau a!id that ^f:' Sydenham rut the Lo^vry And 
also An *d\e- pieec of Land lyini; on the Xrjrth side of tiie Land .d 
Tennis i-K,- And al-o piece of Land Lyinc: Xear Henry 
Cortia/ ]■>: [n.da>.nd,<-;-o !„• hAprsed to sale i:'r the payin^^- tiie De1)ts 
(h:e ]..r i\.- hnildin- the Xev; CitU" ILdi a the ferry house And for 
l!.<- ;:).f;a; ia- ' d";..i puhdek and Xessessary Charcres of this Ciity and 
Ordered tla.t .Md.-r:n:m Ih-nvooM Ahh r:nan D : Pevsler Mi' Lra-ier 
ami M: < m:X.!.;- or any three of liiem be A Connnittee to i^oe \'ie\v 
tlu- lod p:.-<'oi< t.i Land rnv! t:> Call to duar Assi^lance the surve\-'-ir 
Ccrn -r uh.;n-- id-o d:at they Shall think tLt anil \i'y''>\ sm vey th^^ 
sai-::c and nr'!;e \ iXaft rni<l Ascertaine tlie Onantities and Ixnmdarie^ 
thereof \r. Or \>-\ xv.r san^r he Exposed lo sale Accordin-K' and in;d;e 
l\<r>otte thrr.-..f hv d:C C:t^\. Cr.nvcnien'-y. 

Ot-aa-.M-.ii thai du- IX-eoider Aldermnn C'aaiaudt Alderman Rosevoh 
Mr Lavard .V Md Opr'A a;: or p.uv ihree cd them ho A Connnitleo to 

OF Tif]-: C1T>' or XKW Yr)K]l 

' -.> 

Audiie the Treasutors Iv'^oke:^ an*! all tlie jral:.!!':': Acc'.)i.uUs i,i ib,.' 
Citty .V Rc]vjrto to tliis CViurtc wlsM l!'^> Citt}- i> I iid-.-bUd in (..h-drr 
sonic MeaMircs he taken fi'r the jia\n',eiu ot tiv- saiiiO and make 
Rcportc there of by the lirst Convenient (_)pj)orLnnii\ 

OKDhRKU Idiat all the Laws Orders and Ordinances of this Cit'\' 
■\\'lnrn. now are or were lately iri le^ree veitliin 'due s:inic l-e v^' are herein" 
Continued in fidl foree till furthei Order. 

Citty of ; 



Ait a Common CJomicil held att t'; 
Ciliy ]]:dl of the said Citty on >dnndav th 
Eleavei"!ih da\ of Xi'v'-' t ro^:* 

;S(e' ?^layur 

-ESq^^ Aldermen 


Present ISaac D : Uicn 

Abraham Crar,eri!em 

Johanno D: lVy>ier 

David [',-ovoo;-d 

Jacohiis \' : Coriland 

Nicholas Rosevclt 

sanniell ]^)ayard 

Peter W'illemse Poo; 

Llendriok Te!les'.;n 

Gcrrett r^ncleba- J 

j'kn i-^uwatse t'le fan::er of the ferrv h:-iii Ac<!i:ainied some 
M.mkrrs of this Conrte tliat lie l^aih sustained Considerable Dama^ce 
' ■ :■•:-! I -n..^ MaiiUa-ned in b:, ]^i-ht to the ferry and that ho is v.d]lin- 
• - i ;•;. da. Cittv tile keni ,\uc U,r ihe same b'rovided he be Aib>,ved 
-adi !);m;aj^e as ]w lias Sustained bv the Xe-^'lect of [.\0/] I'hz Ciity 
.\^\'\ :].?.{ be will Remove fr<^m the terr\- the twenty fifth d;\y of 
-darcb S'yj. Knsueinj:^ -nd Con>cn!eih tiial all iJilTcrences between 
him :.::'. d e Cittv be d'-cided In- A'-ldtT-ation that he ^\ill Choose tw^-^ 
li.dinere!;! ;>erse.ns A: the Cittv two Also to be A rbilralre-s of the Dif- 
ference Af'.resaid th;,L if ti^ey Cannot Aijree the said four Arbitrators 
Shall (di.-ev^- .\m b'm.dre ulio Shall iinailv Deurm'ne tiie san^e whicii 
This Ceairt" d.i<- Aceordindy At^ree to Provided h<: I inter into Ponds 
of Arbitiali'.n of {Ae Inmdred pon.n'ls to Abid- i^' fulluil th-dr Avrard 
and that Xeither ^\l ]<h> X'ati dmn or any Au-rnvy be aiiy e.i the 
Arbitrators cv OKni-:iu:n the Mayor fee Council f"r the Cdtty v*o V'ixecuto 
}5onds of ArbiiracoTT Aee'^'rdinqiy. 

Rrsr.i.vKi) tlait -eimuel! Staals and Rober. Walters KSq^^ be 
ArJdtrators for tlie Citty b> b^etermine the P)if:'erencc lietween them 
and John Puv.atsc. 


MfMTI'KS (>v ■j'Ul common COUNCIL 

Okdfkli. the Muy<.r > ^\\v [>u' lick Notice U< all i)crM.,n> ih.ii ;-. p:i\v- 
(K-r house is to he liuill \vi(]::n l!:i^ Ciity by the f)v>i day of May Next 
Ensucin^- Tiiat »ii\.H!Ui; Sliel! he Leaded ])y the Citt)- to ai;} ;'cr>on 
that will undertake t;< huild tlie same att lii^ ov\n Chari^v urr the 
Ternie of years and that the builder a-d kariiicr tliereof 

Shah j-;ccei\c two Sii;hn;;S and three peuce for each HarreU uf k'ww- 
der arid in pr'.'j)Mrt!<. mi for \ ,L're;.tter (>v Lesser ([ it\ liial Ar:y 
powder t!-iat shall ]:-: io.d-.;ed i- ti'e po\vder ii'Sii-e ua.ire then a Year 
Shai! pay fur Kv^r\- \ear itt ih^jre S:ays two S'-iikn;.:.-, and tii-ee pence 
for each Ikirie]' and >'::e in i)ro;-,irii.:in ff.r A Greater or [,e.-<er Quan- 
tity, ddiat the said hou'^e Shall he huill of i;ood Stcne ^^ Timber 
And Shall he ieun-ty foi;t l-)V'^ and twenty fool wide and two Stories 
IJioh And shali ha\-e A j^ood feu'-e inclosinj; the same whiclr p:i'.vder 
house fence and A{;purtenajices ti;e farmer Shall Deliver vi> to tlie 
Mayor Aidem^en ; nd CinnnieTia-n} oi Um: Cilt\ rC V^w ^'orke }■■■: the 
tiuic bein- in c;-.'Od o: .-ninciem ;\epair att tih" hApiration of the said 
Lease and that Xo ]»er-'^;i ^^-ithin this (alty Shah ^^eer» in their houses 
(A- Warelrnises M'-re ]> >\\der a'l an; time then hfiy peiunds <';< pcnah}' 
(if ten sliilin;^:^ f-r Lael: (i'T'nee ^^ that the f:na,.er oi the >aid powder 
house Shall have ihe ikmeiiti [-_>:'; Of all such bines and the Stones 
which are not v.-rA fur the buildinc:;; of the Citty Ihd] tin' iar!n<r Shall 
have towards the building the s-ni'". 

blScb: Alder 

Citty of ) ^,^ e\Tr A Coiumon b"ourieil held att th.c 

New^orketj " " Ciliy flail of lb';- said Cotty on Saturday 

Present ISaac D : Kiemer hS.p Mayor 

.\braha!U (louveiUeur leSar Recorder 

Jol'annes D: Peysier 

i)avid Pn-w.o:.t 

Kvert ih.-vvanb.- 

Xiehola> !xo-.eve:t J 

Ai)i"aham I'ra.-.ier 

Peter \\'i'b■m^e 

Hendricl: Jelleson V Assistants 

Gerrett Oncleba- | 

Abraham Mcsi;r J 

Oni^KRO. that .Alderman P-ovor,.t Ml IbasiM- and Mr Me^ier be A 

Committee to Lett to f-rme .\ Certaiue i)ieC'- of^p Ground unto 

Ilcnrv Corcb;;' b, im: Xrar Piclaond'ca: an<I wddeh C-ntains On-' Acre 

and A small r)u'mtit\- n-ore as .-bpoears bv A l^raft thereof, on such 


I J 5 

Tern^s as the ?:u'J Cuu^>-\}inec -r-hnU lliink fitt Provided the ?;tid Lea^e 
li^xcccd l\iA tuM:lv i\v^ \'cai'> iv tliat the ^ia}or L-^xecute A Lease 

T'TE Coniuiiilve Ap]>i.>inted to make A Draft ot the Laiid 0:1 the 
North side if Tennis Lies l;avv .VeccrdiiKrh' Siu'xeyed tiu- same A' 
})a\-c Keturned A Draft liicre^f which ContaiM? two iumdred Aeres • o" 
ihercrdjotits. \\d:erei:poii iii is Oi-:r;i-;i;i:D that the said pioee of Ciriaind 
1)c sold b\- ptihhclc sale ov \\nd;;e to llie hi-hest bidder 0:1 the t-.veniy 
first day of Jdeeenihv'r Xcxt Eiisncin^ aiid the Aloney t!--rLof to ]-r 
Jmployed to'Aards payii;- the DeV^ts of the Xew Cil'y Hah That the 
one halfe of the j^iircliase Monev Shall be ])aid oii the Deh'/ery oi the 
Conveyance of the said Laiul and the Other halfe in One Year Aftci- 
\\ard>. dind ( ;ki ):•.[; la-s that tlic "-dayor Aldernian ]vo-eve!t and 

[jo-Vj Ti"ie Maxor Inforn^cd this (V)nrtc thai t:ie Arl)itraLor^ Ja'v'eied 
for tlie Citt\- to Decide the Idiiaerencc 1;eiween die Citty .^e John E\:- 
v.-aisc Relatir^- to the ferry will noi serve in ll-al station wherehy U\: 
■^?\'-l d'iTeren':-: is not hron-dit lo A period. \\ herevpon the said John 
Euwai^e jv•^^onal!y Appeared before this Coin-te t!^: 'dclered forthwiil; 
i:, pay to ;bo sarre t-K' snn-; of fift\ ponnd- (fn:-ri; ^.l-ni'^y <d Xew 
N orh, and fo-;; ^y ponnds more lihe Money On the twenty hfih '\.:y '■■: 
l'..^i-'.' >h'v. ITivueinp u] fnl! (h andderati.m (A r il Ibn.i tlv:. \i''-]\ i;i'ii 
■■ t d • ;L-''i ■■: lie ferry f,f lldr. idtLy tenid lh\' l eentv hfdi day o- 
""h;:-:-:; X ;.: id-STih- el de/n '.•iii Deii'/er I'p t' ' \r.r afay^'r d'ddernna 

1 . ...... 1^1,1 

all the An;)n:tenances ther^ 

and Demands Whatsoever for nv hy an\- Car<e nairter or lldnr: \T'' it- 
s' ■ever and in Wdtness In-reuf tie saiil Ji'hn Dn\,aise hal'i hereut;o> 
]a;t hi^ hand the ;:;od' X. \-' ■' I'v-o John Ewetse. 

^d.':v;<i!, '|-hai Al<ierman iLyvanhc Aichaainm RoseveU :!: 
( Inch- a- : :■>] :vv Wih' n;,m he A Connnittee t.> Andite the ]^:.da- 
ami AeC'enpts < f tin- Daf':- Treann'cr atn! all Oiiier pn'd-ek Ae- 
e-'--m ^ rknpin- or ibdaiiiur to t:ic Citty and make Lep':^rte of t'n/ir 
pvoccf-oi;iC;s v. itii all Convcn-ent Expedition. 

ORr>ERi:p the Mayor Is'^tte his Warrant lo the Treasurer t'.^ jviy t^ 
Alderman Provoost th.-" sum of tlnx-e ponnds fifteen Shilinr^s C'c Sea 
p(:rrr Xe'.\- A'^rhe Mo-^'p- lit h iep )doaev p'd.l tli'^ surw}-.';- dn'- an ' 
Money bv hin: d'd)r^■^led on 0;!>er 'Vca'ions on the snrveyi-^^ th ■ 
land on tbe Xortl"! of Te-;ds ]ile,. 

rcoiMox roL'XCif. 

L) It vol I 
Ni-v Yo:k,r\ 

Ai J" -V (Jniiiiiiun f^'oiipcil held att the 
CiUy ] lal! of Iho ?;ii(! Cilu on Tuesday liie 
iliird {]a\' of 1 ^JOcr.VDcr Anno D-jiTi i ;•(>;/ 

]'r<.-c:!; i>aac I': JlicTner i'; .Ua}'or 

Abrahani (.iMUvernoiir kSm; Ivec'r'lcr 

I !-,f 


.; iv) ; 


i)avi<! i'rovoosi 
lA'crl ikyva!;ke 

I'vi-vT Wilicmse RoonK 
Al.ralinin lirazior 
Abraham Metier 
ITcndricl: jel!c-oii 
Gerroir Onc'ebajX 
; MM>' Ki.i> iIk- As_d/c ..i bread l^e till furibcr i)rdor a? 
:..'-.>v.vl'i (\d;:y) 

A While l.\Mr oi ti:e nin'sl fiower ten (dunec- i^v three halfe j.ence 
A \\ iha'cii i.';afv thv CL'nr-,fSi iM-an only tahen oui. and U'>: i)i\v.-v- 
-..y. - in vai.di !\v(> ]..;.iiTids and A lialfe for four j^nce halfe yeni-y 
W eca* iviny all llsc Shilinys and Ei-dvL pcuee p' lhi>heu. and 
' '.' : ;di, that aii Ihiker^ within iliis Citty (he take Xoiiec there-h and 
' ah^ ihvir bread Ace- rdhyyly. 

■id:e Ci-!r:niitee Api; duAd t:- h.ea!=c A Ccrtaine piece of Ch-ovnid 
h in^ Xear lnelaeenherc;ii nnt^) llcnry Ci rdaz cU:)0 Repe-ru- ihai; rhcv 
hv. !.c..^,A ih.;: ?a;nc nn... the ^aid \U:ury C":A:.z vjv the Ih'iae of 
■v-n?v five ^h-arc cix ihc (f.-ndlti _.n> folk-win- [n sa}- that \\:: ^ald 
'hnrv O.rd../ ShA! ]...y \u the Afa^.r A!derraer> aial Gaunr.nJliy of 
*'v ' hty o' Xce; V.^rKL- th- .inn r.f !-fte.e p-iund.^ Curr: }.b nvy of 
"^c-^* Y' ■:]-,': on e>r bAore th^- rh>t dav (A Ma;, Xext lennuAi-- thai the 
vaid }b.niv tV^rdaa Shall irelose the same whh A q-'V^d snhkient 

Keep the ^r 

:e well fenced Durin- the ^ald 1 

:.n:! au t':,. IA;idrat;.ei of tiie 5ame Shall Surrender and dchv.n- up the 
'.\:d j'hv-'.' ■ f ' h-.>i:!id and fence unt't the Mnynr Aldermen and Cent- 
ra; nahfy -A du- Cittv of Xev Vorkc for the time beinp; which Rep->rtc 
:^ bv ihl; CoMri- Appon-erl and Okokkko the May-r Kxecutr A [erase 
f-- ''-e -can-- Arc--. rdhu;:v. ddait th,- Mo-u-y th-reoi Shall b.^ !:n- 
ph';.rd !- the riniOdn^ the Xe;e Citty hlall ^ !-> no ( )ther use Wdiaiv.- 
evtr. 'Il'at tb:- said Ib-nrv Corda^: is to naxkv A Ditch m- Drain to 
;df-i; \l<- ;-y ! pii^-f; 'd C:aennd free frnui W'ai-r. 

Th- !'. titinn ed kichard Sackett wa^^ n-ad nravim: A (drant t.:- Low 

OV f[\V. LllY OF XI- W YORK tj; 

wntcr Marke for i!k' (jrouih! frnnlini; the ii>:.u>^o and lanfl r/iiere ;:e 
now lives (Jiaii-ui.i) that AKlcniian D; T'eystcr Alderman iVuvoojt Mr 
llrazier or v.vy iwu wf then i:c a Con-in-iitt.:c t.") i'^xandno the AHc^adons 
of iho l-'ctiti'jner ai^l Ascertaine the Ouaniiiy of Ground desired hy hi:n 
and noake Ixeportc tiiercof withi a!! Convenient lixjnjdilior,. 
[411] dd:e ]\-liii^>n (.f Richard More was read [iraying- A Grant for 
some Lainl Xeav die [/'.'ice wl'ere he no\\' d\-, el!<.tli in the r>r:\\ ry })i- 
\isiop. \vh.icli was Kejected and Okrii'Kf'i) the said ivichiard, Moore 
d-ie T'esi^l from ! )ii;--^i!ii;- Any more hoK'S in yV Commons An! that 
he tdl up th'L^e lie has Alr^ndy made or Klse that he hie su^-d for a 

The Petition o\ \dnront Celamontai^ne prayini^ A Grant f^'>r the 
Stme Grotu-!d was also read^ <*: Ivejected 

()Rni:RT:n that Alderman i'rovoost Alderman Rope\e;t 'M': Wdilenise 
and Mt Mc^i'x- nv any three of ihcm be A Committee to Adn:<t whnt 
Jasper Xc-sepv-tt Slvdl pay io John Mar^h for hi:^ Projeetio- 001- 
trivcUice and woirke d.orie ou ih.e Mill ait i\ini;'s i,ridi;:';e an.d make 
jvep-rte witii all Ceaiveiiient Expedition rfnd ilt is APo^o that 
if the said Jaspjr Xessepott Shah Comply with ^: fnllnl! the Awanl 
or Peporte of tiie said Conunitvce that then the said Mill !■'■ (d'anted 
to tlie srdd Ja/]vr Xe>scpeit 0^ to his Heirs and Assig-ns for Pvei. 

'i'he Peiitii'ii of I'eter Janse Mesier was rearl i)rayinLr A 
t" Pow Wcd.-r mar':e from PliKii water MinP.- crontins:^- his Purehase 
to j judsoiis Piver (duniikn) that Notice thereof be Given to M;- William 
Xieoll to Ap'pear before tins Courte tlie next Common Council to 
r.;:!:.' his OhPctions .\iP p'--iiU; the said Gient (if Any he have) he 
ha\ inp: hintred a Caveat A--^ the parsing- the same. 

()!;r);:kioi Thai the ferry Petween this Cdtty and Xa>>aw Island be 
Peti to farnie for the d'eriue of seaven years tooethcr with the Xew 
Pric'-; liou>:; barn.' and hor^e pen on the twenty sea\enth day of tins 
Instant Month .A Pecember att the house of Mr Gabriell T-mson 
widnn thi-; I itty tr, the bic^hest bidder And that Pnldiek Xotice i)e 
( liven tiierLof fo-thvith. 

'Jhe Mayor 1 Saae D: Riemer 1- S b in-.)|,osed to the Com:non 
Council t.' hire tlie litie h,.m>e beben-iny t.. th-- Pitty att th.> ferrv on 
Xas^aw Isbmd Xvxt te- the brAh Ivu^^e f -r >n:h 'bernr; a> the C':'!nmon 
G unc;i Sla rid thin!: titt the wbicii bein- Gnsidered itt [.|i-^l ^^•'^'^ 
Ai;-reed b_\- tiw LiMiP.m,,.; cyMincd that tla- s:dd, Pitle lu^u.-.e -^lext to tli ■ 
brick hou^e belou-Iui^- to thi^ bitt\- on tlie said Xassav; Isbmd be Pvtv 
\'-> the said TSaac IP. Piemer biSfi'" his Ileir^ o- ,-\ssif;ns for tb.e time an'! 
d'ernie of Seaven Years Commcnein'-- fmm the tv.antv tilth, ''a;.' '•' 



AL'ircr. Kext i-lnsiicioi^ tlic Date huroof lie or l!vjy paying tlic ^luii oi 
tv. .uly pv'".:n:i> Cv.rr'. Moiie\- of this Province Yearh E\cr\ Year for 
th'. J^anic iJarin;^ ilie Ternic Aiicl time Aforcsa'd m f.'ur Quarterly 
}ia,rTi«iJts h.Tich Year and that uic Recorder sign the Lease for ti:e 
>a!ia.:. And ahu A Small Slip of Ground lyini^ on the south sitle of "h. 
-ana: j^yi ini^ to the ?ai<! house Rsnjviup- fro!]i the irxise towards John 

^rNv Yorke\ '"'■ 

IlS^r: AlderuK^n 


Att a Coni;r:on Council h.eld att the 
Citty TIali of the said Citty on Tuesday y^ 
2-..;'l- day of December Auiuo DoITT lycx) 

fVesoiit ISaae D: Riemcr ESq^ Mayor 

Abraham G(=u^en:etn- ESq: Recorder 
David l^-QVOOrt 

Martin Clock 

Evert i5cyvan]-:e 

Nicltolas Rose\'tdt 

Abrahanv Rra?iv-r 

ricndrick Jelleson 

Gerrett Onclcbagli J 

din; L^onnnitLee A[)pointed to sell the Land to t;:e Nortli of TeuJiis 
lies doe Reporte that Accordin;.^ to the Order of this Courte to them 
1 ^irrct-..l Dated the 2vl day of tins Listant Monrh of Dee-mber by [)ub- 
hR; Vctidn,- they dl\ sell the same unto John I\!iseroll Jun' of lUis- 
^■dck on ],.n:^ iSland Yeoman for the sum of two hundred ^ sinteen 
;--;.a-R 'hnr: Ahai. y . i Xe\. Yo-T;^ be beinp ti e !d-mest bidder .'nd 
t' ■'♦ if -'n: Said l.and rdeasuies n:ore than t\vo hnndrerl Acres the said 
bAn MiscnR i> to pay in prr.poiuon for the s nri^bn- -cje a'-'-n-o tvo 
be-dred Acres According:: (o vhat he pays for t-vo ln.mdred dvcres and 
if Ue '-anu- Meastu'cs less Abalerrpcnt to h^ n^ndc in like Ytinner 

d;. or t! 

v is to be i.aid in r 

avs Next 

;Rn-r t::e said day of sale and the Rcmaiiider L; one year After which 
Iv- parte is Ai-pr-Aeilby this CourT*". 

[•i3i n-narwij dnt Mr Mayor Alderman Rrovoost Alderman Clock 
And M: J< Ik-s.^n be A Committee to Exannnc the Records of this 
i^rovince :\u\ take fr.n thence Abstracts of the Land Now in ilu^ 
{..-ov-sbn of lYupA Tdw; ^ Melie Cornelis an'- aCo that they Cause 
the Lan.I Lately Sold to John jMiseroll to Ik- Exactly Surveyed, and 
!b.: r^-v:nd:e ad Wy:-'--'. .\ b-u'^lnri^-s di^bn.nly d\^s.-rtain-d dd'at 
the Nbavor Execute A Grant for the sarnc and Cause Possession tliereof 

\r> be De!;\-crrd to tia? raid johi 





Oi<r)ERi':D that all the Ciiarp;es of the sale and Surveys of tlv' said 
Land he l)cfra\-cd uut of this fir^t payn-icnt of th.e M.^ncy for the same 
And that tliis ( )rdjr be A sufficient Warrant to tlie Trcsurer for soe 

OuDKRKi:' that the Courts oi Ccminon (founcil 3ieel ait t'le house 
of Cap; Gal^ricl Torn on on fryday Xext precisely att two of the 
Clock in the Afternoon for the Leasin.,g- th.e ferry of this Citty k that 
thh-. Coiu'te doe not Sett on the Saturday fo]lo\:-ine: Acc'jrt.h'ng- to 
former Orde-^. 

Ottyof ) 22 
New Yorkel 


AiT A Common Coun.cil held att the 
Citty Hall of tlie S3hl Citty on fryday the 
27^'.' dav of December x\nn,o DoiTi 170D 


TSaac D: Riemer ESqr :\layor 

.'Vbrahani Gonvernen.r F.SqV Recorder 

Johannes D: Peystcr 

Da.vid i'rovoost 

Nicholas Rosevelt CESq""^ Alderm.^n 

E\'ert P.c'v'vanke 

iVLarlin Clock 

Peter W'ihe^nse Rooriie 

Samuel I Bayard 

Abraham Brasier 

Ilcndrick Jelleson 

Abraham ?\[esier 

Gerrett Oncle'c- J 

Th^ I'ethion of \'incent IXlamontPc^ne was read prayiny: A Grant 
f-T A Certaine piece of S'A-a;np Irmd lying- in the Ccnimi'ns of this 
Ci-.ty bL'w..een the Land lately Leased to BE'iny Coidaz an.d francises 
[a I ;] W'h.erciipnn iit is ( ):cD-:!:i-r! tlvat AUlerman Clod: AMerman Rose- 
\eh. ^- Mr jelk- .:i be A Commhtee to Can:^e the said Land to be sur- 
veyed and (he Qu'intily and boundaries therccd Ascertained and also 
are hereby Authr-ri^ed to Demise the Same to the said \'incent Deki- 
nioTit:'-;;i;..' Xot Exceenin^T the ternv of twenty iL e Years on such Con- 
dition^ a^^ they Shall think htt and that the Ma} or Execmc A Lease 

Th'^ Connnittee Appoinferl to Ascertaine the Demensions of the 
Ground Desire.l bv ];ichard Snrk'-tL Reporte he Desires the leut;^(h 
Alonr; tb.- Strand twentv Six Rorld. Resolved by this Courte tliat the 
said Land be not sold. 
Vol. II. -o 


ORi)ERi:i; M^ Mayor Al.Iernuin !): ^cv^lt;r M' Onclcba- ^; Ai'' Wil- 
lenise or aii} tliree of ilicni h<^ A Coir.nutiee t') Deni'sc tlic ferry this 
Afternooij According to frirmer Order on the Conditions following 


\c\\ '^i orkc ]JeconilK-r 27'.' 17CO 

Con!):j J'jNS f. .r farn-in'; 1.1;^ fcrr_\- nf Vr.r Litiy of Xcw Yorke with 

the New r.ri.;',: lionsi.- i'arnc aiul Pen I'lcrcunlo Ijclon.Q'ing-. for the 

Ternje of Seavcn ^*ears to Commence from the 25".' (h\y of .March 

Next luisueinp; the Date hereof 

Imp That th- farjurr ^haU 1)- (Jl^ii-vd within ^:ic:hl days Next 

J'hisueinc; tlu: L'aic i'<reof t ■> Cxccuic Count;-r parte ijf the 
Lea>e -\nd to C]\vq [',.-)]v\ with su.^Ii sumcier.t MU'ety as the 
-flavor AlJern;en aiid Coiniiionahty ef ihe said Cht\- Shah Judge 
Nec-dfull for the tru:- jK-rfornKinCv of Kach ]\espocLi\-e Covenant 
Contained in tii'- said Lease. 

2I dhi.M- !lic far- er ihercof S!:a!I ):- ( )hiigeii to pay the Rent 

of tlif lArry heri-\- lv)U^e <vc: uni-.' :]:■: Tn-a-nrcr of the Citty of 
New ^'orhe for the time being by four J-A'cn Quarlertv ]Kivnients 
iii J'h.-erv Yv7iV Curr; Money of this Pro\ ince. 

3^^ Tlmt the said Farmer Shah Pr.n-ide and Maintains two 

great 'N'ats ; r Scows f^r liie Carryir:g andi Tran.sp'oriing of 
Cattle Come 0'.c: and two siirdl Boats Snincient i^r: the 
Carrying of i 'a-;^--cng;.'r> [4 15] And that the Great an.d Small 
r.oats one C'f eacli ;:;■ l\h;pt y-'U each, side of the River and the 
Sn^all ]]■;?.[< TO I- O ai^'anily Coi-u. .,, ^- fr.-.j^i and Xot i>oth to 
Reniaine on the :a;r; ?ide '■■-: V:: P^vcv att Any time and Also 
to Keep g'oori anal able m.en to Row in t!:e sinn.e Boats wiv) sh.all 
Give tlu-ir C n-tant Attendance and l>e Ready att ah times 
According- {>> f'.rna.r Cn>tom. 

4'b That tlK Said b':naner Shall Keen and Alaintainc onv ^uffi- 

cicn! pound n)r ■'■e sernrity of C;itiic to bo Transported to and 
fron) the Citty of Xew ^'o-ke and \ehen Delivered att the ferrv 
to t:ik^^ Char-.^ th-rcof :,u<l to tii^le ah Ropes anrl other Xesses- 
sarie.N for the Kcc^ir,-- fb,., ni there and for their Transportation. 
Rikev.-ise rdl Cornc brought int" the ferry I'oace to be landed 
within (be Dock o\ tb.e Cittv of Xew Vorke or some of tlve 
Slip'- or !'u"gers ]->aih. 

5'!^ That (!;c ^aid l-aruuT in ihc- ^aid hou>c Shall Keej) A pub- 

lick b.ou^v of i-'.ntei lair.nient in ('haler that Stranger- Oc Travellers 
(<;■ their horses may have good Acc^iuinodation att Rea^o-able 
Ivntrc nuring t!:e Trrmc of tl^r- s,-,M'-e. 

OF THE CITY OF X].;\\- VuRK t^i 

^'•' . '^''-'^^ ^''^' i'-i-nuT J;urin- the ^aia Lc:-c Shall Kc.-p lac Said 
house ]:arnf WVll an, I l;;idy-c to Laii'l en i,i good ^ Suihcient 
Repair Diti-ing the: said L.'a>e and all iIk- Kxpiratiun of the 
same the i-aid liuuse iiariK- \A'clI and Landing- lirid^^c .-^oe well 
and sufficiently Kept AlaiiiLained Re])aiivd ^ Anu^ided Sl'all 
Stn-rend.ei- and Yieldi up to tlu- Alavor Aldermen, and 
Comnionalii}- u' the C'itty of Xew \><v\.c for tlie tin^c heiu- 

/'!' That if the ^aid I-arnier make Default of any of the Oiu^leriv 

pavnients to he made or in fourteen da> > after then itt'dudl and 

may he l.awluH ior the sai<l Alavc^r Aldermen ^;: (V.; 

of the Citty of New Yurke the Demised premisses to ReenteV 
and Po>session thereof to take and to farme Lett In- Publick 
Outcry in as full and Ample manner as if the same had n.-,t been 
Afore j^emised. 

fdi61 S'l' That if the said ]-armer Shall Xeidect to Give such secnr- 
hy as is before in tlK-^e Conditiois Memioned that then the said 
Ferry Shall be A-ain Demised and if farmed for less tf-ien hr^t 
Agreed, on the said first farmer is to make good and pav for the 
l.)ss with ail Charges and Lxpenccs and if\hc same be farnted 
for he is to have Xo Lenefitt therehv. 

'>'• ^ 'i''-'*'^ the Said Farn:er Shall net Jmpo>e or take any Other 

]\ates or Trices for ferriage then what arc hereafier Mentioned 

JA-ry Single per>on to j.ay for going Over Light Stivers in 
Waminim or A Silver two pence. 

Leicii pers.jn in Company four Sti\er. in A\"ampun or .\ Silver 
penne if after Sunselt Double ferriage 

':^^'^ '• '^-'' ^'"■' "'^'^^^t Single One Shiling in Con:panv Xine pence 

Lacb. Cr^It or Calfe three pence 

I'iaeli lr,g i{ight Stivers in Wampum ,,v A ^i!ver twu pence. 

Lach Sheep four Stiver.. AWan.ipu.m or A silver ]K'nnv. 

Hach Jkirrell of Rum. Sugar, Mala-se.. Ovle. Pm-ke ^c • th-ee 

Lach Inni.ty Harrell four Stiver. Wkunpum ..r A silver pennv 

A Leasts hide th.e like. 

A ]-dr!dn or Tubb en" P.utier two Slivers Wkunpum 
^^. ^'^'^'T Three LiisIudL of Corn<- .\ Silver permv or nmr Sriv^rs 
\\am{)imi • 

A J^-de i.f J'.uiter two Stivers 

Lvery Lu--.l,ell of Salt two Stivers 

Lverv liogMiead of Tobacco Xine j^enee. 

132 MJXl iKS Ul' II'E CuAiAiOX COl'XCil. 

The before Aicnliuiieij Rates lu be pai'l b\ ali i'a;^cl■igcrs att their 
goiuL; iniu the terry iW-atv and for all Cattle hor^e^ and Other good;, 
or ihine'S whien tiic ferre man I\.LCei\'es thie sanu- iiito his iJoate in 

511^•ci■ r- 


And ti;N.:: tiu; before ^denliuuvd Conditie-n^ tlie said h'erry NeVv 
I-";;!-)-}- house barue O-.e: i-.. ]_u; Oend-ed for the d'ernie Aforesaid to the 
liigixsi bidder and AeeMrcbngh- tlie san^e was Demised unto Direclc 
lienson c;f tiie Ciitje of Xe\^; Yorlar ]_b-)alc-o.ian fur the su!n. of On.e hun- 
dred and futa-ty j'i\e jvjunds Curr; ]\R:ne\- of Xew Yorke upon t:ie 

C'onditions before Mv'niio; 


J hicrhest bivlde 

[4r/] I L'nderwritti-n Direch Eieu'^on. doe hereby A-cknowIedge to have 
farnrcd tiie before -denlioued prcndsses upon the Conditions Above 
Mentionedi iov the Hrn; of One hundred and fourty five pounds %i' 
Auiuan Curr! edn-^y ..f Xew Yoike as Witness my hand tlie day and 
^' fir-t above vritb n I,)irck !:ensen 

C,,., ...f / 


C Assistants 

Att a Conin^.n Coureil lield att the 
Cilty Mail of the saici Citty on Alunday the 
20'';' day of January Anno 10 'Ui i70o[-i ] 

}''re^e}U iSa^e D : Rieiner j\So: Ma}-oi- 

Aln-al-.a:u Gonv> nieur KSor Reeorder 

:NhiAin Clock X 

Evert ide\vanke ^ ESq':' Abdierin.en 


Peter Wddemse Roon.e 

A].rahan: ihasier 

Abraham Me^ier 

liendrick Jelie^oo ( 

Gerrett (Jnebd;a- J 

Oi<D::Ki:D t!;at hdreek Rens.m the farn^r ed the ferr}- i>f this Citry 
Give Rond \rith sureties in t'le sum of live hiundred [xjumls Curr- 
Money of Xcvr ^'or!;e for tb:e true ]ierform:niee oi each Resjvrciive 
Covenant Contairied in the L'.ase ni the said i'^crry. 

Tlie ITayor Acoraeinted thds Courte that Accorchinc: to t'le Co!idi- 
tions ir- the farnd-u^ of the ferry i:etvreen this Citty and Xassaw Island 
&c: he Arcordiii<^|y Executed A Lease f-r^r the saute Ow the third day 
of Jani;ary In-" rod and Accord'nol;r Demandicdi of Direc!: Ren^on 
The Farmer of the sairl Ferry to Execi'.br, tlie Counter parte of the 
Said Lease e to Give ^^n^l with sureties for performa.nce of Cove- 
nant? all uhich tile said l^ireck Renso!i Refuse'! to doe Savino- he 

oi' 'I'lir. cnv oj- xev; vori^ 


would hvAu: li-e old Aiscj nr to ihal I'^l'tcct thai the Maj/ar told 
the said Dircck iionsen the [iiol Lease Coniaincd all that was Leased 
by the Conditions vau\ thai he Could not Gi\-e iuin more tliau his B:ir- 
gaine all whicli the said Ahixor Executed Teiid'-i-e 1 and said in t!ie 
presence of se^■e^al ^\dtnesse.■^. 

ddii- <]:'y the said i.^recV iLu>un per>',;!ahy Ar.p.'aivd h^f:^re this 
Courte and li^e Lea>e of the ferr\- was tendered unto inm ducly Exe- 
cuted which he Refused lo Accept. Ti'at this Courte Len-andcd of 
the said Direck Ilenson thrL he would i-ixeeu'e t!ie Counter parte ot 
tlie Saivl Lease Accordin.:;' to tlie Condiduns of tl-e- Dciuise v?; (,iive 
Bond ^■, it!i sureties for performance of l>,\a-!ants According to the said 
Conditintis which he possitivelv ]\efused to doe I'nl^ss the r)ld house 
was added to the L,ease or twenty poimiis "^1 Annum of the Rent 

Okdi:ki:]; That the said Ecrrv between the Civty of Xcv; Yorke And 

dand be As^ain F 

-eci totret: 

t:;e Xca" i-hdek ho 

Eanie and pen b'clonging" on ^fun^l^^" tlie twenty seaventh 
day of tins Instai;t ?*Io!ith, of January to the hirdiest bidder upon th.e 
Aforesaid Cor;d:tions and tleji the i\Li_vor Ivccorder Ah'vrman D: 
Pc}-ster .•Vldiennan Roscvelt VJ Onclebac:' a-vl /.L' Jelleson o .\ny four 
of th.em be A Committee for th.e of tlie same. 

Ordi'.rl.d that CilLy Commen::e an Action AL^-air:=^t the x-Vbove- 
said Direck Hen^on of the s'} Citty Roafeman for Lan'ac;es by this Citty 
sustained by his Xon perforuiancc of the CoiM!ili'''ns for farminr^ the 
ferrv <S;c : A; tint the f\Iavor fee Council for the Citty Acc^M-dingly v\- 
Draw UDoii ihe Treastn-er for the Da\-ml lher',_('f. 

Ciiiv of ) - -. 
Aew Yorke ( 



Ati .\ Cow:vr::^ Ciunril held att the 
Citty Hall <'f th.i' said Cifty on Saturday 
tho 25^'^ day of Jannarv.\n;!)]).^m i;oo[-i] 

ISaac 'D: Riemer ESqV jdayor 

Abrahaiu ESqT Rcccjrder 

Da\id Pro V 00s t 

Nicholas Ro^^evelt 

Johannes T' : Peyster j 

Abraham I'.rasi-r 

Peter \\"diem^e Ro 

Samuell L..'.}-ard 

Abraliam >Jesier 

Hend.rick- Jelleson 

Gcrrett OncIeljaQ- 

IeSo- Aldcrn;en 


134 .\!i;\rrKS or THE C0Ani':)X cui'xctl 

'J'iiv (.\)iiir:iiti'.'c Ai.pcjinLetl To AJju.-t the DilYcronco l»ct\veen Jas- 
i>cr Xi -^-•. ix'tt a:;fl J'>hr. r^Iarsh tliis day nia'lc their Rcf'Orte in these 
\vou!s follo\vii\L^ [Xr/') Pursuant to an Order tu an Order to us Di- 
rected to Adjust wliat Jas[)cr 2\esscjiott Should pay to Jo]ui .Marsh for 
hi? heini; I'roject >r ai^d Contriver of the ~\Iiil att l\in:^s liririge v/ee are 
of Opinion that the Said John ?Jars], (Ju.crht to be p.dd lyv Said Jasper 
the sum (li tweh.-e jMunds Curr! Mone\' of the Province of New Yorkc 
and ilnf then, the sai'l Mill be Granted to tlie said Jasper Ncsscpott 
atul ids Assio;ns and said XcssepoU to make Xo Otlier pretence 
}\eir.liri_:^ \U:] Any .\eC'^'unts bctv/eeu then.i. 

Da\id Trovoust juiV 
Pieter A^'iilemsc 
Ahrah,;un ?\Tesicr 

V men. Ivej). 'rie i-^ 


^^. rh<i)i:-.Ki-:!) th 

la^ or 

Execnle A 

Grant for the said Mill to tlie said jasper Xessei'^Dit and t 
an(' A?sii4''s tov !'.\vr, he tlie sa; 

saio _!.'Un .Mar:-.;-! t 

r.y-.-:- h,^ i!u. c'.;,l l:i::jH-r hrst Giviu;^ ilnnd to the 
to hiu! tile sum -;■ r ..iw pounds Currl 
ona- \\ the Space of tw;. Moruhs after the said 
and tlie sai',1 i-'';id. 

0.;n:-;-:i) that th.' Pecrd^r Aid.Tman D: PvoMv- M: Wilh-nse a:id 
^K Ih-aMcr or Anv thre,- of tlu-m l)e A Couunirtee to A-ree vith Peter 
Jan^cn ]\iesivr v inu he shall pa\- for A Grant of the T,and from hic;h 
\ r P> j.^w wato!' Ma'^h,- fronting his lr:ni^e a^'d (dround where he 
now dwcl'eth, \)y lludise.ins Iviver ajid al:^o to Re]'i'.rte ufion wliat 
Go:Milii.n- tlie same ShMl he Grafted to hino 

OaormT) That M'' :\;a\or AhPrman Posevelt M- Jellesun And VJ 
<">nc]e! ii?; (M- an\ liu'ec of tlieni be A Committee t > \de\v the Land from 
ilii:!! water to Pro\ Water Clarke he<rhinini^ att the [_i2o| Land Lately 
Granted, to io'dman fronlin;^: riu.ds^ns Kiver and, lAjunirL;- fron.i 
Iheuee APmK^ tho River to the forte and that t'ley Cau^e A Praft thc'-e- 
''f tri he n;adc au'i A^-certain,c v^ Ouantil\' And make Ro]>orti' with 
all Ceitua-nirnt P.xi')eddti'^n. 



Citty of j ^ All A Cuir.riiun Council held att the 

Ke\v Yorkcij " CiUy Hall <-.i the said Citiy on Alunday the 

27''.' da}- of January Anno DoTTi i700[-i] 

Present ISaac J): Kienicr ES(|r .Ma_\or 

Abrar.aiii GonveniL-ur r",Sqr Recorder 

Johannes D : IVysier '^ 

David I'rovoost LEScf-' Aldermen 

Xicl;ola^ Rosevelt J 

Abraham Ilra-ier > 

I'eter \\'!!ien:>e Roonie » • , 

, . . , ,, V Assistants. 

IJendnc!. iehescn 

Gerrett Onclel;ag 

ORi;tiKKD that to prevent Any suite oi Law or furtlier Difference 
between this Citty and Direek D.-nson tlirit the ferry of this Citty be 
Lett to farnie unto hiui fir tlie sum of one hundred and thirty pounds 
^ Annum ('urr- Tvloiicy of Xew "^'orke for the terine of Seaven Years 
to Con:mer:ce froi;; the f.venty fiflh dav of March Next Ensueing the 
Date hereof And Ordered the Mavor Lxecure A Lea^^ for the >ainc 

Orherkd that the said Dinek CensfMi haAa- the Benetni of the Citty 
ferry house in v. hie]-! ddioriia? Looke no-.v dwehetli if tluN Citty have 
Any Right thereunto Du'ing tlie Ternne of the said I.ea.-e Although 
the san^ be iV)t McnUnnc<\' ]:^ the Lea.e thev..,f. 

C:tt\ ..M ) Ati' a Coininon Council held att the 

Ne\v^'urke\ " "^ CiUy iiall of v? Said k'itt}- on Saturday 

y^ 22': (k-.y >>i r\'bruar_\ Ann..-^ tC^ui i7<X)[-i] 

Present ISaac D: Rienier ES^ Mavor 

Abraham (kvaverneur kk^kj: i\ecord</r 

[ohannes D : Pevst- r / „,, ^^ ... 

; b.Sa- Aldermen 
David J'rovoost 

[421] Jacobus \': Cortlandi 

Rvert Ik-vvanke ^ ESq'V Aldermen 

Xiclv-Ias ]^-.sevelt 

Abraba-n llraMer 

Peter W'ikemse Ro,,m- 

Abraham Metier ^Assistants 

I Tend rick JeUeson 

Gerrett OnclebaL; 

ll.-e Committee Appointed to Auditc the Rooks and Accounts of 



J^ioney ot 
iiir W'ar- 

iJ.ivi'i J'ruvoost ;.^S(i; hue 'l"!-c;isurt.T c»i ilils Lilly u'.'v Kcpon- that 
tli^y haw; Kxaiiii-ijii th.; >a!uc tro:n c'U Audil ilicrcof Made the 29-I' 
of C)cUjl)cr II ^98 u:Uii! iho fourtcuiuii of Octo'u-r liieii Xexi Ln;;ii-iui; 
ar.'l thivre Aj.poars <iue 10 tl^c s;ii-.l JJav'ai Pruvc'd-,! to l/.aiiar.Cv- th.e 
siiin r;f J{ight pOlnld•^ :ii:io Shihiis;^ and XiiU- p^ncc Lu 
New Yorke which ^^ ApproM:^! ^: orderod thv? Mayor J. 
rant to tl'C Troasn;\::- to pay ihc t'atno. 

TliO J'ctition -d l\-l:v \\dd«.;i-se j-do.;;;;; VciS read prayir;:; he he 
Allowed .!;!ierest (or tlic :d(;n:\- l!;e Ciity O^ves him UTilill Such time 
tlie saTiK- l)c pail. ' 'ki)!;!':'.1) lii.'.t d\l'h-n".'.a:i '): ]''o\a~Ler Oc Alderman 
Be\vanke he A (.'oiundttee to fd--:-ii:dne y-' d-!Ie|.{atioVl^ of ri^M I'cti- 
ticmer and Akdre iv-porie tliereed 10 ilie Xext C^inmon L'oinicih 

Okdkucd that the Recorder Diav; A Petition to 11'? Kxcell the lut,rie 
of BcUoniont ajid C'ouiicil ;;rayinc; ihcy \Ad (}rder the stun of tv.elvc 
pounds to he jiairl m tin's ('"itfy o^it of his }'.[aj'^: LV'/enne heing Tvloney 

dishtirs'd hv tins ("ivporalifa; for tl 

fitiinc; of Goads foi 

holding;- ^c Keeping scvcrali Soldiers Tpon the I.ato d;reat Mutiny and 
that the Ma\-or si^n the "jo Order of this C'ourte. 

[422J Citiyot / ^^. 
!\cwYo!dce\ ' ■ 



hj a'i ihe 

L.oi:nnon L'oUien 
[ tiic said v_M;> n 
i;'-^ da\ of \F;ii-ch Ainv, DcsTI I70v)j-I 

Projent ISaac P : Pienier PSq'' Mayor 

Ahrah.rnin Gon\-eri;eur PiSqV Recorder 

Johannes D: Pe}st 

i)n^Pl i'i-or-o-t 

Evert Pe\-vatike 


Peter Willenise Po-n 

;S^i'': Aidernie: 

Peter Wdkinse Po,ome ^ 

.•\ 1 ) r <'j. hi a. ; n. P r a s i e r V . \ s s i .- 1 a ri t s . 

r:crr(tt (dncle'iva- J 

ORnERr.D that t\-.-cn.ty Six Rod! ol the iM'.)und from Pli.gli Water 
to Low water Mar'-:e irontin.!\!; die liouse aiid kh'C'und of I'lMiard 
Sacketi and Mar>rery his wife in the Past Ward of tliis Citly be soid 
unto the said Ivichard Sackclt arid .Marrivrv hi-~ wife ar..l t'> their 
Heirs and Assipis f-.^r ever, and T^Kp-.-Kir) that- Aldern^an Id: Peyster 
Alderman Provoo.t Mr V\d;leni>e .V Mr Pra'-ier or Any three of then.i 
be A Comniitlee t'-^- .\<ljust \\P,al th.. -a'd Richard -ackett Siiad }«ay 
for the same And forilu'ddi ma!:e ivcporte thereof (i> tlie i^dave.r. ami 
that if tile said Richiard Sackeli S'\-dl Complv wit!; the S': Pe}H)rte 
that tlie Mavor Ifxf.cnte A Cir-aiir for the Afor.said Land Accordi:^^;lv. 

OF i}:k city Oi-" :vj;;w york i37 

ME^.ul•;ANDL■:,! ihi^ d->\ this (.,'cauic .\grv;jd willi Wiiliiini Mumi- 
ford Store Ci;tL^_r to luide Siuncs and lu Cv.rv^ ihetx-nuoii the Kings 
Anns, the liarlc tiie JSdric ui Bcllu^ivaiis Anns and ihc Licrl Gover- 
noiirs An::S Accurd'nc; to tiif Deincn^d'jii^ of tlic Svjveral Squares 
left in th.j from of th'^ L'itL\- Mall for tlie ruitiiu?.'; up of viu- siiiii-- t'uit 
t!ie said \\':!li;'ni Jdu;:M nd \vc!i and W'ori-.ciiian like Siiai! Carve and 
finish and pat up i^th-" said sc\-eral Coar> of Anns to \>c \)\ hiir, Cuit ii: 
Stonts AforOiaid) in thv front Wall of the C'ilty Hah --ji die said Citty 
witlnn th-: Si)acc of Six Sl-jnths Xcxt Knsuoinii the Date hereof. That 
he shall make (-I23I Moiildinc^s of Stone ]>hjund i^aeii i<e>^[)eciive 
Coate of Arms aiai that Eacii Ccale of Arms Siiall he put upon -mc 
Stone but if A Stone C eeu'enient for tl:e Cuttinu, i:;e Kin-'s Arms on 
Cannolt lie gott lars/e Enoughi then tii?: said W'ihiam -Muinford }'a> 
Liberty to Cult the same upon t\vo Ston^, -. :'■-: •^' .■ said Wi'Ham 
i\hni;foid Shall vritliout .Jela}' g'oe ahfnU gf-riiui;' of St'MUC'; i!^. Cu:dng 
the said Arms and Shall not undertake any Otlnr v/orke till i\e has 
iinislied th.e S2n:e in Consideration of which worke to be done >.'; fin- 
ished in Manlier Afore^aid the Alayor Aldermen and Commonslity 
doe Covenant to pay to the said \\'illiam Mumford the smn of fourth- 
one pounds four Shiiings Curr^ Money of Xew \'o;-ke in •Manner 
follo\ein;; that is to Sa>- the sum of Rivhr Shd:.-:.,^ A '■'■^■'■'■' UiUiU ike 
same An^'^unloi'i to the sum of hve ];eamd> and tie- Ki-mainder ikereof 
wlien he the said W'ihipm Mumford has (Sonipleated ^\: bni>lied the said 
\vorke upon^ gorid and sufhcient StO!US a •id \\eli and w ^.irkeman ld-:e 
in IVl'anner as^aid ami -to the tru.e perfefrmanco of th.e Covenant- 
Above^aid by th- said Akliiam MusuKaA to ],j pi-rforine..! X: Kepr the 
said Wdlkani Mumford Idndoth kim^Cf.• t- dc said Ma-or A!dernn-n 
& Cnmn-onalify of the Citty of Xew Vo:!:e ami tlaA" Mnccs^or^ in t'e 
sum of fourty pound;, Curr- ?doncy uf X'^\-.- Wirk*. hrnd\- b\- lhi--e 
presents. In AX'ittucss whereof the ^ai 1 William Mumford hath hore- 
unto putt his hand the day and Year aforesaid Willian^ Mumfoi.l. 

OnnFU'-.D the May.^r Issue hi> Wkua'ani- to th- dhvasurer to pa^- to 
tlic said William Mun:b'rd the su)i!s of ?\b)ney Aceording to the Above 

The (."omnnUee Aiii'ointed t<i KxamiiK- the rk-titiouf ...f I'eter Wik 
lemse Koojne dcfj Re;-.orte that the said I'eter Willemse Ought 
to be Allowed twelve pounds l{ighte.:n Shiiings and Right pence 
]ntere>t ioi his >dr,'ncv the Citty Owes him unlnl tlu- same is ;-aid Vr^- 
vided the ferry iir.usc be Conudeatly Innisbed According to his Agrev- 
ment wliieb. Rep-.rte is Approved A: OKL>e,K!-it the Mayor Isse.e h\s 
\\'arrant {<> the d reasuror for th.e inynvwm of the same 
[4^4] Oant.Rin th.e Mayor b-sue hi^ \\';'.rra,nt to the dh-ea.-u.rer to 


Mixr!i;;s O!' Tni" coMMoy^ couxcn. 

l>^y to Abiahaiii Gouverncur ESq^ the i-uia of four pounds tbrco Shil- 
ing-- ana f'^ur jx-nce New Vorke .Money iti l-cin.c- for five Ivloutiis 
Saliary as U:wn Gierke of this Gitty due to him in the Yeais 1690 
.'^ 1691 

Tiie Gomtuitice for Au.htiut,^ the Acc'r of Peter Dck'inoy ESq; Ue- 
ccatvd made their Reporte a;id OK0i:Kn.r) trie same ])" ]\ecoii"irr.ittcd to 
the san.c Goituirittee their lurtliov Gontidcration. 

Littyof / ^^ 


KSqT Aldermen 

G Assistants. 

Atj. A Gijmnion Gouneil Indd att tlie 
I. ill}- Uaii of tlx: said Gilty on saturdav yT 
2^]'': da> of '\Iarcii Anuo DomT 1701 
i'rescnt ISaac D; Jvieivier ESq- Mayor 

Abrah.aui Gouverneur ESq: Ivccorder 

Johannes \) ; fVystcr "j 

J)avid Provoost 

Evert i'.:y\-anice 

Nicholas Ivoseveit 

Peter WiHenise 

Abraha.iM Prasier 

Abrah:iir. Mcsicr 

Gcrrott ( 'uclebaf;- J 

The Gonmiittec Appointed to Ac^rec \:\{]\ Peter Janseu Mesicr fo;- 
the Land frontin.i:^' his purcliase from High water to low water ?slarkc 
froiujno to llud.-^ons ]\i\-er doc Peporte th-tt th.ey have Ac^^eed v/ith 
ti^c said t-VHtM- lan^en Me-i^r a^^ follnwrh i\i:^l) that tiie said piece 
of (iround td\.im liii^ii wan.r io Eo-.v watv-r Alarive Goniainiu;.; in 
breadtli Alon- t'le Strand Aceordhio; to lii^ Pattent Shall be Granted 
I'mo lee said Peter Jan'-:en Mi'si'-r and to hi-^ IJeirs auvl Assi£:n5 for 
E\er. far the Gon-ideralion e^f twentv pounds (.huT; Mo-nc} of New 
"S'oPn'e to Ik- i)aid te, \]]? ?day')r A 1 !] diei'r'Ve;! and Ge.mrrionalitx- of tlie 
sa^r] Gif^^- n]\ the Del'very of !he Grant, that tlie said I'eter Ja.nseu 
Me.-iet bi^. J b.'irs .^r Assi<:;ns Shall ni-'t Inea'-e the or Iruild there- 
o;i u'^r l.i\- An\- n-riek or v.harfe thereuiPon untill ■^uch time as th.e 
Ground. 0:1 the North side of him betv.aen him and th.e Kinc;s farme is 
Dv-ched or Wdiarfed but that the ^ame <\of Goiitinue f.ja;] A Publick 
p!ac<' :or iishii\Lr or pias.-dnc: ihrouL;h the sana' a- itt is ail this present 
tj-'at wlieruvrr lie Sliall P'-.ek the ^ame he Shall n' .\ Street or 
wharf ;■• of fM:-,tt\- fo- a. x-, id.e att lieA' wa<cr Marl;e fi-otitin^,'' to Hud- 
•"'US Kivfi- ni such .MauTic,- as the Street is tf) be inrede on the south 
side of the same by John Murchins his Ileii's or assiq-ns vPiiich shall 
Rei5iaiue for A Publick Siree! or Hiehway b;r lA-er. which Reporte is 
Approved And OKf)K'-tA rlr? \!a\or Fxecut'' A Grant .-Xrc'irdinely. 

OF liit CITV 01- \}.\V \-(jI'K J.,. 

Okdl^kki. that ihc :>layor I^MK• hi^ Warrant lo the Treasurer to 
pay to Rug>r Baker the ,mn of two i,,,un;h; i,n shiH;i,:s and six pence 
itt being: Expences att his ii,nisc in inahin;; ui" ix'^-lcs iov th.e AFayors 
Courte of the said Gtty hy (he iMa;or Ahler.ncn and Attornev Jf thi 

Th^ lonnnittee Ar.polnteci to Mo;iM!!- the Ciu.und from Hi-h 
%vater lo low water Markc frc.ntino to ijudsons River doe Reporte tlmt 
they have IMeasured llir same whiel) hr<.i„. att the Ground latelv 
(h-anted i<;. John Rod.nan and Runs Aiuu- ih^' Strand towards tiu' 
forte to the- (;roui;d of iJireeh VAndcihu-Ii one th^.u.and and sixtv 
Six fcoj. and in /// dei)th on the Xorih l-nd (hie linndrni and tifA foot, 
to low water markc and on the south 1-nd I'd-htv ,,dd foot to Row 
water Alarke Aforesaid. ' j 

OKDKxdi; that the same Coniniittee (i-r ( -ause the said Cround to W ' 
laid out in i.otts ^: Speak to t!^e Se^era: Tr.'prietors r,f the Ground 
fromin- to the same te. Ku<r.:- what iiiey a-- v,\\]\n^ to Give tliereforc j 
And tc ( )rr!er S^e many Sli])^ and surh Wharfs or Streets as thev Shall i 
think fltt in (drder tin- same he (iranted t- llie Respective Proprietors i 
of the Rand fronting the same or if uujy i^•fuw to Such' Other } 
person as are wilhn- to make A I'urchas- (l-Teof in Order that tlie 
West si:le of this Citiy mav he mad<' more Re-ukir and More Com- 
modious for the Rdiah;^::nts thereof and mak.- of their ].ro- 
ceedings herein with all Convenient l^xpe<ldio., and upo!i what Terms j 
<!^- Condit'ons the srmte Ou-R( to he (iranted. I 

f.i:'6! 0:.;r,;o,H., d'hat the Recorder Ai leruam R: Pe> ster Alderman 
iJeyvanke and aR \Viiicm^e .v ^h t),udch-u; he .\ Conenutee to Audite 
the Books an.d Ace's of Peter Delanov h.S(A late Treasurer of this Cittv 
^nd n-ake Reporte with all O^nvenienl !• xj)ediiir.n. 

^>'-y'^'' / ^c; Air A Comnion Council held att the 

Xew Vorke^ " ' Caiy Ihd! . f the ^aid Citty on Saturday die 

t\".enj\- Sixth (ko, ..f Api-il 1701 
Present ISaac D: Kiemer lAhe Kec ealer 

Abraham Gouverneur RSe; lveeor,ier 

Johannes R; Pey.t.e ^ 

R'lcohus \ : Corti;u!di ,• • 

Martm CRck f ""^'^^ Aldern.en 

Xieiioia^ Roseveh 
Peter \\'i!Ien>.e 
Alrrahan; I'.rasier 
Abrnliam Mesier 
Hendrick Jelleson J 



( )ku; ■<' ;. ih'^' Mayer ls>uc his Witrra;:: lo ibo Trt■a^U!Vi• lo uz.y to 
Wi'i'un Slia.;-:.^ ihi' :^uni of [ificcii ]>(in;-:vic: iwo Shi:i:;i:s Currl 
M,i:-!fv <->f Xc\'. \'ork;/ ill hcini; for halfc >car:, saibvy as Ci of the 
V t rnr:> n C'oti!U-ii ihil; }■; I4'l' Inslaul i">:>r Drawing i-iiiL;T. ^s^it.g- vV 
]{<^:-^u\:::^ A i 'v ^:cl lo j''>hn Rouman'fiu- the old Citt)- Hail iJra^vin^^ A 
]ki:.-.7:r-- [hrcc HotkIs «S: A Re!;-ase frciu Ciau^c [hir.;v:r for r;arte of 
![.:■ -;:v^. hirav in- the Leases of the ni>■■h^ 0^: tlic ferry .ilc: a^ Appears 
'r. h^-. A'-'-! .'. Ai.yi i^ Ail ) wed an<l CJi'Dr:;;!!) tiia Treasurer pay th-- fame. 

' i. ..: ::'i> '1 i:e \[a;.<>r f-;-ue ins Warranh- to i';e Treasurer ;n pay to 
!;,;;. j.-'Mau - ]»: i\'\-Ter and Cap: David I'rovoost iAieh li-.' -wiv of 
i ■KL--5 i':.-vA> ten si-iHng-s Currant [^jy] Money r.f Xe.v ^'■-il:e itt 
C;;',; i"- r ilie'r service hi Gen^ Asse;uh]\- f'-ctii the hrsi of (Jctober 
la-; ; > ihv SL-e(.!:d day of Xoveuiher tluai Next fohow ini^ Inclusive 
A ;-.;; rdr;\- liuae ua\"5. Suufhtys Deducted urdce t'.\-euty Xinc days. 

i he i'v-iidMii (A Mr .Vhraiicru D: Cauoy fA:ecuror iSc: uf Mr Peter 
i'; ha-ac. Deceased was r^ad and (V)Kni-:;<L:L> trie same l>e Coiiuuiiicd to 
th- C-u--' h.raii< u of tlie Couimittec wlio have tlic Audhiia^ the Aod: 
h tea -aid i'cter Delanoy 

' ■a.:aT thru .\hier;uan CiTlhuidt AlcKruum Lhaavocol h A'deriiiaii 

A i..- aa..;;:er t j -•■arch the i\.ecords and hudc out what (jurmdhes eU 
Cad au (iiautc'l to the j\erpective Inhahltauis of the hruadway or 
-ay (Id-:- who havr ],and fronting: to ]Aidso;is River helweet: the 
i..-a-.i l.a^dy Grauted to johu l^Oihnan and tl>.^ Groucd o: f;ireck 

^V"iivc Grains KiPi thai Afterwards ii^ey Call tlie Su'-ve;a:rs ml this 
« uu. t'- ihvir As>i -tauco and u.ahe A Drafr d wi^at (irouud belouc^-s to 

• h- '■ up. ; -i\', veil du-ir Kcsp:'Cti\-e ihuaha-. s aa-d hnv \\ater Marke 
.'.-.'. a!-. ?.. Afipoiut places Con\-eui^'ul to i.)a hit f^U" Slip- Avul to 
Awwaaua- th-- Ouantiiv (u Dwry Re^pecdve Lott of (T-outkI vTiich 

• ' ■-'■ da- G:-..u!.d of tiic iA-specti\-e fr--eh(dderr^ Afore-aid. aud make 
•■•:c'u dau-A with rdl Co;-vj!iient Kxpedilieoi. 

'- e--ii.a:ii that if jr-lui Kuwat-: !Ntfu:^e ti> pay tlie Money he Owes 
h: V r (d;t\ fr)r t:ie Jvcm of the fcrrv that tlie Recorder Cc-mmei-ce an 
Ac-;- ', \yaiiist hiin in tlie Xanw cd tlv ^!ayor Alderman and Com- 
u:^ r-a^tv < ? ihf Ciity of Xcvv ^Mrhe an 1 lliat the d"reasur<:r pay him 
h;- \rv {■■■: tiic sauu- and ( dtlvr Charpes Rehuin^; diercunt'-i. 
h;.:^j dy.:ica-ar> that IVl-r \\d!h ;n-e R.^on.- he Di>char^vd from me 
l"\i^-)::<\l> made witli da.- Cittv Ivi'latine:' ■'> tla- luuldine;' <>f t'^e ferry 
ho'^r ]],-■ h. ..\-!nr;r fiiJIfi.lPj,;] tha srun.e. 


Citlv of ,' ^. Att /v Coninion Conncil held att 


New Yo;-ke\ '^ Citty ] Uili o^' \\\c S:ii.] Ciity on Fryday ih- 

O'l' day (.1 May -\TiTi:) \)oul 1701 

Pre?c!it ]S-;ac J): Riei-cr !-:S;j: Mayor 

Abrahruii GouvcriK'ur I'-Sor l\e:.'(>rdcr 

Johannes D: Peystcr j 

I\Iart!n Cl-jck , ,^.^ v , , 

^L^q; A!dern:eu 
j:.vert l>cvvankr ^ 

Xiciiohis Rosevtdt 

Peter AVilk-ms- l^o-nio "^ 

-■Vbrakiaii) Brasier ^Assistants. 

GerretL Onclel.a- J 

Oi?D;:R}:i) that all tke C'arn:en of this Cilty doo Appear before this 
Conrt:: on Munda}' Nmc in the A^te-n^ v:,n. 

Okdi:rkd that the Ay^.->:stants of th^ severaU Wards, xulhin this 
Citty doe Call to there Assistance two of the freeholders of theii" Re- 
spective \\'ards and with all Iixjiediti.jn c^cc to the scvcrall houses \\\ 
the same and Know of the Inhaiiitani^ \\'hat they several 1}' are willing- 
to Coinri'nnr MoiUhh n;r rhe Clerinhi^ of I'-e Streets and Carrying 
Awav the Dirte thereof »^v inal-e retni'n 'if their ovoeeeding-s herein t^; 
this Courtc with all Convenient Kxix-dition 

OKni::;Kn that the Recorder and AP Janv.:^ doe forthwith 
take ont A Writt Agl Wilhani si^wcu PS ;: att tl;'- snite of the Mayor 
Ald..rn!en an-l CG;-:o:.;:;a]ity of the Cniy r-i Xew ^'or'-e fr^r the vloney 
he is indehied m this Ciuv c>; i;n:t tiv Ikrn-nrer i^av imto them then- 
fee a-ul f'^r C)il^er Charges thereunto bele^nging. 

[429] ( I'MivivLD that ihi^ Citty de^e -fa'a-.e the I^xeise of Kings County 
on 'Na:;saw- Islnnd fen- the ^^ear Fii-ueinr: C'^'ninieneing: from the 
Eighteenth day of thi:^ Pistant :\]onth ..f May and that this Courte doo 
Iin-ncdiriely Agitc vdth his Maje^iies Ccdleetrjr And Receiver Gen" 
for the fanning the sanie. 

And Jr.hannes P: Pey-ter ILSy: hein.^ Appointed by his M^]'' Col • 
leet^r a];d Rec<ieer Getw to P. tt out th" same to fanne hatii Ae- 
cordin;.;]y fariav.d t:- -bi-; Citty thr wliole P\eise of Kings County on 
Xassa-vv Jslanal for th.e Year Rnsiiein,.- to C'.Minnenee from th:e eighteenth 
da\' of tbiis Pnstanl 2>ionth of Ma\- for th.e sotin of f-:)n.riy pounds ^f 
Annum to !)e ];aid in f^nr Pqual Onarterl}- p'ayn;ents unto his Maj- 
esties Collector And Receiver Gen'' k-r the Ih-ovince of Xew Yorke 
for i]:c tin^e beitic:- by the Treasurer ni the Said Cilty of Xew Y.n-kc 
Whereui^^.n iu is ('Vo''on--n that the Mavor Pnter into Recognisance in 

1 4-' 

;r!i'S (jK iiiii coMMiiS. cul'xcil 

i!k- Name of 'J\c .\la\or AMonrA-u jmhI (.' 


!ity of this L'iiLy for 

the payin'.ri)t. of tlie saL<] Mini "f lourt} \>' lU 
as Aforesaid. 

Oroi-r'd I' A!dori!!an 1 1 : T'oy-tcr Aldicrnian iJcyvaukc ;in,i M: 
Pcicr \\^iilciP:>'. kooT.': or any two nt iheiii do,' I'.'ti IIh' Said Excise 
of Kings O'Unty to f;'ni!e for ikc ^'car l'!ii -living- to ?uc]i I'orsoii or 
Persons an<I on sucli 'I'crni.s and dui'liiions a..- t'lcy Shall tldnk Con- 
venient and n'a'a' Id/oorte lo'Tcf to ihi.- t oiiri- dn die Ki'l' Instant. 

Cittv of / -.,, All A Co\:y.\iv'\ Council lield aLt the 

NcwYorke^ Citty Hall oi the Said Citty on .\Innday 

the 12'/ day of May Atuio DoTn 1701 
Present ISaac !.) J\ienier ESq'- Kecorrler 

Ahra!:ani C -ve-icnr ESir Rccord<-r 

Johannes 1 > : i'eysler "^ 

Martin Clock CESq^^ Aldermen 

Nicholas R..~evelt J 

PeLer WiHeii^sc A 

Abraham Hraisier v Assistants 

Gerrett OncUhaiT J 

[430I Ohdlued that Ml Ma\..- Aiderii-an V : 1 'oyster Alderman Clock 
Aldmnan Ro^t\e!i M' Lhauie,- M^ (:)nc!el)ag and M'' Willemsc ov any 
three of them he A C^mndttiv (., Measime the Ground Now in Posses- 
sion of Piciiard .-acliett :xv.'\ [-^ Asceriaine the Oruintity of Groimd he 
Desires of tins City to hr Giani- rl to him to I ov water Mark- fronting 
the sanie and make Pei'^et^^ I'v-e.n x.ith alt Co;iv;ni-nl Expedition «t 
thiat the said Convmitn'e Afo'ee with him whaa he Shall oa.\- for A 

Grant thereof, 

Citty of / ^. 
New Yorke\ " " 


at if ila-y .Vgree tlie i"via_\or t' < h-xecule .A Grant 

Avi A iV'mr.ajn Cuimcil held att the 
Citty Eiall ,,i the Said (/itty on d\ie=day the 
-"': d.-.y (.1 M;i_\- Anno DcinT 1701 

ISaae 1): Kiun-r ESq^ IJecrder 

AhrahaTii (louvenenr ESqi Ixccrrlcr 

J'tiK' G ; I 'e\ -ler 

iViNid l'ruv....i' 

■ - , ,, , >■ I'-Sqr^ Aldermen 

l-.vvTl Eeyvanke | ' 

Martin CEv!: J 

Peter Wilienr^e IvM-me A 

Ahraliam Pn-a<icr j>. Assistants. 

G.-rrrtt HnrkPai^h I 

OF iiij; en V or xj^w york 14,^ ' 

The CniviiiiitU'c --\[)pr;inled lo Lett ihv ivvcise of Kin^s Countv ir_> 
farine doe I-'eporif that they h.a\-e farme.! _\ V Same for tlic \ear En.-ue- 
iiig- Co;T-in.ei!riiio- fiT)iu the iS'l' Iiista.iit ni.'t'j Direok rkiison for the 
sum of foiirty p.iunds !■'. hr ])aid hy l-\]u:'A (Quarterly payments Atk! I 
h.ave rrd-ren Kec(X',n:sai;ee Acer.i-diii^^^Iy wliich Ixeporte i- Approved A.tid '■. 
ORDKvr.i) tlie >aid Rrc..,^ni^^aIK•^■^ 10 ]k' D-Iivered to the 'Jh-ea=nrer S: : 
they were dehvere'l Acce-rdiipy!)-. 

RR<f)L\U) tiiat al! Llir Ground hvlop-ii^- t.. thi. Cilty fron' High 
water to Low water ^hirke l.eginini^ ati M: Wihiani Ceceknians ait tlic 
Lower I'hid of OiK-eu Street and Iviurin-- -v'oncr the Strand to tiie 
Ground of Richard Sackeit be Exposed to ^ale and ai'-o the upland 
Adjo\ni:iir thereunto .ivA (Jkukr'd that AUknnan I 'r. 'v,,, ,.:t AklerniaTi 
G!ock Ai: Wihenise and M: Rrazier or au^- thr^.c of [-.\:.i\ Them he A 
Coniniittee to Cau?e the hurvcyors of tld^ Gilty to Lay nut the same in 
Convenient Lotts and to Ascertaiue liie Demensions ar>d boun.kries ■ 
thereof and upon wliat Terms and Gon.diii' ais the sai^-ie Oujjht to be j 
Granted, and that the>- aho Gause A Vv.vW <>i tlie said (Ground to be I 
left A'acant for the huildiiio- A fcrrv hou>:' or anv Otlier puhhck use of ! 
the Citty ^ ' ' I 


ORDi;Ri:o the iMayor Issue his Warrant t'. tl^e Treasurer to pav to ; 
peter Willeirise Roome or Order the suui oi twelve pounds I'^ight.xn J 
shihng-s and Eiglit pence Currl iXhiiuey of A^ w "^'orke AhoN'-ed to him m | 
Common Council yf iy-\- day of AJarcli !aM icv Tnterc-t of Mon-y due I 
to him from the Cittv. I 

.■■ ^^. - ■ Air A Cun-.mon Couiici] h.Gd att the 

>. ' V.^ , SS k'ittv Liah of t!-.e said Cittv on salurdav the 

New i orkci , - , , , 

' 24''; day of May .\iino Dcnn 170T 

Pre>eni ISaac h) : Ricmer EStp :da; er 

Aliraliam Gouverneua ESid Recorder 

Joiiannes 1 ) : Pe^^ter "i 

David Ik-ovc-ost 

Jacobus \A Cortland 

Xicliol;.. Ro>evcit 

sanruel! La^ard lirazier 

]Rmdrick Kdlesi >n 

(ierrett < dnclebao; J 

CESq^-^ Aldcrme: 


C Assi.^tants. 

J44 MlXi'lI-S OV ■]■[-!}•: COMAtDX COUNCIL 

Orderkd t'lriL all il'.- ionii-.T Laws Orders aivl CJi'dinancvs of this 
L'itty Vq Cv\\u\v\'^i\ in \'.:rK:^i lili iartbei Ord^r. 

OrdrIvKD the ])ock Siix-et ni-ccM Sti-ott irc)m Al: 'Jdieol^ald's to 
Alaidcn [mw^ Hoauer ?trect and the Wall Street a? far a.^ t':c Well be 
fortinvith pa\-Ld and that trir tl^c more Regular doinr^ tlierc-jf Tint the 
AhJerK'ar. of each Uesi;;ective Ward doe Order tlic surveyors of tliis 
Citly to Dii-eet the Ue-ular (\n\rrp; [432 j Tiv:re.)f And tliat if Any In- 
liai;;lai;ts Shad Refuse- tw pave hcforc their Respective house:- 
Aecordinj; tu die Dirceiion vd >'' dvidcr!r;an of the Ward wherein sucli 
Inhabitant doth Dwell that such lid;ahitant foi" Every such Xec^lect or 
Refusal Shall be LyabU;- to such pains and. PenaUies fines and for- 
feitures as Aieiuir'ned and Cb>ntaincd in an Ordinance of Citty 
Intituled a;i Ordinance for Vv.\\v)g the Street < Lanes and Alley's of this 
Citty and ill is furiher Oa; ::K;:n ihav d:: Alderman of eacli Re- 
spective Ward (Lie Order ;.ucli I'avenieiits to be ]-!]ended as are out of 
Repair or such as are not ivc-adarly made for tiie [)ubhe;c Convenienc}' 
aijd Acc(;;":un.", of the lidiabiiaiits ol the said Oitty. 

0-^j--ERL-;i) tl";at the (L'-nindi tit l)e Cii-anted to ]\ichard Sac'ceit and 
}d artery jiis \\dfe be (.rrantedi in th.e Xaune of Ivichard Sackett his JReirs 
T'v.A Assir^ns for ILcer. 

OrDErn-.!) that adi and Every of the Inhabitants of thiis Citty doa On 
Every f'-yriay Lake the Lir-e lu-fore their Respective biousos 
U}jon hi. ;■> aud liial ti^.- Cdoaaea cd this Citty dt;e on lAcry sa'urcKiy 
Carry {; A.way and that tlie Inh.abitants of t'.iis Citty pipv them for 
Every loadc of Dirtc \vhdch thaey Shall Carr\- a\va} th.ree ])ence and 
if the Cainon irvide tiiei^- Carts iheniselves Six pen:e for livery loade 
and t; t'le Sh.eriu take C'are that this an.d. all Odicr Laws Xow in 
fo!-cc ILbilini: t.i the Cdeaning; the Streets of thi^ Citty be Eiiectually 
put ir. f^xecuti'iii. 


Citty of I ^^ 

Att a l^'oniinon Council hold alt ih 
CiU\ liali of the said Cilty on Wtnsdri 
the 4'1' clay of June Anno Dom 1701 

Present ISaac D; ]vien;er RSoJ .Aiayoi 

AbraliaPu Gouvenu-ur TuSqr Recorder 
Johannes IJ : Poyster 

ESci" Aldermen. 



^ Assistants 

David Pro\'oost 
Martin Clock 
Evert lC'}'vanke 
N ich.olas Rosevel t 
samnell Bayard 
Peter Vv'idenise Kr>o! 
Abrai'iani Metier 
Abrah;-ir;i P.rasier 
Hendrick Jclleson 
Gerrett Onclehag- 

Tj(f: Connrsittee Aijpointed to Lay out tiie Ground I.etvreen tligh 
v<ater aivl low water Markc l\-in;;4' and bes^'iuing- a.t the West side of 
h'ichard sr.cketts Ground and Running- 'Westerly Along- tli? Strand to 
tb.e C^rour.d lately Granted to Yvilliani sliarpas doe Reporte that tliey 
h;;ve Caused tiie surveyor to lay out the same which Contains in length 
seveii hundred v.^: fouriy four for.t And have Caused the satne to be lai'.l 
out in ].< tts legining att the Land late G muted to Ricliard snclcett au'l 
yenning \\"c>ierly twenty three Lotts tin. hr-i Pit N" 1 and tin' L'-^t 
Lott X" .?3 Containing in breadth twenty five h-ot And A l-alfo .v tl;e 
Re-t Containing in breaddi twenty five f>-)l. l^nglisli Me;tsure t'lat on 
the West Side of the Lott N^' 18 Sh:di be A Slip oi fourty three 
foot v.-ide and that on the West side of tlie Said Slip One huntlred foot 
in breadth, along the Strand Shall be Reserved for the {.ublick use 
of th.e Citty tliat On the West side of lie Said One hundred foot of 
Ground lyeth five Lottfs] X-' ig. 20. ji. 22. 23. which snid Lotts are in 
depth on tiie East End Eighty foot an.} on tlie West End sixty foot all 
Enghsh M ensure which Rer.orle is Appr:>\-e.1 and OROFRrD that Alder- 
man Proveost Alderman Ciock ]\1: Willmn-'j And Mr Brasier or Any 
three of theni be A Committee to sell the same by Publick Vendue On 
Saturday Next being th.e seaventb, TnstaiU att two of the Clock in the- 
Afternoon uivju such Terms and Coriflitior.s as thev Shall think ir.eet 
it make Reporte tliereof to the iNLiyor without delay in Order iu- 
Execute Grarits for tlie same Accordingly. 
Vol. II. -10 

146 ■ ^[I^•u^]':s of the cc>.mmon council 

[434J OuDEniiD t'-eit ip.e 'i'rc-asuicr pay lli.: Money lie Receives from 
Mr Sackctt in ;. fanner following; (Viz^) 

To Mr Peter Vv'!n;-nisc R-x-me hity fuur pounds 

To Jacob \'an X'^orstrand 5iixteen pounds 

To Piii'liji !^-enc1i t'.ven.ty -p'^iunds and if he Refuses to Accept of 
itt to pay to Wdliiam Sharpas nfteen pouiflf, t\'. o; Shillings Acoordin^j 
to his Warrai-.t. 

Okdkred tt;:il the TrcaMuer pay the t\'.enty ponnds he Received 
liom John Envalsc co the i'r-iinien, !,eonard E'cpraw an.d Co!n]^,!n}-. 

Catty of ^ ^^, Arr A Ccnnnion Council held att the 

New Vorkej " "^ Citty Ilnll of the ?3:>i Tittv on ?\lunday the 

30'/ day of June Anno Doiu 1701. 

Present ]h-a;x O: Rieniev ESql M^yor 

Aliraharn. Gonverneur F.Sqr Recorder 
Johannes D : Pey.^te 
Da\id Provr.ost 

iAiartni Llock 

I KSq = ^ A! 

Nicolas Rosevelf 

Abraham L!rarlcr '^ 

Abraham Mesier j 

Peter Willcir.;-' Roomc; . A'-^sistants 

Ilendricl-: Jeliv;.r,n ; 

Garrett Onck'Via- J 

W3iKKi:;\i hy Ou\'.r this Court.- in the Mny.rahty of David Pro- 
vrK)st ESq'-' an C)rdcr f'?r pa_\-iriC!: CajV Jchrnmes D: i\y\'ster two ponnds 
Nine shilin^cs tli- Ballar.ce of his Acct Duritiff his r\Iayora!ity 0: also 
a!sn for Seaven. [)0unds for his Sallary as A Representati\-e of this 
Citty in Geir' Assembly >vas pased the Eic^lUeenth day of Se])'f lyoj ^ 
\\'arrants Is-ned for p'yira^ the sarnv- \,'hich are sin.ce I^dislaid or lost 
for v,-h:cli he 'nati; desired Xev,- Warrants. Or'>!-:rko the ]\Tayor Issue 
his Warrant to tlie Treasu.rer for the ;>ayment of the said sums 

[435] Ordlk-.d tbat the Obi marfcet;. near the Custom house 
hridg-e he for Ev.-r hereafter Appropriated for A [)ublick IMarkett house 
for t^ie P.ei!'-t";tt an.d Conveniencv of all pier-on=; thatt Shah Resorte 
thereunto in as full arid Anniilc \>'amiei- as any Odier Market! house or 
rnarkett place this (ntt)- now is or Lawfully <])uid:t to he. 



Citly of I 
Nev,- Yorke\ 



Att a (Joniiri.r,! (."ouncil lield att the 
Citty Hr 11 of t!:c said Ci;A- en Tuesday the 
8'-' day CI j;dy Auiio [jniTI i;oi 
Present IS^iac i): i\ien)er E^(\^ ^day^jr 

Abraiiain Cjouvi-nu' l-hS-;: Jvcix^rder 
joi'ianncs i): Pcy^i.-r 
Davui Provojst | 

Jacubu> y : CortJandL 
Xicliola^: Roscvcit 
P'.lartin Clock 
F'eter W'illernse Rr^onu 
sainuell Ba}'ard 
Ab rah a ni B r a z i e r 
PTendrick Jclle-^en 
Gc-rrcti Oixlehag 
ORDKKri) that the Inhahitauts of the ncic^libonrl'Ood of (''u:-c;crs path 
have Libert}' to I\rec' A Markett house att their Own CTiarr^-e on the 
Vacant Lotts of Gr'^iui'] fronting to tiie lionses of Leonard Iluyt^^en aial 
thai Late of Jacob Teller and that for tlie Convenienc}' iV Acconnnodia- 
tion of the pnblick aiul tiiat the Title to the Said Land Shall he de- 
fended by this Cilty hat v;hat Daina.i^'C Shall Accrue hv tlic Cv.Vihvj (<r 
pnilinj^ down of the Spid iNLirkell Jiouse Shall he the Loss cf .he 
Xei^::hliOur!K.'r'd &.?A build the same. 

[436] Lilly of I ^ . Ait A Common Cuun:il iudd an ilu; 

Xc-.v "I'orkej "" Citty nad of the Said Ci:;y on Saiurday ;.: 

I2'd^ July 1 70 1 

Present iSnac D: Ricmer ESq'^' Mayor Gouvenerir ICSq: Record ei 

Johannes D: PeysU-r ^ 

Martin Clock CESq': Aldermen 

Xieholas Ivoseveli J 

samuell Ea\ard 

Abraham P.razier 

Hendrick Jelleson 

Gtrrett Oncleba.c: 
The ALiyor Acqu.dined this Conrle th^d John :vIiserolI JunT vd: 
Landv att A puldick Wndue held t'-e one A: t'Aentieth day of Decend;er 
la^t p;;:>t purchasedi oi thi.- Citty tv o huTidred Acres of iCand for two 
hundred and sixteen i,>ound.s Lyin;>- te- the Xorth of the Land of Tcani^ 
Lies hath Resio-ued Iris Title and l^i.^Et Thereunto unto Jacob Lekey 
of thi> Cilty Loiter anv! liath prated the same May be Accordingly 



M!xr;p:s of tiiii co.mmox corxcii. 

Granted a; Convc\cu to tlic ^aid Jacob Dekcy. Wli'jreupoii the said 
Jacob lackey persjnaliy Appeared Ijcfore tlii> Courtc and pfa}cd A 
Grant might be Executed fur the Said Land Accordiiiidy and to his 
Ileir.s and Ass!;q;ns for Ever on tlie Condition-, the Same was Snld to tlie 
said John Miserolh And further proposed to thi.- Coiirle that if tlie 
Citiy wiil Al;aite hi'n fourleen pounds of tlie. purcliase ■Moncv that he 
will pay One h.iin.Jred pounds ui)on the Delivery of the Grant and ()<ac 
hundrc.j and two pouiais 1 eing- t^vj Residue of the purchase }^loney in 
two }donth.s After, audi ll'iat if ttie said Land ]\[ea^ure u'.ore tlian two 
hu.r.rired .-Veres that the Sairl Jacob I)eke\- will pay fur the suiphi?age 
in jjroportion to th.e price lie pa\ s f(.)r two hun.dred Acres and if the 
same Measure less Abatement to be made Accordingly. Which T)ro- 
pos[al| tlhs Courie doe Agree to And OtcDia-; that Isl' Aiayor &- Alder- 
ma [n] D: Pcyster be A Committee to se'e the same surveyed and tliat 
the ?vLa}-or Execute A Grant Accordirgly. 

C»ri)i-:r'd the Treast:rcr pay to 3.1: Mayor Ihc sum of Seaven pouiah- 
Curr*. 3>Ioncy of Xew Yorke itt being for serving Sixteen days in Gcn"^ 
assemldy as a R':prLScntative of Citty from the i/^l' October i;-oo 
to the second da\- of Xovemlx-r fi;)llowiTi?- two sundae s heino- deducted. 

lESq- Al 

[437] Att a Common Couiicil held att the 

Citiy Llall of the said Cilt}- en Wensday the 
2^"^ July Anno l^oTH 1701 
Present TSaac D Ricmer ESqr Alax'or ^,^-. 

Abraham Gou\-erneur ESqr Recorder 

Johannes D: Peyster 

Da^•id ProA'oost 

Jacnbus V: Corclandt 

Evert r.'eyvanke 

Nicholas Rosevelt 

Abraham Rrasier 

samuell Payard 

Peter W'illemse Roume 

Iknrlrick Jellcson 

Gerrett Onclebag 
The Treasuri^r Trf'-'-nu-th lhi< Coune that he taken two Pills 
of Jacot) Dekc}- in parte |ia_\ine;it vi the Land Late le sold to him by tin's 
Citty lying betwc'm ?>Tr Peeckn;ans and ?^lr SackelU of which is for 
twent}' fiiur pnunrl-^ Eigh.tcn Shilings iK' three ];eiiee ]*a\-ab!e the thir- 
tieth Tn-t.-mt and One Other for thirt}' five poun.d'^ Six Shilings yiawalde 
the one and twentieth of September Xcxt which I'>ilP Shall Avail th.e 
Treasurer on his .\ccounts if the .--aid P»ekey Shall piove Xonsolvent. 




Arid also one IJiii of Jolian.nos H:ir'Jc:nbrt)'')';c for thirty Seavcii 
pouiuis ten ShiHngs pa}';il;lc tlic nrst of Scpttn-.b-r Next in parte 
pa}-]riOnt for the Lott of I.a.nd latel}- by liiin purcliasrd from this Citty. 

An.d jMso one Dill of Francis W'essclls for six pounds Eigliteen 
Sliiliii.i;".- drawn \\[Km and Aceej.led by the Mayor in parte payment of 
the Six LoLLs of Land Late!}- to liJ.-ii Sob! l)y this Citty wliich said 
several! Bills the Treasiuer is lier-.-l.iy Ordered to discount Avith any 
per.-ons that have Warrants due and payable by this Citty. 

'■^)i'r>i-.irr;D tlie Trea.-urcr pay in LSaae D: Ivie-ner lASqr Mayor of this 
(.,:n>- the suTii of two j'C'Unds Eleaveii Sliilinu's A Nine pence Cm-rent 
M':n'\\- of this CiUy beii'.p^ Afone_\- b)\ liim dislnirsled for posts for tlie 
Cian-ch Yard. 

[4.^"^] (-):<Dii;Ki:D the Ma}or L-.sue W'a.rrant to tlu- Treasurer to pa.v 
tn Leonard De Craw Direck Slic!^ Clause Uo-aeii and Alatthias \'an 
\"e!:en laie Eelbi;en .u this Citt\- the sun^ of t\\i.niv fou.r poun.ds New 
Yorke .Money wbicl-i wit'i thirty one pounds Alri^ady OKor.a'D tlKan is 
in ful! of their sallary (h\e to them as LieHmen aforesaid. 

Cj:Dl-.rf.d that the IMayor Lssue his W'arrai-its to th.e Tr^'asu.rer for 
tile payment of debts as are D-u- frun-i this Citty to sundry pt-rsnns 
aTid not yett paid for rvLaterialls Labour tvc: for t!ie Ncnv Citty Ida.!!. 

(Jr^nHRKD that the fnliabitants of the Dock street and tin- Xei-iil^nu-- 
)\:<'-] llier^-in-ito Adjoyniuf;- li.ave Idberiy att theit- O',-, n ]o-..pcr Co-i un.d 
Cbar,^'-r to n^.ake A Well in the saaM Street in ^-ueh [>kice as tlie M;(yor 
anr! thi;- Alderman of tiiat AVard Shall direct i^ Ai>Df.iiit. 

All A Common Council h.eld alt tl-.e 
'Citly Uall of tlie said Citiy on Mr.nday V: 
29".' day of September Anno Dom 1701. 
Present ISaac D: Riemer VSo^. Mayor 

Abrahrun Gouverneur ESqV Reci^rder 
lohann,es T") : LeN'aer 
ICavid F' 
Jacoii T'orlen 
Niclio!:i~; l-IosCAelt 
Martin Clock 
. Lacobu-^ \A Cortlandt J 


]-!Sq''^ Aldermen 

Abraham Ijra^'ier 
Peter W'illemse R' 
sanmell ]'a_\-ard 
Cerreti Oncl(bay 
Abraham Mesier 



J'ursuant to the Wiirronis of the iMayor Issued to tlic Aldennon 
of each t\r'.-;p..ct;\c \\"ai '1 of tliio Citty for the Eloctir,.?; this day one 
AKh-Tiiiau cmo .Vs^isiant two x\sses?ors one Colu.-ctof and one petty 
Coiiataide hi each I430I Respective Ward of the .--aid Citty and two 
Con-ta.hles and Overseers of the idic^^hwavs for tlic L'.Mwry and Harlem 
Divisions of th.e Uiuward of the said Citt}' to serve in thcdr Respecti\-c 
OffiCfS for the year KnsiU'ing AccordinL; to the I 'sage Practice Custom 
Laws a.nd C)rdr;nances of this Citty and According]}- thie same day Re- 
turn v/as made ihereof ait twelve of tire Clock att noon, of the same dav 
to the Office of 'Jown Clcrlce under the han.ds aini seals of the Re- 
spective Aldern-ien .Vccording- to the Tenure of tlie Aforesaid Warrarits 
as followeth (\dz\) 

I I'iiill'p French 
I ]\ri'\:ri Lurtijig 
John X'anliorne 1 

Xicliolas jamain.e 1 

Albert Clock 

Dock War 







S'.)uth W^ar. 

West Wa:d 




Kast Ward 

?\i'dio!as Ivosevelt 

Hendrick Jelleson 

]<ip Van Dam 

I'rancis \'incent 

Elias l^dtreau 
^ Idc'ndriok Wetslacr 
p)a\id l^Tovuosi Jun^ 
i i\-ier \\ illemse Rooriic 
J Jacob Coelett 

R-I'ert Whde 

ket^^r Danielse 

Meseiu Xowe 

Joh.innes 0: Pey^ter 

Abraliai;i iirazier 

C)I{<hert Surrts 
I Ai'dries Al)ramsc 
I Jol;a:-:!es \'a.n?ar,te 
L Jacob Pratt 

Jacob Po, Ion 

Cerrett (^)Mclebig 

) Pic-b Wm Xoo"trand ) , 
- ■ ' -\i<e^?or< 

\brnham Keteltas \ 

-cwis Ronc;"rand Collector 

^Sinion Prc^teadc Constaldc 


' Assessors 


OF THK crrv OF :^}-.\v york 


\ Oversee 
I Hnric 

rs of 

Martin Cilcck Aldcrn-an 

Abr;i{iarn Mesitr Assistant 

Tnciii.i^ iickerse Assevsor 

OiitWiad -' ];!; ]vLk.i-:r.n Collector 

[Javid .\Iciidv;vil Constable 

Job.aIlne^ Tuma^t ] ^r.r\eyors of 

^Egbert lianner.s ^ nii;ii ways 

liendrick \'an Oblinis Asscsi^or 

Abraham Dclanionta.enc Constable 

Har!e!n j .Uiu Ciersoi! Collector 
Division ^ I'cter V<in Oblinis 

Jacques Tinrxeur 

LawrciiCe jansen J 

A Warrant under ch- baiid and Scale of the HcnM<^ tbe Licii^ C(;u 
viTii'' was read, Appohiling '\Viliiam Sharpa;-. and luirnc Cobcr:,^ to 
examine tbe Lisis of Election? of Aldcrm-n of tins Citty cV tb.e Oi- 
r.-cuons of the Charier of the said Citty delating to the Choice of t!;.^ 
fame and to Reporte to him in writing what thry Shall li;-de ih-.'rein 
KrUuu^S to the Legality of the ^aid Elections (several Coi-plaints -f >•' 
lnh.ibita!;t> of several Wards Vjeing Uiuo him made of undue L!ect^.•■:l^ 
iS: Returns of Alderman Aforesaid) Wdiercupon itt is OKni:R::D that A!' 
K-C'-^rdrr avd Alderman D: Pcyster be A Committee forlhwith to Ac- 
quaint his Honour that the Commriri Couacil of this Citty are tl-e -:le 
ju.h:r, ,;{ []u- due Elections and ]?ctnrn- c4 the Magistrates and i:nh.u- 
vJuie- !■- fur this Cor])orL'tion and that icf is unprcsidcntrdl io.r {]\\< 
Corporation re. Ic Served vdth Sucli A AVarrant and to desire his 
Horour to Recall the sanx. 

The Recorder and Alderman D: Pcy;dcr doc Ke])orlc that the Eim^ 
Gov-rn-ur is gone Abroad and they Cannot hudc him whereupon t; is 
r ailcr i< Refer'd ti'l to morrow ;dt two (;f th-- Cl-ck in y^ Afternoon 
an i CKi.FRS.n the said Connrittee on the T.icut. Cov^ before that time 
and n-ake Rvportc th.rr<i'f to morrov; to this Court. 
f4.;il Xlcholas RosevCt ESqF is by this ("ourt Elected Chandx-rhin 
f>r Tr' asurer of this Citty for the ;.'car Eusriei'.';,'' 

.Mr :\Iayor has Appointed Lawren-^o Vanhonkc Migh Crnst'dde of 
this Citty for th.e year Ensucing^rr, that Mr M'.vor Sell th^- Idle OM bt-rded hou'^e Standir- 
^'y the Citty Hall to ti'. b-:st Advantage for tl^c Citty. 

The >iavor Acquainted this Court that h's HonV the Eieu^ Co^-'^r- 
nour and Council had Appointed ddiomas Moell ESql to he Mayor -^f 


this Citry for the _V(.ar 1' nsucing- and Lsiiac D : RiL-nier ESq!" to b'. 
Hi'c'-h Siicriii" (;f ilie s?jd Civtv &. Counlv for I'le vcnr lussi^'iiie. 

Cittyof I ^, 

Att a Con'ir.on Council h.elcl aU th-e 
Citty llall of l!ic Said Cill} on Tue.-day y« 
30-1-' day of f^cplemlicr Anno DoriT 1701 

Present ISaac I): Fviemer liSqi' Mayor 

Abrah.arn Gouvcnifnir ESqr Recordcr 
David I'rovoost "^ 

Jacobus V"" : Cortiandt y ESq''^ Aldermen 
Nicholas Roscvelt 
sanuK'Il Bayard 
Ecter Willcmse Roomc 
Abrahani Brazier ^Assistant? 

A.braha;n I\resier 
Hendrick ]ellcse 

Mr Rec ^rdcr Rcpo-ts that he and Alderman D: Peyster waited on 
the Liei:r Gouvernour Pursuant to the Order of this Court Ycstcrda;.- 
an.d Acquainted liini vdth the Opinion of this Court and gave him the 
Warranc v hich he had direcied to Will Sdiarpas &' Barne Coscns, who 
put the \\'arrant into liis pocquett and lold them he would Consider the 
mjatter arid eive an Answer in A day or two. 

[442] Ciliy of ] Att A Common Cormcil held att the 

New Yorhe^ "' ^ Citty IPdl of the said Citty on Saturday the 

4*1'^ day of October Anno DoTil 1701 

I'resent ISaac 1): RieUiCr iw^.(|'. ?\[avor 

Abraliam Gouverneur ESqT Recorder 

Johannes D: Peystcr 

David I'rovctost 

Jacobus \' : Cortlandi 

Evert I'.cyvanke 

Martin Clock 

Nic'-.i'jlas rvuse\-elt 

Sanmell l:'ayard 

HondricI: Jcileso!i 

Al.ral :mu Brasirr { 

WiDKr. vs Comp',:uut i:a*;h been n;:u!c I>y William Morris And Jere- 
miah Tothil Inhabitants of the Ea<t ^^^-lrd of tlds Cittv that Jr>hanncs 
D: Peyster ESqr Alderman of the East Ward did on the twentv Ninth 

EStj''^ Aldermen 


OF TiiL CilV Oi- \]:\V YORK 


day of >f-plLi;i!/cr last [)asl iiiakc an un:li;c jvetiun oi tlie Alflernuui an-J 
Assistant and C'll'cr OflictTS Iiiocterl for the .-crvice 01 the said Ward 
for the "S'tar Ensueing and that the Ric^lit of Election for Alderman 
and Assistant \'.-as in the saidi W'ihiani ^lorris And Jeremiah Tothill 
I'icc : Therefore in Order tliat Rif;'hl Oc ju-^tiee v.vdy be dotie herein itt 
is hereby Ordlrkd tluit ?\ll Recorder ]je}-vanke Mr Bayard &' 
Ml Onclvbag: or any tliree of tliem he A Cnf-.;nitlce to Examine tiie 
Eists of T'decrion of the said Ward together wiir. the Eists of Elections 
of tn.e Scverall \\'ards wlicrein Complaint lias been made of imdue 
ivetiirns anrl tiiat they niake J\e|)o!-r to tins Courte witii all Expedition. 
\vi!;it persons are due!}' bdected in the said severall Wards to Serve 
for Ald.ermen Assistants andi Other Ofhcers of this Citty for tlie 
year F.n.-.ueing. 

Att a Common Conncil held att the 
Citty Hall of the s.iid Cilty on bh\day v^ 
10^': day of C'ctOiier Anno Dom 1701 

Chtyof ( ^c: 
New Yorkcv 

LESq- -Mderme: 


[.143] Present ISaac D: Ricmer ESql 

Aliraham C-jux erneur " 

Johannes D: Pcyster 

David Provoost 

Nicolas Rosevelt 

E\-ert Be}vanke 

^Eirtin Clock 

] 'eter Wijlenise Roome tlrazier 

Gcrrett Onclebag 

Hcndrick J elk son 
Tnt': Comm.ittee Appointed to Examine tlie Eists of Election.-, do-- 
Kei)orte in these v/ords following W?} New York.c ro^'? October 1701 
by \'erti;e 01 the within Order wee have v\dtli all I^xactness possib'--' 
inadc A ?crutir,>- on tlie Poll Eists for the Ch'v'ce of Aldermen and 
Assistants f-.r the year Ensueing is to ^ay for the East \\"ard vo-c 
findc ducly Elected Johannes D : Peyster Aldernian Abraham Brazier 
As.^istant. f.T the West ^\'ard David Provoo-t Alderman Peter V.'ib 
lem^e Roome Assistant and for the south Ward Nicb.o!;"-^ Ro>eveli 
Alderman And JTendnck Jellese Assistant Witness our handi-; Pat.- 
Abovesaid. AbriitT Couvernrur Recorder l-A'crt P.eyvanke AldernKiii 
C-rrett Onck'h^.rr. -.vldch l^eprirte is by this Court Approved. 

Mi Mavor produced to thi< (."(^irt Six wi'dts r.f ?\ra.ivkuuu- v.-^l"- 
W'Tc read. Renuirincf the Mavor Aldermen and Recorder to Sv.-ear 


Jolm I] urchins .M'Jennan of the West W'ai-d Brandt Schir/ler Aldermnn 
of the somh \\ aid and WilHam AI orris AUIerin-in of tlie East Ward. 
Jcrcnii<di Tiitiiiil Assisiant of tlic l£asL Ward joliauncs Joh.nson 
Assistant of the soutli Ward and Ro'.K-n White A-^sistant of the Wes: 
Wa.rd. (JkijLki.D tliat the ^vFayor Aldcniier. iV Coriinionahty [444] of Citty riial:e Iv.. turn of the said writls Cum protestando of Misnomer 
and all Ih.e l^efects of the same and the }\Jayor fee such and soe 
inanv (xnnicil ff^r the Cittv in that Case as lie Siiai! thin.': fitt. 

Citiyof j Att A Common, Council held att ih.e 

XcAv yorke\ "'^ C'tt}- Hall of the Said Citty on I\Iund.ay yf 

rs*^ ti^'v of October Anno DoTn 1701 

Present ISaac D; VS-aJ Alayor 

Abraham Gouverneur ESq? Recorder D: l^eyster "^ 

13a^ id Provoost 

Evert Beyvanke 

Xieliolas Rose\elL 

I'eter VriilcmscRoome 

Abraham Brasicr 

A^'raliam Alcsier 

Gcrrett Oncleba;:'- 

ESq''- Aldermen 


r^iujL'.K!:,!) tbic ?d,'.>-.jr issue hi.-. Warrant to tb.e Treasvirer to j)ay to 
Wiliiani Siiarjxis Clerke of tliis Court the >um of Eigliteen pounds 
fourteen Shiliii.ijs Cu.i ri .Abjncy of New ^'orke being- for Iialfe Years 
Sallary due trj morrow. Drawing; Deed for John I'sliserol drawinp; Cow- 
diti':nn- and l)eini4 \'enriue Ma^-^ter for Selling' the Ean.d to John Mi.-eroll 
and iVr th.e twenty tliree Lntts of Land by Mr Sackctts eV Ordered 
thai ri'.e Treasurer r-a)- the same. 

0^-T)!:i;!-.D the Tre;;-urer ])ay to ISaac D: Riemer ESqT Mayor of 
this Citty ib.e sum of Six pounds four Slhlings and six pence X : Yovice 
}doney itt being for Ix^ard^ ^ Labour »i^c: for the Uiaking the fence 
about ihe I'urial place and that tbi> Order signed by the Gierke be his 
sniheient Ordrr fe>r soo doing. 

[4 ;.:j (.^KonKD tlic Treasurer pa\ to JSaac D: Uiemer ESqr Mayor of 
this Citly 01 iXrder the sum f'f I'mee potmds Xineteen Shihng^ and 
Nine ])ence Curr: M'}ney nf V(.\v Vorke being Money by hiiO, paid to 
sevcradl Carir:(..n for C!eanini>- die Streets on the Bu'-iall of the I'^arle of 

OF Tin: CITY Ol- XKW YORK - 155 

BellonKJiu and tl^at this (Trder sig;-ie>i Ly tlic e^icrkc of thi^ Courr be A 
sufficient \\ arrpjiL iirTo Iiim for soe doiiiL;'. 

ORDKkKn the Treasurer pay to iSaac ]") Ivieiner KSq'' jJaytr r.f thi-. 
Citty or Order the sr: .i of twenty poiind- Curr; ninney of Xew 
Yorke in full for sallary ('a:e to the llehr.aii oi this Citty for th.cir 
service as ]'k'lhnen of Citty haidinp, thie t\\ent\- fift!"! day 01 Alarc]-;- 
last pa:-t and ihat this Oder hv A snfheicnt Wairaat to him for soe 

Oroi^kko t!;aL the Mayor Js^ue hi- W errant to the Treasurer to 
Pay to Capl Da\id rro\'oost or (Jrder the .-nm of I'rree pounds And 
four p-ence Inah'e penn.y heing ^Joney dishairstod by him Un- Surveying 
the Land att llarleni sold to Jacoims !)Lke\ and Lotts laid out i)y 
Sacketts a?id h^xnences on Connnittee-a ar.d, tla; sum of ha.ghieen 
povinds SixteeUi siiilings '\lone\' by hirn joaid tri M: j'i.n.;-\va)- as Scaven- 
ger of tins Citty and also tv.elve pounds ten Shiling? aial Xine pence 
for J.e\elling the point Xear the English Church an^i malnng the Str^-et 
Even avid that the Treasurer pay the san^.e. 

OpDy'.i.'i'o tlie Mayor Issue his W'arrant to the Tr, n.urcr t" i<ay t.") 
Enoch flili or Order fourteen pourids sixteen Shii!in-::s Xca- ^T■)^:c 
Mv^nuy being for one years Sallary as :\farsha;l of ihis Cui>- due t-^ 
;d>)rrLav aii'l for severall (Ttl;er Services f':a- th.e Ciit}' on ])ubTck \'en- 
dues in selling EaTsds. Leasing the Dock & ferry ^^:c : aiai r)rcK-red tin 
Trea.snrrr pa)- t!;e same. 

[41')] Oaoakrn that the Treasurer d'^;count with th ■ C'iiiy tlna'e p->tmd- 
thirteen Shi'ings and One penny Xew Yorke :\loncy 'eing Mf-ney by 
him diisbursted for the use of the WTatch of this Citty for fire and 
Candle a.nd tlnat this Ord,cr be his Vv'arrt for soe doing. 

C)i;onKKO the Mayor Usue his W'arrauxt to the Treasurer to pn\ I'- 
C.abTiel '!T>mson or Order the sum of fourty Eight pon.nd- Six Slni!r:g< 
and four pence Curr! ?\[on.ev ot Xew YT)rke itt being for h.ouoe 1-Xnt 
for the Courts, Ex])cn<-es for the Xew Citty Hall Exncnces abotit farui- 
i!ig the ferry and Lxi)ences att severall X'emEies about selling Land as 
Appears by'his A'-couul which is Allowed and Ordered the Treasur.:r 
pay the same. 

Orokrfi) the ;dayor ls;:ue his W'arrae^ r ■- the Treasurer to pay t. • 
M^ .Ybrabam .Me-irr rv Order the sum (if on.e pound seawnteen Sl'.d- 
iia,:s Curr; Moujy of NTw Torke itt being for bear delivered att the 
building the Xew Citly Hall ,V Ord^^red the Treasurer pav the san;- 

ORniaU'D the Mavor Is^^uc his Warrant to the Trr:.^nr-T to p.iy V> 



Peter Ds Milt E^qi' lliuh SIieritT of this Citty the sum of five pounds 
Cuir: ?^loney of Xew ^'orke ilt being- for the Execution of A Mur- 
derer Henry Lewis rind Ordered the Treasurer jmy the same. tlic ^Tayor Issue his AVarrant to thie Treasurer to pay to 
Diiee]< I'.ensou or order the sum of thirty pounds Current Money of 
New Vorke itt h^'inr; I\Ione\- by liiiri disbursted for sundry Repairs for 
the ferry house jlarne and Lan(Hng; h«ridg"e att the ferry to this day as 
appears b_\- has Aceount wiiich is Allowed >.v' Ordered that tlie Treasurer 
pa\ tlie snme. 

[447] Citty of } ^^ 
NewYorkeJ "" 

Att a Common Council held att the 
Citty HoIJ of the said Citty on Tucsd;iy y9 
14*'.' day of October Anno Dom 1701 

Prcstnt ISaac D : Ricnier ESqF Mayor 

Abrahan: Gouverneur ESqr Recorder 

Johannes D: Peyster 

David Provoost 

r^lartin Clock CESq'" Aldermen 

Evert P>eyvanke 

Xicholas Rosevelt P.rasier 

Ilendrick Jelleson 

Peter Wailemse l\oome sAssistatits 

Gerrett Onclebag 

Ai^raliam Metier 
This dav tlie Oailv^ A].pointed l:;y Act of Parlian^.cnt instead of the 
(Jathi. (;f Ah'Ugance and sui)rcmacy were Administrcd to thiC New 
Aldermen and Assi.-tan!'-- hereafter Mentioned (A'iz*) Johannes I): 
Peyster Alderman of the h'.asl Ward l^avid Pro\oost Alderman of th^e 
West Ward Jacob P.e.Jcn Alderm;m of the Xorth Ward Nicholas Rose- 
velt Alderman of ih.^- south AVard and also to A1.)raham Rrasier 
Assistant of the Ea>i \\ ard Peter Wiliemsc Roome Assistant of the 
\A'est Ward Hendrieh Jelleson Assistant of the south Ward Gerrett 
Onclcbag Assistant if the Xorth Ward and Abraham Mesier Assistant 
of the Ou.tward wh.-» Accordingly subscribed the Test and Association 
and tO(,ke the Oaths fr.r the due E.xeeution of their Ivespective OftVces 
of Aldernien au'i As<i>tants and Aecordingly took their places. 

Eawieiice Wanh.uolce was also Sworne h.igii Coristable of this Ciity 
for the year En<ueing 

The Oihei public (JflKars were absent therefore not sworn.e 



[4.18J Cittyof I 



Att a Common Council held alt tiic 
Citty llr.ll 01 the said Citt\- on Tuesday the 
i4'l^ (l:iy of October Anno Domini 1701 

Present Thomas Xoell llSqV Mayor 

Abrah.ani Gouvern^ur hlSq'.' i\cC'.M\ier 

Juh.annes D: l^?y.stcr ^ 

David Provoo?t 

Jacob Poelen t.ESq'''' Aldermen 

Martin Clock 

Nicholas Roscv. It 

Abraham Brasier 

Peter W'illemsc Ror,^i]..> 

Gerrett Onclebrnc: I. A?¥i^tants 

Abr.-dir'm i)Jesier 

DcTidrick Jellesc 

Uiis day tlie Old Mayor Attended by the present Mayor Thomas 
Xodl PSqT and the Aldermen Sheriff Assistants I'own Gierke High 
Constable ]x-tty Constai^les Assessors Collectors ?nd C)ther Officers as 
V. ell t'\o>e then in OiTicc as those Now in Office According to the 
r>;nn- and Cnst' -m of tlie said Ci^t}' v/aited upon the Hon';^ P'hn 
N':itii"a:i i-iStiT Iv's Majcstys Lieutenant Gfjuvernor.r and Commander \n 
Chi';:'.- .>f tli!-; I'roxince in Council where the New Tv[a}-or and shcriiT 
!:::d the Cjaths Adniinistre<l unto tlicm Appointed by Act of Parhament 
hs'.rad f-f the '')at!is of Alleigance and supremacy and subscribed tr.e 
Tr-M and Associatinn and also the Oaihs for the due Executinn of thGr 
K'espective Ofhces \- Received their Commissions Accordingly. fr.-.;n 
ih'!i':e tin- Afayor l^e.-order Aldern^cn sheriff &c: Attendevl a^ /vf.-re- 
s.'pM v.cnt to Trinity Church v.-here the Rector thereof Mr W'iHia-.n 
Wsrv A sermon suitable to the Occasion which Pndcil th.ey 
Returned to the Citty TTall wliere the Commissions of the Nevr :Nlayor 
and Slvriil were jiublished upon v.hich [440I ^^li- New ?\l;i>or 
A = -U!.--d the Chair and Received the Charter And seal^ fron: the 0\A 
^hay.M• and Caused tlie Oaths Aforesaid to be Admindstred to Pinllup 
Frei'ch Alderman of the Dock W'ar.l and to Robert Lurting A-<istant 
of the said Ward who cu^^cribed the Test and Association and t-obe 
tlie Oaths for the due F.vecutior. of their Respective Offices aivd 
Acordingly tooke th>dr place'?. 

Tames S])encer ilendrirk ^Ictsiaer simon T'reasteade Peter D:iniel<'- 
David Mendcvil .V Jr-n Cierson were sworne Constables of die P-- 
spective Wards for wdn'ch thcv were Chosen for the year Pnsueing 


Jacoli Hratt CoiistaMe of tlie East Ward is Absent 
six W'ritts of Alaiidanms were (kdivt-red to M'' Mavor directed to the 
Mayor and Recorder to Swear W'illiani Morris Aldenran of the East 
Ward and Jereirnaii Tothiil Assistant of the same Ward P.randt Schuv- 
ler Aidcriran of tlie S'iulIi AVard 6: Jnlianr.os Janscn Ass.istant of the 
said AVnrd johr, JIutcidns A'dernian of tiie West Ward and Robert 
V\diitc: Assistant of th.e said Avard (who were LawfuUy Chosen into the 
Respective Ofhces of Abjermen and Assistants of th.e Res;teclive W^arcls 
aforesaid as in the said ^vritt^ is Athrmed) or else to Show Cause to the 
Contrary tlie twenty fiftli d,ay of Xoveml/'/r Xext The Consideration of 
which th.e Conrt Refer'd till A more Convenient Opportunity. 

Citty of } ^ Aty a Common Coun.cil held att the 

Xev.- Yorkej "' Citty Llall of the said Citty on ddiesday the 

lU'? day of November 1701. 

Present Tiiomas Xoell ESq: :\Iayor 
Brandt Schu) ler ""j 

[ohn ilnlcliins ,--, . , , 

■ . ... ,, , C j'.Sq'"-^ AldernK-n 
i'lnlip brench C ^ 

William Morris J 

[451] Rob/en J.urLiii,:^ "'> 

lererniah '['othdlj , • 

■ 1 C Assistants. 
Jobanncs Jansen [ 

Robert \\diiie J 

This day Mr }.la}or Acquainted this Con'T that from the fourteenth 
day of C)ctober last past bein.g- th.e day on vvln'ch he Avas sworne ?\Ia}-or 
of this Ciiiy for v.-ant oi a selled ATati-istry in the same lie had Kept 
A Memorandum or jcairnal of sevcrall n.ialters tliat had been Trans- 
acted within Citty vTiich ivelated to the i)ublick arid desired tb.o 
same ndyht be read wliich was Accordinidy read ^l' Ordkr'd that the 
Clerke luiter the same in the Records of thi.^ Court which are in 
words follov.ino- (Xdz^j 

Mr.MORAXDL'M on 'i'uesday the fourteenth day of Ocb")ber 170T I. 
\\'as C(»mniissioned. and sv.orne Ma}-or of the Citty of New Yorke 
before the Tlon-'J'^ Jolm Nanfan ESqr Eieu^ Governour of this Province 
and Coimcil in lu's Maj'' Forte William blcnr\ and from thence .Accord- 
ing; to the U^uall sc-lemnity I went tn Trinily Church \\'here was .A 
sermon [..reacherl by Ml Wvey v.'hicb. tvnded I went to the Citt>- Hall 
Attended by the Recorder .Aldermen ;md .As.-istanls and Other ( )f!icers 
where aftvr the Ring-Jni;- of three Pells I pul/dshed my Commission and 



then v/ci^T up iiuu the Court house :\v,d tooke th.e Chair where Isaac 
1): Rieiner ESq-. the late !Ma_\or .U-hvered to iiv.. the Charter and seals 
of this Citt}- .dl Gc'UvtTneur the K'-corder p!a^^i.-..i hinv^clle on tlie hench 
by me as also did Johannes D : Peystt-r David L'rovoost Jacob Boelen 
Nicholas Rosevelt and AJaitin Clock I^Sq^: a^ Aldtrnien and Mr Peter 
W'illenise RooriK: Al?" Abraham Brasier aB Gvrrett Onclebag' M' 
Ilendrick Je;le.-on and I\lr Abraham Mesicr a,s Asd^tanta n[Mjn wdiicli 
I C)rdered the Gierke to proccefl to th.e sv.tarinc^ t'ne New Akkrmen 
and Assistants and Other C)uicers but thie [4',il Ivceorder Aldermen 
and Assislar'its upon the I'eneh to!d me tlv. y were Alread}' s>vorne by 
tht; Old Mayur Except Mr FtnlJip French Alderman of the Dock Ward 
and AE' Kobi. Luiting Assistant of the siur-'.' W'a.rd wlio v,-ere not 
presL'it v;h:en. ihcy were sv,-orr;e V/hereup:»ri t^ie said Plnllip French 
and Robert EnrtiiiL; before me liad tlie C^atbs Ad.:inrn^tred ur.lo lliem 
Af>poirited by Act of Parliament Instead of the Oaths of Alleigance & 
supremacy Ai;d subscribed th.e Test an.d Association aiul v/ere also 
.-v/orne to tlic due Execution, of their Resjjective CMTices a.nd Accord- 
in^lly ti..ol:e their places which done there v/ere delivered to me six of 
"her Maiesfvo Writts of Mandamus direoteu lo the Mavor an 1 Recordei 

Citlv of New Yorke for the time b 

'C of whicii v.'as for 

svarinp- Erandt schu\ler Alderman o^ the south War.' of this 
I itty Anoiher for swcarinj;- johamies Jansen Assistant of the ^aid Ward 
AfiMther f;.r swearinj;^ John E[utch:n> AhE-rman jf the We^t Waid 
An--.thcr for swearing Robert White A>:^istanL of the said Ward Aii- 
. d-r for swearing- William Morris Alderman of the Ea^t Ward and 
An-..d:ev for swearing Jeremiah Tothill Asdstmt of tlie ^nid Ward one 
^■L ^.hich v/ritts were openly read in tho Court Roc>n; and there b^•mg 
irar.y people severall disputes did .-Vrise tliercupon severall Alm:n:-ig 
l! at the Aldirmen and Assistants ^^hich were ^worne by ilu- f^ld 
.''.Ey.'or \\ere not Legalh- sworne it!: being Contr;iry to tlv: .Aiic.ent 
Rights Priviledgcs ^ Custom Granted by the Charter and Absolnlely 
CEntradictory to all the Usages in "^nch Cases tint itt ha^ AlKvay> l^een 
the Esage for the Xew Mayor to swear ihe Xew Aldern;en and 
Assistants and Oti'cr Ofhcers :md tltat the Aldermen and Assistants 
wliieh. v.-cre sworne by the OKI Mayor had Corruptlv and Illegally 
Returned then;.elves and that the per>ons Mentioned iii the Writts of v.ere the [-152] persons Legally Elected and desired titey 
n-eight be Acrordin.giy sworne upon \dneh great heats Arose and I 
thought itt Gr.uvenient to leave the Chair and dissolve that Assembly 

NoiE— .Sho;-.ia read '• liis." See also p. 522 t'dS.), parapraph 5- 

loo Mi:;i:i-i-.s Of the coalmon council 

to prevent the (Janc;>jr sceiii'd to threaten and for ttie preservaticn 
of the peace un.,n wliicli t'r.c AJultitudc di.-p:rsed 

since which linie i have iixanhned tlie Records of tl;e said Citty 
and doe hnde the Aldennen Assistants and Othier Ohiccrs of this 
C'ittv h.ave ail\va)'s heon swornc by the New Maxor And thiat in all tlie hooks tliere :s riol one precederit that the old I\Layor Yixcr tooke that 
Authority L'pori iiim for liie R'.^g-ulation of which Irregular proceeding 
J Causedi V- Conur.oii Con.ncil to he sununoned on ^Juuclay the twe.i- 
ticth of iJcuher in Order to swear Jacob Boclen. Alderman of the 
North Ward and Gcrreu Onclebag Assistant of the said Ward And 
Also IM'artin Clock Aldcrn:an of the Outu-ard and Abraham Mcsier 
Assistant of th.e said V\"ard *:\: Accordingly went up irito the Court Room 
and there Acqu.ainted yV Gen! what 1 Intciided to doe wh.o told nie tliey 
were Aiirady sworn 'J hat 1 Answered Not l)\' ine Nor by my Knowl- 
edge or Consent and I C'juld not sicl ^vith them as Aldermen and 
Assistants tiU the\- were swornc before rne and Accordiiigly I OJered 
to Adn;ini:,;cr the Oaths to iliem which tliey Refused That I also told 
Mr Johannes D: Peyster Mv David Provocst & U^ Nicholas Roseveh 
and the prcLt;ndcd As.^israuls of their Wards tliat there was A Caveat 
F.ntred Ag-jiiT^l their bemg sworne and that itt was dispn.ted wiicthier 
the_\' Were hgally 'Ckcied and therefore desired they would forbear to 
Come u.pon ilse Iknchi lili such, time as their Right wa- ]')eterrr.ined 
who Answered [453J They were duel}- }Clected and sworne and had A 
Right to silt there and would sitt ihcrc on w Inch I left the Room tell- 
ing thicm I Could not Act witli them till itt was decided th.ey 
Avere La^'. f'-llj.- l-decled and swoxue Accordirig- to tlie I 'sage of tliis 
Citty to wliich ^U iJavid Provoost Answcr'd he would Nc't be sworne 
by me ar.d tlv/rcupon I wesii home 

Tins d;iy 1 and Alderman French v. .-nt to the Citt}- 
October 21''' Hall in Order to Adjourn the Mayor's Ci.airt v;h-M-e 
I four.d AP Johannes D; h'e}-SLer AP Pavid Provoost 
and AP Nichi-Pi- l\0-e\-elt wh/i followed me up into tlie Court Room 
and there St-.-d tid J ami Alderman French had Opened v^ Adjourned 
the ^Mayors C"tu-t ^iivl .\fti rewards went Awa}-. 

On the same day 1 discoursed \>.dtli -\lr Couverneur tlie Recorder of 
the said C.tty and. told h::n I would swear the Aldermen Ar.d Assistants 
that were Returned without dispute if thiC}- would Adirip nf itt which 
done their would be A sr.Mici'Mit Numljer of Magistrate- and Officers 
to lioM A Ci'Mar.on {?onn'-il for the Ivcnewal of th.e Ciltv Paws for 
holding of A Ma\o:s L'onrt And Gcn^ C''url of Quarter sessi..ins of tlie 
peace anrj for the h"tYecting of such r)i]ier things as would l*e for the 


public Bcncfut and wcllfarc of the fnhabitanLs ra" thi^ Citty and that I 
\"/oi'.ld Also C'tiii'^e A scrulitiy U< be nuidc of V.-.'^-^c ['dcctions wliich were 
disputed in Order tliat Justice rnii;hi be d.-'.ne. ami desired^ he would 
loyne with me lierein aud he would desire t!ie Aldermen and Assistants 
to Consent thereunto upon whieh he told me Ik- woidd Consider of ill 
and give rne his Answer to Morrow. 

This Morning' ^'i'" (douvenieur die keeorder Canx' to 
(October 22'^ my hou'-e And tnld m.' he eoidd rh-»t Assist me in the 

making of A scrutiu.y w iihout tlie Consent of the Com- 
mon Council or that he voudd not or that ho Could not Consent i454i 
tlitrcnnito without the Common Cc'uneil 

This da\- 1 sent f(»r the Kccord.ei- who C'jime t<) me 
L.'rtobier 2^-5^ and 1 told In'm 1 would .\])i)0!!it persons tn scrutin\- 

tlic Election ''if die S'luth Ward (to say) two men of 
o!if party s^isd two of the ( )LhAr aivd tbo;.- sliould make tlie scrulin.v 
t'cfore me and desired th,<it lie wotdd I'C present .and A-^sist me thv-rcin 
v.ho Answered No. he Coubi not or be would uot. 

This day I sent for Afr Nicholas Rosevelt and told liim T did de^ign 
t(.> h.ave a scrutiny made of the l.'b'ction of ihc soulh Ward and de- 
sired lie would lie there wdio Au'^wered that there had been one scrnl!n,\- 
mad.e and Allov.ed by Commr,;i C'juncil Aud lie Could Not Consent te; 
Anodier or to that purpose. 1 also r>eman<!ed of hiui the T'oi! which la- 
<aidi h>' Ket-it for his owu ••ecnritx i [-.roniisfd he sliould have itt A^^-ain 
upoi\ wiuch 1'..: f.-)Id me th.e Committee tiiat made the scrutin) hadi itt 
that it the Co;;--non Council would Order ill fTo;- bi^n he would ']■■- 
\r^■'■v !tt :uid rot r)tlierwise. upon vchich \ i...ld liiui 1 ..ould proceed on 
the scrutiny and would e\!)]:oint Afatthew Cir.g !\ip \'an Dam r;yd':iTt 
\'aninburi;h and Johannes \'an G-^esen Inhalitants of the saM Ward 
before nie to naakc the scrutiny who Answeredi tb.ey were oor^l u..;ii I'c 
l-ad ^lotirin^^ to Otiject Against tb.em or to that purpose vpon -^hich I 
Issued: t'le foUowiiig Warnml. 1 b>banne'; A'an G.'csen n-M lieiuo vo be 
found [C 

. . d'liomas Xhiell b'.Snr Mnvo'i- of die Cit*\- of Xe-e 

^!ttV Ot .. . ,. , ^ . ,- ,1. ,'r , T . W- 1 

,, ;. , . >^ \orke to Rid \ an Dam. .Tatthew I.-m-- Cvs' ert 
.\ew^orke\ ,- . , , X ^ - ■■ -,->■-. tA ,■ 

' \ tuuni ur;yh .v C a\'\ lornehus ]): Pey>ier Trdiabo 

tants within the -onth Ward ni the -aid Citty and to Every of them 

Creeling. V,'!;ereas I'roudi Schuvler of ibc t'dtv an-l Ward Afo^e^;ud 

Mercbrun bath Appeared b; fore )ne nud Clai^e^ to be Chnseii .-Mdennan 

of the -aid ward by tlie May-rby „i \-oicc> of di. Inhabitants [455: '^f 

thr: hil (ihifanls of that \\'rir.l on the t\\':'uty N'indi day of septeml-er la-n 

According to the usaci'e o\ the sreid Citt\- fo.r the _\-enr then rnsuei''£.' 

Vol, TI- II 



\vhich Choice is t!cn\-cd b\ Xicholas Kosc\ ell of the same Ward Boulter 
who also makes Claimo in be Ch.O'-cii as /\bove^aid thai there may be no 
defect of Justice in this b^haife in his IVlajest\-s Xanie I doe hcreb}- 
Require )oi; that the parties Abovesaid beinj;- summoned to be present 
if tiiey thin.k fitt in their presence or in default thereof in their Absence 
before me ati m_\ house within t]:e said Citty on iryda_\ Xcxt beine;- the 
twenty fom-th day of tin's In.stan.t ^ilonth of October att Eii_^ht of the 
Clock in the Morning- You JmUl)' Inspect and scrutiny the Voices ui 
the Inliaijiianls of ihe said> Ward and that tliereujjon. sucli of ^'ou as 
Shall Aliend this ser\ ice Certihe unto me under }Our hands if tlie said 
Nicliolas Rosevilt or l^randt Schuyler be Chosen Alderman b}- the 
MajoritN of the X'oices (;f the Inhabitants Aforesaid According- to tlie 
usage abosesaid and this Shall be mito "^'ou a snfiicien.t Warrant for soe 
doinf;'. In Wittness wlier-enf I have hereunfn jiutt mr luiuil And Com- 
mon .^eale of th.e s;;id. Ciuy t'le twent\' third da}^ of r)ctober in the 
thiiieentli Year of his Ahijestys Iveig-n Aniio doTn i/Oi 

Tin's day I Issued another Warr.'uit h.i the ])ersons abovesaid to 
scrutiny th.e \ ^.ice^ of th.e JnhaJjitcU.Us of tiie s; Ward if Hendrick 
Jelicsen ov Johanne.- Jan-ei^ be Chosen Assi'-umk-- of th.e Ward !)} 
t!ie ?\Iajorit}- of tlie Inb.jiMian'i^ of the smne t';e forme \\'hereof v/as as 
above Mutatis Mutandis 

This (Vav my ?\larsh:ili Informed me tliat he versed the Above War- 
rant^ np(_'n liy>berl X'rnreiibmt^li aiid ri-re.! tiie s;une t',) him who 
Answered he would Waiie on the Wa\ur but would Nat Aledle 
with, th.e senitiiye r.y tc tliat r)urpo;.e anaj th:it he also scr\cd th.e 
War'-ant:' , ^n Cnj):. Curneiius D: I'e^'ster !-;5<Vj Wdio road one of them 
tv ice ( U-cr and that he .YslccI the said C'jrnelius 0: T'ex'Ster what 
Answer k'' <!;i^nid ]\eim-., t j tie -\la}-oi ru'l pressed him for an Ar.swer 
who plaiidy told the said James Wrii,d]t (my Marshall i that he wotdd 
have X il'in.L'" t<.) dee \, itli iit oi all whicli the -=aid Ja''.e> AYrigi-it i-^ 
ready to (Jatii. 

This M'^rninc, Ci}sbert \'aninburc;h Came to my 
October 24'v house [0 whom I n.ld I had Appointed hir.i with Oth.ers 
to sc'-utiny the ]^)ll of I'decliou of Alderman and A>- 
si^tant and ( Hhc'" Oi'hcer> of the said Ward ma<le the twenty ninth day 
<->{ September last or to that Elfeet who Answered lie de.-ired to b-- 
F.\cu.--ed lie would not scrutin;, or \vor(ls to that Kfk-ct on wdtich he 
want Away. 

'~.--,p'. Cornelius 0: Ik-;, ^ter did not this da;,' Appear l)efore me to 
m.ak'-' t'-'' '-crntinv Pursuant to mv V.karrants to him directed. 

Thi.= day Came i)efore me and Mr Rip \kui Dam and Mr M;'.tih.ew 
Linj: \v!i'-> v.rre tb.en Mplcinc; the scrnlitix of the I'dection of th-- south 

OF Hi)-: CITY O!'- .NEW YORK [63 

W'arxl ior Aidcrnian AssisU'iit A:c: Jurion W'hii field Johannes Meyer 
Aiidries Tene3'ck and Hannaii llutircrs being persons vvlio on the 
tvvent}- Ninth da\ of Sep*-'!' last gave their Vole for Nicholas Rosevelt 
to he Alderman of the ?ai(l Ward and Jlcndrick Jclleson to be As- 
sistant and ih.en iicfore lis X'olnniary Acknowledged they were not of 
the Age of twenty On^- Years And also atl the same time All)ertus 
Hoist Appeared before us and Acknowledged liis place of Residence 
was in the Dock Ward of this Citty Iiaving Kmioved thither Eight days 
before tht- said day of Election. 

[457] Thi^ day aE Rip \'an Dam and j\l^ Matthew 

(.'eiobcr *'5''- Ring l^etnrned unto me n=}- Warrant unto tlieni and 

(JiiH-rs (lii-ee'ud ]{ndors-ed. in tl>e>e Words following 


In Piu'suarioc of the Within Wa.rrar:t wee \\h''se Names are sub- 

.sriihcd the dav and place within >,b.Miti.,;ned ha\-e Ei^[)ected and 

scrutiny 'd the A'oices of the Inhabitants oi the ^!luth Ward of the 

Citty of jNew Vorke and doe Q-rtific th.a.t the within Named Eran.dt 

ScliUyler i- Ciiosen Alderman by the ALajorit)- of the Avdccs of the 

I:;habilant> aforesaid as Appear^ iiy A Certaine Schedule or Id^t of 

ihrir Natnvs hereunt>-i Annexed. ,>•■>■ ,^ at ..1 r- 

Rip \ an Ean Ma.tth.ew Enur 

-\ !.'>; "l' tile name^ ot all tho>'.: ^\h•' v. 'tcii ^.ran^h Sch',:_.;t-r 
A!dern;:;n f^/r the year En^neing for the -'XMh Ward of the Citt\- of 
X' •■■.■ ^^■;^^■<■ '>ii y 2'/'.^ day of Scp''^ An'"; 170! 

Inh<i',)';rs uho arc Freeholders or 19. Audrev.- Tclkr 

Frecrncy\. 20. Ileiidrick Metslaer 

I Rir \'a!i Dari! 21. Jhumas Kowarden 

J Stephen D-: Lrtiiccy 22. Jol'.aniies Jansen 

y l''iav'!--riok Eniilip^ 23. OuzccI W'lii swicten 

J- Aii'iriw Suickcy 2.\. Giles Gaadineau 

5. John K!li.-on 25. Benjamiii Aske 

(^. Luyc;i< Kier.-itadc 26. Robert Skelton 

7. Jac<,.bu3 Kior^eadc 27. Anthony Fanner 

8. Francis Vincent .'S. E!ia? Pcltrcau 
Q. Christopher Hogiilandt 29. Augu-tus Jay 

10. William Rfov/ard 30. ]-'ia,::-i^ t'ulini:: 

11. Cal.b 0-...per .V. Edvard Antill 
!2. John \V;;i. on 32. John cliepjiard 
i<. John Peru " ?j. William Gait 

14. Oirck H.udilandt 3.4. Matiluv.- king 

15. Tlionia.5 iv. - 33. ksaac lYrnandas I^ias 

16. Thoma.s Robcri- ' :',6. Geurge llnlgrove 
17- Mich.icl Uaw'hn x/- Richard Stoakes 
I« Rirh.-:rd 3? Jo.o|.h blnrwond 


^iiNUlI-S OF '\'^)\l CO'v 

■^X COl NC!1. 


30. Jchr, Ftlletrc&u 

40. John l.e Chevalier ' 

41. Herir> Kemball 

Inhabitants wiio fay To.res. 

1. Walter Thon^' 

2. Claude Brueys 

3 Thomas Davenport 

4. John Magnon 

5. RclrTt Parkinson 

Inhabitants loxa 

1. William Sinims 

2. SannseU Wattson 

3. John Finch 

4. Olofie Van Cortk-.nd: 

5. William Fcattit, 

USP] A List of ihr N; 
Aldernian for li^e }cnr 
New Yorke on the 29't' 

Ii\habitr.y\is Zi'ho are T>e 

1. I'ifter D'j Ricnicr 

2. Ciysbtrt Vanirib;ir^:l! 

3. PHaniian Rutgers, son'' 

4. Jacob Mauritz 

5. Casper Stymctz 

6. Cornelius D Ptvbtfr 

7. sai.uicl! Eccclaii-ui 

8. Hendrick Jcilcsnn 

9. Av.di'.c:- Meyer 

10. Ahrahan) Deiancn- 

11. ISaac D: Peyn^r 

12. War:>cr Wc£m-I!s 

13. Jererr^iah \\"c-t':rl:out 
14 Andi:e> Ere.--ten(:le 

15. Peter \'an Duerse 

16. Jr!S7,er .\'ji:C[ 

17. Jol^n Woi:ter-c 

6. William Smith 

7. \Viliiam Hill 

Inhabitants Xeithc, i>c? paytng 

1. Robert Stciiart 

2. Archibald I\Iorr:s 

3. Thoma=; flitioon 

4. IIuKh Gray 

5. Claude Cherry 

Inhabitants u rider age by Co^'fessioa. 
I. Gabriell P.rmi'-ard 

F^tr-r ^T^■ycr 

Dirck Tcntvck 

20. joi-.amui \"an W.r't 

21 John V>'an'^:iacr 

i2 P--I I'c Mi!t 

iv ]>:.:.. Hra-:rr 

^l J?.'!:ai!n::s \'an Ge»-';en 

j^. Peter L.'iirrrind 

26. Tlion.a^ Weaver 

27. Johain-.c- I'r^'Vijost 

28. Jacob 

20 ?r.nv>i<-!! <:K.-ihanr 

RiF Vak Dam. 

Matxhevt" Liko. 

Miies of a]! t'iose who votvd Xicliolas Rocevelt 
}"2iisiieinf; for the south \\iu--:l of tb.e Citty of 
day of Sep'"''" Anno DonV lyoi 

"holders or 30. Peter symkani 

31. Benjan-Ji; 

32. Johannes Vanderhnlc 
.U. John Cannr.'.i 

34. Abraham Va-.i Duerse 

35. ISaac Gouverncur 

36. Parent Saunders 
p,/. Abraham Utersal! 

Inhahi'anfs "'■ho pcy Taxes 

1. Victor J^icker 

2. Jolm Ryci^'-ii 

Inhabitants Neither free nor payir-g 

I. Egbert Brc^toadc 
J. Cii'irles Pecckman 

Inhah'fcitts under age by their, 

1. PTrion Whitheld 

2. Johannes Meyer 

3. Andrics Teneyck 

4. Ifarmm Ratger-. Jim' 

fvhahi'nr.t of .-hinthet Ward by 
I. Albertns llobt 

[vhal'Uat Freeholder Voted /-- 
I. Xichnla^ Rr.'-evelt 

Rip Van Dam. 
M/k-rrriKv/ Ptnt,. 

OF iHK C11"V UK NEW YOKi: ,65 

[459 1 Tins day .M' Rip Van Dcwn aiul M^ Alatthew 

Ctcr.jl'T ^y L.ii;!^ Rcluni-'.l imtn inc niy Warr*. unto tlicin and 

Others directed Iindorsed in these Word? follo-.'dnr; 

III PurtUuMCf of tliC within \\';j"i-anl \\-ee whose- Names arc sub- 

»:ri'';c-..'i ' -itt -;be any and place \-.-ithin ?\lenlioiicLi have Inspected atid 

scrutinv'd tlr.- X'nice.^ of the Tnhahii/ints i>f the sonlh Ward of the 

Cittv of New 'V'orhc and doe Ccrtific that thie \vilhin_ Named Johsannes 

Joh-ri.-vii is Ciios'^n A--ist-'.nt 1:)\' the Wajority of A'oices of the Tnliabi- 

tanis aforesaid ;is Ai)|;rar> liy A Certaine Scherhde or List of their 

Nanir.-- hereunto annexed. 

Rip A an Dam .Matthe\\' Ling 

.1 List of the Name^ of all thiose who \"(.ted jo'.iamjes Johr.son 
A:.dstant for ihc \xar l^nsning lor tlie Semtli Wa'^d of the Cia>- of 
Ncsv ^'l■:rke r.)\ tp,c jc;*'' tki}' of septeinher _\unu l^oTn 170; 

/?:''..!.'■:,'>;•,?.« '..ho art r'ufh.'hlcfs or 28. Eiias Peltroau 

/."'•■•c-);r.--><. j(). Augu.^tus Ta\' 

; kip \'^n D^iin ,^0. Francii Iltding 

^ Mct:::tn Le L:nK^• ,^i, Edvvard Anlill 

.' iiv'drricl: Fi?ilHvi"^ .^-?. John siicppard 

.: .\:kPc\v St!.'ckc\ ,", i. William Gak 

; ;..:-;; ]\)!:!=0'^i ,:;4. Matdiew Line- 

?> l..-yc:i^ Kiv.rhtcadt.' .^5. I-aac lAnianua^ Dia-^ 

7- ].;.-'-:'iis Kicrst(.-aiie .:;';.. (Icoryv finUiirove 

M :-ra::cA \'::^ce:it .v RicIirLrd Stoa!:c- 

y e'r.ri,-,'oi)hcr i:!oghi?.ndt 38- Joicpli ilarv.ood 

lo William Howard 39. Jolin Pelietrt-a!! 

n Cak'b Cooper .|0. John Le Chovaliu 

12. j..,hn Wai.tsr.T. 41. Hv'u-}- KenAiall 

'' ]:'''] ^;"^^, , Inluoitants :c/:. Pay Taxes. 

M ij'.rck }^-.!:'h!ai.dc 

., .,., ,, . 2. Claude Brucvc 

If.-. I Ikawz? Roberts - 

17. Michael Harding ^ 'f"^;- ^^''^'^'-' 

18. Paul Richard " "f- i"\"^ ^^^^ 

,^ . , ,,, ,, ;. Rnhort Paik-uisca 

10.- Andrew icuer " 

20. Hci-drick Mets^laer I r.Jiabil<:!U.< 'I'axahlc. 

21. Tiiomas llowardc-n \ William sini:u< 
X2. Brandt schuyler 2. Samr.idl^en 

23. Ouzeel Van =wieien 3. Joim Idncli 

24. (ides Gaudincau 4 Ok-H'- \'au Corllaudt 
25 Benjamin Askc 5. Wdliani Pcailree 

^•'. Robert Skelton 6. Wiliiarii Sudth 

27. .\v\'-..r. ■ ^-,nncr 7. ^\■i"ialn l!;i! 

i66 AilNin'FS OF 'I HE COMMON COlXrii. 

Inhnhltciiis iiciiher frrr nor haying InLabitant under aye A_v C--n^(cssio>:. 

J. kobcrl Ster..r.-t 

2. Archibald Morri. 

3. Thomas Ritlooii Hn- Van. DA>r. 

4. Hugh Gray Mavthrv/ Lin'g 

5. Cbudc: Cherry 

[460] A ot tlK' Xar.Hs oi nil those who A^jted J lendrJck jelloMr-n 
Assistant for rlic y^:'.r Knsueing- for tlie 5.outli A\'ar(l of the Cittv 01 
New Yorke (mi th.- .•?.)''■• 'hi}- of Scpromljcr Anno IlouT lyoi 
Inhabitc.'n!s zclio arc rrrrJr'hh'rs or J-j. Sa::iuell ;muI:<-'ij 
Freer.: ■//. lo. retcr -ymkain 

1. Pktcr IJ. Rieriier ,:;r. 

2. Guy,--hert Vaninbiirgh .^i.^ _loii.-!nne> \';nu!rrh.r!c 

3. Hnn-nn Kut-eri. Sen: .^,:, J.,hn Cannrn. 

J. Tac.t'b Mauri;,: _]_\^ Abraham Van Lh-.-r-^; 

5. Casper St^-niciz 1,^. L;;ac Gouvciieiir 

6. Corufclius D: Pey^tcr ,:6. P.arerit saunderi 

• 7. Samuel! Bccckniar, 37. Abraham Uytirsalr-r: 

8. Heiidrid: Tcne>nn \'-.^jd l.'r him- 38. Xichohf^ Ro^ovclt 


0. Andries >,!vyer 

JO. .\: rahiar."i Delanny 

II. TSara- I): ]\y-i.-r 

li. Wrrner W-cl!:; 

13. Jeremiah \\\-ierh.a;t 

14. Andricr, r.rt-^iead',- 

15. P-ter \'an I)i;--r 

16. Ja-vr No^sn''■^ 

17. lolm V\ onter.-f 

18. Pftcr Meyer 
ig, Dirrh Tctieyck 
20. jr,Ii;:n;;c^ \'an ^'. r t 
2[. Johi! Wanshaer 

22. Pcl.r ])e Milt 

23. FSaac Brazier 
::4. Joh;umc•^ \'a;i Gcczvn 
25. Peter T-ag-raiid 
2^>. Tliomas Weaver 
27. J>-.h;inr-s Prwu^n 
2^. .he. I. i:hv,„ 

J4'')!"| (!a_\ 1 sent n.r M'- na\iu I'rovoosL an-l 
Octohcr 27'1' Acqnaiis'.r.l hiiu that this (!;iy 1 ilesi^iu'd to have A 

sonitin}- nK^le of the hlleciion of (!-,• \Ve>t War.' 
And in Cfnlcr thereunto Kequired of liini the Poll of the said El. c- 
tirr, wh'-' Aiiswcrcfl hv wonM wA orjvo irt me T told him T tr-n-t 

Jiihabifauts ;.•/? 

" l^i'iy 

T. \ ictor Bici<er 

2. Jolin ivyokei! 

Ifi':ab!liV!i's nriihrr 

•'■■rr rr-i- f^itX: 



I. Egbert Brcstcade 

2. Ch;lrIe^ Peeckma: 


liilhtbilarits tauirr ■. 

.',,<■ 0\ their 



f. Jiiri^)!! Whitfichl 

2. lohamies Meyer 

3. Andries Teneych 

4. TTarmanus Riujrei 

--, Tim'- 

[i:''J-!,:rsof .h 

■c'her \{\v\{ b: 



I. All^Tt'.i^ 1 Foist 

Rir Van- Da 

Matiukw T,i 


liau i.Torcfd wiihuiU itl who Ansv/<:rcci J iniglit but used many Mcnac- 
iri!^' Exprcs.-i'Mis to uk- tcl'in,£;- iiii' 1 h'"l no pruvcr sof to doe that itt 
was Ah'cadv dc';or!^i''.iecl h_\- the Conimcui Council And tliat ihav wa/. 
r,<_^ A\ erring" Ap;ain>t A RcC'Td l)iddin.<;; me have A Care wliat I did 
that 1 Sli'.ndd Answer itt Another tijViC or he Called t(i .Xecounl for itt 
cr to (hat purpose And >v:\-eral >ueh h!<e lexpressioui, 1 desired lie 
\vo;dd he j-rcsent .ai tin- Making" the scrutiny to see that Justice was 
d, .nr V, ho Ans'.-orid X.. he v.eudd Xol Meddle wilii ill or to tl:at 
r'ff'\:t. he demanded of nir to tail A Cnrnmon Council this Afternoun 
! !..:d hiui if li\e Aldermen and Assistant- w ho>e K-turn^ are not Con- 
•i%'Vt rt'/d w, uM he svof'-ne hefore me .\ee."ird!n;.;- !.<> the h'sac^-e oi t'ds 
< itty ] wiadd Call A Cv-mmon Council And would Act \,!th them in ad 
5;;eh Matters as Mip;hl Conduc(> to the ])v;hlich peace and neneritt vi 
thi- Idlt}- or to that hoTeet and also that 1 liad ottcn ' )iTe'-ed ihis i^eforc 
in which he i\nswered liiey v.-oulfl unt doe iti or to ihat purpose And 
A;;ain u^-vd Menacing- Lanj; to me and Aftcrwarrh went Awa.} . 

AfLer\'-ards T Issued two Warrants directed tn m: jojm Bar! arie 
i/irek \-anderhmgli Jaeolni? Coelett and Isaac Sleo^r.r thi^ day t„ 
make A seruliuy of the said l^lection of the West Ward IkAoi e me a;a' 
r^ CertifV.- to n- vdio is Idected Aklern^an and Assistant of t';e said 
'dC-st \'/ar..l 'uy Majority ci d)e A'oices of the Inhalnuants of the same i'l 
:he >a::-': forme of d;r Warrant directed lo Mr Rl]) \'an Dam Mi 
MMthew Li;-; .ve: Mutatis Mutandis 

:.[<>:'] 'ih;> day I ^ei:: Ur- Mv Recorder and desired he w-nM he ures- 
eat at! d:e n^akir- thv scrutiny e)f the ]Cvcdo:i (d the Wk'Sl Ward e dm 
Ame.v,Ted he Couhl not that itt was Cnmrary to his rkit'i .e- e, d-a! 
pm-j)OFL- and soc went a\va\ 

This day Jcicohus Go^jk-lt Aj^peared hefore me mal t.ddi na.' lie (A-idd 
Xot Attend the st rvico oi the scrutiny that he di<1 n.d: thiid^ dit to 
meddle vvitli tliat wliich is Already d.^eided or to thad j.urpevse arid, 
went A-'.vay. 

'Idns da.y [Saac Sloover Came to m- att my liou-e 
October 28'!^ and desired to b- Excused fron^ Maldno- the scrutiny 
sa}inL^ itl \\;i< Already dc)ne and that he * 'eidd X^: dr e 
itt Apiin or 10 that [e,ir:.e.'.e on wirich he v.eid Awa_\-. 

Thi. day M'- John Karharie :uul M' Dirck \km<'er- 

October ;'e;''' ^ buroh 1\eturned uado mi' oiw of my Warrants imt'"! ihom 

^^ Others directed hindo! >sed \u these vonak f^howim: 


Til Pursuance of the Within Warran.t Woe whose Xanv/s Are si:b 
scribed aU the dav an I okice withki M-nti^-ned have T-v^n^rt -d and 


scrutnnM tii.; \'(;i,v^ of the inhabliams of the West Ward of ihc Olty 

of Ncv, Yoikc and doe (..ertitie that ihic wiUiir. Named John llutchins 

is Chosen Aldtii!'; Ti l.y the .Majority of the \"oices of the Inhabitants 

Aforcsoid as A])pv-ar-; hv A Ccrtaiiie schedule or Idst of their Name^i 

lierruDto Aniu-xvd , , r, , 

John Barbene 

J )irck A'andcri)L!Vj:^ii. 

[463] A List ,,f t!;c Xanics of a!i tliose vvho \\,Xt:d John Hutchins 
A!der::-.n for the vear ilnsuvlnv; for the West Ward of the CiUy of 
Xfw ^'orL-e on th>e 2(/l' day of Se-iteniber Anuo Don7 1702 

I>ihali!:J-:ts -y'lo arr i-'yceimlders or 3J Josci<li \Wight 

Frccy.'O: {]'iz{) 3.^. Cornaclus \'anrlei-bt.-cck 

I, Gabr:-1 Mrnvejl, Omitted in U,e 34- John II..tcl,ius 
Cov::: of the Rule '.Iclivcrcu by -'i- R^'^^ert Darkin^ 

won\ of ^]uatil ],•■ C-ipi n;.vid -^^- J'5-i'' i^obleit Oniitied in tiic Copy 

Provocst ]v\n\ C'' t'^^ r^'^lt; as Gabriell Minveile 

-. Baltluizar Bayard 37- Ai:pustus Grassclt 

,V DIrck Vane rrbiirgh ■^^- J^""''!? ^hlr^,hall 

.?. ]o;:n -^^^ Nicliolas Tenbrocck alias lien. !;ick 

5. C'ibricli Le "jMy-eaiix 40. George Winianis 

6. Andrew J'orgueir 4i. Peter Darnells 

7. William Ko.^u>oa 
?■. Ciiark-y Dvni/cavi 
Yid-.x Rci'cau >t-r.' 

In',h:b\t(rii< who pc.y Ta.vcs 

1. Patrick Caiie 

2. John Rix Qtn'ttcd in yc : Copy of 
ye: Flole a- Gabriel Muivc-i!:- 

:^. Francis Bong-ett 
-1. Tb.oma- CM'.-.-.rra 

5. John Hnin 

6. Alexander Morris'^ett 

7. Andrew Jolni 

8. Joh.n C-lon 
Q. John Reynolds 
o. lereniiah Ca'icutt 

10. Joseph Baker 

11. Abraham Re?ca',! 

12. Wni^ni Mianf-rd 
i.v Rn>5e;i 

14. Bartiadeniev. 

15. Rene Rerean J.n.^ 
!.') Joi.r; Perry 
17. fC.'.nior.d Thu!i'a> 
iS. Edv.ard Cole 
T9. Peter Rezeau 

20. 'Idicmas Swintr fKhabitanls ivho arc Taxahlf 

21. Peak ,. Latanicr 

22. Jfbn t (arris 2. Henry :Money 
2} Jan-.cs Beard .^. George Sniitii 

24. Wiilii-n Mos? 4. Mict^aell Bolui 

25. Edward Burling 5. Peter .scrr-.ave 

26. l\icr Whire 6. Darnell G.diiaid 

27. jer ;i French " 7. Jani-.-s Robertson 

28. Jimes Siinson S. Gericti Are. on abas Darton 
20. Robert Anderson T<'iui B-.r. ing 

30 F'r.berl Edward'; 10 Fdward Mcrr.u^ 

Pe!'- Kinc: ,,, WiMhri Re 


OI' THE CliV Vh >:i::\\' YOI-^K i6y 

f- 'IhonJU' loncs liiluibitants of Aiiothcv Ward. 

i.-v N'atll'.ew Fooicy i. U iili;>ni (JaU 

•.i John Lucas J. Leconic 

i_: V.'illiam Richard-oa 3. John CoiUaii 

i'- ji.iui D.'iviu 4. ■l'honla^ Onchv 

:,- io.V'i; Wood I. PettT Jvobeit-^ { .- , 

:"^ .■tv\z.'-.s i'llernsctt. ::. .la.nca \\ hue ' 

iv iXuiiJ! Curtis 3. Fbiil-ll ShuU unknown 

-■ . }'':t-r ».(..-i'5l JOHX EakUKVIE. 

Dj:<ck VAxnEPCUKGU. 

•4;';j -A Li-.r ,,j ll:;- ?\;;i!ic.':' of all lliusc wliu \'olcd L)a\i(j ProvoOc^i 
Ah!vr:-;iri fn'- t!u- year t.-n-.UL'ing for tiic- \\\>t Ward of ilic CiUv of 
l\'-:. N\.i-!.;e .>;i the .'-)■■.■ (Ja\ of Scj)lCi);f)(.n- Aniio l_^oyTi 1701 

/••;':;; ;.3 ; J n/i :./;o ate i } ccholdi-rs or 2.\. ['cUt Willtjm>c Rnonic 

hr^emcn ( Tfr' ) ?;. Kveii X'anhonk,. 

! I'-Kilu:. 'J'urkv X'. Juini WilloniiC Roonie 

^ .l"i.'i !yk-^.dr 27. I'lancii Cowtnliovcn 

J .Mhcrl l.e<'nard lJc> rave -•'" Johannes \'an Gclder 

-i i"; i':i is Var.'ieicooke -0- P.inliis Turke 

= li-:::.;ar;i-; Van (i-ld-r .M Jaee,h llassin^ 

'■ N:::. :.h:s li'arek ,U- '-ti-pnen FUickcnlioven 

- '■ '■:. !>-Mv 

Inh.ibitouls zchn f^ay '['eves. 
I. J.o.:nne^ Ikte;- 
_v b Ivor I \\V:.(ht> 
3 Multhcw \'at, Wds 
4. Co-inc (jcrrett-^ 

r. xVriau Apple 
?. Andrios Douw 
V Arent ISaacs 

:^ (. ■■•rnchu-^ Cloppor 

•'• Uc'A- Van Gnizc 

17. licnry Bh^nck 

:-i V\'ili;ani Fcarsc ■ i. 1 iarnianu^Jcn-on kive^ in An.-t 

5'} IV-ter syjiikain Ward 

' 'errcit i\ct!eias 
Jacch CoHett 
I'tler Lo,v 

Jockl;ain P.eecknian miknown 


[-J^tI 'l'bi< day M'- J, .din llarbarie and .M'' Oirok 

'. k-t >!H-r io^'- \'a;!drr!.r,r,i.'h Rctum-d my tdher WaiTant unto \.\:v\-: 

audi Otluis directed iinirn-sscfl in lhe^e wurds folh-wi:;- 

1!) I'ujir.ance *'i t're wiihin \uirraut w e^' wliu.'-e names are ^n''- 
'^vrihed att the day and j.lace within Mcntic.uied have In.vpccted a'.id 
>eri;tinv'd i^^, X',, ;,-,•< nf th<' [nhai.iiant- of the We^t Ward of the i":V.^ 



of New Yorke and di.ic t'crtilic IIihI the within Xo.iiutj Rui^-jrL Vvhit-: 
is Chosen Assist.'mt bv the Majority of the Voice- of the Iniiabilanl-. 
Aforc?:ii<! a.^ appears l\v A Certaint:' scl'ieduh- or l.i-.t of their iNanK > 
hcreiinto annexed. Johai Piarbcrie Dircl: X'andcrl.urg'h 

A List of tlie Names of all those who X'oied Robert White As- 
sistant foi- the ^'ear I'Ji^neine^ tor the West Ward of thr C'itiy of Ne\v 
Yorke on th.c 29^'.- day of September An.nri Uoir! 1701. 
Jnhabitc.vis K'hj ere Freeholders or 36. John Dol-Iett Oniiit.d in the; Copy 
Frcciuni (J'i'J) of the Role ri-, Gahvieli MiuYcilc 

Gal)rivll ^bnvcilc C):nitted in the 
Copy oi" t!u- P'.'c .Jclivcrcd V.y 
word O! M'-ulh hy /•;,■ Cnpt. Pro- 

6. William Rr.:;vrt-o 

8. Charles Dcnizcau 

0. Rene Rezc;:i! son"; 

\". Jo;--oph Baker 

11. Abrahrnn Rexeau 

12. Willir-.n Ainniforc 

p.j. A'iyu-tus Grn-seti 

,^S. T^^rvis Marshall 

3' >. Nicliola? Tenbr. ick.j Al [ial > Hench'; 

40, George William. 

4r. Peter Daniell.-c 

2. Baltliazar Bayard 

1. Dirck Vander'"::-e!-i fulmbitants 'a'/'/o pay Ttij:t-s. 

4. Jolin P.arlh.ra; i- Wilrick Cane 

K. Andrew kViUfuett ~- J'^'k-'"' ^'^ oin.itced in \hc ۥ>{>}' of 

ve : Role as Gabriel Mir^vciie 

Gabricll Ltbovteaux -^ Francis Bouynelt 

4. Thomas Col'onrne 

6. .Mex^.nder ^lori-^et 

7. Andrew J'jhn 

8. Tohn Cnnlon 

U- John Rns^ei; 9 John Reynald^ 

14. ParlhoknieNs karou- ^"- J^remiaii Canonit 

15. Rene Rczean Jn:-.'. frj'abi'outs :,■/;.- <;.--• 7 (i.tar^iv 

16. Joh)i Perry l. katanier 

17. Kdniond 'Ihoniav 2. Itenry rvptne;.- 

18. Edward Cole 3. Geor-a Sniich 

19. Peter Rezcau 4. Akk-h;.;! Polin 

20. Thomas Swiii;-;- 5.. Peter sernavc 

21. Jolni Peake 6. Daniel! Gaillard 
'J2. John Harris 7. James Robertson 

;>3. Jame.-, Beard 8 G-.rrett Arr-on Alka]> Vrr-,-u 

24. WilHani ?dos^ (>. John Bnwing 

25. Fdwaril P'-.rlinc 10. Edward r\{errettv 
2i'->. Peter Wliiie u. Wiliiani Penikeriop, 

27. John I'renrli i?. 'I'l.oni.a- Jo;u-- 

28. James siinson 13. Akalthew Pooley 

29. Rokcrl Ander-on 14. John knca^ 

30. Robert Ikiward^ 15 Riehar(k...n 

31. Peter King lO. J.'hn k^avid 

32. Joseph Wrieht [7. J"hn W'uod 

XV Conr.idus \'a:uierbccck 18. s-rrvaes Mori--ftt 

X-i. John Hntcliin? 19. Daniell Curtis 

3c;. RcbrrI k.'arkln^ • 20. Pelcr »orett 


inhahiiants of Anothtr Ward. i. Peter Rolxris 1 

I. William GmIi 2. James White ^ ' 

J. Le Conte ^. r)anitil Siintt iuiknuv.i* 

3. John Comi'.n jofi.v ]:;Aiur?u>tfi. 

4 Thomns Om)-c DtncF. VAN-w-Tv^bSGU. 

[466] A Li^t <;i tlK- Names <,f all tho-.r \vIio \oi.'.l IV't- r Willoui^e 
Roonvj AssistaP.t for the vfar Iliisucinc;- I'^ir the West Ward of :hc 
Clin- of New ^'o■■kt' oil the 2^^/^ day of Septcmi-e;- Anno Dr^'^. i/O! 

Inhnbxta>:tj; iJ:,. .mv f rrehc'.das or .:o. Jehu W iMein-c Rooin^: 

f^^.•^.:,■H ( Tj-O .7. Franc;.-, G.-.vcji!iovei, 

J I'juhis Ivik" -'S. Johannes Van Colder 

J John McarK- -9- Paulus Turkc 

j( Albert Leon.nd I'-cgrav,- 30. Jacob Ilassing 

■1, Francis Vandercooke 31- Stophcu Buckenhoveii 

[i'.ht: '':!:t)i!s :i > 

1. Pcicr- 

2. Woh'crr WcSbevr 

3. Matthias \;.r: \ 

4. Cosine Ci<-rr.'tt^(- 

5. IJennaiui' Van Gc'der 

'''. Nicholas Bianck 

7 Prtcr JiJiT-cn Mtsier 

H. Dei.w 

g. !sa:,c Sloover 

10, E:;och Jliil denyed his Vote 

1 !, Walter II\er Ir.iuih 

u, Barent P.o?cli i. Johanno- f.-.' 

IJ. Williiun live/ 2. Nichok'e. I!, 

1.4 Genett Cnrsine 3. Coniclir'; 'i' 

15. Cornelivif Cle.pper 

)'. Jacob V;.n Guezen hihabitn.iis : 

.'7 Jer.iy ^- •'^'"i'^i' Apph 

WiMJatn ^c^;r:^e 

Andrle- Doi.u 

I. Harinaniis 

ig. Peter syrnkani 3- Arent Faac-; 

i'O. Gerrett Ketletas 

2!. Jacob Coelett 

:..'2. Peter Louv/ 

■i}. Leonard Dcgrav/ 

JA Peter Willcnise Roome John BA!<b?.KiK 

J5 Fveii \'anhookc Dikck VA'.'OKi.di.F.e.f;. 

[-i'l/l This da}- 1 sent tor Cap- Johannes I) !-'e> -ler 
October 2y''' anrl (old him I desi<;-ned to have A serutii!) made 'd 

the h''dection di the East Ward {>^ morrr'\'- ni'M-'.r'n^ 
And denianded r,f liim the Poll thereof who .Xdavi ;ne ii" I hr.'i 
?.n Order of Conimi.n Council to demand ilt 1 _\nswerod No. Where- 
upon he told me he had itt hut was not Oljliped io deliver itt he.t 
by Order of Common Council \>y wlicni the former scrutins- had heerr 
Approved or to that Ifffect and that he did not tiiink I had sufficient 
Aulhr,rit\- to MerPr M'ith itt or to that onri.e,.e: on whi^di T d'^^-'retl '--; 


would be j.nescnt alt the uiakinir the scriuiny \vb.<i Answered No, I 
de<iircd ]ir woidd Appoint tvro nien on his F'arty to make the scrutiny 
who Answered no ill was Already done or to that purpose on which 
he went Awa}. Alemorandu.'n before he went A\\ay he told nie M''. 
Bayard liad taken A Coi.\- of the Poll. 

This day I Issued two Warrants directed to Mr Lawrence Reade 
Benjaniiin T\anfuil I'areiu ]\eyn(jers and Tolianue.^ llardenbrooke to 
Make A scrutiny ti.i morrow Morning att Eight of the Clock before 
nie att rr,}- iicuse of th.e Election of tlie East Ward of tlie said Citry 
And to Certilie to rrie who is Elected Alderman and Assistant for the 
said Ward f',>r tlie Yeai' En-ueing !\\" the 2viajorit} of the X'oices of 
the Inh.abitanis of the same in the Like forme of tliosc to Mr Rip \'an 
Dam A- Mr TvLatthew Ling .vc ; ?vhitatis Mutandis 

This day Mr Abrnham I'.rasicr C'ame to me and told mc lie was 
su;nmoned \o AtteU'.! ilie scru.tin_\- of tlie East Ward l>ul desired l'> be 
Pixcused that the scniiiny liad been a.lread}' ma^le Aiid that he would, 
not luedle v.'ith itt or \;ords to tliat Effect Ui)on which he went Away. 

This day J sent f;jr VJ I\ecr;rde)- an<:l Acquainted 
('*ct'>ber 30''. him 1 d.esigned thi.-; Crj.y to have A scrutiny made before 
me of tlie Poll of the Election of the East Ward and 
desired lie W'^uld be j)rcsent and .vssist therein l^-I^S j Or see the -ai '. 
scrutiny made c>y to that inirpuse to which he Ans^vered he Could noi 
or wcculd not tliat itt was Contrary t(,' his Oath or to that ]nup-'^se mi 
winch he \',eiU Away. 

'flv< d;i_\ I'.arerOi Re\n(.lers Came to me and tuld me lie was suni- 
r.v,'!ied to .-cnuiny trie i-^ast Ward bm desired to be i'"xcused sayiiig itt 
wa- once done Alread_\- and that he ^^■ordd not medle with, itt or to that 
purj.'os-- on v.-ldcli lie went Away, 

This da.y j;:i;ianne.-^ Il.'irdenbrooi-ce Came before me on my summ'^ns 
to wlioju I told I had .Ajij-iointed him b}' my Warrar.t to be one of 
the perscms to make .\ scrutitiy of tb.e East A\'ard wb.i_> Answered he 
desired to ]'C Plxcused he imderstood there had been a scrutiny made 
Already for which IveasC'U and se\-eral Others he did nut think fitt to 
Medle with itt or words to that purpose vpon which he went Away. 

Thi- da> M'' Lawrence Reade and M' Benjandn 
No',-i'i!)bcr i^! I'"aneui[ Returned One of mv Warrants umo them and 
LJiber'- directC'l l^ndorssed in these word.s followinq" 

In I'm :..!ance of t'v: Witliin Warrant Wee Names arc sub- 
scribed ntl the day and place within Mentioned liavc Inspected and 
.v-rutinv'd thr \'oirts of tb.e Inhabitant^ of the Ea^t Ward cf the Citiv 

OF TPli: CiiV OF NFW YORK 173 

of Nfw Yorke and clot Certifie that thr \', Xanicd Wil.'iAm Morris- 
15 Clioseii Alderman b} tb.c iMajoriiy en' the \'o:ccs of the InhabitaTits 
Aforesaid as Appears hy A Ccrtaiiic schedule or List of th.eir Narnos 

hereunto Annexed • i^^^y^ ]^(-p,rj^Q 

hlcnjairiip. Faneuit 

[469J A List of the .VanK'S of all ih .^v who \'oted William Morris 
Aldcrnrm. f<-.r the year iLUsucin:; for tfie Fa'-t Vv'ard of tlie Citty of New 

"y'orkv. on the 2\)^-} day . f st-pienib'-r Aun*.; DvTPi 1701. 

h:h.j} itunts lilio (!'-<■ hrtt-hohlrrs or y/. I'etcr Hassctt 

i-iL(iiiin. .^8. John Stephens 

>. D.v.icll Crojnmelin 39- P-ai tholemew Feurt 

2 Sann;.-;! Biirtc -lo Jacob Bratt 

3. J':hn Tudcr 4i- ^;'\^rcI!Cc Re^de 

4. Pliil'ip WilkiPion -l^- Burger Myiulcr? 

5. Ai..rahr;Tn Jontican 43- Wililani H?(l<i!c^;toii 

6. James Harding 44. WilHain Featlis 

7. John Eachan 45- Lawrence Corncf.cau 

8. Benjamin Faneuil 46. Stephen Valleaii 

9. Benjamin Dhariette -J-?- Stephen Jarnain 
10. Joshua David sen"; 4^- Roger Baker 
n. Joshua Favid Jun^. 49- Peter Nev.kirke 

12. Peter Thauvctt 50. Fzckiel GrazilHer 

13. Jolm Mcmbriit 51- Peter Ryckina!! 

14. Andrew Laurau 52. Thomas CarrtU 

15. J.Tatthcw Cla-k-Li-i 53. Benjamin B!n-ravc- 
\6. Ehas Rainl-.ert 54- Daniell Latham 
i;. Thon^.a.s ThT.!;e 55- Charles SLifh 

18. kic-hard saclcott 5^''- F'Uiich Pouttreau 

19. Same.ell :\hvi:'F-rs S7- Michael Bnssctt 

20. George Stanton 58. John Q.borne O:nittod v.v tlic R'^^c 

21. Peter ^.horln taken by woid of Njoudi h;. 

22. F.bene/er Wi'lson Lap' D : Pcy^tcr 

23. Thornas Adan5= 59- John Nicolls Omitted as above but 
2.\. Theunis Dekey give Oatli bctoie tlte Chiefe 

25. Thomas Child Jud^e that he Voted 

26. William Andci<;r-n ,. ,r , 

I .,,,,, .,, 1 ersinis qiialincd as Above zono i\'U-': 

27. Tercimali 1 odiill . , ,, ,,, , , ■ , , 

28. Dame Butts , .,,,,,/. 
, , ,, . , louii to the Xvrth IVard 

29. Jonn David s^n'. , , t, 

30. Job.n David Tun^ '• J^'f" ^^'"'^'^ 

31. Henrv Franas - ^■-"^'■'^'''^ <^^^ 

32. Georpe Norton -^^ J'f^ T:)avonport 
33- Moses Gilbert -' -^^'"^ ^^'■•''•■'^'^-^■ 

34. Daniell .Maynard Inhabitants thai pay Inr. 

35- Johannes Van^ania i. zebulon Carter 

36. Daniell Jandiue 2. Daniell Tarpee 


3. Eiiav Neau 7. John'on 

4. John Chcll'.vell 8. Robert Lettis Hooper 

5. Arnai; Funiiin g. John I.e Roux 

6. Jacob Rat(u:r 10. James Desbroie 

7. Lerwb Rivard 11. William Glencross 

8. Dennis Kicliard 12. Peter IMoutoL^ 

(boili Oniiitfd in i^i F.beiiezer Kin?; 

yt- libl but f^ j^.^i^ Kendar 

,■ J- • -..> Swornc: before _ j ,^ ... 

10. Rich.rJ Cooper ) the C h i e f e ^> f «= ] ^^^ ^'^'-^^l''^ 

Justice they lO. Daiiicll Eume 

did \'ut<j 17. Peter Torchen 

Onna.-d a> above i'"^- James Targe 

ir. Danicli l o\ 
12. Wilh'an) Ba 

hihabifanfs tliat pax no Taves. 
I. Peter Bertonuean 
Joseph Ciaytor 

Persons q-.'.aHncd as .Iboic iclic Vot 
tri the Fns! Ward hm ^'opoly v 

Ions to the North Ward. ' ^ J^hn Mas^ioU 

I. Ecnjam.n Isr^^el! ^ .ami,e!l Archamband 

Inhabitants Taxahir. I'^i^j j^,/,,, are under Age. 

1. Augustus Lucas i Alexander Campbell 

2. Phillip Jonncau 

3. Andrew Aureau Voted i-jlio live in Av other Ward. 

4. John Moore i. William Wliite 

5. John Pcddriclc LawR Rkadf 

6. Henry Tk^v. Pixjamik Fakeuil. 

[470] A List of ii;c Xames of all those wlio Voted Cap'. Johannes D: 
Pcv?ter Alderniaii b-^r ihr ^-car l^nsuehiLT lor the East Ward of the 

Citt^■ of ?\\■^^■ ^'or].a.. . .n tb,,-- 20^'.'- da>- of .^e j. • ember Anno DoiTT 1701 

hu-.ahifciiij -ivlio arc freemcr. 01 

1. Uaac D Eiemer 

2. Cornelius Joosteri 

3. Gabriel! 'Lorn son 

4. \Vi!b'a!-.i Do'.vler 22. Danieil fJevoor 
5- Jacobus Vanderspiegel 23. Claes Gysbertse Bogaert 

6. Cornelius P.nlsinck 24. Lawrence Thomase 

7. Cieni Ebv, urtb, 25. George Elsworth 

8. Aron Bloni 26. Ca,-tor Luersen 
0. William Hellckar 27. William Beeckmau 

10. Jacob Lcisler 2S. saume!! Staat? 

11. Joost Carlse 29. Jo!)n Joost 

12. Johnnne;^ El-.vort!i ^0. L^aac De Milt 

13. Andrew Abramse 31. Jolm Langstraet 

14. Tiiomas Ev,-.!,^ 32. Ca>tc.r Luersen J lui^ 

15. F.vert Pfl:,e 33. Wiiliam E!sv.-orl'ii 
It: Abrnm Abramv^ 3.^. Jr^cobu^- De Warbrun 



[hy \ arniur>tr 






it R^-ytlde^L^ 



:tn Ho'vhla.ndt 



I \'a.nde\vater 


.55. John Miiitier hthabttunts Tn.\\%bif. 

P Gcrretl Kycr i Jacob iicllekar 

T,7. \ViI!i".ni Naz-'v.ctt 2. JoIiann.c=; I'rovoost. 

j3. Saiiiscn Bensori 3 Casper Tabor 

.39. Zachariah syckells ^ Ccrncbus Dircksoii 

^0. Thomas Roberts 3_ is.,;<c Bract 

41. Otto Vaii Ty!c (3. Wiriam Beccknian Jr. 

42. Francis Wc^ielis 7. Jolui schutt 
4,v Peter Vantiirn'irough 

44. Pc:cr Ro.c 

..5 Robeit ^^■ahcr5 

46. Jo>;:?n:ics X'andcrfpieKcl 

.;-. Jacob Vanti!bMro;ip,li 

48. Olpheri suerls i- Hendrick C)estruni 

40. LenrJerr Ihiygcn ^- J^^.-b Stilhi 

50. Johannes H-'^.rnciibrooke 

51. Dirck Ben.sou huic.hitants Taxable. 
',,. W,.n WooJard ^ Abraham 

53- John Hams ^ ^^,^^, Ifcndrickse 

54. Wilham \a:K;e^^■atcr ^^ Matthew Renson 

55. HarirxTi .\i-j\cr 
;6 .\hrahani Moll 

- R.c..b:,. Collier ^'■'-•^•■'^^ '2""'''^'-'^ '^^ --'^'^'^'^ -'^^ f'^'''^ 

^8. Je.hanT.e. F.ulse '" '^^'^ ^^'^•-^ ^'''^'^ '"'' ^•'■'^^'■^^' ^'- 

Fctsojts qiic'ifycd as chave -a'luj looted 
in ih.c Hasi ll'ard but prnt>er!y be- 
long In the Korth Ward. 

59 Abraham Brazier 
:<r Cai:t. Ji;1\a!ircs J) Pe\ster Voied 
!■'!■ liwn-eifc. 

J<nr:' to the Nviih U'ard. 

Frrs:-i:s thct 1 otC'.: I'./io iwe im 
■n-.n. qualified as above who Futed Another Ward. 

:r. the East Ward but t^roberls be- 

:■:, :.> th.- ;....■•'; Ward. '■ JoluuuK. BeyvanKe 

2. Jonatlian Provoo.-;t 
'. .-crvaos Vlierboom ^ j^^,^ V.x^sx^r .\\[\n\- l>-uv. 

-•- r;:rck- U'.jtonbogaert 
,v, Decraw 
.;, Al.:,]=un^ Va. Arnb.n, ^^^-'-^'^'^^ ''''- ^''''^ '''^" '"•' '-^^^'''''- 

5. JaMK 

liees and under a/jt 

" Jacob \'ai: 1 )iit;r-e I. Jol'.anncs Beeokinan by Confession 

7. >Jani:k- Jaii-c Roll 2. Barent startlers Do 

\ iir.'.b'ert '»'an.;eiiburgh 3. John Van Clyft'e by Record 

■). Peter P,a;:'. 4. Stophel l-:i-;v,orth. Tun': ]')n 
:u. ji:.--ce BuTi 

:i. Joi:n Ham Jun^ Persons iueerted ui their List who did 

'■' ^-'•■<-'=' B'\' 'icri ^j^jj, |'^,,„ r.. -^ ^iiid^y (ig(._ 
;3 Barth.^eniev, V :vk 

I. Toh'i Da'be 

luha'-iUi-''s :e-''i" hi-.y Ta.v. 

:. Michaeb S!evcn^c ^-^^'-^ Reaue. 

:■ Albvrf ''>e w;,.. P.F-.xi.v^.tiN'- Faneuil. 


[471] This day M"" Lawrence l-it-ade and A(- Lxcfijanr/i 
Nov^^ ) -'i I'atK'ui! Returned Another of my Warrants untc. u-.cni and. 
Others directed Endorssed in these won Is following- (\"iz') 
In rnrsnaiicc of the W'arrajit wee wiiose Xaine.s are sub- 
scribed att th«.: day and place within ^Jentioned have Tjispected and 
scrutin)-'(i the \'oices of the lnhal.)itants of tlie East Ward of the Citt/ 
of New Yorke And do Ccrtine that the \\ithin Xanied Jereinia!; Tothill 
is Chosen Assistant by t'iie ]\[ajorit\ of the X'oices of the Inhahitai^s 
aforesaid a* .\ppears 1)_\- A Certaine schedLde or Eist of tlv.:ir Xan^es 

hcrunto Annexed. ^ ,, , ,^ . . .^ 

Law'' Keade l.ienjainiu ranetnl 

Inluth'utiuts ;,■/;.■.' are Fi et~hotu'crs or 35. Johannc:^ Vaii-anta 

Frt-cntrn. 36. Danieil Jau'linc 

1. D?rn\'! Ciemnielin ^7- Peter Basseti 

2. sruniujll Burt 3'*^. JoliU Stephens 

3. John TuJov 39- Brtrtliolenicw I'eur: 

4. Phillip Wilkinson 40. Jarol. Brati 

5. Abraham Jonneau 43. Lawrence Rcark- 
6 James ilardirip 4-'- Burger ^lyr,<Jer^ 

7. John Bachan 4.v WiUiani TiudriK-tM;- 

8. Bv^ida-niii l^aiKui! 4-t. William Leaibs 

9. Benjan^in Dhariettc 45- Lawrence Cornetloai: 
10. Joshua David 46. Stephen Valeau 

n. Jo[s]hua David Jim^ 47- Stephen Janiain 

12. Peter Thauett 48. Roger Baker 

13. John Marnhrue 49. Peter Xewkirke 

14. Andrew Lanrau 50. Ezekieli Crazillier 
le. Marthew Clark >on 5^- Pt-ier Ryck:nan 

16. Elias Rainbcri ^^- Th^,:::a^ Carreli 

17. Thomas Ilookc 33- Benjamin Blagravc 

18. Richard Packett 54- Daniel) Laiham 
19 jamiwll Myn.ier^ 55- Char!e= SIHrIi 
20. Oorg;' Starton -^<^'- Laiiieil Ponttreau 
2V Peter" .Morin -v- ^^lichacl Bassett 

22. }'bene7or V/illM.;! ^S. John Osburn Oiiiitled ra the Role 

21 Thonia--. /\(Iarn^ taken by v.-ord of Mouth by 

24. Tlicnuis Dcke3 Cai/; Johannes D: Peyster 

JS. Th.onias Child -"9- •^'^'''" Xicol's OraiUcd as Above 

26. Wiiliam Anderson ^''^ -^^'^ ^'^^^^ ^'-^'^^'-^ ''^<^ J^^-'^'^ 

27. WiHia-.i Moi-ris ^^"'' ^'^^ ^'^.ted 

28. Dniiioll r.'iti? Pcrs:')'..^ qi(al:t!t\! as .-Ibc: c ioko VcU:d 
2<). Jnim Davi-. j'ji /A-,- hcs' JFord but properly 

30. John Jr,\'J. bdon-s to the Nnrih War-l 

31. lienry Fi. ncis T. John Ilutton 

32. Qco-ry,,:: Siai.nn .?, R.k-avd Cox 
:-,^. Mi'Ses Cili^crt 3. John Davcnpc.rt 
ri T^-ini.dl Maynard 4. John Brawdy 

OF :i]-iE CITY Os- riiy-i ^'ork 


5. J(.!::i Vor^Irick 

6. ]ii;:.i-y He»s 
'/. ]c)!;a Lifon 

8. Kt/i-Lrt I.cttis Hooper 

9. John Laroi'.x 
10. J:r"i:t:s Dcbrosses 
I 1. \','!:!i.!iii Gicncross 

I,], i^lciiczcr Kiiig 

\lr,Lh Oa>iUc(} )•( J.-rvis Kinc'ra- 

S in ll'.c LisI, 1.5 lh.i:'c Vcnie dr .sorcclilc 

o ^.!;:i !!.-;•.:. i \ '"' f ^^^'^^ i^. D.inicil Fimicc 

"^ ;. be I o re tl.-e , . - - . 

I ticc y« ihiiy 

/ did vo'.c. 
n I.):ir::cl! 'I >■'>■ omitted as Osb'.Trn<. 
I,'. Vviiii.iui U;'.rktT omitted as above 

l!il:.!'^-ta>.ts \i. pay Tex. 
1. /cbidMn (.a-t-r 
J J.J.tnicil lurKce 
^ i-dlas Xcui 
... John Ch.dl^vcIl 
:. A:::;:!! Ihiniiin 
f, J.ic.b Raa;er 
7. Lewis Kivard 
S. ijvn;l!.^ Richard 


'crs'V.s rudli'li-:! ./j '■bovc icho Voted 
!'; tl.c ;■::>/ JJ'urJ but prnl>cyly 
b.-!-'i:i: to :!:■: North Ward. 

1 l!c!-;jam:M liracll 

7;;^-^;^: its Taxable. 

.: l-hHin J.,nncau 
; \':.!rfv. \M-criU 
"i. .\t;i;:cvv Ai?re?.n 

h:h;.bi'c.,its iliGt pay no lev. 
I Vt:''n I^eitenc- n 
,3. Jo:;cp;i Claytor 
J join ?',[a'r-si';tt 
I .Sa;i;!iil Archamband 

?'o!i-l idho ere uKo'cr age. 
A!.::<arc:.r Campbell 

Voted i^'!:j live ii Another IVard. 
Wiiliari White 

J,\-.V; RCAPK 

n F N J A >j I :: Fa n k v 1 r. 

I.;;..; A :.''-\ .'t all the N.ia;.:s of tbo c wlio \'oU:d A^r;lhaI!l T^rnsicv 
\s>i>taiU h)r tho year Ensuciii^^ for the East Ward of the Citty of 
\'<'v.- Y(ir!;c < n the 20*^ clav of "^cnter^^-'cr Atu'O Oo'.TT i/Or 

'. IS-ae D Ricrner 

.' Ciri.'.di'u^ Jorjiiteii 

3 Gal r-.!i Tom^oi) 

a Wihiam D.^\vler 

' ja..'.'.KN Vande^pi^jgel 

f> C'f^rricl-Hs Pad^^inck 

7 ~^:::';nt Fl. worth 

y Ar.iu }"-ai 

'J Wihiam lleih-kar 

r^ Jac.Fu. Lt-i-hr 

II [•■- t Carl-e 

1- j' ' r.!inc^ h.i -worth 
i; Aruirev.- Ab:-am>e 
! ;. TliOina'^ Fvans 
Vol. II.-12 

c freelwlden or Oa h'veii i'ci-'c 

-.en 16. Abraha;n A^ rairfe 

ly. Tiiicthy Van Borsen 

18. sucrt Oh:)haMfs 

h). Haia-nt R.-Vi'.'ors 

^0. Adrian 1 'o^j'dardt 

:?T. Albert V.-ndrwat-r 

22. T:)an!cl! Do Voor 

:•.?. Ch'cs (iy^hcrl Eogacrt 

;'4, Lawrer.ce 'i h.oniasc 

2;;. Clorvyo Fl>^v.orth 

jr.. Ca.^trr Frrr^^ 

?>-. William B<--cb-maii 

?8. San'L:e'i Staats 

2(). Jo!m Jf o^ten 

vo. Isaac 1> Mdt 

17S MIXU'iFS O!' TI'E COaIaK)!-.: CfjUHCiL 

31. To!:a Laiu,.->trael l.ihabiiants 2/. pay Tmis. 

3;>. C'l.^to/ LiiersLii Jiiii^ I. Micliatll Slevense 

3;,. W'iMirLni F.'sworth 2. Aihcrr I)c Vrics 

34. Jacobus Dc W'arhnni 

35. John Marsfer hihahhu^Us Taxable 

36. GerreLt Hy-cr i. Jacob HcHeki-.r 
y/. >V:'i!ani Xa^un.-tl 2. Johannes Provoost 

38. snnison Benson 3. Casper Tabor 

39. Zaciiariali syckells 4. Conielis Dirickse 

40. Th-iTits RoiMTtv 5. Isaac ]3ratt 

41. Otto Vail Tyl'j 6. William Reerkman Junr. 

42. Franci> We3-e!ls 7. John schult 

43. T'ct'-r \'antiiiio'.-ongh 

44. rt.i;.-r Ro-e I'crsovs'fird cls above -wh.o J-'oted 

45. Rf'.ert Waiter.-, in {lie East Wara hut properly be- 

46. Johann^^s Va;-;(le>;..i-j;el louf: to flic Norf!, P.'crd. 
47- Jacob \"antiiborvr:i-!: r. llciidvick Oeslrnm 

48. 0;phe:t ^uercs 2. Jacob Stilla 

49. Lconai'd Hiiyacii 

50. Johan:i.cs l:ar'Ie;;broc!,-e Inlinhi'.ants not Taxable. 

51. Inrck r>et:son i Abraham Kermcr 

52. Jnhn Wo'dard 2. John 1 fcndricksc 

53. Jobn Harris 3 M;ittiicw I^.-nsou 

54. Wiliia'ii V'aTidev, a!er 

55. ]iarn);i!! Meyer Persons ov aboze zvho Voted 

56. Abraham Mo'.l in tlie East l^crd but properly be- 
5;. Jacobus ColHer long to the North Word. 

58. joh;>nnf:5 Pouhe j. jobn Man<^lese 

59. Johannos D Peyster 

60. Abraiiairi lirasitr \'>-';er /-r him- J^ersous :■//•) ynlcd thai live in An- 

Pers-'iis qucli^ed o< abox'e zoho Voted 
in iJi: Ecst !i'a>d b::t properly be- 
l"f'.g to the North IVard. 

J I her Ward. 
r. Johannes Pcyvani: 
2 Jonathan Pn-vvoost 
3. John Brewer Al[ia]s Douvv 

1. .scrvaes Vlierbloom Persovs zvho Voted but are Appren 

2. Dirck Uyten I^ogacrt ti^cs & under acre. 

3. TIarman Degraw 

4. Abraham \'an Arnlia; 

5. Lee 

1. Johannes Kecckmau by Confession 

2. Parent Ivlartlers Do 

3. John Van ClyfTc by Record 

6. Jacob Van Duer-^e \ Stephen Fbswortli Jur.r. Do. 

7. Mangle Janse Roll 

a Hi'3bert A'anderiburgh /.,,,,„^ lueeried in their- List zcho did 

not Vote & is Under Age. 
■ f Jolm Uallie 

g. Pcicr Bant 

10. Ji-iice Buih 

11. Jolm Bant Jun 

12. Claese Rogaert La\v« Readk 

13. Bartholemew Vonck Benjamin Faneuii-. 

OF tmp: criY oi' new vor; 


[473] Till.-, day I wriLt tu Abraliani (jr>uverneur ESq^ 

Xovembcr lo--' Kccorder of th.c C'itt\- of Xew ^\)l■ko in ttiese woixlb 

f..!lo\vin- t\'i-^-) 

Mr Abrahani Gonvcrr.^;;!!- 

Their bci::tr si-U'lry rrgeiit and Xcs>e<--ary Affairs of this CiU;. 

v.liich \'cry l\\vxh buifcr for \v:uA of A .-clfied Magi.-tr;'cy these Are 

to s^ive "^'ou Notice t'lat on Tuesday >dorr!iiic;- th.e Ebea\ciith of Novern- 

IxT Insiant i j.urpose lo swear the Xcw fe)r this Ensueing' 

\\-::r \\biicr: serviee 1 desire \ou will vot faile to he Assistant in 

I am S' Yonr friend »K- servant 

-,. ,, , ,- .^c , The Noell 

lo -ii.'rahani boi'\'eni-cur JeSq! 

I'vcorder of tlie C'itty of Xew Yorke 

M: \\'ri2ht my Marsliall did Return from t!)e Recorder and Re- 
port^■d th:at he had deH\ered niy leiier to him wiio bid liini <;oc: back 
to tb,e .Ma}-or and ti^'ii the ?\layor thai he W'jidd i^ivi; liini an Answer in 
wriiinj^ this Afternoon 

This day I Received A letter from .Vbradiam Goiiverneur ESq' Re- 
eorcb>.'r of the Citt}' of X^'ew Yorke in these word:; foHowdng- (Vi/') 

M: .Ma\e»r -^'^'^'' Vork'e the 10".' Xov'"" 1701 

ih-ivinu lids Moniiuy received your letter dated Tnis day wliereb}- 

\ov po.e n;e Xotice that on Tuesday Next you purpose to swear tlie 

Nev,- r-vk.:;' -trac}- tor I'ee year Ensueing anvl you de. ire me i}cA to faile 

' ■ he prv-eat alt iii In answer I am te^ tv/H }-ou tieu 1 doe not Know 

tha.t any Ahyji^istratcs belonging to this Citty Are to be swornc uriless 

t^;e Trea-r,rer be Aeeranitcd one of th.em )eti 1 am tiot Ignorant of 

s:iTi:e dd^pul>: Cc^ncerning tlic same the which I hojie the X'cxt suprea-.n 

Ccr.ri wiu'cii will be h.eld on the 2^'\' instant will bind and 1 having the 

Gouvernours leave to goe to Xassaw Island to Mivrue, I Cannot Agree 

t :. sue!! matu-rs as ynu desire untili A [474 i Determination alt Law 

and Sv I sup.^^,■ vou will Xot proceed b.4<.)re that time. 

[ am your frien-i and serwant 

-i- ,, .,, ,,, ... ,, Abrah Gt ia\-err.eur Record^ 

!<• the !v: \s orsh-4)full 

Tho Xocli ESq; Mayor of tlie Citty of Xew Yorke day 1 went from my house to the Citty Hall At- 

Xov'^r ri'!^ tended bv I'hiili;) Eieu.di Alderman of the Dock V/ard 

and ];irandt sclmyler A'derman of the south Wave] John 

Hutcluus Alderman of the We,-t Ward. William Morris Alderman of 


the East Ward Johamic.-. Janscn /vssi.-tant of the south Ward Robert 
While Af..v;-.taLl of tlie Wc-^i Vv'ar-.l and Jeremiah 'JcthiU Assistant ot 
the East Ward ( w-ho \;y the scrutirivs of tlie Poh of the Liectioiis of t'ae 
said Wards before me riiade I ilnd to be Legaib. Chosen into tbic sai'i 
Ofhces) and the Shcrilr Town Gierke and Otbier Officers when i came 
Xcar tvi the Citty Had I\Ir Johannes D : j'eyster aI: b)avid ProvO'^st 
AP Nicholas Rosevelt and ^^lartin Clocb ESq^ Elected Aklerman of the 
Outward me arjd up wibii me into th.e Citty Hcdl And I 
having talcen the Cliair the said Joliannes D Peyster David Provdst 
Nicholas Rosevelt and .Martin Clock jjlaced iheriiseh-es on the Bend: of 
Magistrac}' 1)y me to \\'horn I told ti;ey had no Right to sitt there, tiie 
said Johannes D: Peysler David Provoost (5: Nicholas Rosevelt Xoi 
being Legally Elected Aldermen Neither the said ^lartin Clojk till 
stich time as he was swornc befoi'e me a'^ has been tl;e L'sage of tlib-> 
Citt\" in sl:c1i Cases tl;ey Answercdi die} v.'ere Lcgali)- Ek-cicd, and 
swo!-ne by ibe Old Wa>or and had Riglit to sitt their a^ Magistrat- s 
or v/ords to that Effect I told them I shc)uld not Offer Any Violence 
to Remove tliem bjo\\-ever I was Come tbdtlier to sv/ear Brand' 
scliuyler dvldiein-an C'l ibiC south Ward and Joliainics Jan^en Assistant 
of the san;e Wv.vd John Hutchin.s A!dern;an of tlie u'est Ward and 
Robert White A-.istani of tlic same Ward and Willian- Morris Alder- 
man of the Eest Ward a!id Jerendah Tniliill Assisram oj the same 
\^''ard v,-ho I found v.ere the persons Legally Elected! info the said 
Office= l)y tlv^ [Majority f)f X'oices of the Pnhabitants of tlie Respective 
W'ards for whicli tl'.e}- were Ifiected And Accordingly Ch-dered W il- 
liarn Sbarj-a.s t!:e 'io'vvii (b.-rlre b'efore Uic to Admini.-.ier to tliCm th'' 
Oaths According to tlie b'-age of the said Citty upon wb.ich tlie said 
Johannes D: re>-ter D-vid Provoo;c Nicholas [475] Rosevelt And 
MartiTi Clock in \'er\ Xdolcnt and Pa?^ionale Expressions said the\' 
protested Against my Arbitrary an,d Pd.cgal i»roceedings cV made A 
Great Noise and Clamour Notwithstanding T ordered the Town Clerke 
to [:>rocecd and}- the Oatlis Aj^pointed l_)y Act of b'arliament 
Jnsteadi of th.e Oaths oi .Mleigar.ce and supremacy were Administred 
to the said Brandt schuyler John Hutchin.s William ^^lorris 
Jansen Robert \\diite and Jeremiah, dknhill who subscribed the Test 
a:id Association :[:v\ Ai'icrwards too!:e tb.c OiUbs AppoiiUed for the 
dtic E-Xccutidii of tlieir Resp'Crtive Oilires oi Aldermen ar,d As^istai^ts 
and Accordingly tlndr pTicrs tbe -aid Joharmes b) : Peyster 
David Provofjst Nicb.f)b>s Rose\e!t and Martin L'!oc!>: Still sitting on 
the Bench. 

.^fter which done I Cau'^ed the >Iaynr? Court to be Opened and 


A(!jou!i;od for A furtui-ht arid tluu \vithdre\\ and to this last davs 
Action Voi! al! or n]<j<{ of \ou arc \\'itIK•^sc^. 

An .\cn of Gen'- A.^.-oiiiidy was read Entituk-d an Act for Eiicour- 
aiiiny l"ne Citiy of Ww \'orke 

C)i:i' L) that >dr Ah:\'or doe Appoint such person as he Shah see 
LA.>nvcn!ent for tlie Coileetin;;;- the Kcvenne Arising to this Citt\- h\ 
\ cTiue -j! :],:■ said Act and that A!r .\[ayor he Accountable for the 
<::inv ij lids Court. 

- •>^^- "'" ( ,;.- Air A CVrnn-ion. Council held in tiic ;:d 1 

Xcw ^'.jrke^ ^" I itty the jy\ day of Noven:ber Anno DoITT 

1 701 

i'icsuit Tliomas Xuell LS'i': Aiayor 
Brandt Schiu 1 r ^A 
Jo!)n Ilntcliins I ^_, 

Pinlhn French ^^'^^" Aldermen 

^W■c I '^:iu:;an<i and i>:nly Enio\-ne \n\\ tliai all Can^(.■s A'atler^ an 

\\'il!iani r^jMvris 

I'ohert I.-uriiuc; "j ; 

Jcr-inia!i 'r.^tiiiM C Assistants. j 

Johannes Jo!ln^on J I 

l-;;^i Mi yir\yur Aeqaainted this Court that Yesterday he was served I 
•..-': A W'riu of i)-,-;-c lecuni which iu- produced ^ \.-as read in \ 
'••■■rd,;^;. ;\;:;) ^\•i!lianl the third hy the Grace of God o 
hr.^land scotlaiid Vr.' and ir,dand Kiiu;- Drfender rd the faitl; ^c 
i- 'U OUK1-. V,,,.!; [■:< ^r yj.,vor of the (.dtrc oi Xew V^'vkc Grctiu; 

f.\cu-,> \\ iiatsoc\'er laid Aside in Youir o\.n i,'roj)or person ^'ou co:;.-:- ] 

\■^JU^r\■ our Jiwtices of our supream Court of Judicatu:e for our )'rr.v- i 

m.-r of Xew ^"r,rkc held att the Citty Ila!l of the said Cid}- o'j Thur-!av \ 

uy-nu;— heini; on tlie twenty seaventh <!ay of this Instant ?dnnih '-i I 

X.^veud-r hriu^pn- or Causing to h- hnjupht with Vou A Ceridne j 

r!):.r;;T of the said Cittv of X<wv Yorhc dated and Granted the tueiuy j 

■:' ;.v(;Tuh <l;.y of April one thousand six hundred E i-hty Six hy Thn::.;.s I 

fM-:an Governo:;r ef this Province Under hi> lat- Maje-tv K\u- \ 

■'-'•;" ^''^^ >econd \n your Cu-;trd\- Kcmaining or in DefnuU tiiereof j 

>h;;!i Show good Cau>e to the Conirary. And tr. r\o,: and Receive j 

■•'■r.?.\ the <::ll Court ni that matter Shall Connuand and thi> In- no j 

niean-; Vou Shall Ondtt aiKl have you there this writt Wdtness \Viih:Mn I 

■)^''- ' ^'-^'l- ^HU- Chiefe Justice of our said Court tlu>^ six ^ twentieth j 

-•av of Xovemher Annr, Dom T701 and th-- thirteenth Year of our | 

■X'gu Clarkson. ; 


L''pon which M' M?.\ov do^ired the Resolution of this Court wluit 
Returu ho Shoiil'l nvjlic If the said W'riit or v^h.-jiiicr he C-ught to pay 
Any OiK'dicJiCf thiereuiit'-. 

Wherefore itt is Rr-:s()!.\ED by thus Court thiat this Court will take 
time to .\clvise in this niaiier witli Couuci! learned in tlie Law Relatjni:( 
to the said Writt. 

cittyof ; ^^ 

NewYorkcC '^ ' 

A'lT A Coniniou Couneil held ati the 
Citt_y of Ne^-.- Yoidce the 28''' day of Noveni- 
bcr lyoi 

l^resent Thomas Xoell ESqT ?\layor 

Brafidt Schu}der ^ 

Jolui llucchins y 

riiiliip 1'Veiich J 

William Alorris \ ESq''^ Aldermen 

Jcrenuah Toidiill [ 

Roljert Lurtinc: ( 

Joiiaimes John>on J Assistants 
[477] Thi^ I'enrt havlup- AdvEed with Council Relatinc^ to the Writt 
of Duces tucum directed to the ?\Iayor are of Opinion that the said 
Writt is Improvidcntly I-'^ued forth and therefore the IMayor Oug-]it 
not to Carry tl;'.' Charter of tl'is Citt" According to tlie Exigency of 
the said Writt. 

Cittyof / ^^ 
New ■^^.rke\ 

Att a ComiDon. Coup.cil held att the 
Citi) I~Iai! of the said Citly on Tuesday 
tiie 23'; day r.f ] )eceTnber Anno Dom 1701 

Ahrttham ( ioiu'crneur ES'p Recorder 
Johamies 1): Peyst^r " 
r.randt schu\ ler 

Jacob lloden 
Martin Clock 
John i lutein: ns 
Phil!;]) 1-rencb 
Abraham Absicr 
GcrreU CncICvig 
■ PrT'ert Lurting 
Jolianiies Tru^se-n 
Robert \\diite 
This day Brandt Schnvhr VSq: wbn is T'leet-d Alderman of th 

ESq'^ Aldermen 


OF TI!L CnV Ul' NJ-y,/ YORK 183 

Sfiitli Ward And Johannes janscn Elected A-iristant of tlie said Ward 
cc Jciin I;n:cliiai: Ele^jtf (i Aldcrntan ol the Wc'-t Wrrd and ilohcri 
White lilocted Ash^istanl of the said Ward nro.hi.-ed his Aiajestys po-i- 
fi\-f \\'i-iii>; ril Ajanda^.iu^ directed to the Ma}-jr and Recorder to 
Admitt thcni nito their ive,s[X:ctive Oihiei s arid to /Vdnrinister inito 
tl^n! ti;e (.7'c-ihs According to the Cuslom of the said Citiy in snc]i 
C'ai-c.-i C'l-c: I.'pon which t!ie Oatiis Aj)Vr'iint(: 1 hy Act of j-'arhament 
Instead of tin' tjathi, of Alleigancc &:■ su[.aennn'y were Ach'ninistred to 
the ah'-.vv X;Mi".ed Aldennen a.nd A'^sistinihs v,ho suoscrii^^ed the Test 
rind A>'-oei:a:!.n and afterwr ixE tooicc the Oat! s for th.- dne Execution 
c'i i(H;:r jv-sjxctive Ofhces and Aecordin:Ldy t'>oho their places. 

joh:unn.s D: Pcyster ESqr AEIcrniin ct tl'o Ea-t W^ard Jacob 
).c./cl«'n i•i^q. Alderman of the NJi»i"t!! Ward AEniin Ch>cl: ESci!" Akh'r- 
nn.n of the (47S] Dut V/ard Ml Abraham Brasier Assistant of the 
ha-t Ward Gcrrett Oc^W^'Hg Assistant cf the North Ward c^ ATI 
Abraham Mesier Assistant of the Outlaid Jnnl the .Aforesaid Oaths 
:\'hnir!if-tred to Ihcni and snhscrihed the Test and Association and 
After^N-archs were swtnaie to the due iLxeentii n of ih.eir Respective 
Cllhce^ and that before ihev were swome ihcy (Hd declare tl^at they 
n-'KL the said Oaths with the I'roviso that lliey nhLOiL Xot he any 
prejudice to the fornicr Oaths by thcin ta'-on for the Said fjOices 

Nicholas Roscvelt ESqt had tiie Oatl.s aho\e Named Adnnnistred 
n.f;!.'j bini o: snb>cribed (he Test and Association and was Swe>rne •'hae'y 
?!■» Execute tin' Office of Ohandnrlain and dhea^nrer of this Citlv riv 
;:n. En'cncin- year. 

]'•'■:{ NndfTSon was Sworn- CViisiable of \l-c West Ward a::! 
Jacob bratt (\n,:yable of thr East Ward for tlie year EnsneinLV- 

'I'b'- f ,lh>^,vi'-,,:r Laws Orders and Oidi;ianres of this Cittv were :\\>A 
and Ord-rrd ,!>;: Established in full fore. a.Tid VT'rtue tiU further ("ir>bn 

I or t'i;e Ol'.'-ervation of thr' Lords al.iy 

Oo 1 1 e r r i u n l^ S t r a n '/c r s 

Concernh'.;; bTecnien 

O'.nccnnno Krepnip the Streets Clean ' 

Loncerniny Reta.ilers of T^iquors 

surveyors of the Citty 

bo l^rcvent tire 

C on..-frrn'ni; Netn ocs 

boncrrnirirr En^j^rosscrs i^.- forestalln - of the i\farkett 

Conccrniiu!:- Assize of Dread 

Ao Tinilicr *!;-c : to lye in the Streets 


Concernir'; Swine 
Rcguialioiis Conr-crning Oirm'^n 

Qfucvr^ to L-' 0'..>,;:rvai!t i;i (he lixccuiion oi tlu'^e Laws 
Concern-:;- K:-K!cs ■:u:\ [iidian Slaves. 
(471)] Ci-innnun C'-unci! hoc to be Absent upon sunimons 
Gau^^crs Pctckers and (j-lleis 
Weiijlil.- f'nd i\lcasiues !o he soHled 
Masters of \ csstHs to ^■'wt an Ace! of their Passengers 
Conr.-niing- Huclceits 
Packers Marke en beef ^^nd Porke 
Freemen to be Inrohed 

Avpprei.iiccs to be boinjd before the blayot &c : 
Ordinance for Paving" Ax: 

Lav/s for the Governiiieni of the Dock S: Slips i:c: 
Oz'.th of Fi"ecnian 
Regulations for {h.e blaikett 
f^vv Ag: firi-g Gnus in tiie Streets 
Lrnv P elating to Appren{ices 
Who ?-e LV-erned I'^rceineii 

bh-',-eni!'!] {^ he T.iade b.y t'le Mayor and Alderrne/i. 
Paw to Pres'ent hrc 
Pavr Ag; Tlawkers f-nd PedK-^r;; 
Paw Against Phnptying O-Jonr;; in the Sheet.-; 
Carmen Order About Pneiii 

Paw Ag! Kilhiig C?!!!e Anvwhere bet in the Slaughter !T.uses 
Pa^v f r r tl'c Ixcepirg (he Slreet': (lean 
Swine prchiliited Pimning in the Out Ward 

Assi"/E O"' Bmead 

Oi;n"H;-.n liiad the Assize of Rread be fill furttier Otder as follow- 
eth (\'iz') 

A Wl:eaten Icafe rf ihe ntiest flower f/-. .•eigh Eleaven ounces for 
tbrw- balfe pe;;ce 

A Wheaten Pr<fe Vk Conrsesc bran onl)- tairen ou.t and not Otlicr- 
wise io weigh two pounda ten C>nnees for four peace halfe penny wheat 
bein- att five Shilings and three pence ^ PK>beli ■'■' 

Oi<n-.R'n ah P'^^-r^-^ •■ h^ h- this Citty ■^o-: tab-'? Ne'iice hereof 
r^nd l>ake tlieir frr^'d Areoidin-ly 

f i^->] OkT'-rxo Ibrt l\l e:ichn!;is R .se-zelt Tr-asu'-er of this Citty doe 
denian--^ c ^ Pvert ib.vvan',- PSq: lat;- Trea-urer of the said Cutv all 
Hook': fMpers Muainienls ?i\(] Oilier v.-ritings Relating to this Corpora- 

JE CllV Ol'- XiiW VOUK 


t'.m :\:\<\ ir.;it lie give him -\ Ivcccii/t for ihc same And make Rc[)'jrt 
'-: !i:s Actings hereii-! with all CV'in-ciuent J-ixjJevlitioii. 

'[']iv Mayor Acquainted tlds Court that he had Appointed 'idioma? 
\\\-;\er !:Snr To l^Jcceive t!;e (Kity Arisip;^ to tiiis Citty by \'ertu.j of 
;oi Act vi C.en'' A>-eiMhIy of this Hrovinee Entitided An Act for the 
I .nC'tJra^^in.u- the Ciils .'"^f >h \v Yorhe which h_\' Court is Aj)proved, 
and the said Tiiomas Weaver KS>]!' is hereby Acct^rdinglv Appointed 
Jh.-.-ei\-er r'l th.e d:\ity Al' and t'ia.t the }dayor and Recorder dot 
A'.;ree »vith him what srdlary he Shad haw for the same. 

■; ::c }la;.-Mr Acijuainto: tins t'uurt thai s.jmc p:rsons from rlarlem 
ha ! d. --red hiiti !o Admi-d^ter an (datli ut;to tliem for holding- A- 
("'■■arf a'J ifarleni frir deterinipdi';.: of petit dd'espa'^scs under fr-nrty 
Shn::;.:-. < h-o; Ki:?) ti:e Inh.abitants -if Ifarlenn (l.^i^ produce to this 
("'•■m-r r.u Mundav Xe.\i what Richt tiiev have t(j hold such. A Court. 

Ciuvo? / 
New Vorhe^i ^• 

Att a Conimon Council lield att t'ne 
Citt_\- Ha!! of tlie said Citty on Munday the 
2(f\' (hy of necem.lier .-\nno DoTn 1701 

d";^on-!S X. _:] i:S.h :davor 

.'v'lraham Cou\-e;;eur liS-jT Recorder 

johanne- I): !'<y^ter ) 

Hranvlt Schuvler j 

>- Assistant.^ 

Ai: nm (. le^ck 

joh;i Hntchins 

Phihip rVench 

.•\b:aham Brazier "^ 

Abraliam Mesirr 

Ro'-ert T.urtinfx 

Gerrett Onclcbac^- 

Robert Wddtc 

Jcihannes Jansen 

b;^! i Oi;nr!,r.i, .M.bTn.ian D: fV-yster Alderman Roclcn Aldern^an 
Schu'dt r .M^ [,r,rt:r;q- M-- janseti or anv three of them be A Comndttee 
!-> 'ty b-fore t!d^ Ccvx the State of the Dock of tlds Citty witli all 
C'ln-.enient hbxpcddie.n and that they have power to <end for p; rse.n- 
arvl t>a[)er3 rebuintj: thereimto 

C)K!.:-i:'i) th It Mr Mayor doc take Care to have tiie Court Room in 
''d-. Ciitv Had !cad^' '^onvcnient for the Court to sitt in tlds vdnter 
and that !'<• C.v,.^ hi-- Warrant to the Treasurer for the navment v.f 
tb- (d-ir-e there, .f 


'i"hc 'J'reasiivcr of this Citty waited upon this L''jurt c*t Reported hv 
had served tlio Ir.te Treasurer witli the Order uiade last Corntuop 
Coiirici! v.-ho told lurii the Docks and papers of tliis Citty in his hand^ 
would he stated in Eic;"ht or ten da\"s tinic and be ready to be delivered 
Accordin[4 lo the sadi! Order. 

This day the Ma\e'r ar.d Recorder Adrn--> 
Januare 21''^ I70if 2] istred an C>ath to Adolph ."-deyer Isaac De la 
}delie and Joliaiiiies \\"a!dr-n duely and ; aicb- 
ful'y to I'lxecute their C'lTice of ' *\'eri,eers of blarleni. 

This day Abraham Gouvernctir KSo"" 
February x? 11''' 1701-2 Reo^rder of the Citty of Xev/ Yorke and 
William Slnirpa? Tov;n Gierke and Clerke 
of the ]>eace of tlic said Citty and Cor.nty Recei\'ed New Coni- 

niission; for their Respective Oh'lces and before the Hon'-!^ Ji.ihn. ; 

Nanfan ESn^ Lieut. Governour fr Corrimandcr in Clnefe of tlie l^rov- | 

ince of New Yorke and in the presence of Tliomas Noell j-'Sq- Mayor ; 

of tills Citt>- tooke tlie Oaths Appointed b}- Act c>f Parlianient Instead ■ 

of th.e Oathis of Allei.<;'a_nce and supreinacy and snbscril^ed il;e Te.-t and ! 

Association and were also s\'rorne to tlie due bAecution of their \ 

Respective Ofhees 1 


[482] Tnr: Ri:coRn::RS GoMiiissioN | 

W'liJ.iAM Till' TiiJKij by the Grace of God of Eng'land scoilav-;! | 
France and Irekuid Kinr^ defender of the f.dik .:c : Grc-tin^- Wee R'.- j 
posii;y ESpeciall tru^t audi Confidence in the Learniu';;- iidelity prudience 
Circunis})ection and Loyalty of otir Trusty and Well l)eloved Abrii : ; 
Gouverneur E.Sq- of r)ni- s]>eciall Grace Certain Ivnowledge And I\Ler ' 
Moti(-n ha\e Given Gran.ted and by th'/se {^resents doe g'ive and G-ant 1 
luito t];e said Abrii Gouverneur ESq'' the Olnce of Recorder of the j 
Citty c.f Xevr Yorke \' ee di-.-e Xanie ir.ake Create and Ordaine by the-e 1 
presents T'l ILwi' ^.^e m ]\^'iA^ IL-cercise a'.id ]Cnj<.>y the said Office of ; 
Recorder of our Citty (^i Xev,- Yorke unto him the said Abrahan: j 
(^louvcnieur l^Sq"" dm-in;^'- our f)leasure and further wee have given a.n.c j 
Granted and by these j'-resents dne .c^'ive and Grant unto the said Abr" I 
Gouverneur all \- sini:;u]ai- such and the like fees Rit^hts powers an.] j 
preheminences pcr(|ni>iits profitts and Advantaj^^es for and in Respect ! 

of y? Exi;cuti<'n of the sai'l (^MYice as an}' Recorrler of our Citty of X^'ew ' 

Yorke heretofore ha\ e of Ri.uht taken Received or Enjoyed for th.e 
Exercise of this sair1 Ofiice To Receive iierceive i*\: Eiiiov the 

C'F 'lili; CITY OF NEW YORK 1S7 

<r.nie u!!lo llic f.aid AiTaliani GouveDi'.'iiv KScf According- to tl-.e 
hiicnt and Meaninc: of these our Letter.-. Patents. \Vitx,':s>, Our 
trii>lv and x/eli li-doved To!m Nanfan F.Sqr Lieu^ Governeiir And Coin- 
n-,and,er in (diirfc of our Pru\ince of New Yorke and the Territories 
ticpcndiiiL; there''!! in America in Council att Xew ^hjrke this tenth d.ay 
■■,i f--hn!ar\- isi the tliirteentit Y'ear of otir Iveig'n A'' 1701 [-2] i\[ Cdark- 
•-'■n secry. 

(.ittv of ] , - Att a Connnnn Council held att the 

.\'rv. Vorke j '"^^ Citly Hall of th.e said Citty on Wensday the 

iS''; dav of Mciicli Anno DoTTI 17-01-2 

Present Thomas Xoell ESq"" i^dayor 

Ab!-aiiaiTi Gouvemeiir PSn^ Recorder 
Johannes 1) : Peyster 

Jacob Boelen ^P^Sfp^ Akllermcn 

iviartin Clock 
1^83] Abraham Brasicr 

Abrah.ani ^^Icsier ^Assistant; 

Robert ] Airting 

Oi-nKKiT) that all the Laws Order? atid Ordinances of this Citty 
y:h)rh wvre Kstahjished on the twenty third da}- of December last he 
iVntim!i;d and Remaine in full force and \ertne til! further Order. 

( h ::>;{::) ;n t'-at AP Recorder Ald-rniCii Li-'eltn AP Liirtiny- a!^d M' 
ja!! or an\- three of tliem be A Com!nittee to lay befor- this Court 
th.r Statr o" t!ie Dock of this CithV and that they have pov/er to smd 
i'-'T pervo!is and parsers Relating- thereunto and that thry !n-ake Rei>orl 
' i ih.eir i)roceedings therein unto this Court on or before tins dr.y 
^•.'^vn Xiglits. 

V 'HinTU.:!-; .Mdcrman I): Peyster Alderman schuykr Aldennan 
*'l ck and Mr Prazier or a!n^ three of theiii be .-\ Committee to Exam- 
'T.i- im •-. lb- State of the Eerrv of this Citty and to Examine i! the 
C.-:p!:iint> of tlv fe!-Yv-ivan and Repo!te the same to this Court with 
.dl C'^nvenieiit Mx]iedition 

l")i<iji-.ut.i) thai ilie .Mayur Issue his Warrant to the Tree.surer to pay 
t-' Abra!v'M; GMUverneur I'lS'T or Oiaier the sun^ of l^fteeii Pound^ 
Li-eh.fLen Sliili!igs Curri Money of Xew ^'orke nut of the tn-.^t Tax to 
be Raised in this Cittv iov the defravii^g the puhlick .;v Xessessarv 

iS8 MiNrifs OF Tjir-: coma:'.;:: cC'Uxcil \ 

C!;ai\Ci'c of tin's Ciit}- irt b'.-iii;', for his service as a Member of this CiU\- i 

in Gen" As:-cr,ili!\- >>': s])e.ikcr of the house of ]<epresentativcs from the j 

Nineteenth dav of Ai!?-UNt last past to thi- Ei-;iitecnth, flay of Octolicr | 

then Xext follov.-in^:^'- Eip:h,t Sundays hieing Deducted 1 

()id.)i:kK[) tiiv' Mayor Jssue his \A'arrant ti > il^f' Treasurer to pa;.- to 

Joh.annes D : Pc\ster ESq" or Order iov serving in Gen^ Assembly : 

[4S4! As A Aleiuber for tliis Citty from th',' semnd day of Aipril last j 

past to the Xineieenth dny of tlie same Month being lu-iufi; in all I 

Eighteen da_\-s three sundae's being deducted is sixteen da\'s and that ' 

he jia}" tl:e sarn.e cait e>f tlie Tax to be raised for the defraying the ! 

ptibhck And X''-ses^ar\- Charge of this Cillv as the Law directs. 1 


ORi)i:!U-.r/ the Mayer Is^ue his Warrant to tlie Treasurer to jja)' to 1 

Joluinne-. i): rey.-ier en- (_)rd:'r the sum of iifieen pounds Ei'idiieen j 

Shilings Gurrl .Money of Xew Yorke out of tlic first Tax to be Raised j 

in this Citty for th.e Defrayiiig the publick and Xessessary Charge of ! 
the same itt boinp, fi)r his service as one of the Representatives of this 

Citty fre'U! the Xineteenth day of Auguist las* i)ast to the Eighteenth } 

day of October tb.en Xext following Eight sund;;vs being deducl'^'l. | 

Oroi'.k'h all such per>ons as hereafter Shall be summoned or j 

Warned {• , d-^. their duty on the Constables Watch of this Citty a'vl j 

Sliall Xegleci 'ji Refuse tlie saiue Shall for Every such Offense forfeit j 

the suiu of six Shiiings Cm-rent Money of Xe'.v ^'orke to be Recovered | 

before tia" Mayor l^v.-.-Oer <<r .^ny one of the Justices of the peace | 

of th.e said Cilt_\' audi to ])e Eevyed by W.'irrant under the hand and i 

.-eale of .-..ny one of them b}- distress aTid s:de of the goods and t'hattells j 

of the ]iers..n wb.,.. shall make such Default And that the said fe)rfeiture j 
l)c f-T the ;;-■ of the said Constable >:v Watch. 

OKi<.H■:\^ that Isaac D: ]-:iemer ESqF late }dayor of this Citts doe 
hrin;; in. Ids .\cc*. to this Court of \vhat Money he has disbursed to Coun- 
cil ar:d ( )tber Ch.'Tv^e- Relating to the Retn.rn of Aldermen Rur^uan.t 
to .-m t )rder made d;e lo'l' day of October last past in Order to be 
.-Vj^j^roved by I'd-; Court. 

I4S5I ( jk:.: :;i,o that M: Evert Hewanke late 'J'reasurcr of this Citt\- 


!ver the 1.0. -.ks a::<l paipers of tins Corporation to the present j 
Treasurer < )r. or bei-^re the twentv fifth day of tliis Instant Abonth oi \ 
March ->.. pain of b'-ing ].ro>ecute.l att Raw fc.r his XT-glect or Refr^hal ■' 




Att a Conimoii Council held att tl.e 
Citty linll of the said Civly on Tucsd;iy tluj 
]2''' da\- of iMay Anno ]J>uTTi ijo.i 

PrctvT.t Tiionia--, Xocll ESqi' Alayor 

Abr^ihani Gouvcrneur ESq-" Recorder 

Johannes 13: i'i:yster "i 

Erandt Schuyler | 

Jacob JSoelen j^i^Sq'v Aldrrnien 

Martin Clock 

I'lnlli]) French. 

Abraham llrasicr 

Robert J.urtin[j, 

Abraham ;viesicv V Assistants. 

Johannes Janscri 

Ivobert White 

dbf followin.c: Address to his E.xcellency was ri ad ^nd .Approved 
A f V.(i.!-i:Fii to lie Tn.grcssed (S.- presented Accordingdy 

To His Kxcellency the Right Bon'^J^' Edward Lord Cornbury Cap; 
Cei:'' ati'l Governour in Chiefe of his Majesties Province of ^'e^■■ 
N'- :!,'. ;';id Territories depending- tliereon in America and \ ice .-\dir.ira: 

' ' ''^'' "''''"^ "^^^" The Plumbic Address of the Mayor Al[dier- 

m--n and Commonality of the Citty of Xew 
C:'^-'! May iit please your Excellency 

I- ti-:. Nam.; and on the bchaife of the Ereen-n and Tnbnbiiant- r,f 
\Ia> liis Maje^'ties Corporation and Citty of New Yorke Wee d.oe 
l-eariily CV,nL;-ratu;ate your Lordsiiips safe Arrival in this your Govern- 
:-:*-nt ^. as wee Cannot Entertain to Grateful! A sence of his Majesties 
i-'o;;d! l:onnty anr] favour to us in making soc Excellent and. prU'Ient 
.\ Cli'.ice in seriding your Lordship A person of so great and, Nr.ble 
b:^'b Skillfull in the Art of Warr aiM Acquainted whh the English 
I-av-s and. Government to heal our Divisions to secure us fr^iu the 
d.ui'e-r of the Enemy .\broad and Cause us to flourish with p.aT.-e 
pleniv an.d Tranquihtv att home and be an Example .\: Pattern of pietv 
And \'crtue in the mid>t of us soe Shall we Studiously Endc;..vonr 
f'i 1 Nrimnsirate an.d E.\pre.-.s that Gratitude in nur readv Complyanc^ 
v-ith Evcrvtliing in our power whdch Your Lordship in your 
prnd.,-nce and wisdiiun Shall Judge Xessc'-'sary and Contrilnite to Ins 
M:'.H'sties service and Tdonour and the preservation i^' defence of tins 
'■u'.d hi'; Other Territories and that mav make vour Lf>rdsbiip hanpv and 


Has,^ 01' TiiE COMMON COL'N'CIL 

tin; iLxcrei-e (jf an Iniparlial Adiiiini.-tratioii of Justice Over 
thf \"li' •'•._• rro\-i:',ce. God in his Iriiiaitc Ivlercy and goodness v,-ili 
Vouch:-rife to bie-s his Majesty with A long And happy Reign Over 
u"^ and your Lordship in th.e Exercise and Enjoyment of tlie Govern- ; 
nient of lliis Pro\iriCe and strcngthicn >i' Enable us in tiie ready i 
discharge- oi oiu- duty and Obedience is the fervent [»raycr of i 

Your Lordshi])S most dutiful! 

humble PCTvants. 

Ordered that all th.e soldiers, of liis Majesties Garrison Forte Wil- 
liam llcnry in tiiis Gitty that are his IMajesties Natural borne subjects 
be made freemen of tliis C'orporation Gratis Any former La^v to the 
Gontrary Xotwith.standirig and that ]\lr Ma\-or Administer unto them , 
the Oath L'i A l^roeman and Grant them Gt-rtnicates of the same under 
tliC scab, of tlic Gitly Aecordiiiglv. 

[4S7] R^aOLVKD the sum of hve pounds be paid to ?vlr Phillip 
French for his r'elinquishing his Lease of tlv-.- iJock and tliat tlie same 
be paid him out of the Revemie of the Dock and the said Ph.ilh'p French 
did Accordiugl)- l^elinou'sh the said and is sati-iled this Gorpo- 
ration doe demi-e the sanie to any j)erson or perso:rs 

ORLn-.RKD tluit Aiderri'an scliuyler Ah!ern:an lioelen and Mi' Janscn 
be A Gomiiiitiee to Lett ihc Rjock to farme not Exceeding scaven years 
aTid th-^t there l)e Govenatits in the Lease tluit tt-se I-essee Sliall Glean 
the same and })ut all the Wliarfs in good and sufficient Repair and soe 
riiaintain l\ecp an.d deliver them up alt the Expiration of th.e said 
Lea^e a!id also that ihe Lessee Sliall Gle-n the Slip. 

Cittv of ,■ 

New Yo: ke \ 


Att a Gommon Gouncil held att tlie 
Gitty LL-dl oi the said Gitty on Tuesday th.e 
r6'l' day of ?-day Aruio Dom 1702 

Present Thomas Noell ESqT .Mavor 

sanijoson S'lelton Broughton ESq'' Recorder 
Johannes D: Peyster 
Brandt Scliuvler 

Jace.b Boelen 
Martin Gloclc 
Phillip French 
Robert Lu.rting 
Abraham P-ra.ricr 
Abrahnm Mesit^r 
Johannes Jan sen 
Robert White 

ESq''* Alderinen 

>► Assistants 

Ol- TKi: Cl'iY 0['~ XKW YOllK loi - 


jnX] <anips<;:i Shcliun L^rou-lilun ESq^ this day prouu-.-e*] his Alajcs- ? 

•-•■ LV^i.MMs-^^'Mi iu]u.-;- the [;i-c:iU: Scale of this Pro\iacc for the Ollicc 1 

...f iCcO'.'rdcr oi tlii- C/itl\- which was read Wlrjreupon th.c Oaths Ap- | 

iv.i;;2ic(! by Act f'f i'arhanient instead of th,.' Oatiis of AUcig-ance ^V- \ 

-■.pivK'acy \sc;e A(hihnistere<l nnto hiim who aftcrward.s subscribetl truj -^ 

;--t ,,ii;l A-.-.Jciaiiun and was aho sworne to the due Executi'~'!i of the \ 

-,.:d ( )ihcc vi Ivccordrr of this Citty and Accordingly tooke hi^ phice. j 

:■]: ^;a^ur j.i'.dnccd to tliis Court A letter from the CU-rkc c,i the f 

< '-uri: h;. ' »:d(jr o! Ins and Council ]<equirii^.;; hini lu \ 

\;-:.\'.:- lie men v.(.'!i!cn Children and slaves that are vdthin this i 

^ .-:• o':d e'ou:;ty and also the Xumher of ^ien froni sixteen years of \ 

A:<- i-> sixty aihi that he Shoidd signifie tliC sauie in six ^veek■s After I 

:■ ■■ 'i:.u.- tkrre.'t \'hich letter is dated the i8"' Instant, wherefore he i 

-■-- -i:c.^ the Advice of this Court of rhe mo-l proper methods t^:- be ] 

-. ::.-•'! :Ar ih.> KiYcciual doin>; tl;eieof. Itt is therefore Okder'u by this | 

' K-.n thai the Aldcruinn Assistant and Constaldc of Each Respective | 

V.arvi wiihin tld^ Ciity doc forthwith ta!:e Care to Number all the | 

: . i! \^.::■:vi1 and Children in their Respective Wards According to the \ 

.■■ <h',A -.■\[ to il;e Ma}-or for tiie doing thereof and that they make ] 

'■ .!;rn vrnt,; die Mayor on or before the tenth day of June Next I 

C: Co:m;.htee Aj. pointed for the farmiiig of the Dock ^ Siij)- of | 

ii\iS- v'y ']•:.■ ]:ej>ort that the} have farmed die Dock & Slips of this I 

Cr- To km.-s Spencer of the said Citty Carpenter for the sum of I 

1tpe^'! ■ ;;v.. i;-:r;.^ C'mrer,i Money o.f ?\ew Yorke upon the Condid.'ns | 

"^I' v\d>;') ' ' I 

■^'' NUiiioxs lor /arnd'ig the Dock and Sli;)S of the Citty of N.-w J 

: :'.e att the sign of the Kings Arms Near tlie Custom house upe-n \ 

v. u-'liv ibe 2o'-^ day of Mav Anno DoTH 1702 att two A Clock \ 

•n.monn ' j 

^i ' .It tlu- Dock and slips of the Citty of New Yorke Shall be b.ett | 

';■ ■ - •:'^' f^'r die Termc of scaven years Commencing from the first j 

<3'*y '-'i k;8yd 1701 on the Conditinns followdng fnI!ou'!irj I 

(V.., •■ [ 

: .ar t!;e tanuer tiiereof widiin the space of Eighteen ^.lonths Next j 

• ••!v:-'-im: the d'-te bere.i-f Shall att his own proy^cv Co<t and Charge well j 

-.le! M!r;;r^.-ntly Clean the said Dock and slip vhich runs into the Dock j 

'•'' -d! th- M::dd 1 )ir(e stones s^ylc a:id fdth tlierein soc deep as to A | 

■•^•;d- };oito:n airl during the wdiole time of the said Eease Shall soe ! 

K''yp the same clean and att the Expiration thereof to surrender and I 

''eiiver up the said Dock and slip Nvell and sumeientlv Cleaned fmm all i 



I . 




the Mucli] to\Ie and fiU!: as Afortsaid unto the Ma\-ur Alucrnicii and 
Co'iunonah'ty wf the L'ii.}- of Xev: Yorke or lindr Assigns 

That the farmer thicreoi witliiu tlie space of Eighteen Moutl-iS Next 
EiT^Mcing the dale hereof Shiall alt his ov.n prc^pcr Cost arid Cliarge 
ina!:e h^rect and build or Cause, to be made h^rectcd An^;] btiilt tiie 
Wdiarfs Xext the River Enclosing tlie said Dock one foot and aliaiie 
Erigiisli Measure higher then tiiey riOw are in the higliest place th.ereof 
with good and sufficient stockadoes and timber suitable and 2\esses- 
sary for that service to begin ati tlie Privy boU::e ar.d from thence 
the whole length of th.e said Wharfs lo White hall and after the said 
Wharfs are niaiie soe much higlier v;il!i Stockadoes kc: tlie said pur- 
cha'^er Sliadl Cau.-.e the same to be well Loaded with Ballast Gravell or 
Stones and u}>oi- tlie said Eallast Gravell or Stone? tlic said W^harfs to 
be v/ell Cr-vetedi ''Over with the Dock Akudd to secure tlie said Wiiarfs 
frL>ni b.eing brC'ben or Darr!nif\-ed by the \'iolence of any Stornie or sea 
and the Otlier ].arte of the said Wharfs Liclosing the said Dock Xext 
to the ]vi\cr tb.c fiirmer Sliall al.-o well & sufhciently Repair and also 
Shall Cause Eight substantial posts to be fixed <,>n the said Wharfes att 
thirls- or fourty fo;_;t distance each from tlie Other Convenient for the 
haling Do\\-u. \'essel[s thereby tt ^ Creen. and, dmEig the \\hole Tenr:e 
of th.e said Eease Shall Keep all the said Wh.arfs vvcll and soe v^-ell .v 
sufiiciently Jxeiciircd .\mended and Aiaintaiued in g':)od arid sufh- 
cient )nannei piigiit and Cop.ditieni |a,c;o] And alt the Expiration of tlie 
said Lease Shall anal deli\'er up inito the srnd Mayor Alder- 
men and (iO:;:nv.;.alil;c of the Cil!>' of New Yorl.c cr their Assigns 
said \-rh:arfs .^oe ^ufhciently built Ameuided Covered, and Repaired in 
good and sumicient manner plight and Condition an.d Sliall Repair and 
Amerid ihe said Wlaarfs v.-^':' the Xeedfull and Xessessary ReperalioriS 
soe oftvu a^ he Slaali be Recjuired by th.e said Mayor Alder- 
men and Connnonaliiy rif (he Citty of X'ew "S'orke or their Assign,- 
During the saifl Terme. 

That the f.;>.rn'er Shall be Oi.'liged io pa}' the Rent thereof to the 
Ti-easurer of the Citt\- of Xew Vorlce b}" f'..Hrr j-i(pual Ouarierly ];ay- 
nierits Currant M.:ine\- of this Pnndnce 

That tr:e farnxr! be C'lbliged before the Execution of the Lease 
for the said l.''' and slips to give Bond v/ith stitlicient sureties for 
'^uclt sum of Money as the Cn!rariittee iw farnu'n.g th.e said I'^ock and 
sli[)s Sh.all judge Xeedfull for the true ju^rformance of each Respectiee 
Covenant Contained in the said Lease. 

(_)!• Tiir: CUV OF new york 


'h?i if lii'.- [■'arnicr Slv.ll Xc.ylcct or Kofir-c lo give LVmd with 
^•uclies ;;s AiC'i'-sai'l ii;.r ine pt,rfoniuiiK-e of Covcnains t'lat then ti-e 
^aiJ 'iv'Ok And ^i'];:. Shall he aL::ain {lenli^cd and if farmed for less then 
:tit lirsi the in-.-r farn^er Shah e:ood nvd pay the loss with, all 
(.Jia:a5:r> an'l i'X!=enei.> and if farmed for more he lo have no henelil 

"fd:ai tl:e h' siudi Ivcocive all the proiltts and Revenue <ji Cw 
\) :■'.. and slij.;- '. hieh haUi Aecrued since tht; first day oi Xo\en;hk-r 
ia-i 1 as! ithv snni >-\ five pounds Xvw ^'orke edoney onh' l^xci-jiteij t 
ar>d '^ at M- h!vvd;- Shall Ace.anpi with the fonn^a- f ir the same. 

1 i:a; tile far:i!!_-r Shall have LiherL\- to Ereet Grains in Convenient 
;.;';' I i 'laces np<j;; t!ie Deniised premis'^es and T'ec^'iv" ih • jirniltt- 
t!-', -^.f during; ilic said Tcrnic. 

> janu-s S[)<.-ne.jr oi the Citl> of Xew \'orke Carpenter doe h^'rch}' 
Aehno'.v]c(i<.rc to ha^■e farme<l the before Mentionfd J^ and Shi)S the 
f\:iy and Year above written on the above Conditions for the sani of 
tv. .-no.- Ave pounds '-~> Annum Cnrr! eJoney of Xcv,- Vorke Witness nu. 

IV anrl VX'ar first aljove veritten 

fames Snenccr. 

i\t-,., at is A])i!rM\-cd and DuoHRKO the Ma\or Kxecutt. 

■ au>: ivM) ihai tu- vh-din..O:ee lor iia\m-- ti;c streets anu 
•'•:■■>• ■' ilhiu th:> e'iit_, Ic put i-i Chkctual KxL-eu?i;iii (jn or bi, feax- toe 
l-nd) d.iv of Auuust Xexi Cnsuun;:;- and that th-' Alderman And Assist- 
ant < f (.-ac'i R-'sp'-ctive Ward within tliis Citty doe give the In!iabilaiU> 
••'" ;' ■.':: lX-p,:eovc Wards linady Xoliee thereof that the san^e ma} bv- 
lm!!;b C<in pltoited witiiin the time Aforesaid 

\\ h'l-;;;;. •>> hX niost sacred Maiest\- Am-ai^r nian\- i_)ther princely 
^••-an^ Sh'>\vn to this Rr-uince hot': sent bh-cr durincr the Rale Warr 
A C-n-dderab!r Xnmber of ieirces t^'i protect a!id ^ecure wr- from ti;e 
In-'ihs of our ieneriiies the Frenrdi of CXnac'a and tlieir Indians whic!; 
!■"■■'' f'-r 'v.v fnrlber jaoteetion his Majest\- has been rh-acionsly 
y''..;svd to Coiitinue Ar!;ont:st r.s. An.d Wb. reas all manner of I'ro- 
^!-i^••^^ and A|.parel! are nnich dearer in this L'ltty then in Rin;riai:d 
V !;.■!- by ihc said soldiers C?iv\r>-, Convein- ntiv ^nbMst of bieir pa; 
-■•alv but tlie most of them beint:: Tradesn'.en vhicli they A Riix-rtv 
V'a-ciM.- V. iibin, this Corj^oration itt wotdd not fjnly Knal-le them 

, t- 



to liv-e j.i'jj] Conit'.irtal)!}- Inil Jni}v.''lc 'ilirir di^scrtion and Enc<j.;:af;-c 
thciii iii //.I-;;- //• l!i i; diU}" and als.i ^)t!KT- to Li-i thcin^elves !!■: [hr 
sai(i bv-Tvir..' .•\iid Wlicrcas by llie !'.}■ Laws of this Corporation N'' 
pcr.Sijii \\'liat.soc\rr l':',ii K'ccp Sb. ip or Exorcise Any Iiandy Crai'i 
Trade or '_.'ecuj'a!iur. but such iis are ]-"reernen tlicreof under the 
penalty- v\ live ijou'vb; for T'^ach (iff' iicc after wavniii:; t<iven. Tb-re- 
fore tlu's (b.turt ta':i;i;^ into Coiisid..,aatii)n the many signal fa\"fU''s 
Afore^;Md and in to!-;en of tbeir (buy and GratiLude fur the sauio d'je 
hereby Ivcsolve and C)rder that abi the Otbcers aral sobhers ('who are 
his Majestic:, Xatnral born snl)jecl> b'; lonLjin^- to Id- Majesties Garrison 
l^orie WdlHau! Henry within this Citt;, be made Freemen of tliis Cor- 
poration rh-ati? A' (.)kMi'i-i:i> the Mayor Keeorder and Alderi^ren 
Adniiuibier unto ti;'.:!n. tlie (')ath of A b'recoinn ;i.nd Gra.nt them Cercib- 
cates thereof niabr the t^■c:^^<■ o\ the Cilty and that the Town Clerbe 
Jvccdstr-- tbeir yana--; as b'reemen Accord ing-b>- Anv former Law to the 
Contrary in Any \Gsc Xotvdtbstandinr:'- 

WhiiancAS ddiis bomt badi ofi^M! ^bon^i. led of an J^ven Xum])^-r 
and Matters have 1 '-en .\c;-itatetl Insonuich diat this Cavart have b:en 
Ecpi.-ill}' dd\ ided wbcreliv tlie pul)!ick bn^iiiess of bnis Citt\- ha^ an! 
may be much l-Ltarded. Lt is tli-i-cfr-re hereby Ki SwL\-i:D that for the 
futin"e if hi Sb-ubl sue !iai)pen ibat thi^ Cuurt Shi^dd be Jbnudb' 
(Hvidedi n.pM'a any \'oie or (kd.ate tliat tb.e parte of this Court on •,."-":' 
the Chiefc }^laJ^i^tlai'; S!>all ^ive bis \'ote Sbal! I'c yV Conchi^ive \b-.te 
and the bintry of .-nc'-; \"ote Sliail he made .\ccordinc;Iy. 

C)r:i);e<!;i) the Mayor L:>ne his Warrant to the 'breasurer to jviy to 
William Sl'.arpas or ()r'ler tlie sum of ten i^ounds Curr! Money of 
New ^'orb-e for haife _\ car> sallar_\- as (derbe of this Court I'hulin;: tl'e 
14''.' day oi Aindl Ici-t {kiA 

();<!. KuiD the Ma_\...r L^ue hi.> Warrant to the Tieasurer to \>i,y to 
the lve\erend Mr \\ ilbam W/.ey or C)v<kv tia' bum of bve pounds U^-'j! 
Curran.t Money of Xw\^ Vorbe itt b,ein- b)r pre;'.cbin!_;- l)efvn-e tlb.-. 
Court in ' October 

< »i'.i)i:KMi tb;.t W- Ma>v,r d.oe demand in' V.wvi I'.cyvan'ce b.S'b 
late Trea-inrer of tiri.-, Ciilv c^" of e"a]/. b-^aac 1^ Kiemei- or of any Odv-r 
j^tTson 01 ]'er.-.>ins aU ^nch biOo!;< pa]>ris and Accounts a'- tba-\ ba\e iti 
their Cnstiniy l;elon-in.L^' to this Liit\- andi uiak'c !\ei)orte of his Actinpfs 
herein to the Xext (Vi;rmon Councib 

OF Tiii-: crrv of :\i-:\v ^iORt: ny. 

Liltyof I ^e *"^''^' -'^ Oonniiuu Council \:vh[ ati tlii- 

NcvVurkc^ ^ Litty \\A\ ^l &r.- -aiil Citl} on Saiurday 

ilio 2/''.' 'lay <-'t June .Vniio IJoui lyrj 
Present Thonni^ XL.dl L^Sqr :.Iayor 

sainson vShelton Broui:;htoii KSq; RecorvU r 
Erandi Scluiylcr ^ 

Jacob ikick'ii L ESl|^" Al'lcr'ncn 

E^hillii) French J 

Robs Lurting- L Airsistants. 

Johaiiiics JaTi:^eii J 

Okiv-.h!.!) iliat 'rhonias Weaver RSq' CV)!ioctor of tbc I'licy Ari^iriu' 
to this Citty by X'crtuc of an Act of G-^n^^ Assembly or thi.-, [Voviiice 
Hiuiuucil An Act Ki.coutLig'ing' tbc Cilt;. of Xtw \ urlir doe for;hv.!t.ii 
.'.ve: fn;- the >;:n:p widi ibo ylayor of tnis Citly :u:<[ pny ihe nallancc 
tliereof to tlic said .Mayor. That if he Refuses ^■K■ to d.)c th;ii ihe 
Ma} or ii! the XaiViC of th^e Mayor Aldcrnien aii'l (_ oinaionahiy of th.e 
',':t{>- of New Yorke take such pro])er Abrthiods for Recovering th:e 
s;iid Ab.tneys out. of his 'jands as Council Learned in t'le Law Siiall 


0!.ii.:k[--!) that ^U Janjes I'AeUs doe Collect the Revenne of ti,is 
Cuiy Arising by Vertue of an Act of Asbcnibly of tins Ih-oviiice I'.u- 
:itnLd An Act for the Lncouraging the Citty of New Yorke And that 
he Ace* f.;r tl'e ['mf^tts thereof fn.'ni time tn [404] tinu' as t!:is Court 
'■rah d'rrc?. 

d'i-.. bdhiwing Ordinance for tla; Lcei^hig ni tlie Sirr-i^; ClrAi) 
l)-.rce tin-!es read Approved v^l' after the Ivinging -a' thr'-e 
ih:I^ (^ chM)r:Rr:i) llie same be tMrlhwith printed. 

Ax ()pi.rN \xoi; of th- Mayor iC'corder A!derna:n a;id .V^^i-tani^ of 
ine Citty of Xew Yorke Convened in Cnnimon Council for the hette: 
Cleaning ..f the Streets, Lanes and AUyes of tlie said Citty. 

l*M!J.\.s.ML-Cii as the h-irnier Laws ( trdei'^ and Ordiiuuices of tinh- 
< itty \\hich ha\e been made and inihlisludi for the Cleaning :: Kcep- 
mg (dean of the Str.^-ts of llie said Citty have been nuich Xegiected 
Ai.d in many tilings are deficient wlierCi}- they will ir t Ans'wer the 
h-M i for v.'hich they v^'cre designe'd to the gaval Dap.iagc Annoyan.ce and 
JTOjudice of all the Lihabitants of th',- ^.ai.l Cittv. To the Intent th to^ 
f-re that all the-Dnngldl^s heaps of l')Irt, Rn]>bish and Oilier hltii and 
^oi!. ulhch lies in the Jvespective Strceg; I ane- and Allies '.-^^. tins Cittv 
be forthwith Removed and Carryed AxrAv and for the better [\cc[)ing 
Clean tiu- streets Lanes and Alives e.f the said Cittv for th.e future 

[xi'DlS of tue commox covsc 

J c A[ rh^roiorc (_J^^]a•ric^j by liic Mayor AlJorincn it Coinnionality 
oi iht: s?:<\ \.'iiiy C v/'i Vv-ii.'.I in C'oniinoa t'ouiicii au.! itt is hereby Or- 
d?:)n^-d by tiie Aulboiiiy -.f ibe sarie That ai! an;! ILxcry the Ciitizens 
Frcchokicrs ii., )ii^c ivccpcvs and IiVnabiia'.Us living- v. tiic five Warcis 
of this CitTy <jti ih:c SMUl'isicie of froh v. atcr Sh.ali on livery fryday in 
the wtck bdibcr ]■>■ ll:cn!^ehcs or servants Rai-re and ^wvcp all the Din-' 
fihii an(! soil bei(irc their R' ;;;jeetive iiouses uj/on licans iv. (.')u the sznv: 
da\ or on tho satiirda.. f<jl!o\vi;:o Siiall Cause the sanie to be Carryed 
Away ai'd tlirov. n ■r.i._. the River or tunit; Other Convenient i)Iace under 
the Penalty oi six Shdint;-? for eaeh Neglect Kefu~al or default. 

And itt i-. furthi r ( )rviahied i>y the AuUi^rity Aforesaid tliat if [495 j 
y\ny pv'rson or pert-oii Whaiso- ver Shah att any tiriie hereafter throw 
or ia}- in any of tlic Strtels I-anes arid Ailye? of thij; Citty any Carrian 
(lUtt? Garbid^e ()y:t(.r Shehs AsIk'S j^ung- Rubiks]! Grains or any 
Cth^r i\!nd of fihii >ir Dirt \^'ilal^oe\ cr thai ma>- be Xoisonie to any 
of llic irdiabitan.ts of thiis y'ittv sncli persoii or persons soc ofiendin^^ 
ShaU forfeit and pay for Every sneii i '•Jten^e the sutn of Six ShiJings 
Currant ^foney nf Xex^- 'W^rke and in Case sn^d-; r)ffence Siiall be 
Con;n:hn'd 1;} Any srrvatil or siavi the rdaster or Chvner of such 
5vr\-,nu or s!a\e Shall j.^as llie said foi feiture. 

A;vi> i)e itt fnrt'iar Ordained !»y the Authority Aforc>aid that t'iV" 
]ves[eciivc Caianen witi-in this C iuy SiadI have lake and Recrive for 
lar-iny ewry Lvv! of I ■in- Ru- bi:d; uMh or so>!e out of the Streets 
of this Citty t!u> sum c;f thr-.e :<ence Currant Money ci Xe\v Yorke and 
i: ti:: ;:.:d v'ar^.iLU ■-■■\\] I oA ;;uir C:\_ris tiieieselves. with the said Dirto 
Isuk'.i::!: hhh or :,r.. ; i> n \ Ca rr} ihv sarna a\.a\ that then tlie said Car- 
na-n Sba'l ]-ave ta!:e and R^eeivL- th^ snm of Six peace Currt Money of 
Nev.- ^'ork- for kacli Cart i-oad ui 1 art^; Rubbisi: fihii or soyle vd.ieh 
tiny Sh:dl fib aia! Cairy av,ay as Afor^ ^; d.l to be paid them by t:^: per- 
son (.r ptrs'^ns who Snah hnploy thvni to hll and Carrv Away t!ie ^a:nc'. 

AnrI la- iit further Ordained by ilie Autlio^dty Aforesaid that if auv 
Ca'a,un uiihin this Citty Siadl Xe-ieet or Refuse to Carrv Awav on: 
of Any of the Sirevts Lanes or Alleys of this Citty on the south sir]e 
of fresh water Ar,y Carrain (duts GarbaLre Oystrr shells Dunohiik 
ashts J/irte soyl anal filth liein^ir tiiereunto rcjuired b\ A.nv of the I:v 
habitants .f this CitU. Slrd! for (A'erv such Oiivnse forf^dt and nav tla- 
sum. of t^.ni S'nlinn-s Cm-rent Mone\- of Xc'w "S'orke 

Aiid b-itt further Orvkdiied l;.v da> Auriioritv Aforesaid that all t!:c 
P;dns !'tnahk->i ata-l f, 'rf'duirrs abi.vr Me:iti'-'n..d S!r-il! be Recover;'d 

ire ti! 

iv r or anv (u tla- A!derm<-u of tl 

said (Aity aed I.ev>ed by di^trrs'; upon the pnods and Chatteils of tlic 

UI-" TME Cli V OF NEW VOMK :,,; 

I )^i;tulUrs a:ii' dii-pobc of and paid lo iiiui or thciii w ho ! jwo] -iiud u^ivc 
intorniation ^i ilic Defaulis Afriif.->aid Any fonrcr Law ':■•• lAap-c of 
tidi Ciity to tii'i Conirary hereof in .:iny wise Xot^vidl^taMd:t^,^ Ai:d 
t;.j Shcriii High C^tnsicuiles an^l lAiU' Coustablo "i {l\\< L"\ii;. Are 
iJo:)in;; Tided and Kcqnircd to take riTcctual Care that this Law be 
frrtlnvith put in ;:;xecntivM) a> tlie\ will ai:;-s\er for tiicir (f':n:en:pt att 
their PerilL Dated ati the C:lt\ liall the 2y''' da\ of June 170.2 And in 
;I;e first Year of the ]\eiyn of our N'!verai;::n Lady Aniie h\ tlu- Gra:e 
of God c»f Lncdand >cothind t-r.inoe and irehmd Hueen DefciuLr of thj 
f;-ith car: d !;on:a> Xoell Aiaxor lA order of ('o;;;n!on ('mned \\dd 
Sliarpa'^ Cd 

RKSoLVtii that thi^ Court i;: the Xanie of thi:^ iforp ^ration doe Corn- 
phnK-nt Iv.^ lAccelleiicy Ldv^ard \dscount Cornf)u,ry Cap'. Ce-;" Ajv' 
(.;.;.■. ernour in Chiefe of this Province >.*v'c : with A of t'd^ 
Ljtty and that tlie May(.r Kxccute the saine and Cause the seale to h.' 
(.'oN-ercd wdtli A Gc-ld Lox. d d^at Alderman l-o-dcn r|o<> make the savi 
l''.>\ C(.>nve!ii j;it for tlie u^r and tliat tia:; \[ayor l5:-ue his A'arrant t^> 
d.e Trea-^u'-er for the Pa.yjneiV. of th.e (Aiarg- 'diereof 

i\i:soi.\i:i.> tha.i John Bridges Doctor of M? Ri-Ix;: \\dd\',ard 
■ l' Charley Congrcve M' Idiward Rich M'' ['hilh[) Kookelo- ?.!' Ad;- 
ham Lovell M^ jolm ]-ree! AJ ' Jolin Ide-o;; M' iVier Fanconnie^- 
:■'<■ lienrv S>.ift ;\!^ May Ihchhn M' WiUia;- G-r'tr M' Mott aial 
>;;:d! (U!h!s of the household a^ (danie into ihi^ Lroxiiaa- wh:i hi = 
L;-.eed.-ac\ (he l.^'vl Cornian-\ he niach.- Free:ne!i of this Ciity d'ads 
.\u\ L,:w of t!i!> Corporati'jH to ilie Contrary Xoi •, ith-t.-ndirg ['ro 
^^^■d the;. P.- ah hei Aiajc^ties :-:alnrai h a au. -;h;e.;i-^ or Xatur-ld- d 
or l':n;z!;'ed as hv the Ciiarter of this Cdtty is Reoidojd 

KasoLxa !) that ai! persons tlait are now dvodlors within tlds Ciitv 
th,a are !ns AiajestieS Xatuial home -uhjccLS or Xaturah.;ed -a- 
i Ln:^!z'd that are poor and not abP' to purchase [tor] Tl'cir Fre-doins 
F I lade Free:ocn of this Citt}- Gratis ^ Oa!;!'uA that the Mayor 
Recorder and Aldermen doe Adniiin^ter unto such the •''^ath '<■ A Frw^- 
laan of this Citty and tl:at the Mayor Execute Certihaatec theieof \^n<ic- 
tii" scale of the said Citty Ain f(*'-mer Paw l-\ t'n-, Citjy to die Con- 
'.rarv luToof XotvAthstanding 

V.'ii!:ri:as jana-s Spcnctn- llie farmer of ihe Di^ch uf this Cdtlv hadi 
Comidained tl^at stnap\ P.-e't> frcfMientP- Come into the Doc!c A; Slips 
'•f this Citty arid the ?>Lasterr. tliereof Refuse to pay unto him tlic Cu"^- 
t'nnary Rates for Dockage ^ thai l) he can ro'tt the Afayors OiFcer 
'o sun^.mon them before the Mayor to Caie-e them, to make p>ayn;ent as 
Af.-.rcsaid tlw-v wcigli An^^hrc and are gone wdierebv he is dcfrav-P-d 

ixTiKS ui- Ti!i: CC)MM0X ccrxciL 

of lii.-: j\\>i dues to !\i> Gr-ivioous J.,);ni:af;x- aticl'.i ])rayeJ the Aid of 
tliis Court iu the prc!ui«?-cs :uiil thnt he in.'i}- hiavc Auth;Ority Granted 
to Attach, th.e h'cdy of Auy i»ersoii tha.t Sliall Refn-e to pay unto hiiu 
tlic Ciistoniarv Doc'racre duo for ^\■^SL■1]^ Sloops and Boats which I}-c 
Avithin llic Dock or slip? of this Citty and to Can)- tiiem hcfore th.e 
Mayor in ( Jr. ier to have Jr.;lo-iuont A^:'; thioni for th;e Customary Docl:- 
a^^c d'.ic as Aforesaid, lit is thereforr hereijy Ord.mxf.d tliat tlie said 
Janics Spencer h:a\-'- p.ower and tlie Ja.rnes Spencer is hcreo\ 
Aiithori^ed to Attach and hrin:^ h-nc^j th^^ Mayor of this Citty Any 
})crson or pcrs uis \d!o is Indebted unto him for Ducka^L^c as Aforesaid 
in ()rder tiic sai'l cJaxor may Av'.ard Jud,c;'ment and hkxecution for 
ih'- sa:nc. 

CitTYOf / ,,^ 
Nov. yr,;kel ^ ^ 

A-! T A ConniKji: Council hcM ail the 
Citrv Hall of the said Cittv on saturdav the 

Present Ti;o;iia^ Xoel! ESq: Mayor 

san;s>>n Slieilon Ih-ouolilon [{Scy Ivccoi 
liran.dl SchiUNler "^ 


ESq-- Aldermen 


Jacob Bu.A'^^n 

Eliiliip l-'renci; 
[49^1 (ierreii ( ^n-lei-a,- 

Robert Luriing- 

jolianne. Janscn 

Robert While 

(.>j;;;)L-k':' that the '! hire! Printed Eaw of tins 'b^rporation Called 
(Conceniinr:: I'reen-.^n} 1-e Repealed, rmd tho said Ea-.v is hereb,\- 
Repealed Arcordin-h. 

OKi^KK'n that all the Eaws Drders an<l Ordinances of this Cittv 
which were puldished the [•.ii^iiteenlh dav- of ?^[arch last past be Con- 
tinued in f.'ree till fmnher C)rder the third jnintid Eaw Conccrihn^- 
lrcen-;en ciuly iE\ceii''ol which is Reivcaled. 

0:<i>KR[-r) that n.o pei'son.; or per^-on.s Wdiatsoever within this Cittv 
a!:d Eib.'!-t:es dor Keep Sh^p nr '^.dl any cro<\Is or Wares 1)y Relailc or 
]\xercis^' Av.y 'landy (."raft dVade or Deem ia.tii"^!! but such as are Free- 
nicn thereof . .r soe Admhted b\ the Mayor Recorder ^<c AMcrmen or 
bv tl^e Mayor or anv three or mor:- -H the Aldermen ( Aft^-r r_ey:-a' 
\varrinL: ,'-';ive;bi uuder the penaltv of fwc pouiub; fur Each ( JlTence And 
aJl persons iicreafter to be made free Sh.all pay as foljoweth h'very 
Merch! 'IVader or Shop Eee[>er the sum of t^venty Shilinc^s cc Every 
haiulv Craft Trafb-.-man six Shiiini:s Currant Monev oi New Yor'^e 

Oh iliiC CnV OF NEW YORK lyo 

■ ]'.'.. '.'uitor.i'iry foes on l)cir!g" inade' free as AfijreSctid iov Liic u>c uf 

:',. Citty and sucl; as arc not ai)k- Id pay for ilie same vShal! lic 
\:\f.'v free Gratis. 

Oitty 01 ( 
New Yorke\ 


Att .\ Coniiriori Coiuicil held ait ti.c 
L'iity HaU of llie said Lilly on Wensda) tli- 
2y'- day of July Atiiio DuFJ 1702 

yl'^Sq'-; Aldciiiien 


L Assistants 

Present d'h-cmias Nooll KSqr Mayor 

Sanison SlieitC'n Ihongiiton I'lSqr Recorder 
Brandt Schuyler 
Jacob I'oelens 
I'niUir; P'rench 
[4;>vj Ccrr(.,it Unclcba^ 

/v!»raham Mesier 
]v:-.l'.crt Lurting- 
RolxTt AVIiite^' 
JoI)annes Janseti 

ijic I'Ltirioii of Ko^^'-cT iJaker of this (."iity Vintticr was read setlini,'- 
:--nr> he is ahout io huiJd in the srnith> Street of this Citt\- wr.ere 
:■■ T.-.v d\\eheth A large house of Crick and Stone which will he oi 
i.:.:.i :^../au:y And Oman.-, nt to thi:, Ciiiy and to the said Sua'Ct. And 
';-■ '"' ''■■■'■' ;':>'i"<^ Ke-i;;;n- Luilding- the said !ion>v un^j!i A Line in the 
J ;•' ;:; huru't the l'iliiio:;er will \\ant A small Slip of ("^ronnd ow. of 
-■' -'■■■ >ti-.;;L -,f f,'.in';. !n-h:-^ hrorif! :^rau\-u^^ r-tt the Xorthw^st 
^■■K'Kj-: ni tiic hc'iiiu, n-r; >aid iiouse and Kunnin;: soi:ti-erly .^'(Mi;,;; the 
-nd Si;e<-t ahont hhoht foot to A poini lill itt C'onl..^ t j Xv-thin-. an 1 
a. o tnai iit> t'le J'etitioncr for the better Keg-nlaiino- tiie said huildini; 
v-di {}-M (:( his ovrn Ground add {:■ th^- ^aid Sniitl;-^ Street A mucii 
-^ri-er piece of Ground tc^wards the Imd of his Said hou<e 
■;; ;d! -Aiiich he has the Consent of liis Xei-hhonrs as Appears by A 
h'c;tin:ate utidrr t'^eir liands Annexed to the '^aid Petition. Therefore 
nunddv jTays this C"ourt will (h-ant unto him the said Slip of (hauiiid 
o!i the nMrth\\est Corner Afercsaid in lieu of that which the Petitir>nvr 
■■hi add to the '-aid Str-a in Order U; uiake the said Pnildint: IX-ular 
A^id Cr;n..ii.;di(His. Thi^ Conrt I avm- Maturely Considered the-aid 
''-■tha;n And \-ieaed the Cuk^.j^A prayed hv the Petiiioner and read 'he 
' '^''''■'•'i*-^' '''f the saidi Xei-hhourhoud aia> of Cniiiion that the th-ant- 
*-;^ in<- said Slip of Grcund to the h'etiliouer will la^t be prejnd^'-i.d 
■" '^i-; i-nl-lick or \o Any private jXTson thr't tliev Know of Am! dor- 
'bf ■'.■ V 'h;-.:,.|- tXen.ine Contra dicente'i that the sai.I Slip of Ground 


on the Xorti; West (.'orii..-r oi the su\.\ K-L-cr Kaiccrs house \i: :he 
Front thereof in liie smith- Sii-cct Ije '.;r:intc<i 1m tiie sr.i'.i K"gcr H;,tker 
According to the ConaiULm -if tliis iVtition, Tiud the suivcyor^ l::y irt 
out And th.;it iiie Ma\or hhxecute A Giant fur tiie santc Accor(hng-iy 
I 50<->! ( )i;iit.i;'D li;at the Front of tlie Cilty l\u\\ be forthwith pav'ci. And 
Thai AhJernian iJoeicn and M' '^nciebaij be A L'oinniiiiee to have tho 
Care of doiiu-; tJiereof Cahii^e- u, their Assistance the surx'eyors of this 
Citty f(ir the Regular hiyinc,; out the saine And thai M: Mayor doe 
(hsbiifst sueh .Moii!y\- a-- Sli-'.li ];c Expended th^ievjii \\ liich Sh<M he. 
paid hiini ovA of tlie 'J'reastn \ e'f this Citt_\- cr .\Ho^^■e'i on hds Accon-:pt. 
W'j^ERi'AS tiio i;ook-^ Aee': and pubiicl: ]'a[)er> of lliis Cnrporation 
have been man}- tiriti-s denianded of Ivli' Isaac 1^: Rienier audi Mr 
Evert Beyvanlce ]ate 'Jdeasnrer <u this Ciity -.vinch they liave hitheno 
Refused or ?\ef:iecied to deliver wliere!!} thi-, Cilty Cannot discover 
wliat Rents and Mone}> are -Iwc to the same f.r ^v!lal the said Citly is 
Indebted to tl:e ^o'eat iiurte and Damage theicu itt is therefc;re hereby 
C)Rnridrj ^^: IxiS'XV: i; if ti:e said iSaac 1); s^iemer Ar.d fA-err Rc}-- 
^■anke and sneh C)thers as i!a\e any F!cohs Aceh or Oti^er pubhch p'ipers 
of this Cii:ty i;i their Custody and SiiaU iiot dehvcr tiu' s^iiric V> the 
Ma\or of this Citt} on or before the hrst day of August Xext Ensueing 
S!ia!l for such iheir Xe-l-^ct or Refusal he ;.0)socuU:d att Eav. ^ 
Ourn-KD tliat ?.)' Mayor and the l^ccorder doe f-'-e such and soe \E;ny 
Council as the}- SiiaU tiiinh hit for tlie Effectual pros'-cntion of the 
sanie in such Actirs: ov Actio;,? as Courici' Eea'an-i] in the Ea\v Si:a!l 

CitiN- of ) „ . At r A Cr.mne.on Council hich.l ait the 

New Yorke^^ '" Citly llall of the s'ud Citiy on Alnnuay tne 

3^ day of Augu-t Arnto E>'_>nT 1702 

Present d'hoitias Xoell EScp Mayor 

Samson Shelton r'.roughibo.i I^Sq' I-'ecorder 

Brandt Schuyh^r A 

Jacob Roelen • r-c -• • m 

•' . ,., . >f^^q- -Aldermen 

Martni CIock ( 

Phillip French J 

Abraham h>razier ^ 

Gcrrett Dnclehag ^Assistants 

Johannes jansen ) 

f5oM Okdkk'd that Alderman P'->eEn and Mr Jan^cn be A Commiftee 
to Eett to farn-c th- Old Markett house h; the v,road way to ^nch per- 

()[' 'IME Ci 

;)]■ \E\\' VOKK 

5..:.!i <.'T ]Hi-sons aii'i on siich L'ctnuiti' jii- anl Aiyrceinent^ a> tlu-;. Shall 
think Convenient Xoi Kxcoifliiig- the tcriiic of ;iw yt;ars A (.Ordered 
that Upon their kcTJC-rt lo the Maxor ht- Kx;rr\uo A Lease Accordingiv 
tor t!ie saine. 

James S[)oricer the ]-' of the L'wck of tlvis (_itty halhi iTaxed A 
<\\\) on tiie West side of tlie Dock i which is of rv; wst,- for [h>als or 
>;!oops to Come i-.noi nvcw be fuk-1 up al: his Dwii (.'h;U!"i:;"c aiv.! that he 
K.ay haAe tliC I'ei-ehtt thereof chirhiL^- the tu-:i;e >.h iiie s^icl Lea-o 
0\>X)Y.K\> that Aldern-iaii schinler Aidern^an hloe'cii and \\\ OiiAeha^: 
he A ConiJiiittee U) Kxairiine inte' tlie jirayer of the Petitioner S: Ivep-Ti 
to the Xext Con-n-)i; Cr^uncil \\l'ar will he nrooe: to he done t'ierehi. 

Ne^^ Yorkej 


A-iT A }deeting- of th:e Recorder Ah:er- 
meii 1.1' Assistants _vv _h/-' .Uiy of Seinemhcr 
nu» 1702 


'resent ^aui^on Shelton l^rouj^htou I->H;t Recorder 
Piiillip French ESq=- Aldcrn-an 

A '-Mutants 

•a;d to the A!d<rn. 
their Ahw-nee U 

Gerrett Onchbag 
Johamies Jansen 
Robert W'hite 

i'l:' o-:;iu to die Warranto of the i^lawir 
«..<-!• Ih-:peetive Ward of thi- CiU} ai^d 
A-^i'tant^ of ih • sa-ne Ward:^ for the Electing I'd'^ da\ one AMer;- 
5--^ A-. ••-.;•:. ,,;,.. Cdivcsr.r ::v:d (h!- Pelt:. Coii. table in each i 
v^'cctive Ward of the said I'itty And twc. Colloctors anrl tv>o P- 
'-"on'^fd'i-s and four ()^■crseer^ of ti:e High \va\> f.>r the hr.u-ry j 
Harl,-;n Divisions of the Out Ward of the said Citty to serve in th 
h'esr,vet!\T- Of;"u:es for tlic }-ear Enisncir^g Acconh'ng tC) tlie i;s: 
i'ractice Oi^tom laws and Ordinances of this \-^<^2\ Citty and Acco 
nndy tlie same (kiy Return \s-as made thereof an twelve of tlie Clock 
n'-)!i to tlie Olhce of Town Clerke tmder the liands and seals of 
Respective Alderu^en or tl'e A?si>tants Accordinc te. the Tenour 
th-:- Aforesaid Warrants as followeth (X'izh) 

Jacobus \': Cortlandt Ahierman 

Robert Lurtir.e- As-istant 

I ITeniirick Vaiideriuih- Collectc^r 

! Edward Marshall Convtable 


f John Lorbetl 

f;outh Ware! J 

btephen Ricliard 

"-j A;!gu5tLis J a} 
I Saiiiuili Beeckiiian 
I joht] S;TC[)]Kin! 

\\ illiani siJiitli 

i>:i^tjlo!o!;:e^\ 1 .arou: 


A'ard J 


,' Assessors 



North ^^'ard J 



rh-t Wprd 

i'rtcr While ^ 
( L^'irfiidiis \ aiHkrbcecl-: 
[ jcrcniiai) Callcui 
^Davi,; Pr<)voo,t 
{ ja'a'bi \?.n Xostran'it 

V!>'-ahaui Kctletas ( 

Peter Jaco})se ( 

I'cniardu-. Sinitb Col i';cl or 

JclTann-^ \'andcrh:'}-dcn Con^t;iidc 

ja.cobus Dek.jy Aldcrn^.an 

Jan Hendricksc IkTvort Assistant 

Abraban; Lk>ekc As^os^or for the Bowry 

Hendncke Rrcvort Collector for the Bowry 

I'irb.ard Moore Constable for the I'.osvry 

ik:ii(Ticb \"an scbaie^k / Dversocrs of the 

>r;'ne;i b"vM;iiyn ( hig;b ways 

Samneli Waldroii Assessor 

Ab'.abani Dc lam. ailaono CoHectoi 

F.nct Ward 


; \iu-. ( :..ri:eli->e 
} i5ai-ent Waldron 
: Adolr.ii M,,ver 
r Isaar D: Rir-mer 
Ceoia:e Kkv/rTth 
bVtcr Roos 
j 11 nice 1-iush 
I'ctei ]\yckn\an 
Za-bariah svcla-lk 

) Overseers of the 
\ klicdiways 




^ Jlarlein 



u;w read 

u.-rrin his I'^xcellcncy 
th'- C'.p: Geti'" by a:vi ^vitl1 [he Advice and Cot-ent ed her Majk Coun^ 
cil was pleased to X'oniinatc aiid Apjjoint ^\^ PhibliT) French IMcvcli^ to 
hr Mavor CorrM-.T Cb^!.,. „r ,1,.. ^i;,rl.:,>tt ^ W,-^ ;■ knydH" of the Cirtv 
oi New Yorkc for the >ear Knsncini; and akn F.bene/cr V/illson FSq- 

Ul' 'Hli' Ci'i'Y or XiW VCnu; jo; 

hu-r ^horifl of the said Cilt}' ain] L'oun')' <>t Xcw Vorko for iho sai.i 

WiiF.RiiAS by the Cliartcr of tiiis Coi|vorali.jn hi i- IJircctcil iliat 
the ijigli CoiKitablc be Appointed ij_v tlic :\la>or of tb.c -aid, Cilt_v a;vl 
that the CliaiVibcrlain ShaJd be yearl\' CliOF^'.-ii on the said feast day in 
llie Citty Hall of ihi? C'itry by the Mayor Al lernien and Assistant:, or 
!»\ tin.' rsLaxor or three Dr riiore of tiK- Aldermen and three or more of 
i! • A;vistants of thie said Citty for ihie lime beini^ an-'l W'uiCRK.x.s 
.\h7::|;hry ij:j;I hatli f ' ir our Alanifc^ld ^in^ Immoraiit}- iv prufaneuess 
\y~f^\ b.en [deased tn \ !:-ii i!.> att this tiiPe with j.M"eat sickness and 
Abjrt:i!uy wliereb}' great Numbers of the Cittizens oi dds Coj-pora- 
■!•_•;; are Head and Af; in alt lids tin;e hx in A Languishin;^ Conditiv'ii 
\'> Av.>;d wd.iic'a Coi-ta.^ious and ^^'alignant (h'stemi>er i^reat Xnniber.-> 
(■: 1'd^. f/iuy have k ft their n<ua! '^^biiadons and Kaired inl<-. tiie 
' '>iDr!»r)-. -\nd W'lrriniAS the A'avor or ihi^ Citi\' now lyes upon tlie 
koin: Mf drath the Alderman of th- sr^ilh Ward bein- Already dead 

l\esl of tlv Aki 

•tants \>r\- sick or kdse in i! 

i.ry to Avoid this I'eslik-.-nlial (b.>teH^,i^.jr d soe dan,{^er(jus A Con- 
-^'' !-y reasoii of all \v]iieh the Charter of tiiis Citty Could ne>t be 
•^ed with bein^ (^Ijstrneted hy the hand •:»( (do! itt is therefore 
;. Cnri-dnaaT^ly ('k;np:!if-r) and arna-ed that AC J(jhannes Jansen he 
k.rkun fir 'IVea-nr.T of this Citty for the Year kkiruein;:; and he 
■:■:'■- kd','.-',/'! aTid; AppO'intefl f dirunbei'lain or dd-easui-er Acc'^'i- 

Att a Conii'ion Ck)tnicii iu-kl atr the 
Citty Hal! of t'^- said Citiy on Weusday ih.- 
Jt'V dav of OctolKT- Anno ]>~\ 1702 

Present kkiiii;. ]-Vench CSql Maye.r 

sam^on S!;eitnn ihouoiitMn RSfp Recorder 

John Corl-^ett ^ 

Wdi'iare, Snnth I ICSq^- Aldermen 

Jacob Dekev | 

Caleb Cooi-er ~^ 

Jacob \'nn X'Virrmdt 

riartholnrnev; l.aroux 

Jan ]baidrick<- !V,voi 

'k; dav beinj^ ike An]nvLrs:ir\ da\- . f Sweariiie the Xe.\ Ma;, c 

^I'K'i Sk-riir AIdern;en \ssistant> dVea nrer Hi-h C ,n>tabkM)-tiy C.r.^ 

MaM.-, •■e: ddionias X-C! VS(\: tlu: iaU M-av^m k-inc d,:el Pldlka 


2 04 


01' TiiE CO.MMctN CwUXClI. 

French L^q: the Ma>.-r Klea Ati.::;.lol l;;. u;- ilcourd:-:- Aidcr;-en 
Assistants lii,i;Ii [5031 Z//^:^/; Slievitf 'lov,'-, CK-rkc Asscssurs Coliectors 
Constables and Other C'liio-r- Accorchnj;: to the usual tnrn:ality ; His 
Kxcellenev tiie Govr behv,;' up-.'n the rroriliirrs ki Ail;:in>-) waited urxjii 
Gerrardus lleccicnian saiu-oii Slielt'"':! r.r(ii;c;hMn and Jdhn ilrid^res 
ESq""? three (A her Maje^ti.s Connei! Iwr iid-^ rro\-iiu-- (being there- 
unto AnihiMrized h\ his [-iveeHjucy the ( iowTiajur and Li. uniei! ^ \elio 
Arhnini-tred unto f'idl;ij> h'u-ncii l-iSq'" Ma\or xV Li)ericxer Wiiison 
HS(]r hij^h Sheriit the Oath^. /VnpijiiUed \>y Act '.■f rarha:n>_-nt In: tend 
of the (Jai!^- of AHeigance anrl supremacy antl the Test and also the 
Oath.s for thi: rhie Execution of tlieir Respeeti\e Dfhces vV accordingly 
<lelivered unto them th.'ir Respecti\e Cc'mtih-sious. Wdiereupv.u the 
i\ia}-or Rcc.-.rder Aidernien lii-h ShcrilT Assistants Town Cderhe Col- 
lectoi-s G.'ns^ahle^ and ( )i:.^-r tjrnccrs went in fonnalit)- 10 Trinity 
Gh.n-ch whrre the ivevcrend M: William \ .-z.-v ihe K.eLor thereof 
prt-aehed A sernv)n suhable to the holenedi'/ (A the day which driuc they 
Returned to the Citty Hal! wherr aftrr the Rinjirin- of three lielis the 

<lone they all ^venL up int-. th.j C'eurt Roo;n \vhere t'le New i\Iayor 

Cittv b^• r':c IvcecM-d 

nc me Aiwri 

V-ths Ai 

also the Oalh for the due Kxecntion of thGr Ive-pectivr t )hices \sere 
Adniini-t-ed to John Cr-rheit A' lcrn;an <d the s.-uth \\ ard Wdlhani 
sndth Aldernom of the WTst Ward Jacob Dekey Aldr.-nKu^ of rlic 
Out Ward Caleb Cooj-er A-^isiant of thv souih Ward Jacob \r n 
Xosirandt .V^^sistani (d tie Xorib Ward iiartRoiemev. Car^ux Assistant 
of the West Ward and ]:-n llendrichse Hrevort Assistant of the Out 
Ward & Accordingly tool-,, ibeir place^e Jacobus \' Ce.rt"andt ESqr 
AlderuiaTi and Robert l.trtiia^ Assi-t'o-iL of the D'wk Ward were both 
Absent by OccaMon of the great -idnv-ss Os Mortahtv. And A Ca\.:at 
was read Agaiin^t the swero.-Ii-.g Tsarc 1 ") : R.iciner AMeriuan and the 
Re-t of the ()\i\ar> Retnrn'd t- >crve n- tb- Ibist Ward for that they 
were not lilectcl into their R'. sprctive Olhctrs by the Majc'rit)' of the 
Inhabitants -d \ztr,] The raid Ward, and ab.o Another Caveat Ag! 
the Swearing David' Rrov.o,:;i l^hcted \Mern:an of [\w Xorth Ward 
as not being duely (|na!if\(d to .-erve in. tliai Station for fundr_\- re?,=-ons 
therein Contaiu'-'di nrion wlrich. itt is the R'--o!ution. of th.hs Court that 
the swearing of tlic said nrhcers be I\ef -I'd. till .\ dn.e Rn^juiry Can 
be inad-^ into the Allegations Rxhibited Agslo^t thenn 

^t^ Johannes Tanscn was Sworne Tre':^nr.,-r of tlds Citty for the 
Year Rnstiein'O 

01'" li!!-: Cri'V OF XEW YURK >o- 

jhr.\c> S[';:nctT \s-;is .\;.[>. ■intcd and swonic hig-h Con;;t:iblo of tiii^ 
Ciity for the year Ji'iMiciny. 

j£:en:iali Callcutt (.'crisia! ;:■ ;;i th: \W>r \\'ar(l luhvani Marshall 
Coi^slaMc of ihc Dorh War;; a:;'! J<.h:i Sheppaia! Constable of the 
sontli War*] w ctc swursu' to the due L^.x'eciitioii of ilv.;ir Rospccrive 
C)fiice- in due fornv of Law Accordiiif^ to the ii^ual maniicr. 

This ('oiirt are hifoi;,;;'d thai JohaiiiHS X'aiidcrhivx-deii Elected Con 
stable of the Xorth A\'ard is since dead is since dead. << Also that the 
Consiahlc^ of the lC)v,Ty And Harlem did X<jt Ai)pear to be sworne 
Ouin'R'n tliat tlu-y be sunnnonc! to Attend the Xoxt Connnon Council 
in Orticr to be Sworne. 

se\s. \'orke\ 

Art .V Common Coiu'cil !;eid. ati; th.i 
Citty J-Iall of the said Citty on ?\IinK.h';y y 
2f>'[' dav c>f Ckdob'cr Anno ])>,"■ 170J 

j'reicnt Philhj_; j''rcnch ESq: r\Liyor 

Samson Shelton I'roughton EScp Recorder 

John Corliett 
William Smith 
Jacob Dekey 
b;nrt!ioIeme\v Lamux 
Calei) Co-jver 
hm tieiahichse l^rev 

ESq""^ Aldermen 



vard to Elect A Co-^stahie 
. \'anderhe;den deceast-d i 
>r il;e year Eiisnoin,;' 
:k^!) that ah the Laws ( )r(i 

bn" t'^e sail! Ward in ihe Kmo!^! <>f 
<•' >(T\-e in lhr;t ( 'R;;-e tor the said 


•ances or this LUtv .;e 

<- 'vnii;;,,;(! :,-, force till fnri'^e^ (baler vith the-^e Alterations that tlieir 
be t:-ree markctt days Kept one \v]:er_Td to be ail the jitle BridiTe bv 
ine iJ'.ci: anti that the \,urds (in tisne of ])i\-ine service or preaching [ 1 i 
1-1 'd: ■: printed Law for the (dbservation ni the Lords dav fornvriy 
b:a-. d -nt !•<■ A'!ded to the same. 

AssiZF. (yi-- Wv.y.wi 

■ ";<L!.i<r!) the AssiiH- of irread lie till further 'drder as follow elli 
\ Wddto 'nafe of the fine>l flower te. wei-h thirteen Ounces fn 
t':!' '■ indfe i>ence 

-^ W beaten loafe 'he Courser^t P^'an only taken out and n;n Otl er- 
^M.-= n weic;-]' three potmds for \'i'U<: rx'iice halfe n^-nnv Wdieate Iieiru:: 


att four Siiiiiii^s and six ueiicc die Iluvhel! ami (Jkdiir'd tliat al: the 
Bakers ui i\\u Ciity i\n<: talce Xniic^ tl-'iv^l and make tl^cir -.v-aA 
Accoi<.iiiigl\ .! vrj) tiiis Court doe j^refer A L'etiliou tu iIh- Geu'^ A-^ieni- : 
bly of thi^ l^^ivince i)rayi!i!.v that tlicy wiU ^ivc leave to kring in A Hill , 
or Hilts fur the i,a\vs hereafter }deiitio;v;d for the better Regulating of ; 
tlii.- Coipuraiioi! that the same Ijc sigiK-'' ky the .\hiyor k-y Order of 
Coi.mio); Council arrl tlaat U\c }\ec<jrder d-ae draw uji tlie ^arne ( Viz- > 

'ihal .\ k.a\v he lOiae'Lcd to F.tial)le tlie Citty L>f Xew ^'orko b^ Raise ■ 
Moue\- for th.e Reliefe of the poor soc. ofteri as tlieir shall be Occasion 
[508] A I aw he Knacied to Enakie llie Cittv of Xew ^'orke to 
defray their piiidick and Xe;,-.e.ssary Charge (A'iz^) 

for the p:iying of sa.liarycs of tl;cir Representatives for defraying 
ikie 'kharges f..f Wkilchiu;;- Wartkng kelip.icn and Alilitar_\- Guards 
ShoukI the rirMjrai! k:e,pn'a; Uieni. 

lr>r p.ayitig the saliaryes of the Collectors of publick Taxvs for ' 
Makirig of C'^'ak; s'jfneieni for tlx^ holdir,g of felons, for the Mair:uu'n- 
ance of ]\']e.!i> while in (kxa'e iKr for their I'kxecv.tions &c: 

J-V'r ! \-fra\-irg tliC Ch.argcs of Coroners Inquest? and C)ther Con- 
tingent Charges that nia\' ha;»]ien in tkiis Cittc. ! 

That A i a-v h-.- made for the hnishing the (kitty klall to b^ iltt for i 
the Cen'' .\<^enikly to siit in. j A Raw he made to EstaJdish A Retier Revenue on ih.e ferry | 
of Xew ''i'orke ;ind to prohibit ail Others from Transporting dv.y gods i 
Over hut in t!ie f.-rry boaie. ! 

To liirki'Ie .\ Xew F.L-ckai'i of Aldernrin .-Xssiscant Collect':)]- .\;,-,e5- ■ 
sors i^- Iktty L"onstrd)le or any of th.em in each Respective Ward .with- 
in tins Cit:;.- 'if Xe\v ^'orke■ in Ca-'- of rleath or Absence of any of tkicni 
or are 'navk' uncaTiakle 1>\- tlie R<i\v t'> .serve Any loiiger in ihaeir 
Rc.'.p^'ctiv.,- .^lation.'^ ov vrk.ere diey are Rlecled and not qualifycdi by 
the Rav, tt^ serve 

ddiat :\ Raw be niad,c jiroliildting tlK' distilling of Rum 1.I' burning 
of (lyster .^!;elR an! Oysters Rime witldn tins Citty of Xew Yorke ._ 
or \\ ithin A nnle e.f the Citty Hall of the -aid Citty. 

Tlial .A Raw lie ma.d.e for tlie Speed}- pn.rdshmcnt of X'egro J^' Indian 
slaves fr,r tlu-its felonies audi Okner Crinies 

That -A Raw ))c made Rrohibiling th^- Coynini'- ^Iv Clii)idng of the I 

Curr; >dr.:v.'y «Iv for uttering ba-'c Mrncv in the Room of good. i 

f5r«,| A Raw l)e n:a<lr Ra\ing A tnie upon the Reputed father of ! 

A ]5astard Child A for pu-dshing the Mother. , 

^fI XichokTi Ro';ovelt late Treasurer of this Cittv this day .Api^arod 


i i-fore this Court but prL'ductd no Ace': of his Oflico. OkDKu'n he d^> 
hNcr hi; Afc-r to llr^ Coirt on Tuesday tlie third of Xov^^r Next. 

Kichard Mo'jrf w^is sworne C'on?tabic of t'le l:>o\vr;.' Division of 
tht- Out Ward 

The I.edc;cr ..^ :iii- Citiy, the Ac:': of ISaac D: Ricuicr hite Treas- 
jftM" a!;<l the Ace': taf I'ae Cittv Kevenue ]b.'<--;i\;ed by Mr AVeaver v/ere 
tbi'-' (ha}' dcb\er'd to the present 'J'reasurer. 

C>ia)!a<i' tile Max'or Issue his \\'nrr;iu t^ tlie Trea.-.nrer to [)ay to 
James Wri-ht Marslial! of this Citty the ru-u of ten pounds Nine Shil- 
ira^s Current Mone}- of ?\e\\- ^'orkc itt beinp; for A ^T-ars salbary due 
ip.e 14^'.' instant and for Brooms Xails and A Lock for the Citty Hal! 
-IS Apjiears b}- liis Acc^ vrhich is Allowed. 

r)t;!'j.j;'[j Ikn;ar:u"n F.:irr:es wIk; can:e (Jver \vith his h>:ce]lencv" be'i of Co^rporation Gratis iV lie was sv-;o!ne Accord- 


OyiDEw'i) that Alderman Corbett A!den:!an smith Mr T.aroux and Mr 
L''><.)per or any three of them doe Agu'ee with, four or six Able Cittizens 
to bo the \\ atch and I'dimen of this Citts' from tlie hrst day of Novem- 
ber next to the first da}- of April follov/inf;- npoii '^uch Reasonable Terms 
:.s tbe_\- Shall think Ci-i:;veriient and Uiialce Report thereof to the Next 
t uumuin Council 

I'jo] Ciilyv.f I ^^ Att a Conmxxn Council held att the 

New Vr,rke\ "^ Citty Hall of the said Citty on WTnsday tlie 

4'1'' of November Ann.o Pom 1702 

I'rseint ld;ii!iti Vre:Hh KSo- Masor 

samson Shelton I'.roughton ESqt Recorder 
Tchm CorbeU "> 

William smith I ESq'^ Aldenuen 

Jacob Dekey J 

F'arthelemev,- Rarriux A 
Cale!) Coui)er L Assistants 

Jan. Hendrickse Ihevort j 
J.-'.n Cornelison wa^ yesterday in Op. n C"urt ^>f Gen" Quarter sos- 
M'.ns sworno Constable' of Harlem Division c,t the Out Ward of this 
^ utv iov the _\-ear lin^ueino'. 

Isaac Sfor.teidnuQh v,as Return. -d C-'Ust.dde oi the North Ward in 
tiu- I\.>f,ui of Johannes \'anderhe}ale;i decea^^ed ;;nd was this ilay 
AecrrrliiiL^ly S\\ omr to the dwQ TCxecution of his Ofilcc 

Vv'}ir:REAS on the ^o'- day of September Ir'.st past being the Anniver- 
•-arv day of the Fdection oi the Aldernum Assistants Assessors C'-il- 


lecM'rs avivl Feiu GmsiaMe.- of eacli Respective Waru within this Citty 
M'' Abrahiun I Crazier t/io then A-sistant of ihc Eait Ward of this Citt)- 
(the .Aldcrriieii h«--i:i^ Aitjciit) i.liJ jvetiini r.iulcr Iiis hand and scale 
that hy the Maj.^rity of \'o;ces of tli-^ Inhabitants of the said Ward 
JSaac D I-iiemer wa^: i;"ccted /Vldennan Goorgx- Khsworth. A^-istant 
rttc:' R<,)'>s A- Justice Jhi^ii Assessors I'etcr Ryckinan Collector anvl 
zaci^ariaii syckelis C '• insudilc to ser\"e for the said Ward in th.eir Ue- 
speciive <')fikes for the year ]-aisueing. And Wdicreas A great Num- 
ber "1 th: iaiiahilant^- ed the said Ward iiavc Coniplai'iod to this 
Conrt and de'c Afnrni that M^ Lawrence Reade is Idected Aldcrnuin b}- 
the 3[ajority of ti;e X'oicrs of the inliabitaiUs of tlie S";! \'\'ard jerenhah 
ToiImII A^?istaIlt lAujandn Fancui! and W iilian^ Anderson Assessors 
IVt^r Rvc:n:a:; Cohcct-r and Janie.. Hardin- Constable [511] To 
Serve in. tlicir h'e>pcctiv'' O'Avc?.:^ for the said Waid for the year Ensue- 
ing' And iK-\e pra\-ed ih'- Oatiis l-e not A'iininisirevl to the saiii Isaac 
D: Riciner o;c: Anrl Whereas the said Abra];an; lirozier hath this day 
de!i^e^e^! i;> liiis Cfurt i!ie '>\A\ of the said idection in Older to i^avc 
the .anK- ]n>pected .aid A ^crutiny made th.rv.d hnt thr said Raac D: 
Riennr 'di)jeci:n;^ t!:al he had not A Cop\- ed t;;e f'oil and therefore att 
this thne \\ a^ n^^i [.rcpaved to proceed to t!u- said scrniiny. Tiiercforo 
that there t-e no defect of Justice in this lieiialfe itt is hereby Ori^;:i;ed 
that Aider;-. an Ce'r;>eii .\h1erman smith Alderman IJekey AR Co;;pcr 
Mr I are'ua and Ml' ['-evoM or any three of tiicm (the parties Abo\csaid 
hein;::- snnn.':..ned ni he iiresent if they think fit!:) in their presence, or 
in Defanil th> reuf in dndr Absence ait tlic ^''wty lia!! on Mnnda} the 
tA. d;y - ■: d A A---:;i: \] and ed AovenAev 'r- ji>riy I:i:.p,cct and 
scrut;c> t'- = - \'eA> - of ilie Inhabitants of tiic said Waid and that tivre- 
np.-.n ^nc-i <d tinnn aN Sl;ail Auend tins -.ervice (erdfi.^ nnto this Court 
imder th'dr i'ands the Xan'ics of the jicrson:-' that are duel}' chosen and 
Elected dvlderman Assistant Assessors Collect'.;- and IRUy C.-i-^Labie 
of the -a^d Ward ];v the Majority of Voices of the Inhabitants Ah.rc- 
said Arcordiniy \o the usaj^e of this Citty and tlat the said Isaac D: 
Rieme;- aial Eawrencc Kcade be earli served '.'itii A Cv\-<\ o\ t!ie said 


\\d;KRi.\^ Mi Evert Heyvanke late Trenn-rer of tin-. Cittv ha- often 
times been snnnroiKd to render nn:o this Co'srt r !i .Xni of tlie Revemu' 
of this Cittv and tiie rmblick a-b-n'^-s of tlic same by lum Received 
dnrint: the time lie ^vas dVeasurer tiiervof t^a^yvther with tire P-ook,-. 
AecaK'ts -^.-aA Oibicr i^aners .and vriti'icrs all v.micli he hath Xerdected 
And P'-fused to doc. .\!-al Vdhereas this Court have g-ood Reasorj to 
helifvt That A C-'n^d'-rabb' snn- of Mo-iev of the Revenue of this Cittv 


i.-, Renuiinin.i; in his hands for wliich he RefubCtli to Ace* itt is thercfoie 
hereby OR'n^iiVD thcit Mr Ma)-or and :\[r Rerorder dne fee such and soe 
Many Coui.'Cil in the as they Shall tliink fitt ai:d Cununcnce such 
And so-e many Actions atl ).a\v Agt- the said F.vcrt Beyvank-e on bchalfe 
[512] And in the Name of thiis Corporation as they and tlvj Said Coun- 
cil Shall think n^ost^alile in C)rder to Ohliy-e him lo Ace* for the 
vxnic & that the Mayor hssne his Warrant to the Treasurer for defray- 
in!:,' wliat Charges sliall Accru.c thereby. 

Ncvernber the Xinth 1702. 

In Obedience to an Order of his Excellency and Couiicil dated the 
;.'■"• Instant the ^la}-or Aldermen an.d Assistants AtLended by the 
Sl-criff Town Clerkc :\lar..hal! High Consla.ble and Petty Constables 
•After the Rincring of tiirec Bells atl the Cilly Hall did Cause to be 
published An Act of Gen.'-' Assenibly of tins Province F.ntitulcd an Act 
i'T tlic Levying- and Collecting the sum of Eiglitecn hundred j-ounds 
r-ir tile Raising paying and ?\I;iintaining one hundred and fift}' fuzileers 
Nvidi tlieir proper Ofliccrs for five Months an.d thirty men ^vith their 
pT'.ipcr OiTicers to be Impkv.ed as Scout-- Sixl)- two da}'s for the 
Hv f,-nce of the Front eeers. 

v.; try of / -. _. 

..rv/ \crK.:\ 

Att a Con-.mon Coimcil held att the 
Cilty Hall of tlie said Citty on Tuesday the 
first day of I^ecember Arino DoilT 1702. 

i^'ie^rcnt Philliji bVench liSq' iMayor 

samson Shellon I'ronglnoTi ESq'' Recorder 
Jacobus \' : Cortland r ^ 

lohn Corbel t ,.^ „ . , , 

',.,.. ., . , ^,]^bq^-' Aluermen 

W ihiarji Snuih ( 

Jacob Hekcy J 

Caleb Cooper "S 

Bartholomew Larou.s CAssistrmts 

Jan I bcndrickse P.revort J 
'liie Report of the Cor:t!;iittee for Agre-'ing with P)eilmen was read 
't Ap.p.roved in these wciMs following (\'i;-:'') Dctobcr y-' ^^i-\' 1702 
• ''-.u-<u;u;t to an C)r(ler of Common Council niade the 2(V'.' day of this 
instant Month of Octub-cr wee b.a^•e Agreed v.dth Robert Dumond [513] 
K:c:;ard Ycarslv Edmond Thomas and John A'ancRrbeeck four able 
^^:tii-cns of this Citty to b'' the Wa-tch anrl Belhn.en of this Citty from 
F'u' f!r:,t d:iy of November Next Ensueing un'ill the first day of April 
?l:<'!i Next following wb.ich service they are duely c^- diligently to 
v., I. II. —14 

ji ['[]:■. co-uMox (V(j 

Attend by t'oinp; fCvcry h'.-ur in the Xi:^i;t tlirongli ir.e several! Su>-■•-.■l^ 
of til!.-; (Jitty awd publi.-iiiiif;^ [ho time of Xiglit cunl also to A|;.!)rer.eii'i 
all disturhers of \hv pecice FeioiiN l\:c: also to take Care that Xo Daniace 
be done in the Citty lyv Rre or (jtlier Casuallios as ii.iuch as in tliciii 
lyes for \vh.:cli SL-rvice thic}- are tc; have the siuii of fourty four poini'l- 
Currant AIone\- of Xi. v,- Vorlx Six pounds wheieof in he paid the:n in 
six weeks and the ivruiainder alt the Expiration of tlie lime and that 
A Lanthorn I'-ell and hour (]\'<\<^ he provided them att the Citty Cduvr'^e 
i\\] which is submitted by John Corbett 

William Smith 
I'arth Larcuix 
Caleb Cooper 

CJkdi'r'd the Ma.ytir Fssue liis A'.'arrant to tlie Treasurer to pay to 
the said l!elhii',-n tii- sum of ten pounds thr^.-e ShiUngs and ten penee 
hrdd'e p/enn.v and also [^ , provid,(.- them with A llell Lanlhorn AikI hour 
(ilas> att ;]v.> Clav-e .-■: th- Citiy. 

Ordkrd tlx' )da:.or Issm- his Warram t^; th. Treasurer to pay to 
the Reverend ATr William \'ezey tlie sum of five pounds Curr; Money 
of t]^i^ Prrivinee for prraehiiyi;- A serm;>n to this Court on th.e f'^urteeniii 
day of ^Jctob:r Ca>t i>ast. 

Oj-;I';;r'i) the }iayoi' Issue his Warrant to the Treasurer trj pa.y to 
Mf Tia.).:a> Hurrouchs or • )rdei the sum of * ):k' pwund ten Shiiiui^s 
for A r>eam fi r th.e C:tt\'s use and also tlmce pounds Currant Money cf 
this Province tu Thomas AUis.;,;) Carriian f-rr Wood Cartin^^' the sanve 
A- t:)i;i]d:nr;: A hoiinre on th< 3''; day of Xov^-nher last. 
[514] ( )i;i);-:K'r) th-e Ma>or Issue Warrant to the Treasiu-er to- |)ay 
to William Sh:ar;-ias cr C.irder th,e sum of fou.rteen pour.ds thirteen 
Shilin:;s Currl Mtaie\- of Xew Vorke bein- in full for haoe ^"ears 
sahary d.vie the f-jurie- nth of i 'eioht r last pen. Ink and pajier and 
Drav. in;^- .v Kn^ros^ini; the Lea-es of the Dock ^c : as Appears by hi< 
Aec: wiiich i^ Allowed. 

M: James lAvtts hath DAiver'd his .-Vecoimt of the Revenue of this 
Citt\' Arisiiic: on Cvdfr blower A'c : by Ivii'.; Collected AmoimtiTU,- to 
fourt)' seaven pou.nds Six Sl;;lin,<;s and tlu'ee jicnee 

(^^RDi'-RP he i.ay the same to the Treasmrer of this Citty wh:Os- 
Receipt Shall i'e mUo him .\ sinTrdent <li';ch.arc;"e audi ^\'^■ >davor 
Issue his Warrant t-) the said Treasurer to pay unto the said Jan-''> 
lA-ett^^ tlie sn- 1 ot two pound-- -eaven Shilins^s and four ]-ience hak'^ 
penny in f'cdl satisf.iciion. for hi-^ CoUeciin.'::;: the same. 

OROF.R'r) th.e Treasurer pay ih.e Warrants ihi-- dav Cranied to thie 
Hclimen Mr Fvctt^ The Town Ckrke And Marshak of this Cktv >V 

OI' 'lliE Cl'iV (Ji- XEW YORK ji, 

i\:r the Bonfire Ivoiir C:lass and l-'c;iiii ('>ut ol t'ne Afoncy lie Sliaii Re- 
ceive from M'. Evetts An-d tliat lie Ap;dy that Mi.ney to Xo (~>t]icr use 
Any former \\"arrant to the Cont'-;u}' Xotwitlistandinc;^. 

The Report of tlic L'ommittee for making A scrnliny of tlie r^ieclion 
of the East Ward of tihs C'itty made y': 2(y-^ da}- of September h^st v/as 
read in these words following- (\'ii^') 

Xovembcr )-v i6^v 1702 

In Pursuarice C'f an Older 01 Common Counell made the louri}! 
da}' of thiis instant }donth of Xoveml)er wee wliose Xames arc sub- 
scribed att the da}- and place i-a the said (Jrder Tvlcntioned have 
Inspected and .-crutinv'd the \'oices of the Inliabitants of the ]:^ast 
Ward of the said Citiy of Xew Yo-rke and doc finde that besides ti:e 
Inhabitants of tlie East Ward Xincteen persons \vho^c dwellings 
\:rr^\ Are in sim dry place:, \\ bicb v,crc and StiU arc Rci)nicd to be A 
part of the Xorth Ward, of this Citty \"oted in the said East Ward. 
a.nd wee doc Certibe that if tb.e said X'in.etecn persons Enhabitan.ts of 
the Xortli Ward lic qnalifyed to Xoic in the E,a?t V,'ard for the Elec- 
tive! of the Obicers thereof that then Isaac D: Ivien^cr is Elected AKEr- 
n-an George Els\-\-orth Assistant Peter Roos and justice Rush A-^e^sors 
Peu-r Ryckman Collector and zach.aniah s}-ckel!s Con.stablc of the .-:dd 
l.'a-t War-b brit if the said Xinetecn persons Inhabitants of the 
Xordi Ward arc not quaiifyed to \'ote in the East Ward for tb.e 
Election of tlie Officers thereof that then Eawrence Reade i> Chriscn 
Alderman Jeremiah Tothil! As'^istant Rcnjamin ba-ieuil and William 
Atidrrson Assessors bcter R}ckn:an Crineci'r and James llardii-ig 
Constable of tlie said East Ward by the Maj.^rity rf the W'icc- '-f the 
Inhabit, .Il^^ of tl:<:- said Ward, all which is submitted ly 

John Corbett 
William smitii 
Caleb Cooper 
I'arth Earoux 
Tlu> Court b.aving scriou^l}- Conslder"d the Rej'Mjrt Abovesaid are of 
E'i'':i''On Xemine Contra dicente that the Tnliaddtants of the X'-rtb. 
Ward of thi> Citly liave Xo Right of Election, for .-\Idcrman .Xssistar.t 
Assessors Collector and Petty Cun.^able on" tlie Ea^^t Ward of liiis Cittv 
■\vA doe thcrefiire Resolve an?l declare that h.awrence Reade ;> l-ilected 
Alderman Jererniali Tothill .Assistant Wilbani Anderson An-l Denja- 
iiiin b'aneuil .Assessors Peter R\ Co'lect -r and James Harding 
Constable by the Majority of tb.e Voices ot the Inhabitants of the said 
V.'ar<!. And Or:i) the said PersMi^. be summoned to .Xr])- ar lv--n.rc 


tl'is C-a;rt to la- AdiiiitU'd an. I sworne into tla- Respective (3fRces 
.\c.C0i([]n'j:\\ . 

[516] Tl-.': C)ath> A;ip.'iiitcd by Act of J'ariiamcnt Instead of tiie Oaths 
of Allci;;-ance an'] su[)i-ei":iac}- an'.l the Test ^ve^e Athn.inistred th.i.^ da;.' 
to JacohiH \'an Cor!l:;n It VS'jJ. Aldernuin ol th^e iJock \A'ard Rohet i 
Litrtiiig- A^^i?t;lnt i:>i the i^anie Ward and Jeremiah 'J"ot!iil Assistant 
of the Ward ai;di id-^o thio Oath for the due lAxcctition of their 
Respective Ohices and they Accordiiyc;ly loolc their ]daces. 

Oi<iJi:i;;"i) that th^e ,\rriis of the Late Earle of Jjel!')mont and Cap: 
Xanfan which, arc i:i,-tened in the Wall of thiis Citty Hall be by the 
Mars'^al! of this (duy fortlnvith, ptdled down and broken that tlio Vvai! 
be iillcJ \ip and that th,e Ma\'or Issue liis AA'arrant to the Treasurer for 
the pa\n;enl of tlie Charj^e tlieivof 

Oicdf.k'd tile 'J'ow n Olerhe r)eli\er to the d'reasurer all tlie publicl: 
books and papers of thjis Citt\- which lie Received from the late Ma;>-or 
and he Return t-i tliis Ceiurt A List thereof. 

Ouomk'd tiiis Cof.ri f'jrthwith \^-aitc Uj)on Ills Excellency Edv/ard 
Viscov.ut Cr.n!l''ur_\- Caf*; C'le'^eral and Govcrnour in Cliiefe of 
Rrovince and present h.ini witli the freedom of thib Citty i^' TsL 
Recorder make A speecii to his l^^.celierlC^■ stiitable to tlie Occasion 

Oi-;d;-r"d W'iriian; Wahhcn ],.,- Admitted on.e of t!ie public Meas- 
urers (■: this Citt'.' in Cue place of Whliia:;! Renibcrto!! deceased ' 

CiUyoi / 

Alt A Common Council held att th 
Citty Ihdl of tlie said Citty on Wcnsday th 
j;,'.' da}- of December Au!io DoITT 1702 

R^e^eut i'hili:]) Lreuch l^SqV Mayor 

samson Shehrm l'rouc;hton ICSq^ Recorder 
Jacol)U> \': Cortlandt Corlielt >- ^^^q'' 

\Vil]i;un smith 
'^i^] ' Icreiuia.h Tothil 

0!el,G..pcr U,^, 

>ESq'-'' Aldermen 

kn-thole.uew Lannix f 

an Ib-idMek^e L.revort J 


This flay Mr Lawrciux' Rc;i<lc took ilio Oatli^^ .\]^;)ointcd \,y Act of 
rarliaTiCal liistead of tlic Oaths of Alleigaucc aivl sui/re::iacy i.V sui.'- 
scribed the Test and was sworne Alderman of tlie Ea;t Ward of thi> ; 

Oitty bcinc;- Lawfulh' Ch.o^cn unto the said Oflice h;.- the Ma.jority or th.e ' 

X'oiccs of the inhabitants of tiie ^aid \Yar(\ S: Acoor{Un^ly toc'k his \ 

place ] 

Wiii-Ki:-\s tliero is an Art of CJenerall Assenil^Iy of tiiis l^rovinco \ 

Kntitnled An Act for [Micourai^en-icnt of A Grannnar Tree sc'iool m j 

the Cittv of Xew Yori-:e. And Wiierear ibis Court are of Opinion thai \ 

att this time tb.cre is not Any person v.' tih= Citty (v.-ith whose ! 

C' itt would be Agrcable) proiser and ducly qu;;lifyed to take | 

upon him th:C Olnce of scijoole .Master of the said Ciity i)ut itt | 

Nessessarv tiiat the want thereof be Recommended to the Ri,^^il Hon' ''- | 

ihe Bishop of Lcau'on to send Over hither A person of good Learniui:; | 

of pious life and Vertnous Conversation, of English Extract and of « 

gx:>od and mild temiDcr to be the said school master and in Order there- \ 

unto itt is hercb-N- RKSOf.vri:) ?\emine Contra dicen.te thnt f 'S Court do^ 'j 

Petition bis Excellenc\- the Eord Con-il)ury to Recommer 1 this AiTa-h- j 

in the Name of this Corporation to his Eordship the T;i> liop of Lo;^- j 

don And that his Excellency will Also be pEast-d to Recnmmend the i 

fnrti'cr Encouragement of the said free school to the society for j 

)')roj-M .r;;;ling the Go-psdl in forrcign. parts andi Eikewi-e io her M'.-"-t ; 

sacred Majc.-ty that her Majesty be most Craciou.-ly r)leaped to A[)- \ 

pronriate A part<^ of th'- farn^e Commruly Calbd tlv Kingr^ farav- j 

lying wuldu this Citty for the further Ei:conra;;vment of the said free | 

school. That Mr Recorder doe draw the said IVtitioii .Vnd that M: ' 

.Ma>-or do'> sign the same Accordingly by Tlrder of this Court. j 

M^ WiHiam Rrovoost this day delivered to tlK> (/ourte A Hooke of j 

Acc'^ v/bich he said were the Acck of M: Evert lE-yvaiikc late Treasurer j 

of Citty. | 

!5i81 Oia->rk'D .AR Ma>.n- [.->ne his W;irrant to ihe Treasurer to pay tt) ■ j 

Mr ]")a\id Jandson or Order tlie of four por'nd> Curr: Money or | 

Xew \ orke itt b(Mng for drawing four Ads of A'^semMy for this Citiv j 

passed the last session of Ceii'' .Vssemblw ! 

Oki)i:k'u tlrat Ald.erman \an C^'rtlaruit kvlderme.n J^ Alderman j 

simth '\[^ Eui ting .\R Ce'0[)e;- i.^;; M'" Tothill or any \ou\ v] of them two oi j 

\Cnich to be .M-.ierm.en iie .\ Committee to Audit all the !'r»oI:es and ! 

Accompts of this Citty ^i'lc^ the bxnteenth day of October Ann-' lOjS \ 

Tl!at the said Connnittee doc Implov an Able Clerkc to .Attend th'- -aid j 

ji.t ::;•;^■^;■:^ oi- 'i'iii-. coj.jmox Cfji'xcii. 

yvrxK'j for rh.; 'lu- ?)]! ;»r.;'j;or SU'tin;; of i\u: saiil Acconipls an.] that 
the sni'i ( ■oiKnitU^'L- (loo Ai^^roe \\ iih \u■^] lor i^uch wages for the said 
service ;i.i tlu-;.- S!i;i!l ti>i;ik ]\easoiial'!e And ()Ki);-.i<'n the said Coin mi t tee 
d.-^e :-iri [Acr_\- fi-\x!a}' all two A cloc!: in the afternoon and att such 
* )ther times as they Slsall Appoint for the better and more Effeetnal 
l\xped!lin:-: the Said Acc7 An-! thai the 'rreasi:rcr of this Citty d^awn 
riijrke and }dars!i:d due Attend tlie said Commitlee as often as tliey 
S!;:'.ll i-^L- ]\"qthrt;d andi al'^o tlicy have jiowcr to send for Record-^ 
];■:']:< v.vA papcr> l-^r-jatin- to the ;^am- >?: that th-? said Committee 
(."•iiopleat the said _\nd!t witli al! LVmi venient Expeditioii. 

n;.n;:i:"p d hat the sworn I'achcrs of this Citty dee not put the 
J':,."i'ers Ma.rke up.ju Any i'arrells of I'eef Porke or hsii hut vdiat Sliail 
Contain thirty t.i:dka'< uv uvjVc and lialfe iSarrehs hfteen GalU^is or 
n^ore anrl tiu-t the CderlxO of this Coiirt serve them v:\ih A Copy of this 

"i"Ks:/.NNr to an ( drder of L"onvii;)n CouiTcil nuo'e the twelfth da\ 
of }.:ay last Irt i- !ierei-\- (diUyRKCo ti-it the Lease of tlie Dock .S" Slips 
of this Citry i:e made t'> M- rhdlij) French and his Bjnd for perform- 
ance uf Lovenanl^ !e,- (daiicehed ai^d Okbi-KiJ) the Recorder Issue his 
War] am v> [':<: d'rea-urer to pa\- to tiie said I'hdhp French (The 
])resent .\ho.';- >,[ ih-- i_itty i or his Order the ^um of live i:>ounds Curr' 
Money id d^-^ Pr. >\inec ha- his KeHnciuisiiiuL: to tins Corporation the 
Lea^e '•' the •^■-ck :\\i':': slips afoiesaid. 

!5u;j f.)i-:i):iA. thai Jan ilendrlek^e Frevort he the j-ound Keeper of 
the !Pe,. y-v !);vi^:vM; of the Oat \\kird of this Citty durinij the pleastire 
of tin-; Court up'^ai ih.e CoUiditions following- ('\dz') 

d hat th.- <aid Jan lietulriekse j^evort shall att his Own proper 
Co.-t and l hrrge 'Coep th.e said i>u-up.d in g(jO(! Repair during th.r 
dhrnv he Shai! l^'dd the same That he Shall pay One halfe of all the 
p;-o:Ft> tl'creof to th.- dd-ea;.u'-er of this Cdtt}- for the use of the Mayor 
Ald.r-aen and C'^!:a; onanty of the said Citty. ddiai he give IVmd for 
the >a:e;- ,md Acc; with tiie (^ouimon Council Coon Oath. Fverv three 

Mr.ruh^ if IF-yui'-el 

Oi i) i:i' :■■■■ i.onnd Fee])ers fee he as followcth f\dz') lior the 
l^oundio ; F;e:; hoi . e Marc or Colt Xine pence for evry Btdl Cow Ox 
Heafer (.r fnh^r Wat Ca'tle four j^ence halfe peny for Kvery Sheep or 
Hog lliree jieP.ce. 


C:liyoi } 
\'t w Yorkcl 


Ai-i A Coir.r.ion Council held atl tin- 
C'itty I hill of the sai<l Citty on Fr\day the 
15''' day of Jarmary Anno DonT 1702 [-3] 

IlSq""^ Aldernii-n 

rrescnt riii!!:[> I'l-cncl! ESq^ .Mayor 

sam.-on Sliolton Brougnton \iSoJ Jvccordt 

Jacot.nis \' : Ccrilindt 

John CV-rLat 

Lav.Tcnor I^/ado 

William smith 

Robert Liirting "1 

Jerciniah Tnthil Uvssistants 

llartholon:Cv- Larouv J 

Ti;e iol;ov.inj;- Advcss to his Excclkucy was read and Ap])njvcd 
and Ordered the same he signed by this Ct.urt and presented to his 
!\xcel]ency And that tl.e same In? Recorded 

[5:-oJ T'l 11t> Exckjj.kx^ V Edward X'iscount Cornbnr\ Cap; Gen'^ 
.■'.'^d C^,\-vniour in Clhefo of the Province of Xew Yorhe and all the 
■!\Tritv;ric-. and Tracts of Land depending thereon in An, erica And 
\'^cc A-'ndral of the same o:c : 

'id.e ilumble Adrlrcs of ihe >dayor Alder- 
men and Comme.nalit\- of tlic Citty of New 
^'orl;;^ in Coninvvi Conned Assembled. 

Most ]-[i;:.u:i.v Sin'.wi^rH. 

That the last s-ssio!i of the ( uneral Assenildy of this Province 
Vonr Exceihney having 1 een i)!ca-cd to gi ce your Assent to the pa^s- 
ing An Act Vvdiereby thi^ Corp n-ation is Impov/ered to Xonnnate And 
present to ^I'onr Excellency for >-our Ai-probatio]\ A fitt and able per- 
^^on to teach A pub.lick fr-v;e school witinn tins Citty a.nd to raise Money? 
\''.\-\r(}> ihc M;-.iniainance of such per^on. wee are ];ecome \ ery 
solicitous which V\ay- to Ai_)!>!y our selves for tlie finding on.t one truly 
yna!i5ed to- that tru^t and dniy mncti donbiing that Neither the^e Xor 
the Xfigliliouring Ccnnnrys Cs-.n su;^]-'!; n^ th.erewith U> whoK^ Con- 
\<.'!;;\ the san-e n'a\- \;c Ar;rcable. 

V,!Krefor." that s-.- v:c.od A W'orke may nol sniYer by delay nur 
fuilc .,f id; desired End W'ee the said Ma} or ^: Commonality becnm- 
i;:e.^t h::ndde sn]);dicants to your Excellency that you would be pleaded 
t'. h-b, rni the Stru'-ture -d^o^c foundati-n yon have Already laid in 



Rc])rcvt.-nr'rr-:^- (Jur W;aU of A school ^la^tv•r v.itli all lin- diliicuU Ci:- | 
ciinist:,ru'c:. llAicnf 'i'n the J\i_L.;ht l\(.\-orcn(l and ii:) le.-- Honourab!'-' my ! 
Lord of lAindon nr.d in viMjnc-tir.g- his fatli'ji-I)' Care .v Concern for uf, j 
therein aial h;.' his Lorddiips ivicaiis thai of th.c s^.ciet}- for j)ri_>:;Ocratin.,:^ j 
the Go.^pel! in forrei;_;ii parts in to our hcin::; supplyM from ', 
tlieiice \i ith A jvjrs'.ui of qochI icarnini;- pioiis life and X'ertiious Cor.ver- 
sation of l^"ng!i-l) iLxtract and mild temper to he our said sch.OL.i Master j 
And that your Kxre;ieuc;v would he further pleased to .Reco;:rreud 
Our AfYair and dc^icrn of A free sehoMi Ahjresaid unto her ^lajesties 
Grace ^lud fa.voiir audi in Orir hehalfe me-st luambly lieseecli lier [520] '' 
•Majesty that some [^arte <,>f the farme Conuuonly Called tlie Kiny"s 
fanue vviil^in th.c Lilx-rties of tlris Citty may lie Ap,nro].^riated for the 
further :in;l lu'tter su",-)]).jrt and }>1aintniuarice of tlu-- said <choc.l r'ud | 
sell 00 1 ?\ia-ter j 

And. Wee V"ur lA.eel!.;ii::ys most lr,.un.hle supphcants .\fs're:-add } 
Shall ever pray ^c: ' | 

l~he C^nnmitte.' Appointed to Audite all the puhlick Accuunt- of | 

this Citl> .\r.d pia;.perl_v Staling- the same ^'Vc : l^lepL.rte that they have j 

A]ipoini-d Mr W'ilham Anderson Clerhe of the same C'jmmittoe v. l^o j 

they }L<t.eem A person of [iuc£^rity aide and Capable for the Ex-^entinc; i 

the said C'ftiCe audi d<-sirc the Approbation of Court therein I 


'Idns Court Xemnr,' '."(.>ntra dicente Ai)]';o\-e oj the said[ Mr Ar.der- 1 

sou a- A p.,-r^cu Able ai'vl Lajjabie for [he (dhkiating" that ORIce and { 

doe Ord':r th.e Cderke of this Court doe deliver unto the said ^ 

Williatvi And:ers:iU the of Convmon Council of tb.i^ Ciity aiivl | 

.such Cdther Records a< the said William Anderson or the Cciriuuttee i 

Aforesaid, shall Require on' him for the better Statin,:,;' ami perfecline; j 

the i)ubl:ek Accounts of this Citty and that Order be A sufrlcienl | 

Warrant :•■< the Gierke of this Court for soe doini;". \ 

ORoru't) dliat for the better Encuun-agement cti tlie Eerry e>: this 
Citty this Com-t iloc Eeiitio.;! his Excelboicy the Governor l*c Cou.r.oi! 
ior A idrart oi all the Wacant Land from Hic;h water to Lovv wate: 
Markc f^ot■,tin^ tr,e harbour of Cittv from the Red hooko u^pou 
Nassaw Llarid to t':e Walla.bou.cdit upe)n tiie- said L^land for th.e (.■otter 
and mo:f < i .ir.-enient t.d'dnv; in and [.andiu!;;^ bas^en!:rcrs Ccvr.-: 0\'c : 

T in p.'tv.iii^' thj .'>riginal. 

OF THE CliY OF Xi:\V YORK .> i y 

boiuu! 10 and from tl-is CiiLy and Mr Recc*rd(j; doc draw iht said 

0[;!>i.r'd ^l'^ i>suc- hi:. Warrant tij tlic dd-cnsurer to pay to 
l^hiUip French ESqr Mayor of this Citty the sum of Nineteen ^^jiuids 
ten sliiling-s Cnrreiit }doncy of New "it'orke itt being [521] for Nine and 
thirty days scrviee in Gen^ Assemhl>- as A Rejjreseritative of Citiy 
and Cojnt\- from the Nineteenth dv.y of October last to the twenty 
bh'ght day of November fohovdnty 

Order'd the Gierke of this Gc/lu t deliver to All Anderson th_- f'.ooke 
of Ace*: of M: Evert Ibeyvj.nke lai-.: Treasurer of thi- Gitty in Carder for 
the better Statino' th.e nidilick A-c*' nf this Corporation. 

Gitty of ) ^^^ Arr A Gonimoii Gonncil held ail the 

NcwYorke( ^" Gitty Idall of the srdd Gitty on Frydav ilic 

5^V- day <>1 febrnarv Ann.. k")oTTT i;o2['-3J 

Present Phillip lA-'n'' .Ma>or 

sanison Shellon ['.rongh.tun. [■'Si[- Pecnrder 
Jacobus V; Gortlrmdt ^^ 

A Mermen 

I.l,n rovl..a ^_j, „ 

William smith 

Lawrence Readc^ | 

Robert Lurtii'iL,- ^ 

Galeb Gooper 1 ^ • , . 

, .,.,,., G Assistants 

jerennah lot ml f 

CarthrFjinew^.n.v j 

WiiEKKAS on the sixteenth d;iy of October i6e)0 Gonrt did Order 
A Warrant to Lssne to the d'reasurer for the j-'a^ymeril (A Nine pounds 
One shiliri,^;- to Ruth Davies Widdovc iit beiuL^ for liali'e years Rent hir 
the Court Room Candles Ovc: vchich A\'arrant by some Acciden.t is lost 
and not jjaid therefore the said Ruth Daxdes {•ra\s An.oiher Warr! viO''. 
Issue for the payment of the said smn \Vhereir,;on itt is Ordf.m'i;' that 
the ATayi^r kssne Ins Warrant to the Tieasurer to |)ay to the said Rutli 
Davies the said sum cii Nine potnids One shi!in<:: Currant Ab^Jiey ol 
New Ynrke the r)iie of which h.eini;- paid the Other is -s^ In- 
a!)so!ntelv \'oid. 


[522] Tiic \\'id<lo\v of .'^I: Thouia< Xoell late Mayor of this Citty 
brought i;i An Ace! duo to her from trie Cut}-. (Jiidcu'd the same be 
ReferVi to the Coiniiiittcc for Aiiditinj^- tlie pubhck Acc-r to make A 
Rei)':>rt tln-reon 

C)k1):-:r"d that ihr .V-^.i/Cof jiread be til! fnrth.-r iJrd'-;r as followeth 

A \Mii:e loafe <>i li:e linest tlcver to w ci.i^h fourteen Ounces fi^jr 
ih.ree lia.lfe pence 

A W'lK-aten loafc th.e L'oursc.>t I'ran only taken out an.d not 
OtherveihC 10 weird; t'rrei: pounds and Ahialfc for four pence haU'e penny 
wheatc bein:;- att four Shihn.i-s and tour perjce "p^ r>";eil and Okdeu'd 
that ai! the Ibikers of tlii^ Citn- doe take Xotice licreof and make their 
brearl .Vecr.rdino-Iy. 

.\Li. The MijuUr- ui Comiuon Council of this v^iorporatiou since the 
tlurlcenth day of C)ci>:>V'er 1701 to tl^e twenty third day of December 
foHov.-inp; with A j-^urna! Kent lyv Thomas Xoell ESqr durhig- parte of 
his Ma}-orahty were all Read as t'ley are Entredi in the Tov.n 
Clerkes blotter An.d. .\]. proved And Oiv'DLr'd Xen.dee Contra dicentc 
the same be fairly luured into the Xeve Common Council Booke in tlr: 
Course as t'n.ey .\re l-kitredi in the said Miriute blo^dre And the 
Remain on R^'cord for ]N-er. 

Ttiis Ccnire arc fmlhir lU ('jiini^Mi Xcmumc C<,:MUra dieeate that the 
sweariTiCi (if the .Mdern'en .Vssistanus and (^ Oflicois of this Corpo- 
ration W!;ich \'.-ere S'A'orne the fourteenth da}- of Oclober jyor by Isaac 
D Rien^er a:;-! Abrabaj-;: Goux-er-nen.-r }der.tio:)ed. in the Afores'j Journal 
was Coru.rary t^) the Anf!en,t Ivi/^hUs Csajije Cmslom ^: Priviledges of the 
said Ciciy A;;ainst ihv bA-r'-ress .Mc?n,in;> of the Charter without An}' of lA-i! aii 1 pernicinus C':>-isi. onence and are hereb} declare.! 
and p\;b1i>=hed to iv Ctterl}- \'oid an 1 nf Xo,:ie EfTeet. 

[523; The followin;^ C>rdinance wa> tlu'ce times Read Approved ;)c 
pubbsiif.i ;.;;ici Oiu>!:r-;"D to be f(»rtlu\ it!-, -'i-in-le.!. 

A.\ vJkiun.wo!: liy the Mayor Recorder Aldermen l'c 

AssistaiUs of tlie Cuty of Xew "^'orke Con.ven'd in ConunoP. 

(.Vjuneii f. ir the AsCfrtru'i'mi^^ t'e.c .iemensir'us cU' drv ("ask'.' 

A- Rt'.)L;u!aiinf;- the Ai>u-^e> iri th.c of llower. 

Wifi:i;K.\s the Trad, and \avie;at:r;!i eu 1hi'^ Cittv hath of late been 

ov 'liii: en V oi" n]:\v yori: 

Uii'i'-r gi'tat f!i.-coiira_L;'cn;cnt t'U \\aul oi li.'.r.i'/i^u; .V-ccrlaincd pru[vjr 
j;cu!enMo:i^ i:i Ca-lre for K.-nurdy whciw.fhciit Ordained I.y the Mayor 
}\LCOrder Aldermen and .\.-?i.^tanl> Coiivcii'd in (/omnion CoiuK-il and 
b\- Ib.e'rlty of tlie same llial sixl)' (_l:;y.- af!;r tl:e publicati^-.n here- 
C'l all dry Caskc that Shall be made \,dchiii this Ci'dy or used and 
In^ployed f-r the Conlainin- of ;i.;.vei- Ihd-ett Pease i^>c : Shrdl be of tlu- 
d.cmerisioiis hiereafter sjiecihedi (that is to say) h'-very ho^;<head to have 
tlic cierr.ensions of fouit\- Inches lonf( thirty th.rec Inches in thic Pnilge 
And twcrt}- sea\-en Inchies in tlie lu-ad. J^very Tearso to have the I'.'e- 
;;:ensiors r.f thirty six l.n;,: u.ent}- >ea\tn Tnehcb in tlic l^uVc And 
l\renty ihree Inches in the head. Every Parrel! te- have the nemcnsions 
fit thirty Pishes lon^ twenty si>: lnche^ in the Ihd^c^e And twenty 
!\v() inches in the head. Ever\- hallo Parrcll to ha\'c the ]')emen- 
sions of twenty hve inches long- t\v(iu\- inches in the Piili^e An'l 
:-)XLeen Inches in the head. PL\'ery Quarter l^arreP to have the 
1 >einon-ir;ns of twenty Inches ]i:'nf:; sixteen Inches in the Buh^e and 
thirtcui Inche-; in the head And all Po-pcrs Kesidin;^- within the 
said Ciux are hereby Required to mabe sucli Ca>ke as Shall b-' 
)nipk>yed fe^r the Containin;^ of Piskett and ]>easc of the 
denn-ns;ons Ab;'resaid and of i:oc;d ar,d sc-uiid S;'ason"d timber and nm 
( !tln:v.;'.e niidcr the penaU\" of twenty s!;:lin;^s Cnrraiit Money of this 
i re\ine ■ f,-,r eacii Casbe that Shall be Imployed a-; Aforesaid [5-4] 
And \k- frf A Les>er or Greater ilemen^ion then what is licreby Ascer- 
t lined Pie • hu- halfe to the informer tli'' Other halfe to the Citty to be 
Adindvic' e: P'eternb!!cd ly the Mayor for the tiu'C Iiein^r or any Other 
Ji>liee of t;:e j'cace witiPn the same. An<l b'e iti fiu-thcr ()rdaine(I b)' 
the Autliorii)- Aforesaid that if .Vtiv nov/er Ibskelt or jK-ase Shall be 
fomvl within this Ciity and Piberties thereof Packed in any Othe'- 
C'aske for Transportation then what shai' be of tiie Demensions before 
McntiC':-'-! the ' 'wncr P;.-reof ^hall for eacii -uch C)ffence forfeit and 
pay tl;e sum of twent\' Shnine:-.- Chn rmat rd(ine\- of thcis l^'rovinee ikr 
Hack Ca>ke ti-at Shall be Pnnk.yed a> Aforesaid And be of A Peyser 
or (Jreaier den:ension then what is liei-eb}' Ascertained to the uses 
Aforcsai'l and {o I'eeovcred in such ir;aime:' a^ .vfore.^aid. Axn 
for Rtiaibdins.: ti^e 'bare oi such Caske b-' itt further Ordained by the 
Aulhorily Aforesaid that all Caske tliat Shad be fnndoved or us.d 
for tin- 'Sontainin^; of Pdower and i'iskett Shah before any of the said 
CoinuKslities In- put therein be truely \\eicrhe<l And the Just \veic^ht 
"Hd Tare ihereof put by A Marki:,'; Iron upon tlie head or Pul^c of 
y.'.ich Cns're Pnpioyed a- Afo>-e-aid. And if it< Shah ha:>yen that the 
true Ta-e -f the said Ca^^ke Shall be of <;vreater w-T;h{ th^-n wd:at is 

220 Mi,xL'ri-;s c»F 'rni-: commox corxcii. 

marked iu)'jn the :^ari. tliat tb..:n lli.,- [icrsjii (')ti\-;i cling- Sliall ior Eacli 
Ofi'eiicc forffil; the sun; oi twent}" Shihngs Currant Alonev Aioresaivl 
for the uses Afoj-e-aid and to be Recovered in snch, manner as .Aforesaid. 

Anii lor j)re\entn-i.g Any luither irauds iiicreni !)e itt iiirLiier 
t,)rdainod by th.e Auth.jrit}' Ai('re>a-'d that ali lioltcr.- l.Uihers Packers 
or A'enders oi llo^ver and lliskett widiin iliis Lilly Shah before Ihey 
TraT-.s}>irt (.»r \'end ^vc!i Con]n;fJchlie^ jait the trne l^are upL':; the 
Caske as Aforesaid An^l I.ike.visc Krand llieir Xaiues upon the ^aid 
Caske before the}' lutlier X'end or Transport the same under tlie paine 
^- forfeiture ab Aforesaid to the uses Aforesaid and to be Recovered 
as Aforisaid JJated t'ne httecnth da\- of fel)ruar)' in tiie first Year of th.e 
Rci.crn of our soveradgn Lady Anne by tlie Grace of God of ITng'.arid 
scc'tiand France And Ir'-kiud Queen Defender ui the faith uc : Anno 
DonT 1702 

5^5J City of I ^^ 

ev.- Vorke \ 

A-iT A Connn.on G>uncil held a-r ih( 
Citiy Hail of tlio said Ciity on Mund::/ y' 
15'- da} of feliruary Anno DonT \/02[-}] 

I'resent i'hiili^i I'rench Ik'^q: Mayor 

sani.'-on Sheluva iJroughlon I'hScji' Recorder 

J a c oh u s A ' : C o r t land t 

Jnhn Cnrhetl 

Will ia' 51. Miiith Ll'^^Sq'^ Aldermen I^eade 

Jerennah dAthdl 

Robert LiM-tinu- 1 s • 

,.,,,, -^ >> Assistants 

C aler- Looi^cr 

F;arth^^,n^e^v Rannix 

1die Petition of Mr ( ".erardn.> I'eeclrnum for A Grant of A -hp of 
Ground in Ou.een. Stia^et in ( )r<ler t" make A puiilick- Slip %vas read. 
OnnKkn tliat Alderuian Ccrllandl Aldern^an Reade Mr Tothil and M: 
Lurting be A ConutdiLee to ]'du[uire the Al!eg-ation^ of i\w Peii- 
ti ncrs and n.:ake l-Jii-ort what w dl I'e Convenieni to he (l<Mie tbi^.rein 
with, all Gon\-endenl ]-'xpeditie)n 

ddie Petition of b'.hn lunvat.M 

MvDi-.idn the sai 


}\cf'.rM to the ruiid Ctjir.miitec to \'icw the said liouse and Report vvhr'.t 
V. ill ''••: Nesses^ary to Le dfiiie tin rein. 

OKi'>r:R'!) t!ie Kecdrdcr Issue lus Warrant to ihc 'IVca-iirer to pay to 
J'l:illi(; French liScJ. Mayor of this C'itt}- or (Jrder the sum of Xirie 
pound; sixteen Shihnp;? and three pence Curr^ Mone;/ of Xcw Yorkc itt 
being Money b}" hiin ci^^nr^ted ( n A hre And ['cer an(i Wine att the 
same On the sixth. Instant being- her Alajestys birth day and that the. 
same he paid out of thiC Money to Ijc Received hy the Mayor for 
freerirnis hnrl Lycense^ ^Vc : 

iScOj 'Jdie Petition of [he Rector Warderis and A'esii-\- iueu of Trinity 
C'hurcl! w'itliin this Citty ^^as read praying; the burial place of this Cittv 
be Gr^inted to the Corporation of Trinit}- Cir.nxh for ].'n,er and Keeping- 
the fence liic-osijig thic saiue iri good Repair, ic: This Court liavitig 
Co!:s;dered the said f'eiition doe C)ROi^u that the snid I'urial place be 
granted 10 tiie Rector Cliurch Wardeiis and \'estry nien of Trinity 
Oiiin-cr. in Xew Yorlce fe-r Ever to }>e by lliem Appropriated for the pub- 
licl: Chc.rch yard and burial place of this Cjtty for ]A=-er they & tlicir 
."■ucces-ors alb.vays T\ee]>ing- the same in good fence well Repaired and 
tahirig only for i)rea.king- of tiic Ground for Each person from tv. elve 
•■ of Age and T'[)u-ard> three Sliiiings andi for each Child tm.der 
t-\c]\ o ; .:ars of Age C)ne Shiling and six pence And no Other or greater 
du»y Wl^atMiever br breaking' the said Ground And that Mv Mayor 
]-"xcei;{e A Grant for tl^e san-ie Accrirdiugly. 

'i b.; Tr-.i.urer of this littv hat!; ''■:\\'-\:\v.(:(\ this Comt that he ha~ 
nvide Maciy Der.iands of Dirck for the Rei-it of the ferry duo 
fro)'; ]',i;- to the Citty v hich l^c lr-;t]i b'efu^ed. to [>ay from tim.e to tinie 

Oi;n!:i;'D that M: Rec':^rder and M-- James lomotL Ik- the Coimcil of 
tins Gitiy And in tlic Xan.te of il-i- Corporation Cotnmer.ce proces.- 
Against the said Dirck b.enson. Accorfling to such speedv Methods for 
the Recovery of tlie as they Sh.all think fitt and that the Mayt)r 
I^snc liis Warr: te> the dha a'tr.-er for the pa}-rncnt of tb.e Charge thereof. 

Tiie follovving Petit Ion was three timefs] Read t^- Approved I'v' 
^divDio^;.!) the same be Ingrossed. and signed i\\- this Coiu-t (i' Presenledi 

To hi:s Excellencv Edwa.rd Lord A'iscount CMrnbury Capt Gen'^ and 
G(n-( rT: ■.-■ur in Chiefe of the I'reivince of Xe\\- ^'orke and all thiC Terri- 

222 Mi:;. tLS <.)!■ '[HE COMMijX COUNCIL 

torics and 'J"r:icis of Land depending- tlirreon in America an.' \'ice 
Adn.draii of tl:e >:unc in Council! 

[527] Tl.K- luuiiMe I'ctition of the Afayor Aliicrmen and CornrMC'iialit}- 
of the Citty of Xew Yorke 

Mos ! He y. HLV S h i weth 

'Vh:a your F'eriti.uiers !■} their charter havin.;.; A Ivigiit and T;v>jresi 
in the- ferry from this Citty crus^ ihr River lo Xassaw island And from 
tile said Islarid to t'^.i.s C'iity apain and to all tlie perqnifites prohtts and 
Advaniat;es thercr wliich your I'etitiun.ers i.)crceive to fall much sliorc 
of whal they migr:t rea.-(:'nably ExjM-ct frc^ii the iame if the buun.ds Arid 
limited of the said rerry v/ere somjeithin;^ Extended on the said Islarid 
side v\l!erel)\ io hiri ler audi prcN'cnt tliat L'ri\ iled.i.;e and Libert}' \'.Iiich 
diver., j/eri-on-- now tala' of Traii-iyji-ting th,emscl\'e> antl goods to and 
from the said Islar.'l of Xassavc o^•er the said iviver witliout Cop.iing- 
to or Landing- alt the used ci- Accu.stomed jjlace tlie said ferry is 
Kej't and Appoimcdi to ilse great loss and Damage of your Petitioners 
v/hose faraner of the said fern/ LAmplains h.e C;v.r:i'): live upon lior 
longer ladd th.e ;-.:mc- ilauigh ati A .Mod.era.te Arul \'ery Las}' Kent 
winch Mij.chiefe tuvl fneonvenience _\ our [''etitioncrs Know not better 
hC'W tC' Rrrr.^-dy than b}- gaiinng A further Literest on tlie she^ar 
Adj(i_\-nM;g to tlie sai^i L-!andi -,o as to r)blige j-crsons to pa>- tlie Kate 
and duly of tla- ferry veb.o j/ass ar.d Repass the said River with I'nem- 
selves or goo'ls to or frotn Anv Other part of the S'- Island within the 
iKvUnd..-. and ( Ampa -^ :;Lieb_\ [naix ed for than thai where the said fcrr} is 
Now Kc]>t v.liich being in your LorrRliips j)ower Abaie to bhiable }'Our 
Petitioners Im do.-. 

Wee }onr saidi Peiiiiou'-rs doc w^.oA humbly beg of your b.xcell 
that \'i.u W'")uld bi' [):ea->ed U) (drant unlii us a.nd Cur successors f;..'r tiie 
use aiid behonfe of this (dilt\ And Corporation, under the scale of this 
Provin-re all th.e \'a.carii L;md from Pligh water to bwv water Marke 
fronting th- harlxnu- of th'-^ Citty fro;ii th.e Ka-t sid>:- of Red hooke 
Idf.on Xav^aw Tvland Aforesaid 'to the La^t side of the Wallabout 
up<m the said Islar.d for the better aivi more Conveiuent taking in ^v 
I.anding of passenger.-- Corne and brdicr goods a- thing-; bound to. and 
from this Citlv 

And V'an- 1 'etiti^ aiers as in Duly bc)Und Shcdil lA'er [tray .^'c : 


l^28j Ouukk'h ihf foiluw ini:;" Lriws OiekTS and Ordinances of tlii- 
Cittv be Continued in hu'cc till furtlier r)rder 

For the (.Jb?ervatKni ui the Ford^ cla> 
Concc-!-nin<^' Straii.c;'e;'> 
Conoern.ini;- Kelaiicr.- oi Sir'jny I.ic^iuTs 
Sin'\-e_\'ors of the C'ilty 
To Prc\-cnl fire 
Conee:-jn'r.;^- Xegroes 

Concernin;^ Kny^os^ers and Fore?taller? of the Markctt 
C^oncerning Assi/.e of bread 
Xo Timber t\:c : to lye in tb.e Street? 
CoriCerning- Swine 
Regulations Conceriu'ng Carmen 
Concerning Xegroe^ c^'.' [ndi;m slaves 
Common Council Not te- be Absen.t upon ^~ummons 
Guagers Packer-, ^e.^l Cullers 
Weights v.n<\ :vlea.;;ures to be scaled 
Masters of X'esseli? tc) give Acc^ of their Passengers. 
Concerning' P>uckeils 
Packer- Ma.rke on lieei anrl Porke 
bTi-en.ier. t.) be InroUed 

Aj)prentie(s t.i lie bound before the Aiayor tN:c : 
(.' for Paving the Streets 
].a\\> iv Orders for the Cov: of the Dock and slips 
( Mtii of Freeman 
Regulations for tliC ?darketl 
I.av'- Ag;un.<t bring (.hm< in the Siri.eis 
Paw I'elating to A])prentices 
Wi-r. are tn be deemed iTeemen 
I'reemen m:',de by the rvlayor aivl Ablermcn 
Paw 10 Prevent lire 
Paw Against Ila\vl;ers and Peddaro 
Paw Against lh,rp.t_\ ing Odours in the Streets 
Carnu-nC Wages f<^r Wine Rum -.nd ?dalas<cs 
Agai:i:-t siaughlrrnig Any w here but a:t the slaughter house 
Paw Pn]>';-iTig .\ bne up'^n such as I'iefuse to Watch 
An bn- the better Cbaning of the Streets 
i"5.}tjj Paw Concerning I'reemeii 
Paw Relating to PacK-ers 
Paw AscerirdninL; ihr Demensi'-n. of dry Caske. 



Okdeh'v that A Parte of Ouccn street within thiis Cilty heginiiig 
att the hon^.^ of ^I: Adam;^ th.^ Stationer and Rtiruuiig West Ward 
Along the Said Strcel to tlic Corner ]iou>e of Gcc?ie Lewis be forthi- 
with paved in such inamiei and forme as the Alderman and Assistant 
of AVard Shall dire'-t arid A[)poinl and imder such r-ains and penal- 
ties as are limited and A[)pointed in An Ordinance of tliis Citty 
EiUiluieci An Ordinance for paving the Streets Lanes and Alleys 
witliin this Chtx. 




Vol. II.— 15 

[i] Citty of ) ^^ At A Conmion Council held at the Citty 

XewYorkel "" Hall of the said Citty on W'ensday y^ 2^''-' 

day of February Anno Don! 1702 [-3] 

Present Phillip French FSql Mrtyor 

samson Sliclton Broug^hton ESqr Recorder 

Jacobus A' : Cortlandt 

John Corbctt 1 -,-0 r- * 1 1 

•; -.^ , > LSq'? r\klermen 

Lawren.ce Keaae 

William smith 

Jeremiah Tothil 

Robert Lurting L Assistant? 

Bartlicilomew Laroux J 
\VnEKE\s his Excellency the Cap* Gen'^ liath this day Received 
Ccrtaine Ad\icc from Fng^larid of the great and signal \'ictory ni>- 
tain'd by her Majesty's fieet and forces Against the French .1' Spaniards 
aU \'igo in Spain iri taking Bnrning and destroying scaventeen b'l-cnch 
uien of Warr and seaventee'i Spanish Galloons ainl also in takir.g v.\c 
said Town of \'igo and Castles thereunto bclnnging audi further oi tli? 
vaniderfull success that lias Attended tlie Confederate Arms ir. Fkum- 
dcrs Against the Frenxh and Spaniards Majest_\-'s declared Enemy's 
which is most Gratefull and Accepialde Xews to tkie Inliabitau.ts of this 
Citty wiio are pressing to give some marks thereof by some pul.'iick 
demonstration Itt is therefore hereby Oki)1'Ki:o that A publick Ivonth'e 
be made this N'ight within this Citty att the usual place that ten. Gal- 
lons of wine An.d A Barrell of Ik-er be also provided att tlie Ch.nrge 
of this Corporation to Drinke to her Majesties health, tlic Prince's 
and sncecss to her ?\Iaje-ties Arnis And that >d^ Mayor ih^-c Ciive 
Orders the same be provided Accordingl}' 

Oi:DKi<'r. publick Notice be Gi\en tu all tlie hotise Keepers of t'lis 
Citty that they make puldick Blmuinations thi< Xight as A further 
demonstration of their Joy for the said \'ictory. 


\.?\ CiU} I'f ) ^^ Att a Coiiinion Council hcUl all th< 

Nev. ^'r.rl.:e\ " "' Cittv Hall of tiic said Ciuy on Fryday y" 

pr)-'; day of uiiruary \n\\o Y)o'.\\ iyo2[-T,\ 

Prevent i'liillip I'Vonch ]\S(\l Mayor 

sanison Sholtim KSip .Kecorder 

Jacolnis \" : C'l'illaniii ') 

John Cor]:.rrt J^KSqT Aldermen 

l.awier.ce Rcadc J 

Jercn'iird! Tolhil 

Ivobcrt lAirling- 

Caleb Cooper 

] iartholenie \v Laroux 

L Assistants 

John Delan-iontac^ne isrougbt in bis Accb of tbe prol^tts y^ bury- 
ini;- [)!acc c' tins Citty since tbe year iGcp Okder'd tbat Alderman 
Reade Alderman Corbctl and Mr Cooper be A Committee to Examine 
llie sanr.- And n:ake Report tb.ereot to tbe Xext Common Council 

Tbe T'eiiti".! of ]''ranci■^ r)-'r\-all was read prayint:: A Grarit of Con- 
flin-ation of A ['arced of b.and lyinp^ Xeai- M' sacbetts formerly 
C 'ailed tlie C!;err\- Garden wbicb was befiue.-itb.ed to ber by ber Grand- 
fadur Tbomas r^ela\all Mercb* deceased. ORma^'n Aldernsan Cort- 
land! Alderman smitb nnd Mr. Tocbill be A Commiitee to View tbe 
saifl Land aial Ciiuse tlie vnvve}-ors to bi}- out tlie sariie audi make A 
d:-aft tbcrc-if And !-lcpv.ri t:) tbis C'lnrt tlu ir ( )])inion tberein. 

Tbe bV'ildon of Ricba^rd >d.oore \vas read {;rayiri.Q- tbe payment of 
twelve pn;mds due to bim lor Bricks for tlie Xew Citty Idall. Ordicr'p 
tbe ^an.e be Rcfer'd to tlie C.^mmittee i<K- Andiini;-^ tbe publiek Acc^r 
t" bxandne and make Report (bercof. 

( 'RIM >:'n tbe 3.1avt.r b-su^ bis Warrant t*. tbe Treasurer in pay t*^ 
\\ ilb'aiu. F'radford I'riiiter <a- bis (jrder tbe smr. of five ]iounds seavcn- 
te-. ;i s:uli:!i';s Currl Mor.C}' oi Xew Yorke itt beirig- for printinc^ several 
nrd:i:aa:es of tb!^ L'itty. f(^r A Rrintod Cbarter i: two R^'oks for 
b;';cords ri> AriiH^irs lyv bis .\cc- \\-b;cb is Alb'wi'd .'v (Ard^crcd, tbat tbe 
Treasu'-'T T'rv tbe same 

! ^i C>-v:aodi) tite Mayor Issue bis Warrant to tbe Treasurer to pay to 
M'. l.av ic'uce Reade -ir tbe sum rif twenty one [noun.ds Curr^ 
>b>n'^v (T Xev.-. Yorke itt bein- for bis ser\ice ps A Representalive of 
ibi. Cilty m Gni'' Assembly in ti^e Montb of October 1696 an._l in tbe 
Mfcitli i f .\;!;il ],'")';;- bcin.;:^ in all 40 da>-s suaulays bein::^ deductc'l 
mrd-as fourty two days (as 7^ Certificate tbercof under tb.e liand of tbe 
s|)eakcr I -A.nd. Oi.'Tn-idn tb,e same be ])aid out rif tl^e fir-^t Mor.ey to be> 



Rai^-ed in tliis Citty by Tax for the ['aying: the >al!ary^ of th.e Rei)r.-- 
sentativcs of this Citty. 

\\'ii1':rm\s the Citt}' IJall of this Cit\- is iijt y(Ai C'oirioleat'.y fin- 
iNlud Vvlicreby the Coiiniion Council thereof were rjb!i;4ed to Asseinbu- 
toc:;-ether to doc thie pubhick business 01 this Corpura'i'.jn all this \viiitcr 
past att l!ie ho.ise of W'ilha.n.i i)a\i- I'.-r ilie I'onveniency of A W'arnie 
fire Room and fire wliich th.e saii.l W'illiani Davis fnmislied and Pro- 
vided by C)rder of this Court as well for the Convmivncy of the 
Coninioii Council as of s;jveral ConinuLtees b}- this Court A])pointed 
for the better Expeditin;; tiie publick Affairs <A ilds Citty itt is there- 
fore OKOf.u'r) ihai r\K j.Lo.or Issue Ins Warrar.i U) the Treasurer to [)ay 
to tl;e sand Wiliiani Davis or Order tlie sum of t\v;.) jx.innd.s Cnrrl Money 
of Nov.- Yorkc for the said IvOO'oie and firewood useil lI' Iniplo^-cdi as 

Citty of ( ^ Att A Connnon Council held alt th.e 

Xcw Yorlce'^ ^ Citty IJall of the said Citty on Tuesday tl;e 

Xintli day of March Aivo DoTn' i7o.?[-3! 

Present PiulliiJ i-IScp ]\layor 

sainson shelton P.roug-hton F.Sq' Recorder 

jacobus \': CoiTlandt ^"l 

lohn Corb'jti i^c - \i ' 

•..,,. . . y'-^^'l- Alocrinen 

\\ ilhann smith f 

Lav/ience Reade J 

Robert Lurtin;:: 

lerenriah Totliil , , - 

■ , , ,-, "^Assistant? 

Caleo Loopcr 

riartholomev,- Lanm: 
[4 I The Connniuee Appointed the t\v<jnt\ third da> en December last 
pasi for AudiiinL; ."dl the Ik'ijks and Accounts of this Citty since the 
fourteenth day of r)ctober 1608 doe Re^nort tliat tiiey h.ave meit to- 
gether ]Aer}- frydia_\- in hkecrv WL-ek sin.ce their being; .\i-»i!oin!:cd And 
have summonc-d beftjre them David Provoo:i Isaac D: Rien^er .<; 
h'vert Reyvr'-uke la.te Treasurers of this Citiy a.ncl demanrled of them 
to render an AccouiUt of the severai sum-^ of Money they Received 
dm-in;l the tim.c of ih.eir Ijcini: 'brca^urvrs ar.;l to produce to tbcin their 
\ ouchers for the p-..yment of the same. Tlan th.e said David Provoosi] ISaac D : Riemer havt? often promi>ed to C-v.-.r to tiie said Com- 
niittee to Ace', and to sl<ou- tlieir \'onc!:ers but liave allways brok^' tlieir 
pronn'se and did Xot (T^me Accord^in-;- to th.eir Ano'jir.tment. S'-./ th:d 

L'ii-s 01- THE to:.[:v:ox council \ 

upv/a :r;f; v.r.olc iviattcr tlic said Coninultee Are of Opinion tlic said \ 
j)L'r-;j:i> doc not design to Acc^ and only naake Excusi-s to gain time tiii | 
t'ne .^uprcani Court is p^ast whereby to Evade the Aetion of this Citty. j 
It r I? Tiir:Ki:FORF. iiereby Okdi^reo that ^^I?" Recorder and l\l' Einol: be 
lee'd as Counxil of this Corporation And th^at th.c}- in th.e Xame of th/j j 
said Corporation Commence such Action or Actions Against Uie said ] 
iJavid I'rovoost LSaac I): Riemer & Evert Beyvanke in the suprear.i ! 
Civ.^rt r:f this Province as they sh?d.i thdnls- most Adviseable for tVie ! 
hen; ntt ni this Corporation and that M: Aiayor Isfue his Warrant upon 
thie Treasurer for thic paying them their fees and such Ciiarges 
a'-" tlie}- shall l-.e att in th.e prosecution tliereof. 

OkKiKKD also that Yl-- Recorder and Air Emott Commence Action? 
in The Xame of this Corporation Against Johannes D: Peyster David! E aac D : Riemer and Abraham Brasier iN: Peter W'iliemse 
Roome (Lately A Commitl>"e of t^iis Court for y? Managing And 
supervising the building of the Citty Hall) that they render unto tins 
Cr>rporation tlieir Reasonable Accl of tlte Moneys by tliem And their 
C'rder l^ecoived on Acct of the said Citty Hall and o- the Material's 
of t'r.e :~ame and of tlie sevcrall pa}-ineiits they have made. 

Okdkij'd furthicr it^at the said Council in chiC Xame of this Corpora- 
tien (]'G!r:nen:e an Action Against Air Isaac D: Rienxr for the Rent 
of th-; [5! house att the Ferry due to this Citt}-. And also that AR 
En., u si.-_2]-: to John Euwoutse to pa;/ the Alone}' he Owes this Cor- 
poration & that if he so to doe that AR Emott take out Process 
Ag: him. 

]aa:;o:,\ FD that sixty poimds vrhichi Ehrck Ber.son yesterday paid 
tc) the Tre;isurer of this Citty and also all tlie Revenu.e of the ferr}- in 
th.c har.ds of said Dirck Benson and all the Reveime of the ferry tliat 
slur;] become du.c to tiie tueuTy ftf th day of Ab^rt-h Eastant be Ap- 
proj-)[rEiated, to the u.-e of the Citty Plall iov/ards the finishing of tire 
.-.'uv:- Anv- fe^rmer Order to the Contrary X'otwitlastanding. And tlic 
Treasurer of tin's Citiv is herebv Iv'^quirecl to take Xotice hereof 
Acc> rdinglv. 

Alr.MOR.AMH/M TTardenbrooke day Appeared and de- 
sired \(-'UZ<-r tinK- to pay A Bill due to the Citty Ov" Accordingly tin's 
C<'Uirt gi\e b.-n- tv, o Months time to j^ay the same. 

Oudkh'v) that AR Tothil anil AR Cooper b>e A Conimittec of this 
Cea;rt for tlic Euphwdng al>le workmen for tiie l:iying the floors in th.e 
two Chandlers in the Citty Hall for the making the Stair Case <\: Peti- 
tion A\'ails Alaking Dor^rs to the Court Room Wooden Shutters to all 
the \\'in<lov.-s Alaking tite th.e Cupnloo Cilazin.g the Oval AVindows 

or THE cnv oi' new york 231 

a; id ifiviiig- the floor Over tlie Court Roon]. That they Keep A di.^- 
i^ncL Accl of all the M:itcri;dh And di:d.»urilin<^nts thereof and that II' 
Mayor Issue his Warrant to the 'I'reasurer for the paynicnt of al! 
snch Workenien and }Jaterial!s as shall he Jniployed on that service. 
Ordered that Elias Desg-range Peruke maker who Came hitlier 
with }i;s Exceller.c}- the Govcvnour be made a Freeman of this Corpo- 
ration Gratis 

NowYorkej ^^^ Att A Common Council held att the 

Citty of I " City liail of the said Citiy on AVensday 

the i/^'r day of March Anno Dom 1702 [-3] 

Present Plulli[) French ESq; ^layur 

samson Sliclton Broughloi, Esq'' Recorder 
John Corl-'H! "1 

V.'illiam smith V _ ^, , , , 

T ,, , ( i'.sq'^? Aldernien 

Lawrence Rcade I 

Jacob Dekey 
[6] Bartholemew Earoux 

Jeremiah Tothi! f Assistants 

Calel) Coopei 

Okdlk'd Mv Recorder F'sue his Vs'arrant to the Treasurer to 
pay to Phillip Frenc'i ESqV Ma_\-or of this Ciity tlie sunn of Xine pounds 
fifteeri shiling-> Curri Money of New Yorke itt being; Money by 
disbursted for A V>ovi5.vr an.l P.eer and wine th.creat upon tlie twenty 
fourth day of feliruary last past upon il;e Arriba! of the ha])y News of 
the signal \'ictory Obtained by her Majest}-^ Heet and forces Over the 
French and spa-.iiard=^ att Vigo and in Flaimders. 

; 1 his- Coitc4.thio day saU several hours ii; Expectation M: E-aac 
D: late Treasurer of this Citty v.-ould Acc^ v.dth this Corpora- 
tion Accririhng- lu hi-- own .Appriintment who after Along time Came 
before this Court wh.o being A^ked if he was ready to Acct Answer'd 
yes. Whereupon th,e Court ck-Mnanded of him to produce Vouchers 
to his Acc'r v.diO Reply'd lie v.-fndd fetcli them, and ^\■ent Av/ay and 
aliout ar, liour after Returp.e'd- An.d told' the Court- lie did not think itt 
safe to TToduce to them his A'liuchers since he was Sued in th.e 
supream Court and. 'lem; mdied Ids Ronk^^, Saying; be could not Accl- 
witliout them", to udiich the Court Answered they v.'cre delivered to 
them as th- lky:i!:s and Ace*; rd the Cnrp: .rat'on and that therefore thev 
Could n.ot deliver th.em br.t Nolwithstandung would Consider of ilt 
R::sor.\-i:o M'' Eaar L'^ : lia\-e A Copy of his Ace'.- g!\'en in 

2 7 2 MIXirjTS OV TJir. common COL'XCIL 

10 this Ctjurt if lie IvCijuirc ill pa\ in;^' lveasonal)le Charges for Copying 
the. same. 

Atj a Coinirnjii Couiicill held att the 
.^''%''\ { SS Cittv I Fall of the said CiUy on Thursday 

-^'■'' ^^•^^^) the 22'} da}- of April Anno Do" 1703 

Present I'liiriij) French ESqr I\ia}or 

sanison shelton f.ii'oiit^liton ESq: Recorder 

John Corhelt ""j 

W'illiain smith LjCSq'- Aldermen 

Lawrence Reade J 

Rol'crt Lnrling- ''■ 

Terenrlali Tothil , 

. K Assistants. 

Caleb Cooper j 

Uartlioiemew Ca.rijux J 

[;] The C<unndrlce Appointed to I^.xaminc the Allegations oi the I'eti- 

tioii of Mr Gerardr.b P.ceckniai; doc J^eport that they have Viewed yr 

IVe:riissos And are of r)pin;on itl i? not Reasonable to be Granted for 

tliat the making of tlie Sli',.- will he A Consider:d)!e Ch.arge to the 

City and no benetitt W-^'.^ P.eport i- Approved and Order 'd tl:e said 

j^aition be ]\eje<:te.l. 

The Committee Appointed to /\i;dil tlie Acctjimts of N'oell 
ILSqr IrUe Mayor of this City doe Report that they ha^-c diligently 
examined the and doe llnrlo tliat there is .1-,- the Estate of 
th*' said ddiomas Xodi f ri vm t'li^ Corporation the sitm of Eighty 
P'Muids Eight shilings .V iive pence Currant Money of New ^'orke 
\V]iich Report is A])proved .t CV:u>i::<;:o th.c Mayor Issue his Warrant 
to tlie 'i'rea^tu-er for the payiULiit of the san^e to Ids iLxecutrix'. 

nKDi-R'n that tl-e Mayor Issue his V/arnmt to th.e Treasurt-r to pay 
to Ivicliat'i Vear.-ly ]-^o]<t Drumm.ond Ednnond Thonnas lV Joh.n X'ander- 
I'Ceck or Ordt-r tlie sum of thirty three poundis Sixteen Shilings S^ 
f-n pence Curr; Money of Xcw ^'orke itt being in full of their ^allary 
ri< I'-ehmen of this Citty due. and kaKling the fn-^r Instant. 

C;i'.ofr'l) the .Ma}or Issue his Warrant to th.e d'reasurer to pay t'> 
Wdiir.m Sliarpas Clerke of this Citv ten [lounds Cuir; Mon--y of Xcw 
Vorkc itt bcii;g in full of halfe A Years sallary due and Ending 
y? fourteenth Instant. 

Th'j Grant of the Purying place to the Rector cUid Inhaliita.nts of 
tiu' City of X'ew "\'orke in Communion of tiic k'rotestant Church of 
Engl.iud as Xow Establisb.ed 1)>- Law was read and .\pproved Sc 
(^ni^'.n'u the Ma-zor Execute the sa!i;e 

(»:■ -Hi;.: ciTV uv xr,V\' york i-j^ 

Okdkr'd th:a >i!cl; parts of the Xcw Sired of thi> Cily as are not 

Okdkr'd tli:a >i!el; parts of the Xcw Sired of thi> City as are not 
j)avc(l be fortliwith ]:avc.-.l and tliat ih.c AL'lernien and Assistants of 
the A\'ards to which die same l;clonj;- (\k^c .-ee itt be performed and that 
such persons a^ Refuse lo doc the ,-;one lie l\ab!' to such I'en.a'ties & 
forfeitures a> Aivntioriedi in an Ordiinnice of th,is Cit}' h'ntituled an 
Ordinaiice for pavin- the Slieets [.,ancs A: Alleys in this City <N:c : 

Ordit.'u Mr .Mayor doc take Care tliat tliere be A iSonfire to 
Morrow at liie Charge of the Corpc>ration and two Ibirrells of Ik-er 
(!t An Anchor of Wv.u- t- Drinke health to her Majesty itt l>ein^^ th.e 
Anni\ersar\- day of her .Majesties Ci >ri:'natioii. 

[8] Assizi; OF nKKAO 

Okd:j,<'i) that tbie Assize of bread b^e till furUier y)r(ler as folioweth 
A Wliite Ie>afe i^i iliC finest tlowcr U) \>.ei;:i"h fifteen oiimces for tiirce 
lialfe pence 

A \''/heaten k^afe tlie C-iui-sest ISran oidy taken out and not L.'thcr- 
wavi to weigh, tirree {j'/ainds und \ iiaifc for fuur pence halfe penny 
Wheat being att three Shiiiugs and six pence V' Ihishel! And CtRD^jdn 
that all the Ikakers oi {h\^ City doe take Xotice thereof And make their 
bread Accordingly. 

^. . , Att /V I oiiViHein (_orir;Cil lield att tiie 

Cits" of -,„ ,. T ,,,.,,., -.. 

,, A. , SS mv lial! ot the Saul Lite on .Sat 

New ^ o?-ke „ • - , . ,, ^ , ; __ 

' iirst dav or Alav Anno lV'>;u. 170- 

.\ii .\ V e;i 111 I ;i.j;i v_i.nii;Lii iieii^i ciLi i. 

iry lial! of the Said City on Saturda\- tl 
rst day of May Anno lV'>yTT. 170" 
Present l'hi!lii,> bVench ESqr Ma}0'r 

Sati:^on Shelton I'r.wighton f-iStj!' Record. 

John Corbett C 

W'illi.nn Smith -^ b^Srf: Alderniei 

Lawrence Readie [ 

Jeremiah Tothii [^ 

Robert l.nrting -■' Assistants. 

Rartholemew I.aronx ' 

Ori-kr'o that piddick Advertisement be given to all the Tidiabitant^ 
cif tins City and eUlKTs \*-ho are Crciitors ♦<) this C' >r|ii:<ration ])y War- 
rants uj)on the 'freasnrer theree>f that they ba-in.g- in the same lo the 
Office of Town C'erke of this Citty i.^n or befc're the first day of Jur.e 
\exl Knsueirg in ( )rdei- the sum an 1 the date thereof ma\- be taken. 
And Also all per-oi-!:; have any denxmds im^'U thi> Corporation 
by AccourU due or k'tht. ru a}s are d.e.dred to Carry in their Accounts 
to the Auditors of tb.e [)if;fi;ck Accb of iliis City in (")rd,er tliat tlie saiiie 
be Audited and Ad.inst'-d that proper Method^ be taken for the Speedy 
paynient of tin- Said Warrants and Accoimts. 

234 .mlxltes of the co^.lmox col-ncil 

Citv of ) ^..., Att a C'omnion Council held att tlv? 

NcAv Yoru-ei ^'"^ City Plall of tlv^ Said City on Munday tho 

jo'r- day of ?>Iay Anno Dom i;03 

J'resjnt Phi Hip French ESql ^.layor 

Sanison Slielton Bror.ghton ESq'' Recorder 

Jacobus \' ; Cortlandt ) ,-^ ,. ,, , 

i , .-. . } LSq'^? Aldermen 

John Loructt *, ^ 

fo] \\^illi;ini Smitli ) -,^.,^. ... ,, , 

^-^ ^ ^, , ^ bbq-: Aldermen. 

Lawrerice Reade \ 

Roliert Lurtin.g- "^ 

Jeremiah Tothil I ^ • ^ ^ 

■L , , .. C Assistants, 

Caleb Cooper ( 

Bartholoniew Laruiix J 

C-i:V:.\<'d ihe Rcmnkr Issue liis Warrant I) the I'reasurer to pay to 
Pb.iilip I'rerich IiSqV Mayor of this City or Onjer th.e sum of Sixteen 
pom;di Eieaven Slrdiri.Q-s and three pence Curri Money of New Yorke 
it! being :Mon^y by him di^bursted for Wood Wine ^: beer 5:c: for A 
honfivc on tlie twenty third of April last being the Anniversary day 
01 her Majesty's Coronation an.d also for A sett of Boohs for the Ciiy 
1 'r ihe Keepirig tl'.e Acc':" and ^loney disbursted at A Coroneis Inquest 
winch is Allo\ved and Ordered tlic Treasurer pay the same. 

Th.e Petitiejn of A'ineent Delamontagne was read. Oi;nF.R''D he have 
Liberty to Cor^linue cii/ginc of Clay and n.iakin.g of Bricks in th.e 
Out Ward whore he now mahdh Bricks till the sitting of the Next 
Corr.rr.C'n L^ouncil and the said Petit iori in th.e mean time be under 
the Co:isideralion of this Court. 

Ati a Common Council held att tlie 
City Plall oi ihc Said City on Tuesday y? 
26*'.' day of VrdX Anwo Dom 1703 

^''V'^ ^ SS 
New Vcrkel 

k-csr'nt I'hillip l-r^'uch ESq: Mayor »^ 

Samson Shc'ton Broughton biSq. jxccorder \': Coriland.t Y 


' ESq'^ Aldermen 

Wdlnn Smith 
h.aA\Tcrice Rcadc 
Rr-nviah Tnthi! 
Cakl) Cooper 
Barib.Mb-.mew Lar..ux [ 

jail I b.'ndrirl:se I'rev. r[ J 



OF Ti!': CIIV 01" XrW YORi: 235 

Tr.e I-Vniiio!! of l!io Ir.iialiilan;.- of tliis City (Iwciliu^Q Xoar r-uri;.n"s 
Path was read prayiiig that A Carle \\a\ Ij- laiu oi:t and made on the 
East Side of the Shp art Burger? in such niannev a^ Other Shp^ of this 
City be made and linislied. ORi.rnia) that Alderri;an Corhett Alderman 
Reade [10] And }\1: d'otliii l)e A Committee to \d:\v th,c pre:r.isses and 
Knov.- of the said Inhuidtants the parcicukirs 01 -eliat they desire and 
Report to tliis Court whiat they Lhink will be Reasonable to be Granted. 

The Petition of Geraid l.'ccckman \vas read praying- A Grant 
frcmi high, \valer to Low water marke fronun.g liis Lott in Queen Street 
between the Sloughtcr hcmses in Cfjnsideratie'n v;!:ereof lie v.d!! att 
his own Charge make an-.' finish A Certain S]i]> Adjo}-ning to thxC 
same. Order'd AJderman. Corheti Aklernian Reade and ^P Totlii! be 
A Committee to Knquire into the premisses ar.d Rejjort to thi.-; Court 
what they think wih be ('onve'dtnt to be done therein for the pu'dick 

Resolved t];at Mv Reconkr and Mr Emott the Council for this 
Cit>- doe in the Name of tliis Corporation Cou'imence Process at Law 
Against Dirck Pen-on tiie Less^■e of the ferry of this Citty ^x : for 
Arrearages of Rent aiul breach oi Covenant^ as th.ey Shall th.inlc itiost 
Advantagious fur this Cori)orati(iii. 


Att a Common Council held att" th.e 
XfwYorkc^ "" City blaU of the Said City on Er>(!ay y' 

25'''.' day of June Anno DoTn 1703 
Present Phiilin Erencli ESo' 3,la\'or 

CESqT Aldermen 

Jacobus \kan Cortkmdt 

Jolin Corbett 

William Sir,ith 

Lawrenc" ]\eadc J 

Jeremiah Tothii ""^ 

Caleb Coop.:r C Assistants 

Parth.jleri'.ew Laroux J 
The ]'etiti._.n of Sundr;; of t!ie Lihabitant-^ of the Soudi Dock ct 
Xorih W'arcL of tliis Citv was read prayin.; .\ C'vmmon Sewer he 
ma:'c in the broad Street of this ("\[y Pursuant to the directions of an 
Act of Gen^^ A=semV>h- of this Prr,vi]!ce Entitul:d An Act for Regulat- 
ing the building Streets Lanes Wharfs A- P<Kks and Alleys of the Cit^ 
of Xew Yorke. Oimr;u'o that Mr James Ewia- and Mv Jo'iannes 
Ddloiicur be the' surve_\or-; [ i i } Or Sniiervisor:' nf rids City by vertne 
of the Said Act and that th.ev lie summoned to Attej'd tin's Court the 


.MlXiniCS 01' ■illi'. CO.MMUX COIXCIL 

Next Co; 

Council 10 ("un-;iU of projKr A[rtho<ls f-r ihc ("Jrfl^ring 

:iu(\ dircclnig tiic Said Cuir.iiion Sewer 

(J:U;!:k'd the Recorder issu.e liis W'arrani \u the Tre;i-urer U) \/.y to 
Piiiup I-'iencli l^sq: Mayor ut tins L"it>' or (V/'ier tlie Mini of thirty t^vo 
pouTidb ten ShiHn;^s Currant Money 'M Xew Vurkc itt being- for ln=; 
Servici. m (kmi" As>en^!)iy a^ A KcMresentative of this City -^e^venty 
tne da_\s fruin tlie fiflh day of April hist y.a-.t to the twentieth day of 
this )n~tant ]\\\\^ att t'?n Shihn;rs %' (Horn Sund:i}s deducted end to be 
j'aid uut of ti^e h'-st ^hjiiey Raised for th/ payn^ent of yV Saliarys of 
th:e l\eprescntali\-es. 

The Aecon^pt of Brandt Schiivler KSrir hUe Alderman of u>e suuth 
Ward of tiiis Ciiiy was pi-odiuceil in Court. ' jj.-likk'd the same h-c Corn- 
initted to tiic Auditors of the publick Acccjn"!] Is 'J'hat they Examine 
the srnre and make Rcp.)rt thereof to th- Xe\t Common Councih 

Pursuant to an Act of Ccn^' Assembiv of tiu> I'rovince Kntiuded 

A'^ Art lo 

the Mavor Aldermen ar;( 

ahrv of the Citv 

i,\ Xew \h.r;.:e for tiie lin.e being' to Raise Money ui)0M the Creeiiolders 
And Iniiabiianis thereof f^or defraNint;- their puldic!: A: Xessessary 
Chari^fcsl Aniuially itt is hereby Ri>o[.v;u) Xendne Contra dicente 
that the sum '-f three lumdred |>;.'unds Currant Ixloney (jf Xew Yorke 
lie Raised ■^\\k.\\ the Freeholders and Inhalita-its of the ^■^\'A City for 
the paying- the Reihuen paying- the sallarxN of the Otncers of this 
City f'T the p: }-m:-. of the Rxecr.trix of Idiome.s X'-'Cll deceased StoriC 
and Stairs f<;r the City ilail and f^r t!ie defra}in:V C^dier publick 
Cihar^'-es ha])niru; in yV Said C ily. ddiat tlr- Mayor forthwith ISsue hi- 
W'airant to tlie Assessors for tlie making- the said Tax I'ursuant to 
the directions of the s:dd Act and thnt tlie san-e lie paid to the Treas- 
me; (A thi^ City on or iiefore the tenth day rC Augu>t Xext ]-J-i>ucing 
the date hereof and that he pay the same te; the uses Abovesaid ar;d to 
no Other but bv the Order an.d direction of this Court. 

(i^j Arr A C(anmon Council held alt the 

City IJal! of the ^aid City on brytlay the 
.-ccor.d da._\- lef J id;. Anno OohT 1703 
I're-ent I'liillip j'rench KSm: Mayor 

saii'.-ou S'-i'.liou DrouglUon h'So/. !\e'.-or'ier 
• John Corl)etl ^ 

Wihiaui Sinith M^^'i'^ Aldermen 

l^avricncc Read.c j 

koliert Lurfing 
C^akT Coop.T 
HartbolenH-w l.arcux 

V Assistants. 


"LYih Court ln,itic;- liiloi-m'.''! that I'altliazar Bayard late one of t\w 
assc?sorb cif the W'cVi W'artl is dca.d where'.') thicre is. X'acaiicy of that 
Ofhce. <..>klh-;k'ii that A!: .Mayor ly.^ue h.i^. Warrant t'l the Alderman 
of that War.) for the Idoction en An'.-ther aide ['-erson of the ^aid Ward 
to Serve in that Ofike untill th.e fourteenth. da\- of Ocioljer Next 
Ensueiiy^- in sueh nianncr a.s by An Act of Gen'^ Assend.'Iy of this 
Province }{ntitided an. Act to ]£nald-j the Cit\' of Xew '^'orlre to Supply 
the \'"acancy of Sueh i)uhlick Elective Jdag-isirates and otiiccrs as May 
dye or Ittlierwis-t be Inoajiacite'di to serve before the time of Anntial 
Fdectio.n is directed ami .Apnointerl. 

City of i -Vti a Con-.mon Council held atl th.e 

New "iVjrke^ " ' CiCv Hall of the Said City on Fryday the 

iG'r day of jul\- Anno ])oT7i 1703 
^re^e^.t i'ldllip French J'lSqi: ^fayor 

Sam.son S!ielii~>ii F<rot!,t;hte>n F^sqr llecorder 

John Corbet t "^ 

William .smith. vESq''* Aklermen 

LaNvrencp Jiead.' J 

Robert Eurting- "^ 

CakE CrK'iK-r C A.ssistants. 

l.kirtholemew karotix j 

Thi^ Coml kavinq- Con>idered the I'eiition of Vt' Cerard Ik-eck- 
man doe IxcsoIvl' and itt is hereby CncOKirT) that the Ground between 
his Eott and Eow | 131 Water marke lyin-- in Queen Street frordini,'- 
the East ]\i\er on the West side (d lEecl:man.~ S'aueiUer liou^e b.^ 
Granted unto him and to his Heirs and Assir^ns for lEar uj)on the 
Condition^<;- i\izM That the said Cicrard lEeckmau Sliall 
make A Wha'-fe or Street frontiny t'^e Ea- 1 Riv-r of thirty foot broad 
in Manner and fornie (V tmder sueh Covenants as the Other Wharf:> 
S: StreoF- in ()neen Street .\re or otieht to be made, And also att his 
own proper Cost and,Q-e make A Slip on the West Side of hi.s 
Said Eott of Grouiid of twenty four for.t wide And A Wdiarfe of twelve 
foot wide And to Keep ib.e same in Reiiair for lA'cr att his or tludr 
ov.n Charp:e Audi tlia.t th.e sr.rveyors Eay itt out arid make A draft 
thereof and that )dr ? Layor ITxectite .-V Grant for the same Accordiiv?;'}'- 
.And itt is hereby further ( ko!.;i;! o tint A Slip of Ground lyin;^- be- 
tween the two Slouiditer liou^cs in Oi;een St'eet be and is hereby 
A]")jironria.tefi f^r a [)'.dihcl: S!i;i for the^ of the Corporation for 

M' Nfay.r Aequ:diUed this Cotu't that b.c is \"ery sr.ddenly de- 


;;S or Ti;L COA[:^IOX corxcii. 

s-ig-ued On .V \'o\-aC,'-c for En;:;laiiJ on i-onu- Urc^ciit Occasicir.i and 
desire? the C)pini-jn of this Court how iie Shal! dispo-c of the Charier 
and seals of this Cit}' till such tiir.e as Anotlicr JNIax-or succeeds him 
Okdkr'u he deliver the same to the Recorder to be by hirn Kept for the 
use of thiis Corporation till A New Mayor is Sv.'orne. 

Okder'd that all th.e Laws Orders and (^rchiuinces of tins City be 
Continued in force for three xslonths longer. 

Ordf.i^'d that th.e sum of fifty pounds Currant AFoney of Xew Yorke 
out of th.e th.vee Inmdred pounrls Raised by Order oi thib Court tlie 
twenty hfth. day of tlie Muntli of jane last past for defray- 

ing tlie publick and X'essessiiry Cliarg-e of tliis City \)C Appropriated for 
the jjaym.ent oi such fees an.d disburstu" ?nt:= as Sl^.all be due and Ex- 
pen.ded by ^dd Cniott and M'^ Recorder in tl'.^- ]jrosecution of sundry 
ActioriL^ att Law Commenced l.y llris Corporation Against Sundry per- 
sons and tliat ^i: Recorder in Abserxe of tlie Mayor Issue his W'ar- 
rarits upon tlie 'j>ea surer for the paymen.t of such suins of Phoney as 
Shall become du^- ueto th.em for that service. 

fi.ll Gtyof ; 

Xew Yorker 


All A ^Meeting of the Recorder Alder- 
men aiid Asiistan.ts att th.e Citv llall of the 
Said City on. \\'ensda\- the 29'!' d^iy of Sep- 
teniber Dom 17X^3. 
Present sanisou Slu'lton J'.roUighton LSqr R.ecorder 
Jacobus V : Cortlandt 

John Corbett ]>ESq^-? .Aldermen 

William Smith 
Jeremiahi Tothil 
Fjartholemcw La^-ou.\ 
Pursvuuu t'. the Warrants of the Ivecorder Issued to the Aldermen 
of ea'di Rc.sp.-ctive Ward and to the Con-table of the North Ward 
(tl;eir being no Alder, nan or .-Yssi^tant for tliat Ward for tlie Electing 
tiiis <lay o;ie Alderman one Assistant two Assessors one Collector >*'c 
op.e I'etty Constable in each Respective Ward of the Said City and two 
Collectors And two Petty Constables and fcur Overseers of the High- 
ways fr,r ihe Howry and Harlem Divisions of the Out Ward of tiie 
S.n<l City 10 Seree in their Respective o.ftices for the year Ensueing 
Acc.-rding to th.e usage Custom Laws and Ordinances of this City A: theX;.,ji,- (P.v ]ietu.rn v/as made tliereof att twelve of th.e 
Cl-.d: att X'odu to the oftice of Town Clerke under the hands and 
itals of tlie Re-^jv/ctivc .■\ldermen, and Constal-le of the North. Ward 
Accordi!:g to the Tenor of the Aforesaid Warrants as followetli lA'iz' ) 




Weft \\'ard -< 

■Jacobus \'an Cortlauvi 

John \'aii!iorn- 

. Klias liouniiiott 
Dock Ward -< ^^^,^^,^^ ^^^^^^^.^^^ 

John Tieliorit 

Roy:er Joncs 

r Jcbaraies jaason 

I Ccnielui? ].): i\-'yslcr 

Fraticis \'incent 
South Ward ^ ^^^,^^^ ^.--^^^^ 

Benjamin Wyncoope 
Ehas hVllrtrcan 
John Hutchins 
Earlhoienicw Larou;-: 
l:'<.tei King- 
Tobias Stoutenburg-h 
J^.vcrt \'anbiOoke 
Richard Green 
'' Jeremiah TotiTl 
Benjamin Fanenil 

Peter ]\Iorin 
Last Ward ^ ^-^^^^-^^ j,^^,,^,^ 

Peter Rxckman 
Wihiarn Lealb.e? 
'Dnvid Provost 
I Abraham Ketlet^^j; 
Matthias Bocckhont 
North Ward -^ AVilnam Apple 
Joost P^alding; 
Abraham \'an Laer 
Jacob TVkey 
Egbert ITeermans 
lacques r'rontyn 
blendrick Cordus 
Zacb.ariah s\ekells 
Oat Ward j J'^cob Cornelisse 
'] Wc^^e•! b'clerson 
Adoli.h Meyer 
Parent Waldron 
Joliannes Meyer 
Adolph ^leyer 
Parent Waldron 









/ Overseers of 
\ Hi-!iAvavs 
1 Overseers of 
\ Highways j 

for y? 


for Harlem 

mixlti^s uI' the co:\iMC)X corxciL 

'i'he Copy of an Order of Council was read wherelj}- his Excelieucy 
jidv.ard CibCO'j.iit Cci^jjiir}' Caj); Gen''' and Governour in Chicfe of 
this I-'roviric[e] h\- and witii the Advice aiid Consent of ^Majesties 
Council of the same was [jieased to Xoniinatr and Ajipoint Coll William 
J'eartree to he .Ma^'or of tliis City for the year Erisncin.g iSr Also 
]-:beiV--7.t r Wills'-'n liSq: to be high. Sheriff of the Cit\- and County of 
Xew W:rhe for the Said i-hisueing \'ear. 

[jC)) RF.iOi.\i;D Xer.nne C'.-'ntva dicentc that \\'i]li:nn Anderson of this 
City Gent he Chaniberlairi or Trcastu'er of this City f'jr the "^'ear Ensue- 
in,L^ and h.e is hereby Xc>niinatcd and Appoin.ied 'J.Veasiucr or Chamber- 
lain of City .Yccordingly for tlie year I'hisueing. 

Rfsoln'ld Jererinah Calicntt of this City Kutciicr be hi.<^h Constable 
of l!]is Cits' for the year Ensueing iV he is hcrGyv X'ominated and 
Appoi^-itcd hio-h Cc>n>tab!c Accordincrly. 

C.t> of / ^^ 
Xew Vorhc^ '^ 

AiT -V Connnijn CVunicil held att ih.e 
Citv Hall of the Said Gtv on Thursdav the 

vESn': jMdernien 

e, A^'^istant-. 

Present A\'illian.i I'eartree EScu ]Ma}'or 

fan).-on Slicltor: Ijroughton ESqr Recorder 

Jacobus Wan Cortlandt \ 

John ilutchins I 

Da\dd Provoost 

Jacob Dekcy absl 

Jerenniali Totlii! 

Jol-anne.^ Jnnse:- 

Bartliolcin.ew Laroux 

Cornchius D : Pe} ster 

Benjamin. Fanend 

.•■\brahani Ketbrtas 

Ejrbert Heermans dj.y being the Anniversary da;,- of Swearing tb.e X'ew Mayor 
High Sheriff Ablermcn Assistants Treasurer High Constable Pettv 
Constables ^c: \\dl!iani Peartree ESn^ the then flavor Elect (Phillip 
Frciich ESq: the late }\ba\or being absent) Attenck-di liy the Recorder 
A!der:,-ien Assistants Assessors Treasurer Colkctors High Constable 
Petty (>.n>tab]es and Oiher Oft-cer^^ of the Said Citv According to the 
usual fr.rniahty inett att t!:e Citv Hbali vV from thence went to Fort 
Amio u there v.Mt.d u^'0!i !.!< lv:ce!bnry {lie Capl Cien'^ and Gover- 
nour in Clnefe of thi--, T'rovincc in (^Dunci! v.ho Caused to be Admims- 
tred t.-. the said William Peartree i'lSq' Havor o;; Ebenezer Will-on 
ESq' b;..h Sheriff tb.e Oaths Appointed by Act of Parlian;enl to b.e 

Oi' 'I'wi: cri'v or xr.w york 


takir. :n>t-.;;'<J oi ihi.' Oatlis o! Aileig-aiicc and supreriuicy and the Tc^l 
ar.d i'liL r)ath of -Vbji'ralini! aii'.l also tl\c Oatlis for the due Exccutioii 
of tlieir R^-spective c>in.:cs an-'. .-\ccoi\iiiij^l_\ delivered ur,t,o theivi their 
fi/j Respective Ccnrwiii-sions. \Vliereii,K-.n tlie Mayor Attended as 
Aforesaid v.ith. t:;e lihe f'.rriialit} weru to Trinity Ciuireii, whiere th^e 
Reverend Mr \\dlliai,i \'eze\- the ]\.eetor thereof afier divine service 
preac'ned A seinic 11 suitj.i)he to tlie r>::asicin which done tliey Returneci 
to R;e City Hall \vher. after tlie Rit^^in- oi three J^leHs the Conmiis- 
sions of tlie ?'dayor .c liii::h. SlieritY ^'.erL■ {.'uldislied after \vhic)i tliey ah 
weni np tlit; Court Clianiljer v/here the Xew ^vlayor Assumed 
the Chiair cOiJ h;, Mr Recorder was presented with the Cliarcer ani! 
seal- of ih^ City which done the Afore-aid C)atlis Te>t c: Abjurati-Jii 
O^tii as also tlie Catr. for tl;C due Excculioi; of their Jvcspective Oitice> 
wcTv .Xdniinistred to Jacobiis \": Co^llandt ESqV Alderman of th.c 
j^ock A\''ird John Fii-'ci-h:^ loSc-:" Alderman of the ^\■e^t Ward David 
I'rovoC'St ESq"" of tlie Xorth Warii Jeremiah Totliil ICSq' 
Aldennan of thf East Ward and Joliannes Janst-n ESq^ Alderman of 
the South Ward ];k;rtholon-ie\v Laroux Assistant of the West Ward 
Eenjamin J^incuJl Assistant of tlie ]~a.-t Waril Ah-raliani Ketleia^ 
Apsistant of the Xort)] Ward & Egbert fiecrmans Assistant of the 
Out Ward. Jacob Dekey ESn' Alderniau of- the Out Ward ^ John 
\'anhornc Assistant of the Dock Ward being- absent. 

William Andersen Cl'u; Wc.- Sworne ChniT:bi,Tla:n or Ih-casurer of 
this Cit}' fc;r tlie l^jisuein.:;. 

Jeren:ia!i Callcurt wv^ ^Wvcvuv Tlioh Constal)lc of tlii^ Cify for thf 
year Ensn^.-i!-j;. 

Roger Jone> Elia-^ Pelletreau Ricliard Crcvn William Eeathes 
Abram '^'v.v Eacr /achariah s\'ckells and Jr>h:mries Meyer v.ere sv.-ornr 
Cor;-t.;.b!i.'s of the Resiiecnve Wart Is of this City for \f year Ensueing. 

Okok';']; that all the Raws (Jrdcrs and (' )rdinancep of ihis City be 
Continued in fitrec for tlcee ?\!orith-: lone^er. 

^'■y "> ( ^^ -■'^'"T A Common Comicil held att t'le 

New'vorkei ^" Ciiy Hal! of ihe said City on Tuesday the 

H)^': flay of 'October Anno DoTTI lyoj, 
I'resent Wiih'ani Pcartree I'.Sq: ^Jaj.'or 

i-anv-^on Sli'dton llrcui^b.ton I'lSqV Recorder 
Jacobus \' CoridairJt 
John Hu.tchiu'-- 

Davi 1 rrovor,.t I. ESq^r Aldermen 

Jeremiah Tothi! 
Johanncv Jar.scn 
Vol. 1 1. -10 

2.1.2 MyXl'TES OJ'- Till-. CO^IMOX curxciT. 

[iSj CiKDi.Ki.ij lliat .M'' Mayor I.->.~sUc hi.- W'arrar.L to .M'' Ju!ianri(\- ;a.!i- 
st.-n. late Treasurer ot lUlj- Cliy to [,•;•/,• >nil of ilic Mono}' laic RaisC'i b. 
Act of Gen'^ A>--rnvAy to Jciviiiiah ToiiiiH KSr;^ and aK Caleb 0;o[M:r 
A Coninnitec ol this Court the sum of titty pounds C'urrant Money of 
New Vorke- iit heiuL; for the buyiin:^' Materialls arid ])a^•in!:;■ workenv";! 
for ],ar)our done up\>yi the Cit\' Ida'i fu-r ^^hich sum they are te) AcC'iu.wt 
to this Court. 

The Petition of James Spencer \\-as read and UuDrki o th.e saru.e he 
under the Consideration of this Court. 

( )KrjT-.uKn the Mayor Issue iiis Warrant to tiie Treasu!"er U> ]j:?y io 
\\'iHiani Sliarpas or (Jrder tlie vuui of h!Ica\'en pounds four shih''igs 
Currant Money of New ^i'orke out of tlie Money Raised for that S'^rvire 
itt being- for A halfe years SaHary as Clerlcc of tlhs City due tlic forer- 
tecnth Instant and; for pen Ink and 'oap'er a> ajvri-ars 1)\ his Account 
Nvliich is Al]o\ved. 

()Rn!:j<i-:n the .Mayor Issue his Warrant to tlie 'Jhea^urer to pay to 
janie^ Wriglii or (Arder t]":e sum of fourt-'en pr.Mnrls fr,ur SiriHi;g's and 
one pen.!!}- CurraiU -\hon.ey r>f Xe\\- Yorke out of the Money Raised 
for that service itt being fr.r one }-ears Sadiary a- Mar-h.ali of tliis Ci:v 
due k Ending- y-: fmirteenth Instant and for Moncv b}' him Disi>urste\i 
for fire <V Candle for the Watch ar.d sunih,-}- Cther Services as Api^ears 
\'V his Ace". v\diicii is .-\ilovced. 

City of ] 
New Vcrke^ ^^ 

Att a Comriun Council held ait {h 
City Hal! of the said C'.^y on Sa.tUirrlav- rh 
2^S-' d^iy of (dcLober Anno 1 )uiTi 170^:; 

Present WiUiam Peartree J'lS'j: Mayor 

San":son Shclton ]h-ougt:ton h.Sq'' h'.ecorder 

jacolnis \' : Ce>rtkmdt 

Jolui ] [utchins 

h)avid Prov(K.!.-t 

Jeremiah Tothill 

Johannes Jansen 

Jacob Dekey 

Benjamin Faneuil 

Banholemew Paroux 
■ Ahralnni Keth tas 

Cornelius D : Peyster J 
I 10 1 This flav tliis Court iiave .-\greefl with, Pieh.ard ^'^•arsly Reiv.-rt 
I>r'.)nmiond Edmond Tliomas and Hen.jrick Pu.-di four able Citize:,s of 

E.Sri'''^ Aldernic 


O]- IH!: CITY Oi- XL.W YORK 343 

tliis Cily hj i'C llic LicliUicu of tliis City iroin tlic first d:i_\- of Xov^-r 
Xoxt Kiisudng to the f.r>: day of April the:i Xcxt follow ing for th- 
sum of for.rty four po'.nnJs (.'urrant Alonc}- of Xcw Yorl-:c tvii j'-ounds 
wlicreof to be paid unto tlu'in in A Moinli :v\d the Ivcniaiudicr att the 
Expiratior. ff tiie Said Tcrnn;. wliich Scrvii-o the}' arc duci>' an<l dili- 
gentlv to .Vtloriil ]yy i;oinr:; ]\\'. rv hour iu the X'ip.iit tlirtiii^h the sev- 
eral Street.- oi this Citv and paldishii'.,'.^ the time of tht^ X'ig'h.t and 
Approhendii^j: all disturbers <f the peace Felons Xe^To and Intlian 
Slaves and Other persons and alse. to tahe care thai Xr) dan-age be done 
in this City \ry tire r;r Casualties as umch as in then: !}-es and all 
Other matters .v tlring-s Relating- 10 the office of Belhnen th.ey are dili- 
gently to Attend and (ixecute during the Tci-'ue Aforesaid. 

Resoi.VK1-> that ylatthias Pooley Painter Nichola-. I'ooley Taylor 
an.d Georg^e B"Otl! jovner. being poor 'j'radcsniiTi and !r)t able to 
pay. be inadt ]~re?inen r,j ih:-r Corporatio!! Gratis. 

ORDEn'o tlial Aldernian Cortiandt :\]r Faneuil ai;d Mr ]) Peyster 
or any tv.'o of theni be A Committee to Audit the Ace'-' of W: Johannes 
Jansen late Treasurer of tiiis Cit_\- and malce ]\cport thereof ^v!(.h all 
Conveni*/nt Expedition . 

Orderl) tiiat the Arrea.rage of the Cit}' Tax which \vas [ja.yable to 
Mr Johani'.es Jansen lale 'f reasurer of tliis Cit\' the tenth da\' in' Aaigust 
last past be paid to the present Treasurer of this City for the use= 
for whicrL tl'.c s.ime was raiserl. 

Citv of ) ^, . 
New Yorke^ 

Att A Common Council hekl att the 
C ii\' Hall of tbic .Said! City on. Munday the 
fn-.-t dav of Xovember .Vtum l^. unini i"o^. 

Present William !*cartree l^Sqi" .Ma\-o)- 

Sa!n<i:n Shehon Th-ough.ton I'^Sq^" Recorder 
John Ilutcliins 
David J'rrisoost 
Jeremiah Te.thill 
Johannt.s Jansen 
Partholr.n'.LV. Laroux 
Abraham }\etletas 
Benjamin l^'anetiil 
Cornelius 1); Pcy.ner 
John X'ann.iirne I 

Ef^bert TIeermans J 

[20] The Oath-; Api-iointer' by Act of Parliament to be taken Instead 

ESq''^ Aldermen 


^IIXI'IKS ()!• Tilli CUMMOX ('(Jl/XCll. 

oi the' (');:i:- of AlU-i:i^;;iict.- and Supremacy Th- Tot and Oath of 
Abjurati' n v.x-rt: AdT'dnistrt-d unto jo!i;i \'anh>_-riic Assistant of th-^ 
V)'>ck Ward ;:;d \\ddia:i^ Sharpas To'./n Gierke of this Cdna and aftcr- 
wa.rds tiu- <.)atii (if Cv.rr.u^jr. ('oaricil Im tfic .^'aid Jolni X'aidiorne who 
AocordiTa.d;.- l'>d;c Ids ])!;.co. 

j\(-^>'i.\ ri) ihal A C'a;.^v W hipj-in^'; p^.-t piliory and St'icks be forth- 
\'dtli l:.rrcted hofovc the City I fad oi thi^ City, and that for the 
IdTectaa! doi!!^ thcrcrif it; is hereby h-'Ki' that the Charg"e h.c de- 
frayed out of the Siir(/hisag'e of the tiiree hundred vionnds raised in 
this City V, !;ich is not >"ett .\ppro[)riated by tliis Court and tliat thie 
saane be Ar)[)lyedi to no 'rniier use Wdia.tSijever and Ordered that Alder- 
mas i Totliili doe forthwith Ag-ree v.dth. workcnicn and provide Mate- 
rial's for the doing- tlie san'e and tliat M"" AlayCir Isstie his warrant to 
u\:- Tiea-iua T for t'le pa}"rnent of th./ Cha.rg'e tiiereof, and also that 
Aidern-a-i lA^thil doe Cab M' ]A-eli.> ( ti-io surveA'or of this Cit\) to 
)d< Assi^tai'ec. for the better directing of the Said worke. 

< .>;-;t)KR'r> ir;al tf-a- Warrant oi fifty p^ainds directed to Issue the 
Xineteo-'ri oi Cctol'er la-t pavahie to Aldernirin Toliiii and ?\lr Cooper 
!■' be (ka-.-n upon t'-iC k'te Treasurer be directed upon the present 
Treasurv-i i];e raaoTusing to this I'ouri; to Receie<' no Conunission for 
the payt^i-nt of the saire) Any thing in (he « irder at -repaid to the 
( ""ntrary X'■;t^^dthstanding. 

! >RiiTr:.'r, y,!: }.|a\r.r L:;sue hi:; Warrant to the d'r epsu^'er to pay to 
d:.- Keveiead Oi" Wdbara \'eze>- or C"^rd. r the suni of hve pounds 
<"urr^ Money (T >'ew Yc^r;:e itt lacing- for [;reac;i:ng- A sermon on the 
f'Urtecndi (:f Octo!;er last to this Corj^^ :»radon i't bein;:: the Anniver- 
v.r- day r.f S^veaT!n- ti:e Alaywr v^ Magistrates thereof S:c: 

V 'K0i.;<'i> tiaat ?\I; \'a;ihorne (.h^e !iire persons to Jvepair a.nd clean 
!. ■ ihivy up.;:) the Deck and that M ' Ma:.or [>-sue his Warrant to 
!!■•• dVea-urer for tl-e payna:nt of t!ic Cliargc thereof. 

dia. i'eiiti-u] of JaiULS Spencer t':e :br;::er <.>f the doclc oi this City 
■.•.■••> re;a! th.ercin proposing to surreneler ids Lease therof uii'Ht 
d"'-vn- ;;a:..,K"r) that Abb-rman bV.rdaudt ^b D: !"eys:er and Mv Van- 
borne ie A Cemnuttci^ to treat with the Said Spencer, and lbs security^ 
M: Ma'.t'Ti anil .bir Iludibcston \- Knov; of tbcni upon -what 'bernas 
b-ev vo a ■ ,irre;:der the sa:V:e and \'/l at satisfaction tiTC}- are wdibng 
V' make to tins Corporation for their lireach of Ce'^•enants and make 
HtO'CT Th-T.-r,} tri ihe Next Contmon CAunci! 

OF rci-: CITY OF >:fw vork 


N^'xv Ynrkr\ 

A'lT A Coip.paoii CoiiMoil h.':lr\ ^ tlir 
City ]i:ii! of tlu' Said City on Saturday th,^ 
Sixtli (la\- of \\>venilK-'- .Vmic ! )n~ 1703. 

I'rc.sent \\'iliia;:i i^'artroc F.S'|: Mayor 
lao'la;-^ \': Conlaivlr 

JcrcK^iali Tot'iil! 
Jolianiies Jaiisen 
Bartholfriiiew 1 .aroii 
Cornelius D: IVyFti 
Abrahatu Kcrletas 
Beairuuiu Faneuil 

■ y. .-\ifl(.---;ueu 



The Comuiiltci- ior Au-litinc;- the lioo!:.^ and .\cconu>ts of M' 
Johannes Jansen late Trrasurer of thi> Ciity doc Report thrr ihey have 
Audited the same and that tliere is in iiis hands of th- ViO ^ey^ of t'iis 
Corporati'Ui the Sum of seaventy t\\'o pounds Xinete:ii Shili^^crs and 
i')nc j,'!.:nny Currant Mone}' of Xew ^'nrhe. OaDEido tliat th.e Said M- 
Jansen de^e dehver the Said ^huieys %Cth all the Boo'cs Aeconipts 
writinp-s and papers of this Cdty now in h's hands or Cu>tody unto M' 
William Anderson present Treasurer of this Citv whose Receipt fnr 

fhe :-an^^ 
Soi- d'.^iin.;. 

.1! he nnr. th- Sa^d M' lans -n A ^v. 

artre t- 

Cjion Infcrniatii'U t-* this iVuirt criven that Ml' \\'iPiam lieechmaii 
of this Cii\- Krewer hath laid \vharf>. and i> hlliiic;- ui^ \ aeant Land 
belonpini; tu tins Corp-jration without atiy Gvant f'.;r tlie same. <J:'- 
i>ki;'d that Aldernam Tnthill and AU }-aneuil floe forhid the S'] William 
i'.eecl:m;m frenn. lillin!; n;) the Said Gromvl w in ane wise nat-dliuL; 
with tlte sawK' wilh.r.ut the Con.-ent aitd direction, of thi-; Conrl. 

(!^in)rR'i) 'idiat the Alderntan of jvespeetive Ward, 
( "ity doe Comniaial tlie ResjKCtive (S>ai>':ddes of th- .au'e to i^oe to 
hivery liou'^v' and Inspect veh.elher th:e;> h.ave the Xtiml-er of Buehetts 
Rctiuiied liy t!;e Lawv ci th:^ City an.d to Claar.L;e Kver\- liL^use Keepn.T 
in their -everal W'ard-^ that thev forthwith provid-' Sitch Xmtdjer of 
Muckeit.s upon pain ot hCn.u;- pi-o.~-eeu.ted as tlie direct^ and also 

t.aat th.ev .i^ive m Charye to tlie said Constables to 

?nt Searc' 

for all Inmates and t(i ]\eturn th.e .Xames there')f to the Mavor e>r 


Sl'YlS 01' inV. CC'.MMOX C';>l'XCil. 

AlclLT-.r:.;u( vi tii'-'ir 1\<, >]).:clive Wards: an'l further that they mako 
pre?cniir;<;!il of all sucli persons as Sha'i! A\\:;Iect or llefnse to clean 
tlicir Sirects r.ihl of all such as in any wnys Ijreak the h.oly Sabbath or 
O'r.iiviitl I. ■'2 I Miscleincaiiors. and that t!:c Sard Aldermen doc 
t:(!:o Tare th;:t the Constables of their Several Wards be dilit,^ent in 
tlie Mxocuiion of this Order, and for default tlv.-reof that they present 
ti:'- sa:r.^ tr. the Mayor or th,e Court of Gen'-^ Quarter sessioris of t\\c 
yrr.xe u\ ' >rder tho\- be j^u-iifhed for their Xej^leet or Ivefusal a? the 
l.aNv direct^. 

0::v\.\\'d that James Wriglit the Mardiall of thiN City forthwith 
iH-ovide t\\,' Cordis (^! rire\v(jod for tlie use of the Coiu'ts of this City 
durini: this winter at:rl that -M: Mayor Issue his Warrant to the 
Trva>uivr i'vr th ■ payfuent of the same. 

This (\:jy jauie:, Spencer the farmer of the Doc!: u Slijis of ihis City 
o. rJ- Sureiie- Appeared before this Court and prayed tliis Corporation 
{; .\ecei;t .\ surrcucler c>f his Lease thcre-f uj'On Condition that he 
will .'vs^i-u to thi^ Corporation all the debt'- dm.- uuio hi:^ for Dockage 
]'v \ c'lnj; under \"cry i>oor Circu;i;stan>:es (occasioned by sickness and 
('the:- Aii,ro:-tn];es \'-hich le; Imp'ores ibis <:\jurt to take iruo their 
Seri'tu^ Cc'i^-kleration Arc: The Court bavin;::- debated the matter <*y: 
inky (."onsklcrcd the Cii'cuiustances of hi- Case doe Kesoh'e and itt 
!> hereby 0;-:n::eK'") and l^acFOr.VRri tliat the saivl James Spencer be dis- 
cbar;.;ed fro:n ti:e Said Lease and all CoV'.uanl> and Conditions thereof 
a;[d bas bon i for porfonnar-cc of Covenants Cancelled bis Said sure- 
ii - Williai:! Tluddleston and George Stan.ton giving- L'ondi to pay to 
lb!.- Corp.;.r;>,i'v-u the Sun of Sixt}" poun.ds on or before tlie Kiglith da\' 
of !)eceM>l.'er Xext F.nsueing U])on Vvhicli the ."^aid Lease to lie Can- 
celled and deelared to be determined and utlc'-b- \'oid and of Xoiie 

< )':i'i;k'i) 'id;a- Alderman \' : Cortlandt Alderman rrov<'0>t .-Mder- 
rC'.M Jausen .Mr A'anliorn.e and >b.' D : Pe\ster or an\- four of them 
v.l-'r<of .\Mern;an \' : Corlkmdt to l-e (-'ue be A Conuuiitee of thi^ 
<.oiurt T.. h y 1 . fnnue the Dock and Slips oi this Cit\- for ^vhich Such 
'iV-:'n'e i.i ye. r-. 0''. \< Su.cb I'.crson or per>o'n- and mc'on such C'Ve/^ 
ard C(;iid!tiMi:., a^ ti'cv S! all think litt and most Convenient and Advan- 
la-iou'- f.M- I'-e pviblic'-, beiiefitt of this Corporation. 'Jdiat they Oblige 
the' ]"arn-cu- lhere..f to clean the Said Dock and to Rcjiair and Ameuvl 
the v.marfs tluTeunto iieloradng in '^'■•"■a and sufbcient manner. 

nr rill-: ci\ v oi' xrw york 


Cny of ^ Att A Coninion Council held att th-j 

Xcv/Yorke\ " " City Hal! (,.t tbo S:nM City on fryclay tlic 

i</-. c!a\- of XovonibeT Anno DoTTT 1703 

Frcsent W'illiciin i\'ii\'e KSql' Ma-Vur 

SaiVison Shc-lton Ih-oui^b.lcm ESq- Recorder 

[2jj jacohns \' : Corllandt "^ 

Jeremiah Tothill UiSq'" Aldermen 

Johanne? Janscn J 

]3artliolonie\v I.aroux ~^| 

Cornelius i' I'cvster , . ' 

,,..,, -., ^Assistants. 

l-Jenjairini rancnd ' 

A1)rah.:nii Ixctletas J 

The Jvepori of the Cowiii^iltee [r.r farn;iiig ihc Dock and Slips of 
ihif City was read in th^«e words n.:>llo\ving" (\'iz5) 

That the Sail Coinmittee liavc to farnie Letten unto John hdlisun 
of this City the Said great Doc!; and Sl'ps for the Ternic of Nine years 
upon The Cvniditions foUowin-. Ti:at the sak! John Ellison doth Oblige 
hiuiselfe to cleanse the said 1 Jock to the hard Sand}' founda.ti':in in the 
Terir ■ r.f two \-ears Cojrinner.cing from IhiC fir.-t d;a"-" of X'lvcniber 
i!:s:ar,;. 'i'h:a [h:^ Said Eiliso]; i^ obliged to deliver up die Said Dock 
att til- };\oirr>t!on (d tlie Said Tenne to the City of Xew ^rorkc well 
Cleansed a^ above>ai.l and in good Ord.-r. 

Tiiat tile Said Ellison ^> ()bliged t' - brdld A Comnuai shoar upon 
I. is r-.'.n C'Vt and Ciiarge in (he brnr,d Slrc-t jo\-niig to the Snut?i End 
f'f tfie Cunnn-'ii shoar that no,v is ruul runibng fron: t'lcnce in length t') 
the Xorth End of the Ibdi bri'Ige in Said Street and the Said Shoar to 
lie made of 'Zji^u] two Tueh board or of hard brick as Said Iilli^on 
Siiall think bt: and the >:>\d Conmran, slaoar to b'C tuiiv Coniipieatecl in 
June Next and not Eongcn- and lil.a.'wdse to make A lieacl on th.c End of 
tiie N<-.rth End r-i rl-e Said IhTlge of good Stockadoe^ or Stone WaU 
to the full height of tli,;- X^'w Street. 

Tiiat the ^aid [■dii^.:,;, i>, [n Ma!:e the Dock Wharfe in the same Re- 
pair Accordin.g to the i..-. as.- ,if Janne-^ Sipencer and to Keep tlu^^ same 
and to dclivei- the wnn:- ;e. tlv^ b'ity at' the [expiration of Said Tcrnie 
in Sai-i Repai- .Vec-rtbn- 10 Said Eea-e. 

Tiiat tin; Said Eddis'in i.-^ C^ldige-l for the i>crforniancc of those 
Articb s to give in security to the City a-" the Raw directs t!-,e wddi Ellis. ;n i:- [n ]i:v. b,i- ilnae first year^ one pepper 
Corii- p^ Auiinm an.' for tin- !^:x la^t years the sum of twenty five 
pour.'- y> Aioean To b^' paid Oupfte-b; during- the Said Ternie. wliich 

2 48 

Mixi-ii-:s u;- Tin: cuiamox coL-XLii, 

I^epori i:. A[)provrJ an^I OrokuI'D iluit A!i Mayor Kxlcuic A L:ci-c 
Accordin;:;!} and tnat t!ie Said Conuuitlc" in the X:'::^c of this Ccrncj- 
raiion dd!v..r PossL-ssioi! of the <U-nii>c(l T)rt'!iiis?<'s Accordingly 

()!:n!-!di) that the }.[a}t:)r Ts^uo hjs W'arrani to tiic ddcasurer to pay 
l(; Richard Year^ly Ro' crt Druinnujnd i->h:ie'iul Th.inas ;V hiL-ndrick 
i24J l'.u>h I'ehriien of this City the Sinn (.; ten pov.nds Cv.rrant Money 
r.f Xew Y'.rke itt h^-' Acot. of their ^alia^y a>^ ilcihnen ef this City 

OKM:ki:;) that A:dern:an Certlandt zv.o Aidvrnuin I'otliih l;e A iS.,.rn- 
loittoe to flesire M': Freiieh thai She d^/hvc- lu this Ciairt her hus- 
K'ands Acct. of the Monoy's. of this Cit\' iy iiini iveeeived :oid Ren;ain~ 
;nfT in his hand> durinj^ his 'ate Ma\orahiy this C'.urt heing' Infornied 
ho left the same Stated hefore he went un Fn.^land and n-ahe Report 
ti> lh(; ia_'.\! Conar.on (.'o'aneil 

The hefitioa ^'i Mr Wilhani neeeknian was read pra\ini^ !oa\e to 
lay Stones npcai the wharfe to tile Haslv.ard of h^s Sh>nghter house to 
secuii, thi^ t-an.e till th.o matter in diisj>uie iictv/een I'im and the.' City 
ab.nit the i^^aiid he delcririincd and t'-at he have Rilicrt;. to I'en^v.-e the 
Sana:' whicii petition is \:a-ordinid\ (iranted. 

Ai'i' A Co;nnajn Couneil I:eld :•:.'. the 
L'it\ Hah of t!ie Said City on }dunday the 
2()^'" da}- of Xe,ve;n!;e'- Anno I )oTiT ij .-: 

1 'resent W ilhasn !karl'-ee i-iSq- .\ia>:'r 

Sainscm Sheltori llrou.i^lit' n Idf.' Recorder 

Jacohus \' ; Cortiaivh h 

Jeremiah Tothill I- IhSq''' Aldern-en 

johanne.-^ jansen J 

r<arthid>onie\s- Laroux ^ 

Cornelius ]): I'ex '^ter , . 

,,..,, -., ^.Assistants. 

{.enjannn rancuil f 

.■\hraham kelletras J 

M' *0'"per this (hu' nriaduced t^ie Ace': of fhillip l-An' iaie 
.^ia;o.'r ot thi>^ City of the mon-, ^■s Reci i\ed a.nvi jKiid i^'V the use of 
(ity ihirinc: his late Mayoraht}'. ( Jaon;!-!' (hat Aldernoan Jansen. 
M' l-::'\c\u\ M^ 1); l'e>ster and the Treaonar of r'hs City or any li^ee 
^•i da ^-, ]...■ \ t. ommutee lo Audit the Said AccomU:- and ah Older 
Ae,-': l;rt\\ern !iir,i and this Citv and make Report tlureof to tk- \'.:-vt 
( ' n-.m-n Oumcil 

11 ii': cirv oi'- XFW vork 


John FJlisoi: who latel ■' .Vi-rcrd with A L'oniiiiitice ui \h\- iVai;!. to 
farme the Duck 0: Shp. .m il;;- L'hy Acquaint.-! thi. iV.u'-l that ia his 
last Treatment \'. ith the <ai(l CnniniiLice frn- fanning the san:t h-- 
Omittad t'nc [iia^posal of S-.\xTaI thi. !;,•,.-■ wliich. la' would liavc hicerted 
ill his Lease and desires this Cmirt v, ii! /\p[,",jint th.e Sale! Contriittcc 
[25] further to treat widi ihui ab-nu tlie fariniuL;- of thr said Ji)ock, Itt 
is llierefore C^kdlkl:[) tha.t the Said C'l.'mnuttr'e dot' further trt-at with. 
liim about th-^ fariuino- of the Said Doclc and Slii;-. aud make l\e::ori 
lherer>f to th.e Xext C*or:inn,,n Cotn-icil 

ORnF/,-;FD th,at for ti-<:^ fulu.rt; \'o Canuau wiifiin tiiis I'itv (Iw r<re- 
sume to drive his Cart ( )\er the Coniuion Sewer att the Lr^wer liwl 
of th.e h'-(.:id .Street uf thi- L"it\ upC'ii jicu.dt}- of three SidhiiLi-^ fe.r 
Every such CyiTciicc tcj ]>e di.iposed e-f to Such pcr>on ('V ];eT-sor-!s \-ho 
Shall gi\-o Info"matie);-i -.'wd prosectue tiT' s:^n'>e hefcre the .\laye)r Ive- 
corder or an_\- oue ()f the of thi'. City, aual that tla- Said 
Carnien !iiay uo'l preiei::d to be Ij:;'norant of tin's it! i.. iiorely 
furthci: ()-<i>iinvA) that t:w Foreiuen of the Said CaruuMi he ser>-ed ■.-ith 
A Cop) tlm-eof. 

()KI>rk]-L) thai ten p:juud> uf tl-e Aiouc-\h laieh.' paid I'' tlie j rea^- 
urer by \\'i!]ia:u Hudd:e-;toii aiid Geory^e Stautou be Apprej)! iaied i^,y 
the Coveriiit; of the Markett iiou^^e by tfie (Aistuni hou^e Hrid-e aud 
that Ailderi'iaii Jauseu ck.e Agree witii i.;oe)d we)rkeiiieu fnrthu-.'.-itii to 
Cover and Shi.!£;Ie the Said Markett hoi^se and that M'' Mavor J-^-^e 
bis Warrant to the 1"rea.-urer f:>r th-- TViMuent .d the C;;ar<e th'-r^-d. 

City of / ^ ' 
New Yorke\ 

Ati' A Ce^u-iUieni Couuei! held all ti.>- 
City blall of the Said City on 'i'bur^day tlu 
0''' (lav of Deceu]i)'-r Anri.) [.)o;,i \yi);^. 

Present W'ilhaiu Peartree KS.j: Maxc^r 

saniscMi Shieltr'U I>rouL;bton l-iSfu Kieerde 

jaceilnis \A Conland-t '^ 

' Huichius 

Jeremiah Tr.ihii 

jo!-iannes Jausen 

lKirth^deu:ew La-ou:. 

Coruehu. [): IVvMe 

John \'auhorne 

P.enianiin bkiueujl 

i'.S-r- Aldenuen 

C. Assistant- 



[-■6; Jo'ui i-:iii-on ha\inp; fallen from his AgTceiiicut made w\i\\ tb.e 
CoTurnitc ■ i^-:- farnnng- the Dock of this City; Ihcrtfore this Court 
have t:ii> day IctL to fanr.c the Dock and Slips of this City unto Lan- 
casteT Svn-ios of the Said City Mcrchl Gcrrctt Vaniiorne of the Same 
place i'.nhcr and Christoplicr Donne Carpenter for ir>e Ternie of 
iwelvv voars to Conimence frc'm the hrst diay of ^'ovemher last past 
i;r-->n the Condiitions folio \vini::; (\"iz') 

d'hat the Said Fanr.erb their Executors Adm'': ov As.^ig-ns in Con- 
Hi'eration thereof Sliali for the three dm \ ears of the Said Terme pay 
to ihe .\la\or Alderme;! and Coinmonaiii} nf ihe Cit) of Xew \orke 
iheir ^llcce^^^)rs or Assigns the \-ear!y Kent on one pep;./er Lome on the 
Ur- <!:;}• of Xovemher in iAvrv of the said years if Lawfully demanded 
and n:y the Xine ^'ears then XeKt fohowhig; the \early Rent of thirty 
p-ned-^ '■' Annum ( urrant jvloney of Xew "i'orke by iour Even Quar- 
teriy pa\a:Knts in lAery \car. That the Said Faneers their l^xeeute-rs 
.■\d^r.::ii^'.ralors or .\ssign.s Sludl ai'd Will within tlie d'enne of t\vo 
;. tr.r.N C orjiinencing fre-m the first day of Xovemljer last p?st well and 
^uk;ei. nti\ cleats tlie S;iid Dork of all the >ludd Soylc filth and Dirte 
Soe fJeeP as to A SatKly foundatinn and the wharfs Inclosing the same 
Shciii [tut in j;;-ood and ^ufneienr l\e]>"ir i.)\- inaking them A foot and A 
h'uh'e h.igdier tlten. tiiey n.ow are in the Idgiiest place with Stockadoes 
>r Other ddniber Smiahie and tlv: same Shall Cover and load vddi 
i *•■•.!: Mu'ld According- to tlie Cover.ants and Condilions att large ATen- 
t''Cwd in t!ie Lea -e luade to jan;e- Sr)encer anrl in Such rirder as is 
th i .-in NL-nti'ined Shall deliwr the same ej the M..e, i.r .Vkiern^en and 
oV^-Mmcnaliiy of thf Cdty oi Xe-e ^'orhe. Thai the Said Farmer:, att 
'hvir own ijroper Cost and Charge Shall n'ake A Convn-m Sewer 
)>.:■, die ;Xh Piridge to tb.e C)die!- (."ommoti seu er in the broad Street 
and !.> } r hnisbed some tin^e in the Mondi of Xext and to make 
A head of tone or Stockadoes the heigliih ni the Hrid-e att the Nori^J 
)-'u\ thf-re'^'.f. TIki: tb.e Said Farnvrs biave and iveceive to their own 
■'\-i <l:r':v^ d:e Terme c-i the Said Lease all the p'-nfltis of t!ie Dock 
and >!!;.•> c f tids Cdty with Liberty to lu-ect Soe many Cranes tlicreoii 
a^ t^'« V Seal! tbd'ek ntt and t' ^ Kecvive tlie proiitts thereof dr.ring- the 
T.--' .-.f t!i,Mr Lease and att the Fxpiratir.n thereof to Kemove i'nd 
!abr :,.,,ay -he sam- if thev think 0-.nvcnient. Titat the Said Farmers »v-ud with Sureties if Required f^^r j^rforii-anee of Cnvenants in 
ihc Sum <d Six hunrh-ed r-ounds. A ''^"'laure ..f Le-urry fur non pay- 
rnv:.: .d die L- n! and higher usual Cn\-e)e;nts m. ]x,- ]A~] Licerled in the 
Leao ddiat the Idn'mers have Liberty t.'. fill u]. A Oirner of the Do^d< 
N' V- •NM-rnvMi (^.rtirui.'ts and als-. A Siiv) <>f the l^oek on tlie West 

Sk:. iherrDt Next t-.. \\h\w Flnl! or to Clean the same att their 

OuDi-RD that M'' Aunor Kxcciut- A ],eai.e AeC' i!<!i:i;^iy 

Okdkkd that the Ma\i.'r J=sue liis W'avrani tn the 'l^-easurLT to [kc: 
10 Alclcnrian Jansen or t'.'rcler the sum or Six pouiuls Scr^vonleeii Sli'i- 
inf;-s TAvl Xinc pence Currant r\Toricy of New Yorko ln-in.c; Money by 
him nisburAef! for the Siiingling the :vbrkett house l.y the Ciiston^ 
hou^e over aii-l al.ovo ■'■e ten pouu'-l- f^irrlere'l hini the last roninion 

OkD! r'o that the ^.iave.r J>-ue 

!t lu the 'J'reasurcr to 

N -,.;., .Uf ^. 

to ji'-:e:. \\ n^n 

■>hr!l !<i iiiC C'L\ Two i^onn'ls nee ShlliMg;s Ciirrl 

Money of Ve\/ Yorke hc'nf; M<.nry h}' nhii (lirlnir^teLl for fircv/nou fo 
the i5Fe of t'lc Cordis of ti^is Citv atel for \Jnv: Sc Cler-nin.^i- the A?--c;n 

Cuy of / 
New Yorke' 

Ait a Conioion CYurcil h'Ul att t!ie 
City Hal! of tb.e Said City on Saturday the 
11'^'.- diav of DecoiulH'r Domini I7>>3 

-esent Wiliiarn l'e;irtree ifSq: r\layor 

S-on--n Shekon IVout^liton ES([V llecooler 

J)avi.l PiMvoo.,. A 

Jeremiah Toihil! ll'Sckr Alderni 

Jolia'.ines Jansen 

]-)arth.otome\v I .;i.ri -ux 

P) e ii j a ro- i n ]"a n e •, li 1 
Ahrahani Kcteka- 



MV (Aihrici Ludlvsv beiiu- ha.-eted one cm tiie A^-'^.o-s ot the i'.;'^t 
Ward of this Citv liaili made Applioption t.'^ this Court t^^at he i; n-t 
Obii-cd to Servo in that Ofnre by rcrson of bis Ivincr Clerk of the 
Gen"'As?en^blv of ;b:^ Pre^vinc- and pray< .\-e.!ker proper per-^ou l-.- 
Elected in liis Roo•^l t.. Serve in that ' ),m:o<ii> that Mr May.T 
Issnc bis Warrant to the A!denn-n of [he Said Yko'd for the bd-Tt- 
in^ A btt person to ser-ve in tl:e ^aid Ofl^c^ unlid t!i ' fourteenth dav 
of October Next T^nsuein.Q- Pursuant to t!ic dirccti':ns of tlv Aet ot 
Gcn^ As<^e;-iblv .-.f tlds Province Pndtubd \n .\. i t.. Puabb- tl'e ( 'dy 

^.^j MlXU'liLS Oi' rilF. C(JMMOX C<,)IXC]L 

of X<.-\v York, to >iU';'i:. the \':icaiic\- -.f Surh publiek Kkctiw :\Iay:is- 
t;-;ucs i'ud Orikers as inay dye. Kcmovf or (.)thc^\■.•i^c k^- iiicapacitrUed 
to Serve betf>'-e l!;e time of Ai:nnal Rkclion. 

Att a Cou!i;>.n Council heM aU the 
City HaM of the Said City nn \iiind:iy the 
ihirteeiiih da_\' e)f Pecernker Athmj Dom 

I /OS- 
It Wdkiaia k'c:;nree F.Sf[r AJay.r 

Sani5(jn Skiellon k'roug'btou F.Scir }vcer,rder 
jacobus \' : L"o:ikvndi ^ 
]uh:\ llutcki'^- *i. RSck- Aklernieii 

"lerorniah Tolliil 

John \'aidir,rne 'd 

akani KetckdS C-^^'^^^tant: 


CorneH'i- D: T 

.... i 

'Idle MenK>ria! of Dirck Huison the ['"arviu;!- of tke ]\rry of this 
Cox v.a< read Settki,? f. ulk Lkat tiiis Cit\ kali, S'lcl id> !-ond for 
;-'-,:-fo:-iun!KC of CoveiiaiUs and that an Action i> now dependin^^ iii the 


w Court of thus I'rovince on tk,e Sanu- for tk.e V 

>i V, 

Ci-:,trovor^ic lie hunddy IvCp-s k'ave to Repre^en^ t^iat tke ijrofitls and 
-\d\ar:lai:\s .-Xrisin!:]^ kv the Said F( rry are i':reat!y (kininisked from 
wk..a thr Same wtrc: fomierh . ddiat kv the iav;,! Rent and tke Ckar^es 
'.'f Snp[il\-in'4 the Said k't-rrx' he i> p.reatle !r,n~!o\ -Tiskicd in h\> Sub- 
•■tr^nc-;' and nnak!-" t'> i^car the lO'eat Fxpence and Charge of A tedious 

le k'cvv, UTidcr tk.e dArm? and 

r;-.v Suii 

C .vr;;;,!U- 

olil ana ki.>ntinia 
led in hi. 

e wddiout tkie utter Kirine of his 
fan:i;y ti!eu'f(.)re mo?t !nnrik,k. prwposetii this Court wid 1)0 ]dca>e(l to 
Aj-pc'int A Co:r,niittee to F.nqtnrc into the <?Tcat hardshifis kio lyes 
u!:-';rr .md tliat a!! naatters and Con.trovcrsic.-, between Iniii and this 
Ci^^ ke fairly and Amicably Adjusted without the Severo Rnk-^ of the 
1- ■■' A-revaklc to Ju-^tice A: I\qtnlv itt is therefore kereky ():;D"RFD 
r'::A \hc nionikrr? of tkis Coin-t nov; pre'-'ent ;nv! the Ixest of the Alder- 
'V'v, a!i.l As-iNlant-; m" thi;^ G"'r]\'>!at;' m or an-r nve of ikLin ke A Corr.- 
»>- to k.-ar ari,] Receive the proposals of tla- Sidd Direk lCn:^on and 
1. K<[..»!t tlxTcot to tke Next Common C>:'n!icil aivl it; is further 
OunrKi !> that tke Said Committee dc:.-. ua-et att the City klall to nvv row 
Ji:oridnt^ att tm A kdocF to Iv ar and R'>eei\e ik-' Said nr(M)Msais. 

C)L- 'i'Wi: C\[\ Ol- NEW YORK ^5^ 

All A Court of Common Council hoM 
au l!ie City lla]l of SaiH City on Thursc!;.;. 
the 2},'} d'!\- of l.)>'C'.'!Ui>t'r /Vnno DonT 1 7'33 

Preseiu William i'onrtr>.-(.' liSqr .Ma}cir 

Samson Sik-I'oh Hrou.Gjl'.ii 'U ICSci" Kcc<,rder 

Jac<j!.>u.s \ Cc'Ttlandt "1 

Jolui Mutchins 

David IVovodSt 

Jeremiah Totiiil 

Johannes janscn 
[29] Bartholomew Laroux 

Cornchns I): Peynor 

John Vanhorne 

Abraham Keteltas J 

Dirck l.Ieii.-'ju by .M'' l'ic';je_v l:\s .Aitonic}' Acknowlcd.i^inL; the City's 
Kindness in their ( Jvcrtui-e to him but praying- that the Cit} would 
please to Release hiim from liis demise oi the ferry and he v. ould 
presently pay tlie whole Rmt as he tooke itt from his first Entrinq- 
tkert-em till tlii- Christinas n>.>v: Xexi Ensuein.t^- with all the Charges of 
Law that have Accrued thereui>on -^r Else that he would pay the Rent 
]ja>i as abo\-e and ])a\- \a-ariy fnr the Remaining; terme of the Lease 
(hi- Sum of Sea\'enl\' n^amL "[• annum up^in which [.rojtfisa! tlu^ 
Court will ta'cc tiiue ti- consider. 

V ESq'-: AU 


-New > ori-a 

A-; I- A Common I'ouiudl heid att tiu 
City Mall of the Said City on Thursday y 
27".' day of Ja;u!ary Anno Dom I7o;^|--]i 



Lu-senl W'liliam i'cartree ]LS([: '.\la\-or 

samsi:'n Shelton I'roughton VSq^ Recorder 
JaC'.ujus \' : Coi dandiL 
J(.)hu T lu'ch.ins 
Jcreiuiai! d'othiii 
Joh.anui-s Jansm j 

ilarllK.L'nawv Laruux 
Abraham Ketlcta^ 
Renia.min r'Vu-.t.ui! 
John \'anhornr J 

'Vhi.s Court having iNFaturely Crinsidcred the proposals oi l^'.W'- 
bJcnson the faru^cr of de.- \'crv\ of this (''itv doe R<.s(d\-'^ that 'f 'he 


.^, MiXfii'S <■<;- '[■!ji-: c(:)Ai>[o\: ctiL'ncjl 

Sai'l ilirck i'c-;: jii will luithv, ith p'sy lo tlu:^ Coi'[>oratiijU the Arre^.;\igo 
<.;' i<< lii f.lur iVr t!K- -ail! ferry and prcirasbc; Accortiiiii;: to the L'ove- 
!;aiU> oi his Lease to the tweiuy lii'lh thy of Xovtmbcr last j-iasi ami 
ail i!ie L\i-t vV Cliaruts oi Cotirt wliichi liave Accrued hy rt-asoii of has 
1 ;i!i pa\i:;eiit ilicrcu' thint thiCii Court wlW Abate him thirt)- poutids 
'; ' Afiiiiin !<;■!■ ti;e Ixeniaining- 'J'eruic of tlie Said Lease }ctt to Come 
iV imexjiired. \:c the -.aid Dirck l/.cu- ..n ai'ai his A5siy;-ns (Jtihgatic;- th.em- 
>civi.- to l.aud all Flower brouijln ('ver to this City in the ferry ]:Ujats 
alt the Slip all ['.urL';cr? path, ar:d also lo Land, passer.gcrs and Other 
(\,.:iiiiiodities hro'iiidir 0\a'r one tide att the said Slij) att Burgers padi 
and the t nher lide att Couute.-s Key, aud that upon the said Dirck 
Benson's payment of the [30! Arrearage of the Rent Aforesaid this 
Cor|>orai.ion ■wi!! discharge the AlorLgage of tlte Said h^Try made to 
Johj; Cornelius sue that if the Said Direk Lenson Refuse to Coniply 
with this Re^ohliioil that then the dvcli'm now depending Against him 
f ■• the said I'veiit Itc ])rosecuie'l to the nttine">si audi Dtherwise the sam*' 
1-. }'■■-• withidrawn 

<.,Ir!i;i.;'d rliat all tlie Ltiws (, )rd,ers arid Ordinances of this Corpora- 
l.'>v. V. Inch \v<;-ie jve.blislicd and Ce-'ntinued in force the hnu'teeritli day of 
rtrtijhcr last past b>e Contiimed in force for three Months Longer. 

''>:vi)i:K"D that the dbreasin-er doe attend th.e Ccnmcil of this City and 
ila- Audit' i!-s Appointed, v/ith such I'ooks l-'aper.N tmd Accts as t'ley 
Shah think Re/iuisite for ihe Auditing the Acch c,{ Mr TSaac IX Riemer 
iV Mr lA-ert P.cwanlre late dheasurers of Cit}' for which service 
thi^ t onrt will Alln-v A Rea-;onable satisfaction 

NcwYorkei ^ 

Atj' a Comme>n Council held att the 
Cdfy JIall ot th.e said City on Fryday the 4''.^ 
da}- of felirnary Ann.o ] )onT T 7031-41 

re.^ent Wdliiam I'earLree E.Sqi ALix'or 

^amson Shelton Broughton I'iSva Recorder 

Jticobus \' : C'ortlandt 
John llutchins 
r)avid }h'ov(jost 
Jeremiah Tothill 
Johannes J;ui.-en 
Rartholemew I .aroux 
I^-njaniin Iht'.r.ihl 
Corn.eliits 1) Pevstcr 
Ahrah.tim Ketletas 

his(|'- Aldermen 


OF 1 Hi: CUV uJ- NK\r YORK :.55 

'J'hc* Ace'. I'l M';' l'r;iP.ilt Sclui_\Icr late vnv oi the AMerinen. of t'.;i- 
('ity \va>- prei'er'd t-/ tlii-> Couit. ().<in£ii'u th:it .Mdeniiaii Provcee-t 
Al iLr::iaii ioI,n-(.;n M- \) : i-e'>-ter \V l'"anenil aii'I ilie Treasurer of ihi^ 
City or any iliree or them d'>c Audit tiie Said Ace; Ordek'd al>M that 
they Audit thie Aec; i.f th.e W'ididow \A CortLandt and make itudr 
Keport to th:e Xexl Comriion Counci'. 

()K!.:-k'd the }dayor Isi^ue ids Wdi'-raut U.' tlie Treasurer to pa}' to 
Wdiha.ii Sliari.tas Toe.u L"lerke (if this ("it} or (Jrdjr tlie Sum of Xiue 
]),'ui';d!S Currant -\Ioik-\- of Xew >d.rke itt l.-eiiiLi' h-'i" Jvecording tiie 
131 I Tax Role? of tiii.- City and C'jiiuVy from the fifteenth day ef Judy 
(Jnc tliousand Six himdred Xinet) Seaven to tl:c iwenty ]-'dL.>iit da>- 
of DecLinher C^ne tho^usand Seaven Innidrcd and three winch \\as 
AiJo\^\d in G' IV' 0:nirter sessions a? A Coun.) Charge. 

( h<DL\'.i.]) that the 3dayor ls>ue his Wdarrant to th.e I'reasurer to 
pae. t" h'.l)'.nez(-r WdlkTiii ll.Sqr or ( Jr^Jei" th.e sum: of ."^dx pic>un'-!< vOne 
Stii!in,^ and three halfe pence Ciu'rant Moiie;" of Xew "N'orke itt hciiis:;" 
?Nroi!ey h'V him (hsbnrst ^\d^en Slierifi' of this ( "it\- for an Ir.qudsit'on 
on A dead bc'dy andi for Iron worlce Pla-d-: X'ands and worlcmanship for 
the Goak oi tins Cdtv which was .Vilowed it; Gen'' Quarter sessions iield 
in this City the Secijud Tnsl as A County Charg'e. 

OiajFf'.rr; ihc Mayor Issue his Warrant tri the dVcasurer to pa\' to 
ik-nri^c Ckarke KSoT soeretary of Province or Order thiC sum of 
two p(.'i,inds S'ndin^s Curr! Adoney of X'ew Yorke itt ])einc: for 
the present Comm:s-do!i of the peace. 

City oi I ^^ AiT A Common CA<Uiicil h.eld, att the 

Xew \'orke\ ' " Cit_\ Idall of th.e .-^aid ("ity on Saturday }■? 

12".' day of hX'hruavy Anno Dom 17031-4! 

Present William Peartree KSqr Mayor 

Samson Slielton k.roughton hiSq'. Ivccorder 

jac^.l.m^ \' : (.'(..rtlandt "^ 

John Ilutchins t-.^ m , 

, .,,,,,.,, >^''^q'- Alderm.en 

jerermah 1 otlnil C 

Johannes Jen.-eu J 

k.arthoh-iv.ew 1 .ar^ lUx ; 

Hen ian.'in Faneidi ; , 

r- ' ,■ r> ,. V Assistants. 

Cornelm< IJ : 1 ey-^ter ( 

Abraham j 

Tlic Committee for .-\uditine tlie Acc; of Gertrin- \'an Cortli"'it 

2;6 MINUriiS (Jl- THK CoMMOX COl'N'CFL. 

Hxeeutrix of Cv.W Stc-phanus \' : Cortlandt deceased doe Report that 
there is due t^;' the Saidi Evecutrix from this Corporation the Sum ot t\ tu-i; rr/;iiid^ Sixteen Shihngs and Xino [leisee for. Timber Plank 
iieer Sh.cct Lead .vc: as Appcirs by iK-r Accl v.'hich they behieve to be A 
t'uc Ace: and th,ere is ah^o (iue imto her a^ Ailmit^istratrix of her 
son Johianne^' \'a:i CortlaPAll deceased th.e sum of three pounds ten 
S'niHn^'.'- and. Xiiic pence for Boards and tii:iber Sold by the Saitl 
Johan.n'.s \ : Corilandit in his Hie time for tlie use of this City which 
I'.'cport i-^ Ap'r)r<ived ar.d Okoered t:ie 'Mayor issue his Warrant t'3 
the Treasurer for the paNTiicnt of the same. 

o'j ^-'ty ot 



C\\ 1 (TK 

'- \ 

Ati' a Ciiuimon Council held att th;; 
y^iiy liah oi tlv: Said City on h'ryday y' 
i/^l"' da\ of ?\larch. .Vnnr. DiVni i_703;-4J 

^cn.t W'iilian.i I'eartree ESqV Ma.x'or 

Sampson Slieltou ] Irout^'hiton KS(jr Kecorde 
John Jlulchms '] 

Jeremiah Tr'thili V K^q': Aldermen 

ifthanmes ianst;; 


I -artnolomew i ,are»u 
r.enjamin h'aneuii 
I'ornelius D : !'c\-ste 

\bvahaiii K-. leiuis 


' '.•:ii^-KT i!.:;! the ShcriPf of this City doe'h provide Mato- 
r :■::■- aiv! ii-':p!oy \.or]:emen frr y^' mah-in;:;' the Coal of tins Citv Suffi- 
< •■.:;;. f;)r the Iiuldhu; of Felon-^ and that this Corporatie^n will pay the 
' "-..r: e ^.h^vc <: h-.' iAdiilritiir^^ l(j tliis Court an ace', of the sari.- 

' 'K'.ek'i) Thai ih.c Sheriff of this City doe tArthwith Provide Mate- 
!;-i^'- <v Iniplov workmen for y"^' makiuL^ of A Convenicr.t o: sufficient 
I'ri-.'U in- <\'.-'.n'Z'V> .'U the n]'<per Story of t've City Ilal! att the East 
' ':'! d-'Me.d au ! i;:al !hc San;^' he of the biLmess as this Coui't hnve this 
<:-;>■ directed and ihat t'li- Corp:.ralion will ].>::y Xhr Cdiar-e thereof 
1.' lAdd! iud ! 1 dns Court an arc: of the ^an-e. 

♦.•J-T';-M ,. M: Ktcordcr \ ~^\u: his Warrant te> I'w: d'reasurer to pay 
to Widia:- fravio-e ES.p Mawj- oi this Cit\- or Orvler the sum of tive 
j.ou-d*^ Seavc-n S!iil'n2:s and tina-e nencc Cnrrai'.t Aionex of Xcw ^'or!-<' 

Oi Tin-; ciTV C)i" xhw yokk 257 

ill i viiig -\loiiey i)y liiir. \:0a\ out for -\ Ijonfire and \\inc on the rn'iii 
clav fj.i Xovciiitu'T Ia>'L hciiiL: Cuiip-'WiJ'.-r Trojison (l;i\ . 

vViikKEAS L.ancastcr S>ir.c.s llcrrolt \'anliorne ujkI Cliristuphor 
Dennc Tiic FaniKT? of liio Dock iiatli Coiiipiainccl tliat Sundry ]Joat> 
frcqiicndy Conic into Ow Dud: and Slips of Uiis City and the Alast-rs 
tb.ercof ]\ofi'-e- nj j,:;_\ inito tiieni tlir Cu-^L(»niar)' Rates for iJoekage 
and t!uU before ll;ey ca.n ^^ott tliC Mayor's (>fMcer ro sun^nuns tlieni 
bef< •:■'-• llie Ma\i_ir [331 in Cause them t'.i nudro j^aynicnt as Aforesaiid 
they \'. ci,^''h .\n<di-.r :\]\i\ a.r^' gunc \vlu-rei)y tiie}' are defrauded of their 
]u<'. di'.es ti ^ their Cr;f\ions rl:Mi:a;^e a.nd have prayed tlie Aid of this 
Co'.r: )\\ t!!c pTcinisses and (hat the\ nn\- have Autliority Granted to 
lah'. the bod\- e,f any person that Shall J^efube to pay unto thicin the 
CuM'.:nar}- Oockaj;-e dne for X'esseHs SIoojjs andi boats v^-hich lye v/itlun 
the r>oek or Slips of thi^ Cdty and to Carry tiieni before the Mayor in 
Order 10 ha\e jud-ni-jH ai.;i then; for the Customary dockage dn<j as 
Atorf>aid. Itt is th.ercforc hereb\- Ordained that the said Lancaster 
s\n-,es Gerrett Vanl'orne *^: Christopher Dennc or any one of tiieni he 
luid are liererjy Anlliorize'l to tal:'^ ar.d l-ring- l.;efore tlie I\Tayor of tliis 
City a.iiy person or p^er-on-s v/lio is |iide;)ted nin.u them for ]3ockag-c a- 
A fore-aid in (drder the .-^aid Mayor m.ay .Vvrard Judgment and Exeei;- 
ti'.'!'. :'.:v the same. 

"'l-j IVtitl.^n of Ilendrick X'anderhvle \.:i. r-ad praxir^g he have 
Jdbv't;- t') ma';e A Cellar under g-round before his dv/elling house in 
the J')oek Street twelve foot v.\to the Street, w hieh Petition is Accord- 
ingly granted he Cong. 'eating the sam^- in six working days after he 
hrerk- up the Sti'vet ant] ;;ird<i;;g the Same Soc Strwiu-- that the v/av 
be secure. 

v'caKU!.!) tile Ma;.(.r Cmk- hk. Wkirrant to the Treasurer to jiay Ij 
William Aiiderseai Treasurer of lids City or C)riler the sum of Si:-: 
pounds twelve Shihngs a-id four penee ludfe penny Currant Money rd 
Nov.- Yorl-e itl being- for A Canthinai and A Glass for the Belhnen .V 
ior Wood and \.ii-e att A iionhre ^n\ the Si\th (kiy ed fehru:iry hi ;t 
past l-eing her Midestits bhah day. 

( 'a!)r-:i^i:i) thai the May-r [-:-ue hi> W;Lrra::t to the Trea--urer to i)ay 
t.) Alderman jeremi.di i'l.diil! :md Mr Cvk-h Cooper the sum of {■.■,C\e 
pf'-;-!- Cdn-rai.t • }do,!ey rd v:,v ^'..rke i't ! ein- for ^laten:dl> :nM 
pavini; \.L.rkn;en Imployed on the fit;, bkdl rnr^nant to an Order mad; 
the Iduith vlav of March lyoj for the \vhich d;e\ are to Acci to th'- 

MiNun^s OF 'iHi-: CC'MMOX curxcn 

Xcv. Vorke\ "■ 

Arr \ C(>:nv.ivv. C'tiuncil iic'd at* the 
C'iu- Hail uf the Saivl City ._^n 'J"IuIr^(lay ihc 
2;-;'.' (lay of M?rch Anno DoTTT ]703|-4' 

l'rc--t.-iii William Tcartrtje J'iSq'. \la\or 

Sanipsou Slielton !.-r()Ug!it' -n i'iSu: Ivocorder 

us \ : (mi 

. LSq^? Al 

1 34] David Pruvoo^t S 

Jc^lianiits Jausrn V ^^^q'- xAldcrnien 

jcrcn^iah 'lAlbil! J 

Eartholenicw Laroux S 

Abraham IxsHictas ( 

joim X'arihririir j 

o'kokk'd that ail tiio wharis r-u {hr \.;.rth Side of the L)(x-k Ije furth- 

\Ath ;navU- eV.mjuLat Rai^.'' a;:d ];av-d in sueh manner 0^ forme a- is 

Mc!ili(jned in the ('irants uf tiiL- Re^!1ecti\ v L'4ts of iirunnd frontinLT 

die >anie, d' the Ivesj-jeetive ]>crsons or ( 'wners of die LmHs front- 

i;;-- tiic Said l^ocis: d^ ><j Cause the Said Street to be r\ai><-d <K.- Revelled 

:■•:'] paved in Sneii n-mner and ferine a- the Said Street Xow i^ before 

ihv 'U>ov of }d: Jr.lm X'anliorne miii that the Said Wdiarfs and Su-eei l>e 

^■•<' (.'oniphotted audi finiblv.-d on or h'efore the nr>t da}- of M;iy Xext 

i'.n-iK-ir.L; upon. [Kiin e^f Ijeinp^- .siicd att Law f> >r liri-aeli of lV)\-enant< 

:■■:. ! ti al the Mar^iiah uf ihi-^ Cii\- d>ie Read thi>- ' )i(ler to the i )\\n:.vs 

-: thr >;aid Rett- vi Rand and dweller? in the houses fruniii'-- the <aid 

i^.eh in ( )rd.-r tlic .-cone i)e duel}- I'jYeeted.. 

< -loojodp ai>o that ihc :\!ar^hal! \\ arn.e ;di the hdialdtanis cf the 
^.ii-.I S'.m-t tM Reni'ive the timlier Ruan'jer liai'ia'lR Stax'es Rubivh and 
'■ ':*;.•! 1 ra-h w hii-rcwith the Said Street^ are Incnmdired up"n nain 
.' !■: a;- ].;-.. ^.-euled a- tiie R;'.\v diri'Cts. 

■ 'aoi--:di> thait itt >hrdl and ma\- he [,a\\fti!l for any per.M.n r,;- por- 
-'••> \'.'h.-:t.-..'e\er to Kill any Swir.e that Sh.all be found Runnii!^- att 
h'.r-e ;n 'die Streel.s or Roiinmons eif this Cit}' (jn the >outh side of the 
!'■- ^li vs.'.tu' ail} Raw of this Cit}' U> ihe Contrai'}- Xotwith.- 

< ••KO: ic I. ti!;<t if anv jKT.sem ov j)crson,s Wdiai soever witlnin tins C.'itv 
It I.M.crt:- thr;, ..f Shall att au} time hereafter di;; an\- !r .le> i;^ the 
< "n:'!..nv -i n;i-. C:\. . ,n :y,. s,,udi >i(ie <.f the f-esli water e>r take or 
' ..rrv a.■,a^■ r.n\- eatth .t Mould or Shall Ct teke or Carry Away anv 
'■-■!'■■ ^-r 1 !:ri'<- of an-.- part n\ the said Conninao-, Shall for lAa-rv ^e.eli 

oi' 'j'iii': en V OF XLCW \\j 


{ i'AviK'K: forfeit iV ['a}' the ^uir, (if foiirt>- .s!TiliTVj> Cun-aiU -\]M;u-y t,f 
Xew ^'nrl:o ihe ouv half.- tlu. r^'of u ' ihc u>c | 33 | <)i tlu' (nfonncr ana 
liic Other halfe tlioreof to the u-c of thi^ (/oi-]- iraiion to he !\eeoveretl 
hy [Jaint before the Mayor or any (j|ne| of th,e A'deriVeeu '>f ihe .-^aio 
City upon l!ie Te'tinv iii\- of luie or more siihicient \Vittne-se.> 

Cit> of / ^^ 
Xf \v ':i'orkei| 

Att a Common Council h.!tl i 
City Hall of V- Said City on Mmida; 
da_\ oi April Anno DoTTi 1704 


rre>ent William i\-arirce ESqr Mayor 

samson Sheltou r5roui;ht<_n"! \LSn/. ivccordcr 

Jacoijus \' : Corthndt 

Jolm hlulehms 

JJavid i'rovoost junT ^^--ICSq': Alderman 

Jeremiah Ti.iihil! 

Jacob Dekey. 

llartliolemew Carou: 

Ijcnjamin h^anenil 

Cornelius 1) : Ccyste 

John \'anhorne 

Aljraham Ketleta.s 

iyq'bert Hce'/mans 
Tliis Court I-.avin;;'' ai^ain duel}' Con -idered the pi-oj)o>aC o'. ])■.••.■!•: 
tlen^-on (he farmer of the fvrr\- of this City doe further kesohe thrit if 
die Said Dirick Henson wilt forthwith ]X\y to tiii- ( 'oreorati: >n the 
Arrearajjc <>i Kent due urc the said Terry and i.reuu -srs Aee.,:dim^ to 
the tA.vereuU- 'C his lea^e to the twenty tifth da\- lU Xoev-ober la^ 
pa->t. that then \\v.< Court will abate liirn thirtv pomid.- Y* Muuuu. uvr 
tlie Remaiiiiui^' lAriia' of th,e said Lease Naat t" Come and unexpired 
!'e the >aid Dirck ICaison C'_.\ enautiu-' \'dth thi^ t'orporati-u to hud 
:dl Flower brr-ui;T;t over to this Cipv in the f^n-y I'.M;its att {hr Sli]) att 
h'Ur,t,^er5 path and also t.- Land pa-.-en..u-ers -.wA Other ( '."ditie-, 
brou.Lrht over one tide att the said Shp att Curlers jnath and the ( 'ther 
tid'' ati ConiUe.-s I\e\ and tiiat Ujiwu the -aid |)irek [kaiso-i-. paym.'-nt 
of tlie Arrearn-e .d. the Kent Aforv-aid des Corporation will d:-charc:e 
the Morto-a,i;e of the said JA-rry m:i<le t.. Jrm T'orndisse Sue, if the 
^aid Dirck r.enson Refuse to Comply with dii.- Resoluti'm thai ti;e:! 
the A.ctir.n now dt.[v,'iiilin,q Ai^iiim-t hiiu fr)r die said Rent be pr. /M;C'.;ted 
to the uttmost ( )therwise the same to be witluirawn. 

:.6o MlXrVKS ( >■■ JIIl: CUj^IMOX COLXCIL 

[;y.')j ( >]cn'A!.'ii ihj .M;iy,jr f>suc liis Wanar.L lo tlic Treasurer to pa\ to 
\\'ii!i;!i5"! .\n(',c!>.)ii Turi-iiri-r of tni- C'it\- or (Jrdvr l!-,e sum of tliirtfeii 
] sca\-cniecu SiiiiiiiL;'s ancl Six pence Cui'rl !!^.loiicy of Xew Yorke 
itl h'A:\i.x for his seivice i;i AUeu'Jii'g- ih/ Ccmiiuiitee of Comriiou Coun- 
cil .Xpi/oinieJ i()\- l\cvie\vin.[:- >.^- l^xaniiiiinj;- tlio I'.ooks and Acc'? c-f 
tile three hite Tre .-urcrs of this L"it}- ,v rlrawiiy:^- out Ai'Stracts of th.f 
several Orcier.^ aii'l \\':o-r?ni,-> drawn u.i)on thv Said Treasurers and 
.•-undry Other sei-\'ice,-^ i'ur this L'orp.oratiijn in r^;'~in.c;" ( )ver to Rrooklaud 
{" farn^e tlic ferrv ^vc: whicli is All(-iv. cd 

ivi-.-Oi-VLD that johiP. huive Liberty to JLxperinient the dray;i- 
ii\e;- ot the Cclhirs of thii? Cit\- :itt own Charge and y^ if he bring tlie 10 ]ierfecLioii in A year a?vl .V da_\ after the date hereof then 
hie liave A gr.tnt for doing of tlic s;inx Exchading all Others from 
n'pl-dng any ben^l'U or Advantage of the said projection 

i'lris (Jciu^-t l.ieing Jnfonn.ed tl^it th^c W'idd.jw Romliouts and sundry 
( 'iiier person'^ on. th.e W'c^^L side of the I'road uay are levelling tlie 
f^.i'lihcations and about in fence in the Street troming to Iludsons 
J-Sv-r. 0;;i);:in:D tiiat Alderman TititchiMS and M': Laroux doe fortl;- 
\N-;th \-.arnf then; from s te docing u;)on pa''! j i^ain j (if I^eing prosecuted 
all Law. 

Oknicii.ciJ that the Mayor b^sue his W'arrain t<. the 'breasurer u- pay 
to Richard ':i'ear>h- Rc'bert Di-umnnnid Lfhriond 'bhouKr; and Kendric]-: 
i'u-h Lelhiien eh this C'it\- on Their (Order ihe <i\ni of thirtv b)ur 
p -unds Curr;i!:t ?\!07iey of Xew Vorke v bicli with Leu [lounds already them is in frdl of their sabu-iry as I'.ehmen. fron^, the first day of 
>b'v.'mher bi-t tvi-: t^' the hrst Instant. 



A'l r A ( V^mmon Conr.cil held .-Ut tin. 
City Lial! of y«^ Said City on Tuesday y'^ it*' 
day of April Amto b)om l/0\. 

'•recent \^'iUia!- i'eartree LS-: }dayor 

sanipson Sheh'>n LrMUgbton bTuj: iv^ecorder 
Jacobus \- Cortlandi -j 
. leremiah Tothil! U-.S^f^ .A'dernxn 

Lenjamin ban.ui! j 

Bartholc mew Laroux C .A-si-^lants 

Cori'.liu^ ]): re\:^(e'- ! 

(.)[" 'ri:r- crrv or ni-;\\' vukk 


( ):<i)ri<!.i' lliat .Jr JoliaMios !'r;V(jOSt (]<k- driivcr urA<:> the 'I r-::: -!i;--;r 
i->{ []v.< Chy :i!i 1 look^ Ace': |):iix-r< aiid writini^^ bc!r):^i;ii);^ ti) or Kclat- 
•ni' to the liuiMiti.c of tlu- </r.\- 1!:'.1I and li'av his R-c^i'-t 1m- a siiriicieiu 
<!>char;^t.- iiii!" iiini inv tlu* <ai::c. 

Tl'.t.- J'ciitii'U ih' Siuiih-y i'riiicipal Inii'iliilaras ui tlii< Cdt}- was read 
juMxiuL; A AU-tli'.d ]::■ talcca f.^r prc\-euli-if.; Ivclaile and whole sale 
\rndi;..s >.\h]hn thi^ C ot-;)i)rati''n i !:!xcci)t h}' the [-hxcuwu tlK-reot) the 
MImv. aucc s\l>vrt>M' uavhv^ ilr-j/n-'d n. 'L uiily tlu- Chy hut tho ':vho!e 
!'r!<\ ;!!■. V fi t-^' t'urran* (."a-h to the \Ary ;i.:reai t Jri;;\ia!Kc of the ^aine. 
< >ri;!_;;'i> thai this C'orjKiratiwii ir.y before Ids Kxeeiieiic)- riie Griverni.air 
;■■<!■> i:n::: < and in-ay ihisj jjirdship to Recoiriro.end to the 
< -en" A--e-d'ly that .V Ihll i'e i)ap?ed for die hittectnal ])reventinL4' 
I: ■■ V- { ai. ! that M'" liocoialer preiiare tlie saiiie. 

' )ic;-:a-:'i) thai the AfaNur l^-l1e his W'arran' t^i the Tieasurer of rhi-, 
( iiy to {'ay tr> William S!tarj)as Tov/n llerlce of thds City or (V(h:r 
the sum of Fdca.A-en pounds Sixteen Shilin.pys Ctirrarit Moiuyv of New 
■\'orke ill hein- for halfe A years Sallar>- as Cderke of thi Court due 
and hhidin;.;' tiie fourteenth Instant and al-o for diawinc;" ai :\ haycr-'oss- 
in- tlie Lease of the Dock \sh;ch is allowed. 

An ( ),.:i)iXANCr; of tl^e Mayor Recordi^r Ahh_-r!nen and As<i^tant^ of 
the Cit\- ( \ Xew Yr,rke <donvencd in Con"iv_>n Couneil for the prevent- 
in;; of Frauds and Abuses in firewood Con-iniotd;.- Called Cord v,-ro>'i. 

For vSNioeii a> L;'reat frauds and Ainises have r.f late and >iil' are 
dayly Conrnitted in hrie.d:io t(> thi? Ciiy an>! F^posint; here to Sale 
lyreat ({uantilies of hre w'-'od Commonly Called Cord wood ii< 't lU-.-re 
than three fe-ot loni^: ( \\diereas th.e same ou,:hi to 'he four foot lon^'• att 
tla^ least'' ir the jrreat F>pr<-ssiou rF the p.'or .F t:'e Said Cdty and tiie 
drfraudine all ( Fhers Irdiaiiilincv the same. fe,r iFemeed}- wh.ereof r,nd 
'preveutin.:;- tl'e like alnises for the future i>e itt t'lerefore Oi^d.MNT.D by 
the May.e- .Mdermen and Commo;;ahty of i!x' Said Caty Convened in 
Ommon Couneil and iit is herelyv ( )r<iair.ed by t!x- .\nth.ority of tlie 
same that if an>- lire we.od Commouly Called Coi'd woi-^A Shall he 
luouidit iiiio this City or Liberties thereof in an\- Sloop Forit or '''Fiier 
\'e-sell afn-r the first d:iy r.,8i ,,i July Xe.s: i:n>neiniv the date hci\^>i 
vhieh Shah he le-^^ in le;i-th then h.-m fc-t l-myliAh measure the ^!aAe^ 
of Such l-oal Sk),.!p or Odier X'essel! or the per^ju who Shall hiave th.e 
Ch:ir;;e of Sucli Sle. ,n !^^af \'es-d! and firev\r)od Shall for Fvery .uch 
otfenee forfeit aiid. p^y the sum <jf fourt\ Shihin^s Ciuaauit Money i>f 
X'-w "N'orke op,c lialfe thereof to be to the ii<e rif hin.^ or tliom who S'.ial! 

Mixr ,i' 

•K COM MUX couxcn 

i;iv^ Int rniuliuii ot the ek-uiulu Afor^:^ai(l aii-.I the otlier halfe to the 
u>e of thi- Corjr'.iMti.'n t(i be Recovered by plaint before tlie Mayor, 
Jvcc-Mier or a:i\- two of the Al'beri.ien of th.c Said City Dated att the 
Ch\ Hali ihe ib'.' <bi> of April Ann.o DoTTi 1704 And in tl^e third year 
of ibi ive!i;n of f'ur Soveraic'.n Lady Anne b_\- t!ie Grace of Gotl of 
l-j'-iand ^r..;I;Mid I'ranc.:^ and Irebmd Oneen Defender of the faith ^c: 

Xe.; y'^i-kr\ 

Air A Cornnioii Council held att th-^ 
City bJrdl uf the Saidi City on Saturday y? 
Sixt'n day of IMay Anno DoTTT 1704 



IVe-^ent William I'eartree ESfjr }dayor o:c: 

Sampson Sbellon :A'<ra.^"liton ];lSq'' Ivecoriber 

jar(.ibu> \" : Cortlaiidt "^ 

John bhitcbins 

ba\id PrcAOOst 

Jeremia): T-thill 

J<^hnnncs J-n^sen 

Ibirthoien.ew Cr^ronx ' 

John \';m:'e,r)ic 

Ueiiiamin b'aneuil f 

CornCius D: IVxhler J 

i''kn!_i-'i) Mr Ma)-or Issue lii^ Warrant to the Trea^urer to pay t^ 
]\^er h:yekniaii or Tirder the Sum of funi'teen S]hiin:_;s and five pence 
Crrr.mi Moncv f.f Xow Yorke itt beini^- r\Ion.ev by him ])aid to the 
i<'Veiver (u'li" of thi^ Province fr.r thj mabin- c;ood the difhciencies 
' • th,' l-:;;^! W;;rii of this City of the Ijooci Tax. 

< 'K:.i:!<M. th-:l Alderman I'rovoost AldernKm d'othill M:" \'anhorne 
:■> d >b b-!-Hn;l or any three 1 f llien"; b.,- A Conunitice te. I^n([nirc \\diat 
o^ammi uf band there is belc/U-in^ to tiii^ City lietv/een Low water 
If .-■.r".;.- .-iiidi []),j Laii'l of Mr William i'eeckman. att the Lower end of 
ij:u' ^ <M-eet an<l ihat for the better I^tTrctincr tber(-of they call the 
"-•'vv\,:-> ,d thi^ ("itv to their Assistance. 

i.^o! Ccscbi. tl>at ah tlu- Laws Cider;; and Di-diiiances of this Corp^'- 
i.di' li \:]uch \v:vr.- C(0;tinued in fnrer th' twenty Seavcnth ibn- '^i 
b'::n;.(r;, \i.-i v:'.-i be Contrcmed in fon'e for three Montb.s Ioniser. 

«.b<!) 1h.1i .\b. I'ecorder draw A I'.ill in Hrder to be presented 
lo ll-.c Cm" .\.,,.n;bly of dii~ Province to prolvibit the sellin.c: of all 

(_)!■ 'i Ml-: (.'! ! V ( U' XKW ^'OKK 


j^x-.d-- \\"arc> i.v-'l Mc I'clirindlzc^ wiliiiu [h\> L'liy b_\- pablick \''tjndne 
J::-:ce}'l tlic j;0(_;d-- ami CliatioiN of i)^.r-■ln^ dcceasccl Ships or prize 
g<;od> and thai M; May<,);- S[)'.'ah- to th.c Rcprvs.-iUatives of this Corpo- 
ration to pr.--,-; ilic ]>a--i!,:; of iliir same audi ad.^o M: Recorder 
Ac<iuaiiit his hd\cel!eiic\' i'k- C,q\\'^ therewilli to Know his Lordship's 

)Ki): KK!. that .Mdennati (dniilaudt airj M- D: ] 'oyster l^e A Coin- 
i.driec to ueai with. M ' ( )i;tnuin ?\h'. Cooper a'.ifl M '■' SannieU Bayard 
ah- ut A Suial! Shp nf Land h-in^^ in the Doek Street w"''? is A Surplns- 
au?^ 'f tlie wdioh' LwU.> iU t'lat Stre<.d wliich Slip was Grar^tcd to t!ie 
said NL ( )ut;aan hui does mM lye in the i^'aoe Mentioned in the said 
C;r-,:ru airi that ihey ]{!)dea\'e>iu" i'> Acce)i!i!!U)(hiU' [he diUerence anion<^ 
ih'.M RelaiUii: tu ili^ said Shp of Land and nrdo; Ri pori tlureof to the 
X -vt Comnuin C'ouneil. 

■. iKi)r;KKi> that ddion;a:> !l_wrhy\- LSq'' licr Majesties Receiver (if this 
I'reivince and Geort^o 'vdr>rI:o FScp' sccrelar}' uf the same ])e Compli- 
i'.-- rned \\-'nh the freediom of this Citv 

Oiy ..f ; 

AiT A Common Council held att tli 
L\iy IJ'dVi 01 the saidi City on Munday y: 22 
dav of ^lay Anno DoiTT 1704. 

Wdlliani i'e:o-tree hAq' May-^r 

Sampson S'lellnn Lrou-htMn !",S{|: Iveeorder 

jac. .'ais \' : Corilandt ^■j 

fohn }-]n'eldr.s ; 

jerrmiah T.^thiil (' 

Johanne^ Jan-en J 

^' Aldermen 

j..Im X'aniiornc J,- A>>i>tan(^. 

Cornelitv- i ': l'i;\Mer | 

fj-y I 'uokk'o that the v. eh ' )]ipo>ile the dweMin;:' house of (^apl Cor- 
bott a!id the wel! (^i^p^-itv- t » (dornCms Onick"s hou<e in i'eaver Street 
hv fortli'-iih ;:!Ld rp and al-. ti'at tlv weh in die Wad Soa. t frontni- 
tw ihv- SaiidiS Sna;ci A f-Mduuth S;<a'i,od u;> and t^Voercd att the 
td:aTi;c- e.f this Corporaiion and ihat Mr Mayor pve Orders for the 
'.•dT;.".u:d dniiic: thereof. 

Mfxuii.s (>:•■ Tin: C('M>,|'>>: coi'scil 

.\ir A I'oiii'.nun LViuiv'i! li-.-M :r_: the 
City Hall tw ;,-■ S;-i.l Tily -n {AVAv^-liy y? 
J3'/ <lay of M:a\ Au'Im !)( mTT 1704 

l'ro>t;nt \ViIli;i'.r. Pcartrcc KStii' Mayor 

saini)Son Slicltoii L'.n.uyliti'jn I'LSqr KrOorclcr 
Jacol)us \": OTlhiivlt 

Davi'l I'r/>\-. .t UcS.i'"^ AUkr: 

jcreniieili Tothili 1 

johani;;-5 jausvn ! 

l!e!!Jrin-'in ]'"an;_iul ^ 

I'arlholcmcw Larou>. J> Assistants 

Cornelius 1) : i 'c\sii-r j 
'1 he C\;;ii;niitce for KnMuirin;; iiUo t;v quantit) ni I.. an'] h-L:^!^-;inf^ 
to this City iirt\\-fii the Land ot AC ikeclcman and Co-.- \vater n^nrke 
!v,n..rt in lhv-~e ^\or<C foHowin- ( \"\7.[) 1 'nrsuant to the 1 );-.L- cC Com- 

Couu'^ii in t'lr Oliver Si'K' to us cliia* 


Snrv.-yed and hnde thai tiiero is l;et\v..:; M; 
rAroi;:nr-ns land ai^d V^v: v, atcr maid;.; Ci-ht thou>and Xin./ h:;ndred 
-V. vnl^■ hvc f-.'or as Appears liy the Su:vi>- of \fr Jainos h:vetT:- Xev; 
Nurhe May \V 2j'' i;a;. 1 )': Thv,v(V;vt jerendali Tr,th;n Ceidradn 

Wdiruu],.)!) itl is ()r!.!kk!i tiKU ihe ^anic Coninvllee doe A^ree 
••vith th- S:dd Wihiani iX-clnnan ahonl the Sale tiiereof if he h;- dis- 
;• -ed t" j)iuvh;--e ;ind that liicv niahe no Ai;reenienL tnidev three 
j-rnc- 'i' fr.ot. 

Oir.!.;;:;,, iPat AC: ja-d Raticr Wdddov, ef jaooh Ratier hite eC this 
h;?v 'dandner d eea^etl Ivwo Li!)crty t(^ fol'ow anv Cawfi:]! Trade nr 
C:]>' vdtldti ihiv Cr)ri)0!-aiion for tl^c lictter Olnaininc; A livoly- 
V.w,,l f. ;• p,T and her fnndh.- (htrin^^ hr-v \,eil l^chaviiui: her sclf'^ anv 
f C:;\v of Cf>ri>oration to the Cr>p.trary Xotwitl-statidin- 
!-;C M: dd^iieas Coddrin^^rtin ha\dnc;- fh^sired of this CVairt to purchase 
«i ti:;- <d..rp. .ratioTi A Certain Gore of Land, Sciluate and hoi ni^- t>e- 
t^'-"'!! the C.-ar of lii? fence and the Conuaon Road or !dLc]nva.y Con- 
U\u:v,: aho:^ f,,urty Acres. Rf-;S(,iati) ilie Same Land he nor SoM htit 
I.-v-rd f<,r A T<'r!ne of years as tli:^ Ca-petratiop ^ the Said M: 
'o.! ir::-:M,.r; c-ni A-ree. 

• '••■. 'Oj. tha; the Wad Street fron; ihe Corn-r of Smiths Siree' to 
:!r C.,r;;er of tlic hroadway Tiear llie hhi-lislT Church on. the South 
V .',. , f ,-.,. e; ,j,i 5:1^^.,,^ |,,, f^j.j|j^,.;^|^ t.avrrl ten foot Into th,e '^-.I'ul S'r.'et 

ov Tji:-: ci rv oi- w-.w vcydK 265 

and the Aldrrriicu iil ili-.' {voiirrtivt.- W' ii; which ihe same iycth 
tloe Order the i''lf'cct;ial (''':!!.;■ ih-.TfOi >:{: direct the ^-urwviirs of this 
City to lay nut i!k- same, aM J tha.t if aiiy person or per--. .!i> Shall 
to Pave Acc'jr(h"ng to Si'.eli directions that h,e ha-r or they l)0 !yab!e to 
Such jxiinr, and penalties as arc att larp^e Mentii'iied and C'ontainedi in 
aii Orddnance or Lav.- nf thi-. Corporation ]''.TUiti;led; An ( »rdmaaice for 
pavinp^ thie Streets Canes and Alleys of this City ^ce : 

Oki.M ri;d that tl:" pavement of the Stone Street widiin, this Citv 
be forth',', ith taken w,) and the Said Street Xew pa\ed witii th.e Chan- 
neli or Gutter to run dn-one.ii i!;e Middle of the street and iliat i\w same 

h'- Ccmi'Ieatle firiislled ■ •!! or liefore the h 

d Au-u^t XeXt El 

sueiny under SucIt pains arrl penalties a- are .Mentioned and Contain.ed 
iTi liie Ordinance of thi:; Ciiy for pavin-- >\:(- : and tliat Alderman Jati- 
j-en and All D: Peyster Acquaint the Inh.abir m: - > i the Sai<l Street 
with thi- Order. 

Chyof /^. 
'i\cwYork\ " 

Att a Connnon Council held alt tin. 
Citv Hal! of the said Citv nu Frvdav v 

iieaventh da 
'eartree ES' 

ilv A 

i ^-!m 170.! 

T'resent Wdlii, 

Samivvon ShehoTi fh-ou-hton ESiil 
Jacobus Wan Cortlandt ^^ 
Jolm Ilutcluns I 

David }h-ovoo:,t J-ES.;- Al 

E-remiah dV.tliil! ' 


y Jansen 

John, \'anhorne 

Barth.jlem.Mv Lanan. [ , ^^.^ .. ,^^ 

Cornelius D: Pe_\ster ( ' 

Abraham k'etelta.s i 

[42] tiiat the Mavor Issue liE Warrant tu the 'Idvasurer l^ 
]iay to Wddiia.m Anderson Tia-asurer i^f th.i> Cii;.- or (^rder the si::n of 
Eleaven pouai'ls Six Sh^iHn.i^s Cinrrap.t Meme}- of Xev, \'orkc itt beinc;- 
.Xbmey by bin: disburst for two T'onfire^ Wdi-e X-c: on tl->e EiL;]ith of 
ALarch and on th'/ thirteen.lh of Aj'ril h\>\ i)a~t hieing- ih''' Aniiiver.-ary 
days of the Prc,claimii!s.;- e: Coronation of ]U": present Maiest\' Oueen 

\\dir!:E.\s the [nliabitant-- of IVarl Stieri have Com[)uiined t'lat 
sundry Inhal)itants on the South Side of the Said Street fronting to the 
River b,a\e suffered the Str<>et or wharfs before their P..:^vpective ho'.'^es 

;,-,o Mi.NTi i-:s or Tin-: CfjMMUA corxcn. 

h, run {•■' Kulric V.V .iet\._\- for want of X(_;.-scss;ir\- IxLijardtioiis iiisoimicli 
tl\it (."art> C'aini'_.l pass the sairie to Siijif)'y sc\-cral uf the Iuhal'>itauts 
\\it!i iircwin i.i and Otiicr Xcssesbarys am! al^o that if the same be not 
SpeO(!i!\- i\<. paired the Itdiabitants of the said Street may suffer JLxtream 
da!;:aij-e h}' th.e Incroaclimt of the Sea. Itt is therefore lierelyv Ordhred 
t-'ai die hduibitants in ilw i\ear of l\;arl Street on. th.e South* Side 
theri->.)f irein the Co; hai-e of John i'^Uison to the Lott of Mr Haw- 
duii d'.e forthwith SiifTica}- inalce u!) and Isepair the Street or high- 
u.-;;. .\fi-resaid >oe \.]'-k- and in snch n-umner as th:e sr'.nie Lately 
bien i\ei.: in ]\ejjair pahi d h^eii'.^L;" j-'roseruied fo.r their Xeglect 

0'Ki>i.k'.o that M- Mayor i-^sue !us W;!rranc to tlie dd'easurer to pay 
!■> ihe !:ixeciu<'r> ')r .\dnr: of John Cool'.y kite of thi^. City Dlacksndth 
■-'a, ..•'■;-.;-<:d the Sum vi Six ponndts Elea\'en Shilin.g-s Lurr: .Money of New 
')'i^!,a' iit \<i-\i)'^ for iron worh-c done to A. h^attery of (h.m.s under the 
'j'ro;.-^ '.n 'he F.ast Side of Iharr^-ers {)ath in the year 

'j'h • FetitiLMi of Mr ]-:ip \"an Dant wa.> read prayin.jj;- .\ (h'ant or 
I.-.; .;■ '}'[ tlie swauij) iyiiiy to tl^e Xorthvvard of Mt Beeckinans Orchar;! 
( ».)>r\i'\> that Alderman Todiiil i^ Mi Fancui! be A Committee to En- 
enire v.jial parte of the saidi swan^ip iv tlie property of tins City Sc the 
fh-anidv thereof 0^. mahe ]\er)ort there-M to the Xe-d ("ommon Council. 


fd.Ni 'dty of / ^ Att a Con-aiion Council held att th.'- 

Ciiy Had of tlie ^lid Cilx on Fryda\ the 
Jt^'; day of jn.l}- .\im.. DouT 1704 

Fre-^ent Wiih'am Feartree fCSq'' .\Iayor 

-'^an-,psr>n Slieltoi; F.ion.5::lnt -n FSq' Uecorder 
Jacohus \': enrtland' ^^ 
John llulehin^ 
LXavid Fro\oo>t 
Jeremiah Tothil! 1 

Johamu'S Jansen j 

CoMi'-lins IM Feysler ^ 
Fanhoio!i-,ew Fa^oux | 
ilenjan-in l\'metni y .As^islrmts. 

dului \anhorr':> I 

> [■.SoT .Aldermen 

Ahiahar.1 Ketleta^ 


■<!^:l--ard Creei' iak Cr.iKirdde of thie We.-t Ward of tins City havir,;: 
ah- '■:..,! hiu'velf.- fr. .-n the Cr.riioralir.i! wherehs- there is X'acanry "f 

Oh 'I'iu-, CI rv Ur' xi-;\\ YORi: 


thiit '; .'fiioc. lit is tlicTeforc hv.rcl)} (Ji:Lw:i:ia) tli:it Mr .Mav'<.>r Issue his 
Wc'jn-snt lu thf Alderman of llir said Ward tlia.l lie Cau.-^e suniir.ons the 
Inhabitants of tiie said Ward to C'I-,..K;.-e Aii',)lher profKT person to 
serve as Constable in h\> I'oom and tliat he nud.-e }\etuni thereof to 
morrow att twelve A Ldc/ck :itt \o..>n. 

MKMO!^\^"UL-.^i Joiin Ilulchins hiSci' k<, turned that John \\■i!len^^e 
Koome was Kiecterl Vj serve as Constable for the said A\'ard until! tlie 
fourteenth, day of Oct^l'er Xext uurMia.nt Im tlie Warrant u.nto Ihin 
directed o. li;e -aid John Wi!hn!>e Ivoosne was Sv,-orn Con.->taiile 
Accordingl} . 

ORDruKii that ali the Ca\^s (. )rders and tbalinance^ (_)f this Cori)':)ra- 
tion be Continued in force untill further ( ')rder. 

City or j ^^ A'l r A Connnun (.■rumoil held att the 

XeH "^'orkej "" City 1 ial! of tlic said City on Tuesda}- y' 

J 5''' da}^ of .An.,:::^^^^ Anii-:. DoiTT i/O-t- 
Prejent \\'illi ani Ceartree J^Sq' Mr-!y(.-)r 
*{4kJ Sanips(3n Shclton Ihajui^Im .i^ hSq' lveer>r>_Ier 

Jacobus \': Corthm. It ^ 

Joliti Hutehans 

Jeremiah Totlhll > i'.>(|\- .Mdeiancn. 

David rrovoosr 

Johianncs Janscn 

Bartholemew Car, .nx S 

Cornelius 1): !Vv>ter I , 

John Wanhorne 

Abralxain Ixetella- 
Cp^;n A further A]>];lication t'> ihi. Cunt h} Dirck In'u-on th ■ 
farmer of ilie fcrr;.- Showin;; to this Court the .^o'eait decay of th.e I'exe- 
iiue ihcreof Occasioned ])\ ihe late sickiie.-s. h-y Annih.-r ferr_\- b'iuLT 
Settled att \elle.v. hor=ke. and by th.e '1 ran.-p. .rtatiMu of the Corne of 
long- Island Ano'ther wae an.d b_\ ^cxaaall ( )[l\'-v \va>s and. means which 
he can most Certainlv dememstrate that he snleiunlv jirotests 
he Cannot hold the same Ace,-)rdinj;- to his l.(\aso vdihout the utrer 
RuiTic of him and his f.-nnil}' ;ind iha^ref.ire i>ra\s that he be .Admitted 
to Surretvier ],case and he will pa}' Seawn hundred pounds 
for ii:e Ttrme thereby ( Irantedi f^r ihe saidi ferr\- ccc: ujx~in .\ Xew 
Least upon th.e. =an^c C<'\-i'nani> of •''/..• jire.-cnt I, ease th.e Rent ''.nly 
ExccMcd and thai he wiil ]>ae one in.nidred j)oimd.s in a week an-l eiv" 


•'^bTr">i- in tile j)aginc: nt tin; origin 



JumdiX'.i p-i;iiil> ii'.orc in a ^vlcmtii t(")llowiii- [i\\(\ th<; keiiudnd^r in 
Micli tv(.'a-M!.:tl;It,' ti:r ■ a- ['as Court Siuill llank l'(aiveiiit;nt i<:c : W'hc-re- 
vipon it; i; Ivesoiv-d ihvd the sai<.l Diick L'.L-nMin Shall pay t(-. tlvls C>)V- 
lujrati'.'U iiuc lu'.ndrcd p^'Unds 7;^ Annura Kciil i r: th.c .-^ ferry, that 
h'.- pa.y (,iic liiin^lre'! i)onnds th.crcof t' • thi.N L"' a-p^ )rati()ii in a. W'ecl-r audi 
fni- hundred p. anidi ma'To in a .'donth fMPww in;.r And tVv Remainder 
of the ^-aid shaven IniTuired ])Oimils in A Yv?.': a;'ter. ddiat h.e Shall haive 
X'-. Advanta;;e hy the laiyin-' uf the Aieri-at'e <^i the f.aa-y ne^r take 
:iV.\ Interest Uieref'~^re since the I'ntry (if John l\>rne!ins Snia ddiat 
itt he a 1,'uveiiaiit in the \e\s- Lease to land all hdower ait th.e Shri atl 
I'ur^ei'b path riud i)assenp;-ers arid r)thier <:iie>d.s att the sariie j-'aee on 
Tlun-5day:^ Frydays and Saturdays and att (.Xher tiiiu-s wher^- the 
i>e(ple plea.-^es. And that h.e pay all ih.e Cha.rt;es of the Law which 
i'a\e Accrued hy the .Vcti^ 'US Con'menced about the premisses. 
(-[.!| Idie i'eiiti.'n of the 1\e';tm- Cdnuxh Wardens and W'stry men of 
'i'rinity Cd^'.nrch was read prayiui;' A ]\e) o! the Title "f tliis C'"'rpo- 
raticfU t" the Land A.djacent t^a tlie Chanch >: l-myx-al plaxe v\ c : OKnERFD 
that -Mdarnaa! I'rovoost Alderuian d\>th!il and Alderman JanseU or any 
\v:<: of (hem be a Con-^mittee to ]^>:andne into the Quantitx- of the 
Land ])esired by the ['etitioners and what ])arte thereof helonjjs to this] and make T\ep.a[ thereof to the last Common Council. 


Ai I .\ ConnuMii Council h.ld att the 
Cite Hall of the said City on fryrlav the 
-'3''"' da.y e.f .\u.";n-t Ann.o ICj-n 170.;. 
Present Wdiiaia Ikartree LSn- May^.a" 

John 1 lutehins I ^ , 

Davi-l I'rovoasi f '' 

Jeremiah d'othil! j • . 

Lartladumew Lareux S ' '""'-.''■ . 

Comelius ] ): i^'ev-ter 1 , . 

, , ,. , ■ VAssr^tants. 

John \ anliorn.v' [ 

Abraham: Keteltas J 

'Lru ( ■ Ap.pointed in Riuiuire wlm the ])r.ii)erty to the 

S-.arrp Li;..- lo the Vr,rthward ef W Ikeekman's Orchard dr,- Report 

tiavt th,v b ive Kxandned .-■verall Antien^ I'aiems and tlnde thev are all 

l^>un led \\].'n tiie same s\-.amp and lleit tho Ri-ht and property thereof 

1- 'M thi^ Corporation. riKorajFi) tliat Aldern:an Wan C"rtha!^!t and 

O'-" THI". rilV ()[• X1--.W YORK 


A)'ji.rr,uin 'i\.)tlui{ !;c A ( ■oiiDuiit.fc tw treat with ^f: \';ui Darn or any 
Olhvr person or ocrsm- aiMi;i ian.iin-- of tl'c Miiil s\'.-anip for Iho 
Ter;;;e of twenty tj-.iv \ ra.r,- ;'n'I iiialo.' A iv.jxTt of what proposals are 
niacc to tliein Rel;itin- tlu-reraito to {]\c Xext Cr'nimon Counci!. 

(ordkr'd that Ai.lern;aii L'nrtk^n.Il .Mdoriiian Tothil! and }>I^ D: 
1\>^L^•^ ho A Connnittce to \'iv\v the I. an. I 'l^-sire-l t" be (iemised by 
Mr CfHidrington ^'V' ]\( port th.e Onantit;. and n!)tin what Ten-ns he vrotnd 
fan;:e th.e same. 

[45! C^r.])i:.i<'i> tlie Ahi\i;;r Issue ins Warrant to the 'i'reasurer to pay Ic 
Wihaon [.rariford or (jrder the sum of two [xmnds Currant Monov- of 
Ne\v Ynv]:c itt bein^- for the Aew (domnion (,'ouncil llo'dce. 

Cnv ef / ^^ Att A Conm-on Louneil lield ati the i 

New ^'orkej ' " City T-la!i ..f tlie ^aid City on Wensday the \ 

30''' da_\ of Ainrnr-t .\nno PmTTi 1704 i 

Piesent Ailhani Teartree ]::Sqr Mayor ' 

sa!ni)son Sheiton }>rou;:,ho.n i-.S(,' ]-v(-e<aaler 

JJavid !Vov.o;l ^ 

Jeremiah Totldh i ,-^ > m i 

, , , >- h.hfi' w!(i.-rni-n 

jac..i> I)ekc^■ J 

jlarihoiunew Lar-a;;-; -"l 

jCv; \;anh^ ■■:■:■' CAsosiant^ 

Al:raha!n ICefdta- 

Ko-bort ] '•■er:r :n^: 
:k:rsnaiit to an Act of Guv' A/^emidy of this brovinee i^ntitnle d An i 
Act ••-/ Knadjle th.e .Mayor AIdern:en and Contni-nahty of th.e City of | 
Xew ^'orke for trw time h^ein-' to !<; i::e }[;>ney noi'i! the Fvoci^olders ! 
and inhaldtaiU^ [h.v,-^^i for d^nrayin-- their puhlick and Xcsse^:viry i 
Chari:ts Annnail. itt is hendw l^co.ha'd tiiat the Smn of two hundred | 
prnna:-^ Currant MoMe;. r.f Xcv. Vorke be Raised upon llic Freeholj^rs j 
and Inbaidtam. of tb< sair! Ci;v ior the makin- of subudent Goals for I 
the i a-,in:.: to Aldernam Jere; -a!; d'othi!! ti"- snm of tldrtx- one pounds 
te;-. S:^dinj.'s auv! t^a: ikwv: bei-v- da- n..ot;, of 0,;^ (-jtv for the hniddn.;- 
thr .\^^cn)iilv Im..o)u ;:-d CoC-- f-r y ivi:^:;- t;:e^rv's of tlio OMlcer- 
iird f. r ti:e defvavin- b)t!-r pid^'^G: and Xessessary bliaraes of lhi> 
Cit;.. Tliat tile ^fayor forthwith f-o;e his \\kuTan- tr, the Assessors 
for :h- makino- tlu- said Tax Cur-uant to the directioi^s of tlie sa^d A-a 

.[i\i i 1-; 

;u.M.MuN' i,"'JL'.\' 

ami Viud tr.;_- -anic be \K<k\ to the T-'casurcr :)i thi^ Cit}- for iIr- fjr.e 
b.'ins.; on llic Sixeciith ua; uf O^t'jhcr Xcxt [■Jisuciiii^ the ihitc lurc- 
of. aivl tluU lie pay the sanij h_\ t'.ic dircctii'n nf tliis C'uirt aii''. not 

.\c\v \ ()rk(.;\ 

ESq''^ Aldermen 

Chy Hall }^ Said L'il>' on Saturday the 
At'i a Coninion (/onncil hic'.d at: the 
j'j da}- ui SejiteuiiKT Anno DunT 1704 

i'rcsent Wdhiam J'eartrec I'^ScjV A[a\'or 

Sanipson Shehon ilrciu^hton ESqr Recorder 

Jaco!)us \' ; Corilani' 

Joh!^ 11 utoliins 

Jerenniah 'J'elhiH 

Johianne.s Jansen | 

Bartholcniew J^arunx 1 

Cornelius 1): IVn-sier fAssistants 

Jolu] \"an!iorne J 

r>ru )I:k,:i) that tlie Warranis Is.sucd to Madam Gertruy \'an Cort- 
landt the twelfth da\- of Fehruar}- last past he paid out of the t'/.o 
liuiidred. pcauids Iatel>' Raised an;-, former Orrlcr to the CoTUrary 
Aolv.'ithstandin.fT and Oi-:n!:i<F.D the 'Jhaa'^urer take Notice h.creof 

Cit} of I Atf a L'ommon Council held att the 

.'fv. \\.rkej ' '" City Hall .-f the said City on l^-yday the 

21/1' da\- (if September Anno DouT 1704 

f'resent William Ceartree CS<C Mayor 

Sam])son Shehon Ih'ouc^htori ESqr Ivecorder 
jacolius \'; Conlandt 
John Ifntehins 
f^nvid f'rovoost 
Jereiniah T'lthill 
johann.e- hciWen 
!'arth'ileiri<-\v Ear. iu>: 
r'"rn.-liu-. I) : l'e\ tr-r 
.||=1 !i \ nihe.nie 
Aliraham Retletas 
rur--.ia::t lo the Warrant": of the flavor Enied to the Aldermen of 

b'Sq"'" Aldermen 


OF TiiK cn Y uF xl:w VuRI 

Dvrk ^^'a^d 

t-ach ivcsjK'Ctiv L' Ware! ui tiii-- L'iry [^)V tiir lilcctini.; tliis day tmc Alder- 
iiiaji one Assi-lan: !.\vo A,-.-:i:--->or.s one LV'llcctor and uiie I 'olt}' Con- 
stable in each [vespective Ward of tiu' Said L'iiy and two Assessors two 
Collecliji's t\\(.) pelt; ( 'i 'ri^Laides anil I'i'an" < Jverseers of the highways 
for the llo\\r\ an:i M-iriem divisions of the [-\y\ (Jul Ward of the Said 
L'it} to Serve in their Ke,>perli\e ( Xnces for the "^'ear ilnsueing Ac- 
corching to t'r.e us;ige CnstDin Laws A' r)rdina.nces of the said City and 
A.ccMrdingl}- the >an;e (ia\ K'etnrn was n.iade thereof alt Iwidve of the 
Cd>iek alt no.(in t'_. th.e » 'fhce of Town Clerke nnder the hancLs i^' Seals 
u! l!ie ivespeclive Aldermen .\ccorrIii;g to th.v Tenor, of the aforesairl 
W.irrants as I'diov/eti; yVizl) 

''Rolxnt Lurting AlduTnian 

John \'aniiornv As.-i>rant 

Jiariiiuleiiicw J/'eurt / , 

Wihiavn I'radfurd \ 

Gerrett Duyckinck 

Johannes 1 Un-ger 
"Johannes Jan-'.-n 

Cornelius I) : I'e) ster 

StojTcn Richard 

John lTli>.;n 

Gerrett \'ie]e 

An.lrie> Ihvsteade 

Dirck \ andieibnrgh 

( )]l)herr Snerl 

roi)ias Sti iLitvinjiirgh 

Joh:annes \"an Gelder 

Jacoinis Hayard 

Jan Willenise Roomo Constable 
rjereniiah Tuthiil Aldernia.n 

South Ward 

West Ward 


(."on stable 



Kasl Ward 

Xr.rthWanl < 

Richarrl Harris 
Ab.raliam \Cendal! 
John r.u rrow 
Andries Abranise 
^WiHunn Pell 
[^ David Provo<-;>t 
Abraham i:etelta> 
Jacob I'ermett 
Albertns Ringc, 
j Abraham Kip 
Lchark-s Wollry 



Collect. c.- 





I'hili'p Mint'iorn 

CHit W'ari] < 1 L.-nrlrick l':\-\-uort 

^Davii! Mcivkvil 
US] rrhuinas Tui-nrur 

Om Ward -'' A!iraha;i) 1 .^ Ian^()Ina,'■:;■ne^Sur^'(.■^■o^s of 
joiuiinio^ \\';i!.!ro;i. ( ni^hwavs 





j Survevfji's of 
\ Highways 



for tlie 


l^lie Co'>y of an ( )r'.i'-r of ( Vuinci! wa'^ read wherein his Excelienc}' 
]-'.dwar(i Xdsc'iinn CtUTiiinr;, Ca.i)'. Geiv' and ( iw/crnour in Chiefc of this 
Province by and v.idi ihe advice and Coir^'ent of h<'i- ?\Tajestys Council 
of thr san:c -wa- i^I.-ased I- Xominau; and Ai^o-ini Col! William I'ear- 
trt-e to he Jday.r in ihl^ Cuy for the Year hn-ucino and Also Ebenezer 
Wdllson ]^S;|: to he hi-h Si:^ri;I of the said <dity and County for the 
said \'car rn-aie::';:; 

Ri-.>oi.\:-.n that Willia;;: Anderson Gcu; Present Treasurer of this 
City he Co.niinuwl 'id-easnrer < .r Chamberlain of the Said City for the 
year Pnsneinv; he ;dvinir SuO'cictit Sureties t.> tliis Ci'rporation for the 
(.h.w Pxecn'ion -f d ; t ■)■':'.'■■■ a:i 1 y'. ;dl Tr'_v!-nrers succeeding- him doc 
<ii\(j ^ucU surctic:^. 

ddu: y];.yor has A; 
CoiiSiaMe of I'd-; CitN' 

i jerv.niah Callcuit Put-hcr to l,e High 
yea.r J-hisueing. 

('n.\'K\<iu> :hat the Ti-asurcr buy three jjo.jks for Records of this 
City vV dehvcr d:.- sa:ne to the Town Gierke and Charge this Corpora- 
lion Dvbit 'r t!:e'-.'wltii whi^di Siial! be Allowed upon his Ace! 

0;n<!-.jdo that Aldrrn-an jan-en M'. 1): lay>i-i- and Mr \'anhorne 
b- A GanuntUT !•' An h;-- th. Aect^ of M'' ]dh-.:u ^ M'' Keteltas >?f 
mahr- ]^;v!H-irt th-rr-^'-'f 'o the ArM Cotivnoii Ccnncdh 

Ol- TMK Cn\ 01- NI'.W YORK 273 

City of j^^ A IT A Conminu Council held ?itt the 

NewYorkej^'^ CiCv liall of the said City oii Tuesday vhe 

tliird da_\' of October Anno Dom 1704 

Present W'illiatn Peartree I'^SqT Mayor 

Sampson Shelton Brouc!:luon i'".Sq'" Recorder 
Jacobus V : Cf^rtlandr 
Jercniiah Totbdll 
Johannes jaiiScn 
David Provoost 
[49] Ijartholeniew Lar-juK 

Corneb!us D : Pevstor 
Jobiu X'anliornc 
Abraham Keieila.s 

The Petition of Mv (diaries Wwllcy Mcrcli! was read Settin.G; forth 
that on the twciity Ninth day of .September last past he veas Chosen 
Coijstaljle of the Nort') Ward of tin's City f'-ir the year F'.nsueinc::, in 
which Ouice lie AKead-'.-s lie Cannot serve by Reason of tlie IvPnlii- 
plicity of bu-dnc^s in dd'ade u Alereba.nddze and desires A Warrant issue 
for A New Election for that ofhcc ^: t'nat his line be Remitted 

Ord.'-.r'p that the Said Charles Woliey pay to the Treasurer of this 
City the sum of five pounds for liis h-K' in not scrvint;: in the said office 
as the Law directs and that Mr Mayor Issue his Warrant for A New 
Election of that office. 

Resolvi:^ Ncinin.e Con.tra dic^.n;.: ihat ihc raid fnie of five pounds 
be Remitted to tlie said Ch.arles Wolley any forn.ier Eav.- or Order to 
the Contrary Notwitlislandinq'. 

Rksol\'i:d tlial Jacol) R<'\qnier I'Sqi P.arrister att Law be Coinple- 
ment'>d v.dth the Freedom of tliis Citv. 

Rr-sonvF.o that Sixty Acres of Land Ivin^- upon this Island be 
Leased milo .\U Th.onnas Coddrin,ci'"n oi tliis Cit\- Cen'. for the Ternie 
of tv/eiitv one vear.- att the Rate of Six pc-nce -•:' Acre yearly l:re£rinin;e; 
whei-c th,c North \W-st Line between William Tlooms and th.e said Cod- 
drin<Ttons Lotts End that Line I'Aten.'lmci- iti Selfe lo the Road or liic:h- 
way thence alone:" an-l between t!ie ]\oad and the Harlem Line Runniuf^ 
North till itt makes v.[i i::e Nun bur cl Sixl}- Acr^s v/hich Shall be Con- 
fin'd by Another Line Ru.nnino; No.tb. Wu^t and south East fietween 
and A Cross fron,i t'le Rixul to the S;dd liarlem Line That the Said. 
Coddn'n^rton Shall |be] att the Char<:e of Surveyinc: and drawing- the 
Lease and all Other Charg-es Relating thereunto. att tlie Expira- 
Vol. II. -iS 

-74 MlXrri-.S ()!•" IIIK CO}.!:\IC»N COUNCIL 

lion thereof lie SI\i!l leave A sulTicieni fcTice round the demised 
Premisses, and AlJ Mayor iXxceute n Lease: Accordingly. 

Rksolvkd tliat the Swamp on live Xorth Side the Orchard of aV 
William iJveckman of ihis City l-rev/cr he dci-iiised to Mr Rip Van 
Dam for th-e Tirme of t\venty ruie years for the [50] Yearly Rent of 
tv»ent\' Shilings \-'' Annrjir, lie heing; alt the Charp,-c of Surveying and 
draving the L.ease and att the Kxpii-ation of tlie Termc to Surrender 
and yi-'ld up the San^:.: to thi;. Corj^oration \\K' all the Improvements 
and that !M' ?dayor JLxecme A Lease Accordingly. 

RrsoLVFi) that tlio Lavs lor tlie Ascertaining the demensions of fire- 
Vvood ])e Rc})eale»;l uH ih.e fir>t day of Decemb'T Next Ensueing. 

Tiie Corrimittce Appoiute'l to Audit tiie Ace!; of Jolm Ellison joyner 
due i\e[.iort thai tliev liave Examined ti;ie same and thai there is due to 
him four pf^unds Sixteen Shilings a.nd seaven pence ha.lfe }.^er.nv Cur- 
rant Money '.)f Xi--\\ \V'rke and no more for Piank Akails an'! worke done 
about the Rails Rnurid the n/'arkelt houcc by tlie Bridge, v/hich Report 
is Appro\ed and Ordered }d!' Ma}"or Issue his Warrant to the Treasurer 
fcT the !)a^•nlent of the sariie. 

City of ) ^^ 
Ke\vYo'-ke\' ""' 

Att A Com.mon Council held att the 
City Hal! of the Said City on Saturday the 
14^-} day of October Anno Dom 170.-1. 

Present \\'ir!iam j'Ccirlree TiSqi' Mayor 

Sanipson Slu-'ton Prouglitou L'Sqr Recorder 

David Pr(.vo>M 

Jacob Dekey 

Jeremiah Totlhil 

Johannes Jan^^rn 

R(>bei-t Lurtin;'- 

Dirck Vandeihur-h 

John \'anliorne 

Corneliu.s D : Pey<ter 

Abraham I\cteIla^ 

Richar<! Harris j 

CM|di.-rl Surrt J 

This being the Anniversary day of Swearing the New Mayor High 
Sheriff .A.lden-nen .Assistar.ts Treasur< r High, Constable Petty Con- 
stables ^c: William {\'artree h'Stir Ijeing Atteiid:,-^! by the Recorder 
Pligh, S'lCrifT Aldermen .\ssi>tants Trea-nrer Ass- <sr)rs Collectors [51] 
Constable; and r)th(r r^fhcers of ihis Cilv According to the u:^ua1 

E.Sq'""' Aldermen 

>- Assistants. 


fonnality waited U|:>on liis Excellency llie Cap'. (_ien" Ov liuuvernour in 
Chiefe of this i'rovipcc in C'^unril all Fort Anne who then administrcd 
to the said WUliani I'eattrce 1--S<i'- Ma>(.r and Willson ESq'' 
high Sheritt the L'atlis .Xppoinicd b_\ Ari oi I'ariianient to be taken in- 
stead of the Oatil^ of .\Ueigance and .Snnieina..\\- .V the Test and the 
Oatli of Abin.ration aiuJ also ilie l)atb.> fi^r th.e o.Ui: l^xcciuion, of their 
Respective Ofiices and Accordingly ddiver'd unt.j thv jn their Res])cctive 
Comnnssions \vi"::-«;Ui)On the Ma}-.u- Attended a.> alure.-aid v.dth the like 
formality waited \\\>on his Exceikncy the Governuiu- io Trinity Church 
Vvdie-i-e the Rever<^iid 3.1 r W'illiapa \''csey th.e Recu>r ti-!erer,f after divine 
service prcaclied A sernion suitable to tlie Cjcca<ion wliicli done the 
jMayo^ ic: Returned to the City ] iall wliere after the Rinj-ing- of three 
Bcils the Couwiii^sions of the vdayctr dc hi>;h SherilT were published 
after wiiich the} all went up into tlie Court Ro-v^/m wiiere ttie Tvlayor 
Rer-un^cd the Ctiair au.d the Aforesjiid C'atlis TcA and a'hjuraticjn Oath 
wore Ad3uini>trcd inuo David Piovoost ESqT AkR-rman oi the Nortii 
Ward Jacob Dekey Alderman of the Out Ward Jeremiah 'i\.ihill ES^ir 
Aklerman of th- East Ward Tol,:imie? Jan-:n ESqr Alderman of the 
South Ward Iv^bert Eurtino- ]':Sq: Alderntan. of the Dock Wusd k 
TfiTck X'anderburgli ESqr Aldcrnum of the \\'e>t Ward, Cornclitis D : 
iV\?ter Assiitaiit of tiie south A\ ard John \ anh^rne A;sistaui of the 
Dock Ward Keteltas Assistan.t of tlie Xurili \\'ard Ricliard 
Harris A?^islant of the East Ward and Olpbut Srurt-; Assistant of 
the West 'A'ard a.nd also the Oaths for tlie dv^^: kxecution of th.eir 
Resnjcti\e CMucs. k'gEerl Heermans Assistar.t of the Out Ward of 

\\'illia-ri Anderson Gent was Sv/orn Chaiul/crlain or Treasurer of 
this City for the year kki-ueing- 

Jeremiah Ctillcutt high Constal'le was Absent. 

William Pell C('n-table of the East Ward Jan W^ihrmvo Roome Con- 
stable of tlie WcM Ward Thomas Eckerse Coti::iable of the Eowry and 
George Hoom.s Constable of Harlem were Sworn, to the due Execution 
of their Rcs]-»ective r)frlccs. 

Johannes P.urg^er Constable of the Df ek- Wan! \vas Absent. Cor- 
nelius Eouv," Elected Constable of the Xcuth V/ard and Andries 
Bresteade Elccterl Constable of the Souidi Ward liave Refused to serve. 
ORDF-R'n that the Mayor Is^ue Warrants for A New Election u that 
the}' Respectively pay their Fines 

[52] October y'.' 17'iM 704 

David Wovoost ESqf Alderman nf the Xorth Ward hath Returned 


that Goorc^e Duncan Alcrcli'; is Ek-cterl Constable of tlie Said Ward for 

the }-car linMumir. v'. l'^' <dso hath Refused to Serve, wliere upon the 

Mayor Issued his W'.arrant lor A New Election iS: AccorrJingly J'^nn 

Gnrney I'.aker was I'.iected Constable for the Said Ward fen' the year 

Ensueinq-. ^^ ^ , „ „, 

^ October y^ 21'-' 

Johannes Ihrrger v/as Sworn Constal)le of tlie Dt'ch Ward of tlie 
Said Cit}' for the yea.r Ensucini;'-. 

October \: 3I-'-' 
jolin Guriicy was Sworn Constalde of the North Ward for t'le year 
Ensueing cV also Dirck J loghia.ndt Consta!?!e of tlie sordh Ward upon 
A New Edcction. 

City of I ^^ A-!T A L'onunMn Council held att the 

NewYorkel ^''■" City llali of ilie Said City on Munday the 

Sixth day of November Anno l.^oril 1704 
PrescTit \Adlliain Peartrec ESqr Mayor 

Sampson. Shelt.:,i! Rroughton ESq^ Recorder 

Jeremiah Tothill "^ 

lohamies Tansen r^r- 

Robert i.n;tinrr ^ LSq- Ahiermen 

Dirck \'andcrbur-h J 

Corn.huv D: Peyster '^ 

Abraham Kctcllas , . 

T , ,- 1 y Assistants. 

lohn \^orno [ 

Sum Dlpb.:-!. J 

Ordi:i;'i) the Ma.} or l--^ue Isis Warrant to the Trea'-u.-':^" to pa}' to 
Alderman Jercpuiah T'-itin";! \];c smr- of ilnrty one pounds fn. e Sliilings 
and ]^i;;ht pei:ce Curr: M!)iiey of New Yor;:e itt being the Quota and 
proportion of t'le City and Cnimtv of New Yorke for biting and fur- 
nishing A Ror.;p tor ibe Gen'^ Assembh" with A Cobby in the City Hall 
of New ^'orke i^l^stlaT;t to the Act of Gen^ .-\ssemblv for Raksing of 
the same. 

[53] ():i)!:[''[> that the >da}or Issr.e Ins Warrant to th.e Treasiu-er to pay 
to V/iiliam Sk.arpas or Order the sunn of Eleaven pounds four Shilings 
Curr'. Money of Xew Yorke itt 1-eing ior halfe A Years Sallarv due 
the fourP-cntli da} <.f Octot)-r list as Gierke of the Cnm.mon Council 
and for pc-n Ink and jiapcr hir A }-ear due tlie same time. 

OKnr;.;'n t!"'.- Ma-or Is.^ur' his Warrant- to the dVeasurcr to pav to 
Ebene.rer \\'ilI.son ESnr Juinh Sheri.ff of tin's City tlie sum of One hun- 
dred pounds Sixteen Sbilings and Nine pence halfe jJcnnA- Curr^ Monev 

or THE en V OF X!:^\' VOkK 


of Nev. ^'crke Lt-iiic; Al.:.ney by him dir.bursl for ihc lillin?;- and making 
sufficient th.- Ck-als 01 il:i> L;ty a> A] \>y \v..^ Acd which is 

ORnrRD the Mayor I>^suc hi? WariMiU to tii-.- 'JVca-urcr to pay to 
James Wrjgiu .Mar.-^Iiall of th^is Cii}' or Order tlic sum of fourteen 
pound? Stjaw-nteen sldlirigs and thvcc halfe jvonce Curr; IMone}' of 
New ^'orl:e itt being for one years Saliary due and Ending the four- 
teent'p. t>t ('^.^ciober last, for Candle? iir: the Con?iab!e.> AVatch for going 
Several Tourneys to Harlem and <){hcv Services a^ Apj<cars by his 
Ace! which is Allowed. 

ORDi:R'i; 'd;c Tdayor Issue his \\'arrain to th.e Treasu^xr to pay to 
the Reverend Mr Wilham \'csry Rector of Trinity Church or Order the 
sum of hve poiuvds Currant lUoney of Xc\\ ^'f»r'a.- iit being for preacli- 
ing A serui'-n in thi? Corporation on tl^e f jurlecuvh day of October last 
past itt beir.g the Aimiversar}- day of Swearing th.e Xew Mayor Alder- 
men Sh).?riff Assistants and Other officers of this City. 

Oiuy-.'ri'D tl-at all tlie Laws Order? and O'tlinances of this City \N-hjch 
were Co'-^tinu'-'d in force the one iv twenaieth da}- of juhr last past an.d 

dl T. 

of tiii- Corporation since .radc he Contiu.uod in force ti 

further Orvhr-. 

[54I Ordkx'd t!~at no Carn^an witlhn this City doc I-'id- or drive Ids 
Cart over the Common Sev.-er in the broad Street near tlie la'tle I'ridge 
upon peiialt}- of Six Sliilin-s for Cver}' Offence one halfe to th.e 
Info'a-ner and the f'rher halfe to the Cit\-. 

Citv of 
Xew A'.u- 


Att a Cr.nmrai ("MuKal held att t\v: 
Citv Idall of the Sawl City <m frvday y- 22'-' 
daA- of I). ■"'-mb'.-T Anno I H>;Ti 17^)4. 

r resent W uuani r eartrev [\>i.\': .Wnyvv 

sauijisoui Shelton J^n 'Ued;t' ^n ESqT Iv.corder 
hXavid frovoost ^ 

Jcrem.iah Toiirdl 

Johann.:.^ fans'.-n CESci''^ .Vldcrmen 

birch \-andcrburgii , 

R(E.ert Lurting J 

. lohT; \anhorne 

ContL-hu.s I) : Peyster 

Abi-aham Ketelta^ ^Assistants 

Olph.ert sucrt 

Richard Harris 



Ti-ii;: co:^iMOx council 

OxDI'k'i) tlic M.-'.yr.r Is-iic liis warrant l. ' V.j Trvdi-uwv to pay to 
I'loboit IJruiiiiriOiiu Luhmir,'! Tlioiiiits llcii'Jric': L'.ti>!: anl Jr^-u \^ancler- 
beech i'ellincn oi this Citv tl:c ?uni of ten prjumls Cnri-aiit Money of 
Xew ^'orl; on Accl of t'.it.-ir Sal!ar\' as Bellmen. 

Oudku'd tiial tlie >.fa\ >r Issue his warrant to the Treasurer to pay 
to TvicluirtI Harris Mr r)r(]cr tlie suni of ten pounds Ei^i'fhteen Shihiiigs 
and six |)ence Curr! Mimc;- r-l Xev.- ^^ork hi lieinj^ for an F.ntcrtainjnenl 
yiven by thJs Cf.rporation V) his Exxellency the Lord Cornbury upon 
liib Arrival here from hi> (~i'^\'t.-rn!n'. of New Jersey. 

Ounrr/o tint: Alary La\-. rence Wlddow have Liljeriy 10 follow anv 
f.awfuU Tra. je or iiri[)IoynH-Tit within this Citv for the Ijctler Obtaining 
of A li\-cI}I"io.»d icr her.-vhfc and family an}- ]-a\\ <_)f this Corporation 
to the Contrar\- \'ot.',',-i(!-ivt-n'.dini:'- 

fSsl Citv of ).,,-, Aai A Common, Couneil held att the 

' Si? 

Nev; York! " " City (la!"' of the said City o!i Tuesday the 

13'v day n\ i''elM-ua.r_\- Anno DoTTi i7o4[-5"| 

iVeseni ^\'iliiam Peariree h".:-:{r flavor 

John Tudcr iCS(|' Recorder 

Jcrendah Tothd! > 

Johaim.,> Jansen CESq" Aldermen 

ivobc-rt I.ii'ting I 

Cornehns 1) : !\'yst.M- S 

Abraha;.! ■vn-dias CAssistants 

Ricluud liarri-: J 

John Tud..T ES'T \-. ;•< rlh- d.-.y y\vr,vn Recorder uf ihis City having 
first taken tli. Oa(!i-^ App mur.i by Act of Parliament In-nead of the 
Oaths of A!leic;anec a- >iiiMa;n acy A: t!)- Test and abjuration Oath. 

Eancaslcr synies Cerrvtt X'anhorne and Cltri>topher Donne the 
Farm<-rs of the !''• 'ck of t'i- City perM-'-ially A[)peared bef'-^re this Court 
and Informed th.em that !!-e vidd Crrrctt Wanhorne one of the Lessees 
is willing to Re!in(;uish hl< Right which he has to the said Lease unto 
the >aid I-atica^ter synn- .v ChriM 'pli-T D.voa-^ Wdiereup-m they desire 
t!k- said L.;a^c to lu- Caticdlc:! and lluo .\ Xew Lca<e wiih the same 
Conditions C-vcnant- X:c : b.' Cranird ir. the said r,anca<ter symes & 
Ch!-ist..pla-v r).-nnc.\- tl,:-;: .\..ior,,. y ^. . \\'Ih rrup. .n itt i^ ORDirR'i. that 
upoii the Execution <■{ A X-w Lea^o by ike said. Lancaster symes .t 
Chri^to;)h.ei Pem'.c and gi\;ng F;..;,,! u,-- performance of Covenants 
with such vuhicient securitv a^ th;^ Corporation Shall think requisite 
that tlun the fif-t lea^e lie .Acconlinoiv Ca.ncelled. 



Att a Connnon L'r'Uiiril held att the 
City ijai! of ih.,' sii'M C'ir\ 011 saturda\' thic 3^' 
day of r\hiroii Aiuhi Ir-nfi 1704L-5] 

PresciU W'liHam }\arirce KSq'' .Ma}ur 
Jolm Tudcr ESq- Recorder 
]-)a\'iii TrrivoosL 

Jeremiah 'i'oth;iH r-.- ^ 1 1 

•L , ^ . ^, I.^q''^ Alder: 

uv. Keteltas \ 

ius D : Pevster , . 

Dirck Vaiiden;ir;r£:h 

Abrahai"!! Ivetelt;: 


Jolin Vanliorn ^ 

Olpherl sueit j 

[56] Ordzi^'d tliat }d5- A layer wail upon his' J-:xcvI'e]-ic\- Hie Govcrnour 
and desire he will gi-s'C leave tn tlie Inhahit.'iuis of this Corporation to 
secure their Gunpowder in the small ]\Iapa"ine of the C-iarrison in 
Order to j)^event future djarnage tliat niay hapiK-.n ll',ereby. 

Ordicr'd tiiat all the Laws Orders and Or'.iinanees of thiv City be 
Continued in. force till furllier Ordei'. 

City of ( ec ^"^'^^ -^ ConiniuM Counod heid att the 

New York ^ '■'■" City Hall of the said City on fryday the- 23"? 

da}- of Alarcli Anno DoTTI 1704-5 

Present \VilHam Peartree ESq: Mayor 

joliri Tudcr ESq- Recorder 

David Provoost ~^ 

Jeremiah Tc'tliill 

Johannes Jan.^cn y. ESq'- Aldenneii 

Robert Luriing j 

nirck \'anderbu:-yh j 

Abraham Ketehas j 

Corn'.-lir.s Dej)e}ster CAs-^istants 

Ivichard Harris J 

Order'd that tv.-o ]>;nr f^f Stairs "ur :n.'"ie in tile n._)ck on each Side 
of the litle bridge, that the .-aid btle bridge be mended and th.- ben.ches 
put up, and that two po-'t? be pu.t ui) in tlie }darkett liouse l.iy the great 
bridge in Order to Kec[> out th,e Cows, 'J'liat AMerman John>on doe 
take Care to inq-.loy worln.uen cuv.l furni-h .M;nerialis for thie F.tYectua! 
doing of the same anrl that the Cliar-r tlvnvnf be defrayed nut of the 
Revenue of this City by the Treasm-er as soeui as the same is jierformed 
by Warrt from the Mayor. 


The Leas;.' oi the Dock v:.c: to Laucaiicr syines avA Christopiier 
Dcnne was reiH: a::u\'ed and (.)kD;:ii'b lUai tije Mayor Execute 
the saiiie and ii| :.ii tlieir I'lxccutiori of t'iL Counter part and the Bond 
for iK-riormarue of UVn'er.ant?; N'.iih. Richard Harris for A security 
that the fornier Lcdb-: unCi j'.oud fur perfonnancc tlicrcof be Caricelled 
A- made Xull and \"oid ar.d that AU Mayor doe Cnucoli the same. 

Okdi,)<'i» that 2\ir Mayor Issue his Warrant to tiie Treasurer to pay 
to jolm 'i'uder ]£St]r ivcccualer of this City one pound ten sldlings as a 
Ketainino- fee in liie Action agt. I): Jvienier 

if'/] City of / ^^ Att a ConmiOii Council Iieid art the 

New )ork\"^ City liall of the said City on Wensday y^ 

1 1 'I- day of April Anno DoITT 1705, 

Present William ream ee ESrf ?^Iayor 

John 'Jdider ESq^ Pv.ccorder 

Jeren.iiah Tethil! ^ 

lohanries huisen r- \ 1 1 

;.- , T " • >-Ebq'^=' Aiciernien 

Robert Lurtm.i^- f '■ 

Dirck \ :in(k'rbur-h J 

Joh.n \'anhorne "^ 

Abi-aha;n tve'eltas LA.ssistants 

Richard Harris J 

C)RD^.K'D thai Aider-, lau i'rovonsi Ald^:ri;':'n Jansen Aldern^an Lurt- 

ing -\P Harris an..l Md \"anhorne or amy three of tlienn be A Conimittee 

tu the Tre:-,-urer- A.-c=: i^y t]:e last year, ddiat they also Settle 

the Ace': of Hirci. uee-uu the ferrwnan and make Report iherenf wdth 

all Convenient ]'A:])edition. 

Oudck'd diat Aloernirui Lurtin..^- and Mr \',anh.orn with the surveyors 

of this City doe i;'.v cut tlie Lc^li^. of Ground lyin^;- between th.e liouse of 

Andries Teller a:a.! M' Outinan on the south side of the Dock Street 

that they Asccviain th.e >u.rp!r.s;io-e of Ground not Granted ])y 

Corporation and vdiere itt l>-es and make Report thereof to the Next 

Common Council. 

Opjilk'd ITirck Rdison tlie I'errynia.n ]-ave Liberty to Repnir 

the ferry Imuse Accordinc: to tlie (.lirections of Ad>'lern:ian X'anderburyE. 

and that he Exliibit to this Court an Ace! of the Cliaree thereof in order 

to be allowed and ik.-i ihe -an;e b,- d^ Tinted .ul of his Rent. 

lAuDi.R'n that Aldennaii Jansen ilK- tak'e Care to have the Great 

Lridi;e n;eu(!ed and nu: in C<..nv(.ni> lU repair ami that ihe Mayor Issue 

his Warra;;t for the payment of the Chare^e thereof. 

0!^r)i■K■^ the Mny.-T fs^ue hi? Warrant to tlie Treasurer to pay to 

William sharpa'^ or Cdrder the sum of ten pouials Currant Money of 

or Till' n i V uF xi;;\v vok 

New York in full of halfe A xr-ars ?;i!lai-}- a^ (."Ic-rko '.f thi:^ Court (jiv.i 
and Endin>^ the lorirlocnth Instant 

[58] City of / 
New York (^^ 

-Vjt a CV;iiii;->j;i Councii held att the 
City Hall of tlie said City on l^Yyday the 
2u".' day oi Aj^ril A.nno D(;aT 1705. 
Present 'Wiiiiani I'cartree ES([: AJa.Mir 
John Tudcr HSqMvccoider 
Jeremiah Yoihill ■, 

Johannes jan>in Li-.^q^-^ Aldermen 

Robert Lurlin- J] Keteltas ^ 

Cornelius 1): IV-Vi^tir J-A>si-tants 

John X'anii'irnc J 

Okdf.r'u the 3.'ayor Issne lii? Warrant in ilu' 'Jheasurer to nay to 
Roba-t Druannond Edmund Thomas Hendrirk lAish and John Vandcr- 
I'eeck late Bellmen of this City tiie snm of tkiirty pou'ids Currant Monev 
oi New York ^yhich with trn jKiunds Already [)a;d tlieu: i^ in full of 
their sallary a-; jielliii^n oi this City due and hk-dhv: ihe hrsc lii^tant. 

Oroek'i) the :\I-:yor Issue Ins Warrnu. t.. the d'r.aqircr to p:.y to 
John Viett er Order the sum of ten shilini^v si:: n.-j-ce Currant 
ivioney of Xev\- York itt 1)eip.^';- for paintin.c;- the ('}-,. en- Arui^ upon the 
Constah.les Staves. 

ORDT.Ri) Vn.-it the Treasure:- take Care tliat ih^aT lie a h<i;ih'-L- on the 
t\scnty third Instant bein-;- the Annivc:■^ar^ da\ •■( h-.'v Maj^" ("(•ronation 
(*^ also three Tkidon-; of wine to drhik ijealih io i- r ' i;d--slv. 

City of / ,-, Avi A L.'o'.r.m.'-n e'.ameil held att tlie 

New York j '" ^ City Hall of tlK- ^a! 1 Cilv nu Thur>d-iy the 

17'1' da>- of I\la}- Anno l^nTTi 1705 
PfL-scnt William Peariree V.>":\'^ Ha} or 
John Tuder k:Sn> ]^;ecorder ' 
Johannes Jr-.n^eii 
Jerenn'ah T'>thi!l 
Ivobert Lairliui.'; ( 

Direk A^aiiderbur-h 
Olphert suert 

U'-Sa" Aide: 

John \'anhorn 

ConirliuS I) PrV-;tlM 

Abraham Krtrli:r- 
Richard Harris 


2S2 Mixuri'S O:- Tr!i;; commox couxctl 

[59J Okdkr'd that tile M:i\or Issue his \Y:u-y:<.vt to the Treasurer to 
pay to Ml Xiciiolas Ko>-vcl' late Treasurer c)*" this City or Order the 
sum of t\vent\- two j^ound^ fourtecii Sliihiir^s and four rK-Dce Currant 
AToney of .\\:\^- York iti hcin;^'- soe uuich 1j\- hiui disljurst for the use of 
this Corporation wliile he was Treasurer f'^r ihe part payiTieiit of A 
Warrant of fourty Eicht poan.ds Six sln"Hn.'.(s and four pence dated the 
thirteenth of October 1701 Granted t^i Gabriel Tonison and C)Rr)ER'D tli^'- 
Treasurer pa\- tlie same t;d-cinp; up the sai.d Warrant of fourty Eight 
pouncl'j Six sliih'n^s and fo'j.r jy-nce wsiicb i'< fn!i\- Satistved.. 

Ciiy of / ^ . .\-i r A Couinion Council licld att the 

New York \ " " (. i.y ijol! of the said City on Tuesday the 

ir'? day of ji'ne Anno DoilT i/O; 

Present WilJiam ['e.iriu-r LSq'" Mayor 

JoliM Tuder h^Sfj.' Ivecovder 

L>a\ id 1 'rt.ivoost 

Johaauie^ Jansen , ,, ., , 

" . . ,- , , , yiiScr^ Aldermen 

Direk \ an^.erburi^li f ' 

I'iobert i,urL]nc;' 

Cornelius Depcyster "^ 

fohn \-auh.;nu' I ^ . 

^^ Assistants 

}'ie];ard I]arri> 


^)Kr)l■.^dI) l]i;u ali \i\< i.^w^ Orders and Ordinances of rids City be 
Continued in force fr.r thr-.c Alonths long-er. 

Okdrk'd that Ihv- r''!'..' inir Streets and. places be paved on or before 
tlie fifteenth da\- of julv Xexi I'di.-ueini;- .\ccordin-- to die directions of 
th'.' Alderman and .A -^.dsta-'.t of each Res])t.ciive Ward i\ i/.' 1 from the 
Custom hiai-e to tlu- tornrr l;ouse of the W'id'iow ixierstead, the Street 
Icadini: dr.wn to tlu' Cusir.-.; h.nise liridge the Strert fronting the Dock 
between the great and litb: !.>ridigc the sou'd.! End of the brtcid Street to 
the h'tl. I'.ridg.' on lioth d-I^'S of the wav from the New house of Coen- 
ra.t TeiiL-yck to tlie south, finid of tb.e wlia.rfe a.nd from thence along 
du- v.harfe fronting tlu- lvi\:T in the Corner house of Ma.rtin Clock. 
(JuC'Mi stre(^t as far as M: r.<wckmans. th.- Aew [60] Street. \T-rlctts 
til! to the broad Str..-ct. anri in i'^ lieivby fnrd^.-r Okncui-n and Ordained 
tiial if an\- Citi.:en Tnh;d>iiaiu > >r I-VcGiolder or |of ] this Citv Shadl re- 
fn-e lu-glccl or delay to m.d<e or iheir i>roportionable IMvi.ment be- 
fore their buildings .-md 1 .. tts of Oound a^ Aforesaid witliin the tin->e 
Aforesaid dial! for Mich Ids or their defa.idt forfeit the sum r,f twentv 


Shilings Currant Mono}' of tl;i.s Qiy. ;;::■;! !.'.',cnl\- Sl'iilings more like 
Money for Every ^vlonlli after the fifi'-Tnth da}- of July aforesaid tliat 
Such Streets or places abovenamcd SliaH reiiiain unpavcd to be Le\ yed 
by distrt-ss upon the r^uolo and Chatteli- of such Dcfauher. the one halfe 
thereof to the lufornur anil the Other liaU'e in the use of this City. 

Ordeu'd that Aldern :ui jaiisen and Alderman Lu.rting doe Cause 
Grates to be put up before the Common sewer in the broad Street and 
that as soon as the_\- arc juit up that tliey Cause the Grate att the End 
of the Common sewer Xext the Dock 10 be pulk-d d.iwn that the v/ater 
may have A free passage. 

Ordeu'u tliat the Akiyor Issue his Warrant t-) tb,e Treasurer to pay 
to the Recru'der thirty Shihngs for his Term fee in the Action ag; D: 
Riernei- in tru's Jmic Tfrrn. 

City of J Att A Common Council held att the 

New \'ork j ^" City IJall of ilie said Cit}' on Thmrsday the 

second day of August Amio DoTIT 1705 

Present Vv'iiliai-n Peartt-ee llSq'' Ivlayor 

John Tuder ESq*" Recorder 

David l^rovoost "^ 

Tohannes Jansen ! i-^- ^ , , 

■, . , r '■ CESq'' Aldermen 

Robert 1 Air ting f ' 

Dirck Vanderburgli 

Abraham JCeteltas 

01]j];ert suert L Assi>tants 

Richard Marris J 

Okdek'd the ]\ Payor Issue his Warrant to tb.e Treasurer to pay to 
William Anderson Treasurer of this Cily the smn of tliirty two pounds 
sixteen shilings Currt \hni'^y of New York itt l.'cing Money by iiimi dis- 
burst for the use of this Cit_\- for bonfu-es for auditing sundr\- persons 
Acc-s &c : from februar)- 1703-4 to tlie I2*'.- of April lyc;:, as Appear- by 
his acc^ which is Allowed 

[6i] The Committee Api-ointed to Audit the Treasurers acc^? doe Re- 
port that on the ts^!^- of Octolier last j^i^t there rr-mained in the hands 
of \\'i!!!ain And'.'rson T'reasnrer of this Cit\- the sum of two hundred, 
and t\\-o poimds Elcaven Shilings and four pen^e halfe pennv which. 
they find to be the imt Pallance due to the City att that time and also 
three pounds thirte<m Shilings over chai'p.ed in the said Treasurers 
Acct. bemg for the Comniissii ms of Sc.wcnty two pounds Nineteen 
Shilings and one penny which Money lie received of th,e fe-rmer Trca — 
urer and agreed to Charge un Commission for itt which in the wiioie 


Aiiiounts to two hundred and ::-ix pounds four SliiHng-i and four pence 
halfe penny Currant .Mcncy oi New York. 

The Coniniitlec Appointed to audit the x-\cc- of Dirck Bciison the 
Farmer of the ferry doe Keport that the}- have Aud'itcd tlie same tinto 
the twelfth of April last past and doe trade thai there is due unto this 
Corporation in full Ballance of the Rent of the ferry house & ferry 
during his Lease tlie sum of one liundred & sraventy Six pounds t\vo 
Sailing's and one [ler.ny Currant Mone}' of New ^'ork. 

Oi^DEKD the Mayor Issue his Warrant to the Treasurer t<'.i pay to 
Joliannes ri}bon ■jv (Jrder the siun of twenty pounds fourteen Shilings 
and, th.ree pei-ice Cvrrai7i r^d.onc}' of New York itt being for flanks 
Caning Nails liiiiL:e> boards Stajdes workmen Ji; Other Materialls ■!' 
Expenres in mal-ing ih^e Gu^ard ]^0lJnl at the Custcin h.ouse bridge. 

C)Ki>t::R'D that Alderman Jansen and 
Warr; Issued for 4 — 4 Alderman Lurting doe imploy persons for 
— 3 l-'ayali'le to Job: the makini;- of A Convenient Grate att the 
ll)-bon by X'crtue of this Noriii J'bid of the Commori sewer in tlie 
Order Aug' !/''■ 1705 broad Street & for the ^lending of the 
Stairs in the Dock and that the Mayor 
Issue lii>- Warrant for the pa\ incut of the same 

Oi^oi^R'i) that all the Laws Orders and Ordinances of this City be 
Continued in n/ice for three Month^ longer. 

Okf.rr'd iha! Alderman Lroveiost .Mdern^an Lurting Mr D: Lcy^rer 
and Mi' Ilarri- -r ..ny ilnve of them b^' A Committee to Audit the 
Acct. of ih'^ Widd'>\s of ihe iate Alderman lb audi Schuyler .t that the 
Treasurer Attend tii.-m wiib si;ch Books and Acc^c as may be Needfull 
for ihe f^fTectual Auditing tiiereeif. 

[('>2] Ord.^R!) t::ai lia^ same Commiltee Aulit tlie Treasurers Book< 
and Accomt'ts t.. the teiub of Moiith and n^.ake report tliereof with 
all Conveni>-!it b'.xne'btion. 

^--,^. i-^j , Y'lr A Commei?! Council held ait the 

N^v/^-orkl ^^ ^''^'' ^'''■' ^'^ '^"- ^'^''^ ^'^^y ^''^ 'J^^'^^^tlay the 

I i''.' d-iy of Se[)tember Anno Dom 1703 

['resent William i'cartree b'Su: Mavor 
Jn'm; Tu'ler ]':Sm'" Recorder 
L'.-vid rrove.osl "^ 

Robert LuMiiig iLSq^f Aldermen 

Duck \"ai;derburcrb J 

IdclKird ilarri- I 

j<dm \-.ud-rn 

.MtraluMii Leteha-^ ^.\-a^tantr 


Order'd tt:c Mayor Issue his Warrant to the Treas- 

W'arri Issued ur^r 10 pay to the l\.ccorder thirt)' Sliilinc^s lor his Tertn 

fee this ]'\ioiith in the Action agl. M'^ D : Rienicr. 

Ordi:k"d Alderman X'anderbnri^'h be Surveyor of this City in tlie 

Room of M- Kveits deceased, who was day Accordin<;ly Svv-orn 

dihgently Impartially .V ];on_t_btly \'C : to Exccule tlic said Oftice. 

City of / ^, 
New York( 

s-ESq'^^ Aldermen 

y Assistants. 

Arr A C"onr.n..n Coimeil held att the 
City Hall of the saivl City on Saturday y? 
20-1' day of Septeniher Anno DoTTI 1705. 

Present William lAartrce ESqr Mayor 

John Tuder ESq- Record'-r 

Johariiies Jan sen. 

]")avid Provoost 

Jacob Dekey 

Robert Enrtiny 

Dirci. \'auderburgh 

Cornelius D : Peyster 

Al>raham Keteltas 

John \'anhornc 

Ricliard Harris 

Olphcrt Suert 

[62,] Pursu.-int to the Warrants of the Mayor Issued to the Aldermen of 
each Respective A\'ard nf tlvy; City for the EJectini: this day one Alder- 
ma!! one A^s!^tant tn-o Assessors one Cohector and o'ac petty Con^t-djle 
in each Respective Ward of the Said City and two Assessors two Col- 
lectors two Pelt}- Constables and four Overseers of the Hic;hwa>ys for 
the Powry and Harlem D:vi^ions of the Out A\'ard of the said City to 
'^erve in their Respective CjT.ces for the year Ensueinq- AccordiTic,^ to the 
Usa,i:e Custom Raws and Ord.inances of the said City and Accordinq-ly 
the same day return v.-as made thereof att tv.elve of tlie Clock att Xoon 
to th.e Orilcc of Pown Clerk under the haivls and seals of the Respective 
Aldermen Accordiu):;- to the Tenor of tlie Aforesaid A\'arranis as fol- 
lowelh (\"\?}') 

( Jnnsen Alderman 

I Cornelius D : Pevster Assistant 

"^outh Ward 

j Walter Tlmn^ 
Stephen Richard 
Gerrett \''iele 
Adrian Man 





Dook V.''arc 

East Ward 

West War, 

Nortli Ward 


r Robert Lurtiiig 
Jc>lin X'anhoriic 
G or r clt D uy ck i nek 
LuNvrcnce \'anhoake 
Jolin Sheppard 
JrJi'.gli Oow 
I Jlarciit Reyndci's 
1 Richard ILirris 
J Abraham WciidcU 
^ Johianiics \'ansa.i!ta 
Chiribtopher i'>ceckrnan 
SKphcii Jaiiiain 
Dirck \'andr:l)urgh 
Oll.hort Snvrls 
j ToiJi'as Stoiiie:ii)i.irg-h 
juharncs \'an Gclder 
James l]ar(hn;r 
Cornelius Cluppc]- 
]">i\-id ]h-ovrii.,;-t 
.V'ttraham [■-leLclta:^ 
Cornrlius L.=v; 
] .\m!:oi!y Untgers 
j Wilh'nm Prfp.oost 
(^ Ra'.])!i Iduirnian 









Out Ward 

for the 
y Bowry 

\\. IferL Webber.: 

Job,n ]\._\-ckriian 

C!n i-^topber Rousby 
I We^^-ell IMelerson 
j I'.b:innes lk-n>o;i 

lla^id Mendcvil 

samne!] Waldj-on 

JVtvT Oblinis 

lieiidrick Oblinis 

Ua-enl Xaglc 

b b-iiT,: ■■> C'oriK-lison 
WuHRF-AS several Ir.balatant^ of the sontli A\''ard have Com.plained 
that the Cari\' -;y n- •■■.c D^'d-: on tire We^t sidie tliercof is stopt up and 
Incumbred with M.i-i> a.n-l Ti'Vili.T soc that Carts Cannot ride out of 
the same tire woiuj and f p;oods that are bronidit into the Dock to 
their crrievious da.macfe A' Xu-ancc itt is therefore herebv Ordi-.rko that 







) snrvi:} ors of 
( Highways 



I Surveyors of ) for Harlem 
( Ilighwaysl Divisi 

OF Tiii' crrv oi' new vork 


the faniiers of tlie Said Dock ck>w fcirduvitli Cause the same to be 
Removed tV the said Cartv-.-ay left open and Convenient for Carting 
upon pain of beini^- prosecuted for A Xns:aice and diat the Marsliall 
Serve thern whh A Copy of this Order. 

FJrsolakl) tliat W'iUiam Anderson Gen! the present Chamberlain or 
Treasurer of tliis City be Continued Chondierlain or Treasurer of tin's 
City for the year Er.sueing lie Lnvlni;- suincient sureties in the sum of 
one Thousand pounds for tlte due Execution of that Oirice and he 
Staling anrl Posting the Citys Accon-.j-ts in the Looke in due form 

Tiit- .M.AyoR has Appointed Jerem.iah Callcutt the present high Con- 
stable to be high Constable of this Corporation for the Year Ensueing. 

ORDF.RKf) that Alderman Provoost Alderman Jansen Mr Yanhorne 
and M^ riaitis or any tiiree of the;u be A Conrmittee to Audit the 
Accompt of Ak Dirck Llenson th.e Lessee of the lA^Ty belonging to this 
Corporation and make ]<e]V3rt thereof widi die first Conveniency. 

[65] City of J ^^ Att a Commc^u Council held att the 

NeM- ^'ork* '"'^ City I [all of d;e Said City on Thursday the 

iPl^- day of OctobLr Anno Dom 1705 

Pre..ent William Peartree ES-.;! ?/Layor 
Jolin Tuder ESqr Rc-corder 
David P'rovoost ""^i 

Johaimes Jansen 1 

Robert Lurting ^ LSq- Aldern.en 

Dire!: \'ander;n!rgh j 

Cornelius L^ : I'ey.-tcr '^ 

Abraham Kcteltas I A>;si.stants. 

Rich.ard Harris j 

OPvDERr.n that the Mayor Issue his Warrant to the Treasurer to pay 
to William Sharpas or Order the sum of Eleaven I'.ounds four Shih'ngs 
Cnrnuit "Money of Xew York iit beuig i^:- iialfe A Years Sallar\ as 
( leik of tins City due and Ending the fourteenth Instant and for pen 
Ink and paper for o'lc year buuling the same time 

OkUKn'n t'lat tlie Mayor Ins Wai-rani to the Treasurer to pay 
to Dirck Benson the farmer of tiie I'erry or Order the sum of Th.irty 
pounds Cm-rant Monev of Xew \r:r\: itt being for Ibicklayers work 
Puaoks r.ime X'ails. the use of <irYs ar.d Latlders, Carmen, meat & 
Drink f.;r -vcrkme;! scatTnld Poles Iron v,or!: boards Gutters Plank and 
Glass .l-c: for the Ivepairing the Ferrv house Pursuant io an Order of 
Comrno!) Council the n'-' day of April now last past. 


:snN:rTES oi' teie common council 

His ExccLLtxcv tl'.e Govcrjiour by nnJ with inc advice of the 
Council has Appuiuted Wdl'.iain Ptarttce KSq'' to he Mayor of this Cit}" 
of New York and Ehenezer W'iilson ES J to 1)C Sheriff of tlie City and 
County of New Yorl: fijr the year Ensuoing. 

Oruer'd the IMayor Issue his V/arraut to th.e Treasurer to pay to 
James V.' right or Order the sum of Eleavon pounds Eleaven Sailings 
and six pence Currant AFoncy of New York itt being- for A Years 
sallary as Marshall of tliis City due and Ending; the fourteenth Instant 
for firewood, Caridles for the Consiables Watch. Jorirneys to th.e Out 
Waid Plroonis Nails cVc ; as appears by his Ace*; which, is Allowed. 

[66] City of } 
New York ^ 

Att a Common Council held att the 
City Hall of the said Cit}- on Munday the 
15^1' day of October Ann^:. Doin 1705 

CESq^^ Aldermen 


Preseni W'iiHam Peartrec ESq'-' Ma)'or 

Jolni Tudei ESqr Ivccorder 

David Provoost 

Jacob Dckey 

Johannes jar.scn 

Robert Eu.rtin'.;- 

Di-ck \'andcrbur- 

Parent ]vc}-p.ders 

Cornelius D: \\'y< 

Abraham Ivele'ia.- 

Olphcrt Suert. 

Richard Harris j 

Wolfert W'rbb. ;r. J 

This day the Mayor bjjn- Att-ndcd by the hi-b ShvrifT Aldermen 
Assistants Assessors Collectors Constables auxd Other Ofiicers of this 
City to the usual form.ality waited upon tlic Gentlemen of 
her Majestys Council att Port Anne in Council who Administrcd unto 
Vvilliam Peartrec ES^r A favor of tiu:s.City and Ebcnezer Willson ESq" 
Sheriff of the ^aid Citv and Cnunt\- ibe Oaths Apnointed liy xAct of 
Parliament to be taken instead of the O^ath-^ of Alicip-ance and 
supremacy The Test and Oath of Abjin-atinn and Also the Oaths for 
the clv.Q ExeculIoTi of their Respective r)f!'ices and delivered unto them 
their Respective Commissions wJK-rcupnn the Mavor Attended as 
Aforesaid v.-ith the lil:e formality v.-a"tcd unon her Majestys Council to 
Trinity Ciuirch v.hcre the Reverend Mr William Vesey Rector thereof 
after Divine service preached A sermon suitable to tlie solemnitv which 

OF Tin-: CITY 01- xr.w yorp; 289 

done tlie Ma}Or Ahlvnwcn Slicrifr .\>:^!>Lanl^ :vr\ Oihcr ^)nker^ Rc- 
turiicti to ihe City Hal! wliero a fur ihr Riii.L;ing of three r.ells the 
Commissions of the ]^Iayor iv.v] SherilT were i;);r.'li:-h.e(l after which they 
all V, cut up into the Co;!it Clian^lj-, r where the Mayor Resumed the 
Chair and the aforesaid Oath> dY^si and Ahju.ration were Administred 
unto David Provoost Alderman of th.e Xorih \\':\rd Jacob Dekey ESq^ 
Aldenrian of th.e Out Ward Jan -en IwSti^ Alderman of the 
south Ward Robert Lunin- ESi^ [o;] Alderma.n of the Dock Ward 
Direk \'anderburtiii RSq" Alderman of the West Ward and Rarent 
Reynders Alderman of the East Ward and K> Cornelius D: Reyster 
As.-i>tar.t of the stjuth. Ward Abra!i;mi Keteilas Assi-^iant of the North 
V.'ard Olphert sueri Assistarit of the Wesi War.] Richard Harris As- 
sibtart of the East ^^'ard and Wolfert Webber Assistant Of the Out 
A\"a;d and also the Oaths for the due Execution of their Respective 
OlTces \vho Accordin;;:ly tooke their jdace-;. 

John \'anhorne Ass-istant of the Dock Ward was absent arid adso 
The Treasurei of City. 

Jeremiah Cal'cult was sworn lii-h Constable of this City for the 
year Ensueing. 

Adrian ^lan Cor.-iable of tl'ic south Ward Co-i-;elii!s Clopper Con- 
stable of the West Ward Ralph Thu.r;uari Corislable of the Xortli \\'ard 
^^■'es^ell Rieterson Constable of tlic Howry and D'endrick Oblinis Con- 
stalib-- of ITarlcm were svrorn to the due Exccurkm of their Respective 
Ofilces for the }'car ]-uiSueing;'. 

Stephen Janiain Elecied Constable of the I^ast Ward Refused to 
5-er',-- in t'lat Ofiice and ]*a;d his nne of ii\e ji-unds in Court OKn;::';'D 
the Mayor Issue, Warrant to the Alderman of the j'^ast \\'ard to 
Elect A hti person t'; serve for Constable of the W^ard for the 
Year Ensueing". 

IRi.crh. Crow Elected Constable of the Dock Ward did r.ot Come to 
be sworn. According- h> sunune^rs. Ouor,i<'n b,c ]'ay A !"me of rive p^'und^ 
for In's default an.d tliat the ^fayor Tss^ie bis War-rant to the Alderman 
of the Dock A\'ard to Choose fitt person to serve in that Ofrice 
for t'fie said Ward for the }-ear Ensueinq-. 

Oct' 'her -■^3'' 1705 Ceor^re Xorton was Sworn Constalde of 
Mem. the i:)ock Ward lieinr-- E.iecte.i in lb,e Rw ,ni of Tlu-h Crow 
vd'o was uricapable of ser\'in;;' in that Cifrice by rea-'^'-n oi 

.loi-.n James Eouchard was Elected Constable of the East Ward in 
the Room, of Stephen Jamain who al-o refu-eth to serve in that C^fiico 
wheren.r-on. the )>[ayor Issued Warrant for anodier Election and. 
Vol. Tl. — 19 

290 M[.\"L;ti:s OF Tilt: common council 

tlie Inhabitants of the ^aiM Ward have Chosc Winian-i Barckiy to serve 
in tliat Oftice fur tlio year Knsuein,:^- who is bWvjrn Accorchni^dv. 

[68] City of K .\t! A CoiraiKjn Council held ati th.e 

Xew York\' ' City hlaU of the said City on Tuesday the 

4"'' da) of Deceniber Anno Don! 1705. 

Present Wiihair. Peartice ESqV Ma^'or 

John 'J'udcr E^'-q: Recorder 

David r*rovoc>.-t '\ 

Johannes jansen i re , mi 

., , ^ , . Cii.S'i': Aldermen 

Robert Lurtm;:'- f ^ 

Parent Reyn<Iers J 

Cornelius D ; Pevster 

Abrahan: Ket^-lt 

]\ichard Harris 
C>l[^hert Suert 

>- Assistant.^ 

C^RDKRi'D tlutt ah the Paws C)rd!ers and (Ordinances of this Citv be 
Continued in force for th.ree Months lon.cjer next Ensuein^i tlie date 

OiuiI.u'l) ih.e Ree>v.dcr Psvie ,\ W'arran.t to the Treasurer to nav to 
XN'illiain Reartrce I'.Siir ?\Ia}or of Cnis Cit_\- or Order the sum of four 
pounds ten Shiliiii:^- aiai Six jiencc being .Mone\ b\" him disburst for 
Ihc use of tliis CoTporaliL'n for A I'onhre wine ^.Vc : on the fifth (i<iy of 
November last past. 

CJjaiKk'o tliat the Ma.yi/r ^s^uc hi;. \\arra!;t {>.< the Treasurer to pay 
to thiC Reverend Mr William X'tsoy or (" tlie sum of tivc p.iju.ivls 
Currant ^Pine\- of Xcw York itt lein-^- fc.r preaching A sermon t- > tins 
Corporation on the fourteenth da)' oi October Inst j^ast itt being the 
Anniversary da\ of Swearing tiie Ma_\'or .M.dermen Assistants Slieriff 
and C)iher Oiiicers of City. 

OrdukP thai Aldern-m h'ro\oost Alderman Jansen AP DTNy-^tcr 
and Mt X'anh.orne ea" any tliree if tla in be A CoVivmittee to Agree with 
t\»ur Able Inhaldtants of tins C'it;c to be Pelhnen of the same to ^erve 
in that OiYice untd! the Ip-st da\- of April Xext. and make Riport 
thererif t.j the Xext Conanon Council. 


Ordhrd that AlJ^ninin Lurting AMvrrum Keynders ^[: Harris and 
tlic Treasurer of this City be .\ CnniniiLtee ir, Ai;d;t t'lc [.V)! Acconipts 
of AIT Olphert Siierts an.,1 M: Ahraliani ]\etelta5 and .Make Rcjiort 
tlicreof to the Xext Connnon Council 

City of / ^ 
Xew York^ 

A-iT A Coinniun Council he'.] att the 
City Hall of the Sai'l City on Tuesday the 
22'.' day of Jaiiuary Anno DouT 1705 [-6] 

Present Wdlliani Peartrec I'iScj. -Mayor 

John Tuder ESq^ l^.ccorder 

Davir] Pi-ovoost ^ 

[ohanne^, janscn re - mi 

-,, , ^ • . C i',Sci': Aldermen 

Robert Lurtuii:: 

Dirck \'anderbin\t;-h 

Cornelius I) : Pcvstc 

,orneJ'.us \) : t'cystcr ^ 

\l)rahain PCetelta? ' , . ^ 

,. , CA^si'^tants 

John X'atdiorne 
Richard, H 

The Ctj-nniittee Appointed to A\:rce w itli four able Inhabitants to be 
th,c- Pellnien of this City due ]\epeirt tliat tl\c>' have Ag-rced wiih Robert 
Druinmond Ednunid 'J'h'»n-i;t.- Richard ^'ear.^-ly and Robert Anderson 
t') br the'.iun of \.\\\> C't}' fron^, the tiftli day of IXcenib-r bu--L past 
10 the la>t del}- uf Marcii Xe.^t l!in>ucin^;- for the :-uin of tiiirt}- two 
jjouiids, ten pounds wherern" to be paid in liand and the Re-niainder to 
be [laid att ilu- Expiration of ihe said, d\ r;u. a;ul also t-. fnul to the 
Said lAlhnen A IJell A Lanih.orn and an l!':iur Cka,-^.^. whici; ]vei>ort is 
Approved J^i: Okdkk'd the i\[a\-or Ls'-ne hi'^ Warrant 10 tlie 'J~reasurer to 
pa.y to the said Ik'lhr.en the Said sum of t-'U. jMjunds Cnrrani; Mriney of 
Xev>- York Pursuant to the >aid A'.^reenieni. 

Tl'.c IV'thir)!! (^f Mr Ar.drew Clarice wa:^ rea'l ])ravin.c; t.' bf b\' this 
Court .\ippointcd >cb.oC'l MiisU-r oi this Cil> According- to an. Act of 
C'nK'ral Asser.ibly i^f ihi< Prm-inec l-nui'.nUd an Act for i:incuurage- 
niriit of -V Ciraniniar free school in the Litv of Xew York, v.hich b'eti- 
tii-u being taken info tlr; Considerati' ;< '^i" t'n.^ Court and tlicv being 
\'.e!l Satisfycd of the Sobriety Pearnin.g ond Tntegaaty of tlie Said 
Andrew Clarke dr,c ( Xennuie Contra dicc-iii<' ) hercbv Xoiivinntc and 
Appoint the said AP Andrew (.darkc schoohnaster of this Cit\- of Xew 
York l^irsuant to the Said Act. 

292 M[>:rTr:s or Tin: coajm;)X cotncil 

[70] OKDLij'L) tliat Al'lonncin ['rovoost A'llerniati Liirting- Mr D: 
l'e\->tcr ami Al'^' Harris ov uny ih.roc of triciu l>e A Conmiittce to audit 
the 'J"rea?iire[rjs Lvo')!:^ and Accoiiij^ts t'.) the fourtccntli of October 

New Yorkj 

All A Common Council held atl the 
City llah of the Said City on saturda}' the 
t'/l- da}' of Februar_\- .Vn'io Dom i705[-6j 

>ESf]'.' Aldermen. 

Present William l^eartree ESqr Ivlayor 
Jolm 'J'uder J^Sqr Recorder 
David Provoost 
Jol.annes Jan.scn 
Robert J .uriin::;' 
Dirck \'an'ierl)nrc;h 
l^a^-cnt i^;\nders 
Abraliam Ketelta.- 
Cornelius I): 1 '.'}■:■ ter ^Assistant; 
(.)Iphrrt Surrt:. 

Oi-iiiERED that ,M: Anderson Treasurer of tliis City be summoned to 
Attend this Court ili<: Xext C"ommon Cotuieil in (Jrder to be sworn 
and to ;^-ive secu.rit\- lor the due l-Ixecution of Ids Otlice Pursuant to an 
(')rdcr of thi- C<>\\n r;.;oIe the t .v-nt\ Ninth day of Seiilember last jjast. 

Okdf.r'd that the Iv!a_\<_>r L-^uo iiis \varrant to tlu- Treasurer to pa}" 
to Aldcrnian Direl: \ aTahri:.iu-t'h or fjrdier the sum (if Nine jKarnds 
five Shilinc^s Currant Money of New York itt beiuLf for h(.'oks and 
Ladd-rs ]}y him Provided for tiic u-e of this Ciiy in the Mouth of 
May 1696 as Appears by hi- .\cc'. I'nrsriau; r> an. (.Vder of this Court 
niade the third dav of riecer.i'.'or 5 or)- which is Aliov/ed. 

ORnru'n that Aldemian Lurtinv^ Aldern;an X'anderburpii M'' D: 
Pey.stv-- and M'" Su-'.-rt or An} diree of tlu-m lie a Comiuittce to Ex- 
amine \'. h.ethtr tlie Eessees of tlie Dock ..^'C : luive performed the Co\'e- 
nants or\ their part to be ru-ri' 'rmed, Accradh:';' to their Lease and in 
vdiat [;artiet!!ar< the;y arr defleient. That they also inspect what vharf^ 
on tlie North Side thereof Are out n\ Repair iwA v; Nusances there- 
tmto Adjacent are Committal and liy v.liom and make Report thereof 
t(' the Next Conimon Cotmcil. 



At-j a Coninion Cuuncil held ait the 
Lit} Mali oi the s;ii(l I ily (jii Satun.lay yC 
16*'.' day of fcbrtiary Anno DoTTT 1703 [-6] 

Present WiHiam Peartree ESq^ }vFavor, 
John Tuder ESur Recorder. 
1 )avid Pri,'Vo->l ' ^^j 

Johiinne^^ Janseii 

KolKri i.urtiM- 
\h-k \:M.dcn;-ir;/ 
Parent Re\ndvr,- 
Cornehus D : Pe>-stei- ^ 
Abraluin; ICttehas 
Joh.n \'anhornr 
Olpliert suerts 
l^vichard Harris 

LES'i- Aid. 


This day William Anderson Treastn-cr of tl:i> City vas sv/orn to 
the dne Execution of his CMnce and gave Pond v.ith surely Pursuant to 
ilie Order made the la-t Common Council, which Pond after itt was 
Executed was delivered to th.e Mayor by to be Kept for tlie use of 
this (Corporation. 

'Jdir Committee Apj-xiinted to Audit the ace'; .T AP Olpheri Su-rts 
an.l M' .\ ICv'eUas Report in hrec Wrba ( vi:c' ) ]'ur>uant to an 
Order uf Common Council Dated the 4C (C Peeeiiil cr 170^ to Audit 
the Ace"' of yd' i,)]i>heri Snert^ and M' Abraham Kacltas wee have 
Examined int., the Accl oi M: Suert and i\i\^\ b\ A yKiper signed by 
Cai.l D: Picmer Capl Provoost Ca[/ D: I'exMcr Ah' Abraham tJraCer 
.I- M: J'-.i-jr VdilleU'Se the I'.allance cIul- to hi;n was twenty ])Ounds 
I'-ighteen Sliihngs and seaveu pence and irr- Iris FActraordir.ary trouble 
they did all-w him ten pounds more, but by [nroru:aii'jn of i\P Wiliiani 
Andcrsi'.n wee are Jnf.jrmed that the Ikdlar.ce dwc to said suerts ii! the 
City r.ooks is but b'.igh.teen pounds A" six ]M;;ice tlnec arul by 
M- Pr'v-ha- .\cc- he deiuands Six ]' aurP seaven ^hilings and fuir 
p"nce halfe iH-nny f' .r sundry tlu'ngs deli\a'r"d for the use of the Citv by 
t!u- ( )rdcr of Vj j.^hannes Pro\-o^'st >y t. > AP Peter De Milt the then 
sl> rilT bu.t wee not knowing wheth.rr the said Arc', mav Ik- Charged to 
tile Ci(\- by t';e SberifT wee reftr ill idl we know nxav (--f itt, but by AP 
Atalersf.p. wee are Piformcd lie h:i.> Creddt in tb.e T.uiPs for two p.iunds 
Xine S!uling< and hniv penc^; half p lai;. \\"itt!ie-;s our hands thi- i-|'v 



fcbraary 1705-6 Rubrrt Lurliiig W'? AtKk'rson Darciit Rf\ 
JvichaiAi Ilarri- 

W'licrfi'.poii iit i-^ OuDi'L^LD the Ma} or I-f.ue 

WarrariL ]-.>u(mI Iii- XA'ai'ranl to the Treasurer to pay [72] to the said 

( /Ipl'ert Snorts th.e srnii of t\vent\- liiglit pounds Six 

pence thn'cc farthi;n;s in fuH llalhnicc 01 all ,Vcc': between him .1' this 

Cit\- to tins (lay. 

'i'he Coinuiilkr to i^xaniine v^hetlier the Lessee^ of the Dock liavc 
IH'rf')rn:c'! their Ce:\-eri;un> Report in liajc Wrlja. Iku'snant to ih'c 
wiiiiin vJruer woe have \'ie\ve'j tiie !")ock and lind that the L.ess<:-?;^ i;a\v 
not Con.iplyV! wiih t'le Co^■cn.ant^ C'f their Lease, the Dock not hv-in.;^- 
clean to the sandy Hvittom >^c also the \vharfe on the West Side is not 
C'o\-ered with niU'kh 

Wk'C ha\-e likcwis- \"ie\ved the \\harfs on the Xorth side of the 
I3;:'civ and lind that aj;ain>t the A!arheii:onse CoH Abraham D : i'e\-^Lcrs 
\\ areh.ouse and e>lr Ellisons house th.e boards of the wdiarfo is forc'd of 
b} V. l:ich i;reaL (iuaiuitys of Dii't ]\uns into the iXjc'-: and also against 
Thon.^t^ ivoberts iKuise and Xear the CoUee house tlie Pavement is 
broke aiid the Earth Mnk> into the Dock aiid that all alon- the Dock is 

\'ery f di v: ruid se'. 
Rain i< (kiri \ed in! 

ihe i^oclr. tlie Lessees Co; 


iit which v.ith the 
■1 ef the Connnon 

scv.-er by the Ckige i;i bieing out of Dialer and of .\ Dun.ghill niade by 
the mrirketi house nr:\r the Custom house and also of Another Dunghill 
by WdntJiall v.hich by St'jrm\- weather is Carryed into the Dock to 
their great deir'nieul ■.•'deb wee are (,[ ("''piuion nviy !'e hindred if the 
Inhabiiams along by Wdu'tehall 0:mM be Obliged to uiake the wliarfe 
before th.eir drior- and al.-,'"i to th.e Ward, oi Wdnitehall fron.ting tlie 
Ri\er an.d to h.inder th'' Hirt from of th.e wharfs on the Xorth- 
side intei the ])ock. wee tliiiik ilie Inhabitants oiught t'S' inx A piece of 
timber on the Wall Plate that Sh'_>uld rise alK-ait Six Inches ab>'A-e tlae 
Pavement all w-l' is Submitted bv 

>k/w York feb 1 ^■•■- l70^-6 

Rob! Lurting 
D \' Purg-h' 
C: D: Pevster 

OK;;aa'i» that the Ma^.'or Is^ue his \\'arranl t" the 
Warrant Is-u-' 1 ']"rea<urer to pay t^ Jame> WrigiU or Order the sn:n 
of fouir ]')<_nmd- two Sliilings Cn.rrarit Money of Xew 
^'ork itt beir:g n -r d-lnn- W'vrkn;ep Pi.-mi-: Xkiiis an.d Other Exi'enccs 
for th.e- lanywal o'l snn.dr_\- Pri'.ateers vdiich were Ca^l awa\- in Cap! 
Oct _. \'an Tuvle Shi;:, in l')ecember la>t. 



OrvDHRT) that AMorniaii jan?en .VMvrr.iaii Aldcrinaii Iveyn- 
cl'T- ATr I-larri.^ and M'' Kralta-; or any four of th'.in 1)0 A Coniir.ittee 
to Aivlit the Acc^ of Aukrman r'r.,v,,„:;r. a,,,! also tliat the same Com- 
mittee [73] with Alderman I'rovo.-.^t he A Committee to Audit 
tile Acct. of Wilham Merrvtt EScF (hudn- the time of his Mayoraht\- 
f.f tiii^ City ^ iiiake I^^^/oort tlicreof to tlie Xext Common Cotmeil. and 
th:\'. th,e Treasurer Attend them v.idi .Mieh i!o>..!.:s and i)apers as tlicv 
Sh:dl liave Ocea>ion for the pcrfectinij: the saiue. 

( uy 01 J 


Att A Court of JvLOO'rd haid att thic City 
}Ial! of th.^ Said City on Fryday yf S'/ day 
of March in the liftli Year of the Reiyn of 
om- sovera.ii'-n l.a.div ( );iet n Anne vVc: Anaio 

Present ',\"iilian. Peartree ESq: Ahayoi 
John Tuder ESq'' Ivece.rdier 
Da\id Pro\oost 
Je'hannes Jans'-n. 

R(ji,iert Etirtinc;' ^ i^Sq- Aldermei 

Dire!: A'aiiderl.ur-! 
Pa'-eiil h'.e_\)Kh:'rs 
Toim \'anii..rnr 
Olplu-r^ suerts 

.A.= ..:,nt. 

Ridiar<l Harris 

Tlie Conmiit'.e^' fr.r Auditing; th- Aev'l o\ Wihiau! Merrett I^Sq" hit.- 
j'^iv.'T of this City Reniir: in luee \ erha <\'\y.'-) 1 'iirsuant to a.n ( ) 
of (/o:ur!;')!i Council Dat.'d the 16'': <'f f'dsr'jary P.r^iant wee haue Irrjm 
An Ac-: imder tiie hand of A\"ihiam }d'/rr.-tt late Mayor 01 this City 
S'ate I hv hi< Ae-l the Pallanc^ of which is Ei-htv live pound- f'lurieen 

p.n.... V 

.\ec'. he mal-:es the l^allancc (iue 

lo t!r; City iuit Xine pfnr.■.(h^ thirt._-en Shiilnes rmt tlie several Articles 
<-•, ih- 1): side bein;^ l'!;are\d t'^ tiie '.iiv withiait any Crder of Com- 
n:r.n e'':'mcd iit is "ur < )i)iniMi that the CommMU Council I'oolcs ( )u^ht 
to :'■• Examined and sai 1 ?\krrat to hriiuv his X'ouchers for Said 
Ar;i.-;-'s v.-Fie!i i^ >nhmiiu-d ly, j.'h: jan^en Rohl Eurtinc' E: Provoo-t 
IC-!:: liarri- Ahr„:T Kc-ivUas which IEi'>rt is Approved & r^Kr>r.K;:n 
thai I'-e c;,:,! VAIihmi >derrelt V.'>i\' he served widi A Co]n- of t!^e said 


Kcjjorl in Ord-.T \u \-Mikr his C^;\i'jctii»!is tlK^Tunln t^ . iho v^-x^ C,,,:,r.iii;n 
C'ouncii vV that he also jicuc /V C"np\- of the Ac:: ]iy him (lch!\-ercM to 
this Cor[)(;)raiiriii he ra\inL;' f'jr ihe writin,::;' th.creol:' 

Orljlr'd iliat all the Laws (lr>KTs and Orchnanccs of tlii- City be 
Continued in force till further (,.)rder. 

[7_l] Aldernutn David iVovoost havin.-- this day Made Oatli before 
this Court that by \ cilue of three C)rder^ of Common Council of thiis 
City bearing;- d.ate Sep-"'' the iS"-'' Xov^-'r yv 30'!' ^vj fcbruary the 22^ 1700 
he hath Received of lAert lie} vanck late 'JVeasurer of this Cit;-.' tlie 
followinc^ of Mone}' (\'iz-) b\- A'ertue of ihe first Order th.c sum 
of seaven {louiuK by the -eeond tiirce j)Ounds fifteen Shiiling-s t': Six 
pence at^l b_v the thirel the ;um of ]v.;;-ht pounds Xine S'lilinp:^ ^nd X'ine 
pence in all Xi^eteen i>o':nds iive Shiiin;;-s and three pjencc Currant 
]\ioney of Xew \'or'.: in full sa.ti^iaction of the Said Orders aivl that 
directly or indirecth" lie knows not vrhellier l;e E^■er had warrants f-^r 
the same or if lie luid wlvdt are become thereof and pra_\'s the saivl pa.}-- 
niei:ts be alleiX', ed upon rliC Ace*, of the said lAert L'>'-\-vanck bei'^r-; tlie 
Auditors Xow Auditim: the same. Ttt is therefoi-e (^roku'd t'^at the 
said sums be Allovred as [>aid upoii the Acci oi the said Invert I-ey- 
vanck tkie said TXa^•idl rh\>\Oi3st .C'.ivir,L^- >ecu.rit}' to' this Corp:'rat' :':i to 
indem.pnifie them frdui tlie fu.ture [iaxnient of the same Warrant^ -r raiy 
of them if the>' Shall hapt;en licreafter to be found or prr^du'^edi i^^: 
tlKit he deliver up the sam</ Caneelled. 

Okd::k'i) that Alden:ia!i Jan.-eu Alderman rrovoost Alderman j.urt- 
mg and the Treasurer of this C'ity cr aroc three of them be A Comir.iuee 
to State the Acc=' ■' ■'- ■'■ between this Corporation i^: M^ Phillip 
French and malce Report tliereof to the Xext Common C':)uncil 

Or[)I'.k'i) the Mayor Rsue hi> \varrant to the 

Wk'.rrant b-sr.ed. Treasurer to ]'a\- to John jvyckman ov Order the Sr.m 

of tvv-ent\- two p'junds Ei.L:ht Slulinp,-s and three \^^V:CC 

Currant Monc}- of Xew York itt 1)eiii,L;- in full RallaUiCe of his Acc: for 

Bricks furnished for tb;e City bfall, 

Oriiiov'i) th.e Mayer Rsue his warrant to tlie 

Warrant L-;-ue'd; 1'reasurer to [)iiy t" I'eter Ryekman or (_)\<\r the 

>uiu oi live poimd..s three Shiihn;^'s itt beinp' :> r Ced- 

leetinj:;- the tv.o ihou>and oc F.i.i;hleen lumdred pound Ta.xes wlheh is 

allowed, t,) him bv tlr;^ Court. 

or TH1-: cirv of xf.w yokk 


\75] City of )^^ 
Now York \"^ 

.\ I ': A FV,nur.'._'ii ("ouucil lieUl a:!, the 
City liull r,i" ilie Said City ur, Fryda>- y? 2'/''"' 
(lav "i -March. Anno DiTn T;T>r) 

Pre^ent Willian: Fcartrco l^Sq: ]\.[ayor 
joiin Tr.der KSij';' Jvccordcr 
Iol:ainK's Jansen "^ 

Dirck Candi-rlnn-l; i .-.^, ,. ,, , 
RriOL-rt Lurtin- [ 

jkirciit Ivcyndvi's j 

Cornelius 13: Prystcr 
-Vbraluun Ketelias 

OJ.nlicri SucTt> 
Ricliard Flarrk 



Okdi:i^'i) that Aldernuin Jansen Ald?]-man 
A]rril 6'1' 1706 A \'aiidcrbur;^}i and M' ¥)■: ]'v}>ier or any two of 
Warrant L-sucd Pay- tlieni h)c A Connniitc-c to A.c^rre with woncn^.cn 
al)!r- to this Coiniiki- and also to fmdc Material !s for tlie Xe:;>cs.<.r>- 
tve lor 17 -—13^' — Repair of the C", nnmnn scwer near the F^.-ick 
2'- for Reiudrini^ the anrl also for the Re['air oi the litk- iv gr-at 
Cciiinion sewer and Ih-idt^es and that assoon as ilu; same ar- pvr- 
Jk-idi;\s Pn.rsnara to fornie«l thar the Mayor Js-ne In's warra^it \ii'on 
thi-; Ch-der. the 'ik-casu-c-r for the [.ayni^'iil t^ the Cha^-e 

thereof. Thai Wwy akr, (kiu^e A Ik'an; t= • he 
laidi att the hea.'i oi the Stairs on th.c WVst Side of thv litk- P.ri ige in. 
Order that tlie Streets Contii^-U'.e.^ may he paved. 

Oi;.oi.iki.) the ?\la.;.<ir Fsiie iiis W'arra.nt '.•• ihe 
Warrant L'^sued d'rvasurcr 10 ],ay h> William An.derson Treasurer of 
ihi.s Cit}- tlie smoi oi kdea\en. pounds Xine Shih:i>e'^ 
and .X'iiK CuricMit Money oi Sow \'n\-]< in hAnq- ?\fout.'y by I;im. 
di-hm-.-t fr.r three Pr^nfucs ar.d wine ( ^n the ]-k-'iilh of Jrmuary . n tiie 
Sixili vi febrr,ary an^i on th.e I'k^h.ih of March, by pa-t a> Appear^ by 
hi.- .\ee; winch i.- .Ml jwe'l. 

OuD.'-iv'i) tl;e MavMf I-sue his warran.t t ■ tkio 

Wkirrani PMird Treasurer to ],-;. to John Tudcr ]^Sq^ Recordrr of 

this City or C'nl-r one pomvl ten Shiliny^s Cn.-rant 

-Money ui Xtw Yink iov his Ik-rm f.'c ihc last .supreaiii (fouri :•/ kv' 

Action of ^i!i^ Cor,;uralion aLO ISaac \) Ri^-mer. 


-MiNL-iliS 01- Till-: COMMON COUNCIL 

Ord!-.r"d the Mayor Issue his W^'irraiit lo the 
W'ar'-.-'.nl T-suvd Treasurer to pay to Rob: Druinuiond Ech-uuu'l 
Thomas Richard Vcar>ly and Rob: Anderson the sum 
of .twenty t\--o pouiuds Currant -Money of Xew York itt being- in full 
of tlv.'ir Sahary as Bclhnien of this Chv due and Ending the last dav of 
this :E.iuh. 

[;'''\ <:>koi-k'd ihat ihc Reorder Aidernian Jansen and Alderman \^an- 
derlnirgh be A Conir;dttee to \'ie\v tlie lau(: desired to be Leased bv 
J [.eiry Corcbiz and John Acker:^e lyiiig near Ineloambergh for the niah- 
ing of !h-icks. tliat ihcy Ascertain the quaiuity and b^^undaries thereof 
ui:d up. in what lAruis and for wliat Teriu of Years itt may be Con- 
venient t'^) farme t'e.e same and n^ake Rep(-)rt thereof to the Xext 
(;o:::>non Council. 

*^"ik^'"'* / .-^ Att a Common Council lield ati the 

Xew Yrjrk') " " City Lball of y? Said Cit_\' on Fryday y9 jo^'.- 

da_\' of April Anno DoITi lyoG 

Present W'ldiam l^'artrec J~.,Sijl ]\ba\-or 

John duder RScp Recu'der 

Johannes Jansen ~^ 

Direk A'anderburgli I. KSq^* Aldermen 

Rarent Reynders J 

Abraliam Ketelta> S 

CorreIiu^ D : lA- ^er , . 

... , - ,>• , . ■ C.\ssistants 

\\ ojfett \\ ebL'.ers f 

Richard Harris J 

"I'he C'->n.Viuittee A.p];ointeil to \dew the Rand desired to be farmed 
\-\ l\i-\)yy Crirdaz and John Ackerse <\r,c b:cport thai thev have \dcwed 
d;c -a::-c l\-ing to the West of Rielaomb-igh Iieing Chiefly Swamp only 
.\ Seed! Sp(>tt r.\ I'pkmd and are (d Opiidon that three Acres there- 
id mav be Leased to the Said IRnry Ci-rdaz ata! that John Ackerse for 
[h.v Term of tvccnty one years att the Ivent cf fourty Shiling-s ^. anmm- 
to b.e p,,iid Oiiarterly vvul ucpon nr-n i)a\ment A Clau,-e of Re-i'utrv. 
'(" th.e Sah! Lessees Sliall ]:ay ad (d:arues of th.e Lease ^: surveying 
wlucli Report is Ar-ju-oved >y Oi'Driu-o rliat t!a' suweyeM-s la\ out d'O 
;:ur,e and dial th.' Mayor Execute A Lea^e .Xccordingly. 

d);M>;au.) that Jansen au'i .\I lei-.nan Wanderburghi i\o'2 
i'neuir', rd X'inceiU L>; lane .niagne \Riai Riglit he has to die hou-e A: 
l.m<l !;e now [\j>>e^ses near Inckion.bergh >\ make Report thereof to die 
Xexi ' 'o'.vauon CVuuvcil. 

or Tin- CITY OF xr:\\- york 


OkdekVj tl.iat there he A pui)!ick I'-'Uifire :i.^ I'Mial on TuL-sday Xcxt 
att the Ch.arge of thi? Ce.; [>,)ratio!i lieiiv^ S: Gror.q'e's da}- tlie Anniver- 
sary of the Coronation of our L.ady Oueen Anne. 

[jj] (JivL>i-;;'d th,e Afayr.r I.-'suc his Warrant to th.e 

Warrant I<-ued. Trc;;-n-\i- to ixiy t" Williari Sharnas Town Clerk 
of thi.N City or Orih-r the sum of ten pouncLs Currant 
}.Inn(.-y of Xcw York iit hein-; f.-r halie a ^'ears sallary (h:e t.^' Endin.g 
the fourteenth Instant. 

Atc a Coir.nion Council held at tkic 
City Mail of tlie said Cit\- on Wensda}' tlie 
F.ii^hth d,ay of ^hay Anno Dc>ui 1706 

Present W'ilham !'eartree IC^fir Ma_\-ijr 
John Tnder ]:SriV Recorder 
David Trovoo^.t 
Johan.:c:^ Jan^en 

Roiiert laininj |> lilSq';' Aldcrrneti 

Dirck \'ander!:;n-;; I 
Daren t Revnder^ 


^): I'ev^to 

V Assistants. 

John \k;n]!orne 
Ahraliani Ket<.-has 
Richanl Harris | 

Olphert sucrts J 

The fohowin.L;- Petition was read and Approved and Oudf.k'k forth- 
with to lie presented t" his hixcchenc} the Cap'^ General being sii::ncd 
h\" the licrson.^ above na.nied ('\'iz- ) 

To His Kxci£i.Lt:X( v i'd.vard X'iM'.anit Cornburv Capl Gen" and 

''n)Vtrnjur in Clhele of h^ r i\[aie:t^ 
Jer-',y\- and. 'I'erritories 'lepen.diin.i^- t! 
of tlie -anie t.^-c: 

ices of Xew "^'orlc an-d X^-w 
An;eric;i and \dce Admiral 

1 lie Ihnnhie petition of the r\[a}-or 
Aldermen and Co-nm'-^nahiy of the City of 
Xev. \V,rk. 

May rn i-i.r.xsi: vol-r Cxf:;LLi:xeV 

The hinvhient -.lan^Ter \' ee Ci)nC'.'.\e tlii< Cit}' to i)e in by ."n rn\"as:on 
of th.e Comnirui ICnem}- (tlic I'reneh i v, lio v.'ee Inu'e Committe'd 
L;reat iJeoyedations ni^on the Pland^ of Xevis S' Chrivtophers and 


>,nxi'Ti:s ou 'iiii-. commox couxcil 

IMonLscrrat and the Apji;\'lK'n>i'jn.-- wee have that Uie\ will also Attempt 
the (.h^structiou of this lunirisluiiiy Cit>- A" I'ritvinee which att this time 
are uiicajjable of makiti.i; A \'ii4"Oi"<jus defence h\- reason otu" fortitica- 
tion--. are wholy out of i'eiiair our Artiller}- cii>!nounted and riur In- 
hal)itants not soo Cuir.iileated Armed as see .L^reat an Kmer^^vncy ]ve- 
qnircs doe tlierefinre huml.)!)- sn[)!)h'c-ite _\(,iur l''xcell that }'0U^ Loi'dship 
will be j>leased fortliwitli to direct th.e "!veiKiirin_q- the said fortifications, 
the makiri_L>' of OLher- in C'on\-eihcnt places t!ie 3.lor,iUinc;' our [78] 
Artillery and the Compleat Arminp; of our In.hahitant- .VccordimT to 
sucli manner and ?deth.od as ^■oln" Lord-^hdp in \our s^reai prudence and 
Conduct shall Judi^v requisite \\]'icrel>y wet;- ma_\- he T-",nabledi not only 
to repulse the ln\-aders v'c fna^trate their in>ults i)Ut preserve this City 
and i^ro\ince as we'l ;!s the Xei:;!il>curring Colours under tlic alleigance 
of th.e Crown of IhiQl-md. 

Arid }our KxceilcncNs Petitioners ^^s in 
duty bnund Shall lAcr pray *!cc : 
which I'etition was presented to !;is F.xcellency b_\' this Court which 
lie KJndl}' Received nial Assured. tl;ern h.e Vi-otiid. Study X'othiin.g- miore 
assidiously tliC!i tlv- i^reser-caiion of tliio Cit}' and l'ro\dp.ce from the 
Insults of the Enemy and Xhjthin.c^- Sh.C)uld be \ear.tino- in liim Eftectu- 
all}' to perform the saiue or to this ]nu'pose. 

Atf a Common Council lield att tlie 
City llal! of the said City on Tuesday the 
14''.' (Uiy of ?d;!y Ann.o Dom 1706. 

Pe;irt!-ee I'.Sq-' Afayor 
ler !".S((:' b'eeorder 
rovoust ^1 

vESq" Aldermen 

Present Willi 

J(E.;in)!es Jan-^en 
Ro])crt Eurtii!-- 
Dirck \"an<lerbnr-h | 
l!aient Reynders j 

John \'rmhornij "j 

Olphert Suert | 

Richardi Harris ^-Assistants 

- ClM•n;•!hl^ I): ['ey.ler 
Abrah;nii I\eteha> 

Orim-r'i) iliat what I' the Carpen.ters Shall use of the Widdiwv 
Ilelena Cooper's f-.r the ^dakduL;- (^f Carriay,\- for the Momitin.g- .:,f the 

OF 'J'li!-: CILV 01- XF.W YORK 301 

Guns in tliis Cit_\- be jiaicl for by tbis Cit}- as tbcv Sbi'.H lie ApjM-ai.sed 
or Otlier T>vain> of tbo ^arne <ic!neiisi'ji:s oc c^oocbiess Kcslor'cl to ber 
in tn.e l^^oni tbercof. 

Tbe follow ing iViiiion was read and Apijo.'Vcil antl Orolr'u fortb- 
witb 10 lie ]jre?cnte(l im'o bis l^xcelk'ncx' ibo Goveriiour being sig-ned 
by tbe person^ above Xan:ed (\'iz;t 

To b]i> blxci'.i,Li:Nov l^dward X'ibcount Corn- 
biiry Cai); Genera! and (deiverr.onr in Gbiefe of 
i;er ALajestvr, I'ov/inces of New York and Xew 
Jerse_\- and l\-rrit'-rics depending tbereon in 
America an'l \dce Admiral of tbe same *l'c : 

'llic Ilnmble rriiiion of tlu Ma}or x-\lder- 
mon [70] and. Gtimmunality of llie City of Xew 


Tb<' rr'ncirjej-ation of tlie j-^\traordi'iary dianger wee bunnljly Con- 
ceive tbi- Province to l_\-e undei if Atten^pird by tbe Fmeni}-. tlic poor 
posture dns City i- in atl; tbis tin:e t') niake A suitable Resistance and 
Ibe pre-sing Xe^ses^ ity tbcre i~ n^r Kxcebc!;rys dayly presence 
Advice ]^'recli-ns and Crdc's in tiie An> of Warr as well for tbe 
Speedv an-i Compleat Armiiig of tb-.. >d,ibtia tiirongb.nit tbe wliole 
l''rovince as fnr tlie Regular fortitbing tins City anal Encouraging tbe 
Inbabi!ar;s {"> I'Vike A y\v:v:c ^\^W:w^ i' ain.cqned I'y tbe Frencb (vd;.. 
bave b-a-;;cd i\wy Intei-;d in A sbon iin;e s- to di)} ;.r:ist bunddy 
beseeCi your Lordsbip vou" Kxctdlency will be favnu.rably jdieased 
to take our ])re^ent Circumstances int • \-our serious Consideration and 
att tbis lin^e Adiou^m }our Exee;lenc\-s Intendcfl Journey to your Co\-- 
crniTien' o{ Xew Jcrsc}- and if pC'S>ib'!e tbe meeting tbe Asscnd)l_\' of 
tbat Pr-.vince to A inore Convenient sea<'-'n. Tbat your Lordidiip will 
l)C furtber ideased forlluvitb to Crdd A General Assembly of tbis Prov- 
ince in Crder for tbe pn-sing Xe-.-^e-.-ary Paws bir tbe Speed}' and 
m-re !\fVvclnal perfecting tbe ab'^ivesaid nna\-oidable Exigencys tbat wee 
fall n:n under tbe like Calamitie> of -m- feU.nv subjects tbe Tnbabitrnts 
of Xe\-is I'U.t be put in sucb A tbat wee iVu'i\- witb P.ravery ^.V 
Alacritv <!efend our Country again-t rdi ids Invaders for tbe future 
Iran^I'ulity ofo-nr selves ^- Posterity a-vd tlie Honour of tbe Engbsb 

And ^'on.r Exccllenc_\-"s Petitioners as in 
dui}- bound sb.all PAer pray i^:c : 


City of } ^. 

New York \ 

Att a CM:n-iioi: Council held alt the 
City Ilah of the -ai.J Cil\ on iryday the I4*l' 
(la\- of Jnne Anno DonT 1706 

Present \\'illi:ini Peartrec PSqr ^\ia}-or 
John Tucler ESrf Rccorder 
David IVi'VObt ^ 

Joliannes Jansen j 

KohtTi Purtirij,^ J>- l^Sq^: Aldermen 

Dirck \'ar,de!-lnn\ci; 
Baren.t l\.e\ndcrs 

Abraham Ketcltas 
Richar'l Harris 

Cornelius D: I'eysler ^Assistants 
jolni \"an]:orne I 

Cjjph.crt suerts j 

[80] Ordi:!^.']) that tins Court forthwith [K-tition the General Assembly 
of this Province for leave to prefer A T'ill for the better fortifying: of 
this City 

Ori)':k'd that all the Laws (jrders and r)rdinances of tliis City be 
Continued in force til! Ordicr 

Orn,^F.K'[) th.c: ]n!i:di''iants of Queen Street have Liberty att tlicir 
ov.-n Charge to build A Prid.^c over the Slip att Cotmtess Key att the 
south End tliercof lea\i!ifj: A Draw j'ridge for PoaiS to pass. 

Att a Ccmnic'in Council held att the 
City ILdl of tb.v said Cit}- on ddmrsdiay the 
20-'.' day of Jmiv Annr) I)- liiT 1706. 

PieserA W'illia'.ri Pcaitree fiS(i-A\Ja_\-or 
John dudvr l^Sqr Recorder 
Jrilianrics Jan.^vn "^ 

Rol)ert Ltniimr 

Dirck \";mdcrbur-h f 

ESqk' Aldermen 

Parent K.-yn(k rs J 

Corneliu- D: Pe}Stcr S 

Olphw-t sueris ' K • . . 

. ,. , ,. , C Assistants 

Abraham Kvt-hro: ( 

Richard Uarr;. j 

PuusUAxr to an C)i(\>-v of this Court bearing: date the Sixth day 
of Septeuiber one thou>a;!d six hunched Xin'jt\- Xinc Authorizing' the 

or TllK CITY Oi- Xi:\V VOid< 


JnlialntaiUs of Ouevu Strtct to !>u;M .\ Coir.x-nieiU Markett lioii.-c att 
tr.cir Own CharL'.c for the jnibliok CcnL-htt att Couiitei^ Key fi-ir tlie 
Conveniciicy and Ornairient of the City. lit i- Iv.-'/eb}- ()rde!;]:l) t!iat 
Mich }.Iarkcit iMjii>e a- the -aid IiiliahiiaiUs Shah h'rect and bnihj att 
their Own L'i;ar-\; !.;et\\i\t tlie I^^i-ls of Cui)'. ]o\\n D: Peyster and 
Ijcrnarchis Sr.iid: ait llie Xortli hud oi tlie >Ii[) in Ojuniei-? Ke_\' Af< ^re- 
<aid be Appropriated and Continued A pnb:i(d^ Markett and "Market! 
]'.on.->c of this Cit'v lor J'ivL-r. 



Att a Crjinrnr.n Council lieKJ att th.e 
City IhaH of th.esaid City on Idnirsd.av t1ie 
11"' da_\- of jnly Ainio Dom 1706 

Wiihain }\artrec ESt^ ^^dax'or 

Jolm Tiider F.>-:\: Urcorder 

Jol^ainies Jan>en 

Red)ert Ln;rtino 

rCSq'"^ AUlermen 


Dirck A'aiiderliur-l 
Parent lAiid^n-^ 
Cornehhis h) : Peyster N 
Abraham Keteitas CA?-iytants 

John A'anhe<nie J 

The following- C'rdinance was three t!me> read Appro\-ed and 
ChcniTT'i) to be fortlnvith Pn.bliNh.ed and Accordii!L;iy after the Ring-ins^ 
of tinee Pells tlie same was j)i!bli.di>-d in tlie^^L words following- ( A'izM 

A\ C )KD.x.\\( 1^ of tlie :^d.i\-or Jvecord.T Aldermen and As.dstant- 
of the (dt_\- of Xew W/ck Ce.m.uied in Common Council fr.r the 
Carr;.-ing on the fe>rtilicalions of th.e said Cit}- 

\\'h!-ri-:.\s by An Act of (jcnera! As-emblv of this Province mad.e in 
the hfth _\-ear of the Reign of onn- so\-craigii Pad;/ Oucen Anne over 
P.ngland >cot!and France and Pvland Defender of tlie faitli ».'^:c : Fn- 
titnled An Act to I-lna.ble the Aiayor Aldermen and Common Council 
of t!-,e City of Xew York to Cany.' on the fortihcatir.ns of the said City 
\n^'i!ig Other ihiings itt is therel^y ho.:acted! that from and after the 
publication of the said Act all and lA'Ciy tlie Citizens Frech(ddcrs and 
Iv.iM'keepcrs of this City of Xew "^'ork being inhabitants of the same 
i •t> for nnd du.ring tiie Term and Space of two years Either l-v them- 
s'-ives or sufhcient Pabourers Sliall (!.)•.■ such Pabour att such, days 
^.'^'l times att '^ncli filace or |dace> and in such manner and forme for 
ih.<- lortifying oi the said City of Xew York and for th.e !\Piintain!ng 
lb.'-- .^ame in Repair as Shall from time to time be directed and .\n- 
pointrd l)y the Ma^■o^ Recorder AMermeii .V .A^.dstams of the .^^aid C!t\ 


of Xc\\- York or the Alajtjr part of theirs Convened in Common Council 
on ]'or.:;.'iy of Six Shilin.s's fwr Every Neglect Refu.-al or default to be 
forfeitcl and j-aid b}- JLvct}- such pci >on or persons who shall Neglect 
Refuse cjv delav to doe and perform >uch labour by tliemselves or x\ 
sun-kivni L,ai>jurer in th.eir Stead and place in niariuer Aforesaid lVx : 

i'.M t;-[- T}n:Ki:FO!a-: Civii.MXi-ji by the 3.1ayor Recorder Aldermen and of th.c Cit\' of New '^''orlc Convened in Common Council 
[82] and itt is h.ereby Or'.lained by the AutJiority of the same that 
wiuriS'.iever and as often as their shall be Occasion for making or Re- 
pairing ti:e fortifications of the said City within the Ternn and space of 
two yea^.-s aforc-aid The Citizens Freeliolders and housekeepers Inhabi- 
ing of the five Wards of the said Cit;c on the south side of the Fresh 
water SViall be CYtmpell'd. ruid Obliged by themselves or sufficient 
LaL>ou:-v*-^ lo \.''r]w:ltor u[;nu tlie said Fortincatii .n^ by ]i,qual Turns a 
w;'rds ?'.-c "ftcn a.- they SIkiII ha\ e Xutice so to do or shall bic Requircrl 
th-crvunto ]iy the .Ma}T,r of the said City for the tinne being, and tliat 
thiC day befc-re such laliour is to be done <md perforriied the Cr\XT of 
the saici Cit}- or such ('Hhcr p'-rson a- tl'e Said Ako/nr Shall direct 
and Appi_i?it Shah publivlj by beat of the Drum in such Ward or \^'ards 
as Shaii lie A;-.pointe 1 to labour as Aforesaid veliat time such labour is 
to be done an^l [jerforin^d and the tunc and j)lace where such Labourers 
Shad Mee; and Appear v.vA also the same day Such labour to be per- 
for;ned .V Drum Shall beat Early in the Adorning in such V/ard or 
\\'ar(;- An].' -in.ted to K'lbonr as Aforesaid which publication by the 
Cr\i.r < r Oiher [ler;^' i-> Aiir>--dnicd as Aforesaid and I'eat of Druni as 
Ai:::yK':-':l' Sl'a!! be Dee-ned rar;! Est':'cn:ed A sufficient Notice to t!io 
Citizeri-- ]-^-eeho!d;ers rmd Ilou-clvcepcrs In.iiabiting of such Ward or 
Wards .f -he Said City of New York as are Appointed to work or 
Labi ;;r at or upon the fortifications Aforesaid. And be itt further 
C>rda:n'^d b}- the Authf-rity Aforesaid that Every Citizen Freeholder 
ai:d !v'n^ebeey:-r Jidiabiting of the said City upon such Notice given 
as .\;. re-.-'.'.d >la:.H b\- tliemselves or suincient L.rDourers Appear att th.c 
tina- and piaco to be Appointed as Aforesaid with A good Spade 
SiiCA-cll .\>;c Pickax or Otlier Nessessary Tool or LTstrumcnt and soe 
App'-aring ShrdI doe atid p -rform such lal'our Mt or upon the said 
foriific.n;. ns in snch n:nnncr a!id forin a? t'ley Shall be directed and 
Apf)'.int^d by tl-c Ovcrs-ers or Directors of ihe said fortincations or in 
Defau'r 'hereof S!;a;i ir:vic[{ and pay the sum or six Shilings for Ever\- 
Xoglcci Ivefnsal drkiy o- Contenipt to be ICxovered Lcvyed and Ln- 
]>loyed in such ?danne:- and forme and for juch use as in the before 
Rccittd Act of Cenera! Assembly is (hrected and Ay)])ointed. 



.\XD itt i-i further Or.:laiiu'(! by tlic Anthority Aforesaid that t'le 
sevtral Constables of the saitl Ciiy of Xew York arid Every of tliein 
Shall forthwith pa_\- ad si;eh forfcilurr.-^ as they or any of them Shall 
fron) tiine to titne Levy or Colleet ]y\- \"e"tne of the before Recited Act 
iA General Assembly r.[ ihi. Ihuvince nnto Coll Abraham D: Pcystcr 
t'l b'- used laid < \\i an.d Iir:[doy''d npon. tlie said I'Virtihcations Pur- 
u\::V:'. to the directiv'iis of the ?aifi Act. Dated aft tlio City Hall of the 
s;,.;.! vdty the Idoawiiiii day of Jril\- in tlic nfth \ear of the Reign of our 
Sovvr.iign Lady Ann'- by ilie ^irace of God of England Scotland France 
c. ir-hmd (,^nven rL'fen.di.-'/ (.n" the fa.irh ^.^'C : Anno IJuIn 1706 

. - - , . ^. -, .. \\'^' Li- \KTKKt: ALWOR 

:•'' ( )rder ot CiTniiion Lonncil 

W'l'. Sn w^eAs Ci. 

Lit.e ot ^ ^.. .\-|'i' A Common Council held att tl:e 

Xew York^" '^ City Lfail e.f Tne said City on Munday y= : 

22': day of Anno DjITT 1706 
Present Wiiiiam. Peartree ]'.S(f Ma}':'r 
John Yudev ESff Recorder 
David IVoN-oobt ^ 

Jolu'umes Jansfu j 

Robert Lurting 
D i rck \ "a n d c id) n rgh 
Parent ' 
Ga-nclius D: PeyMcr ^ 

Abraham Ivctelt^is I ^ . 

-,-,., , , , . V -\s^isumts 

Kicharn Darn-; f 

iCSq^. Aldermen 

ohn \"andiO!-ne 

'ihr following i*etitioi'; v/as read a.nd. Apj^rm-ed. an.l Signed by tlii- 
C''\:-r A;, OKn;:i<:-o to br f irtliwith presenlrd to his 1C<ceilency the 

(^1' •■ vnran- \"i/'. ,„ ^^. ^. ,, ,,, , , ,. 

to ins [',xcellenc_\- I'.dward \ iscnunt Corn- 
bur}' Ca[')* ("i-:T,eral aivl Cr.\crnour in. Clniefe of 
iK-r Majesty ^ Provinces of X'ew York i^.. Xew 
Jersc}- and Yerrit':>ries drjiending thereon in 
Americri .S' \"icc A'''niral of the ^an";e ^Vc: 

The Humble pLtiti<m of the Mayor 
Aldi-rme.i and Con-^!-nonalit\- of tlie Cite of 
Xew York 

M v\ I, |- I'l.KASK ^\•L K ]i\C\A.<J Si V 

o'e b.aving l^eceivcl Advice fr^m: Ant'goa tliat four French Priva- 
t'-'--- are Sayled nut of Martineijue for this Coast and also that Mr.n- 

\-.;!. II. -JO 



sieur L)t;lv.:;-\ ill'j wuh a Stru!i;4" Sqr.adrciii of Siiip^ of W'arr dcMO-n> 
Speedily to Atlac^UL- thi;. Cit>- and ['roviiKc 

Wee thorefoix- -Mo^t luiinldy pra_\' _\-our Ivxcellenc} that your Lord- 
ship would fa.\-ouraljl}- he pleased to Ia>' an En.ihargoc in this Port for 
Such Term as v^nr ] .o;-d--liii' Shall judp.c rLTiuisito for the !>. iter 
Securit\' of our Cil}" and Xa\-i_':2;ation 

iViid }oiu' KxcelleucN's I'etitione' 
duty hound Sliall l'~\-cr pray e^x: 

[8.4] City of / 


Assizi: r>: Buk vo 

C)pj)i:K'i) ihc As-izc of Pread within this City 1)C till furtlier Cvrder 
as followeth, i.\'iz*_) 

A Wddte hjaic of tlie rincst t]r.,\\ er to ^\ eic;-h, thirteen oiuiccs for 
tliree lialfe pence 

A \\dK-;iten loafe the Gjursest P>ran. oid_\' taken out and not Otlier- 
\va}'S to \','c.',gTi three ])0unds f^.r foutr pence halfe peiui}- being 
att four Shihng^. and Six pence tlie luishei! and OROi^R'n that all the 
Ba.kers of this City doe talce Xutice th.-jrcof and Pake their I'.resd 
According]',-. I )ated tlv; 2'-)"- 'hv: of Augu-i ^ ';of^ 

Pv Till- ALwoK : 

Assi/i: oi- ]Jui:Ai) : 

C'Rui.-u'i) that tlu- As>i/.e oi hrrad within this City he till furtliCr \ 

Order as f'dlowcth ( \ iz- ) : 

A White loafe C'f the fniest flower t<> weigh two pound^ ar,d A | 

li.-dfe for fc)ur pcucv Irdfe peiniy i 

A Wditxiten loafe the C'oin-sv^t P:an only taken out aufl not (Jth'/r- | 

wise to \\L-!;;h lln\-e pjunds iov four p.-nce half'' i)e!ni\- anrl that iio | 

Other hrc.'!il h^.- made witliin thi> Ciie fi 'r Sale Iml According t'^ the ■ 

ahovc AsMze ( Pi>kett <>v.\y hk-ci-iiled ) ;md OpMi-K'n thai all the Pakers j 
of Citv (Irie take Xotice hereof A- h;ik<: their hread Accor'lincdv. 

01- 'I'ni-: crrv uv s\.\v yuhk 


[H,\ City of /^^ 
Xew Yoik-ij """ 

Air A (,.■..; 1,1 r,(. '11 Council held all iht 
City Hal! (<i t!;c Said *.dty on Minda}- the 
_'9''.' da}- i'A Sci'iCiiilH-r Amu DoTTT I70<5. 

Pre.-eiu W'illiau! I'cartrcc- L^Sol' Ma}'* 'f 
loll!.: 'J\:dcr I'^SqV ]\cc<jrdci" 
David J'ruv.u,,. ^ 

jL.haui'Cs jans^'u ! 

Rol'cil I.i'.niiii;- 
])i;vk \'aiidc'rhnr-ii 
Bareni Kyndcrs 
John \'awln;.rnc 
Cornelius D : Wys'c.r 
AJTc-hani Kcieltas 
Kichaul Jlarri^ 



rursUHiit to the WiUTants 01 tlie Aia^-T Is.-ued i> > ihe Aldermen of 
e;.eh Respective Ward of this Ciiy for the Electing- ir.i> day one Alder- 
ina'i one Assistant tu-o Assessors one CoHectcn- and one Ceiiy Cenistable 
in tlio five Wards on the South Side of tlie fredi water a.nd or.c Alder- 
irian C)ne Assistant two .\ssessors tuo Collrciors tuo TeLly Constahlos 
.'iud four (jverscers of the h.ighways for the Out Ward of the Said 
City for the Dowry and Harlem Di\i:ijn> oi ilie Sai-l WArd. 10 serve 
in their lU-speclive Ofticcs for the year lAi^ueing to the 
u>aot CiiMoin I.a'\s and lArdiinanccs c.f tiie C't\ an.d Accorrlinc^ly 
tile Same day Return was made tliei-eof all .-ea.\i.'n. (if the *^'lock in the 
Evening to the Ofrice of Town Clerk under the h.ands an.d seals of the 
Respeclive Aldermen According in the Jenor of the \\'arrant5 
as follovveth (A'iz') 

South \\\ard -( 

Kavt \A-ard -< 

f Johannes Jan.--en 
' Cornelius D : l\-}-stc 
William Jackson. 
Gerrett \ iele 
ISaac De Riemer 
Johanne> IXn'orcest 
' Barent R\'nders 
R.ichard Harris 
Gerrett SchuGer 
Johannes \'an-aiua 
Benjamin l^hariette 
Picter P.ant 








\\\-.^t Ward 

j reli-L:.-. l;a_\:ird 

John Dclaniijiitay-ne 
Gcrreu ivutelias 
j)avi.! i'^u^•ov^t 


' A.^sfssurs 

Con -table 
A id en nan 
j -Vljral.ain Kctelias A'^sistant 

Aoi til W ard -' ^ ' 

Duck Ward 

Anlli.)!:y I\utj(ers 
Williani L'rovoost 
(lorreit \'an I.arr 
'Rici^ard WiJIett 
Pan! Drr,ii]ieti 

Winli^jok^- I 

Oui \\'a:d 

lr.;rrcii Duscki'jfk 
Eve: t \ anrlev/ator 
RnUcri Waldron 
rPonjaakn : llaj^gc 
WoIiVm VWbbcr 
Jokin Kyckinan. 
Ck.risu^pher kvousby 
Iiciukdck Cordius 
Jacob C'owoinv'Vcn 












fur the 

iivei ; i loei man \ 

John ]\ierse 
'J ''OMias Tinaieur 
JvhaTu^ -A\kddr.;ui 
I.a^vreIu•.• Corneli^-^e / 
tllendrick \'an Oi.Hnis \ 

I Survc\-orsof j Divi.sioji 
\ i!io-lu,-avs J 




Lirveyors or 


KtsoLvi.i) that Rok'eri Lnriin- ESqV the present Alderman of the 
])-ck Ward^of this Ciiy l)e an.I he is hereby Elected Chanil,orlain or 
irea^nrev of tliis City i"r tlie vear Ensueino-. 

Til-- Mavor I'as Aoj. -ifed William 
Ha Eas! Ward of tbi. ( ■;■■,• i<. be W:'] 
the \-,.pr r-Kneiiv. 

■el;iy att present LM!i-;tabk- .>! j 
'U-tnble ,)f rile Said Cuv f. a" j 

oi' '11 iE rriY OF xr:\v vok 

2,0: J 

!8;] Cilynf /^ 

Air A Coii^nv;)] C-uii.-i! licM att the 
City Hall cl ti'r S:;!',l C'it\ '--ii 'l'uv>^!ay die (lay ui ( )ct('lKT .\> Hi .ITT ijo"' 
re-crit \\'iliir::n l^e.'irtrcc l'S<::' ^.I.'Lxr.r 


Davl.l i'r..vo:st ~] 

i:;.rr:u U>n.]er> j 

C\^rnc]ii;s 1): T'-y^k- 

A!>ra!:niii Ketoltas 

Jolui X'anliornc ^-A-sistanl.-^ 

'(nyMixx Sucrt | 

Ricl-ircl ITarrl. J 

()!::''Ki;'r) that th.o M":-.'.*);- T-siu; liir- warrant tr. the 
Warraiii Issued Treasurer t-.' j-ay to Jaiiie- \\'ric;hi late Afarshall of 

tins C'it\- cir ('.trder tlio si':-,i of Staveii .)outids five 
Shiiiiars and two pence (""urraut ^^ioney oi Xew \ ■ vk itt l.).ing; for his 
Salia^y froni the fouricentli 01 fJcUiher lyo; to the foinleenth of 3,Iay 
la^t and f>^r Candle^ fo; the Watch J- uv;;,.y< i^ ihuarni X:c : and A 
( V^!n;] n:\- A frie;'en n^m winch i- A]!0',',-ed 

*"';:iv;.k'i> iliat Aldern^.an. rroveost Alderman L-uriin,:;- Aldornian 
lsvnd.Ts M' TIarri:. and y\' De I^'ey^t.'r or any four of th.-ni he A 
< 'e-un-.iin-e to Audi! the Ace; nf ?! : \\'ii'ia:-:i Andcr>on Treasurer of 
th'-: City ;.!i ! inr.l:,' U.por! rlierO'-f \',iih ah C'^nnenient Sjiced. 

Ok!.;KK'D that the same Coniniii!ee dn,« Audit the Treasurers Books 

<>:r.i-i<T that 

w> C)rder^ a!^! Ordin;:;icc'S of this Cit\- 

V. lacli e, ere. jaihlished the fir^t dav oi ]une last he C'^ntinued in force 
tdl fu!lh..r Order. 

.\ i >:aii (.1 A nil! l^ntituUd A Tid to Kiiahle the ^[ayc,r Aldermen 
an.l (■■oinmMiiality of the Citv of Xew \r,rk i'^r flu- tinie hein;.: to Raise 
Mr-n.-v i;r.oii the lo-eeholders an.l Tnlialdiant^ tliereof for (k-fr^iyinj:^ their 
r-ihlirk and X<-v.cs:ary Char-vs Annually was read and Approved and 
'■>:'0:r'i- iliat :\U Ma_.or and M^ Krcc..rder do- Tarry the same to the 
Mvmher^ of t}ii> City in C-nc ;al A>anihly in '-rder to he ]-:nacted and 

C)..:^:;:A that A!drr;eau Xdrnderlana-h d-e provide for thv puhhck 
nsc of thi^ City [T-T.t Ladd.ers and two fire hooks and Poles of such 
h'nL'tli A Drmend .;i- as he Shall Ridce C .nvcni-nt t-^ he u>ed in Case 



of fire and thai !;e oriuLi' iu an Accl. of tlie Charii:e thereof in (Drck 
he s' t;>f\x:d fnr th- sariie. 

[88] City of 

Xew York 

At-i- a Coir,ii>un Cor.r.cil h.elcl att the 
City Hall of the Said City on Munda\' ii:e 
T4^1' day of (])ctuber Anno DoTTT 1706. 

l'ro>ciit William i'cartrce Ji.Sq- ~\ra}"or 
joliii Tudcr KSqi Recorder 

J(.iiian!i'.:s jansen ! 

RMhcTl Rurtiii-- l-iuSq''^- AKlernien 

l)irc!v \ anderbur.-h 

I'iHiL'nt Kynilers 

Cor;ielin< 1): FV-y>ter ~-\ 

Al)raliain Kctelta.^ 

loliu \'an!i0]-ne 


leri Si 


A\'(^!fert We1)l)er J 

Tlii- day th'/ r\lay"r Ijcinc;- Attende.! by the Sheriff Aldermen As- 
sistant^ A-^;:e>sors Ci^l!^;olors Con^tabk■s and (dther Officers uf this City 
Accordin;: to the I'siial C-iiiahty ?darchcd fr-ni the City Hal! to her 
Maiv-';b (iarri-.>n ]■<•:[ dvnnc where thc\- wai'ed n[>on his Kxceilencx' 
Ed\\ard \ iscmnit CV'rn.hnry her }i]a_iest\'s Can^ General and Govcrnonr 
in C'liefe "f thi~ Tr. :\ince iSrc : in C^'mncil \.here tlien. v.ere Administred 
nnto William i 'earti 

l'.>oT Alavor of this Cite and hd 


I'^Sq: Slieriff cf tlie said (."ity an.d Con.nt}' th.e C)-,ths Aiypuinted by Act 
of Parii'mienl t-' b.e taken Instead of tlie ( Xal'is of A11eii>-ance aiid 
Supremac}- the Test and C Vdli ed AbinratiMn ae.d also the Oaths for tlie 
dnc Exe'.^ntioii oi th.eir [\es;)eetive Ofdrrs Oc th.crenpon his ]{>:ce!lency 
<leii\-ered. rrii' tin ir !\e-p.ecti\-e Commh^sions tipon A\']iieh the 
r\!a.yi>r Attended as Af'^rcsaidi went to dVinit}' ('h.nrch wh.ere the Rcv- 
cren'l Ah' Wdlliani \'eze;e th.e Rector riad. dl\iiif service and 
]) A sermon suitable to the Ojcasion. which floi:e the iMay^r 
Aldermen -;KrifT X'^si^tant^ and ( )thev ( Vhcer- Retnrn';d to tiie C ity 
Mali Ui'ere after ih-^ Kinc^'im;- ni tlmee I'ells tlie Co:i-,;nis>irins <>f th.',: 
Mayor ajid slK/rlfV v/eie jmblished after wlncli they all went ti]) into 
the Court Cliamber wiiere ihe [89] Aiayor Re^nmerl the Chair and the 
Aforesaid ( V>t!is Appoin.ted, ijy Act of Parliament to be taken instead 
of the r)aths nf Alleicance .ami Sn[iremac}'. The Te-t and Abjnralion 

or THl". CITY OF XFW YORK 31 r 

(''ai'iKN wore Admiiii^trcd u\\U> ])a\iil rro\-(Hj.-.t AMcniian of the Xorth 
Ward JoliriuiK-.s jun.-cn .Xid.eriiiai. ni" ihc Mirtli V/anl J^lvck A'ander- 
])r:ru-h AMeinian oi the W't-.-l W'a.r'l ['.aixiii ]v_\-n.lers >\].'leruian of the 
Kr<>t \A'ar<l Kiciiard Willetl .Mdoniiaii of th-.' \)uck Wan! ai:(l Benjamin 
I'la.Q'Gre Aldernian of ih.e T'-'ut Ward and to .Ahrahani ICeteltas Assistant 
of the Nortli Ward C'oriiclii-.^ H: l\''\-su.'r Assistant of tlic south Ward 
!:ichard Idarris Assistant of the l^ast Ward h'aid Droilhet Assistant 
of the Dijck V/ard Perru5^ r.:i>ard .A^vistani oi the West Ward and 
Wolfert Wchher^- Assistant of th.e Out Wai'rl and also the (A-alis for 
the due h^xeeuti-:):! of their Ivc-p'.etive ! oihei?:- 1 and Aeeordinp;!)- the}- 
ti'okc their j^laees. 

3.1'.' Roljr-rt T.urtin;^- was Sworn Crhaniherlain or Trea-^urer of this 
Cit\- for the }'ear En^aiein;.; 

Williain llarehiy v/a^ Sworn hi-h (A'Usiahh- of this Cily for the 
year Ensuein^-. 

Joha.nnos Deforeest CunstaMe <>f thie suulh \\'ard Peter P.randt 
Con>iaJ)le of tlie ^\'ard ( ierreit Keteitas Constahle of the West 
\\"ard Gerreit \'an Lacr Co!^-lahic o\ \hc North Ward Rute:ert Waldron 
CMUr^tahle of llie Drn:k Ward jfenry Ondu- (:on>table of the Pow ry 
avil Jolianne.-. Waldron Con-tahh.' of llarhon were Sworn lo the due 
FA:_cu* of li'oir Resivcfive ()[hcv> for the \-ear Kn^uein-. 

A-i r A C'oinine.n Ce,uiieil held att the 
( 'iiv lial! of i!;e <,dd Cay on Saturday the 
J.V'' da>- of Xo\en!lKM- Ar.n.o LX>T7i 1706 

John ddider i\S.ii Ree-nder 

Dirck \'anderhur-ii ) 

liarent pMiderN [ l'.S([''^ Aldermen 

Piehard Willell f 

Abraham Kiteila^ j 

CV.rne!iu> D: ! \ v.u-r A . . ^ 
,,,,-.,, • Assistants 

Pan.! i)o.u!!ei S 

PeSrn^ Fayard J 

fool • ( )!<o;oo 1) that the Max or Psue his \\'ai --ant to the 

\\-' .arrant IsMied 'i'reasnrer to pa^' to William SliarjKis town Clerk of F'it'. or C)rder de.; Sum of Pleaven iiouuds foiu" 

Sh;:h;-s ('un-ant M-ncv of X.■\^ ^'ork in full .d halie A Years Sallarv 

212 MiXL'i'KS CJl'- Tin: COM-slOX CuUXi.'U. | 

cine lui'i Endiuc;- ilie fouriecntii clay of Octjjijer last ixi^L and {■:■ yen ? 

Iiik and paper for one \'ear tine and. !•>!!■ !iri!_:' tl'.t.' sanv.' time. I 


( )Kr«r-KKLi that tiie slay^jv l^.^ne his Warrant to tiio ^ 

\\'arran; Treasurer to pay te) thie i\.cveren.d M' \\ iiliarn \"e.-e-.- | 

or Order the sum of live 'pound..- Currant Moncv ci' | 

Xcw York itt being- for prvaehing" .\ sern^:.:; to this Corpora.tion. on :he i 

fourteen day of Octol^er last past !)ein,c;- th.c -\nni\-ersary da_\ ed' Sv. -.-ar- i 

ing the ]\[a}-or Aldcrn.-ien anel Otlter Ofncers of tin.-- C'il\- 3 

C)ki.>!.u;:l) tliat th.e .MViyor Ts,-uc his Warrant i'> die | 

Warrant Issued 'i'reasurer {o p^ay lo jo.~e]V|! I'ri^is.-er or Order rhc | 

sum of one pound rnui seaveu per.ce halfe penn\ Cu.r- I 

rant Mone'_\ of Xe\\- 'N'(jrk itt "ucing i.jr Kepairiiig the litlc P.rid'-'-. h-.- i 

the L>o.:k of this Citv and the Wall that Sunnorts the Same. I 

City of ) ^ ., Ail .\ C''::nn, ,u Cotnieil held at 

Xo\e'York\ '-^ City IlaH .;f the Said Ldty ,-1 Tuesda 

26*'.- day of Xoveriiher Dom \y>'' 

Present ^^'ilHan! I'eanree KSm: [Mayor 

John Tuder KScjv Recorder 

David JVovoost "1 

Dirck \"anderlntrLd! I f'Srp'^ Ald-'nnen 

Rich.ard. Willett J 

Cornelius D ; IV>si''- ^ 

Abraham Kctelta- is-.. 

>- -Vssnstants 
Potru,^ ISaA'ard (^ 

Paul Droilhctt J 

Oki.'lk'd that Alderman Provoost Ald^nuaii Wilh-it Mr K<.::eiuis 
and ?dr l^.ayard or an_\' thn-ee of them he A Couimittee to .Ag-ree -.vith 
four Able Cittizcns of this City to ]>c the lUdlmen of the .--ame tw :iu- 
first day of April Xext Pnsueine an<l make Report th.ereof to {hr X -xt 
Common Council. 

( •kl>kk'o tliat the -\ec'. of George P.ooth I'e .-\udhted by the 
tce Ap'pointed xo Audit th.e d'reasurer- l',or.::,s ,v a.'ce>mj)ls 

[yi 1 ■ OuuMunit th.e Mayjr T<sue his W;irrant lo th.'- 

Warrant J-:ned Treasurer to pay to .\1: (oln-imid Kingsland or (dr^Cr 

the sutn of tweut}- l\^ o p-ounds Cm-rant .Mone> oi 

Xe\\ ^^.rk in full for 1 A e thousand \'wv hundred f.^ot of CcMar i^>- :M> 

!■; C'TV <)b' XKW YOl^K 


v/hich was i)y liini funtislic'! i'lV tli<' City Mall lictnlier tlif 2- ijoo as 
Appears by lii- .Arc: v.i-irh is Allowed. 

City of / ^^ 

ATI A Cu:-ii;i;un C-'iuicil held alt the 
City }Ia]! of tb.c City on Saturday v? 
Ji':' dav of Dccx'inber Aitno 1 )oin ircy") 

fresmt W'iiliaiii I'oarlrec li^Sqi" Mayor 
John 'ruder ly.Sqi' Kecorder 
David i^^Mv...u^t A 

johaiiiies janscn ' 

Dirck XAiukrliuryii C -^-^M'" Aldermen 
llart-iit Ivyndivrs 
Richard Willell 
Cornel ; u^ iX-j )e}a~ic r 
Abrahi.'un ivetclia- 

Richard llarri. 
T'aul Do>ilhiet 


The Coninutiee tn A;::a\t with Ik'lhiun doc Re- 
Warrant i-cucd port that liicy have A-re^d \-ith Daniell Ione> Kd- 
w-ard I)av:^ Richard \\"ar-^^r and J.-eph Cuncklin 
all l^hab;ta;u^ •.! this Cil} to i:^ tiv. ikl'n.rn uf thi- City frrini the 
twenty Sixth da\ cf Xoveiniicr la-t past to the ih>r da\ ni Ajirii Xcxt 
Ensuein;.4 f-ar I'a.' Stun of tbirtv tv.-o jxiuaaCa ic;-. p va.nd!,-, thercrn' to fie 
trtid tnuo i.h^ rn fortiuClh i' a- providuip, iho!-; with 'he Candles >^:c : ^r 
tlie Remainder att the i\ of the dCvnt whieii Re])ort i< Ap- 
iimved vV ()[<i)i-:r;'i) the .\[a.\-i)r !s>ne his v.arraiu to ih.o Said Relhner, the 
Said Sinn of ten pound- Ac.o,dihy to the Sai : A;;aa ^oueiU. 

ORi)!a<"i.i titat Af'' Whhiain Anderson late Treasurer or L'hanibeviain 
<'i tliis City doe forlhwhh deliver uatto Mr Robert b.urtiny present 
Chamberlain or Treasurer of the saane all ,-nch ^nn- and. suans of Monev 
P.ooks r'a[iers AccoraiKs \vrit:ni;s l^eeds Lea. ^es and lA-idicnces what-o- 
ever whiclt are in his handis and 1*os.-(>n;( .n and whicli b'clon-:; in 
Corporation anrl that the Said M'" I.urtin-s Reoeir;t for the san^e Shall 
be unto the said William Anderson A '^nhlciem .\n:ho;-ity and dischar-e 
for Soe doinc;- 

\[)2] C/Kor.k'n that the Ma_\.^r f-^sue- hi> warramt t- the 

Warrant ls:^ued 'ireaHirer to pa}- I > a! ■" Abr/dian. Kcteha^ or ( 'r der 

tlie sum rif Six po;ind- Fiidit Sl;i!inp> ;nid ten '■erice 

balfe nenn\ Currant Monev of y(W',- N'ork ^M boina: in full of hi> .\ rt 

_5i4 .\[ixrT!-:s oi' THE common council 

for Locks and X;iils dellver'cl to Tcler De -Milt late Slieriff of this City 
and for X^dis fur the City Hall all for thu use of tliis City fn-ni tl'e'teentli of ?darcli 1701 to the 6'V of July 1703 which i'^ All<nved. 

itt is A;^reed hetween this Corporation and Mr William Anderson 
late Treasurer of tlii- t.ity tliat ^\'■ l^avid Jajrii^jn M^' P.enjaiuin 
Fa!;.-uil and M: Rnljcrl i.urdn^ he hetween llieni to Adjust 
an<! Ai'hitr;itc the ace- <_if tlie >ai<i William An<krs.'.>n wh.ich as itt is 
d'.;ii\\:red to this h.('>ard, Amur.nts lo fifty Six p')U.nds Six Shiling"s and 
J^ii^ht pence tarthin- iw sundr;.- services ire: done h}- the Said William 
Anders, m for tlii< Citv as is affn-med in the Said ace! and that hoth 
Tai-o'c- will he CoU'cliidied h_\- -uch Keririrt or Arhitratio-.i as the Said 
Gcnt'enien Shall malo-e 

* iRO'-idi' tiiat the fidhnviu!.^- Lav,> ( )!-dcr> and ( )rdinanccs of 
Cit. liv ar.d are herCi}- Published ar.J, Continued in full force and \'er- 
tu.e .Aeei>rdin.£;- to tlic tru.e liUent and 3vlcaning- thereof Respectively for 
the Space of three AIr)!iths from and after the date hereof (Vly}.) 

for the ( )I)servatic)n of the Lords da}- 

Concerning;" Sira.n,!^ei-^ 

e"oncernin':;- Ivttailers e^f LiqiKirs 

Surve}(.)rs for th.e Cit}- 

'.'v ]) re vent fire 

•-.''jncernini;- Xeg'roes 

e'oncernin- h:n-rof>ers and l'(.reSLair.:rs ^f the :\larkett 

v'ciioi'i'uin;.;- }".■ Assize o.i ]!read 

N" Timher ^c: to ]\-e in the Streets 

' '•"'ncernini;- Sw irie 

'.\ee:u.latio!v-; fur (farnien 

Concerning- Xe-->-.ies aiid Indiirui Sla\es 

■ "e>m'tinn Cnuncil nr)t t'> he ahseut upeMi su.inmons 
Cua-ers flicker- and Cidlers 

Wei-hts and Measures to he Sealed 

.NL'i.-ters of X'es-el's to ;;-ive Ace! of their Passeng-ers 

' oncerninc;' Pucketts 

r'acker- Mark- on l-.eef and Porke 

^.•'reemeii to ];e laurelled 

Ar;preniices -to he hound Ix fore th.' Mavor Record,er or an Alderman 

■ h-.hnance P.r P.uir-f!' the Streets Lanes and Alleys within tlii? Cit} 
■.a\\-< A- Cirders for the Covernmen.t of the L')oek and slips of this 

(jF 'I Ml- CI rv ov xi:\\ vori 

[g^j 'Jatli of !-V<.a"!ncn 

ivCi^uIntiMn, ior the Ahir!;cll 

Law a^^aiiist firing O.iiis in the Strrct? 

Law Kclatiiic:^ tn Apprentices 

wlio arc to be deemed l'rc(--n-ien 

Freenien made !>}• the .\[a}-i:;r and ih\w Ahk-rmeu 

Law to j-'reverit tire 

Law ac;a.iiiit iFa^-, ka-rs and. lA'dilor.- 

Law a;_^a:ns[; Kmpt\ini: (_>.'dure^ ii] the Streets 

•;ar;;;rt;L W'a-e:^ f^r Ca-tn:-- Wine Ivum and Malaise? 

Law A;L. K'dhlniv CattL- any \\l,rrr ]»-u :iit tlie Slougiiter hotiscs 

Law Inip.^-in:;- A Fine uti such a- i\efn-e {o Watch 

'. ^rdinanrv f, t the better Ide-miie^ (^f th<' Streets >:vc : 

Law C'l/niarnin-' FrceiiKii 

Law [A'latinj; ti^ Packers 

Law l^-cliibitin.o: Carl^ t'"^ be (ha)\-c o\er tlie Lumnion Sewer 

Law abpiif Swine 

1 -M 

,v to Ihevent diL;:Lni^ lioK-^ in tlie C' 
,'. t<i pre\-ent fraiaL in t^rewond. 

• )ia'KK"i' Rebechali \';i:i«-k W'iddwv be Keeper ot 
t!te t'uwry b^ivision oi the L^uiward o; the Sai-1 City durin.c;- the ])leas- 
■nre e<i iin< C<iurt in tlie Rc'Om of Jolir,\'>.-jrt u.ivjn the Conditions 
foiknvin- (\'izA that the Said Rebeckah \'an ^chaick Shall att her own 
I'r. I'or (."o'^l and Cha'-pe naike .\ itc^.k] and sufkeient pound and keep 
;h- ^anie iii Ly^-'v! Flepair rUndne;- tl e tbnc Sb • S'adI be Keeper thereof. 
lliar S'-e Aect '.vith this C^.urt nivm kkitb lA.'rv three Montlis if o- 
qrired and p:j\ . ne halfe of all tlie profitLs tbereiL \n the dkvasnrer of 
thi^ Cit}- tlu' u<e oi tids G^rp. ^ration an<' that up< n tlie -ervice of 
thi^ ''k-der tlic' Said Hrevoort be di-:b;o--ed frnm the Said ^)tlL:e 

Oko: u'l) tile !'e>nnd. !\eei)er^ fees b'c ;e- f'>lbiA-- i\dz') fnr the potnirl- 
ir,L:- iL.-e:-_\- kcrse Mare or C'e''U Nine pence. f"r e\ery lUill Cow Ox heifer 
or Otlnr X-ai (Lattle f.iur pence halfe petniy. and. fnr every Sheep or 
lio- tlire.- i.ence. 

MKOi-iLo the.t the Mayar k^Mie lii< warrant to tlie 

\\a:-:-l i^-ned ' Trea>n:-er tc pa\ r. . Menjaniin i';irne-; or ( )rder the snni 

of ba-i't ponnds I'k-aven Shi!in;.;s ten jien.ce Currant 

M'^n-v of Xew York itt l>ein- for In:- Sallary from the ]^!eavenlb of 

^Ia^• ia-t to the 2^k' [nstant as Mar-^hall fU tliis Citx' and for C;Midk- 


M[xi.;ri-:s of 'mi', common' ccjUNOil 

for lliu Lonsia'iilcs W'cach and tor .scxcral Jrairiu/_\-s to Harlem ■.. 
is allowed. 

fc4] City of ( ^^ 

At'l a Louiirnjii Council held att 
City Hall of the said City on Tuesday 
21"; (lav of T:inuar\- AYTT, r)r,TTT ijooj-/' 

HSif: Al 

Present Williaui ['eartrec ESqr Ma\'' 
jolin 'i' \i><{'' J-vec.rdier 
iJavid I'rovoost 
Johannes Jansen 
birck \"anderbu'-h 
Careni Isyndcr.-. 
Riehard Willelt | 

Hdv/ard l-lar-- J 

Cornelius D: Peystjr '^ 
Abraham Keteka> ^Assistant< 

Richard. Harris j 

Oi.'.d;;k'd iliat ilie ?^Ia_\■or Is.-ne his wari-aur h^ 
Warr^ Usued 'j'reasurer to pay to Aldcrniau Circk X'and^rburL, 
(3r<ler tlie .-auri of Xin.eteen jKHuid^ two Shilin;^^ ' 
rant ?\fone\- of Xew '^'ork itt beini;^ for Eight Ladders and two 
ht.oks Iron work and AlatcriaMs thereunto beloncdn- for the pu" 
i!-e 01 thi^ City as appears hy his Ac:t. thereof delivered is allowe>; 

"i he i;o:i-!!!iitee Aj-yeCwd to .\ndil I'o' Aeei. of >];" Ander^.-'n 
Treasurer of this City Report in h;ec \"erl:a. i'u'>uant to an Ord-. 
Common Council l)carin.f.{ date the first day of (_)cli)ber last wee 
iLxamined this Accl and have a!>o Infi^rmcd lum selves o\' the 
Apjioiiit.d Auditors oi the former dhaa-urers Ace': and are .if (dpi 
liiat A Warrant l)e Issued by th.e Ma^'or ffjr tl:e paynxnt of f:; 
J'iil^hl pounds t^.i Wdlliam .Vnderson late dd'easurer in lull of the a 
Acc; which is humbh- submitted H: Frovoost 

r- : Rynders 
C: D: I'eyste 
Rich: Tlni-ri^ 

And ab', the Gen! to whom the Said Accl was aft-rwards Ret. 
Rej.orted in h:ec \'t rb; (\'iz' ] ^^c\. \iv\: January jo''' lyoCi Purs 
to the \>dth:n (drdv'r (d Referuice wee wln^se Xames are hern: 
written d^e tind that I'le Report u-\-\vv }■{'' Andersems acel ^ie;:V- 
])av;d Ro.v.-ost Rarent Renders (d.rn.-lin> Deoev^ter and R-- 


Ol' IHi: C1T\' ()!• Xl'.W ^■ORK 


H;.:"::- i.k" payi.icnl f-urt;-' l\ii;!il ixjiiii'ls ti,. llic Said Aiid'orsijii to Ir" 
]}]■>■'./ ■1;!<" h> S;iivl M-''jn l)ui l)cc;iu>c ill js ;-aid to bo in iul'i 
(>! ;-.;.- .Vcc: aii'l lliv.rc i- uii Article tif Charc'i.- imi-ruporl}- placed fur 
uhicii y\l ISaac I): Uiei.stT aiiLi !Acri iM-yvankc arc Chargeable to the 
Said Widiam Aiide;-.;ii uec |tra\ d^-t his }A'>:ujy may be r)rdered 
him in iini of hi? Aco^ Aforesaid Kxce])tiiiL;- Uiat Article \'dnch is tlnec 
j)onr.<:- t\'. elve Sh.ilinL^s whiicli th.e Said 1): Ixieriier ^ i'cyvankc niii'-t 
Acc; : J bin; David Jamison 

Uenj : hanenil 
Rob; Lurting" 

\(r^] \\liich KeixTt i> .Approved and ()!<i)ii-nij t'lal tlie .-lun of fourty 
Hi^h: > ..und- b* AHoved t^, the said William Andcr^cMi Accordin-ly. ' 

» ,■.•::■:. k'i) that the iMa^or Execute the CEn.aal Keleabe now ready U< 
-Ml Wiliiani Anderson late Treasurer of tlii-. L"it_\ n.ndier the publick" 
Sea! <.if the same Corp iration, and t!i;:t njjon Ml .Vndersons delivering; 
l._> A;' L.nrting- die pre-ent 'j'reasurer ^f thi- Cit\ al! Mich sum andi sunxi^ 
I'f ^:en'^^• Mooks pajvrs Ace': writings ]3eed? Eea-es lAirlences and all 
( U!:er n^atiers and thin^^s wiialsuever wliich are ni his hand> and pos- 
seSi'on 1 eb.ngbi- i<> tins Coriiorati'm diat tt;en the Said Ml Luriinr^ 
delive-- \ > UK- >-a!d >'> ' Aiide.-en the Said R-A-a-^e ^oe I^xtcnted, hr^t 
b,\amin'nLr ti-;e said !l':'.ks A: Aec": ti;at tiiere I'e n;_> Mischarges or 
«, 'niis-.'-;- in tlie san;e. 

i xv I. Mi;i;-i;iUee A]<pi Mnu-l !«' Audit lla' Tr','a< jia-rs IVi^k^ and Ace'; 
Rei;:.n in h;ec X'erna i Xdr:' i 

-\e\v ^'ijrk iff- [ )vC' Cidit r i-'A I'u.;-: uamt tc an Order of Comnvan 
id.'un.-il i> u< direcud <]^tC'l ihv Wr.-l diy of Ocrd^-r hist vee have 
RNandn.: i the Acch of Wijbam Ander>^c.n late dd-er^\n\-r of this C\:\ 
and i;nd thai there i-^en ains in his hands of the City^- M^meys the sun; 
'•f thirij.- Six p'-'unds hfveen Shiiiae;-^ Six p,uce ihrce fartiiing-^.. Pro- 
\-ided ih ■ sum of fouriv- hd'^ht ]vund- Ix- Ahcnved the Said William 

Andcr^ .n 


the hne Trea nrers l^v,ks and Acch .^c: as 

>' . --r i^M.ort on tlu' Said Acel Submitted and al-o if he hath nc-t 
<d;ar-ed in t'lis vdlhin Aecl Connnissiou for tlie iirst Article vdiicli i^ 
Xii-.: -. ■ ii\ e 'pr,vnid^ ? ^'venteen Shi!in,:s and >ca\-cn jience ^\•h.icll vra- t'lc 
ihd'ancv of the Cio ^ Aect b^r la<t \ear a< 'le the sai:l Andei's-n 
Allea i-es ail uliicb i- Innnldy Snbnatu.h b): Provoost 

B Rynders 
Ricli : hfarris 


City of ; 
XcwYork^ ■ 

A-! i A C<.n}\\vjn Council held ait the 
City Hall of Said Cii} on fryda}- }-f ji-- 
day of Jannar}- Anni^ rfnuf iy^'^^\-/\ 

Present William Pcartrcc I^Sq: ]\iayor 
j'")hn Tudier ICSq-' Recorder 
Da^■id J'rox'oost '"i 

Johanne.-; Jan.sen i 

Dirck X'and.crlnir-li )> KSq'-' Aldermen 
]^;cha:-d. Wdllett 
Edward Blag.Q'o 
Abraham K'eteltas ' ) 
Cornelius D : Pe;.?lo'- y Apfi,=;lants 
Richard Harris 

foGj Okdlu'o that Alderman Jan^en xAldenrian 

A \A'arri was Issued A'anderburcrh and Alderman \\'illett l^c A Corn- 
Pursuant to this miUee fnr tiie Jmplo\ing of workmen and fur- 
Order for 14-— i6 nishing of 'Alaterialls for the EfYcctual Repair- 
---oi3< ing- of the Common sewer att the lower End of 

th.e r.roa.i Street near the litle Pridoe of this City and Okdeued t!:at 
th.c }>Iayor Is:^ue his warrant to tlie d'reasurer fc^r tlie payment of tiie 
Cha'-qe th.ereof out of the first Monev he Shall Receive. 

Citvof ) ,-, 

New Yor 

Att a C'ommon Coun.cil held ati the 
Cit_\- Hall eif tlie said City on Eryday t'iie 
28''' day of March .Anno D(jnT. 1707 

Present Williauii Peartree 1-^'^qr .Mayor 
John 'I'uder. VScy. Recorder 

Uirck X'aiiderbur-h ~~| 
Baren! Rynders 1 

]<ichard Wilkit ^ ESq': Aldermen 

Jcjliannc^ Ja.nscn 
_ f'dward Ida-ge ]\etelta.> 
Richard Ilurri. 

Paul JVoilhiet 
Peter P>avard 



Oi" ■[in: CI I V t >[■ xi:\v vurk 


'JrliK:<'d t'nat the .\iay('r [>3Uc his warrant tu ib.e 
Wairl Issued 'iVc.isurcr b> \)uy to J3a!i!'cl! Joiies Ivlward Davis 
Richard W'anicr and jofcj^h. ('(juckhn l'>e!hnen of this 
City the smu nf twc-nty two r)Ound> Currant Ahjney of Xew \ c^rk in 
full of their SaUarN as iicllnicn of rhi> L'ity due .V luiding- the tirsi of 
April Next. 

'ihc- ioll'jwin.t;- L,a\\ b Urder,> aiid ( Jrilinances of this City after the 
Rin^dni^- of three liells were pu!.)lickly read and published bein^- lirst 
Ordered Cirdained and l^stablislKHl to he Continue and Remain in full 
force and \ertue iov the Term ^-f tln-ee AJonths fru.n and after tlie 
date hereof. ( Vizi ) 

JV.r tl'e Oh^ei\atioi^. of tlie Cni-ls day lVc : 

Concern iri-,^ Str?np;ers 

Surveyors of the City 

To J'revent lire 

Rc.c'ulations for th.e AJarkctt 

Assize of Bread 

Rcgvilations for Carn^en 

-Masiers cd' \'esselis t(_i .ii^ive Acer. nut of their Passen^^crs 

CAjrnmon Cotmci! to Ap})ear u[:>om suniinons I'a.cker- and Cullers 
[97 I l"i'0<^'nr.'n a.nd .Xp-prenticeN 

Laws ^- C)rder> for the ( kwernnv-nt of the Dork and slips of tliis 

K'eL^adalions f(_ir pa.xini;- IXu-k .\foriey 

1-nn-'^l firinp; Ciun^ in t!;e Str^.ets 

A.^ainst jvihin.g- Catlle an)- where bni att th.e slou,i:^hter houses 

Caw Imposing- A fine on Sue-h as to Watch. 

I. aw for Cleanni-- the streets Canes a.nd Allves of the Said Citv 

Caw I'rohibin- Hawkers and Pedlars 

Carmen Xot to (h-i\e Hver the T'oimiion sewer 

Swine jirohiljiled t<» run att lar-e 

Dii^i^dng- h.oles A. Cutting- sods on the T, iiiini. .n- |ir(_ihiljited 

h'or l're\-enting- f-rauds in iirewe,o:l 

for Sujiplying- tl;-.- \"an<-an:y • \ I'dect've Afagistrates kiv'C : 

line of Magistrate.^ A d'^fiicers that refuse to serve 

.Mdermen AnUirrd/ed to jMit the Caws in lixecution 

( 'Ulcers to be Observant in the l^xecntion of these La\\-s. 

OKDf.RF'.i) that the Aforesaid Ca'.vs be forthwith printed. 


Uiyor ( ^^ 
Xev. York^ -• 

L]-:Sq''-" Alck-rincu 

Ati a LVdiinion Council held att tlvj 
Cil\- Hail of the Said City on Thursday the 
tnsr da_\' of Ma}- Anno D''>TTT 1707. 

1 'resent Wiiliam I'eartree ES(ji' Mayeir 
John Tu.der J^^Sqr Ivecordier 
Da^dd l.d-ov< ~^ 

Jr>har!;i< ^ Jan-cU 
I)ir(d; \'nnderbnr-h C 
l^ichard Wdlett. J 

Kicliard M arris \ Ketehas L Assistants 

Paul ]:)roilhiet J 

Dnniiu'o thai the A]a\or Is-ue his Warrant to the 
Warn ]s~u^d Treasnr.T tc pay te' Goorirc I'ooth or Order the sum 
01 thirteen nnuufls five Shi]::-!i;s and six pence Curr: 
M<i!iey <tt Xew \'(->rk in i;. int; for thirty nvc }ards cc Si:-, foot of wain- 
sc'u. Mo\ei:';^- the >eals aiid for nai!s in I'le Cit}" Hall of this Cit>- in 
the Cr>urt Kooni as Appears b\- his Acct which is aliowerl. 

Or;i'*r:e'n ihat the Ma^or l.-sne his Warrant to the 
Warr: [ss^.d 'jreasurer ld pay te' Wihiaiu ih-adf^rd or Order ih'- 
suni of ]H)rn:d- tduTiint Mont}- of .\'e\\- York for 
Ih-nuin;:- the of this Cil\-. 

Ordi-ko tiie .\Ja;.or Is-ne Iv.s Warrant tu the 
\\ : rrl [--urd Treasurer in pa\ lo Wdlhani Sliarpas or Oidcr the sum 
of ten viounds e'urrani Mo-^y ^d Xew Ydd-c itt beinj^ 
ff'V ;ir:ifc A \car~ sallar\ as Clerl: of this Cit}- i\u<: S: Eii'dnc;; y": four- 
tee-'th (lay f^^i Ajrdl last past 
(oSj Law rou Wwisr, Si:.\-kkal S'lKi i-:rs 

'V itt ( 'rdained b\- the MfOor Recorder Aldermen and Assistants 
of d:c i."ity -n Xew Vorh Ccnveiie.i in Cov-.-avhu C'Huicil and itt is here- 
by I 'rdained by tlie .\uthor:ty of the saiue that the StreeVs and places 
vdtiun tl.e >■'.[<{ Cit\ hcrcaf*-er Xained he i^aved before the first da;s of Xeat ]'".n..-ueinQ- i,i such manner and. fiirm as the .Aklenuan 

.\-M<;.!U ,,f 
- arc iii 1 S 
d !i-c 1' 


nan <.!reci 

erein sia-h Streets at 
■I \ i;:'. the Stri-et Conuucju. 

C all';-d the Ih-^adway or t!;e Said C'ity in th-; West ^\■a^d r,i ibe .ame 
>:■■ :.} Triiihy Cburch r^ > ;he Mc^rkett hou-e. Fri'>m die Custom hous-; 
te. du- C>.rnfr i;ou-e <■■: the Wdddow Kie-.Aead. dd-e Street leadin;:^ 
d'r\'n (,, the Cu:^^r:ii hoa^e brid;-e. lb-: Street froniin;.^ the Dock i)e- 
t\s'c:> the Great aiid lit'- b'-id-es. tlie S .nth ciid of the broad ^tveet 



10 tlie litle bridfrc on both sid'^s of the v/ay. from the New house of 
C'jenraet Teneycic to the SouLh cud of tfu; v/harfe aua from thence 
aloiiff the wharfc fronting: thiC Kiver to the Corner house of iVlartii;; 
Clock. Queen Street as far as IMf Beeckinans the Brewer, the new 
Street. Verletis liill to tl.e broad street. And itt is hereby further 
Ordained by the Authority Aforesaid that if any Cittizen Inhabitant 
or Freeholder of the said Cit}' Shall refuse Neglect or delay to make 
his or their {proportionable pavement i)efore their Respective buildings 
or Lotts of Ground in any of the Streets or places abovenarned within 
the time Aforesaid Sliali for such hii her or their default forfeit the 
smu of twerity Sihlings Currant ^>Joney of tin's Cit}' and twentv Sliil- 
ir,(:s more like I\Ioney for Every Month afu-r the first day of August- 
Aforesaid that such Streets or places ab)ve Named Shall remain 
unpaved to be Lev)'ed by Di-Ziress uj^ai the Goods arid Chattulls of 
such JJefaulter the one halfe thereof to the Informer and tlie Other 
halie to this City. 
^.^ . , ^ Att a Common Coun.cil held att the 

,. '"-l? , [ SS City Hall of the Said City on W'ensdav ve: 

New \ork( ^ - .._ - - 

-> 2o'" day or .May .\nno Dom 1707 

Present "\^'illiam Peartree ESqF 2\la>or 
John I'uder ESf('' ]\.ecoi(!'jr 
Johamies Jansen '^ 

Dirck Vanderburgh U'Sq^^ Aldermen 
Richard Willett J 

Cornelius 11: iV^ystu' '"j 
Ab ra h a m K e t e 1 1 a s V A s s i s ta n t s 

Paul Druilhiet J 

As.-izi: OF I:hu-..\n 

Okdo^'d that th.e assize of bread be till further Order as folioweth 

A White Ijaf of the finest flower to weicdi i i Ounces for tliree half 

A White loafc of the finest, flower to weigh two pounds and two- 
CAuices for four i)ence halfe permy 

A Wheaten loafe the Cnur>est bran only tal:cn out and Xot Othcr- 
\v:s.' to weigh two pounds and A b.rlfc for four pence iialfe penn\- and 
t'lat n.i nth.-- brend be made for ^a!e within this City but According tc' 
tlie above Assize ( I'.iskett unly i'-xcepted) and Ordrrd that all the: 
Rakers of this City doc take Nr.tice hereof X bake their bread Accord- 
ir;gly. wheat [being] about 6 — 9'' or Seaven Shillings pi Rushell. 

Vol. 11.-21 



OkUF.R'j> tiic Mayor Js?ue his "Warrant to the 
W'arraiit issiiO'! Trcasurci- to pay to PJenjaniin Barnes the ?uni of 
two pounds Sixteen ShiliniTS Currant Money of 
New York itt heinf.; for his sallary as .Marshal! of tliis City from rhe 
twent}- fourth da\- of December last to the twenty fourth day of }>hirch 
Now hy past & for two Journe\s to Harlein wh.icli are allowed. 

[ggj Law PROiiiinTixG the Swf.kpixg Sikelts ix time or Raix' 


r.e itt Ordained by the }\[a_\-or Recorder Aldermen and Assistants 
of the City of New York Conxcncd in Common Coiuicil and itt is 
lierehy Ordained by the Autliority of the sani':- th,at if any person or 
persons withi:i tliis City Shcdl licreafter in ti-'ic time of Rain or floods 
svv-ecp tlie sei}de or Dirt of the Streets into or near tlie Channell of any 
of tlie Streets of this City soe as the same may be Carryed away by 
the Stream th.ereof such pers^Mi or pcrscms soe offending- Shall for 
Every such. Offence forfeit and pay tl:e sum. of six Shilings currant 
Money of New York, and if such Offence be Committed by Any 
ser\ant or slave sucli forfeiture Sliall l^e paid by th.c Ov^-ner }das- 
ler or Mistriss of such ser\'aut or slave one b.alfe to tlie Informer and 
the CHher halfe to the City ^v to be Recovered by Plaint before the 
2*dayor Recorder or any of tlie Aldermen of the said Cit}-. 

Law Imi-osixg A Fixe upox Such of the Out Ward as Refuse 
TO MEXD the LI unr ways 

Re itt Ordain.:-d by the Mayor Recorder Aldermen »>c Assi>tants of 
the Cii\ of 2\ew Yoik Conveu.ed in Common Council and itt is hereby 
Ordained by tlie Authority of the same that all and Every the Inhabi- 
tants of tiic (_)ut Ward of the said City Shall hereafter be sum- 
u'loned by the Constable or Constables of the said Ward to Appear and 
doe their duty in Amendincf aiul Repairing" the hicchwa^as within the 
said W-cird or lmj)loy A sulhcient Labcmrer in service Shall for 
Every such C)fierice forfeit the sum of six Shilin^'s Currant i^Joney of 
New York to be Recovered by Idaint befc're the ^Riyor Recorder or 
an\- c-ne of the Aldermen of the said Cit>' and to be Levx'ed by Warrant 
under tiie b.and and seal of any of iliem directed to the Constables of 
tlie saidi (_)u[ Ward or Either of tliem by Distress and sale of tlie g-oods 
and Clialtelis of ij.c person or persons wlio Shall make such default 
v.-hick. Said forfeitures shall l.e disposed of to tl:e persons wb.o Shall 
Aj'pear and labueu' at tlic AnxMiding- and Repairing- of the highways 

Yiie-e Laws afn>r tiie Ringing of thiee L-elis v. ere this day published 

OF T,iK cirv or new yor:-: 

New "^orkj 

Att a Common Council held att the 
City il ail of v.w suid Ciu- on Fryday tlie 
27-'^ day of June Anno DoTTT 1707 

Present William Pcartree KSqr Mayor 
John 1 iider ES^qr Ivt'cordcr 
Da\'id Provoo.^t 
Jolianncs Jansen 
birck \'anderbur- 
Barunt i\}'ndvrb 
Pichard W'illett 
Edward Bh-ve 
Abraham Kctclta.s 
Richard Harris 
I'ar.l Droilhict 

> ESq''"' Aldermen 

L Assistants 

[iot] TijI' following: Paws Orders and Ordinanoe^ of this City which 
were made Established pnblishetl an-l Ordvr'd to be Printed the 
28'':- da^- cf [March bsi pa=t tO;_rether wiili the EaAS since made lic 
pnbli.-hcd were tins day after the Ivinying of tb.ree Bells publickly 
read aiKl Oi;;;ek!-:d to Continue in full force and \'crtue for the Space 
of tlnxe Mr.'iths froni and after the date hereof (\'izA 

I'or the Observation of tlie Eords day 

Xegro t^' Indian Slaves not above f-'ur to meet tOG;-ethcr 

Cr^ncernhig- Stran-crs 

Sur\e_\ors of the City 

To P'revent hre 

Rei;-u1alions for tlie ^Parkett 

A-size of Breadi 

Reg-ulations for Carmen 

I\ Tasters of \'essells to in'vc Ace! of tb,eir Passengers 

Common Council tn A]>]iear uiion Sumr.ions 

Guagers Packers \' Cullers 

No Beef or Pork to be Shii^ped >:<l till Ivejjacked c<cc : 

Freemen and A]M:irentices 

Eav-.-s Ov- Orders for the GiAernnunt of the Dock & Slips 

Regulatif'ns for D'-'ck Money 

Paw tu-ing gun,- in the Strcx-i 

Law ag*. Killi!ig (.Tattle ;my v.-her..- but att tiu- Sloughter houses 

Cattle to be landed near the Sl'iugliter houses 

Law hnposing A hne upon such as Refuse to Wadch 



]_a\v fr>r Ck-iiiint,^ tin- Street? I.ancs & All}s of ihc Said City d'c : 

Lnw Proh-iiiiir.g Hawkers e^ Pedlars 

Carmen Not to drive Over the Conuiion Sewer near the htle 

Swiric jiroliibited to run att large 

Law Pr.jliiljiting- digging holes & Cutting sodds on the Commons 

Law for jjreventing f rands in fire\vood 

Law f'-r Snnplying th.e \'acanc\' of h'^lcctivc Magistrates el'c: 

Ma\or Rrccirder l^ Aldermen to pnt the In Execution 

Ofnccr.N to he C'bservent in tlie hlxecution of these Laws 

Law for I'aving several Streets 

Law ]"'rohihiting Swec};ing the Streets in time of Rain 

Law Ln.]io:-;ng A Fine npcju Sncli of tlie C)ut A\''ard as refuse to 
nu-n 1 l^^e liighv,a\s 

Memorandv .Ni this day the Justices delivered to the Assessors of 
thi.-, Cit}- two Warrants for Assessing the Other Moyeiy of the Taxes 
t.j h-.- Raist d in the City tS- County of New York p/ursuant to two Acts 
of Ck-n'' A.-^em].■ly [of] the said Province the one Entitled An Act 
for Raising die sum of throe thousand pounds tov/ards defraying the 
L.\p':-ijce of fortifying the Cit\ of New Yorlv and the Odicr Entitulcd 
:\':\ Act f(ir Raising A fund for the Defence oi the Fronteers & Other 
u.-es hy which v/arrants th.ey are to Return their assessments to the 
Town Clerks Ofhce on or hefore the 12'^'^ dav of August Next. 

Acv/ \ork^ 

Att a Common Council held att the 
City PTall of th.e said City on Saturday the 
2C/': day of ]u\y Anno Uom 1707 


Present William J'eartree ESqr Mayor 
John Tuder ES(T Recorder 
David I'rovoost 
Joliannes Jansen 
Dirck" \'andterburgh 
Parent Renders 
. Richard Willett 
Cf'rnelius D : Ik-yster 
Ahrahani KeteUas 
Richard Harris 
Paul Droilhiett 

y ESq'^ Aldermen 



Upon tlic Petition of the Inluibitants of Oiiocn Street itt is Okdcrld 
tliat all the I..otts from jlui'i^er.s Path, to TheohalLl? Shp fronting- the 
East Ri\'er be fiUcd up and the wharfs Com]iIeated According to th.e 
Covenants in the Grants thereof on or before- the first day of October 
Next upon penalty of foint)' Shilings iuc lix'jvy default to be paid by 
the Owner of eacii of the Said Lotis wdiicl; Shall not be filled u]) and 
Com[)leated as aforesaid and foiu-t}' Shiiiii-s niure for ICvery Month 
after the sr'aid first day of October that the Said L.otis or any of them 
Shall remain unfilled up or Conii/ieated- as aforesaid one b.alfe of tlie 
said forfeitures to he for the use of thi^ Cor[)oratiori and the Other 
to the Infi)rrner &' to be ReceA'ercd by pliu'rit before the Ma^'or Recorder 
or any of the Aldermen of the said City. 

CJimjkk'd that tlie }.ra}-or Issue his W'rirran.t to th.c Treasurer to pay 
to Rutg-ert W'aldron or Ordej- the sum of C)ne iiound two Shilings and 
Six pence Currant Money of Xew Y'ork itt being for Boards Nails 
Carpenters work iV Cartidge for fitting the l\Ooni in the City Hall for 
the Constables watch as Appears by his Ace* which is allowed. 

Orderhd an Ordinance of tliis Cor]>rr.ation IZntituled an Ordi- 
nance of the Mayor Recorder Aldermen, aiul A'-sistants of the City of 
New Y'ork Convened in C<3nuii0n Council fur the Carrying on the 
fortifications of the said Cit}- wdiich was made cK: pu.blishiei.1 the ii'l' day 
of July T706 Entred in th'^ bouke page 81 ^.^ S? be and is hereby 
Ordaijied Continued a: Kstabl:<=!u.d in f-11 force & X'crtue i<n three 
Months from and after the date lKiei->f i\ the same after the Ringing 
of three Delia was Accordingly ],ub]islied 

Order'd That the ]Ma\or P^sue his Warrant to the Treasurer to 
{ia_\' to P>enjamin Barnes or Order the sum of five ])Ounds Nine Shil- 
ings Curra.nt Tvloney of New Y'ork itt being for halfe A years Sallary 
from the twenty fifth day of December la>t jiast to the 2-,^':' day of 
June folIo^ving and for two Journeys to PTarlem as Aj)pcars by his 
Ace! which is allowed. 

OkOER-'r) th.c Treasurer of Citv forthwith make A Pist of 
all the Debtors of this Cnii>n-atii:>n. in wliat sums and for what they 
are Indebted and that he attend this Court with the same the Next 
Common Council. 


2 6 


[102] City of J^ 

Present Willia 

Att a Common Council held at the 
City Hall of the Said City on Wensday the 
lo'l'- day of September Anno DoIIT 1707 

Peartree ESq'' r\la}or 
john Tuder ESq: liecorder 
David Pro\-oost 

ESq''^ Aldermen 

Parent Ryndcrs 
Richard WiUett 
Cornehus D : Peystcr "" 
Abraham Ketelta? 
Paul Droilhdet ^ Assistants 

Petru^ Payard 
Richard PPu-ris 

Om^er'd that thie Street Comni'iniy Cadlcd th.e "broad v^ay lyirig in 
tlie Vv'ost ^^'ard of this City be lort'nwilh paved in such manner and 
form as Shall be dn-ected and appointed by Mr I'etru? Bayard Assistant 
of t!:e said Ward .V Ail }[armanus Vancfelder any former Eaw of this 
CorporaLion to t'le Contrary XotVvithslanding and all persons Con- 
cern'd are liereby requiied to take Notice hereof Accordin^s^ly 

0]<i)::R'r. tint the hiliabitants Xear the Wall Street Slip have 
Liljcrty to fdi up the same or such part thereof as they shall thii:k 
iV.nvcjiient provided the Lessees of the Dock i:^- Slips Consent to the 

At'I' a Common Counxil lield alt ihe 
City l-lal] of the said City on Satrnxlay the 
2^th ^ipy ,->f c;(,pbr ^A^i^iio DoiTF 1707. 

Present Wilbatn Peartree ESqr Alayor 

Jolin 'J'uder V.Sq^ Recorder 

I3avid Provoost "^ 

Johannes TaUiSen CESq" Aldermen 

Parent Ryndcrs J 

Abraham Keteltas S 

Richard Plarris L Assistants 

Paul Droilhiett J 
Forasmuch as the lime this day h^xpires Vv hereby several Laws 
Orders and C^rdinance.- for the £;ood Rule and Government of tlie 
luiiabilants of this City will determine but this Court thinking- ilt Con- 
Vrnient that th- sauie should CViitinue in force for three ?\ronths 
longer ilt is therefore licreby Ordained that all the Laws Orders And 
Ordinances of this Corporation licreafter I^Icntioried and E\-ery Clause 


Article Penalty and Condition in tlie same or in any [103] of tb.em 
Contained be and bhall liereli}' Rer;i.",in in inll force and \'ertue for the 
Space of three .Months from and after liic Date hereof any thing to 
the Contrary hereof in any wise Xotwithstanding- i\'iz'-) 

For the Observation of the Lord's da}' 

Negro and Indian. Slaves not abo^'e four to meet together 

Concerning Strangers 

Surveyors of the City 

To Prevent fire 

Regulations for tlie Markett 

Assize of Bread 

Regulations for Carmen 

IMastL-rs of \'cssells to give Acc^. of tlieir passengers 

Coii:rion Council to Apper^r upon Summons 

Onagers Packers and Cullers 

Ko Dcef or Pork to be shiped of till Repacked c^cc: 

Regulations for Dock AJoney 

Freemen an.d Apprentices 

Lav,-s and Orders for the Governn.icnt of the Dock and slips 

Laws against fii-ing Guns in the Street 

Law against Kihing Cattle any wdiere but alt the Sloughter houses 

Cattle to be Lan.dedi at the sloughter houses 

Law Imposing .\ fine upon such, as refuse to W'ntch 

Law for Cleaning the Streets Lnnes and Alleys of the Said City 

Lav proK^hiiin- I]:.^^kers and Pedlars 

Carmen ri.jt to Drive over the Common sewer ri':ar the little Bridge 

Swine lirohiliittd to Rtm at large 

Law proliibiling digging holes (!^ Cutting sodd ^ on the Conmions 

Law for preventing frauds in firewood 

Law for Supplying the A'acancy of 1-dective ALagistrates c^'c : 

Ma\-or Recorder and AldernuMi to put the Ltuvs in Execution 

Officers to be Observant in the Execution of these Laws 

Lav; for Paving several Streets 

Law for Prohibiting Sweeping tlie Streets in time of Rain 

r,aw Imposing A fine on such of the Out Ward as refuse to mend 
the TTighways 

Ordinance of the ■Mayor Recorder Alderu'icn and Assistants of the 
City of Xew York frr tlv^ C;irrying on tb.e fortifications of the said City 

Ouder'd that iNlr W'ormstall and the persons Concern'd in the 
liou.>e where x\L Mjiclerian lives in the Inddge Street in the south 
\\"ard of this City doc forthwith l^ti'ectually repair the Street an.d 



%vharfe bt-lonc,nng to the said house fronting to the Dock upon pain of 
hcing- prosecuted for their Neglect or clef auk 

ORDiiRD the Mayor Issue hiis warrant to the 

Warrant Issued Treasurer to pay to Robert lidwards or Order the 

sum of one pound fourteen shiHngs and Six pence 

Currant .Money of New York itt being for kibour Laths Lime and 

\\'liitr washing the City Hall in May and June last. 


Att a Common Council lield alt tlie 
City Hall of the said City on .Munday the 
29-'? da}' of Sep'T Anno Dom 1707 
Present William Pcartree ESqr Mayor 
John Tudor F.Sq'. Recorder 
David Provoost ~^ 

Johannes Jansen 

Parent Rynders |>ESq" Aldermen 

Richard Willett 
Edward Plagge 
Abraham Keteltas "^ 
Cornelius D: Peystei 
Richard Harris y Assistants 

Petrus Bayard 
Paul Droilhiet 

J'ursuant to the warrants of the ^dayor Issued to the Aldermen of 
i:<ch, I^c-ipcctive Ward of this City for tlu- Electing this day one Alder- 
i::;i:> one Assistant two Assessors on:- Collector and one petty Constable 
i:i the five Wards on the south side of the Fresh water and one Alder- 
man one Assistarit two Assessors two Collectors t\\ o petty Constables 
a?)d f.v.n- Overseers of the liighways for the Out Ward of the Said 
City for the Powry and Harlem Divisions of the Said Ward to serve 
irj ilieir iCesjicctive CJUices for the year Ensueing According to the 
Cu-,to:n Lav^•s and Oidinances of the said City and Accordingly the 
'■:.:r.c day Return was made thereof at twelve of the Clock at Xoon 
t" I'le C'fnce of Tov/n Clerk under the hands and seals of the Respective 
Aldicrmen According to the Tenor of the Aforesaid Warrants as 
f-Ilowtth (\-iz') 

Walter Thong 
Christopher Denne 
Thomas Roberts 
Thomas Ives 
ISaac D: Riemer 
l^Tb.ujiias Husk 

South Ward 


I Assessors 




Dock Ward 

East Ward 

West Ward 

Out Ward 

r Richard Willott 

1 i^aul T)roilhieU 

j saiiiuc!) iiayard 
Johii Cru,L;er 
Francis Gcrl>rantse 
Gorrott Duyckinck 

'' ISaac I) : Ricmer 
Olphert Snerts 
An dries Ahrainse 
Abraham Wendell 
Peter Vantilhoroug-h 
Robert Jlickman 
\\'ilha!!i Smith 
I'ctrus lui}ard 
Bartholcnicv/ Laroux 
Jacolnis Coclet 
Piudus Turck 

^John Suire 
David l*rov', 
Tolianin-s X'ansanla 

North Ward ^ 

Jacobus Kip 
Abraham I\i[.) 
William ]• -t!i 
Joost Lyn?cn 
'Ed\var(f Bla-^e 
John J-lendrickse 

sariiucll Kip 
Folkert Hccrmaiis 
John Dc \'oor 
Jacob Cornclisse 
Johatmes Tomasse 
Johannes }.[','\-cr 
Gerrett Dvckman 



Plicnias Turneur 

Abraham ]\lontriQ-ne 



' Collector 

[ Assessors 


I -Yssessors 


I Assessors 

" Collector 

1 Sm•^ e\ nrs of 
{ Highway 
Survc}-ors of 

for the 

> Harlem 

His Excellency in Cmncil was plea-ed to Ajipoint Ebcnczer Will- 

son ESn^ >d 

i\-or *.^' Wiiliai 

Andersnn ]':>(f Sheriti' of the City & 

County of Xew ^'ork for the vear Ensneincv- 


MIXUThS OF THE COMMON COUNCIL!' Xeniinc Contra Dicente lliat Mr Roi)crt Lurtiiig- the pre?- 
ent Cliainbcrlain or Treasurer of this City is hereby ILIected Treasurer 
or Chiair.berlaiu of ihiis CorporaLiou f^r the year Ensueiiig-. 

Tlie ^\Iayor has Ajjpointed William i;arc!a>' tlie present high Cori- 
stable of this City to be high Constable of this City for the year 

OrUi-RD the Church Wardens of this City jnit A Badge upon the 
(~Ioilis of such poor as are Clothed b}- this City wiih this ^lark N: / 
in blew or Red Cloath alt their discretion. 

CJrdfr'd That tlie ferry of this Corporation between Xas-aw 
Island ai::d this City with the New ferry house Old house Earn peti 
and all and smgidar the appurtenances thereunto beIor,ging scituate on 
Nassaw Lsland be letL to farm on the tenth day of October Xext 
}'",nsncing for the Terp/i of five years to C^oninience (roan. the 25^'" dav 
( f March Xext Ensueing the date Ik reof . and itt is hereby Ordered 
tliat Ald'^nnan Provoost Alderman Rynders Alderman V\'illett W. 
I): ]'ey:ler and ?\Ir Harris or any three ox [ic6] them be A Committee 
to jeit li'.e same to farm att the house of M- Harris in X'ew York on 
the said Tenth day of Ciciober att three of the Clock in the Afternoon 
by publici: Outcry to the highest bidder. 

Att a Conrmon Council held att the 
City Hall of the said City on Wcnsday the 
first day of October Aimc> DoiTF 1707 

■nt "William I'eartree ICScu Ma\or 
John Tuder ESqr Recorder 
Johannes Jansen 

Richard Willett ^ lilSq""^ Aldermen 

Barent }\}mders 
Cornelius D : Peysler 
Abraham Keteltas 
Ivichard Harris 
I'anl Droilhet 
Petru^ ]!a\ard 

>► Assistants 

Rrso[.vFi) tlie ferry nf this Corjic ration between City S^ X'assaw 
Klai:d pursuant to the Order of this Court mafic the 29'-' day of Scp- 
teml'cr last pa.^t be htt to f.^rm on the Conditions following (Viz') 

Coxnriiox.s for farming the Ferry of the City of New York with 
ti:C X'cw Brick house on Xassaw Island Old house Ibrn and pcnn 


thereunto bclone"iiip: for tue Tenri of live years to Commence the 
twenty fifth da}- of ^Marcli Next F.nsueino; the date hereof. 

That the Lessee Shall 1)0 r)],!;-cd within Eight days Xext 

Imp Ensueing- tlie date hereof to Execute his Counter part of the 

Lease and to give llond for perf>:n-)iiancc of Covenants with such 

sufficient sureties as the Mnyrir Aldermen and Commonality of the 

said City Shall Judge NeL-dfulI 

That the Lessee shall he Obliged lo pay the Ecnt of the lerr\ 
2^ h.ousc l\:c : unto the Treasurer of th.c Cit}- of Xew York for 
the time being by four Even quarterly ])a}-inents in Every year 
of lawfull Money of the Province of New Yorl:. 

Tha'!' the E.tLb-ee sliall provide auvd nuiintain at his own 
3^ Charge i.\: Expcnec two great lloais or scows for the Carrying o; 
Transporting of Cattle Corn l'cc : and two small boats for the 
Transpo! tation of [107] I'assengers and the great and small Boats 
one of eacii bo kept on each side of the l\i\-er and the sn.iall l"!oats to be 
Constantly going to and f;0 an<l not b.jth to Remain on th.c same Side 
of the River att any tiiric and also to iN'cp guotl and al;'e men to Row 
in the Same Boats wlio shall give their Constant Attendance and be 
ready at all According to former usage and Custom. 

That the Said Lessee SE.all at liis own Charge and ILxpencc 
4'1^ Keep and mainta'n one sr.nici'-nt ]i 'und i.'>r t!ie svcuiring of 
Cattle to be transpoiled i*^ and from ihe Cit}- of Nrw York and 
wlien deliver'd at tb.e Ferry lo take Ch.arge lliereof and te) tlnd ami })ro- 
vide all Roj)es and CMher Nessessarics for Ivccping them there and for 
their Transportation lik(A\dse and all Corn Rnn-isiuns Passengers and 
Other goods to be landed at New York at the places hereafter 

That the Said Lessee in the Aforesaid New ferry house upon 

5'^ Na'-sav- Island Shall l\ee[) A j)ublick Ivtu^e of Entertainment in 

Order that Strangers and Tra^-ehers and their horses may have 

good Accommodation at Reasonaljle Ivates du.ring the Tern-i of the 

said Lease. 

That the Lessee during tht said L'-ase Shall Reep uphold sUip- 

6'*^ port and ATainlain at liis own proper Cost Charge and Ex|-jence 

the Aforesaifl New Brick house Barn WTll and Landing Bridge 

33:; :\nvuTr:s oi- TiiE commox council 

Oil Xassaw li-iaiKiiu t^oocl and sufticient Repair during- the Lease xA.fore- 
saifi and at ihc Expiration of ihe same the Said liouse Harn Well & 
Landing Cridge and appurtenances thereunto belonging soe well and 
siUncieiuh- Kci)t I\fa!ntained and Re])aired and Amended Shall peace- 
al'iy and OuiLily surrender and Yield up to the Mayor Aldermen and 
Commonality of the Cit}^ of New York for tlic time being or their 

IhiAT if the Said T.essee or his Assigns make default of any 
;'•■' of tlie Quarterly payments to be made as Aforesaid or in fourteen 
days after then itt Shall and may be lawfull for the Said ALayor 
AIderr;'.en and Conunonaliiy of the City^ of New York or tlu-ir Assigns 
the demised pren^ises to Reenter and possession thereof to take and 
to farm Lclt in as full and Ample manner as if the same had not been 
beffi-e demised. 

'J'liAT if the said Lessee Shall Neglect or refuse to give 
8''.' security for the p-:^rformance of Covenants as Aforesaid that then 
the said ferry hr)USf\s and Appurtenances Shall be again demised 
an^l to farm Lett and if farmed for less than first agreed on th.e said 
first farmer [io8] or Lessee is to malce good and pay the loss with 
all Cliarges S.: Exnences and if the same be farmed for more he to have 
the benefitt thereby 

That the said Le>see or his Assigns Shall not Laipose or 
<•/'' take an}- Other Rates or pri -es for ferriage than v;hat are here- 
after mentioned (A'izO 

1-A"ery Siiigle person to pay for going o\'er Light Stivers in Wam- 
l)uni or A silvt-r two pence. 

I'.ach person in Company four Stivers in Wampum or a silver 
penny if after Sunsett double ferriage 

b-ach hr.rse cir beast Single one Shihng in Company Nine pence 

Lad; Colt ov Calfe three jjcnce. 

b.acli Ih'g Light Stivers in Wampum or A silver two pence 

b.ach Slieei' four Stivers \\'ampum or A silver penny. 

b-acli Earrcll of Rum Sugar r\Ldas^es. C)yle Pork ^^c: three pence 

bach b.n:]ily Ikirrell f^ ur Stivers Wampum or A silver penny 

A Lea.-ts ILde the like 

A birkin or Tubb of Ihuter two Sti\ ers Wamjium. 

Lvery three Dush.ells of Corn A silver penny or fou.r Stivers 

or Tin: cnv of new york 333 

A Pale of Jjiiltcr two S>a\crs 

l^vei"}- Hu>!K-!l of Sail t\\C' Stivt.-rs 

EA^ry hog-sh.cad of Tobacco Nine pence 

Tlie before Mentioned liatcs to be paid by a.ll Passengers att tlicir 
g-oing- into tlie ferry boat and for adl Cattle horses and C)thcr goods & 
tiling's wben tb.e ferr}-man Receives ihe same into his Boat in Silver 
or Wampum 

That the Said Lessee Shall and doe during tlie Term of the 
10-'' said Liase land from, and take on. board into the ferry boats and 
Kvery of tlieni all passengers prcA-i^ir.ns auj] all Otlier goods 
whatsoever Coniitig to the City of Xew ^'orl: or going from the same 
(Xeat Cattle and horses or A single Person or two that sliall Call 
after tlic saia ferry Boat is put oil Excci'tcd') at the Respective 
places heieafter Men.tioned that is to S;iy Ever}- IMunda}- and 
Thuirsday at Countess Kc>' Ever}' Tuesday ami fryda}' at Burg'ers 
Path and Ever\- W^erisday and Saturday a{ tb.e Dock Sli]^ near Coll 
Cortlandts house and at n.o Other },>laces what:.soe\er and that if the 
said Lessee or his Assigns or any of tlicm Sh:ill Lar.d from or take on 
board tlie ferry boats or an\" of them a.n\- I'assengers or Other goods 
whatsoever ( F.xeept as abo\'e is Excepted) at any Other [)Iace what- 
soe\er he or they Shall forfeit tlie sum of thirty Sliilings for Every 
such Offence the one lialfe to the Informer and the Otlier halfe to 
tb.e Corporation of Xew \"ork il" to be ReCDvered b}" Plaint before tlie 
Mayor and Aldeiniioi of tlic s.iid City of Xevc York or any 
one of them [lool And upon tlie before Mentioned CVjuditions the 
said ferry, houses Barn i^cc : to Ik* demised for the Term aforesaid to 
the h.ighest bidder. 

Memoraxoum tb.e Said ferry wa.^ Demised unto James Harding of 
the City of XT-w York \'ictuar!er for the yearl;.- Rent of one hundred 
and Eighty pomhls \^ Annum he being tlie highest bidder upon the 
Conditions before Mentioned on which Ch-iginal Conditions the said 
James Harding Subscribed an luidorsinent in hrec X'erba (A'izl) I 
underwritten Jannes Harding of the Cit}- oi Xew York \'ictiia!ler doe 
hereby Acknowledge to bL'tve Hired or fa.rriied the bef.-re iMentioned 
ferry ferry b.ouses and Appu.rtenances for the Term of five \-ears upon 
the vabove Mentioned Ond.itions for tb.e yi_arly Rent of one hundred 
and Eighty prunds ^i Anmim lawfull Muiie}- ot the Pro\ince of Xev; 
York as wiltness my hand ibis tenth rla}- of C)ctober Anno DoTTT 1707 
James Hardinge 


Att a Common Council lield att the 
City Hal! of ihe Said City on Saturday the 
11*"^' day of October Anno DonT 1707 

Present W'iHiam Peartree ESqr Mayor 
Jolm Tuder ESqT Recorder 
David Proovoost 

Johannes Jan sen 1 . 

- ^ ^-, - , CLsq" Aldermen 

Parent Rynders f 

Richard W'illctt 

Cornelius D: PeyMe 

Abraham Keteltas I , . 

^. , , , , . ^Assistants 

Richard Piarns [ 

Paul lOroilhiet J 

The Commiitee Appointed for tlie ferry i c : of this City 
to farm make their Report in hxc \'erha {Viy}) 

i'ur.^uant to an Order of Common Council to us directed dated tlie 
t\vcnty }:n\[h of September last past wee have this tenth day of October 
1707 leit to farm tl;e ferry of tire Corporatii'ii of Xe\v York between 
Xasiaw and this City v/ith the Xew ferry house old house 
Barn iV-nn ar.d all and sing-uler the Api)U.rtcnances thereunto belonging 
scituale on Xassaw Island to James Harding of the said City Victual- 
ler for the sum of one liundred and Eighty pounds Ciirrant ]\Ioney of 
Said Cit}- [no] \J, Annum According to Articles thereof made and to 
him p>r.jduced and by the said James Harding Signed W'ittness our 
iiand- t'le Said tenth day of October Anno Dom 1707 

D I'rovoost 
B Rynders 
Richard Willett 
C D Pcyster 
Rich : Plarris 

wh.ich Report is Approved and CIrdhrV) that the Maxor of this City 
for the Uni'j beii-ig Exrcule A Lease Accordingly 

OkDf.R'D the 2\ra>or Lssue hi^ Warant to the 

W'a; r; Issued Treasurer to pay to Richard Harris one pound twelve 

Shilings Currani Ivbmey of Xew York itt being 

Expenccs on leasing ilie ferry of this City the tenth day of this Instant 

Month of October. 


Att a Convwou Councn held at tlic 
City liall of ilio Said City uii Tuesday the 
14';' day of C)ccoi)er Anno DoITF 1707. 

I'resent ^\'i^I I'eartrce ILSq' ^^layor 
John Tudcr ESq'' l^jcorder 
David I'rovoost 
Joiiannes Jaiisen 

Eareiit Ryiiders CESq-^ Aldeniieu 

Richard Willett 
Edward lUat/ije 
Cornelius D j^evster 




Richard II arris 

I'aul Droilhiet 

Peter Bayard j 

Vs'olfert \Vel)ber J 

Th.ii; .lay Vv'illiani I'cartree ESq' tiie present Mayor being attended 
b'y Ebonczer W'illson ESq^ the ^^iayor Elect ih.e Aldernien Sheriff 
Assistar.t- Assessors Collectors Ei-h Coiistabk- Petty Constables and 
L-'iher CMlcers of tin's Corporation Ace.-'idiTi^ to the nsiial formality 
Assen;b!ed t(ic,^ether at tlie hon.r of Xi:ic in th.c forenoon of tlie same 
day att the City Elall of the Said Cit\- anrl from thence in their for- 
nialitys waited ii{)uii his Excellenc\- the Coverrirmr in Con.ncil at her 
i\laie-t\> Carri-i^n h'orl Ame v,lu're were Ad-nini>tred mito Ebenezer 
W'illson ESqr Ma}or Elect of thi- City and unto \\ illiam Anderson 
ESq'' Sbeiilt of tlie City and County of Xew "^'ork the Oatb.s Ap- 
j>ointed b_\- Act of Parliament to be t;'k(;n in>tead of the Oaths of 
Allcigance and Supremacy the d\-st and y ';'th ''>i Abjuration it also tlie 
Oaths for the due Execution of their Ke;q)ective Offices which done 
his Excellency the (no\ernour deli\-ereil inito them their Respective 
Commissions upon vrhich the Xew anrl CH.l .Mayor attended as Afore- 
said and the Xew Sb.c'-i'T v/ent to Trinit}- Cliurch where the Reverend 
i\Ir William \'ezey Rector thereof Read divine service And preached 
A serrn.on suitalilc to tlic (')ccasion which done the Mayors .Vldermen 
Assi..tants Sheriffs and C Officers Returned to the City TLall, 
where, (ai'ter.the Ringing of [in] three P-ells) the Commissions of 
the ]\ra\ur and Sb.eriff ;md iiEo A Coinmission to tlie }.Ia\-or for the 
Office oi Clerk of the ^farketi of the Said City were published after 
wluch they all Repaired to the C<:>urt Cliamljor where the X'ew ?davor 
Resumed the Chair and (he C)ld Ma\or delivered imto the Charter 

3 ',6 MixTTEs o- TiiE comm:ox cou>:cil 

and seals of the said City after which the Mayor and Recorder Caused 
the Oath.s Aforesaid A[>poinled by Acl of Parliament .^'c : Test & 
Abjuration Oath to be Admlnistrcd unto David Provoeist Alderman of 
the Xortii Ward, JSaac rj'Riomcr Alderman of the East Ward William 
Smith Alderman of tlie West Ward Richard Willctt Alderman of the 

Dock Ward Edward Eh 

Alderman of the Out Ward and Walter 

Thong" Alderman of the south Ward arid unto Johannes A'ansanta 
As>!stant of t}:C North Ward Olfert Suerts Assistant of the East Ward, 
Raul Droilhiet Assistant of the Dock A\'ard & John Ilendricksc Bre- 
voort Asi^lant of tlie Out Ward and also the C)aths for the due Execu- 
tion of tlif.-ir Respective ol'nces and Accordingly they tooke their places 

J^etrus l^'s'iyard Assistant of th.e West V\^ard and Christopher Denne 
Assi-t;i!it of the Srjuth V/ard ^verc absent. 

William Earclay hi-li Constable of this City Robert Hickman Con- 
stable oi the East Ward, John Suire Constable of the "West Ward, 
Jr,n,,t Eyri^en. Constable of the North Ward Thomas Husk Constable of 
thv south Ward, John De \^oor Constable of the Bowry arid zacharias 
Syckells Conslalde of Harlem v.'cre Sworn, to the due Execution of 
their ]vespecti\-c Offices for the year Ensucir.p;. 

Gerrett ]")uvckinck Elected Constable of the Dock Ward was absent. 

-ity of 

New i oil:\ 

Att a Common Council held att the 
City Hall of the Said City on Tuesday the 
28^1^ day of Oetober Anno DoTTT 1707 

i'reseut Ebenezer Willson ESq^ i\Iayor 

John Tudcr ESq^ Recorder 

David j'rovoost 

JSaac D : Ricmer 

Willian.i Sn;ith C h-Sq""^^ Aldermen 

Richard Willett 

Walter Thong 
[u-'l Olfert Suerts i 

Petrus Baya.rd [ 

Paul l^roilhiet )>.-\.ssistants 

Christopher Denne 

Johannes \'ansanta 
M: Rok'Crt Eurting- Treasurer or Chan.bcrlain of the City was this 
day sworn to the due l^xccution of his Office 

Christopher Denne Assistant of the South Ward and Petrus Bayard 



A?^ist;.:r. (.'f the Wc>t W'arO liad this day tl;- Oaihs Adniini^ircd uni'i 
then: Arp'ii-!lrd t':i he laheii i^^lea(! of UK: Oaths of Aliei^ance and 
supreir.acy t'-:c 'i\\-t tiii- Ahjnration Oatii Ov fur ihe diue lixecution of 
the-;- (Jfi'cc and Accovdin-ly tookc th-ir i)laccr 

C'RI'^k't) that the Ma>or T^sue A Wrirrasit to the Ahlernian of t!ie 
Dc-ck Ward -d tld> City f-r Uv:. Elect:.. n oi A C^n^tahle in the Room 
of ^Tr Gcrrru Du^'chinck \v\\o ha- fMrnaTi}- j-ervetl in the Oinccs of 
Assistant A: Alderman of this Cit}-. 

0:<i'rR']) thiat Al'Ierman Provoo-^t Aldicnnan D : Iviv-mer Alderman 
Smith .Vldern^an Wdliett or .any three of th.en: be .\ Connniltee to 
Assist the Treasurer in bringin,ii;- the J'oo!a<; of tins Corporation to A 
l^ahance in Order t:ie same lie Stated and Adjnsted and to make A 
Li^t of the City Debtors. 

Ch^zjcKD that the A[ayor and Ahlerman I'rovoost doe Agree with 
four Al'e (^iiizen:- te) h^ tiie i'ellmcn of this City from the first da}- of 
Xo\ Xext to the fir:^t day of April iollowi;^^ 

C'K.OiiK'n that an Ordinanee of Cit}- Tintitnled an C^rdinance of 
the Mayea- Recorder Aldernien and A^si^tants of the City of New 
Yov\: Conver.ed in Conmiori Council for tlic Carr}-in;j; in the fortifica- 
tion^ .,1 [he Said City he and is hereby Ordered to be in fnl! force and 
Ycrv-: f -r l:n-ee ^fonths from and after the date hereof. 

C^a;>:.K';) that Alderma-i Wdllett and M^ Denne be A Connnittcc to 
Af;-ree for the Idneing and n.iakiii;.; Decent tlx- Pevr assigned for the 
Mayor An.' Magistrates of thd? City iii dk-inlly Chnrch Xot to Exceed 
seaA-er; I'-'und^ ten Sidling^ 

Okdl;k'i;) that the May-r Txvue his Wkirrant to tiie 
Wkarr: )>,--.ied d'reasurer to pa}- to the Reveiend. ^Fr \'ese}- five {)onnds 
Currant !\h,irie}- of tins ]k-()\ince lor preaching A ser- 
n;on io this Corporation on th,e fonrteeiith d'i}' Instant being the ,\nni- 
verr--ary day ^f Swearing the Xew Afa}or Magistrates .^- Other Officer^ 
of this City. 

1 I 1^1 ( )K)>Li; o rhat the Mayor E-suc Ins Warrant to 
W'arram Issued tlie Trea.-urer lo pa}- to W'illiann Sharijas or Order 
th,;' sui-.i of Eleaven {loni'ids four Shilling.s Ciirran.t 
I\b:>ne} of Xew York itt being for halfe A } ears sadary as 'J'own Clerk 
of thi- Ci'.\- ending tlie foiutet-ndh In-lar.! C' for pen Ink and paper for 
one vcar enditig the same time 

C).:j'.',K'n that tlie lA-titiuu of the Wdddiow Toihil! be Rcfer'd to the 
Convmittee A;:>pO!ntevl to> As.-est th.e Treasurer \-c : v'v that they make 
Report thiCreup)On io t!ie Xext Common Conncil 
■'■■;. ir.— 22 




TvHSOLVFu tiiai the i'utciKT:; Shop in tlie tiroadway now in the (")ccu- 
l.;ili )ii of Jn-cii-iah Cahcu^t i <■ Dcinohshcd auJ pulled down and that 
tile Said h-rendah Cadcutt have Lilierty to Convert the Materialls 
th.ereof to his own ii.-e l-y th.e }>[ayors Lveen.-c lie producing- his Lease 
thereat to th.e ]\la\-or 

Liivot I 


Ait a ("omnion Cotmcil held at the 
Lit}- Hall of the Said City on tryday the 
;?i^'' da}" of November Anno De-.nT 1707 

^rL^cut ELeiie/xr Vvdllson ES^r Mayor 

joh.n Tuder l^Sqr Recorder 

David Trovoost A 

William Smith ,-^. ,.. ,, , 

CLSu'" Aldermen 
Ricliard Widett f ^ 

Walter d'hon.o- J 

C)lf-.Tt Surrts ^ 

Petrus Baxard 

I'aul Droilhiet 

Chri>U.)pher L)enne 

Jo]iannc> \'an^;,nta 

Tan Hendricks ]_)re\'C!ort 
Alt the ivL-qnvst of Jame.-. IlardinLj tiie farmer of the ferry of thi? 
City itt i> Ouriiv^RD that itt Ixing- .\ Clau.-c in tlve Ecase that the Lessee 
of ihe ferry and Ins as^i^ns ha\c Idlv.Tty t^' Land froni and take on 
h \:rd ihv ferr}- i>-^ats all !.'as>''n;Ters alt the mo^ Ci'nxc-nient place after 
Stni Sc-lt, the Eca^e of ih.*- Said ferry was aEo read and Api:'ro\cdi and 
(;ici!!:!n:D that the }layor iw-e^ntv 'he samv and that ihe Lessee gave 
iiond witli two suftiei'-nt sm-eiit-; in th'^ >mn of three hundred and 
^!^:'y i,,m;ikE fr;r performance of LAwiumts. 

[114] ORHF-Rd) tha.t tlie 'Ma^or issue his Warrant to 
Wa;-.!ut th.e 1"reasurcr to {lay to lleiiry Swift \dntner the 

sum of hiigh/L i)Ou.nd;s fwv Shdlirrg.- CurraiU Ah'.n.ey 
oi NAw York itt being for \vitie And A Din.ner as -\ treat to Ins Excel- 
lei'.cy the Go\-erne>ur mrule bv this C-'u-'gnration on his ICxcelt Airrlval 
h:erc from his Oilier Government of Xe\\- Jersey on the thirtecmh 

C»i;i.i:u'[) that the Ma\oi- E->ue his Wanant to the 
udiroml E.ued ■lrta>nrer to i>;iy {■• M'" ChnAopher Deimc or Order 

the suan of five ])ouncE Si.xteen Shihngs ancl Xin^* 
5'enee three farthing Currant ^Irucv of V..-,v Yo-k hcincr M'^-nev 

ui- 'I'lii: cvr: oi" x::w mjhiz 


Kxpondcd for f.Uiug- .\: tli-'' T\-\\ of tli ■ Mayor and A'dernien of 
this City in Trinity Church. 

Okder-'d th.'it the AFayo! Issnc his AA'arraut to th.e 
"Warrant Issued Treasurer to i?y !o Cap*. I'-cnjainin Faneuil or Order 
tlie sum of thirteen pounds fifteen Sliih'nc.s auil five 
pence three larlhin-'s Curran.t Money of Xcav 'Vork iit hein.s;- f(>r Oak 
Planks Lathi and Lead Ovc: hy him sold and dehvered for the use of 
the New Cit;-; Jlall of this City th,.' 2y*'^ day of Xovomher i/'-.o which 
is a ho wed. 

The .Mayor arid AldernMU Rejjwrt that 
\\'arranL Issued pur>;iant t(.' an ()v<\'jv of this Conrt of the 2X;^' .jf 
for Nine pounds C>ctol)er k st they have Af.reed witli Ldward Davis 
Wihiam l^ichardson Drnneh Jones and W'ilham 
];V)bhs to he tlie Lchmen of tins City mitiii the tiri.l day of April Next 
iinsueinjv for the siun vi thdrt)- Six iMjurids. Nir>e |:)Oun(ls whereof is 
to be •) tiiem forthwith for the; buyin.y of v/ood Sec: v/hicli Report is 
Approved atid C)KDi:R"!j tlutt the Ma\or Issue hi;: W arrant to the l"reas- 
nrcr to pay ujito triem Nine pounds on Accl thereof Accordnyi^-ly 

Ordlk'd thiat Alderman A\'iiK--tt and Al:l(Tman Thong- be A Conn- 
mittee to Employ persons to Repair th.e kittle P-ridg-e by the Dock, that 
they doe not Lxpeiid abov<_' f' mr pound-, in \h- doing thereof Anil that 
the Ma_\-or Lsu.e liis Warra.m ti) ti:e Trea>uircr t') pa>- the Charge thereof 
Accord in^dy 

Ori«i [do thai the Ma^i.r h-sne his Warrant to the 
Warrant J^-aa:,} Treasurer to pay to nenjandi; Barnes L^r Order the 
.-um of flic sm:: of ii\-e pormds l-h'ghti;en Shilings iN: 
six ]H'nee Currant Mone\ of Nov; ^'ork [i 15] itl being for Cauiddes for 
the Watch fr'-.m the fourth of April last to the hrst Instant an.d for his 
."^allarv a'; 3Jarshall of t'u'^ Cit} t') t!ie fourleenlh of October kist past 
an.d for two Jotrrneys tn riarlem a^ .-\p!;eaT-s l:y his Acct. vdiich is 

Tlie I\Ia}or and Aldermen of tliC Cit\" of New York on the 21''.' 
day of Novendjer 1707 F.slablishedi the .As-i-e of llread in the Said 
City a'; followeth (\'iz') 

Oui>kk'[) that the Assi/e of Ih-cel be till i^uruier Order as foHou-eth 
( \iz') 

A Wdiile l'--af'^ of the finest tlower {n v/eigli tvoi pounds anri A lialfe 
for four p'enee h.alfe penn} 

A Wdieaten Loafe the Coursest b-ran oidy lakni ont and not Other- 
ways to vrcigh three pounds ir.- four pence bab'e r'ennv 

A Wdiite loafe of the fine>t flower to weii:--!! thirteen ( )u.!K:e- for 


ili!e'-- linlK- i)Ciu-e. a;;d that im Other broad be made for Sale within 
this City ].)r.t According- to the above Assize ( F-iskctt only Excepted) 
and OrL'Er'd tlia.t all the r,al:ers of lliis City doc take Notice thereof and 
liakc llicir l^read Accordingl}- wlieat being- att fu'c & Six pence 
V» P.n=hell. 

Att a Common Conncil hAn at tlie 
City Hall of the Said City en l-ryday the 
ly'l- day of December Anno DoliT 1707. 

;- l\Sq'': Aldermen 

John Tudor ESqi' Recordei 

b'avid ProvoDst; 

ISaac D: Riemer 

AAdlli-.m Smitli 

Richard Willett 

Edward I'.lagaTo 

Olfert Suert,-, S 

Paul Droilhiet L Assistants 

Jan llondrickse l'>revoort J 

Ordlr'd t!i:!t the Mayor Is-ue Warrant to the 
\\'aii;!ni L-snod Trea'^m-er to iny to Alderman Walter thong or 
Order the sum of one pound J'iighteon Shiling's and 
Nine pence Currant }doncy of New York itt being Money by him dis- 
I'ursi for the Repair of the Eittle Pridge as Appears by hi^ Ace' 
wh.ich. is allowed, 

I'Ji/j (.'ia-'i.k'j^ that for the future there be four Cuagcrs Packers Sc 
Cullers o\ ibis City and that they each pay to tha: City for their Lycense 
the '^um of EigEtt en Shilings with Usiud fees vl' to 1)0 Renewed ^yearly 
■<rA'] tliat th.ey Receive for Culling hEery tb.ousand of Staves two Shil- 
iiig^. f...r i'acking lEa-ry Parrel! of Pccf or Porl: Nina: pence c^c for 
i'ickln-'.'j l-lvery barrell fe)ur jjcnce halfe pen.r.y An}- former Eaw of 
this Cr>rporatio!^. t-- the Contrary hereof in an_\- wi->e Notv/ithstanding. 
Tjii- .■\b<.vo=>a!d Paw wiih t'''e following Eaw s Orders and 
< 'rdir.ances of tlris Cit_\- hereafter iMentioned. were this day made Or- 
daine-; r>--iab!idied and Pubiislicd and Ouor.R'n to !e C<'>ntinue ^.K' Ivor-iain 
in full f...rce and \"ertne According to th.e Tenor lliereof for the Space 
CI tli-or Months fro;n and after the date hereof. (\'i-/t.) 
For ih" Observation of the Lords day 
( Vaicerniiig Stran;;crs 
Surveyors of the City 
'J'o })revent fire 
K\::ulations for th.e ^barkett 

uF TiJK CI J V o;y xfw v 


Assize of r.rccii.l to he Establislicil 

Rcg'ulatioiis lev Carnicn 

]\Iasters of Vesscll.-> to give Ace! oi ihcir rasscni^ers 

Coinnioii Council to .Vppcar v^on Sunnnoiis 

Guagcrs Packers and Cullers 

Freemen cV Apprentices 

Laws tv: Orders for the Government of th;e D^ck & Skips 

Law Against Hrin,!;- Ginis in the Street lVc : 

Law n<j,L. Lilkn- Cattle ans- vJiere hnt at tlie Slonghter houses 

Cattle to k>e Landed nca.r ilie Sloughter l;ra;ses 

Law Lmposing A Fine on such as Refu.^e tn Watch 

Law for Cleanin^' tlie Streets, ac: 

Swine proliihited to run at large 

Law ag; Diggiiig lioles o:c: in t'le ComnT^ns 

]^aw for Prc\'enting frauds in fu'cv.'ood 

Lav.- for Suniplying tlie A'acarxy of p^u.bHck F.Iecti\e ^[agistrates 
<tc: wlio dye t^c : 

Law InipKxsing A line upon Elective ofiicers refusing t Scr^'e. 

AkJernien Autliori.-ed to put tlie Laves in I^xccution 

Ofiicers to l.'C C)bservant in th.e Execution of th^e Laws 

Law Prohihiiing Sweejting the Streets in time of Rain 

Law Lnj)0-ing A line upon of tlie Out AA'ard as Refuse tc) 
mend tlie Higliways 

Law Concerning Guagers Paclcers i)c Cullers. 

[117] City of /^^ 
New York ij ''- 

vVtt a Ccnnuon Covnicil held at the 
City Hall of the Sai'l City on ^^lunday the 
second da\' oi Iwhruary Ann.o h)orn 
1 70V f -81 

Present iLhenc/er Wills^jri h^Sq: .Mayor 
John d'uder k^Sqr Recorder 
l^avid l^rcn-oost 
TSaac D: Iviemer 
Rich.ard Willdt 
Walter Th.-ng. 
Edward IHa-ye 
,-.^.^ 0!fcr( Suerts 
IVh-us Pa^ard 
Paul i:)rnilhict 
Pan ]L-ndricI:;~e\ 

ICScp" AldernKii 

L Assistants. 


The !\ra}-or Acquaintcil this Cou.rt that h:-> ICxcelleney the Govei 



nour luid Aci^uaii.a d hi:;i thai (mc Cornelius Srbring; had Petilionci 
111':-; Lcinis'r.i;- f _ r Li:c (jriccns Gram of A Ferry between tliis Ciiy and 
loi-i^'- Islanfl and ih^t 'ne luad Onler'd him A Copy uf tlie Said Petition 
which the MayoT ]iro(hi(-cd C wa^ read. 

*');;nrK'i) that this Corprirati.^n doe forthwii;! I'etition his E:-:ceh 
leivey the Governonr lo Reject the Said Petition, and to Acknowledge 
his froT'i-.r th.ercin in Granting' to th.e }>[ayor A CV'py thereof, & tliat A 
Peiiticii he Dra'vn by tiie Town Clerk Accordin-ly and that this Court 
1) c'-l to.q;eth;er at Elcaven A Clock ..n V.'ensday Xext in the for?n.-)on at 
til;- City rial! in Order t<-) sicm the same 

'Jlv Ma;.'-r Infori^^ed this Court zacliariah syckells Con- 
sra!;le of Plarlem 1 division of the C'Ut Ward of this City by A writt 
l.-sninr[ out of the Supream Cotirt cd this I'rovirirt^ was lately Arrested 
in an Action of TreSj-iafs by C'pe ddrjinas 'J\n-netn- of Plarlem for 
hixrc-tin- A Warrant Issued b> the Alderman of the Said Ward bv 
\'ertuc of A by Law of this Cit)' in th,e Said Turneur for 
Six Shihuj:- f.r iCefusin^: to Assist at the Re[-airinc^ of the highways of 
tbe Sav! Ward Pursuant to the Said Pylaw i^:e : Ri:-r.L\TD itr is ti^e 
C)j):];ion of this Cou.rt that this Corporation Ought to defeiid arnl 
Support the Said Constable in th:^ due Execution of his Ofnce at die 
Ci:arge ed tins Corporation and itt is hereby Ordkrkd that the Red mdcr 
and sue!; <)t!:cr Council at Lav: a^ the Mayor Shall see Cause to Re- 
'.a;!i for tiiis City ,]o defend tlie said Action att tlic Ciiargc of this 
Co:;. oration 

..Si .,.yn, , 

Att a Common Council held at tlie 
Cit\ Hall of the Said City on Wensday the 
fotu'th, da;c of lebruary Anno Dom lyo-f-SJ 

Present libene/er Wdllsou l^Sqr Mayor 
John 'Jdaler'ESnr Recorder 
David Provoost ■> I) : Riemer 

\\'ill!am Smidi 

Ricl-.ard Willett 

Edward Blag-e 

Walter Tlmng 

OilA-rt Suerts 

F'etrns P.ayard 

JcRannes A'; 

Cln-islopher Demie 

Paul DroiHiiet \ 

Jan TR-ndrickse I'rcx'Oi.rt J 




or 'i;iK CITY 01" N'^W YORK 343 

Ti-;.- foIl-Mvin<.;- Pfiiiiuii \>ris tliroc tiino-^ read and ApjU'oved and 
signed by thi^ Court Xcinin^ Coinra di^-ntc i' Ouni-;'"!) tliat this Court 
doc Tirimcliately waii ui-^.-n liis ]I.xci-llci-icy lli.o '"Tiivernour and Prc-ent 
the sair;t\ 

T(;> liis ]:^xccHcncy loKvard X'iscc.unt Corn- 
bur}- Cap: Citncr?! and Cr.vcrnour in Chicfc of Majesty? I'rovinco of New York &c: and 
Tcrril'^rie? depenj.lin.i:- tlicrcon in America and 
\'ice Admiral of t':c same vlV-'c : 

The I]nnd);r Petition of the Mayor 
.Mdermen and Comm^mah'tv of her Txlaies- 
ly's City and Co; 

Jdoi;r Iiu:ii;Lv Suk\v:;t}i 

'j'hat the inhabitants (;f the Said City and Corporation for Seaventy 
years past ha\e j.ieaceably and Ouiv.:L];. Po-^e^•5'd and l^njoy'd several 
Ri^bt-: Liliercies Priviledircs Frat:cbi-;.'; i'"ree Cu-l'ju^s Preheminencie;^ 
Advant?!:^es Jurisdictions Pn^'jhnnents and fmn-iunitics Granted ^ Con- 
llrnied unto tiicm b\- l^r iMaje^ys Ruyal Ancc^»ors and the divers 
Governours Authorized and Coniinissi.tneri l>y them a.s v^-ell as by tlie 
several Governours Directors and Ce^mman-lers in Ctdv-fe of the Xetlter 
Duteli Xation whilst t'le sarp.e was under tlieir p.nver and Subjection 
to t;'e great increase "f i:er i\Iaje^l\■^ I'evenn^' | ]\n\ and the seiicible 
Gro'.'. til and A-IwiujLMcnL of hvr :bije.-tw- Sai'I Oil}' ^e Province ar.d 
amon.c; tlie Rest that c)f the ferry l-L-tween llie said City an.d ^s'assav.• 
Island (formerh Ctilied loiio- p,p-n,p; ■^:-,] iP;;t [[).■ bxidin^^ and land- 
ing- place of th.e Saidi Ferry frr.r.i thi'- City on X'assaw Island liath 
beeri Conini.jnl\- Pste.-nied an^l Rci'Ute^l for sea\-euiy }-ears past to 
Extend fr^en A hea]) of Rock Sione< Gatliered tu-ether o;\ A small 
wharfe or Lariijing bridge Xear th.e ferry h>iuse on the Said Island 
unto the West End oi the Hill t''i the Westward of the same and that 
froni high v/ater to low v.-ater iMprk for t!ie Accommodation of all 
passengers and Travellers to and from this City as well as for th.e 
loadi'ig anfl uruoading oi v/hcat t::)d C^'ther Provisions v/hich are 
Acciistomed to be tlicre loaded in tlie ferry l^oats for the subsistarice 
of the Inhalntants of this City at all times of Tide and which Said 
Ferry (at the great charge ^ Exi;ence of the Inhabitants of the Said 
Cit\' and Corporatinn. by thei;- Erecting several I'uiilick Buildings for 
tlic s'. rvicc thereof ). is rendred \'er\- Com'nodious I' all Person^^ Pass- 


in- ih 

MiXUl'l.S iji' 'J HL CO^iMuN COL'XCIL 

vj at vt.Tv i'"niy aii-J n.-iocl-raU:- Rates and i^ diK-Iy ar.d Iv^'^'u- 
lar!v Kvpt and .'-.tteiukd v/ith aide r.ien Deals and sco\n» and y/itliout 
!";.- I'-axt C'omidaint of Omission or Neglect uy Any persons whatso- 
ever, lie ]Voiitts wliereuf have aUways been Appropriated by lhi< 
{;'rp>'r.;ti'.n for the Ful>lick Service of tl^.e Governnaent of ih'i' Said 
Citv is the only CVuisiderable TnecMV.e left to Sui:)port tiie puhlick 
Bnildin-s llridges Gaols Landing places hre and Candle for their 
\\:.iel\ei, t've Srdlarys of tlicir Oihcers llcHnien &c: and [>.> defray tlie 
( )tM.-r iMwdick and Xessessary Charge of the Said City And v/as 
^iran'ei! r.nto the Inhabitants of the Said Citv nnde;- the seal of this 
TrovincL in the year i6S6 and Confirmed unto Uiern by an Act of 
General A.-seinbly F.ntituled an Act fo^ the settling Quieting and Con- 
nrniing unto the Citys Towns i^Iannors and Freeholders ^v!thin this 
]k->jv;nce their several Grants Patents and Rifi^hts Respectively. 

Tiiat >oiir 3^\-cellerie}-s Petitioners "hy your Lordships benign 
ia\>.v.r and gej^dncss Ujiderstanding that oi^e Corn.clins sebrir.g for hi>-: 
O'.'.ri Ihdvate Fuere aral Gain is soliciting your Lordship for her 
.Mait'^ys Grant of Ariother Ferry from N:issa\v Jslar.d to this City 
uv>.] OL ?\hv't of the Landing places nov, belonging to this City design- 
ing ilK-reby to niake Con^ Iraproveinents to Ririne and destroy 
the present ferry the Ciiicf Jncoine [i-O] And support of tins Corpo- 
rnti-'Ti f'_'r th.e Prevention whereof 

'S'crir ]F\cellcne}-s Petition.ers most h.nmbl}- Sui^jlieate tliat Your 
I |^^:^\-l]iu will he favoiiraldv ])leaserl to take the premi^ses inte^ Your 
iVud^■nt Consideration and for the Reasons Aforesaid (tho maiiy more 
n.;.-:. be OlTered to[o] lotig here to Tneert) to Ivcject the unreasonable 
■ ■y'\ tmjn-t Pentir.n of the said Cornelitis Sekadng v;ee having aa inti^e 
'.. or.ridcTRe of Your ]w\'cellenc;.-s justice and. goodness tliat as you have 
li:lherto Pruteeted us in tan- Just Rights ar.d I'riviiedges (for which 
^'.''e ]\<.Lurn \our LorcFln'p ouir most dutifid.l and Gratefnil Acknov/b 
' d,:.:mvrts"^ So your Lordship will Continue to Countenance and Pro- 
?e''t u.-. in tl'.e -arr.e and that you will l^ver prefer the fjtiblick welfare 
''. So Fr,vall and Considerable A Peoole as this Corporation are V-fore 
th'- Int. -rest anr] unjust Preten.ces of A Private Person 

And ^'our Fxcel!enc\s I'etition.e'* -a in 
duty bound Shial! F.ver pr.iy .^"c: 

O !•■ 'i r J i ■: C i i' V t. ' !■ X EW YO U K 


Air A (Aniiniun Council held at the 
City Ilall oi th.e Said City on Saturday the 
9'1' day of k-brr.ary Aiip.o 1 'oTu 1707 [-8] 

PrebCtu Ebenezcr W'illsou l-_]Sq^ .AFayor 

John Tuder ESq: Recorder 

Daviil ]'ro\oosL 

ISaac D : Ricmer 

Wihiam .^initli 

Richard \Vilk-tt 

Edward Blagge 

Walter Thong- 

Olfert Stierls 

Paul Droihiiet 

Joh'inncs \'ansai'.ta 

Chris(o]">lier Dennc I 

John ITondrichtc Prc^■oort J 
ORDrk'i) that tlie. Mayor fee Council to Appear he fore the Gover- 
rour in Council on Thursday next to del-nd the Rii^lii.s raid Friviledg-es 
of tins Cor[ioratif.n a;^-'^ tlie unju-r yu-etences cii Cornelius Sehrit\tT. 

^ESq" Aldcru.ien 


[121] City or I ,_ Att A Coniivion Council held ac t::o 

Xe-»v "^'urk^ ' " (^iiy Hall of the Said City on Wensday ye: 

f day of March Anno iSmTu 1707 [-8] 

Present Eiu-ezer WilPon V.<^\' Mayor 

John Tuder ES<;: Krrorder 

David I'rovoost 

T<aac D: Riemer 

\\'ii;iani Sndth 

Edv/ard ]V.?v:c:c 

Richard Wdiett 

Walter Thon- 

Olfert sucrts 

Paul l^roilliiet 

Christeipher Denne 

Johannes \*an?anta 

Johiii Hendriekse I'.reviXirt 
Th<; Ma}e)r Pif('rn'''d. tliis Court thd u[ion A lieariu';- hcf^-re his 
Exadieucy the CJovern'mi- and Council the last Council day the Peti- 
tion of CorneliuiS Sehriui^ for a Gran.t of A ferry from Xa'^saw Inland 
to lliis Cilv was rciected. 

>-E.Sq^-- Alder 



REi^uiATt) Xciruiu' Contra clicciiic tlu'l this Corporation forthwith 
petition Exoellcnc}- the (jij\oriionr h'>r \-qv }haje;.Ly:-. Gra-U of all 
the \';-.cant hand upon XassaNv Islam 1 from Hicrh water to low water 
mark fnjni tlic W'allahouglif to the Redliooke for A Converi- 
iency for the ferry of tliis City with power to Establish one or nvjre 
lerr\s if there ShaU hv F'ccasion and A Con hr mat 10:1 of the sanie 
mujer A }doderate quitt jvent a]Kl at Reasonable Rates &c : 

Rr^^>L\T-,!i that the sun; of th.ree hundred pounds be Raised by this 
Corpor"ti;>n to be Tniplnycd iV laid out for the prccurinp, A Grant for 
the same 

The fohuvring- Petiti-n \\or read aiid .\j;proved A: C^Rri-^KKD to be 
F.n.errosscd i\' tliat I\lr ^hiyor M: R^^cor'h or and. Alderman F'rovoost or 
An>- two ('i tiiem be A Coinmittee to p^c- :ni the ^^an^e. 

To Mi? Rxccliw-.ey Edward A'i^count Corn- 
burv Capt Gen''= ard Governonr in Chief of the 
hVoAdnce of Xcw "j'ork ilk'C : and Territories 
depending; thereon in America i' \'ice Ad.miral 
of the same t^l'c : 
[122] The Hundde Potition of the Mayor 

Aldermen a Cominr.mality oi the City of 
Xew York 
Most liUMin.v Shkwctij 

Tliat the P<'titioncrs haviiig- A Ripiit ::\^d In■ere^t in the ferry 
from tliis City to Xh'issaw Lslan.l and from th.e Said Island to this City 
:i;4ain ai^d. to all the profitts and Advanta.^cs th.ereof ]'crceive itt to fall 
niucii short of what they no.if^ht reasorialuy JCxpect from the same if- 
the bou:i'i< and Limitt^ of the '^aid ferry were Fixnevhini:: lixtendcd on 
lh,v Said Island side vrlierel)}- to hinder and prevent that Priviledge and 
hhertv- v.h.ich divers persons now take of ITansportinr^ themselves and 
Go(h!< to and from th.e saiil Islan.d of X'asraw over the said River vrith- 
out Cr;;;:in,c;- to or landinc;' at the usual iv^d Accuston-ied places where 
th- said ferry ])oats are Kent ^^ Appointed to tlic great loss and dam- 
r.y of th- Pt titioiv r^ ! t;^ p;rTtts therc-f being who!}' Appropriated 
for the yv.ihlick service and Government of tlie said City[ )'|. And it 
hemp (Vnvious to your Petitioners tba* some private persons for tlieir 
o'vn Lucre and Gain ha\e solicited your Irxcollericv for An.rlher ferr'.' 
on the said Island fronting to this City wliich if GraiUed would be of 
great damniM- to tiiis Cori>oration »?r all l!;e Inhabilnnts theroof and as 
the Petiti.intns h.umbly Co-.ccive would m tii-.e ur-t .'' prove Injurious 

or Till: Cl'iV OF XLW YORK 


tn the TiTale and C.j!ivv,;rcc of this Ciiy Init a!-'* Lv A iucaiis to !e>scn 
tlie Inroine oi her Majestys Rcvonue l^>ca!'u>hcc1 upon trade Lo the 
General ckca}" oi th.e ]'r'_,v!!!i.-e ('t]ie I'r,|,ro\-'--:ric;'t th:cr..-:)f Iiriployeci ncv 
in 1>afiique heiii,:7 sc-rcL-ly ai.'hj t•^ ^ t'lie Inhahitc'nts no'\V in 
this City •■Aliose livelyhr'od docs only rel}' th.eroc:'n[) ] . 

Your Lor■i^hip will Ia- favouraiily pleased to take the premisses into 
Yon.r prudei't Consideration and (Order }l:ijest>s Grant unto thiC 
Petitioners a/nd tlK-ir successors fur ail the X'aean:. ara! Unappropriated 
Ground o:\ Xa~sa\v Inland from hii:h water to luw water Mark front- 
in": ^'^'"'^ ^kis City fro:n the pk-ee Calkd the \\'aHaI-onj^i;t uiito tlie Red 
hocdic arfainst Xutten I^]and for the hettei- ]ni]>ro\-emetU and Acconi- 
niodatiijn v;f the said icrr) and also thai }our Excellenc}- would Ije 
further pka^vd to k>r(h;r into t];e [ktiii-n::;:- vv.<\ \h-:'v successors her 
i\fajestys (^rant of Conilrn'ation lor tlie Said Crr\- on hoth Sides of 
tlie Said Idiver with povrer te; listablisli on.._' or nioie ferr\-s if there 
Shah he ( )cca^:;on ^^ to make for tla- move Orderly Reg-ulation 
thercf'f at Such reasonable Rales aral undvi' vnch Moderate qnitl Rent 
as you:" Rorrishii) in yc'V.v great prudence Shall see meet 

And your Kxcehencys Petitioners as in 
d.u.t}- houuid Shall Fhrer ])ray ^Ve : 

[123! Tlie I'ommittee Aj;poir.ted to \dew wliat Repairs were wanting 
to the ferry lueuse ^.^^e: on Xas?aw island, Rep-ort that the Glass Win- 
dows of the Said i^ju-e want niendinc:. That tiie Ikuai want^ several 

ivenau's. li 

h vant? Some hle[;airs, 'ld;at the fence of the 

}'enn wrmts k-enai 

out ■'[ t! 

". that the 

Chimneys and the Iv'a;<e wauL> pkist^'rinr;^ in s-veral places of vdnch 
Repairs v.anting they Acquainted Dirck IkciS. n the Lesr^ee of the Said 
ferry w!;o promised f-rthwith [o Anneal and ikpair the same Accord- 
ing- to hi:; Co\-enants W'iti Snutii 

Ch: Denne 
Cdlfert Suert> 
Johannes Xkmsanta 
Rks-i:w!ii that jame> Harding the Re-sre of the ferr}- have Tdhertv 
to ENpcnd and [iuive] laid rmt th.e sum rif thdrty pound> for the Repair- 
ing th- hu'.- old ferry !i'''U.-r of this Cor;^ >ration on Xa;-<aw Island vdiich 
is Conii:;r,i''.-.s to tlie Xeve fei'r} h'4;Se. Vvhich siun of thirty pounds! 
he allov/cd unto him out of the Rent lie i- to pay for the fcrr\- v^'c : Ik-o- 
vided he C'^'venant with ihi^ C"it\ to Sm.p'-'rt Amend and Maintain the 



s;iu:c in gouu Rcj.Ktir am! all tlic F.xpiratii- n u'i liis Icaic lo leave the 
same in g':o'.I A: sunlcienl Repair Ov'c: 

I'fvx reading- the Kci/ort of the C'uniuiiiiL-e A])- 
\\'arr<int Issued [.ointeil h'> Audit the aec; of Al'"^ JaniKke dYithill itt is 
OKDEuifi^ thiat the ?Jayf.r Issue hi? Warrant to trie 
Treasurer to pay to th.e Said iM/' Jane d'odiill l£xeeuirix of tii'- last 
Will and TestanK-nt of her late hu-hand Yi: Jereniiah Tothill deceased 
tlie Mini of Xine pounds >'iTK:teen Sliilings arid Elea\a.n ijence half 
pcnn\' Currant Money of Xeve ^'ork itt ludng' in full for Xails by tlv.- 
said Jereuiiah Tothill in his life time sold and delivered to Peter 
Vv'illemse for tlie use of th.e City ilall of this City in September 17CX3 
as Appears by her Acc: whdeh is Allowed 

ESr-r \l 

Att a Cemnion Council held at the 
Citv Hall of the Saifl City on -iturdav ye: 
2-tb j_,^,. ^f yjarch .Anno l^cTTi' 1708 

Present Fdjenezer W'illson EScp ?Jayor 

Jolni Tuder ESqr Recorder 

David ] 'rovoost 

Isaac ]) : Rienier 

\\dlhani sniiLh 

Ivichard V\'i!lett 

Waller '['hon- 

Edward Rlai^'ge 

[124] Christopher Denne 

Paul Droilhiet 

T , ,, ^-Assistant> 

Johannes \ ansanta f 

John Tdendrickse PirevCHU't j 
Rv THK Mayo;;; aNM) Al.Dl.K.MiCX 

CRi.fK'n that th.e assir.c of bread he till Order as f'dlov/edi 

A Wkhite l-'«af of the finest flower to vadi^h tXdeen Ounce.- v >r three 
halfe pen.-,. 

A Wiiite loaf of the ruie>t llo-wer to \\cir,h, tlu'ee l<nund.-. f');" four 
Pence h.-.If, {.onny 

A Wdieaten loafe the Course.-t bran o:dy taken out an.l not Olher- 
way.s to weigh three •poinuU and a halfe f.^r f.;ur pence half ]^c\v\y and 
that no Other bread l,e made for sale wi'liin this Cily hut Ae,^ord;ng 


OF Tlli: CirV 01- XKW" YOK 


to the ab.ivo As>izv ( [\\,k^\[ only Kxcrplcd) and OkukivD that all the 
BakLT> of iW'^ Cit\- il<> t:ii-:c Xolicc iliercof and bala- their bread 
Accordini^ly v. boat atl [■■ur ?l'iilin,t;s Ov .-i.x ])cnce '[:T Jki^liel! 

The C'onnn.ittce to \'ic\v wliat Ivepairs are wanting;- to the ferry 
lio-Lise u c : Keport tliat tlic folluw iii,q- Rcj^air? are v/antinc;- (\'iz*) 

In llv: lu'iek Kouni ii'iove Stairs tw.i \\h(ile Cila^s windows three 
pains two i;ohs and two lioolcs. 

In tiie Xcw Room one W'in.'low Sin;Uer three pains of Glass. 

}n tb.( Gerrett three •'•oUs one V\'in<i'>w hooh-e and sea\'en pains of 

In tl'iC '<.ire lower Kijom one latch and l\ing" for tlie Door one Win- 
dow I'o)'. ?A\<\ three pains of Glass. 

In die iJaok lower 't^^oni on<' \\indf.>w h.-isj) and iinc j'>ain of ^lass 

In till' Cellar .Seaveriu-en pane.^ of ''jhiss ainl one \^■indow' hooke 
and {>:■ ill. Cellar Doer: A oinrr and A lat'di. 

In tlie I'am \vants three in'ng'es the Dehors ti' be sett up and the 
Barn to lie Repaired 

A Rope and Ruckelt f<jr the Well & to put tr.e l\:n in Repair 

G)ko:-:r'i> tliat Dirck I'enson. fortlivdth G"n.i[)leat th.e above R.epairs 
and iliat a,> ^con as the same are perlo'i'medi tlie Treasurer deliver up 
to tlie ."kii.! Ibrrk tleuson tlie Counter part of the Lease of the ferry cV 
lii? Ror.di fr.r licrtormance of Covenants. 

Tfii-: loi.i.ftwiyo L.wr.s Orders and (h-dinanees of this City here- 
after -Mt.ntioued were tin- da)- ni.ade Ordained ICstaljlisbcd and pub- 
lished an.d Oijni-i/ut lo b'- C'lntiiu'.e and J\en:ain in full force and XTtluc 
According- to the Tenor iiierenf for ilie Space of three Months fro;ii 
and after tli^. date herer.f t \'i/.' ) 

IT: the ( )b.^erv;Ui.;i of the Rords d,i\- 

Ce'Ucernhi.i; Stran-ers 

Xo:ie t'l Recp ])nb!iidv h.Mises without Ryccnse to Sell Stronc; 
LiqU'.^rs b}' ]\.etai!e 

Str.-veyors of the City 

To Rrevent tire 

Re.eulati'jris f(-ir the ^Rarkett 

y'Vssize of inead to lie Kstablk-bcdi 

Regulations for Carmen 

Masters of \Ts--e!> to <.dve Acct of tlieir Rassengers 

Conur.rn Council to .Xj^i^-ar upon sun-inous 

Guagcrs I'ackers and Cullers 

Fr-, .rien and Ai)nren1ices 


Laws *.^: (Jrtiers for ll:.- CiwYrrninenl of tlic D':n:k aiul Sli])> 

Law a:;! Urlui; i]i\n> in the Streets^ ai;-; Kiiiiiix Cattle any wlierc but at tlie Sloughter housei 

Cattle tc be bandied r.ear ilic Sloui;hter liouses 

l.a.w'i-iriy; A fine upon Such as refiisc to AA'atch for Cleaning tlie Streets S:c: 
[ijf. ] Law b'roliibitirig Hawkers auil Pedlar.^ 

{ aruK'n not to drive c>ver tlic Comnion sewer 

Swine i'ro!;i])ited to Riu\ at larj^' 

Law ag; digtdng- lioles on tr.c Cornnii:ins or Cutting- Sodus 

Law for I'l eventing frauds in firewood 

Law for the Sui)[)lying- the \'acancs- of publick Elective ..lagistrates 
Ac : w lai dye to : 

Law bn!r;osing a line upoii iljected (~)fficers reUisin-- to serve. 

.\Mer'nen /auho'dzed to put the Lavs iji i^xecution 

( /r::cers to ];e Ob'\ant in tb.e Execution, of the Laws 

Law prob.ihiting Swee'-'ing the Streets in linie of Rain. 

J.a.w ImjJO'iiig A Fine up' «n such of tlie Out Ward as refuse to 
:n«.!v! the liiglnvays 

Law LChicfrniipg Guagcrs Lackers and Cullers. 

C'Kiii.-;;'!' tiiat Alderman Provoost .-Vldiernian \\ ilictt Alderman 
Tk'.-.'g ?-L' i.^ and TnL Droilliiet audi t!;e surve\'or of tihs City or 
::.v.y fvur of ihrT.i be A Comrnitiee to b}- out the land fonuerly sold by 
I'ds City in the Dock Street that they begin at Ih.e lott by 
I'arj^trs path aTid la}' out to L\'cr\' Grantee their land According to 
tiieir iCespeetivc Grant:= and iliat tiiey also deliver to Ml Outinan 
b'ossession of the sniall Slip of landi lately sold to him ]>y tliis Coipora- 

b-y the AL'iyor and Aldermen April ye: 2' i~r>S 
AS.SJ.ZE 01' ruF..\D 

Cm'I'Lr'i; tl-iat the Assize oi bread be till Order as follDweth 

A W! ife loaf of the finest Ibnver to weigh thirteen Ounces for 
'bri-c b;df [;ence 

-\ \\ li'.te Ii'iaf ol the finest dcAver to weigli two pountl and three 
rpe.artrrs for four jx-ncc half jv.nny 

A \\ beaten loaf the Coursest b-ran otily taken out and not Other- 
v.'.-i-.w to \'.eig]i three pomids and A Quarter for four pence halfe penny 
ni'i't i!!at no Other bread 1)C n^ade for sale within tliis City than .Accord- 
:;-.:; I--, the ,-.^ove Assize ( biskett onlv ILxcepterj) and Oki)I'i;'i, all 

Oi" ri-1- 

"V (W y.rM' voKK 


tlic bilkers of this City do take Xoticc thereof a;ul bake tliek- bread 
Accordingly Dated at the Ciiy liali of ilie Said Cit\- the second day 
of April in the seavei^tli year of her .Majesty? Reipi Anno DooT 1708 

iliji-nr-zer Wdllson Mayor 
I : 1) Rirmer 
Kichard Willett 
\\'in.:a:n sniithi 
Wahtcr. Thon- 

L !-"Sq" Alderiiien 


[126] Att a C'(jn.n;un Covnioil held at the 

City lia'l of the Said City on Tuesday ye: 
ij;'^ day of Aprii Sviino DoUi 1708 
Present hSDen^zer Wihson luSq' Maxi;;- 

John Tuder ifSqr Recov'l-r 

David Ihovoosi \ 

ISaac D ; Rienier j 

Wilhani Sniith 

Richard Willett 

Edv./ard I"a,2;c'e 

Walter Thong 

Petrus Jk'>-ard 

Raul Droiihivt 

Christoplier Dennc 

Johannes \'ansanta 

John h]cnv!riek>e TirLVO'.rt 
Robert hlickiVian Constable of the Ea-t Ward of ihi,-- City liavinL; 
In fondled th.if- Court tliat lie designs to depart Province 0:1 Th.urs- 
day Next. OkOiT-.T tij-on Ins [n-oduciu';- Receipts from tlie Clvurch 
Vv'ardens that h.e has paid tlK-ni th.e full <.•! tiie Tax for the I^dinister 
Poor t*c fchoohrisstcr »S:c: th'^ Mayor issue his Warratit to the 
Alderman of tlie said Ward for tiie Election of Another Ce'nstable in 
his Room at such time a {>!aco as he Shall App.oint. 

The Mayor Acquainted Court tliat the Governour and Council 
liavc been favourably plea-ed to Grant the jjctition lately prefer 'd by 
this Corporation !*■ t A Confirmation of tlie ferry of this City and for 
A Grant of tlie Land fronn Wallaboul,-Ji to th.e Red hooke &c : itt 
is th.ereforc licreby Ri:so[.\t.I) tlie ferry of this City be Mortgao'cd 
for the sun; of three lumdred poun.ds for tlie d^-fiayin.g- the CharLje of 
taking- out the Said Grant and Confirmation and that the Mayor 
Execute A Mortgaire for the san:e under the seal of this Cit\-. An.d itt 

.:;. MIXl'TJ'.S 01' THK COMMON cc^rNX'ir. 

is iierei'v fuvtlier Opdku'u tlmt "M' Mayor Aldcnnau Provoor.t Alder- 
inan ].): Riciner AMcniian sniilii and Alderman Tliong- or any Ihrte of 
them V. iiereof t'^e Mayor to be one be A O.rminittee for Raising the 
ta'.d i-r.n. u\nM: ihe above secnrity arid thai tb.ey distribute the same for 
tlie Oi.'taininp- die Said Grant in feeing of Coun.cil S: paying- the Nesscs- 
sary f- c> for die i)assing tlicrtof as they Shall ?ee meet for the u=e 
and beneiV.t oi diis Corporation and tliat the surplusage thereof they 
puv into trie biands of the 'Jd'easurer of this City for the use of this 

TI;r rdition. of George ?\orton P.utelK-r for Erecting A shiop Near 
{]]■: }v]arkett biunse at Burgers path was read Orul:r'd the same be 
rcfer'd to D: Riemer to Enquire in.lo thie Allegati-'ins thereof 
and ^\d:eIhcr the [i.?/] Gran^ting thereof \vih he of any IncoiU'cniency 
to thie Xeiglitionrhood th.ereabouts and m'd:e Re;:''->rt to the Next 
Common Coni,ei]. 

Tin- rctilif.; of son.e of the Inhabitants of the East Ward was read 
pra.ying there ■ c A \vay rom-.d the Groun.d of Eeonard ITuygen into 
i!-.>- <\W, at ];mgvTS ]>aih. OuiiKu'd that the said I'etition be refer'd 
to Ald.eririan i': I\ienner and .Ml Denrie to bhiquire into the same i*^: 
Re]»r-.i-[ to the Xext Common Council what will be proper for this 
C'lnrr h> doe therein. 

Uhlvkk'd th: t the Mayor Issue his WariTuii V< th.c Treasurer to pay 
to William Sh.-'rpas or Order the sum of Eicaven pounds ten Shilings 
Currrnn ?Jone} of Xew York it beir.g for half A ^'ears sallary as Town 
Ckrk of this City due the fom-teenih In.-tant auid r)ne p^nmd ten 
Shiih,;:, there. ■ being for dra-A-ng the lease (M the ferry. 

Tl"> ]\.epor; of the Commitiee to lay out Ear.d in the Dock Street 

vsa- read in tb^se words foll'^wing (Adz') b'ursuan.t to an Order of 

Comon Counc-d to us directed Dated the 27'r- day of i\barch last to lay 

"•/.'. th- Lan.d formerly Sold by iln's City in Dock- Street wee have sur- 

\-e\ed the sam^ an.d do finM the b,and sold to M- Johanrics C)utman by 

^:^)'\ City to l;e in front in Said Dock Street tw; foot and in tlie Rear 

t!;ree fi>ot v.diieh According to tbe Order as above said wee have dcliv- 

errd Possesvinn to the Said Johannes Outman v.diich is humbly sub- 

jeitted bv . - " ' ■ 

D Provoost 

N'':w York April 3'^ 1708. Rich'' Y/illett 

Walter Thong 

Paul Droilhet 

Cliristo: Denne 

Dirck X'anderburi^li 



Opdep/d that Alderman Provoost Alderman Willett Alderman 
Thon.g Alderman Smith }Jf Drollhiet and M' Denne with the Surveyor 
of this City be A Commitice to lay out the land in the Dock street 
Granted by this City to Jacobus \"an Cortlandt Saniuell Ba>ard Fran- 
cina Harmans and Lena Grigs According to their Respective Grants 
and Cause the Same to l)e Staked out. 

Ordf.r'd that the Alderman and As'^i-tant of each Respective Ward 
of this City doe Report to the Next Common Ce>uncil v.diat Streets 
r.anes and Alleys iii tiie same are proffer and NcecJfull to be [Kived. 

Ordo-i'd that the of the Broadway of this Cily have 
Liberty to Plant Trees before their Respective houses & Lotts of [128] 
Ground. Accordiiig to such directions as they Shall Receive from the 
Alderman and Assistant of the Said Ward or Eillier of them. 

AiT A Con.imon Council held at the 
Cit)- ITall of th.e Said City on Wensday ye: 
2S''l'' day of April Anno DoTu 170S 

Present Ebenczcr Wihson ESqr J.layor 
John Tuder LSq^ Recorder 
Da\-id Provoo.^t 
William Smith 

Richard Willett [>ESq^^^ Alderjiien 

Walter Thong 
Lsaac D: Riemer 
]'aul Droiliii.-t '] 

Olfert Suerts VA'^sistants. 

Johannes A'am-ania __; 

Order "d that th.e Mayor Issue his Warrant to the 
Treasurer to i)ay to Edward Da\is William Ricliard- 
son Daniell Jones and William ]\'bbs or Order the 
seaven pounds Curr! Mone_\- c>f Xew York which v/ith 
Nine pounds already paid them is in full of their Sallary as P-ellmen of 
this City due and Ending the fir^t Instant. 

Peter \'and}ke was this day Sw(*rn Constable of the East Ward 
of this City in tlie Room of Ivobert Hickman who is Removed out", 
of the Pro\ince. 

An of this City b>itituled An Ordinance Mayor Recordcf 
Aldermen and Assi.^taiits of the CIt}- 01 ?sew York Convened in Com- 
mon Cotmcil iov the Carrying on the fortifications of the Said City 
which was made and jmblished the iP'.' day of July last past and is 
Vol. 11.-2^ 

Warr! Issued 
sum of twent\- 

IeSo" Aldermen 

at l:n;;ih RccjraeJ in this Houkc [.ag Si. Sj was ib'^ clay Revived 
Oi-'la::- 1 made E^lal'lished and piiblislicd and Oulerd to be Remain 
S: Continue in full force for the Term of three Alonl'is from and after 
tlic (!ale hereof. 

Att a Common Coiuicil lield at the 
City Hall of the Said City on Thursday ye: 
20'': day of May Anno Dorn 1708. 

P'rcsent Ehcnezer Willson ES(]: AJayor 
John Tuder ESq'' Recorder 
David Provoost 
ISaac D : Riemer 
Richard V/ilIett f ^ 

Walter Thong- J 

[i.?9] Olfert Snerts 

Paul Droilhiet 

Ian JleiuEicks P-revoort ^Assistants 
Christopher Denne 
J (3 h, a 1 1 n c s \ ' a n z a n d t 

Oiii>;:R'D that the :\layor Alderman Thon^; Alderman WilloU Yi^ 
N'anzandt ^: Mv Denne or any three of them be A Committee to Agree 
\v:i!i A s'ulncier.t inhabitant of this Ciiy to be the scavenger for the 
Ci :mhi- and Carrying aNvay the Dht hlth and Soy1 of the broad 
Sir- a 'A thi^ Ciiy fr. ,m the Corn-r of Ca-den Street that Eead-^ 
fn-n the Dntch Church into the broad Street to the litlc Bridge by the 
Dock upon snch Reasonable Terms as they shall think fitt not Exeeed- 
ir.g fiite-rn pjunds Y^ Annum 

'"kcni ;<'n tluit Alderman D: liiemer Alderman Willett and >P 
S'.:e:;i be A Conimittec to Examin.c wlvcther tlie Lessees of the Dock 
have p--iorm\l tiieir Covenan.ti. or not and wherein they are deficient 
arj] to Report v.-liat Nusances arc n-,ade in. or about the same. 
tb.'- sai.l Co:mnittee do also Ascertain hove far it v/ill be Convenient 
to u.] up ti'iC Eastermust Corner of the Dock rvlontioned in the Sa;d 
I-*a-^e f.,r a more Convenient landing place and tha.t the Lessees of 
the Sa;d Dock do fortluvith proccedi to fill up the Same Accordingly. 

rh;i>::':'i) that ar.y th.ree of the Con^.mittee Apj.)ointed yc : 13''' day of 
,'■<•■ ;;,'v'.pv (A])ri!J hi^t past for the la>ing out the land in the Dock Street 
tk-.'.;»-l },,;. il^i_. City to Jacobus \' Cortlandt samuell P.ayard Erancina 
lb :-:-aM'^ .\ Etna Grigs do forthu-ilh Execvite the said Order Accordiing 
'■■.' ibr true lu'.vvA ^c purport thereof. 



Okder'd that Roliinson WidJow have Liberty to follow 

any l^awfiiH Tra>Je or En!r)lo}-incnt v/ithin this Corporation for the 
Support of !ier self ;X: fann'ly during- 1)er g-oo;! ijch.aviour in such 
as the V','iddows of iremv^n of this City do hold and Enjoy Any former 
Law of this Corporation to the Contrary Xot\\■it!l^tandir,g■. 

Rf.--ol\'kd tliat t:;e Carder made l;y Court for tlic filling up the 
Slip in Wall Street the uy''"' of Sep^-^ last be CoTitinued and that the 
Petition of Sonie of tiie InlialHtanls of Cit\- to the Contrary 
(whicli v/as this da\ read) be Rejected. 

The Petition of Isaac D: Ricmer ESq'' was read and Order'd that 
Alderman W'illett Alderman d'hong Alderman Provoost Alderman 
Smith Akkrn:an Plag-ge ^P Droulhiet *\- j.l^ X'anzandt or any five of 
them be A Comniittee to Exandne the Allegations of the Petitioner 
and n.nke Re]>jrt to the Xext Common Council. 

[130] 'I'he following CJrdinance \vas this da\- Made Ordaiuicd Estab- 
lished iiw'} published arid Ordizr'd to Continue in full force ^.l' A'erlue 
for tlie Term of three r\lonlhs from and after th.c date hereof. 

Citv of / ^,„ An OKDiXAxee for Pavixg the 

XewYork^"^ Str:-.i-:ts Lanf.s ^ix Ai.llvs withix the 

City oi- Xew Yoih:. 
FTiRASMUCH as th.e furmer Laiws of thus City made for Pavint^ 
the Streets within tlie same have l.'eL-n much XT-.glected v/hercby the 
Citizens an.d S(")journers within the said Cit}- are nuach .\nuo\ed and 
the Intercourse of Tra.dc among tiie Inh.abitants there!..}- nuich lessened 
for Re-ulating- whereof be it Ordaiuevl by the Yay^r U^cor^c- Alder- 
men and Assistants of tlie City of Xew ^*orL- Con\-ened in Comnvjn 
Coun.cil and it is herel^y Ordained be the j\tit!r)rity of the saiue that 
all and Every the Citizens Freeholders and Inhabitants that livj in the 
Respective Streets Lanes and A]!_\-es of this Cit\- Shall from and after 
tlie iiUibiication b.ereof well and sulTiciently ]"'ave or Cause to he well 
(S: sufficiently Paved with g-'Ood and sufficient I^ibble Stones suit- 
able for paving at tb.eir own pro]-)er C\^sts arid Charges all or so 
much of the Streets Lanes and Alkns v*-ithin tlie said Cit;.- as 
Shall front the Respective Budvlings and Lotts of Ground tliat be- 
long- to tlicrii Rrspectively as Aforesaid at tinie or tin-ies, in suicli 
manner and form and Aceordiiiig- to such Pemensions ciuantity and 
proportion as shall from to tiuie l>e unto them Respective!}' 
directed *.^v .Appoi'it-d b}- tlie Abb vn::\n of each Res])ective Ward 
Aforesaid. And. f,-ir the m'.)re Effectual Paving of the Respective 
Streets Lanes and Allves Aforesaid it is hereb\- further Ordained b} 



tiie Authority Aforc.;;iid thai if au\ Citizen Inhabitant or Freeholder 
as Aforcsaic] shall reiuse dela}- or Xe.glect to inal:e his or their pro- 
portionable pavement before their Ive-pcctive buildings and Lotts 
of Ground as Aforesaid in manner and form aforesaid shall for such 
his lier or their default forfeit the sum of twenty Shilin.g-s Cu.rrant 
Money of New York to bt- Reeovered b}' t'laint before th.e 3.1a vor 
Recorder or any one or more of the Aldernien of the said Citv and to 
be Lcvyed by distress and sale of the goods and Chattclls of such 
Defaulter tlie one half to th.e Informer & the Other half to the Treas- 
urer of this City for the use of the Corporation.. Aiid all the Respec- 
tive Citizens Inhabitants and freehc)!ders of the said City of Xew 
York aie hereliy ree(uiied to render an Entire Complyance Aecord- 
ing-!}' Dated at the City Ilall of the said City the 20th day of ?\Iay 
in the seaventh year of the Reign of our Soveraign Lady Aime bv the 
Grace of God Queen of great Brittain France & Ireland Defender of 
the faith *^ec : Annoq Dc-m 1708. 

[131] City of (gg 
New Yorkj 

Att a Common Council held at the 
City Hall of the said City on Tuesday ye: 
20".' day of July Anno Dom 170S. 

Present I^ben.ezcr AA'ills':)n ESqr }^Iayor 

Jolin l\ider ESqr Ivccordcr 

David Provoost 

Isaac D: Riemer 

William smith 

Richard Willett 

lidvard Blaggc 

Walter Thong 

Petrus L'.a}'ard 

Johannes \''ansanta 

Christopiier Denne 

Paul Droilhiet 

John llendrickse ilrevort 
The several Laws (Jrders and C^rdinances of this City and Corpora- 
lion hereafter .Mentioned v/ere this day made Ordained Fstablislied & 
]uiblisheil after .the Ringing of tlirec Pells and Ordivr'd that the saine 
Remain Continue and i.'C in full force v^- X'eiiue for the Space of three 
Momhs from and after th.e date hereof (A'izFj 
l-^'ir the Observation of the Lords day 
Concerning Strangers 

^ ESq'? Aldermen 

> Assistants 


None to Keep ])iilj!ick houses without Lyccnse or Sell Strong 
Liquors b_\- Retail 

Surveyors of the City 

To Prc\-ent fu'o 

Regulations for the .Alarkett 

Assize of I'.read to lie Established 

Regiilation> for Carmen 

Masters of \'es.-.ell5 to give Ace* of th.eir Passengers 

Common Couneil to /\p[.'ear ufion sunnrions 

Guagers Packers and Cr.llcrs 

Freemen and Apprentices 

Lav.> and Orders for the Governnient of the Dock and Slips 

Law against firing Gnnns in t;:e Streets 

Law against Killing Cattle any vJiere hut at the Sloughtcr houses 

Caiile 10 be Landeri near thic Sloughtrr Iiouses 

Law Imposing A fine upcHi such as to Watch 

Law for Cleaning flie streets 

Law Prohibiting Hawkers and i'edlars 

Cai"mcn not to drive over the Common sewer 

swine PrcLiibite'l to Run at large 

Lav; against digging holes in the Commons or digging Sodds 

Law for Preventing frauds in fnewood 

Law for Supjilying the X'acancy of puljlick Elective ^Magistrates 
who dye lic : 
[132 J Law Liiposing A fine upon I'dective Oi'ficers Refu.sing to serve 

Aldermen Autliorized to i^ut the i.av.s in Execution 

Officers to be Observent in the I^XL'Cution of the Laws 

Law Prohibiting Sweeping the S^trcv'.s in time C)i Rain 

Law Lnposing A fine up.on such of the Out Ward as refuse to 
mend Llighwa\"s 

Law Concerning Guagers Pack(.rs and Cullers 

Law for Paving the Streets L.anes I'v Alleys within tlie City of 
New York. 

Rksolvi:d that Court do Petition his h'xcellency my Lord 
Cornbury to lay before lier Maie>ty and the Lords Commissioners of 
Trade k I'lantations the decayitig Slate of this Cit}' i'(' Corporation 
Occasion'd by the passing of an Act of General AssennLly of this I'rov- 
ince F.mituled An Act agai!i>L mila-.vfull I'.y I,aws i^- unreasonable 
forfeitures and likewise such Pajiei-s Writings cl' Reasons as may be 
an Inducement to her Most sacrrd Majesty to Al^brogate *t Re[)eal 



the said Lnw and that Mr r\fayor AlJerniaii Provoosl Wil- 
Iiit AK Dr.-.-.lIi'ct Aldonrian D: Ricmer M'" Dennc or any four of them 
1)0 A Con-iniittec to i)repare th.e said Petition vS: Other writings and 
[•ajicrs as niav be "xessessary and that the Town Clerk attend the said 

Att a Common Council lield at the 
City Hall of the Said City on Tuesday the 
14^^'' day of Sep"-'- Anno DoTu 170S. 

Present ELenezer WilUon ESqr Mayor 
John Tuder ESq^ Recorder 
David I'rovoost 
\\'illiain smith 

V\''alter Thong VESq'-' xA^ldermcn 

Edward Blagge 
Richard W'illett 
John iiendrickse Brevort 
Johannes A'aiv.ant !>- Assistants. 

Christoplier Denne 

C)RDKr.';> tlial the following Petition be luigrossed and signed by 

the Mayor in behalf of this Corporation and by him be delivered to 

the Gen'^ Arsenibly of this Province an^l that if Occasion be to fee 

Cuuncil for and defend the Rights and J'riviledges of this City before 

the said hou.-.c ,., ,, tt -1 1 ,1 r- n \ 11 i 

io the Plonl'Ie the Generall Assembly of 

the Province of New York 
[i3j"J The Humble Petition of the Mayor 

Aldermen and Commonality of tlie City of 
, T f^ New ^^ork 

That }-our Petitioner being Informed by the A'otes of tliis HoTTble 
l'"ucr that Cc'll Cortlandt A ^Member thereof and one of the Represen- 
tatives for this Corporation (to their great surprize) hath presented 
to this hou--c A Bill Eutituled an Act fnr better Enforcin.g Certain 
Cr.v<-nants Relating to tlie ferry to New York doe humbly Represent 
tl'.at the said Bill so presented was without their Knowledge and Con- 
^'•i:t, and luui'.bly Concei\ing that the Enforcing or Releasing of any 
Private Contract without the knowledge or Privily of the persons 

Fage number repeated. 



parties to such Contract may be of danc'.crous Consequence and worthy 
of the Considcrat^'oa of tlii^;-. ^lolTblc As:-eni')ly 

Your PctiiifiTcrs therefore most humbly 
pray tliat they ma_\- lie heard before this Honble 
house b\- th'jir Council toucliini:; the said Bill 
before tlie snuie dio pa>s 

And your Petitioners shall pray <S:c : 
m^ Order of Common Council 

Eljcnczci WiUson Mayor 

Law Prohibitixg Swjxe to Run at laugh in Tiic Out Ward 
IN' THE BowKV Division 

Bk it Ordaixed b}- the Mayor Aldermen ilv' Commonality of the 
Cit}' of New York Convened in Cormnon /;/ Coiidhoh Council ijc it is 
hereby Ordained by the Autliority oi ti^c same tliat afler the first day 
of November Xc.xt luisueing itt Sliali and may be Lawfull foi any 
person or persons whatsoever to Kill an_\- Sv/ine that shall be found 
running at large in the Commons of this City in the C)ut Ward of the 
same City on the Westside of tlie Sawlci]! bridge ami Converi the same 
to his or tlicir own u^e Any former Law of this. City to the Contrary 

OrI-'Fk'd tliat the ^layor Issue his A\'arrant to the Treasurer to pay 
to Alderman Walter Thong or C)rder the smn of t\'.-o pounds Curran-t 
jMone}- of New York it being AIonc>- i)y him disbursl for Repairing 
the little bridge by the Dock tliis Lisbrnt September as Appears by his 
Acct which is allowed. 

[133] The Ccmmattee Appointed }^ 20*^ of ^Lay last to .Agree with A 
scaven.ger doe Report that they have Agreed with Jacob Cousine Car- 
man to be scavenger of this City from tlu- second day of June last past 
to the second day of June Next Ensucing to Carry away the Soyle out 
of the broad Street from the Garden Str^;ct to the little l)ridge at the 
south Paid of the Said broad street for the sum nf twelve pounds Y' 
Annum which Report is Approved .l' Oudilk'd that the ^Layor Issue 
his Warrants to the Treasurer for the i^ayment of the same quart':rly. 

The Report of the Committ<>c for \'iewing th.c Dock c^x : was readi 
Approved and is in these words followiiig [(]Viz^). 

New York June y? 4''* 1708 

Lx PuKSUAXCE ti) an Order dirceUd to us date.l the 20^'' May 
1708 wee have Viewed the Dock and A\'harfes belonpjng to the sar:;c 
cl' doc fmd the wharfs in good Repair According to th.c Lease but find 
the Dock not Cleansed Accordiinc;' to the Lessees Agreement also the 



V.'cs;erii-.ost of tlio Dock from tlie IMarkeit housc to the Outmost part 
of trie D'jck nut fitted up as i? ^^Icntioned in tl'.o Agreemeni wliicli wee 
find Conditional as also tlie Eastcrniost part whicir we have Order'd 
to be fitted up fruni three foot from the W'estermost part of ^U Phihips 
v.d;arfe {date to runn over against A small post on the Other side of 
1:h' Dock v>ith tlie Lease is ready to Comply \\ith. as to the Xiisances 
'ih.e wharfe by Colt Depeysters Store houses il^.: fronting the iMarkett 
b .<u5c also the v.diarfe against Aldermans Elaggs Lotts wh.oly out of 
l\c;'air v/liich Occasions A great deal of So}de &: Dirt going into the 
] 'ock wliich is humbly submitted by 1: D: Riemer 

Richd Willett 
Olfert sucrts 
The Fctition of Thomos Grigson for xV Lease of two Acres of to the Nortli V.'ard of his liouse was Read. Order'd thot Alder- 
man iS' Mr Denn.e &■ Alderman smith be A Committee to Yiew 
the LaiKl desired by the Petiti'.>ner and to survey the same au'l Report 
u;K)n v.diat it will be proper to Lease the same and for what 
'ierin of Years. 

Ordkh'd tliat the Town Clerk of tiiis Corporation put up Placades 
t'c-.!ring all p.^rsons that arc Creditors 10 this Corporation to deliver 
in th.eir Acc'^ thereof to the Treasurer of this City on or before Thurs- 
d.i>' Xext in the Adorning in Order that proper measures be taken for 
tlie payment of the same 

Att a Coi.mijn Council held at the 
City Hall of the Said City on W'ensday the 
2c/^ day of September being the feast day 
of S' Michael the Arch Angell Ariuo Dom 
Pre.'^ent Ebenezer \Villson LSqr Mayor 
John Tuder LSi'|r Recorder 
David Provoost 
A\'illiam smith 
lulward P)lagge 
Walter Thong 
Paul Drcilhrt 
Christopher Denne 
J'etrus Pia\ard 
Johannes Vanzant 
Jan Hendrickse Brevort 
UANT to the Warrants of the Mavor Lssued to the Aldermen 

A] Otyof ) 
XewYorkj ' 

ESq''^ Aldermen 


ri fach Rv<p-,:ctivc Ward of this City for the Electing this day one 



Alderman one Assistant two Assessors one Collector and one petiy 
Constable in ihe five Wards on the south Side the fresh water and one 
Alderman one Assistant two Assessors two Collectors two Petty 
Constables and four Overseers of the highways for the Out Ward of 
the Said City for the Howry and Harlem Divisions of tlie Said Ward 
to serve in their Respective Offices for the }'ear Ensueing According 
to the Usage Laws and C)rdmances of the Said City an.d Aiccordingly 
the same day Return v/as made thereof at twelve of the Clock at Noon 
to the Office of Town Clerk under the h;ajds and seals of the Respec- 
tive Aldermen According to tlie Tenor of the Aforesaid Warrants as 
followeth {Yu}) 

f Walter Thon.g Alderman 

Christojdicr Denne Assistarit 

Tiinmas ] 'a\eTii:.rirt / , 
-' ,, . . ,,, i'- Assessors 

l.cnjamm W \'ncoop \ 

John Meyer 

South Ward 

Dock Ward -<! 

ISaac De Riemer 
^ Richard AVillett 
I'aul Droilhet 
Samuell I'.avard 

West War 


' Assessors 


( Assessors 

North Ward < 

East Vvar J -{ 

John C'rugcr 
John Cazal 
John Reiki reau 
'william Smith 
P>,'.rt]iolcn;ew Laroux 
J Jeremiah Callcuit 

Peter WiUcmse Roome ( 
Tobias StMUtenburgh C 
Pauh'.s 'J'urk Constable 

David F^rovoost AldiTman 

William I'rovC'OSt 
-A-nhony Rutgers 
Gerrvlt Dcgraw 
J\a![)h Thurman 
^John Harris 
fRrbert Lurting 
Abraham Reteltas 
Andries Abramse 
Cornelius Louw 
James Bussey 
Anihonv Younc: 




. As'^essors 


ml\i;ti£3 of the commox couxcil 


for Viv:- 
*> Bo\^•ry 

for liar 1cm 




Edward Blagge Aldernirni 

JanTIendrickseBrcvort Assistant 
ficndrick Brcvort Assessor 

Bur.^^L-r Myndensc Collector 

Tennis Cornelisse Constable 

L^olkert \'anhn\-sen ^ Surveyors of 

I'eter \'an Wogx'lum ( Hig:h\vays 
sanison B>ensing; Assessor 

Marcus Tiebout Collector 

Thomas Turncur Constable 

Jolni Dyckman ] Surveyoisof 

Blendrick Van OWinis ( IIiglv\va}-s 

His Excellency the Governour in Council lias been pleased to 
^.o'nt the prv;ser,t Mayor and sheidt of this Ciu' of New York to be 
yor .5: slieriO' lor the >-ear Ensn.eing 

IvrsoLvrn Xcinine Contra dicente that I\Ir Roliert Lurting: the 
.-ciit Treasurer or Chamberlain -of this City be and is hereby Elected 
i Appointed Chamberlain or Treasurer of this Corporation for the 
r hn-.sucing' 

-Mr Mayor has been pleased to Nominate and Appoint William 
:-cl''.y the prfsen.t High Constable to be High Constable of this City 
th.e year Ensueing 

■'''1 City of ) ^^^ 

Att a Comnvm Council held at th.e 
City Hall of the said City on Thursday the 
14^'' day of October Anno DoTTI 1708 

Present Ebenezer Willson EScjl ]\la}-ur 
John Tuder ESq^ Recorder 
Haviil Provoost 

Robert Eurting 
William Smith 
Edward bdagge 
Richard Wdlett 
Walter Thong 
Abraham Keteltas 
Jiilm Hendrickse L'rcvort 
Paul ]3roilhet 
Christopher Detnie 
WilliaiTi I'rovoost 

ESq''5 Aldermen 



This ('ay t'r.e 3.Iayor bcin- Attcndc<! by the Aklemien sheriit As- 
sistants Assessors Collectors Con-tabb;-s and Other Officers of this 
Corporatioi) According to thic usual fonnalit}- }>larched from the City 
Plall to Iier .Maje.^.L}-s Garrison Fort Anne where they waited upon his 
Excellency the Go\'ernour in Council whrre then were Administred 
unto Ebenezer W'iilsi^n EScp }vla>or of tins Cit}- and unto W'iHiani 
Anderson ESqr sheriff of the same City .V Count}- of Xew Yorlc the 
Oaths Appointed by Act of Parliament to be taken instead of tlic 
Oaths of Allcic;-ance k sn])reniacy The 'I'r.t arid Oath of Abjuration 
and also the Oaths for the due Execution of tln/ir Respective Offices .t 
thereupon his Excellency tlie Governonr drliver'd unto th.em their 
Respective Commissions upon which the Ma;.or Attended as aforesaid 
went from thence to Trinity Cliurch v.dicrc the Keverend Mr William 
^'cs-y the Ivcctor thereof read Divine ser\!':c an.d preached A sermon 
suitable to Uie C)ccasion whicli done the Mayor Aldermu)! Sheriff As- 
sistants and Other Officers attended as Aforesaid Returned to the 
City Hall vdierc alter the Ringing' of three I'.ells the Commissions of 
the r\Iayor and sheriff v\'eie puldished after whicl; tliey all repaired 
to the Court Chamber where the Ivlayor Resu-ned. tlie Chair who 
together with tlie Recorder Caused the Oath> Aforesaid Appointed by 
Act of Parliament Test and Abjuration Oath to be Adnvinistred unto 
David Provoost Alderman of th,e Xorth Ward, Robert Lurting- Alder- 
man of the East Ward, William Smith /vlderman of tb.e ^\'est Warel 
Edward lilas^-qe Alderman of ih.c Out Ward Richard Willctt Alderman 
of the Dock A\'ard and Waller [137I IT.nnrr Alderman of tlic south 
Ward and unto Abraham Ketcltas Assistant of the East Ward John 
Hendrickse r.ri\-oort Assistant of the ( )ut Wkird Paul Droilhet As- 
sistant of the Dock Ward Christupher Dmne Assi^MaiU of the -outli 
Ward and William I'rcn'oost Assistant of tr;e Xorth. Ward atul also the 
Oath for the due Execution of their Res]>cctive Oftices and Accord,;ngly 
they tooke their places. 

Eartholemew Earoux Assistant of the Wen Waril Couldi not 
attend by reason of sickness 

"William Earcla\- lii^h Constable of this Cit)- Anth>_~iny ^"oung Con- 
stable of tl-.e J'.ast Ward Pauhis Turk Cnn.^a.ble of ilie \\'est \\':ird 
John PEarri? Cc^nstable of the Xorlh Ward John Pelletreau Constable 
of the Dock A\'ard and Teujii^ Cornelir^se Constable of tlie Dowry 
Division oi the Out A\'ard wore Sworn ic the due Execi:tion of their 
Respective OlTices for the year Ensueinn. 

Isaac De Riemer I'Jected Con^able of the South Ward wa=: absent 

Order 'd that the :\Iavor Issue A Warrant tu the Alderman of tl'.e 


Out Ware! of this City for the Election of A Constable for Harlem 
DA'isi*)!! in tiic l\Ooni of All Thomas Tunieur ('^vho is Exempted from 
Sfrvin.!^- in that OlTice, having- served in the Office of Alderman of the 
said Wardf)], and that the 2\Iayor in the said Warrant Appoint the 
time and place. 

0:-r^i:R'i) tliat the I\Ia}-or Issue his v/arrant to the Treasurer to pay 
to the Reverend l}.!^ William \^esey or Order the sinn of five pounds 
Cnrr: .Mone}- of Neu" York it being- for Readin.g di^-ine service and 
preaciiing this day before this Corporation being the Anniversary day 
of Swearing tlie JMayor Aldermen sheriff and Other pnblick Officers 
(-•f tills City 

Att a Common Council held at the 
City Hall of the Said City on Tuesday ye: 
21' day of November Anno DoITi 1708 

Present Ebonczer Willson ESq'' Mayor 

John Ttider ESqr Recorder 

David Provoost 

Robert Lurting 1 -re r- \i 1 

■P,. , , ,,..,, yhSq'^-^ Aldermen 

Richard Willeit f 

Walter Thong 
[13^] Paul Droillir't 

Abraham jveteitas 
Christopher Dennc ['' 
^^'ilHam Provoost J 
Oriifr'd the Law of this City luuituled A Lavs' Imposing A fine 
u[ on ^iich of the Out Ward as refuse to mend the liighways be Re- 
p'.■a!•.^l a!!d it is hereby Abbrogatcd i.^' Repealed accordingly 

Okdf.kd that the Inhaljitants of tlie South Ward have Liberty to 
J'uii d.-.v. n t'le I'oards about the JMarkett house by the Custom house 
br: !.'c and that Alderman Thong dispose of the Same for the benefit 
it liiis Corporation 

William Richardson Edward Davis Daniell 
V.'?.:r' Is^^ucd for 10'= Jones and Richard Davis have this day Agreed 
with this Court to be tlie Pellmen of this City 
ir-''r^ the fn'ih day of this Instant Xovember Inclusive to the first day 
''t .\pr!i Xcxt Exclusive for the sum of tliirty Six pounds Currant 
Mor-.'-y of this I-Vovlnoe .V that the Mayor Issue his warrant for ten 
pounds tliercof to be forthwith, paid 

^, . , , ,, --Assistants 

Christopher Dennc 


Ori'TJ^'d tlie Mayor Issu.e his warrant to the 
Warr! Issued Treasurer to pay to W'ilham Sharpas or Order the 
sum of thirteen i)Ounc!s Currant Money of New York 
it being for lialf A years Sallary due as Town Clerk Ending- the four- 
teenth of October kist for Pen Jnk and Paper for one year ending 
the same time and for dr^^\■illJ:{ three Acts of Gen'' Assembl}' to Enable 
this Corporation to raise Money &c : as Appears by his Acc; which 
is allowed 

Ordi-'.k'd tliat the r\fa}-or Issue his warrant to the 
\\''arrant Issu.ed Treasurer to pa\- to Benjrunin b'.arnes or Order the 
sum of thirteen pounds I'jght Sliilings and Nine 
pence Currant ?^Ione)' of Xew "^^ork it being fcir one years Sahary due 
and Ending tb^e fourteenth of October la^^t, for furrnshing Can.dies to 
the Constabk-s Watch from tbic Grst da;- of April last past to this day 
and for four Journeys to Ilarlcm as Ai)pe:iis !;\- Ins Acct. ^vhich is 

Ordered thai the >Jayor E=^ue liis Warrant to the 
Warr* Issued Treasurer to pay to Paulus 'I'urk and Peter Jaco{)se or 
Order the sum C)f live puun.ds and ten pence half 
penny Currant Monc)- of Xew ^'ork it being for Paving Stones 
Labourers and MateriaHs and paving A part of tlie Street fronting the 
City Hall of this City as Appears by tlieir Acet. wirieh is AHowed. 

The T'oLLOWiN'O Lav;s Orders anrl Ordinances of this Corporation 
were this day re.ade (.)rdained, ai'jl Esiabbished and [139] after the 
Ringing of three BeUs publickly read at tlie City Hal! and Ordkk'd 
to be Remain an.d Continue in ftdl force and \'ertue for tlu'ee ^.lontlis 
from the date hereof (\Tz*) 

Eor the Observation of the Lords day 

Concerning Strangers 

None to Keep publick houses without Lyccnse 

Surveyors of the City 

To Prevent fire 

Regulations for the Markett 

Assize of bread to be E.stablished Every three Months 

Regulation;, for Carmen 

!\Iaster5 of \'essells to give Acc*. of their Passengers 

Common Council to A])p--nr upon Summons 

Onagers Packers and Cullers 

Freemen and Apfirentiees 


I^a\'.-.s and Order.-, for the Govcrnrnent of tlie Dock A: SiiDS 

La\'v- air.iiii-t nriiiL; Gr.n= in tlic Streets 1.1' c : 

I.:t\v ag! Kiliint: Cattle any where bui at tlie Slou;-h,ter h.ouses 

Carilr to be Landed near the S!oii;;hter lionses 

La.v, Iinijosing A fine upon sucli as refuse to A\'atcii 

I.,a\v fur Cleaning- th.c Streets Lane? and A!le}\-^ of llie said Citv 

Law L'rcdn'biting- Hawkers and Pedlar? 

C-.'!rnien nid to drive over the Connion sewer 

S\'. ine Prohibited to run at kirgc 

Law agl digging- hoIe.^> in tJie Coninions or digging Sodds 

Law Preventing frar;ds in lire wood,. 

Lavv for Supplying the \ acanc\' of Such pubhck Elective Magis- 
trate> Ac: 

] aw Iniivosing- A fine u]'0!i E!ecLi\-e Ckdfcers refusing to Serve. 

Ald.crir.en. Authorise.! to [jut trie La\v5 in Exec-iiti^'in 

CMficers to be Observent in the }'>:ecution of the La^\■s 

Law- i.-'rchibiting- Sveepir.g the Streets in time of Jvain 

C)\i;'.gers Packers and CuUers 

Law for Paving tlie Streets Lanes ^ Ahevs within the Citv of 
New York 

La\',- }''rohibiting Swine to ru.n at larp-e in th.e Bo\-\-rv Division 

Ait A Cornnion Council lield at tl: 
City Hall oi the Said Ciiy on Thursday ye 
23^ of Dec''!" Anno Dom 1708. 

1 'resent Ebene;-cr Vv'illson l^Sq'.' >dayor 
May P.ickley ESrE Ivccordcr 
Da\-id lh-o\-oo3t 
^^■illianl Smith 
Lvolicrt Lurting 
Edward Blag-ge 
Walter Ihong^ 
Abrahan-i Keteltas 
Paul Droilhet 
B a r t h C) 1 e t n e w L a vo u x 
Clu-istopher Denne 
John TIendricksc Brevort 
\\'illia!u Provoo.-t 

^ESq""? Aldermen 



[140] Tlic Recorders Coniniission was read \. Ordijc'd to be Enlred 
in tlic Comnion Ouuncil Bouke of ihis C'tjrjioralion. wliich is in these 
\sords following- (\ iz') 

Anxi: by the Grace 01 God of (h-ea.t I'.rittain France and Ireland 
Que--ii Deiendor of tlie faith A:c : 'J'o onr Trusty and v/ell beloved 
May Bickley ESqi" Greeting-. V\"ee Reposi'ng Esj-./cinl Trust and Con- 
fidence in }-our Eo_\-alt>- Prndcncc T.Uei^rity and. Ability Havp: given 
and Granted anrl b_\- these presents do i;-ive and Grant unto you the 
Said May Bicklc}' tlie Ohice of Recorda-r of our City of Xev,- York in 
America To Pl.wi:-. and to lb)i.n bkxcrdsc au'l I'hijoy the Said 
Office of Recorder of our Said Git}- of Xew York- inito you tlic Said 
xMay Bickley for and during our plea'ure togetiier v/ith all and singular 
such, audi the like fees Perciuisile- ]'o\ Prehemineiices ProuTt^ c; 
.A.(ha.tuages as Jolui Tin.lrr blSvir di'ced. late Biccorder of our Said, 
City of New '^'orlc or any G)ther J\ccor<ler of our v'-kaid City ha^■e or 
inight lune taken Received or F.njoycd for or it! Respect of the 
Execution 01 the Said ofiicc of ]vecor(Jer Jx 1T:sti.moxy whereof 
wcc liavc Caused trie Cireat Seal of o-iu- 5kud Province of Xew York 
to be hereunto aftixed Y.'rrTXF.-s or,r Right d'ru^ty and well Ixdoved 
Cousin. Bklward \ i-eount Cornbur_\ Cript. CTcr.crad a.nd Govcrnour in 
Chief in and over our Said BVovince of Xew \'ork and Territories 
thereon depending in America and \'ioe Adniiral of the same at our 
Fort art X'ev,- York Aforesaid, tlie tenth day of November in the 
Seavcnth \ear of our "Reign Anno(| ])(.m.r ijcj.S. 

The follow in, l;- Ad h'ess v/as th.ree times read and Ajv 
proved and this duty presented to his Excellency my L>ord 
Lovelace c^:c: Gov'' of ip.i^ I'rinince 

To Blis l-'xccllency John Lord Lo\'elace 
Baron of ihu-ley ^.fajestys Cap! General 
and Goveriiour in Chief in and Over the Prov- 
in.ces of Ne\,' ^'ork i^- New Jersey and ah the 
l^;rritories d'.;[)ending thereo:i in America and 
\'ice Aflmiral of the same ^.^c: 

The Humble Address of the :vIayor 
Aldermen and CommonaliLy of her Majes- 
tys me'st .\ncient City & Corporation of 
X''e\\' ^''.)rk in America 
^L\y ir Please vour Excki f.kncv 

\\'!-:i: Cannot Suhiciently hkxprcss our most Dutiful! and Grateful! 
Acknowledigments to her most Sacred Majesty (the !)est of Queens) 


for the j.;reat Honour done us in Appointing- [mi] Yonr Lordship 
Cap* General and Governour in. Chief of this Provirtce c^' Wee heartily 
Cong-ratidate }-our Lordships Safe Arrival to this City (the Metropolis 
of yonr Go\-ernnicnt) the Noble bi''ih ?nd those Noliler Qualifications 
01 \'crlue I^iety Justice and Integrity which your Lordship Enjoys 
Attended with the most benig;n and alTal;le disposition of mind assur- 
ini;' i!s of the greatest hapiness under your Administration 

W'ki-; are truely sensible of the Repeated Ro}-al favours of our 
most gracious soveraign to tliis Province and particularly at this time 
of Xccd and danger in sending- by your Excellency tv\\> Ships of W'arr 
and Such large Supplys of Soldicrs°'and Stores for its Support and 
defence and wee take this Oi-iportunity to Assure your Lordship that 
our hearts and Affections oin- Lives and fortunes are Entirely devoted 
to her -Majestys Service an.d thai; v/ec will all\va}s to the utmost of 
our Support and IMaintain her Ro\'al Title and Literest against 
a!' her ]--ncmies and Po|.ish Pretenders and as A demonstration of ou.r 
duiy A Griitiuide V.xcv pursue the best IvL'thods v;ec Can. Cc^nceive to 
render \our Excellenc^■s Government over us most Easv Pleasant iS' 
hai^py. ■ ^ ' 

Wi-T; Ivml.irace this Opjiortunity to Recommend to your Excellenc}-s 
favr.;ir l\l: A\alliam Sharpas as our Present Town Clerk as A Person 
of Ability sobriety and Liteg-rity having- Executed tliat Office upwards 
<-;! Sixtt'cn ^'ears with all faithfullncss Dilig-ence atid Reputation 

'idiai her Majesty^ niC'St Ai:s|)itious Reign be CoTitinued tV At- 
tended with all Divine blessings and your Lordslhp Enjoy A lonj; and 
liappy Government over u^ arc the unfeigned prayers of 
j^day it I'leiise your Excellency 

Your Lordships i^do^t iJutifull .^- most 
Obedient Servants 

Ebenezer ^\'illson 
U Bickley 
David Provoost 
Will Smith 
Rob'. Lurting- 
Edward Blag-g:e 
Walter Thong 
Abraham Keteltas 
P.artholemcv/ Laroux 
Jan TTendrickse Brevoort 
Paul Droilhet 
Christopher Denne 
William L'rovoost 

Oi'- T'lb; CTiv ni- xr.w" york 


[14-] Lily of I ^^ 
Nov; ^'orkl| 

Atf a Coninion Coriiicil held at 

L'iu- Wi'Vi of ihe S;m<i Ciiy on Tuesday tlie 
first da\' of I'chrtiar)- / Dom ijocU-tj'j. 

I'rcsf'.it Lbc;it_;aT W'iiison i'^Sql 3.[a\"or 

David i'rovoo:n 
William Smitii 

l'.^o''* -Vlderp.icn 


Koii-rt Liirtin;,;- 
Waller Thon- 
Abrahaiii Keteltas 
BartliOicnr.e'A' I.aroux 
Jan Hendnck^c le.-v. 
Paul Dr,)il]i;et 
\\ illian; J'T'^^veiost 

Okdi^r'i! tliat the sui;i of two pounds thivtcen 
Warr^ Issued Shilinys and I'draven pciicr half j^cuny disburst by 
James liardimi the Le-see of the ferry for Rcpairing- 
tlic ferry house Uvhicli Should been rlone by Dirck Benson) 
be allowed 1dm and ti:at th.e >day.',r Issue hi-, warrant to the Treasurer 
for th.e payment of tlie Siine. And that v.iK>n iJin-k "Densons pavinc;- 
tb.e like Sinn to th.e Treasv.r.-r of tiiis City thai his I'ond, for perform- 
ance of Covenants be deliverrd up to bt.- Caneelled 

OKDKK'i) ihai thr Ma\or Issu;; Id- \\"arrant to the 

\\-arr! h.x:.:d Tr.-asurcr t^. p.:y i- Jan^'s Ilardh- the Lrssev of the 

b\='rry tlie sum of e-ne jxmnd fwc >h;iinc:s Cu.rrant 

Money of \ew York it bein- for buiblin:^ an Oven 0; Alakini^- A Callerv 

upon th.e lop of the h.onse he no\\- dv.oll!- in at th.e ferr\-. 

(dKOKKD A \\ arrani ]s->ue from the Mayor to the 
Warrant Issued d'reasmer t>i vuv to Jam<_-s blardin-- the Lessee of the 
f(_rry c^r Order tb,e sum of tkirl_\- poimds Currant 
iVIonr-y of Xew York it l>einor for Ixc'iairinv;- the little ferry Iv:>u<c of this 
Corporation on Xassaw J.dand I'urMian.t to "an Qrtler (»f Cofum^ini 
Cor.nci! jr:ade the tTdrd d:ay of ^bareh la^t pa^t. 

OkOj-idij lb. it die rdr}-or Is-^ue bis Warrant' in I'v.- 

Warrant T^^ued Tr-asn.rer I, pay to Mr Michael Jfawden or Order 

the !^nm r>{ f._r,v p,.;;;i:L one shibu!: and Nine pence 

it b(.ip.,£, for StrouL^ Liquors delivered to frM,-,.j-ad soldiers on th.cir 

Arriv;d here from Kneland by Order of thi'? Cori-M-.ration in the vear 

Vo]. II. -24 



(jRUFic'n i.;u;l -\i' ivcrciri.Ier. ProicciUc ai !.a\v M^' Juhanne.-^ Oiitnian 
for the Mcnc) he owes to this Corporatioii. 

Oklii-.k'!) tluit t'lis Corporation [ri-escnt his lIxccHency my Lord Love- 
lace with the I-Veedoni of this Cit} i that the seal be Inclosed in A J)ox 
of Guld l1 tlK'.t -M'' -Mavoi procure the sanie at the Charge of this 

[i.}3] C)kij;:r'd that thi.-i Corj>oration ComiMinierit Roger Alornpesson 
liiStp Chief justice of tliis Province Yi'^ Harrison 'M" Cuckerill and Cotl 
Redknap with tliu Freedom of thib City. i>: also ?\!' Thomas Wood 

Okdlko that Jolm Rresteade Cooper be Admitted one of the Pub- 
hch Gna-ers Packers and Ctdlers of thi^ Cor[ioration d' thiat ^P Ma\-or 
(irant liim A License for the sanie upon the Csnal Terms. 

Til.-: foh.C'V'ing Laws Orders arid Orf-iiiianccs of tliis Corporation 
v/cre tins day niade Ordained ^ii- Esta])!i^hed and Ordi^u'd to be Con- 
tinue and ]\en:ain in full force and \Lrtne for three Monllis from 
thiC date h.ereof. ( Xdzd) 

I-'cir tile Observation of tlie Lords day 

C'o n c e r rd ! . -■ S t r a i i j^'c r s 

Wine I''. Iveeji I'ublick iiouscs witliou.t License 

Survt\a)r- of the City 

To Prevent Id re 

Regulations for the i\Lirkett 

Assize of Bread to be F.stablished Every three Montlis 

Rci^^rdations for Carnien 

-Master^^ of \'essells to give Ace! of their Passen^-jcrs 

Commiai Council to A],pea.r upon Sup/nn.ons 

C.uagt-rs Packers ar.d Cullers 

J'Tcen.e]! an:J Apprentices 

Laws ar>d Orders for the Govermnent of the Dock and Slips ag! firing Guns in the Streets tic: 

Lav. ag'. Killing Cattle riny vdiere but at the Sloughter houses 

Cattle to be Landed near the Sloughter houses 

Law Lnposing A fine upon Such as refuse to watch 

Law f,,r Cleaning the Streets Lanes and Alleys of this City 

Lav.- IVohibitiug Hawkers and I'edlars 

Carn.;en not to dri\-e over the ConniKin Sewer 

Sv.ine Prohibited! to run at large 

Lav.- a.q'. Diggipo- p,r,lcs in tb.e Conmiwiis or digging Sodds 

Lav.- pr. venting frauds in firewor.l 

Law t\-.r Supplying the \'aeancv of Publick Lleclive ALairi>trates 

Oi 'iiiK Cll 



Law Imiiosiiig- A f\nc iip^Mi Elecli\-f Oriicers refusing to Serve i 

Aldermen Aiitliori/ed tu i.'Ut i!ie L;'.v.s in Execution I 

Officers to be Ob;=er\-e!U in the Execution of tn.e Laws j 

Law Prohibiting the Sweeping of Streets in the tinie of Rain | 
Gnag-ers Packers .V C"u!]ers 

Law fc»r Paving the Succts I, ants A: A'ieys within the City of • 

New York ' ' ' ! 

Lav.- Prohibiiing S'.'.ir.e [.) rr-;i at Large in tiie I'.uva-}- Division (. 

[144] Al'Lrman Thong i>ieport-^ U> \.\'.\- C^uri iliat he sokl the P.oards j 

of the !!\Iarkett liou-e h_. the great Pridge for one pound three shilings ; 

and six pence v.diereol he l:xj)rn'lcd for tin'rt}' four Load of Sand .S: [ 

for A Labourer for unending thie Street near tkic Custom liouse EigPiteen j 

Shilings cV one peuii} h.a!l peimy .-'>c d),il there iveniains in liis h.andr, \ 

five Shillings and four lionce l\alf penny mi t;ie ?\loneys of tliis Corpora- ! 

tion. Ouor.R'D he pay th:e sa:;;'' to die I'reasnrer. I 

At I A Common Council held at the 
City Hall i-.f tr:e Said City o.n W'ensday y^' : 
.'3^ day o; fiPruary Aimo DoTTT I7oS[-9] 

Present Eliene/rr Winsou l-'.S'p' Mayor 

:^Iay Pickley LSn'' Pecorder 

David! I'rov! o.-t ''^ 

WilHarn Smith j 

Rrdic't I urimg I ESm^" Aldermen 

Edward P!a-j;e 

Walter Tlv .ng 

Abraliam Kitein-s A 

Bartliolemew Lar(.n,.\ i , • , , 

> A'^^i'^tanl^ 
Christotdier Deune [ 

William IVovoo.^t J 

Ordf.r'd the Petiti^-^^n and Ace' of ("a[>' ISaac D: Kien;er be 
Refer'd to A ful! Connnittee <i <S<Hnt. that the .Memb- rs c ' this Court meet as A Commdttce 
to Examine the said Petition a.nd .\'-'-t. om. fryday the fc/urth da_v of 
]March Next Ensueincr at the Citv 1 tad of th:^ City at Ih'glit a Cl^'ck in 
the Morning ^ that the ddeasu-'n- att-tid witli bnok^ and papers. 

Ordf.rVj that M'' Mayor AMornian lVo\-.--:si AhPrman Lurting iV 
Aiderman Thong ov any three of thcrii b^ A Conmnttee to \'icv,- the 
Barn cV Landing Bridge at tlu"- ferry an.j ]\<.-p'Tt to this Court v.hat 
%vill be the Charge of Repairin- t!:-- Said Ibirn ^ Lcn-thning tiie Sait! 
landing Bridge 

MixuFKS Or ill}- co:\n:o:; couxcii. 

Okulr'd thai .-Mdrrnian LiULin.;- Sn,illi and l\l^ Dcnne be 
A Coin:i:ittec to \'ic\v the great Biidg-e by tl,c CusLi-):!-! house and 
Jvi-port to the Next Coniiroii Council what Repairs and Amendments 
are wanting' th.ereto. 

[ij5J AiT A Ce.mmon Council held at the 

City Hall of the said City on Tuesday tlie 
first da)- of March Anno T)om i7o8[-9] 
Present Eben.ezer \\'il]son ESrp Mayor 
May Bickley ESq- Recorder 
]3avid Provoost ^ 

Robert L.urting- C ESq" Aldermen 

William Smith J 

Abraham Ke(;eltas '^ 

BarlhoIeme\v Larc-ux i 

Christopher Denne ( 

"^llavid I'rovnost J 

y Assistant; 

1 !n's ('\,,y ihis Cc;urt v;:iiicd uf'>on lii-: Excelleu'^y my Lord Lovelace 
who was j>leased to becoiMe A Men-ibcr of this Corporation by Accept- 
ing of t!-,e bVecdom tliereof (Which this Court p-rcsen.ted to his Lordslup 
the Seal hchv,x inclosed in A gold box) after which VJ Recorder made 
A handsniT Speech to his Excellency Suitable to the Occasion Assur- 
ing i'ini of the L.oyalty and aiiecti'-in of tliis Corjioraticqi i^:c: w"^'/ his 
Lc-rdi-hij) Received v.dth great Satisfaction. 

Att a Comni'Mi Council held at the 
City Hall oi the said Cit_\' on fryday ye: 
4*1^ day of March i7oS[-9] 
Pre>ent lebrn.ezer W'illson leSc- .Mayor 

May R.ickdcy ESri*' Recorder 

Davi<l Provoost 

Robert b.urting 

William smith ^ I ESq" Alderm 

Walter Thong 

Edward Rlagge 

Abraham Ketelta-^ 

Rartb.olem:ew Larou.x 

jai; 1 len ii'icla-e '• .r -n 
Paul llroilhiei 
Chri^topiior D^:ina- 
William Provoo^t 

J> Assistant 

Da\;,i should read \Vi 

Oi- 'iilc ClYV or XLW YUI^K 37 


The Comp.iittoe of tliis Court C.jn-isiiiig- of A fn!l Conmiuii Ci.'un- 
cil being the Person.-? above Xinncd fjr E:-.L.'niinn^^ tr.e Acct and PLti- 
tion of Ca[)* ISaac D : Rierner Joe RejiOrt tl'.a'L ib.oy have h.earil and 
Examined eacli parlicnlar .Vrliclc in the >-aid Aec! aiid liave heard r-md 
seen what prooi;- and. \'onciierN M' D: Ivi'^nier Could I'roduce ar.d are 
of Opinion that th.e {..diowinL;- C!i?rt;c or [140' Aiticlcs ^Mentioned in 
the Said Ace; oni^'ht la^t \o be allow tdi f'jr \v;int of \'onchers (\'iz') 

li s d 

for i\] ending t!ie r'ri.--.(.'n 15 — 03 — oo 

An Overpa\anent to \)C riuule W'idiarn Aerl>e 02 — e")! — 10 

I'aid on Acct of Peter \\'illein>e Rome 54 — 01 — 00 

Paid to Jc-)hanne.s Provuost Deceased ,.o8 — 15 — oCj 

A Ch.a^g-c of Ser\-!ce as Reprr.-ei-iLative in A>>embl_\-. . . .26 — 10 — 00 

And that the fohowing Ariicles Alentioned 

V\"arrant Issnvd f;r in thv f:dd. Acc^ ( Hight t'^ he allowed him being 

76 — 9 — II of Oj'>inl()n tiu' sarnie was disbiu'st and paid by 

the said JSa;:c De Riemer for the use of tliis 

Corporation ( Ad/d; 

Cash paid to David ]'rovoo-i c ^ — 13 — 00 

'idle Charge meii'ling I'tie imbhek W rlls c /, — 13 — -00 

'Idle Intercut paid to ]:n\n l'cvo.i 19 — 00 — 00 

To paid Johannes Dep,c\ st<.r-. Ace" ~,t, — 03 — 11 

wln'ch in tlie v>diolc Amounts mit;;. Sea\-eirLy Si.x i)unn.ds Xine shilings 
and K'eaven perice Curra.nt ^driiicy of Xew ^'ork. which Ivejiort is 
Approved ]>y t'li-^ d'n'-t and Oao:;K"i> that tl^e Mayor Issue his Warrl 
to th.e d'reastn"er i''>v the ipavnaiv. "i the said, sum of Seaventv six 
potnids Xine Sliiliiigs to the Said L'^aac D: Riemer in full of all Ace''' 
wl-atsc/cver due to Iri'.ri from tliis riTii'iratiop. 

A-n .\ Gnmnoii Couiicil held at the 

City Ifall ui the Said ("ity on Saturday the 

i2''.- day of -March Ann.o DoTTT i7o8[-o] 

Present IChene/er Wdbon V<r^ :vlaywr 

;\[a_\- llickley b.Sq'' Rectjrder 

David r'rovo«j.-;t ^ 

Robert Lurtini'- 1 ,., 

T-, , , ,,, ' y ESci''^ jMdermen 

Edward Idiaggc- {^ ^ 

Walter Tib ^ng J 

Abraham K.:teha< ] 

P;ml Droillii.-t j 

Joh.n llcndrickvv i'r<,\".irt V .\.-histants 

\\dlliam Provoust 

Ch.risto;dier Denne J 


.\![XI"1KS 01' THl- CO^tMOX C^'UXCIL 

Okdi-.k'd t'nal Cap'. \\'illiam I'c'iid be made A iM-ecnian of this Cor- 
l.-i>ratio:i \v!i<> wa.^ Tiis tla\- in tliis L'onrt S'.vorii According!}. 

'idle iVtition OL <.o\V:c of the Inhabitants of the Dock Word wa.s read 
Ci'nvj'Iair.inj.,'- of Leunard lia}-geii l)e K!e}"ri of hi- iiicroactiin.Q- upon 
li'.c ."^trrct fr'j!uin,G^ th.e ]\i\cr near i>ur:;-ers piith and builchng upon the 
t:iid Sti'-ct to tlieir grcit prejudice A'c : Wdiert-upon it i.s 0[;nEp/D that 
tile sur\i.}ors of this City du lay out all the Lotts fronting- to the East 
Hivcr from tlie L'orner of ^Martin Clocks house at Burgers path to the 
(A.Ti'.er oi (.'apl 'J heobalds liousc upon the v/h.arfe at tlie Wall Street 
Siij. ujicn A Straight Line as Xear as possible tl:at A Regular Order and 
u!:'iorntii>- ni;iy Ix' Kept cV. Observed in the btiiklings of tlie said Street 
ar.d thai tleyv stuTer no [i-l/'l further In.cruachments to be r.iade upon 
tlu- Said Sticct. 'J hat the said Street be by them laid out thirty foot 
wide According U> tb-j dYnor of the Ivcspective Grants to front therc- 
!:nio :\vd that \U<'y Report to the Xcxt Common Cotuicil what Incroacli- 
iiKut^ ami by wlmni are made uj.'on the Said Street in Order that 
Care !..e taken to Ivcp.iovc the same as the direct? 

Att a Comuion Council hebl at the 
Cdty Idall of llie Said City on l^-yday y? 
fu'st da}- of A])ril J^oTTi 1709. 

Prcsei'it Kbeuezer W'illsun ESq"^ Alayor 
May Cickley ESq*" Rccordci 
David Rrovoost 
AX'illiam Smitli 
]'o!)i.-rt Lurtii'.g 
Edward J:Uagge 
W alter ddiong 
-Vbrabutm Ketcltas 
1 larth.ulemew Larou.x 
Raul b)roilhiiet 
\ Christopher Deimc 

I A\dl!iam b*rovoost 

OKL'iu'n the Alayor E-suc A A\'arrant to tbo Assistant of the Dock 

\'»'a'-.! f';r tl'.e bd..cting A Constable in the Said Ward in the ]\oom of 

J ];:: Rflletrcau <k-cea-cd on Tu.esdav Next and, that the ?^layor Swear 

tb" -an;,.- Accordingly. ■ 

i I ':;■;'!<'!) iiia.t tlic !-^.ur\ e} <>rs of thi> Cit-\' la} out tlie Street fronting 

I \h'- r.;ot I:i\er fri^m the Corner of the New founrlation. of Leonard 

'. Iluvgcn de \\]v\\i to the Corner of Capt Thecbalds house fronting the 

1 s.-tid Street in Jvkamier foll'iwine' ( Xd/.M t" begin at the Westermost 

>- E.Sq'"'' Aldermen 


01' TfiK CITV OF NEW YORK 373 

end ot tlie Said Street by Leonard Huygens foundation allowing the 
said Street or v/harie as it now is to \'(: tliirtx- foot wide :^.nd to run from 
thence upon A Straight line lo Capt. Theobald? Corner house aforesaid 
and all Persons Concern"d are lo l^egiilatc their buildings Accordingly 
as they Shall be direcicd by the Said Surveyors. 

(Jkdi.r'i) thai ihe Ma}-or Issue his Warrant to the 
Warrant Issued Treasinx-r to i>ay to Wiiliarn Sh.arpas or Order the 

su:ii of Kleaveu pounds Eighteen shilings Curr: 
ivloncy of Xew York it being for half A years sallary due the four- 
teenth Instant as Town Clerk and Mon.ey by Ihni by hiui disburst for 
Parchment Silk Paces and Ei-igrcssir.g of several Freedoms presented 
by this Corporali'jn to Ids Excellency Uiy Lord Lovelace c't Others as 
ApjX'ars ]>y his Ace', wliich is a!lc'\ved. 

[14SJ Or!-: k'd the Mayor Issue hi^ Warrant to the 
Wa-rant Issu' d Trcc'surcr to pay t'« P-.-n : ]',:iruc> or Order the suiri 

of lA'c poimdb twelve shilings Currant Money of 
New York itt being for half A years sallary as ?\[arshall of tliis City 
due and Ending the ]4''; In:i:n,L anrl fr.r tlirec journeys to Harlem 
as Appears 1)}- Ids .\ec! \vhieh :.~- ail'iv.ed 

0!.;oi:uT ihc Ma;, or Lsue his WarraiU to the 
Warrant Issued d'reasurer to [-ay to William P.icliardsou Edward 

])avi> Danieli a- Ricliard Davis or Order tlie 
suin of twent\' six junnids C'urran: Mi'uey of Xew ^Ark which, with ten 
pounds tliey have Already receive. I is in frdl of tb.err sallary as P>ellmen 
of this City due this day. 

City of ) „^ All A Conmion Couiicil h.eld at the 

Nov/ York W" City Hall r.f the Said City on Tuesday yc: 

31''.' dri}- of Ma\- DonT 1709. 

Present EbeUiCzer Will^^on l^so/ Mayor 
May Pickley ES'A Recorder 
Wiiliam sniith ] 

Robert Lr.rtin;' ]>- l-'-Stf Aldermen 

Richard Wilieii 
liartholemev,- Laroux 
Abraham Ket<dtas 

Paul Drilhiet r 

Ciu-i^topher Lonn.e J 

.- Assistants 

The follov;ing Laws Orders and Ordinances of this Corporation 
were three tin-es read and Arreed to and Accordincrlv were this dav 


r:uulr (.h'htincM ]^^la!:!i^hed and publish-ci and Ordcr']) to be Continue 
an<! Kci.unii in full force and \'cnuc for throe Montlis from and after 
the (llitr herrr-f. ( \"iz-) 

loi the Observation of tlie Lords day 

('o:;o<.riun_^- Strangers 

?\ot\' to Keep publick houses with.out Lyecnce 

-\\:-vcyr,r< of the (Tity 

Tr. prevent lire 

l\ep:n!ati(.n.s tor tlie ^Jarkttt 

Assise of bread lo be Establish.e-l Every three ^[onths &'c: 

I'etrulaiions for C'arnien 

Ma.t( rs i)^ Vtssehs to give Aec! of their Passengers 

C'r,nn^-!(.n Coinioil to A])pear upon sunn.notis 

(lUa.His I'aelcer? and Cullers 

h'rccinen at^d Ap]> rentiers 

i.nv.s ;5nd Orders for the Government of the Docks >.l Slips 

l.riw a-nin.-l tlrincr (luns in the Streets kc: 

Law ;ii.;: Killing Cattle any \vherc but at the Slougbter houses 

Cattle to l,c lan.ded near tlie Sloughter houses 

1 :■..■.- [in];osir,g A fmc uvnn Sueh as refuse to v;a!.eh 

Law ''or Cleanirig the Streets Lanes and Alleys of this City 

Lr-',v tV. Libitin:; Hawkers and Pedlars 

< ari-.Hii U'.'t to drive over tlie Coni.mon sewer Prohib'ted to rum at larg-e 
j -1 /' Lriv, r'g- di5;L:;Tig hf-lcs in the Ci^anmons or digging Sodds 

Law fur L'reventirig frauds in hrrwood 

Law fc-r Sujjplying tl;e \kicaiicy of publick r^leetive I^dagistrates >.^.:c: 

La\, Lriposing A firie upon Elective Officers refusing to serve 

Aidenuen to put th.e in Exectition 

^ •i:iC>-]--i to be Obscrvent in the ILxecution of the Laves. 

Law p.roliihiting the Sweeping of Streets in time of Rain 

<di:.M;i.r3 I'ackcrs and Cullers 

Law fur LaviuL'" the Streets Lanes and Allevs within the Citv of 
N.w York 

I ":•. Ibohibifing Swine to run at large in the Bowry Division 

^■. V.' i.KNv this .("Mnrt are inforn^ed that ^L John X'anhurne and Mf 
y:"\ lh;vek:;iek (>! this Ciiy have les-cn-d CoTitraeted Xarrowed & 
•■•J'f- a !-.v<; i:;.. 11 A C\rtain publick Street andi highway of this City 
< --tdcd (!■(•• \. barie Street and thcre'.Mi have luiilt and Erected several 
:-<r;.:c h.--a-e-^ .iud Imildings to the great Eicon ver,ien.c\- and Xu^ance of 

Jr itii-: Cri V (il- Sr.W Y(.)RK 


tht: Inhabitar.i- nf thi^ City \'ot\vitli=;t:t:ivli:ii;- rlicir being- oltcti Vovc- 
warned from doir;; tl:- ^-in;- it is t'lcrcforc ()Kn::R'f) that M' Recorder 
as Conncil for this Corp.Tation Ao take such proper }det]iods as lie ^llall 
Judge ir.eet to prosecute the said I'ersons at Lav. i-y Jndictn:e!it or 
Otherwise for the the said Xu^^arcc at the Next supreani 
Court of this ProviriCe or att a.ny Odier Court C\r : 

(_)Rr)i-.!''ij the Mayor Fssue his Warrant to the 

W'arr' Issued Treasurer to piay to Jacob C>)U>!ue scavenger of this 

Cit;.- tlie sum of twcive pounds Currar.i Money of Xew 

Yc-rk in full of has Sahary (hie and l-hiding the secoiid day of Jime 


Att a Cc'.uiuon Council held at tht 
City Had of the said City on fr\-day ye 
22'' CVdy of jrnie .\ ]!)onT T709 

I'resent F-benezer W'ills'On j-lsq- Ala^'or 
May Bickley ]:S(V Kecurder 
\\"i!ha)i-! smith ~^ 

Koberi Lurtmg 

I'iichard WiikTi y hS^'" Aldermen 

E(b-va!-d Idagge 
W'aher Thong 
Al^raham Ketella- 

t;arieo;.:n!e\v I .ar-.i 
John Brevori 
Paul Droiibiet 
Chrisi'ioher I )ent;e 

C Assistants 

An Act of Geiiera! As.^embly c^f tbds L.'okjn} bjilituled an Act to 
Knabk" th.e r\Lavor Akiermen ami C'^nni'^nak'ty of tlie C'itv of Xev/ 
Yorlc tt) liaise the suio. of six hutv'red jiounds in twe- \ ea'"s for the 
therein iMcntioned -.-/as read and tb.ereupion ii: is Pesolved le.- this 
Court aeii of tb.e .Mein!)ers vdierot.f lV,n>,cmi n.g an.d Agreeing t'lere- 
rnlo) tbat tl-e siun of Six luindredi poiuids Currant Money of this 
Colony be raised ly. A Tax r.pon ibe freelvjlders and Ir.habitant^ of 
the said City and Coeaily I'ursuarit t.) tbe Directions of iljc said Act, 
tbat is to say tbree hu;r!red r)oim;h tbere<d to l^'^ As^e^sed Cod-cted 
and pciid on or before tbo brrt day of Sej.'te!id;er Xext Ensuein:; tbe 
(late hereof and th.rec [15,0] tl:;\\- liun<h-ed pounds the Other 
part tlicreof t,^ l)e A'^scssed Gdlectcd a-,d paid on or before tbe first 



day of September 1710 and Ordfk'd ihnt ir-e ?Jayor I?mk' Ins War- 
rant to tlie Assessors for tlir- Assessing I'nri-e 'nv.mlrcd prjirjtls tliertof 
o:; or befijre the first day 01 Aiig'ust Xext Ensuein:^ the date hereof 
and that i!!)Oii tlic Return of their Assessments he also Issue h\<. 
\\'arr.<::t-> :•> the Collectors e-f ihis City and County for th,e Collectincr 
arid i'.'i.ving of the same iiito the hands of the Treasurer of this Cite 
Pur-uant to the direetions of the said Act. 

Oi:'V.}^'d that the Ma} or Issue lii:^ Warrant to the Alderman of the 
West Ward to Cause suninions the Inhabitants of tlie said Ward on 
.Mnnday Xext in the forenoon to Clioose A suftlcient Inhabitant of tlic 
r=.tid Ward to Serve in the Ofuee of oiie of th.e Assessors thereof in tlie 
Roo::: of ]\-ter Wilieinse Ronmc unfill the ^4^'' of October Next. 

'■ h.e Petition of John Micliael .vciiut and Catherine Provoost wa^ 
rea^". |)'-ayi;;^- leave to take up the r'avenieni of part of the .'^trect 
( ahei' the Ileerg-raft or broad Street and at their own Cost and 
(diare-es to lay son:iC \vooden pipes therein in Order to drain tlieir 
C' bar^ the iirayer of wRich Petition is granted, the Petitiojiers pa^"nc:• 
\'. e > Street again at their own Charge and it is hereby C)i;o!-.:d!' 
tiiai X'jue of tlie X'cighbourhood do I'rcsum.e to break up auiy of the 
sai'-' Street to plaee or joyn any Otlier I^ipes ifxto the. Aforesaid pipes 
vu''hr,-;if the l^ave and I}-cense of tliis Corn't. they first agreeing ^vith the 
PttiUor.ers to pa}' ? p'roportionable part of ib.e Cb.arge thereof. 

ORDr:]c'D }d^ ICetelta'- have leave to le'eak up the said Street and lay 
pip^s into those laid or to lie laid bv ^P sehut and Catherine Provoost 
he in-st iigreeing v.ith tliem for Ids proportionalde part of th.e Ch.argr 

Okdfk'd that Alderman Wdllett and Alderman Thong Agree v.-ith 
so!7ie person or persons to be scavt-nger for a year lor the Carrying 
n-.'.a.\- th.e' S'.olc and dirt eiu of the bre-ad Street from the Corner of 
th.e Ln:teh ("l.ureb. Street to the little bridge bv the Dock upon reason- 
abP Terms 

i..'y the CoPoent of Mr Cliristojiher Demie the Lessee of the Dock 
of tnis City it i,s Resolved that the great P.ridge by tl;e Custom house 
be forthwith Xcv/ built aial Carryed over the Dock to the wharfe 
and Ch;n:-;R'i> tl^at Alderman Wiileii Alderr.!an 'i'hoiig :\P Denne .^- M'" 
Droilln'ct be a Committee to \"ie\v tlic san;e and Rej'ort to this Court 
what /.iethod and after udiat manner v.ill lie most proper to build and 
Compleat tlie .^ame for th,e pu^Rck ber.efitt of thi^ Corporation 

OF Ti!K CI IN' OF Nl'.W' i'OkK 379 

OKni::v'p tliat ^\^ ?.Iayor Is^no hi.. Warrant to the 
Warri IsMie'! Tua^^iiror to ]_.ay to i'cnja'iiin 'ianios or Orucr the sum 
of \h\\-c pr.iii-KJs iClija\-cn S'liiiiiL;-^. Cu'.raiit Mone\- of 
New York it Irihc,^ for fnc nuartcr of .V \-i;..r> taJIary due and Endir,g 
the fourteonih Instant f-.T C andeils tor tlic Watcl; from the hrst of April 
1709 to thv fir>t Instant and for two J:airn<-ys to JTarlcni as appears by 
Ills Arc! \v}n'ch is adnwed. 

[151] City of / ^^ Att a Common Connci! held at the 

Xew ^'orktj " ' City Ua!! of the Said City on Saturday the 

20".^ day f)f Aucuist Amio Dom 1709 

Present ]\beuezcr Wilison KS.p- ?da\or 

May hirhh-y J'So^ Recurdcr 

]3avid rn.vuost '^ 

Rol)ert Lurtin- i --c .. mi 

,.-.,,. . , Vi'..>(j'^ AdderuKUi 

\\ idiam snutn j '■ 

\\'a]ter Th.:m- J 

A?ira;;am i\et(.-Uas "] 

Christo])ht.-r j)eni^e [--Assistants 

\\'i!Han; I'rr.vnost J 

The Committee Appo:;U.-d the h'^i Common Council to \^icw the 

Great lhdd;:;e *^c: l^eport in tiu'-e words fo]l._.\vin;i^- (\'iz-) I'ursuant to 

tile v.-ithni On'-r \\\'' iiavc \'i-\\Ml the -ruit Driilge a;id do ihid that 

10 fhi up 1 etuev)! the ol^i iv?.u:c with y^.od Stockadoes (5e Continue it 

direct over to tlie Otlivr v.haiuV with tiie same with substantial plates 

and Cross pieces and te. l^''.ar.l it l^aween il^e St''ickad,r:es and \\diite- 

hah to prevent the r)irt ;:^ettiiw;- d;ro--h iniin:^- up a lay of iNIudd 

bctwec!! \\ h.ich is lumii)]\- suijmilt';''! hv t • , j , •,, 

Rich^^ Wdiett 

Waller Thon- 

Cdiri^to : Denne 

W hich t<op,,rt u.-i.^ w:u\ audi Approved audi Oi<o;:K'L) that Alderman 
Willeit .Mdrriium Thoi^^: M- Denne M' Wiiliam Prnvoo^t or any three 
of them l;e A Committ-e tn A;;re'- with W(a-kmen and for ?\raterialls 
for the Sre'/dy tinishin.^ of t!m Said !'rid.'-e f\u-suant to the Said 
Repo-t. and it is further (h:P'-i:V> that under the little Uridine by the 
Dock h.( idled uii and _\ i tlie e'->nun'>i! Sewer lie Continued under the 
same to ti;e l-hitrin- of the Dnck. tint the place ^^■herc the little Prid-e 
now Stand<^ lie Covered with. b:oard.x after ihe Manmer it now is A 


aiixltes ui- 'iiii: coyrAux council 

Ktiic hii-hcr then the Strod ainl thiu the AtL.rcsaid CoivniUt^'e irnploy 
\\C':!-:-ni-i! lu jurlonn the iaine. 

Okdf.r'k that tlu- .Mnyor Issik- lus Wavrant lo the 
\\'arr! Issued Treairiirer to pay to Wilnani Sharpa> Town Clerk of 
this Cite or CVrder tl'iO sra:i of Xiue poiii-ids Citrrant 
Mt-ney of Xew Yi.rk it bein^; for KccijrJini^ Six setts c^f Tax Role? of 
tins Cilv aial County from the 3'J of Deceinljor 1700 Inclusive t^> this 
present (lay v, liicli \va> alh^wed in the la>t Court nf Gen'- Quarter 
se-sions of t'le peace as .\ Count}' Cl:arc:-e. 

Okdlk'h that Aklernian I'rovo'jrt and Alderman Lurtin^ be A 
» "o.nniitk-e to ,\udit the Ace': of the Widdow Tothili and the Widdow 
Cooper and Make Report to the Xext C:;n;mnn Council. 

fj32J Oko'tA) that M'' Rccoider and ?\i'- Treasurer dit-mand of the 
Widdow of Piiillin k'rench ESqy dccea.-ed late Ivlayor of tin's Citv the 
Ace'.- dnrin.'; licr late husbands }da_\orality Relailnp; in this Corpora- 
l:e:n. and yl ur^on h,cr refusal to render Ib.e same that ^l^ IvecorfJer do 
p^•a^l•el.',le her at Law. 

Okr.if-iK'u that the I'o.^t.s tbiat are sett in several Street- of this City 
be f(--rtbwith. pulled up ami Removed by the Rers-::<n Iril-abitin.r,^ the 
hr.n-es mit') wliich they front upon Xotiee j^i\-en them I'.pon penalty 
ef Six .Shilings for lA'ery offence, b.alf to the City and hcd.fe to tn.e 

Cuvof ) _ 

Arr A Connnon loumcil held at the 
City llall of the Said City on 'j'uesday ye: 
6'1' day of Sep'"' Aimo !)om ijc^i. 

I'reH-nt Ebenezer Wilkon ESq^ :\[ayor 
May Ihckley ESq^- Recorder 
].)a\-id Eru\'oost 
Wdlham Smith 

Robert b,u.rtir.L;- >-ES'.j''^ .Aldermen. 

Richard Wdkett 
Walter Tbun- 
. Raitliolemew Ear aax 
Abrab, an. Keteltas 
John brev.vrt ^A-sislant> 

I'anl Dre'dhiet 
Wdbi.vm l'o,'\-. i"'-i 


Okdi:!v'ii tl'.ai llic }.Ia\-or Usne his Warrant to the 
A\'a:T-?.nt r>sur.! 'i'rcasurcr t'-) \'?.y U:> Janv-s K'ar'iir.g the Leasee of the 
f'jrry or OvJcr the sum of twenty jiounds five shil- 
ings an-d Xino pence Ciirrnnt Monty of New ^*oii; it being disburst- 
ment? b}- him made for tlse Repair of tlic P.ririt "f the ferry as Appears 
by hh Acc: vS: X'cuchers v.'^'' are avowed. 

T!ie Pciii;'.vii of S'jirie uf ihv Jinnaljiwnt- c*!" t'.ie broad street ag: 
Covering,- I'nc httie Bridge v;as read and rejected. 

The Petition of M" ISaac D : Rierner was read. OunRKD that the 
Judgjr.ent h.e has Obtairicd -\g! tiiis Corpor^aicai be satisfyed out of 
the first -Uoney is Collected of tlie Hcon.d paynient of the si>: 
l:u!';d:cd ] onnd Tax. 

OrajRR'D tbiat Alderman Provoost Aldermaii Smitli Ab.kTman Lurt- 
ing ai^d M' Provoost or a:i>- tl.ree nt t'lerii be a Commiitee to Agree 
with [15,^1 workmen for the Removing the C<'nl Purchasing ^fate- 
riahs Repairing the City Hal! and making t]-!C Cupulo tite. 

Oroer'i) the Mayor Issue liis Warrant to i':. Alderman of ihe Out 
\Yard for tb.e FJecting A Collector in the said Ward on fryday next 
in the fori.noMp. va th.e Roon.: of Purger Myii'lcrse who i- Removed 
out of til is City. 

C>KT>ij<'n that the Inhabitanis of the SjuIIi and Pioek Wards have 
Libert}- to pu.t A Covering or jvoof (n-cr ilu' little Ih-idge lyv tiie Dc'ck 
at their own Charge. 

The following Laws Orders and Ordiuanees of this Corporation 
v,-ere this day th.ree times read and Agreed [r> and Accordingly were 
this day ma^lc Ordained I'suiblished and and CVuUEu'n to be 
Continue and Remain in full f'^rce ;'.n<l X'ert.a: for thrc-e .Mon.ths from 
and after tlv: date hereof. ( \'iz* ) 

F(jr ih.e Cb-crvation of ihe Lords day 

Concerjiing Strangers 

Xonc to Kt ep publick b:Mi;x(s without Lyeencc 

Surveyors of tlic Cit\ 

to i'rJv.m five 

Regulations for th.e .Markeit 

A?=ize of to b- i^stabli: lied \'.\cry three Months 

Regulati.ip.s for Carmen 

Masters of X'essells to L:ive! of their Passenger^ 

Coni'uon Coun.cil to Appear ur>on summo'us 



Gungcrs racKcr-. and LiiiUrs 
Freemen and Apprentices 

La\\-s and Orders for the Government of the Docks I't Ships ag^ tlrin;:,'- Guns in tiie Streets lic : 

Law af,^; Kilung- Cattle an.> wlierc hut at the Slou.qhter hfvases 
Cattle to he Landed ne:ir the Sluug-hter hiouses 
L;iw Juiposing A fine upon Sucli as refuse to Watch 
Law for Cleaning the Streets Lanes & Alleys of thus City 
].aw {'rohiljitiag LLl\^■kers and Pedlars 
Carruen not to drive over tlie Coiumon sewer 
Swine Prohiihitcd to run at large 

Law against digging holes in. the Commons or digging" Sodd«. 
Lav,' for Pic^■entlng frauds in firev^'ood. for Supp!}'ing tlie \'acanr_\- of pul;h'ck I'dection Magistrates &:c.: 
Law itu|>csin.g A fine tipon Llcciivc otncers refusing to Scr\'e. 
Aldermen Authiorized to put the Lav/s in Ii-xecution 
Oincers to be 01)servant in tlie Execution of th.e Lav/s 
Law Prohibiting the Sweeping of Streets in the time of Rain. 
Guagers Packers and Culler? 

j^av; for Paving the Streets Lanes and Alleys within the City of 
New York 

Lav\- Prolu'biting Sv.'ine to run at large in tlie Bowry Division 
Law for Removing the Posts out of the Streets of tliis City 

[154] City of ( 
New York J- ' 

Att a Common Council held at tlte City 
Llall of the said City on Thursday yc : 29-1' 
day of September Anno Doni 1709 
I'resent llbene/.cr W'ihson ESq'' Mayor 
May l'.ickle_\- ESq^ Recorder 
David Provoost 
William Snn-th 

Richard Willett ^ESq" Aldermen. 

IMward Blagge 
Walter Thong 
Abraham Kvtelta? 
Paul Droilhiet 
P.arth : Laroux 
William Provoost J 
PfRSU.WT to the Warrant of the }*Liyor Issued to the Alderman 
of each Respective Ward within this City for the Electing this day oi^.e 


ur iiii-. CUV ui" xicw \'u'A^ 


AidcrnvAn one A;-^-i.-ia:!t Iwo A---.t-sort wiic CV.'licclur and one pcUv 
ConvtcLt)Ie in the five W'arils on ihc soulli-idc oi ihc frc>h water and 
one Alderman unc A->i.-tant two Asscss^m's uvo Lol!eciors two i^CLty 
Constal)lob and f^-ur Ovcr.^ccr.- of the hi.yliways for the Ont Ward of 
the said Ciry for the iJowry and ilarleiti Divisions of the said Ward 
to ser\e in their i\.<J^lle^:tiv(.• './Mliccj fur ih:!.- year Knsuelr.g Accordirig 
to thic us:ige Custom I.av.:^ -dun Ordiiianceb e.f l1;c -aid Cit\- and Accord- 
ingly the sanie day Returii v,o.s made thereof at twelve of tlie Clcok at 
Noon to the Omce of 'i"(_)v,n Cltrl: midicr the Iiarids and seals of the 
Respecti- e Aldermei-! According to thi. Tenor of the aforesaid Warrants 
as folioweth. (VizM 

rRobert Lurring 

Ka^L\\'ard J 

We.vtWard. J 

Ai-r:diam KeteJias 
Abrai^am WenchOl j 

Idenr}' Coerteen ^ 

]'eter Dc Milt 
John :daelenan 
A\'ilham Smith 
i3artho]eme-w Laronx 
Jacob Goeict / 

ilerr:;ann^ \'angL-kIer \ 






:onth. Ward 




Dork Ward 

Corn.elir.s Lodge 
^john Sn-iith 
fjacobu^ Kip 

\\dihani I'rovr.ost 

Jacob noelen } 

) Johannes KerfbyS' \ 

S i e p h e n J 1 n c ke n 1 1 n ^" >:■ n 

Jacob Swan 
'^Walter Thong 

CVirnelins D: Peystcr 

p.enjamin W'yncoope ] 

Thomas Ro],erts Sen'' \ ^'^^^'■'^^^'^'^^ 

JC'hn }deyer Collector 

Obadiah ilnnt Constable 

rSamnell Ravard Alderman 

I Johannes Tiei-.out Assistant 

j Jelm ('n-ger ) 

Johannes Outtnan j Assessors 

Nicholas \'anderspiegel Collector 

Andrew Hardenbrooke Constable 


Ol!L W'ZiVd 

johii Brcvort 
i't.'tcr V\'e;:rehun 
Folrrert \'aii KiiN'scn 
^Tarinr.s RoclilT? 
Jacc>b Co:-M'?;!sse 
J acob Cowonhoveii 
Ptter Obiiiii> 
Thoinab I'nnieur 
Barcnt Xaijel 
Johaimc-s W'aldn.;!! 
[ Johannes >[eyer 




1 surveyors of 
\ I highway 5 



) Surveyors of 
\ liighways J 

for the 
>. Ij0\vry 

for Harlem 

His Honour tlie Eieul. C^ovcrnou.r hatb iiiis day by and v>-ith the 
A:]v;ce of" h-.-r Majestys Courici! of tins Province Nonrinaled Ebcnczer 
Willson I-:>(V ^^■'<-' Present Mayor to be Mv.yov of this City for the 
year Ncxi Eii-ueing, and also V\'iiliam Anderson ESri" the Present 
sherifi to I'C siK-riff of the Cii}' o; Couritx- (if Xew York for the year 
Next Ensueing. 

Roburt Eurtni- ESq^ d-e Present Treasurer of this City i^ by this 
(■(•urt Elected Cliandjerlain or Treasurer of tliis Corporation for the 
year I'ln^uein::. 

ji56J The :d:yor hatli Appointed ^P John Sr.iith high Constable 
C)f this City fc" tlie year P.n-iieing. 

Orli.r'd tlud the Mayor Issue his \\'vvv?.::[ to tiie Ablcrnian of the 
Vx'est Waid i>:-: ihc Electir.g- of Another !'ct-5-o:i to ser\-e as Constable 
('f that W'ardi for the \ear Ensuoing in the Room of M" John smith. 
who ic Appointed Ingh Cr>r: stable and that th.c Ejection I'C lUiade on 
'Jhursday nex;. 

Att a Coir.nion Council held at th.e 
City Hall of tr.e said City c>n ddiesda> the 
4-1- day of Oct'ilier Anno D^juT 1709 

Present EbeiiC^L-r W'illson ESq'' ]\Iayor 
May Pickley ESq^ Recorder 
William Smith 
Robert Luriing 
Ri chard Willeti 
Walter 'idiong 
Abraham Kttcha-^ ~^ 
Piartholemew Earoux V Assistants 
Paul Droilhiet 

ESq"""' Aldermen 

OF Til!-: crrv of xfv; york . 385 

OKDr.R'i) Xeniine Conlra dicenie tliar ilio Mayor 
Warr.-iTii [^-u-'l Ib-ne l"i'< wai raiil to tlie Ticrisurcr to p;i_\- to .\IJcr- 
w.D.n Waller Thnv[^ cv IJrd'.-'- ilic sum of fonrty 
pou'xvis one Sliiliui^ Currriit r\[oiioy of Xc\\- "I'ork out of tlie lirst pay- 
nicnt of t!ic Six in-ntirc'.! p'"'imv! Tax it bciii^' '.Money h}- liiin clisburst 
for Tvlakinc tl.c liitk l.iri i^^c. .V Loni:v.on ?c\'. rr by tlie ])ock as appears 
by his Acc: aiM \'ouchers wbitli arc allowed 

Oin.-r.K'i) tli;it lIiL- Ma\or Issue his Warrant to 
Warrant ]^^ued M ■" Gabriel Ludlow Ckrb oi tbc Geu'> Assembly of 
this L'i''!c<;i>- or Order the suiu of two pounds twelve 
Shiling.-. ar.d Six ja-nce (furraul Monev of Xew York it heii:g: for 
Sundry fees ilw: to in Passiuj.- t'ne Six liundred pou.nd Bill and 
Other fees upon Other Occa-ions a^ Appears by his Acc; av^I- is allov/ed 

C^aI'l-k'u A Idem. ;a. "I Lurlini; AMviuian A\'il!etL and M- 
Kcteltas or A.n\- two of tb.eni be A Conunittee to Examine and State 
llic Acck' l:.etween tliis Corporation ar.d Cap! ISaac D: Rienicr upon 
all rriatters wliatsoevcr and Re]-.ort ^vhat is due to the said JSaac U; 
Rierner to the Xext Co:r.mon Council. 

[157 1 Tlie Petition of se\erai of tlie Inliabiia.tits of the Hast Ward 
v.'as read jirayiiig- lca\'e t'j hh-eet .\ M'arkett house at the sotith end 
of Clarkes Slip at tiie end of the Wall Street so soon as thf^ir Con- 
venier.c}- 5diall uerrnitt; C;ri>:;r'd that tlies h.ave Lii^eny to Erect the 
same at their (jwu Char.cye provided it be finished v/itbdn t\\o years 
frr.n; ;he ii:ite liereof. 

All A Commi-n Ceauicil held at the 
CiiN' Had of the Said Citjr on fr\-day the 
I4''r- day of Oop.ber Amio De^ni 1709 

Present l^beuezcr Wdll.-e'U ]•>;]' iMa\-or 

May Ihcklcy J^S-^ Recorder 

Roixut Eu.rtin;..:- ~^ 

Ricb.ard Wilieti Ll^Sq" Aldermen 

Walter Th-n- J 

.\braham Kcte!ia< A 

T^artholemew Laroux I 

Paal Droiihiet ^ Assistants 

William Provorist 

John b-'rev<--rt 
■.>1. 11.—:;^ 

38A MINUTES Ol' 'I'll I: LO.\fM(.;X C'Jl N'CII. 

Tills day the Aia}(jr l^ein^i;- attfu.kd Ly the Alclcniien Sherir" As- 
si■^tant^ Collectors Con>ta!ilc.s aivl Oilier Ofi'icers of tliis Corporation 
Accorrlino- to the Uiiuil formality }vlarclic(l from tiie City Hall and 
AvaiteJ t;|)ou the lIoIThle Cuil,! IngulJ.e.-;ljy the Lieut. Guv' of 
this Province in Council where then were Aclministreil unto Ehenczer 
W'illson h:Sq^ IMaj.CT of tins City an^l unto William Anderson J-^Sq' 
SherliT of thie City and Coun.ty of }n\,vc York the Ooth.s Appointed by 
Act of I'arliament b> l-e taken in>tead of tlio Oatlis of Alleigance ami 
Su];re:nac\" tlie l\-st and Abjuration Oath an.d also the Oaths for the 
(\u'i ]'l\ecution of their Respective Oflices an-l tliereupon the f.ieut. 
Governour doliver'd unto them their Respective Commissions v»-l;ere- 
iipon the ^Jayor as Aforesaid v/aited uj^on the Lieut. Governour and 
Cotmcil tu Trinit}- Ch irrch v*diere the RcNcrcnd }\L William \'esey 
the ]vector thereuf read Divin.e service and preaclied .A sermon suit- 
able V: the Occasi'jn v,hicli done the M.i\.ir Aldermen Fheriri As- 
sistarUs and Other Officers Returned te- the City Ilall where after 
the IMngin^,; uf three h'.ells the Com.missions of tlie '.\la_\or and sheriff 
were published after vdnch they all Repaired tu the Cuurt Chamber 
wliere ih.e ?dayor IR'sumed the Cliair who together v. ith tlie [158] 
Recorder Caused tl:e C^aths Aforesaid Appointed by Act of Parlia- 
ment Test and Abjuration Oath to be Administrcd urito Robert Lurt- 
ing Aid.ermar. of the East Ward Walter Thong Alderman of the 
souith \\'a.rd and Jacobus Kip Aldernia.n of tlie Xortli Ward and, ab;o 
unto Abraham Abraliatn Keteltas Assistant of the F.a^t Ward 
tholemew Laroux Assistant of the West Wi^rd Cornelius D: Peyster 
Asvisr;mt of the south Ward William Provoost Assinant of the North 
Ward Julm P.revoort .\>sistant of the Out Ward and Johannes Tiebout 
Assistant of the Doclv Ward and al.^o the 0:ith for the due Execution 
of their Respective Oflices and Accurdiingly they tiiol;e their j>laces. 

^\'i!liam wSmith Alderman of tlie West Ward Oc I^Xward Blagge 
Alderman of th.e Out Ward were Absent. 

Samuell Bayard hdccterl Ablerman of the Dock Ward refused to 

Redjcrt Lurting b.Sf]'' was Sweum Treasurer of this Corporation 
for the \var Euvueing' 

John .^m.ith. h.igh Constable jwh.n MacL-nan Con^lable of the East 
Ward b'rancis J'oys Constable of the West Ward Jacob Swan Con- 
.stal>le <n th.e North Ward ( )ba<ha.h ILnU Constable of [he Sottth Ward 

Till: cii'v c 

,.\V YORK 

Andrew Hardenbroolcc ConstaWc of the ]!)ock \\'ar(l Islariiuis Roelift'se. 
Constable of tb.c Uowr;, and Barcnt Xap;el Constable of Ilarleni were 
Sw^orn to the due libxccutiMn of their Res})cctive ORices for the year 

Att a CunniK-n Cuunci! held at th 
City Ilab of the Said Cit)- on Tuesday ye 
15*'.' day of \ov' ■ Anno iJoin 1709 




yi:\y .b'icicb'}- bSqf jvecorder 

V>bbliani Sinitli ■^j 

Robert Lnrtini; j d hon,L;- L KScf^ Aldcrn:en 

Jacobus Jvip " 

Saniucll Ijayard. 

Abraliani Kctelta-^ 

b'.artbi.i]enie\v- Laronx 

Cornebus I): Pe} >ier L Assistants. 

Wibiain iVovococ 

Tobanne? d'iebKuit 

The Oaths Appointed ]>y .Vet of ba'l:anient to l)e taken instead oi 
the Oatli of j\I!eiganee and Supre:r,ac>' tb.e Te.--t and Abjuration Oath 
were tins day Adniinistred unto Wilbiarii Sniith ESq'' Aklerm of the 
West Vdard and sanuiell Bayard TS;- Adderman of the [159] Dock 
Ward and also the Oatlis for the due b^xeeution of their Respective 
Offices an<l x'Vccordir.f^ly thev t'-^oke their places. 

The Petition of ^l'' d~utb.ill and M-' Cooper ^Viddows was read: 
ORi»r:R'D tbiat Alderman lAU-tin.c;- Alderman Thong- and M"" D: Peystcr 
be A Connnittee to Audit their Accfs and make Report to tlie Next 
Common Cotmcib 

The Co-nmittee for Audiiin^;- and Stating the Accts between this 
Corporatiuii antl AP ISaac D : Jvienier Repuri in ba:*c \'erba [(] \dzl) 
Pursuant to an Order of Conunon Coimcil dated the fourth of October 
last to lixamine and Stale the Acc^ between the Cilv of Xew York and 



Mf ISaac D: Rieiner wee have According Kxainined the same and 
find them as follows (\"iz^) 

%^ Contra C*" 

By ISaac D: 
_ -I • RienicrsLldl 
the Citv in r^^^^ • ^-^^ -5/4 p,^. ^|j^. j,.,^^,^_ Q^-:^ 

City of New York D^ 

'J"o A Judg'cn-it A 
Obtained ae: 

-March 1705 J 
'j'.i A Warrant > 
dne from \e : y 
Gtv ' J 

'J'o Casli i;aid 
James Emett 
A judgmi on 
.\cc: of tlie CVul 
it-rrx liouse 

];an:in.-c: ^^u- to 
ISaac 1) 

tlie Old ferry 
house fro m 
75 : 00 : c>o ye: 25''.' of 
iMarcli 1701 t<:? 
the 25-^- March 
1704 at 20' V^ 
J> 35 : 00 : 00 Annum 

70 : 00 : ex:) 

157 : I. 


I S : 0*0 : ao 

60 : 00 : 00 

ill whicli is Submittefl in- 

Robt Tmrtin- 
Ricli^; AVillelt 
Abrah: Kctelta^ 

and th.ii there is due to Rallaiice to the said Isaac T3 : Ricmer tlie sum 

(■i ri;K- luuah-.-'d fifty seavcn pound.s th.irteen sl'.ilinp.s and five pence it fieing in full of all \\'arra;us Judg-n^.-nts 

W'arr'. ]--u.ed and Ace': wha.tsoever. which Report is Ai)proved. and 

nRr)rR'i) Xemine Contra diccutc that tlie }dayor Issue 
]'.:- Warrant U< the Treasurer to [-a_\- to the said ISaac O: Riemcr or 
hi''-; Order the said sum of 0!ie luui-lredi nnrl fifi}- scaven pnuivls tliirteen 
shilinirs >.^- five jjcnce farllunf;- out of tlie second pavn^'iits of th.c Six pound Tax. in full of rdl dclits Jud'ii^ments \\'arrants and 
Ace', v.iiat^oever .ruie to lem from tliis Corporation he first deliveriii!:; 
up tlie Wat rant li>- already ha^ of •^c-aven.ty f.vr pounds Oc .-\cknowIedc:- 
iuj:: Satisfaction up;.n Record f ^r the Juf!i:ment he has CM^talncd in the 
.'^uprcam Court ag*. this Corporation and covin:: A Coneral R(. lease 


Order'd that the :\[ayor I>fiu- his V/arrant to the Treasurer to pay 
to the Reverend ^^K Wilham Wsey or Cider ih.e 5uni uf five r.'/.uids 
for preaching to th.i? Corpoi-ation tlie fourtecnili 01 October bcirig tiie 
Anniversary day of S-\vearinp," the Mayor Ov" ^La?j:i?tratc[s] of 

[i<jo| 'Jdie Committee for AgTeei;i[j: with A Scavenger 
Warri ]ssued Report th-ev have Ag'reed \', ith Vv'iHiam Dwbbs to 
for 10 Dollars be Scavengei- of the broad Street fnr one year Com- 
mencing the lh\-t of August Last for the Sahary of 
fourt\- DolLars r-i Amnun whicli Report is .-\])['rove(l and 0;<dhr'd that 
th.c ]\ia\or ]!^^rie his V.'arrants to the Trea^^urer for ti;e payment of the 
Same by quart>,riy payn-.ent.> a.s ii Ivecomes due-. 

Ordi-.r'd ".'.h- Mp. V or Agree witli four a'nle Inhabilauts of this 
City to be tlie Rehmen of ihe sauK- to th.c hrst of April ?Next on 
Reasonable T'crnis and make Reijori tO' the Xext Connmon Council. 

City of ) Att a Con:me.n Council held at the 

New York ^ '' ' City ilall oi th.e saJd City on Tuesday ye 

_:2'? day of Xf^-''^' A:mo D AH 1700. 

Present Ebenczer Willson KSr,^ r^layor 
:.Ia> Riekley RS .r Recorder 
William Smith "^ 

VAalter Tla_^.-.g [ EScf^ Aldermen 

Jacobus Kij:' C 

sanuiell Bayard J 

Abraliam Ketelia > 
Bartholemew Lar.>ux 

1. i> , ^Assistant 
L-ornehu> I R I cyster 

Johanne> Tiebout J 

(dRD!.R*D the r\iayor R.sue hi> Warrant to the 
A\'arr: Rsued Treasu.rer t^) pay to Benjamin Barries or Order the 
. sum of t\\o poui>ds Xineleen Shilings Currant Monc}' 
of Xe\\- ^'ork it lieing f'jr oir: Quarter c^f .-V \ears Sallary dw'i unto 
him as Marshal! of this City dv,o. andi hhuling th.e fourteenth of October 
last and for three Journe\-s to Harlem as Appear^ !)y his Acc: which 
is allowed. 



'J'l'iC Mri}-or Ivoi'orts that Pursuant to nv. Order of 
Warr; I.>5.--ied iIk- last Coniir.ou Council In: lias Agreed with William 
for lo'' Ricliardson Ricliard Davis John Cure and John four ahk' InhiahJiants of this City to be the 
F.vihnen of the same from this ua}' to tiie sea-\ cntcenth day of April 
Xe.\t for the sum of thirty Six pounds Cm-rant ^lo]-iey of tliis Province, 
ten pounds tlicreof to be paid forthwith to Enable them to purchase 
\.\-c and Candle for tlie better Execution of their Office which Report 
is Apiproved and ORDKRt) tlie. Mayor Issue V\'arrar;t to the Treas- 
urer to pa}- t') the Said Bellnien tlie said stun of ten {jotmds on Acct 
of their sai<i srdlarv 

U(\[] Cil\ of / 
Xev,- "^'oi-k \ 

Att a Conur.on Cotmcil held at the 
City Hall of th.e Said City on Tuesday ye: 
29*'' day oi Nov''^ /\nno Dom 17CM) 

i'rescnt J/dKiiezer W'ilLson ESq- .\ia_\or 
May L;ickle> ESqv Recorder 
Williain Smith. 
]vol.)ert Ltniing- 
]£dv;ard Blagye C J-'.Sq" Aldermen 

Walter Thong- 
Samuell Bayard 
P-artliolcriie\v Laroux ^ 
John BrcvoorL 1 

William Provoost f 

Johannes 'B!':'l>out J 


iuiward Blagge ESq^ Aldrrman of the Out Ward bar! this day 
Adnini-trcdi tuuo him the C\aths Appointed by Act of I'arliam^ to be 
t..:crn instead oi tlie Oaths of Alleigance u Supren.iacy ih.e Test and 
Aliju.ration Onth and tlie r);ith of an Alderman and Aceordinglv took 

dKra:u"!) Alderman smith Alderman Tliong AlderTTT Bayard 
Mr ]): ['oyster or any three cu' th.em lie A Conunitte[e] to dis- 
-<• the Ec'^sces of th.e Dock aboi'r [al^outj tlie Xon performance of 
r Cnvcnanls in not Cleaning of the Dock i.'^c: to kno^v their R.easons 
iheir Xcglert thereof and to make Rcjuiri: thereof to the next 



Coir.iaon Council, and iliaf the Treasurer .Vilcnd llioni to ucniand the 
Arrears of Ixnii (ii;e for the ?an'ie Dock. 

Oi<Di-R'D that AkJermai! smith Alderman Thong Alderman Bayard 
Mr ];): rejv-tcr ^U f'rovoost and U^ Ticbout or any four of tiieni be A 
CoiKnnitee to Audit the JJooks (1^: Accts of the Treasurer of this City 
.-ind to Sfttle and Adju>t th.e ]5ooks tl' Acc".~ of tliis Corporation and 
make Report A?soon. as [)Ossible of their .-\(tinc;'s tlicrein and that the 
TTcasurer Attend them with Ijijoks and Pajiers. 


Att a Common Council held at the 
City Hal! of tlie Sai'I City on Tuesday ye: 
(')'[' dav of Deeer.dsei- Aniio DoTil 1709 

Present KlK-nczcr Will.-on ESq^ Mayor 
May iSiekley KS.f Recorder 

William Snaiii 
Robert LAi.rlin.- 
Edward ]Uci--c 
W'aliei- Titon'4 
Jacobu.s Kiji 
Sanmell ilayard 
Aliraham JvOeiuis 
Rartholcmew Lap;. 
Cornelius D : P' 
John Ilrevort 
Johannes I'iel.'O 


ESq"^* Aldermen. 


T/iE follow inc^ Raws Ord-.-r-^ .and Ordinances of this Corporation 
\'. ere this d.iy niade (Ti-d.-nncd l:sta'_il!,-hed arid published »fc Ordlr'd 
to he contini'.e and. Remain in full force a'nl \'ertue for tln-ce ^R.mths 
from and after tlic date hereof. (A'iz^) 

For ihc r)I.K'":rvalion oi tlie Rords da}- 

Concern in,;.,' Stranc^^ers 

None to Iveep pub] id: hon>es \vithout R}-cenK\ 

Surveyors of the City 

to i'rexcnt fire 

Regulations for the Markett 

Assi/.e oi Dread to be E-tal.)lished everv three Abonths 



RoguJaiion.-. for Carnicn 

-Masttr.- of \\s>l11s to give Account of their Pa^s-ng-ers 

Co!:]:iiou Council to Apfjcar upon summons 

Guagers Packers and Cullers 

Frft-mcn and Api.trentices 

Laws and Orders for the Governiuent of tlie Dock and Slips 

Law ag; hdring Guns in tlie Street \c: 

Lav," agt Killing Cattle any v.licre l;ut at tlie Sloughter liouse^ 

Cattle to be Landed at the Sloughter houses 

Law Lnj.osing A hh'n.e upon Such as refuse to Watch. 

LaAv for Cleaning the Streets Lanes and Alleys of tl-is City 

Law Lrohiijiting ILnvkers and Pedlars 

Canrien Xot to drive over tlic ConnrKm Sev.-er. 

Swine Prohibited to run at large 

Law agt. digging holes on the Commons or Cnttin.g Sodds 
[163] Lav,- for Preveuiting frauds in fii'cv.ood 

Law le.r Su'ppd_\ing tlie X'acancy (if publick Lleetive }aagistrates 

Law Imposing A Fine u;.ion J*ilective ORiecrs refunng to serve: 

Aldvrmeri Authorized to put tlie Lav^s iu Execution 

CUncers to be Observcr.t in tlie Execution, of the Law^ 

Law pruhibiling tlie Sweepin.g the Streets in time of ILun 

Guagcrs Pacl:ers and Cullers 

Lavv- for Pavir.g the Streets Lanes and, Alleys Vvdthin the City of 
X : York 

Law I^^ohibiting Svein.e to ruui at large in the Powry division 

] .nv: fo- R<nioving the I'osts out of tlie Streets of tliis City. 

Op.Tjvm'v that the Mayor L-sue his v.arrant te. the 
W'arrl I-;,in,d Treasurer to pav to M'' ISaae D: Riemer or 
the sum of otie pound Nine Sh.ihngs and Eleaven pence 
Currant iMoncy of New York it being tlie Rc'iiaining part of A War- 
rant <)\ 70 — 09 — ir which b\- an of this Court mad«j the 
fiftventh d^ay cu' Xovcmber last was Charged to the Credit of his Acc^ 
a^ only ioy yy- whereas he Should have had Crednt for th.e Said 
76 — o) -— 1 1 as a[)pears bv the Aforesaid Order and the Said Original 

Ordlri) that Aklcrmau Tliong Aldcrma;i P.ayard M' I): P^yster 
?Np Provn;-,:-t ar,d. M' TLboui or anv thr..-e of th.em Ik' A CVir.imittee to 
Agree wiih wcrkm.en andi to jnirchasc Materialis for the- making an.d 
finishing th.e great Bridge n:ear tlie Cu.stoni h.oir-e Pursuant tj an 
Order of this Court made th.e 20-'' dav ."if Au.g- Last. 

oi-" ■;;;[: l:lV uF xl:\v vork 




Cityuf / ^^. ATI A CV'inirvn Council Ik'M at the 

Xc;v York\ " "' I'ity Kail of the Sai-l City on Saturday ye: 

,^i''' dav of ],)cc::u'jOv Auno DoTTT i70'j 

Present Khcnczer WiH^on KSq^ Mayor 
?day ]Jickii.y E.'^q'' Recoi'di-r 
William Sniiih A 

Ivoberi Lu-.tin.:^- j 

V'.'altcr 'I'lion^- I 

L-dward Illac"^;^ C 

Jacobus Kip|) I 

Samuell JJayard J 

Bartliolemew Laiaju.x ^^ 
Abraham KcicUas I 

Joliii Brevorl I 

Johannes Tiebout [ 

Cornelur^ D: I\y-i-:r I 
William J 

[164] 0;:d-rA tlie AcC^ of John Tuder for ildneui pounds Six Shil- 
ings and one penny farthin;^- ; and ti;c Ace*. !■{ Henry Kemball for four 
pounds Xine Shilin^q-s an.d three pence ]•: d!~ch.arc;ed. ou.t of tlie City 
Books th;e Person.s b'cin^ d*"'ad arid. Xcr, s^'l'/erd. 

OKDLi'dn that the .\cc': of ih-.- r'errc linuse for two hundred 
fourty One por.nds IJ^i'-'ht Shihnc^s arid f"ur p-en.ce lialf jx-nny and the 
Acc^ of the Cin. IT;d' for o;i" tk;,u-aivi Six !;undred and fourty Seaven 
pounds ten ShiliUi^s and i^ne ;)enny three fartinhii^'s be IkallaPtced Ijy 
the Acc: of t]:e City r,f V- ,v \'ork. 

OrduCd ihuit the Credit oi ]i>\\v- Kdisuiis Acc- beinj; Eleaverj p^rTiudis 
Xincteen Shilings and the Credit of the Widdow of Stephanus \' : 
Cortiandt ]'C\\\<^ I'ii^ht Sl:i!int;s and. tvro peiice thiree fa.rth.ings th.e 
Credit of L^aac \'an Adecu ijeinc; op.e p'-^und ten Shiiline.'s the Credit 
of D: ]V\>t.-rs Ac: beiu.q- f'.ur [.)Ounvl> hdeaven Siriliiu^s 
and one jvenny thie Credit of VJirek \"anderbu.r^h- .Arc; belno: three 
pounds two* Sh.ilin,i;s he P.alianced by llie Acc; of tlie Cit>- e,f Xew 
York th.ey i;ein,L;' paid 1;y Wa.rranrs drawn u.ipon the Prcii-^urer A 
Considerable time since thorc Pahances 

Ordi:!-;'!) that the AccC of ilio Poriihrati^.ns .\mouniini; to Kiglit 
pou.nd? Xine S:r;!ui;.;s auil five ])ence half n\-r;n_\- aiid the .Acc; c.f James 
Xichols Pttt>- Bo>s .Amoun.iir.f;- to twelve i;oun(.P tw^ shilinc^^ and 
scavcn pence lialf penu}- be Ikdlanccd by ih.e .Vce' of th,e Citv of Xew 


:.iixuT}:s OF the common coiwcn. 

Ord<:k'd 'ilial tlio Town Clerk do deliver to ];a\ard sueli 
Books Kocords I'apcrs ar.d Ace*; as he or the Coniniilkc for Auditiiig- 
the City's Acc'^ iSrc: Shall from time to time have Occasion for the 
hotter Stniiii^:,'- tlie same. 

Ordkr'd that the 'JVcasurer Demand oi Mf Anderson late Treas- 
urer of ii'.i- City the }'tariy Ace! of thk-- City from Oclohcr 1704 to 
October 1705 and deliver the same to the Committee for Auditing the 
Ace'? of this City. 

Okdkk'd the Treasmer Demand of Coll Peartrcc late ]\Iayor 
of this City tlie Bond fro-n Mv Anderson late Treasurer of this City 
to tills Corpo.-ation for the due performance of that Ofhce. 

Okdhk'd that tlic ?da}or Issue his AVarrant to 
Warrant l>si:ed ])ay to Alderman W'alt.r or Order the sum 
of one |)ound one shilins; and [165] Xinc pence Cur- 
rarit Money o^ Xew Ycn-k I'cing- }vloncy hy him B^isburst for A Con- 
stables Sla ff, to y]'- and for the Brid.i^e as Appears by his Acc; 
whicli is allciwed. 

ChxOrk'o that the Ma}or Tp';uc his A\''arrant to the 
W'a.rraiiL I<-ued Treasurer to pay to zachariah s}xkells or Order 
(late Coiislable of Ilarlcm) the sum of Eighteen 
shilin£is Currant Money of Xew York, beiiii; ^Nhmey \ry him paid the 
Sh.eriff wlicn he v/as Arre-ted by Thomas Turn.eur for th.c Executint:^ 
his Oftice v, Ivich Action t'lis Corporation defended 

All A Comanon Council held at the 
City Jiadl of the said City on Thursday the 
Xintli day oi februar\- Anno Dom 

Presc-it Ebenezvr Willson ESi^ Mayor 
May B.ickley VSq^ Kecoler 
William s;nltli 
Ro))ert Lurt inn- 
Edward Blagge CE-Sff-" Aldermen 
Walter Tliong 
Sanuicll Bayard 
Abraliam Ketekas ^ 

Bartholcmew Laroux 
Cornelius D: Bcy.-ter 
William k'rovoost 
Tohannc's Tiebont 


01" 'i!II' Cr!"Y or NEW VORI 


The C^Tinmittc- .Airpolineii fri'- Makin,:;- the Circat 
Wr'-r! Usucd liri'lL^'c uo Rcpori thai thf}- iiavc Agreed with Toh;i 
t>'r 35'' Harris aii;l ISaac Aiidorscn fnr l!ie ?\[aking- of the 

sa;Tic l''"ir llic CcJh>'iiicrati(,'ii of seavcnty jtomicls thiirt}' 
five pouiuh \vh,crcof b^ he paid the fifteenth hi? tain and thie Remainder 
a5?ooii as the same Ihddqe is llni'dK-di whdeh is to lie perio!"nrcd by the 
last day of Jud\- next a- Apjiears Ijy an A;;rcenient under their hands 
and ?ia!s 1 .d!:;\d in the hands of the Treasurer widch Report is Ap- 
proved, and r)Kr;r.;.;[,;.) >vcininf Contra (iicente t'nat th^e ).{a}'or Issue hns 
Warrants for the jjaeine-rit of th(.: same Aceordin;::;-!}' out of the Six 
hundred pound Tax. 

OKDrii'nthal tlie Ma\-or ]>siw hi^^ \\'arrant to the 
W'arran.i l-sre.'d d'reasurer tei [.ay U) \\ iriiam Sliarpa:- Town Cderk 
(if this Chy (<v (.hi':er th.e sum oi sixteen pounds four 
Shihn.-s Cu.rrent }doney of Xcw ^'n-k fi^oj it hein- fur thu'ee Ouariers 
of -A years Sahary (Iva- an.-l juichn;; the f'ju.rteciidi of January htst and 
for pen Ink and paper from the fourteenth of Oetoiier lycS to the 14*-' 
of (dclo'ner 1709 as -\p[K;'.rs \.>y lii- .Vcl- whicli is allowed. 

Dudkk';) tha.t t!ie Mayor Warrant to the 
Warrant fs-^uoi 'J'rea..^m\i to pa.y to (deo.rge (Jarke ESfj'' secretary 
of t'nis l'ro,vii^,ce or Order ilie sum of four pounds 
Sixteen sh,iHrig> (onrcit ?\h:ne}- of XfW ^'ork it lieing- in fu.H of Ids 
fee; tor t\eo C^.I]!nds^;-ns of the p^aee t..^ the Ju'^tices of tlds Cit}' and 

(AivO!-,!;!-!) .Xenin.'/ Contra dic-.nte that the ).hayor 
Warrant Issued, Issue ins \\'a.rrant t,, the d'reasurer to pay to 
man. Rohert Lu.rtinq or C)rdicr th.c sum of Xiiie 
pomids T^ieaven sidliri-s and t^eo pence Cu'Tc^nt Afoney of Xew "^''ork 
ouii of the Six Imndired, pon.n(L< I'ax it hrinc;- Meiucy hv him paid for 
Nails hinp-es I'tvard-- v'^v Carpenter- w^rk for the Repairip.p^ the Cit\" 
Ilnli in Ja'.mary last as A.pj-iears hy hi^ Ace", audi \'ouch,eis which, are 

OKriKidn thiat the Committee for Re[)ainn!:;- the City Hall d<.) direct 
tlie h'uildinc;- of Convenient Seals on ea(di Sid(.' of the Court Chamber 
in •d-.e Cit}- 1\:>M <^'i this City for the Accr,nuno<lal!on of Grand 
an<l ]'ett\- Jurys and that they Imploy worknn-n for [performing tlu; 


MIXl'TTS or THE co:.[\ujx CUUXCII. 

0:i^!Ku'!> tluU the jlav-.T [-Mie hi< Warranl tu the 
\Varr;',nl Issued Trcas'ircr of this City to ]ni\- to Cc/il Abraliai:! D : 
Peysu-r or Order oiil of the Kent of the ferry the 
sum of Sixty pounds Current }iIoi]ey of Xew Wirk in full for two 
years Interest of the ^dortpTtg-e of ihc same ferry when th,e .-anie Shall 
become due. 


A'lT A L'u:nnin)i Council licld at the 
City Hail of the Said City on Saturday the 
twent}- hftl; din_\- of leljruar}- Anno DoTu 

Present Elien.f/t.-r W'iilson l^.'-'fC Afa\-or 
A [ay Pickley KSq^ Rec^jrder 
V\'iili-<ni Smiih 
l:id ward Biagge 

Walter Thong C Aldermen 

Jacobvis ]\ip 
Sanuiell lUiyjird j 

Abralum; Keteltas ^ 


Cornelius D : I'eyst' 
Partholcrnew Laroucx 
jolin 1 ''•■•, -nrt 
W'ilham Pro\'OOst 
Joh.a^mes Ticbout j 

Titi; roLi.'jWJNvi Laws Ui'ders and ( irdm^iuces of this Corporation 
v.ere this ilay made Ordained Established and published ar.d Ordcued 
to be Couiinuc and Ren-ain in full force arid \'ertue for three Months 
froin an.d after tlie date Ivrcof (A'iz'i 

For the Ob.scrvation <>f th.c Lords day 

Concern i ng St raUigers 

Xonc to Keep publick h'-use> withoiu L}C' 

Survc\or.> of th.e City 

To Prevent fire 

Rcguhitions fur th.e ?darkctt 

Assise of ])reaJ to be ]Zstabli.-.l;ed L-vcr_\ \hvvi: Months 

Regula.tions fcir Carr^.en 

Masters of \'e>sc!ls [o give .Acc^ of tb.i:- ba>-<engers 

Couii^iiin CtiUncil to .\ijpf;ir up./n >ur.uuons 

r;uag-er> Packers and Cullers 

}'"recir,cn and Apiirentices 

cnv ui' xr.w ^"ork 


l^tsws cUid ( )rflcrs iuv the Gf.vciniii^-nt of ihe Dock uwl Slips 

Law agairi>t tiri'i;;- Guns in liie Strcrfs .Vc: 

Lav; a--: Kiliiny Laltle any wli^ro bin al the Sluuy:htcr houses 

Cattle to bo Landea at tluj Sloughtcr houses 

Law ln'po:-ing- A hue upon such as refuse to watch. 

Law for rkaning the directs Lanes and Alleys of this City 

Law })r'jhil/!ting iL'iv.ker> iind Pedlars 

Cariiicii not to drive •>\<v the Coni'-iv-n server 

Sv.dne Pro'iildted to run at large 

Law against digging ludes in the Conno.ius or Cutting Sodds 

Law ff>r preventing in nrev/cod 

Law f';r Supplying tiie X'acancy ni puhhck i-dectlve Magistrates 

Lavv' Lu.i;o.sing A Uue uji^n r,i'.cii\-e Magistrates refusing to serve 

Alderrn.en Auiiiori.^ed to put tlie Lav, ^ in Lxecution 

Ofiiceis to be Obsorven! in tlie Lxecution of the Lav.-s 

Law prohibiting Sv.-eei'irig the Street^ in tiin-e of Rain 

Guagers Packers an..] (/uilers 

Lav.- for Pavin.g the .Sriawis amd Alleys \\ithin tlic CitA" of 
N : Yoric 

Law Prtdr'hiii'r.g -wiui- t'.^ run ;it large in th,e P.owry Division 

Law f-r Rcni.:iving tla- I'^ms cv.i of ihe Streets of this City. 
[i6S] The Pet'tiou oi James Harding the Lessee of tlio ferry was 
read pr;iyir;g a.n Abaten.<;T}t of his Ren.t i>f the ferry b}- reason of the 
Great >ickn-.>s (.f the suvdl pox ^Vc: wliieh was reiected 

A'iT .\ Coiiun.on Council held at the 
City jlall ;W d ■■ Said City on fryday the 
one A.- th.irliLibi day of March Anno Doul 
1 7 ) o 
Present Lbeuezcr W'db-'.n l-.S^'' .Mayor 

May Pickley IL^<v P.'Corder 

Edward ]:iag-e 

Robert Lurtirig 

Walter Tliong 

Jacobus Kij* 

Abraliani Ketcltas 
■ i;arth.Ln:w.v Par. ux 

John P.rcM:irt 

Cornelius D Peyster 

R->hanrie> Tiebout 



3,;,v :.iixu"n:s of the co.mmon council 

Q'adv.r'd that the 2\Iayor Issue his VVarrant to the 
Warrant Ls.suc<_l 'i'lca.-nrer to \)v.y to Vv'iUiani Kicharclsoii Ricn.ani 
Davis John Cure and Julwi Hohncs Belhnen of this 
City or Older thi- sum of tuanty Six i)Ounds Ciu"rent ^vloncy of Xew 
York vrliich ^\dt]l ten pounds they have Already Received i.^ in full of 
their saiiary as r.ellmen r,f this Cit}' due and Endinp; tlie sea\enteenth 
day of April Next 

The second Petition of James Hardinj^' the Lessee of the ferry 
prayin^i;^ an Ahaten-.cnt of hiis Rent of tlic ferry h}' reasr>n of the great 
sickness of Small pox Ac: v/as read and rejected. 

Oro::i;'i» that ddie }\Iayor Issue his Warrant to the 
Wauni Issued Treasurer [to] pay to William Shar[):is or Order the 
sum of two pounds Fjr>-ht Sh.ilings Current ^loncy of 
Nc\'.- Yo;k it being- for tiiree lUank jtaper books one for Recordin.g the 
Tax Ivoles ar.d the Odier two for Registering freen.ien by him bought 
of Wdiliam Rradford for th.e use of this Citv in februarv last. 

City of ; 



>.ESq''* Aldcrnitn 

Att -V Common Council held at tire 
City Hall of the Said City on Thursday the 
thirteenth day of April Anmo DoTTT 1710 

Kbenezer A\"il]sf'n CSq^ Tvlayor 

lMa\- Bickley I'lSq'-' Recorder 

William smith 

Roliert Lurting 

Edward Cla gge 

W^alter Thong 

Samuell Layard 

Jacobus ]\ip 

Alirahani ]\ctcltas 

Bartholemew l^arouix 

Jolui Ih-evort 

Cornelius 13 Pe\vter 

William Provoost 

Johannes Tiebout 

The following Petiti^'U was tins day three times read S: Approved 


^ OI- Tilr. CUV uv xi:\v YORK 399 

and by thi^- C^U':t [>:\->L'u'..'.d lo the Honhle the Pix-.-i'K-.ii and the Rest 
of her Majc5t\-5 C'uniicil ^1 Province, in L'c'inicil i \'izi.j 

To tlie Ih.'TYhie Cievrardns Deeckman ESq'' 
President and th.e hlest uf her Majestys Council 
of the F'rovince of Xev. "N'ork. 

ddic Iln.PiMc Paiiiun of the rvTayor 
Aldermen and C;-'n!n. inahly of the City of 
New York Con\-ened in Common Council 
Siik\vi-:t][ Tliat as Xe'tliing C^'n.iril-ntes n.iore to the hapiness of 

A People than plenty z^j Xothinq- i> more deplorable than 
the waul '.'f bread which .seems at this time to tlireaten this Colony 
(and in a more irspccial manner this t. ity the ^^Ictropolis thereof) 
Occasi.'ned by the ilk-all and undue pr: dices of Several of the In- 
habitants thereof a^ well as Agents ir-.:u the Xeii^iibom ing Cclonys 
who for some tinic past have, and Sli!' Continue to Engross an.d 
]\Ionopolize all the wheat both in Cit}- a Country as well for Tran- 
porlation as to sell af':ain in this\- at um-easonable prices for 
their own ])rivate Pncre and gain to the <mdevioui Oi)prossion of the 
poor, arid thjc Arrival of tiuTe thousand f'~>tu- Imuplred Palatines from 
Great Ll'-ittain being dnyly ]:^:,i'ec(ed here -A ho nmst be Supported v/ith 
the Xcssessarys of lite v.-iil yett render tlu- \',-ant of bread more Grievi- 
ous by the great Consumption, tlicy nmst X'es^essarily make if the 
Lm] lending danger be not Sjjeedi!}' prevented. 

\ oui l'lcinom'.-N Petiti'iuur-s n.jst Inmibly pray 
that yotu- Honours will take tlie premis>es into }-our serious 
Consideration fijoj And direct sttcli IflTcctual 2\leasures 
for preventing the I\li>chief-^aid as to your Plonours 
great \\'is<loni and prudence Shall seem just and reasonable 

And your Tp-'nom's Petitioners as in 
duty b'lund Shall pray >vc : 

Pbenczer W'illsou ^layor 
.May Jhckley Record' 
Abraham Kcieluis William Smith 

John Brcvoort Robert Ltrrling 

P-arihi Laroux Ifd'^ard Plaggc 

Corneliuo]): rV\.>ter \\'alter 

William Pre^voost Jacobus Kip 

Joh.annes TieP-.u.t samuell Bayard 

aiXL'Trs or THE com:\iox council 

City of /^, 

Att a Common Council held at the 
City I! all of tlic Said City on 5-alurday ye: 
thirteenth day of y\?y Anno DoTII 1710. 

-.ESq''* Aldernic-n. 

Prcsei.!. El;.'enezer \\'ili,-un ESq^ ?\fa}"or 
Max- I5ic!:k-y ES'.f Recorder 

WiiHani Smith 

Walter '.Fhc.n.Q- 

Robert Eurting- 

Edward Jhac'ge 

Samuell Bayard 

Jacobu- Kip J 

Bartliolemew Earoux ^"] 

John Brevoort i . 

• ,. ^^ ,^ ^ ^ Assistants. 

Cornelius 1) reysier f 

Johannes Tiebout J 

The ('/'■ainv.'ae appointed th.e 2c/'. day of Xovcmbcr last to Audit 
the Cook^ and Acc'= of the Treasurer cd tins City and to Settle & 
Adjust the P':-oks and Acc'tuipts of Corporation ^vEake their 
R.po:-i m \'erba {Yiz') 

r'CKS(.T.\xT i',, an Or-.Itr of Common ^^'uai'.cil Ixarinp^ tiie twenty 
Xinth day of .'.oveniijcr last past to us directed for Auditing- Settling: 

Adjusting- uc: -.V.': City Ace^ 

d Books of tlic late dh-easurers of 

this Corporaiic^i cvc : We lia\-e Slated in Ri.g-uk-ir form y" yearly Treas- 
urer? Ace'" and s<jn!e Other Acck of this Cit\ from the 14*'} of October 
iTiX) to ih.r 14'. Octoljer i70n hicrennto Annexed the two fornier years 
( \"\z''\ Armc' i-'r<.;8. li' if>0'; the first 1,'eiiig Stated by the tiien d'reasurer 
ai!-i A'.i'lited b;. Comrmitces of the Common Council as ^^ th,e ^dinutes 
of tl.e okl Common Coun.cil [171 | Book ])r'.ge 400. 409. cV 421 Appears 
to Which Rcferr. tiie b.atter by Auditors judicially Appoirited by the 
Supreani Court, the Report of those Gci'.tlemen as also their Report on 
the Acct of Cai)t. lEycvanck being both Regularly Eiitred by us in. this 
ou.r Amiexcd State th.e j'-a!lance due th.ere liy >i- from Sundry Persons 
to ib.e City Apjiears to b- £<'>-\? — i8 — lok! Some of which Persons 
b.ave City Warrant > v.\ their hnnds to-'.\ar.l pavn-.ent of Ih-ir sever?! 
lEillanccs, Others v/ce are Satisfied have no Such Warrant:^ wh.o Ought 
severally iv p;o- th.eir several hkiliances in tlic Cit\- Trea'^ur}-. 

Wr.i-: have also Examined the Connr.on Council Books fur tea years 

OF 'iiii- c ri ■^■ r)r nh'a- york 


v,tx f'.^U'v] fi^i ll;.j l-rc-^rnL Treasurers 'I'-.x.-w rUrh's and Other Citi- 
ze;:.. hands; have to t!ic he-l oi" our Ai.ii!l!<;:. lua^ic this our State all 
\\hich has hJccasion'ci us v.-> in Con?iderah!e tr(juhlc and ])ains where!)} 
it Appear- to u-- Considerahle Sui,i^ oi ?\h.iv^v he!on;:^-ino- to the City 
besides tile ah<^\e -O-;: — )S — loh' Ui he in the hands of former 
Mayors AidernH-n Trea<nrer> and Other Citizens. 

d'he Annexed yearle .\ce'; we oi 0[iin.i'Tn C)Ui,c;-ht t^) he Copycd 
in the Xev; Ike-ks .d .Accir ol t!ie Ceirporati-i!i purchased h}' the City 
for tliat use lutlier hv the Ih-esent or late Treasurer and the yearly 
Ace':" ^ince 'dct^-her ipo"'. U> this day also Stated in Order to an Audit 
ac;-:hn^t tlie X-xi Meetinc;' of the C'r-innmn G'uncil 

da:d h>r j'ie\entin-- oi tiie like di-order e,f the City Affairs and 
Ace-; for tlie futuj-e v.-ldch hath Cost the Corjujration in Law suits &c : 
fhesidcs all Tliher Grieviou^ Charlies damapos and Losses) upwards 
C'f £200 is (diur (3]>inii".n the Treasurers keeji A Particular Ace* of the several Branches 
of the Cit\- h'evcnue.'Arish-icr hy the lArry Dock Lines Lycenses Lrce- 
d'e:i> Taxes .^It : JCntrin.g in tlie City J.eunial the Persons Xames 
t-ikin- their JTeedr.nis L\ censers iXc : with the smns Leceiv'd of them 
Cdia.reinL; th.e Payments to the h'eir)- Dock' I've: as the same hecome due 
and d;^ehar:;i!':; tho^e Ace'- hy the p:.vments ni;ele hy which the 
Corporation may at all limes knee,, what i> dw: rmd tn Come in and 
wlien vvhich C>thler\vi^^c tiiey Camiot. 

'Jd-,at th.e Treasurer^ uiiun i]\<: iireidnci!;,:^' of any Cil> Warrants 
drav.T-. .jii tliein if th.ey liave I'ol Money to d.ischarLfc Said Warrants 
i:ive ihe Pe'-sen to whon^ Said Warrant is p:!yahle an .\cct. in the Cit}- 
Look-^ Meniirminc;- tlie date sum and; Xtnnljer if .\n}- and [172] for 
N' wi'erel)}- th.e Corr»or;!iion n;ay tit all timies kr.ow vdiat they are 
in d,!.;.t. That th.e Warram.-v i'eincr Xt!ndvre<.i he jKud \>y the Tre;is- 
urer in Course i^Sahary Wan ant- Lxcepted) Pursuant V) tlieir Xum- 
hers and Xot Cnhcwi.-e r\\ccpt cut oi invd< .\p;>roi)riated or Special 
direct"on< given in Saiv! Warran.ts to hj h'.'rea. fter r:;-:\-en rer \\'arrants 
Cranted hef, re daiw 

Thiat no Treastirer hereafter V ^ he hdectcl ( iftiidate. up^r, A Penahv 
to * '■ Ascertained l.y tlto Common Council hef'.>i'e he h.ath ejven P.ondi 
Vol. H.— 2C> 


402 ^[ixu'iFS ur '11 IK co^t^l('>x corxciL \ 

with Survt}- ov Sureties for the :-Uin cif one tiioiisand pounds Ij ti>e ; 

iikinc;- of the Cnuunon Council to hcc]) the ("ity Ace': and niako the I 

]')aynients L'ursuant to thiC a:)i.>ve ^.chcn:e. and wlien Suiicrsc^.Iedi to 5 

deliver the City Books of Ace': Stated as ahove teii:,'-ether with all the I 

City Papers in his h.ands as also wliat Af.jncy upon Audit of his Accts ;, 

S)l)all Aj)r)er.r to he ]\.emaini:"'C; in liis h.ands fuurteen da_\ s after I 

liis supersedure and in Case lie C<:in.tinue lun.-'cr than one year in tliat j 

Office to nrtlce up and State the City Ace'- as hefore ready i>'r an j 

Audit within fjurteen days afier his second h'ection. ! 



Tiiat ujjon the Electirin the Xew Trea:-u. i'er he .Vciiuainted on A\ | 

Terms he is to OfGciaLe Ins Oince which if Refused Iv.- him Another he j 

]::iected, which it refused hy liim Others to he Kiecled untill one he ; 

found that will Oihciatc. j 

That upun tlie L'unhng in of A X'ew Treasurer the (.>ld 'Jh'easurer \ 

lia\inij: pe]-f(.riried. all the CoUiditions of his Ixj-id tlie same i;e deli-\-ered | 

up to him v.ith j\ hhjlease F.xecu.ted hy the .Ma._\(.'r under tlic City S'-al \ 

h)- Ordier of C<:>mri-ion Ceanicil he d.eli^'erin:4■ all the Cit_\- Warrants hy j 

him paid to his Successor. 1 

Tiiat upou th.e Election of A Xew Trea.^urer the old dh-easurer he 

onl)- allowed lia.lf Commission for th:e City Casli Remaining;- in his ! 

liands and j^aid hy to his Successors and that the Xew I'reasurer i 

have also only h.alf Connuission for what Shall he so received hy Ihm j 

of his [h-edecessor j 

Idiat 1!).; Warrants ow the dheann-er he tlrawn ( Sallary Warrants 
Kxcej-ted) hut where the Acch have heen lii.t Audited Ccjnforn^ahle 
to previous Orders of Connmon Coun.cih 

dd;at the Clerk upon Ids of Warrants Xundier them and 
at tlic same time deliver the Acch Audited as Aforesaid to the Treas- ; 
urer tn he hy him Kept and f> led. ; 

f 173I ddiat all Comrr.iLtees for .Vuditing of Accts if they Su>pect ti.e 
\'ouchers produced l< them tn he Si;rrentid';)u>iv Ohiained niay niake 
the hriui^ers in of those Acck Swear t^ their Acck 

Tiiat all the City Maui>trates (. d'licer> and Oih.ers that have or 
Shall Rrcei\e anv Mourv on AccI of the C:t\ Shall Acce.unt will: tli^: 


Corporation Every three AloiUli.^-. on t'lc days tlie City La\v^ be Con- 
finned and witliin lonrteen d:i;.s After pay rh..' Mori-ys in liis r,r tb.eir 
liandi; into tlie City Treasury. 

all >',hich is Snlnnitted by 

N York May AX'ilHam Smith 

ye: 9''- 1710. Waller TI'.o:i-- 

sanniell r.a\ard 
Corneliirs D Pe}-ster 
Joli Tibout 

whieh Ixep.jrt i^ A!)!n'ovvd .Veniine Cr>nlra d'cente an^l Order"!.) 
Alderman Liu'ting- .•Mdcvnian i]a_\ard aivl Aldonnan Kip or any two 
of tiiem be A Committee to Malre A furtl'.er Stafe of the debts due 
to this Corprjrati-.v.i; t(j dema.iul t!;e >ame from th.e several Persons that 
arc indebted, to State their Ace*: v.ith ihem and Re(:elve their Ansv/er^ 
anil to make Report of their prifcee'lings therein with all Convenient 

Oki.f.r'u that t'ie Mayor issue his Warrant to tlie 
Warr; Tssi'.cd Trea.urer to pay io lacc|nes Foni\'n or Order the Sum. 
X'"* [ of three p.otind- ilvr .-.hiliiigs an.d one penn}- lialf penriv 

L'urrt .\[oiU'_\- e-f Xev." Vnrk it l^citig- for Expences at 
his hon.-.e by ih.e Co;ninittec of Coiumon Council for Auditing cV' Stat- 
ing the Treasiuers Rook^ and Accis vV tlu- Ace'" of this Corporation 
at twenty fi\-e se\fral ^Niectings from the Jo"-' day of November last 
past to the Xinth day of this Instaiu ?\b;ith of Tvlay. 

Okoi-u'd that the jda\(sr F-sue his Warrant to th.e 

Warr- Issued Treasurer tu pa} tj J"!m Cuein-aed Codv.-eis or Order 

X'''' 2 tlie Sum of two i^.-uiiids ten Shilings Currt Monay of 

X'cw Y'ork it beiiig for Fnigrcissing th.e City Accts 

Stated l*y the Committee for Auditing tlie 

Oiuikk'd that the Mayor Issue Ins Warrant to the 
\\\arra!-it Issuedi Treastu'er to pay t ; I'.enjamiu Barnes Marshall of 
X"^ 3 tills Citv or r.'riler the sum c^i five pounds IZightccn 

• Shilings (Fu rent Money rd Xew York it [being] for 
half A years Sallary due and IFidir.g th.- feurieenth day of April last 
past four Journeys to Idarbun it hre .t" Candle a.< Ap|)ears by hi•^ Ace*? 
wliieh is Allowed. 



V Assistants 

[174J L'ity of ^ ^^ Att a Coninion Council hold at tlie 

2\\-\v Vorkj " '^ Chy Mall of the Said City 0:1 Tuesday tlie 

Sixtli day of June Anno DoTII 1710 

J'rcscnt KLcnczcr \\ illson liSq- 2\Iayor 
May L'.ickley ,CSq- Recorder 
\\'iliia;n Smitii ""i 

samuell r.a\'ard CESq'"' AMernien 

jacobus Ki]:i J 

Bartholcruew Laruux ^ 
Cornelius D : I'eysu 
John Brcvoort 
Abrahani Kctelias 
V\'illia!n I'rovoo-l 
Joha.imes Tiebout 

'ri'io tDllowiiiy;- Laws (Jrder^^ and C)rdinances of this Corporation 
wvvr \h':> day made f'irdaincd EsiablJsliod and publi-licd and Ordl:ked 
t'j be Continue and Ivenuiin in full force and \'ertue for three Alonths 
frum :-Ui\ after the date hereof. \'i;d 

For ihc Oij-ervation of th.e Lords da}' 

Concerning.- Stran.Q'e!"s 

Xone to Keep publick houses without Lycense 

Surveyors 01 the Chy 

TV- Prevent fire 

Keeulauons of the Marked 

A:-si::e of Hread to be Established Every liu'ee }*b)nths 

lEeprulations for Cann.en 

IM asters of X'essells to t';-iee Acco-uit of their I'as-'en'^ers 

Coiiv.r.on. Council tn Ai^j-'car uap.Tu Summons 

Gua^qers Eaekers and Cullers 

Freemen anrl A;)prenticc> 

].a\Vi and ('.irders for ll:e Go\-er!;m<:iU of the I^uck au'l Slips 

Law :t<.':'. lirin;.;- Cui;-^ in the Street.- ac: 

Law a.q-! KiliinL;- Ca.ttle aiiy vdiere I-ut at tb,e Slougluer liouses 

Cattle to be Ended at tlu: Sleu-hler h>.u>es 

Law Enpo-^ini^ A line ui-'on such a^ Refu-^e to v.aich 

Lav.- fur Cleanint;- the Street- Eane< ami A!b-\s ed this City 

Lav,- prohibitincr IIa\vker> and Eediar- 

Carmen not t^ 0.i\w r)ver th..: Comm'->n >e\\er 

swine Proliihited i.> ru.n at lari^e 

L:;W a^-* di^ri^-inQ- h'-^le- C'U the Co'in.m.'ns c>r Crittin.q- sodds 

1- Li 1 I Oi 


Law 10) pre\'cni:rL;' fr:;uu^ in fi'^ewO'''! 

Law lor SiijMLving;- tl;-; X'acaiicy of [lu'.lic!-: l'^Kca\-e Ma;j,isrrate5 

Law hJ!po^inp: A Fine upon Ebjctivc M"ai;i-iratcs occ : Rctn>iny to 


Aldcrnici] AutlKM-izcc! to luit tl';c Laws in. LxL-cution 
OiLicers to be OI-s^rvenL in. ilu- lixecn.tion of tl\c Laws 

[175] La\v pro]iil.)itinQ- S\'o;cj.'ing the Strcfi.> in tiriic of Rain 
Gnagor-; Lack;'r> and (.'nlier^ 
Law for Paviiig the Streets Lano> and A!Iey< within tlic City of 

New York 

LaV',- prohihitiiyg swiu-- ^o riui at largo in the L;)wr\- Divi.^ion 
Law Ren ,0 zing- the iX^.^t.- out i.'f t'ne Strcjl^ of tlii.^ City 

A Law y.'.w riii. Kii-a.-i-.Mji.N or thf. Of- 
Law for Regidateing iioK oi-- CiiAM i;;:';f .\ix ou Ti;r:.\^rRi;R of tki: 
the Office of Cham- Cn v (>v Xi:w ^'oi<k \"izT 
berlain or Treasurer j;;^ ;. C)r..hiii:ed by the Mr -or Recorder 

Aidicrnien an.vl A.~:- i.-tants of tlv. City of Xew 
York Convened in Ccmnion C'-<nnciI and it i- herebv ()r- ained bv the 

Atithorit\- uf tiie same ti'.a 

iicrcaftor to be Li..cted Cham- 

berlain or Treasurer of the said City Sl;a:I !.;.• A IVrson of good Ability 
and Repntni'on inhabiting and l\-s:d;ng within tiie said City of New 
^Trk and A Freeman of the >;Md C< ■riioraliv;n wLo hatii taken tlie C)-m\i 
oi A Freeman thereof a,nd that st;cli ['..•r-i.)n m:. bikcted before he 
Shall ]\rtcr lUMin ov beftie^ate in tin- said C)mi-e .C Chamberlain or 
d'reasnrcr Shall giue l^'nd to the Mayor Aldern;en Ov C-mmonality -d 
th-:^ City of Xew York and^ tlieir sncce.-s.'r^ w'': .-uhieierit surety or 
su!et}-s to the liking oi the said Corporad; n in the sum of one thou- 
sand pinnids Cm-rent Meiiiey of X'ew ^''.I'k witl; Creidition to tlte 
bTTeet or in the form, as herein after fe'li'.e.vcth (to witt ) Y'ltereas the 
aboue bc>unden A; R : is n.e-,.- Liected tb,e Oinee and place m' 
Chamberlain, or Treasurer of tl'e Said City f"r tl-e _\ear binsttein.g X'ow 
the Condition of this (.)ldigaiion is Such that if the said A: R: shall 
an<l do well faithfulle and truei\- j)erf. irm ICxioute and d.o all things 
wliatsocver v/liieh an}' ','va>> iMueh '■■.• Cmreern hi< --aid Cifiiee an.d well 
and faitb.ftiUy in rdl tlnn,:s b-h.aue bim-elf in the F.-vecution e.f tl-e said 
Ofliee of Cham.b.erlain or d'reasurer e.f tb.e said City oi Xew ^'urk and 
Shall in d\-:^ tjrdei and in i>\\.i,ci i.b-oks for that purpose Keep 
A true ICxaet and Ju.-t A>,-e'aupl of tlte .-^evera! Firanehes oi ilie Reventie 
Rents and Incomes of the -aid C(iri)oration an.d. in tb.e lil-:e Oolerly 
^banner disch.arge the san:e bw dv^- aridi t bakrly ipaxmeiits and also 
Shall an.l de- bnierv three Month, or ofmer 1 if he! be tliereunto r^.- 

4o6 m;nl'T]:s of IHK CuMMOX COI'XCIL 

qnesk-d,j .) j ren'ljr to tlie snid ^layor Aldeinicii cind G^nmionality tlieir 
sv.cccssors a:id. Assigns A true *Jc Just AcconiiU of all his Receipts and 
pa}"inci;ts I\ct;ul;ir!y stated iii sii'di proper bo'-k?, frtr tliat purpose and 
sluill rjK: do Observe all suol; Orders Ruk.-. and directions in the 
?v!akii}g- Ids pavM*: as he fr..!n time lO time Shall Receive from th.e 
Oomnion Conncii of the said City and als;j if the Said A: B: his Exe- 
cntors -1.1' Adm'" Shall and do ^vith!!l the space and time of fourteen 
da.ys next aft>:-r thic Determination or end of his Said Ofhce as Cham- 
! eriain or d'rcasnrer a^ Aforc:=aid be it by death <>[ the said A : \l: or 
< 'ih.erwise v/eli and trnely ren.der A true and just fairly 
]-^;i'.rcd in lloob.-- for that purpose as Afore^aid of all his Receipts and 
j.aymen.ts unto tl-.e said ?vIayor Aldermen and [176] Commonrd.ity of 
the saidi Oily t'lOr successors an;] Assigns and vvell »^e truely jjay or 
C'a:;se to be paid unto tlie said Mayor Al^bT^nen and Commonaht) of 
the ^aid City tl'cir successors and Assigns all such sum and of 
M'V:ey as Shall l^e tlien in his or their han^ls or vhich he or they 
Sh.adl up'iu. such. Aeconipt be foun.d to be in Arrear and also SIkiII and 
ill- irK'U A sunieic:it discharge in law to him to be j^ivcn by the said 
Ma Mr Aidvrnten and Commonalitv and their successors within the 

vioresaul v.c-n and irueiy suirrcncicr and (i'.'iiver up unto t'K' saic 


Mayor Aldermen and Cornmonalit}- their sr.cccssors tmd Assigns all and 
sii'gular the Books [aiKl ] Accompts belonging to tlic said O^filce with all 
Warrants \'or.chers and belonging to tlie same and also 
all and singrdar j'lills Bonds Speciakies Rcases Clraiits Deeds Patents 
and a'l Otiii-r V' and Writings whatsocvei' in tmy wisr b-b^nging 
i>> tlie said Corporation A\ithout an}- Concealment Jmb'czellmerit r.r 
fraud that then this Obligation to be \"oid Otherwise t.) be and 
]<e:r;ain in fub force and X'ertu.e. And be it fu.rtlier ()"dtiiu'ul 1>\- ib.e 
AntliL-rily Ab -esaid that if any jorsoii hereafter to be Klected Cham- 
bnbdn or Trea.-Virer of tb.e said City Shad! Xeglect or Refuse to 
b.'i'cr in.tM Such securit\- a.s .V foresaid v/ithin. the Space of f^jurteen 
days next after liis 1-eing so biiected such Klecti.m Shall be and is 
het-tb}- deelared Xn be Null an.di \'o:d to ail In.tents and purpo^e.^ >vhat- 
so.\er and that th.e Sand Corporation ra;ay an.d is hereb}- Tm.powered to 
]>r;_";eed to bdect a. n. 4 her person into th.e said Ohice a-; if Such Rerson 
sw forn^.crlv ]-dectcd bad Xever been b'lected Chamberlain or dh-easin-er 

. f'.resai'l an.di- tnties qtiolies wlien ar.y ]\-i-"n so bb 

ee lc 

Reelect or Ixefust; to give such sectndty as is A fe. re-aid directed any 
fo'-.n-er i;sage nv Raw of the Said Corjvjralion t'.' the Cemtrai-y b.ereof 
in a!:y wise X<_it\. ithstandiir.g. Axn. be it furtlicr Ordained by the 
Authority Aforesaid that if an}- Rerson hereafter to be I'ilected 
bvrbdn or dh-ea^urer of the said Cdtv Shall at an\- time after s\Kh 

OF Tin: Cirv of new york 


sccvirit}- as is herein before recp.urcd such Person so Offending- in the 
Elect'on take ui-on him llie Exeention 01 the said Oi'iice or Officiate or 
do any Act thii^g- or tliii\?:s JjclongErj: to th.e ?an:e before he hath talien 
the usual Oath for the (Ute I'x'jcution of hi.^ Oince and g^iven such 
Preniisses Sliall forfeit the sum of ten pounds to \k- Recovered before 
the Mayor KeceC'Icr or a.r.y on.e of the Aldermen of the said City \A\o 
are liereby In-ij'owered. vj Levy the same upon th.e Goods and Cdiatielis 
of such Offender by Warrant under ]ii> hand .v seal and the sann.e to 
be paid into th.e Trea-ury of this Oity to and for th.e use of the Ma\or 
Aldern.ien and C"mmonality oi the said City t*v- liieir successors ar.d that 
all sucli Act and Acts thin;;- an.l things so by Person performed 
and done [lefore suels r/>ath taken & such security Given as aforesaid 
shall be and i-. hereby declared to be Null and \V,id to all Intents 
and pu.rposes v^liatsocver [177] l'saj,'e of any forn-er Chamberlain 
or Treasuner or of th.e Corporati.i!! .\foresaidi to the Contrary liereof 
in ar.y v/ise Xot\vithstandin.Q". 

Idle Petition of Poberi Pn 1 lingu.'n \eas read praying A survey be 
mad'"- of A Certain of (drouaid I'.in:^' on tin's Poland tlec : and A 
liarccll of A[(■ad,o^v with A slij) of b'pland thereunto Annexed butted 
on the -jutli \\'est uij'.on thic la'tn of llenr;.- Prasier North F.a>t upon 
the Old Kili soi-th l^ast alon- the Pa-t River and Xorth West by the 
biig:l}v.-ay Omo; K'r> that th.e su.rvc-;. or o,f thi- Cit\- survey and lay out 
the same savi'yq- the ]'!i.i:ht of th.o Ci!>- to any land there and the 
surve}v.r make A Rel!M-n t^ici.r.f to this board at the Chargv of the 

City 01 ) ,.,, 

New "^''orkC ' 


Air A Council held at the 
City Hall "f the Said Cit>- on Tuesday ye: 
13''' da\- of Juuie Aimo YJvu] lyio 

Pdjcnezer \\'i!;so,n Pf^q- Mayor 

AJay IhckUy V.>^r l.ccorder 

Robert Lariin- A 

Edward P!-o-:e L, . 

,, ., "■ , U'.sq^s Aldermen, 

samuell Payar^! j 

Jacobus ]\i|) J 

Abraham Ket'.-ltas ^ 

PJartholerra^w Parr-u^ 

Cornelius 1) : Pey-'ti 

Jc'hn Lhx'voi.nt 

Jc'hnnries Tici)oud 

\\'illiam rh-o\-oo>t 


4c8 MlNL'r];S (jE- 11IF-: CU.MMOX CUL'XCIL 

Res'jLm-zd tliat tlie I'.uikI iov pcriorniaiice of Covenants fro::: the 
Lessees of ihc IVx-I: made to tliis Corporation he fortb.witli put in suit 
b}' Reason of t'.ieir Continued breach of Covenants in not Clean_:::;;- of 
the Dock arid l-Upairing of the \\liarf5 i^vc : Accordir.i^ to the Tenor of 
thfir Ltase and that the Treasurer dchver to thic Recorder ti:c said 
Lease iA' r.ond iu Order to his Speed}- prosecution of the same. 

OKDr.R'n Aidcrnuui Lurtinu;- Ah_lern:an Kip M^ Tiehoul and. Mr 
Provoost or any three of tlK-nn ijc A CoriTrnittee to Agxee with, and 
Inipl'iy \\-orkrnen for ^dahine, i_\te the Cupud;) of the City hhiH. 
[178] Okdrr'd that Alderman Kip and Cap^ D: i'eyster he A Con::nit- 
tee to Audit the Ace":: of Wdlham idobl)5 ISaac Sioutenburt^h antl John 
Finch ;!nd niahe Report thereof to th,e Xext C'vuinmn Councih ■ 

C)RDLK"i) thai Alderman Kiii and M'" D: F'eyster he A Com;.:iitee 
to Acrree \\-ith A scpvenc^er for Carrying- a\\a\' di.- ]_)irr and soyl v u: of 
trie Lroad street for trie _\-car Kns-e.eiti;j,-. 

Oa.DKu'D JeKn hlrevoort l:e pound Kee})er of ilie l'ovvr\- Di'^ ;sii:<n 
of the Out Ward of tl:e said City du.rine;- the [deasure of this Cc^:;:! in 
tiie Ivoom of Reheckah Wan sch;iiek upon the Ce-riditions foilo-.\ in^- 
(\h'z'j ti"!e said John Brevoort shial! at Ivis ov\-n proper Co>t and 
Char£,^e nuake .-V g'ood and sufneient i>'arriil lV keej) tlie same i;-; LTOod 
Repair durin.y- th,e tinie he Sliall he keeper thereof 'J'iuat he .Vccompt 
Vvith thus Court upon Kver\- three 'Alont'is if Required arid, pay 
one half i.f all the Profitis thereof to the Treasurer of this City for ihe 
use of this Corporation and that vpon the service of this Order the 
said Reheckah \"at: M,diaick be di>char-ed fr- .m the said Oincc. 

Tlic Petition \va^ read and AT)|,-roved ar-d OkhkuK :: be 
signed li\- th.e .Ma\-or tV forthwitli presented to the Council 

To tlie Flonble Cerrardus hieeckn:an KSop 
President ;ind the Re^t wf her Majestys Council 
of th.e Province oi Xew ^'e rk. 

The Petidon of the Ahhruien 
ai:d Coiiuii'-niality of t!;e City of Xcv York 
Siii:\VM-iii I'lait Wdiereas A Creat r,i Palatine^ are lately 

Arrived in this Port and c::reater Xumhers da\-l\- Kxi^eCted 
v.lio after so l.jng- A \dj>a.i;e are ori»\vn X'er)- >:ckl_\' auvl liave n:any 
Cor.ta.c,n"ous disten.iVers amonc: them as tliere is ju.-t Caun- to hek-ve. 
and }"0ur I^etiti'-mers ('ein;; \'ery Ai->[)re!ien-.i ve dial if lh<:y Sh.:-'d 1 be 
permitted to land vdlliin thi.- Corpora.tion at I10I season of th.e year 
it would Pndan-er the heahh of the Inhabhant^ and he A e:-.-at 

OF JUL ciTv or new vori-: 


Ol^trucrion to the- 'rr:ul.- :;;;•! \\\-!l;arc 'U thi> Lily Ijy .l^ttrin^- the 
Coi;iitr\ rew[)Ic uii'l ' 'U.':v< fro:;i Re<oi-tii;- :. O-nxin;^ biLhcr as iisiKil 
Therefore your i'ci;!:! ■:;^-r-; hnnibi} p-'ax- this 
}IoTi!;]c board so t-:. dispo.-c and place the said 
Palatines tliat tliey n.ay r.ot le permitted to 
Come wjthii: this Cit}- mui'! tlioy Sliall be in A 
fid! State of health 

And the IViiii.^'VTs Shall pray ^c ; 

^ Order of Coinnv.n CVnnci 
Will Siiarlas O 

a W' Mayor 

[i;(}l Okdlr'o that Aidernian Bla-;^e M' Keteltas ^nL^" l.aroux and M^ 
Bre.-oort or an\- tinee uf th.eni be A Convniitter to \de\v and .Make Re- 
port to this C'Onrt vdiar Incronch:i;enis are riiade njir.n th.e hii:dv>,vay 
froin rVc/nrmes'-hc to fre?h,\vater. 

Cit \- of I ^. 


Att a Conuvion Council held at tlie 
City Ilall of the <a:d City on Fryday the 
if/':- da>- of June Anno DoTTi 17 10 

Present Ebenczer Wdll-uu PScf Ma}or 
Mav Idcklcy h:S.[- Rccordu" 
Wilhani smith 

Edvard Ida--e 
Walter Tiion;; 
sariuK-h Payard 
Jacol'ns Kip 
Abraham KetCi 
C-ornelin^ [): Prv^tor 



i^artholemuw I .;o-' nv , . , , 

C Assistants 

John Prev.a-t 

Jolianrie^ 'riCi^a.i ' 

William Pr'.v. .St J 

Rrsolvko that til's ("<■,!•[>, u-aii(-'n d^^ C' .n::ratulaio his Kxoellency 
C>!! Hunter on r,is l:appy .\rriv.d l^ thi> h.i> C'.wrnment and that the 
Recorder prepare an Addires> A'oo.rdir.olv 

Rf.solx'LD ihat this Cv'r|:.,-,ia,i;.';i Com] 'iim.ait Ins Pxcellency Coll 
Tinnier 'vidi th.e T-'reed.(,;ii c i \h\> Cnri-.>'radcjn. ih'it lh:e .seal be Tnclosed 
in A Cold Cox (•[ the like \ ,di'.- as has u^ualh' been £;-iven to Other 
Co\-crnours and thri diL- Maya- Ui'ce Care the <inv' he [M-ovided Ac- 


xMixui Es 01- Hit: cu:j-\1u.\ cou.xcil 

A'JT A Coi"ii!!oii Council hold at tlie 
Cit_\- Hall of llie ^aul City on Saturday the 
I /'I'- day of June Anno DonT i/io 

Present Ebenezer ^^'illson ESrf Mayor 
AFay I^ickK')' ESq^ Recorder 
A\'iiliani Sniiih 
Robert Lurting- 
A\'aller Thonr^ 

Edv.-ard ].'.kiL;;;>: 
samr.ell Bayard 
Tacoi)U? ]\ii) 
Abraliaiu Ketoluis 
Bartbolc!n::v.- Larou: 
John Hrcvoorl 
John Tiebout 
WiiHani Provoost 



[180] The following Address v.'as read and Approved and sig'ned by 
t:n"> I'oard and C)RDi-K':D thns Court iorlluvid; Attend his Excellency S: 
pie.- cut th.e sarr.e. 

do His ]C\ccllen.c> Rr/oert Ilunter ESq^ 
Cap'. Geui;ral and Go^■ernor.r in Cliief of tlie 
Provinces cif Xew York New Jersey and Terri- 
tories (lepeu'ling ih.ereon in America and Vice 
Admiral of the same iKc: 

The Hund)le A-ldress of tlie :Mayor 
Aldcnnen and Commonality of her ]\Iajes- 
t\'s Most Ancient Cit\' aiid Corjioration of 
Ne\\- York 

May it please Your E.xceller:C_v 

Her Most sacred Maje<l}- thrr.ugh.out tlie whole Course of licr 
R.cign has suUicientl}- demonstrated She desires Nothing more 
than the welfare and hairiness of her ])ec>i)le the grcatesf Enfiuencc 
v.-hereof wee do with all b.umble Gratitude Acknowledge in A peculiar 
mamier to l-iijoy at this time fiy her Royall \^is'lom and Goodness in 
Appointing ^'our Excellency Cap* General iV Governour in Chief of 
this Province under wln'se Cou.rnge auii Condu.ct wee may rcsi secure 
from, oim Enemies abroad and wliO.-e Justice vi" Pruderice gives us th.e 
most li\-ely hopes of healing all our jarrs v^- divi'^ions at home 

Wfk do th.ervf'/ire with the td'eatest Joy and AiTt.ction Congratulate 

OF '1HI-: crrv of xew ^'Ork 


your Exce!Kjnc}5 Arri\ai to ilii> Cii} llic Ciiicf ^cal oT \oui- (jivcrii- 
ment and shall on r'.ll Occas!C>ns c:i\e >our I'.xccllcncy suincient Assur- 
ance? of our Loyalty to the bes! oi sr.vcraiLyns \>y A Ready Obedience 
to Your Excellcr.c}-? G'"'\enunent. Iv.'r Maie>lyi most Ansi>!lious lveic:n 
n-.ay Conti'.iic lun- over us and her Arms be 
L■ro^vn'd v.illi frc.-h X'ictorys and that u)ider her 
\VLe ina\- lung Knjoy the hajtiiiess of Your Lx- 
CL-Ilv-nxvs Tuvt and wise Administration are the 
}vfost EariK-st and Real dcr^ircs of 

litr .\[aiest}s }do'=^t Loyall Subjccis and 
}Oin- IA;celifnc\s M^.i dmilull and Oh-di- 
ent ] Inmhle s'-^rvant-^. 

Ebenezer Willson ^layor 
^fay I'.ickley Recorder 
A\'il!iam Smith 
Robert Lurting 
b:dv,-ard Tda-ge 
Walter Thoiig 
sanni'jll Rayard 
Jacobus Kip 

Abraham Kcteltas 
^larthoEiu.v.- Earou 
jolm Rrevort 
Tohn Ti R-ut 
William Rrovooct. 

Si] Citvof I . . R;." the ?day>.r a'^l Aldermen of tlie 

Xcw Yurk\ " ■ L'ity of Xew ^'ork lime ye: 28^'' Anno Dom 



'Jkl>fk"d tlie A-size of R-r( ad be tid further Rtrder as followeth 

A Winri:: Iria.f oi tire Tmest fbiv.x-r io weigh two pounds and A 
Ouri'-ter for four j'scnce half penu}'. 

A. \\'nFATr.\ loaf the Eourse-t bra.n only taken out and n.ot 
CHlierwaxs to v.eigli two i^ounds \- three ([uarters for four pence half 


A \\'i[iiK l-nf oi the line'-t do'.wr t" weiyl; ten ovnices for three 
lialf ponce and that v.n ( )d^ei- bread be made vrc Sale within this City 
but to the al-ove Ai-'-i/e (I'.i^ only Excepted) au'-l 
ORi'KR'n that all Raker^ o\ ihi^ C'if. de. take X' tier thereof Cc bake their 


MixuTi.s ur 'itiK cu:uMk>\ couxcil 

bread ,\ccon;Iing!y btiiig' cil Six .^hiliii.^-. 'p? iUi>hcll. Dated in 
New ^'(.rk il;e 28''/ (lc:y of Jwv.c in L!;e Xinih ^'ear uf her Alaiestys 
Reign Anno DoTn 1710. i-.benezer Will^on Mayor 

William Smiili 
Robert T,ui-ting- 
Jacobus K'v.j 

City (,f 

Arr A Cuni-non CoUiicil hrkl at tho 
Cit}- liall of tb.e Sai<l City on Tuesday ye: 
2=,^: (bay of July Aniv.j \')'<u\ 1710 

rre?fnt Rbcn.-zcr Willson ESq^ Mayor 
May llickley V<rr Ru:ordrr 
William Sn.iiih ~^ 

Edv/ard RIa--e I 

Samuel! r.a\-ard 
Jacobus Kip 

KSrr* Aldermen 

Abraliam Ketclias ~^ 

'-"•■^'" lAssi>tants. 

Cornvliu^ D : I 
Jolin Ibfevo.-rt 
Jolianne.-. Ticbout 
William r'rGvoo>t 

OKb:;:R'D thai !\b' Jl-Ii!) I\c'ill ^: f b' Arclnbald Ktnnedy lien- be 
Complin.iented with tlio fri'Cil-m of tliis Corporaiion 

[182] Att a Common Council held ai the 

Cily "blall of the salt! Cit\- on Tue^diay the 
12''' (lav of ?e|)''' Anno DriMl 171C1 

Present Ebeuc/er Willson b'.S*]- Mr^yor 
:vla\ l;ickk-y ESu' Kuv^rdor 
William Smith ^"i 

Wakrr 'Ihon- 
samncll lki_\-ar*l,-. Kip J 

Ab;aham Keteltas \ 

P.artlii 'k-:r.e\'.- Ea.r-nx C Assistants 
Johannes Tieb.-iu J 


OF Till. CI r^ OF xi-:\v york 

The C(M;iinittec Apiioinlcd I') Audit ilic AccL of 
\\"arrc'.in i-^ucd Williaiii ]!.1.^> do Ivf-'O!! iliat there is due to the 
said W'ihiani ] l-d.ljs thiv Mun <.'t ton pounds Sixteen 
Shihngr^ an<I Six pence I'ji T'oard^ and hd-jr fur tiie use and Repair 
C)f Iho Cit} Hall in. Ma}' la-t which Report i> Api^roved and Order'd 
Nemine Contra diccnte t'iat tlic^ Ma}or Is^iu' his Warrant to the 
Treasurer to ]>ay tiie same ov.i of the :vFin.-y> of the Six hun(h-cd 
pounds tax. 

Idle (.■euniiiitee App^jiiited to Audit the Ace; of 
Warrant Ts-iied ISaac SieiUiuibur^li Rcj'^n that there is due to him 
four pound:- in:- timher and Pine I'.oards for the Re- 
pair and tise .h' th.e Oity liali in feh-ruary hist wh.ich, Report is 
Approved and ( )KL)j:t^'ji Xendne ('o:itra diceiue tliat th.e Mayor Issue 
hi- Warranl t.> the Treasurer to paN the -ao^e e;it of the Six hundred 
pounds Tax 

Idle C on'n:it!.''e App.'inted to Audit the Acet. of 
\\'arran.t Issued John Idncl: Repi.rt tlia.i iliere is due to hint one 
])Otind Uvv Sh.ilin^:- aovl A. ludf penu}- for glew Xails 
and hinges for the use :\iv.] Repair (■] tlie <Sily ]iall in May last which 
Report i> Ap-proved and (dKoeidi- Xemni" C'ji'ira dicer.te that the 
Mayor 1-sue his Wcrnint Ij llu' Treasurer ti i)ay tlie san:e out fd the 
Six liundred po.mid ddix 

()[vi!::i;'o thr Ma\or i-ue hi- Warrant to the 

Warrant Issued Treasurer ••> iku t" Wdhiari Sharpas or (h-der the 

X".; sun; of i^n p -undr- Sixte-.n Sldlings ^y three pence 

Curr' Mo:hy of Xe,\ ^'o;h it heing for half A years 

sallarv ^^.c and landing the f: urteenth '\::y ,d July last and for Money 

by iiint paid f..r Rngros^in-- an Addr^:- and idxedoin for his hAcellency 

CoTl Ihniter ^ as aiM^ear> hy his Acex which is Allo\ved 

[]S^\ C)Rni:KT tiK- .Ma;o.r issue his Warrant to the 

Warraiu Is.-u^d dd-ea'-tuei ( Xennne C-nira dicente) to [>a> to John 

Harris an.di jsaa.c -n or (""rder out of the six 

hundra] poiuids Tax the .un; of I'nriy tAe p^vuids Currant Money of 

New Vorh in ''ull for their making the i^rid^re over the I'ursuant 

to an Agreement made tlie X'imh da.y oi i'^lK-v.-M-y last. 

Ci'D'oA) tlie Ma;o.r h><ne Itis Wan ant io the 

Warrant Ts^ned' 'jdxu>ur.r \o pav to William llohhs or Order the 

X" :; s;nn -f ihn-<', !)oliar^ Iv ing hdght poimd< five SldC 

iriL;-s O'urrant M'.^n.ey of Xew \'ork it being in full of 

Ids Sallarv as scavenger <^( liii< Cii\ dtie and l-htding due wul /:;;:/;Kg 

the f:r>t dav of August l;\st l\e halving' Ivcceived ten dollars bef.MV. 


The Coinniiitco for Agrceliig with A scavcr.ger 

Warrt jcsne,! for for th.e broad i^trc-et Report ihcy have Agreed wiih 

2 — 15 — o Andu-ics Brewer for one year at Eleaven pounds 

X''6 'i-} Anmirn Conmicneing- the Eleventh day of June 

last v/hieh Report is Approved and Order'd the 

Mayor Issue hi> Warrants for the Payment of the san:e Quarterly as 

the sarr^e becomes <hie. 

TiiK following I.av.'s Orders and Ordinances of this Corporation 
v.-cre this day niade Ordained J^stabH^hed and imbhshed and Okd;_-r'd 
to be Coiitinue ana! Remain in full force and \'ertue for three ^.lonths 
from and after the d;de hereof (\ iz^ 

For tiie Observation ut the L'o:('i> tj;i\' 

Concerning Strangers 

None to Keep pnblick houses v.itliout Ly cense 

Survc\'ors of tlie Ciity 

'J'o Pre\ ent lire 

Regulations of thr .\rar!;.ett 

Assize of lyread to l>e Established every three ^Months 

Regulatii:)ns for Cariiien 

Masters of \^e=sei!s to give Aect of th.eir Passen.gers 

Common Council to Appear upon Summons 

Guagcrs Packers and Cullers 

Freemen and Apprentices 

Raws and Orders for the Go\ c rnment of the I')ock and Slips 

Ra-w agaiiisl firii.;, (^Rms in thr- Strcrts Otc: 

Raw ag* Killing Cattle any where but at the Sloughter houses 

("attle to be at the sioughler houses 

Raw Rnposing A tine upon sucli as refuse to watch 

Raw for Cleaning tlie Streets Panes and Alleys v/iihin this Cicy 

Raw prohibiting Hawkers aiud Pedlars 

Carmen not to dri\-e over the Common sewer 

Swine prohibited to Run at large. 
[184] Raw agt digging lujles on the Commons or Cutting sodds 

Ravv^ for preventing frauds iri firewood 

Raw for Supplying the X'acaricy of pnblick Elective Magistrates ^I'c: 

Aldermen Authorized to put the Rav/s in Execution 

Ol'ficers to be Observent in the Exerution of th.e Raws 

Paw Prohibit!!ig the Swec[iing the Streets in time of Rain 

Guagers Packers and Cidlers 

I-aw for Paving the Streets Panes t^' Allevs within the City of 
New York 

Or '1 \i\i crrv OF xi-w" vork 


Lu'w Prohibiting Sv.iiK: to run at lai'Li'e in the Bowry dlvi;?iou 
Law for th-c Reuio^-iii'^ ihe I'o^ts out oi ih.e Street.^ ' t this City 
Law for Rcgulatcin,^- the Ottke uf Chiainberlain or Treasurer of 
llie City uf Xew Vurk 

.-V'l r A Comnicn Council held at the 
City fiali of tI\o S;ud City on Fryday tlie 
29"' day of S.:ptentber Anno J3oT!T 1710 
being the feaA day of S^ Michael the Arch 

Present Kbenezer Willson LS^r Mayor 

May Pickley l^S^f Recorder 

W'illiaui Smith "| 

Robert Lulling 

Waltc!- Thong^" 

Edward Rlagge 

sanuiell Bayard 

Jacobus Ivip 

Abraham Keteltas 

BartliolcP.icw Lare 

John llrcvoort 

Johannes Tiebout 

William Provoost 
Purstiant to the Wan ants of the }da\or Issued to tlie Aldermen of 
each. iU'spective Ward of this City for the Llccting this day one Alder- 
nian one Assi^'aid t\\o Assessors oiie CorvCtor and C'nc Petty Con- 
stable in the five Wa.rds on the south sid.e (.f th.e fresh water and one 
Aldcrn.ian one Assistant two Assevv"'vs iwo Collectors two Petty Con- 
stables atid four Sur\-e\'ors of ]liL;lnva\-s for the Out Ward of the 
Said City for the Bowry arid PLarlem Divisions of the Said Ward to 
Serve in th.cir Respeciive Offices for the }ear En>rieing Accordin.g to 
tlie I'-^aye Laws and Ordinances of the said City k Accordingly the 
same (hiy Iveturn Vvas made thereof at twelve of th.e Clock at noon 
to tlie Ohice of Town Clerk un^Ier tlie Irmd.-; and seals of th.e Respective 
Alderu'en According to th.e Tensor of th.e aforesai<l \\'arrants as follow- 
eth (\h'zf) 

y LSq'5 Aldermen 

C Assistants 

Fast Ward 

John 1): Peyster 
■Abraham Wendell 
Jeh.n l^eade 
John Auiljoyncau 
Alexpiider Moore 
Evert Duvcklnck 

A -sis taut 




Wc-t Ward J 

:l\uj'i:s of thl" co^'M'tx colwcil 

Wiliiar.'. Svnitli 
jjr.'.rthc-l'jir.ew Larc) 
[acobu-s Goelet 


X'ancr'-Mer \ 

Kcrtli Ward 

i'.arciit Dctorccst 
Jilias J amain 
f^ Kip 
Vmii-'iiy R'.-.tgcr? 
foior.i; W'aulron 
i Jacob ] Bennett 
Tl;r,:rais llookc 
William Edit 
'""Walter Tliong- 
Coriiclins T) : Pcv: 

South Wai 

Dock Ward -<^ 

Qui Ward 

AiiLhony Lynch 
ISaac ].) : Ricnicr 
Tlionia> Staihari 
Samucll Cayard 
A!l;crt Clod: 
Elias Bondinot 
Xatiia!iid! Mar-loii 
Jolni A\'hito 
X'r.ali Cazalkttc 
]-;d\vard Blajrgc 
Jnhii lh-o\-oort 
Pradlip Minthornc 
John MiseroU 
David :^kndcvil 
Richardi i^doorc 
Jercniiali Durrovrj] 
Joh.anncs Me}'cr 
John KitTsc 
(dcrrclt Dit}-ck:ri:-<n 
Adolph Mexcr 
Johanncs I'.enson 




I Assessors 










/ Survevurs cd 
\ Hio:hway> 



] Surveyors o; 
( Tlif^hways J 

for the 
13 o very 

for Idarlem 
Di^ isioa 

(i^'fd A Minute of Council was read Siirncd by ricor;:^^ Clarke ESq^ 
.'-flTJ.y of this Province \\hcreb}' Ids TAxcellenry tlie Governcvur in 
I oimcil was pleased t" Xominate Colt Jacobus \' : Cortlandl M?.yor 
f^. I-rar.cis llarison VSg" sheriff of tin.-- Citv f^^r ihe \-ear Ensucinp:. 

Irsoi.VKi) Xcn.iine Contra diceiUc that Ivd-rt Eurting- ESq'^ the 

OF ti'j: city oi- xr,\v vork 


rrcsc-iit Treasurer of this City be ami is h.:rcby Elected Cliainberlain 
or Treasurer of ibis Corporation iov tbc year Ensueing- 

OuDrR'i) that the- Trea.surtr of tins City render to this Court A 
year]}- Ace': of his (Jfiice chirin;;;- tlic timo bo bias been 'JTeasurcr 011 or 
before tb.e tcutli (la>- of Oetolier Xcxt Ensueing'. 

The ?\]ayur Appoints M'' 'i'Jias Janiain high Constable of this City 
for the year En.-ueing. Whereupon it is CJ!;dkr'i) that the Alayor 
Issue his Warrant to the Aldern^an of the West W\ard to Elect A 
sufficient InlKdiitant of tiu Said Ward to serve in tlve OffiCe of Petty 
Constable of the same Ward for the year Ensueing in the Room of 
the Said I'dias Jan;ain at such, time tl place as the Ma}-o'- by his Said 
Warrant shall A[)poirit.. 

Complaint is made by ]^d'' Johannes Janscn tliat Walter Thong 
ESq^ Aldcrjnan of tlie soittli Ward of this City hath tlii'^ day made an 
uudue Return of tb.e Election of Aldvrman of the Said \^'ard Alleadg- 
ing that lie tb,c said Joh.amies Jaiisen v/as Elected Alderman b}' the 
I\Iajority of Voices of the hjli.-ibita.nts of the Said Ward and pi-ax's the 
Role of the Said Election be Mxamincdi A' Scrutiii}-"d b}- A Committee 
of (his liOc'i'd in Chak-r tliat Rigdit be dorie. ('Ikdkr'd that Alderman 
Smith Alderman Eu.rting Alderman I'lagge Alderman Bayard and 
Alderman ICip or any three of them be A Committee to Examine and 
.scrutin}' tb.e Said Elcclioti ami make Rrpiirt to this Court on fryday 
Xext whetiier the said }d'' J.msci: or Alcerman Tliong is Elected by 
the I\Lajority of \'oices of the Inliabitarits of the Said Ward to serve 
in tb.e Said C)fnce of Alderman of tb;e same Ward for the }-ear Ensue- 
ing and tliat all Persons Coiicern'd ha\-e Notice tb.ereof. 

The Co'.nnr'ttee for Making a further State of the Debts due to 
this City ba\e I'n.ade tlieir Report which \',cis read a.nd Oi-D1".1'.'d that the 
Consideration thereof be Ivcfer'd to an Otbicr Opportunity. 

Win:i-:i:.\s WJ ISaac D: Riemer bath ro.ade Applicatirm to tb.i-; (^iHU't 
for A Warrant for the Mone-y dwc to him Pursuant to an Ordt/r of 
Comnuon Cou.ncil made ibe fifi.Hnth day r.i Xowmljer la-^t [i^~] past; 
hut this Cc'urt hndiiig iha.L tia- said .\R D: Riemer i< ind.-i.,ted to this 
Corp.irati n in suu'lry sums of Money dr.riner his .Ma_\'orality and 
Otiicrways fjr which he ha- riot yett Accou.nted it is tb.erefore Re- 
solved by this Court that as-soou as the said VJ D: Rieiner has fully 
Vol. II.— 27 


^is AiixuTKS OF Ti:!:: coyiMos rY)i'XCiL ■ j 

Accvw.piL-'l with tMs Corj. oration tliat A Warrant Slui'i! be Grants! 1 
to liitn f.jr sucli Haliancc as upon such Ar-c'. sliall justly Appear to be j 
due uniL- him an\- former Order to the C'ontrarv Xotwithstandine. I 

Cit}- of ) ^^. Att a Conunon Coiiaeil hicld at tlie | 

New York \ "^^ City iiall of tl'.e ^aid Chy on frydiy tlie | 

6''' day of October Ariuo DoTU 1710 I 

IVescnt Ebenrzer W'ih.on ESn^ ^layor 1 

^h:. jlickh-y ]:Sq^ Recorder j 

Samuell Bayard I ESq" Al.jrrnien 1 

JacouUb Kip J I Keteltas 
Bartholemcw Eanviix 
Joliannes Tiebout 
\\'i!hain Provoost 


The Conuniitee Ai^pointed V'j Exan^iinc c' scrutin}' the h^lecrion of ] 

the south \\'ard Report th.ey liave gi-\"eu Xotice to tlie parties and | 

that Alderman Thong- (hd not attend th.eni with tlie R..:'.Ic of the Said, | 

Electifjri so that the\' Cannot Report who is duely h-leeted Accorchng j 

to the Said Order it is therefore further Oi^d^ck'o that the said Com- \ 

niittee do ydve Xotice lo tiie said parties and th,at if Eitlier of | 

the ])arties do attend that they do Examine S: hear \'f.»iees | 

were Electors for EitluT part}' and make Report Accordin.:;ly on j 

Wensday r,ext. I 

The Petition of son.e of the Inlialritants of th.e North \\"ard was | 

read Complaining- William Provoost was Elected. Alderman of j 

the said Ward the 29''' day of Sep^temher la,-t and tliat Alderman Kip 5 
has Returnkj himself Elected. Oudlu'd that .Mdierman smith Alderman 

Lurting Alderman Dayard cV .Mderman I'diacge or any three of th -m \ 

be A Committee to E.x.aminc iiUo the S'lid. I-deeilon and Report who i^ ! 

Elected Alderman of the said Ward by t'le Majority of th.e \'oires of j 
the Ir.habitar.ts of the same and make I-ieport thereof on Wensday 
Next ar.d that the parties have N'otice Accordingly. 

OF Tiir. c]'r\' ui- xr:\v york 



Att a;!iioii Council h'jld at the 
City TlaH of tlie Said Citv on Wensday the 
11^'' day of Oct',-hcr Anno DoITT 1710. 

Present Ebc-ncztT W'iilson MSq'' Mayor 
}shiy ];ickk-v KS.f Kccur<!cr 
WiUiani Smith. 
Sarnuell Ilaxard 
Jacobns PC in 

Piartholemew Laro' 
Abraham Kcteltas 
Jobrn ijrcvort 
Johannes Tiebont 

y EScf-^ Aldermen 


'jd\e Ccjnimittee Apijointed to i^-.-rntiny t!ie h".!ecti>:)n of the North 
Ward Rej.-ort thac JaC'-:;ns Kij) is F.k-clcd Alderman of the Said \\'ard 
for the }ear Hnsueing' b\' tlie ]\Iajririt\- of X^oices of the Inh.abitants of 
the vSaifl Ward, whichi Report is C'Milirm'd}- 

Thic Committee lor Examiniii;^ thir Election of tlie South Ward 
{•leport in. liaec \"crha ( A'izy) In r^'i.ediience to an Carder of Comnion 
Council of tl;e sixth In>tani to us directvtl further to Scrutiny the 
bJect;;)n 01 Aldern:an of the SouLth Ward; Pursuant to Said Order 
\\'ec TiK-tt and gave Xotice to Aldci'nnn d^r:':ing' auifl AP Johaiuics Jan- 
sen to Appear, the laiter Appearir;;:;- and .\l<Jerman Thong- did not but 
not lu-ing able to C'hiain the List of the \'otes taken by Alderman 
Thong }P J(>hn:n:es Jansen brouglu fia-.r per-.-^ons (\"i:'') JaC'di IMaurit;^ 
TSaac I): Kienier Jur.' P^ter Meyer .v Xicholas Ku^evelt wlio upon 
their C^atiis dcfiosed they \"olrd f^r ^P Jolian.nes jansen for 
Alderman en the 29''- day of Sciptendvr Last to serve for the said 
Ward v.h.ich is Subuiitted !.}• -^V".' Smith 

E: Blagge 
sam'' Bayardi 
Jacobus Kip 
which. Rep::!rt is L'on.ftrm'd it .■\i)pearing to this Court that M/ 
J<jliannfS Jansen is ly,- the Pluralif.- of X'tiiccs of the Inhabntants of th.e 
said Ward Elected A!^!erman of the said Ward for the year Ensuein.s; 
tlie sai'l M'' Thong having refu.-ed to Attend the said Committee or 
make Appear that h.e had any \'ctes fi_ir him and also refused to deliver 
the l;..t of tiie Said Election, and Okni-.R'n that the Clerk do bring the 
Rotu.rn of the Eb-ction of the Said Ward to th.e Xext [189] Comnion 

Council and tliat tlie same be mended Accordingly 



JL COM }10K 


Ordlir'd the Aia\()i' Issue his WarraiU to tr.c 
N'-' 7 Treasurer to pay to May 13i-.kley FSq^ or Order tlie 

W'arr', Issued siuu of Eleaven pouiuls ten Sb.iHn^fs Currl Money of 
New York it being- for fees in the Action of sickles 
acis. Turneur iri 1708, for Atten'']in.c: \.hc Council for Opposing 
the passing the Bills about the Repair of the highways and for Attend- 
ing- the As>enibly several tinics to Opi)ose the passing of the Bill for 
Kriforcine the Covenants of the Lease of tliC ferrv ^^•^lich is Allowed. 


Sq""^ Aldermen 

C Assis 


Att a Common Council held at tlic 
City Kail of the Said City on saiurday the 
I4'l- day of October 1710. 

Presfut Ebenezer A\'ilIson F.Sq^ ?dayor 

Alay Bickley ESq'' Recorder 

William Smith 

AValter Thong 

Edward Biagge 

Sam-iiell Bayard. 

jacobus ivi]; 

Abraham KeLelta> 

Bar thiolcmcw E.'iroux 

Jol'in Brevort 

Joh.annes Tiebout 

Wdlliam I'rovoost 
'JTiis day the }dayor Attended by Coll Jacobus \' : Cortlandt the 
Mayor Elect th,e Aldermen As^istants Shciiff Assessors Collectors 
Constables and CJtIier Officer> of Said Ciiy aljout the hour of ten in 
the forenoon 3.1 arched from th.e City llall to Fort Anne and there 
waited ujjon his Excellenc>' the Covernom- in Cotmcil wlverc ihc Said 
Colt \': Cortlandt was Sworn Mayor of this City Jv' ITancis Harison 
ESq!" Sheriff of the said City c^' County for the year Ensueing i\ there- 
upon his l^xcellency the Govcrnour deliver'd to them their Respective 
Commissions Accordingly whereupon the Mayor Attended as Afore- 
said went froir! thence [190I to the City llall where after the Ringing 
of three Bells the Connnissiors of the iMayor and Sheriii' were pub- 
lished and then they Rcj)aircd to the Court Room wliere the Okl 
Mayor delivcrVl to the New Mayor th.e Chair the Charter and. seals of 
the said City who then Resumed the Cliair Accordingly .V th.ereupou 
the I'sual Oaths were Administred to Johii D Pey.ster Alderman of th.e 
East Ward William Smitli Alderman (jf the West Ward Edward 

T!u: cirv OF nfav york 


Bhigge Aldennnii of Iho Ciiit V\"aril Sanniell Bayard Alclernia!! of the 
Dock Ward lV Jacolius Kip Alderman of the X(v/th Ward, Bartholemew 
Laroux Assistant of liic West Ward .Vbrahani Wt-udell Assistant of 
the East Ward Albert Ch'ok As^i^tanl of the Dock Ward Anthony 
RutC;er^ Assistant oi llic North Ward and John 15revort Assistant of 
the (Jut War.-:, as ahu l.'Jda? Januiin, liigh Cunstalm-, Thomas Statham 
Cop.stable of tlie South Ward, Williatn Ecght Constable of tlie North 
Ward Noa.h Ca^ab'eti Constable of the Dock Ward David Mendevil 
Constable of tlie I'xiwry arid Cerrett r,'\-cknian C':)n>tal'le of Harlem. 

M^ Cornelius 1^: Pcj.ster Assistant of tlie souih A\'ard and Evert 
Duyckinck Constal>Ie of the East Ward u-cre al)sent. 

Ordlk'd tbiat Alderman Smilh .Mderman l^lagge Alderman Bayard 
and Alderman Kip (-v an}- tliree of them be a Committee to Examine 
.^: Scrutiny th- Elvciion of A!<icrn)an of tlie souUi Waid Pursuant to 
tlieir former (Jrder arid Rrj)ort to this Court who is Edectcd Alderman 
of th(^ Said Ward for tlic year Ensueincr NN'ith all Convenient Expedi- 
tion i*t tliat tlie I'avtles Coucern'd have Notice thereof 

IV Lurting Treasurer of this City proposed M'' Ri]) Van Dam for 
liis secu.rit}- for tr.e due Execution of liis Office kc: udiich security 
is Ap]:)^o^■''d by thi^ Court. 

City of / 

New ■York !('■ 

Ati a Commem Council held at the 
City Hall of tlie Said Ciiy on Tuesday ye: 
17''.' day of October Anno DoTiT 1710 

Jac( >bus \': Corllaudl ESij^ Mayor 

\]r,y Bickley ICSF Recorder 

John D: Pev.ster ^ t-o r. \r i 

ESq'^-^ Aldermer 



h'ScT'"' Aldermen 


A\'ilHam smith 

ST'iuuell iSavardi 

Jacobus Kip 

r.artludemew Earou.x 

John I'rcvort 

Albert Cdock 

AI>rabam Wend.dl 

.\ndre\\ Rutg-u-s 

Tlic Committee ,-\pp'-)inled t':> Scrutiny tlie idcction of the south 
\\''ard Report In b;ec A't-rba (Vi/.'.) Vvj^iv^wl to ;ui Order of Common 
Council of the 14''' Instant to us directed tc* Examine cc scrutiny the 
Election of the Aldtrinau of tb.e Sivath Ward of V.w Sai.l City Pursuant 
to former Orders In Oiiedieiice te> Said Order wee mctt and had the 
hst of the Electi'-.n of Said Ward ou ihe 2<r'' uf Sep''' last [.rc>duced to 


us by AUk-rr.-an. TIi'm;,:: and liavlnrf horiril the Alleg-ations and wirt- 
nessf^ jiroduced by l;oth ])arUcs i'L^ our Opinu.v.i (after A lon;^ debate 
of the matter) tliat M'' Johatiiies jaiiben Ijy llie qualifyed \'otes of tbc 
Inhabitants of Said Ward allowed by us is Elected Alderman of Said 
Ward by tl;c b'lurality of one \'ote wbdcb is biumbly submitted b}- 

W"" Smitb. 
samuell Ba.yard 
Jaciilnus Kip 
whicli RcjX'rt is C'oufinn'd uule.-s ibie partie- Conreru'd Show Cause 
to tlie Contrar}- the Xext Common Council v, licreof tb.ey are to have 


Oi'Oi'R'r' tlu' Mayor his Warrant to the 

N" 8 Treasurer to pay to Renja-.uin luirues or C)rder tlie 

Warraiit Issu.ed suir. o"^ scaveu jtounds sea\civi.',xn Shiliugs and Six 

pence Cuirr' Money of Xew Yorlc it being for one 
quart!. i' of A Years Sallary due and Endiiig 'die 14'1- Instant as ?\Iar- 
j-b.a!l of this City f-jr Candles fur tbie Watch from the diy of 
April to tlie te--ilh Instant being" ]S2 days o: four Journeys to Harlem as 
Appears by bis Acct. ^vhich is all(:)V\ed 

C)ri)-:kii the IMax'or Issue bis Warrant to the 

X'' 9 Treasurer to pay to William Sharpas Touai Clerk 

V/arrant Issued of tliis City or Order ii;e siu.n of Xin.e r)ou.nds 

Xinctecn Sliilin,es and three ])ence Currant Money 
of Xew ^'ork it bciiig for one quarrer of A >ears Sallary due .^c End- 
ini; the iq".' Instan.t, for Pen ink and Paj-er f':ir one year Er.ding the 
same time fur Cash paid for Engrossir.g- c^- Parclnuent two I'reedoms 
for J)f Kei! and ]\P Kennedy and for A Plank book for Records a = 
A[ipears by his Ace! wbiich is adlowed 

[192] Att a Common Council b.eld at tb.e 

Cilv Hail of tb.e Said City on Saturday ye: 
2 Pi' day of October Anno DoTn 1710 

Present Jacolnis \K Cortlandt ESrj^ Apnor 
>day Pickle}- PSq'' Kecooler 
John D: Pey^ter ^ 
. William Smith 
- sariiuell l'a_\ a rd )> biSq''^ Aldermer 

JacrPus Kip 
Johannes Jau'-en 
RESor.vF.D that the Report of the Committee for Making A scrutniy 


01 Yin: CITY OF X!^>V YORK 423 

of tlie l-^lcrti'^i of tlu- soiith Ward raado tl'.c last Coinnioii Council be 
Coufirnicd no Cause l.eiir^- s'iown lo the CVmlrory arid t!'.e Return 
of the Sai<l Election he mended Accordiric; to an Order n^.adie the iiH' 
Instant. Wh-n-cnpt-n tlie usual Ualir'^ were .vdministred te. Johannes 
Jansen ESc]^ Alderma.n of the said soutli Ward wh.o tooke Ins place 

(3ui)Kk'D tliat Alderman 13ayard Aldcrn^an K'ip and M' or 
any two of them lie A Ce^nnrnittee for Auditincr tlie jjuliHck Acc^^ oi 
this City 

is City 
ORDrik'D ti-.e Accl oi M' Ti;(^';-c; he Rcfer'd to ilie Said Con:r.ittee 
Ordei.-'d yi- Receirtler Alderman D: [V'y.-ter jansen 
id A!dern:an sniith or rniy three of ilx'm Ir; A C<inmiittoe to make A 
otc of tiie \-earIy RL-\r'Av.i- of tiiis Cor]r'ratir>n and of the Annual 
^ar;;c thereof and n-'ak^- Reiiort t';ereof wit!; ah Convenient Expedi- 
■;n and thai tlie Trea-nrer ^c Town Clerk att-nd the said Commitiee 

Char;;c t!;ereof and n^ak^- Reiiort t';ereof wit!; ah Conver 
tion and thai tlie Trea-nrer lC Town Clerl; att-.-ndt tlie sai 
\sithi P>ooks and ikipers 

An A Common i^ ul 

Citv Ilal! oi the Said City on A\'enso 

^5/''^ day of (Jctc'eei- Anno Duln 1710 

Jacobus \' Cortlandt ]:So'' Mayor 
Mav Ikekkv hiSq^ Recorder 
John iV I'ey.ter ~) 

William Sm 
j.hann.t la 

K'ld at the 
dav ^-e: 


V ES<f-^ Aldermcj 

Edward E:a:j:;e 
col- us Kipp 





Rartholemew Ear^ Wendell J 

eux y Assistants Wendell J 

AR Corneliu:-^ D: Eeyster .\v^Rt:mt of the <^outh Ward luad this 
dav the usual Oaths Adnninistred Idn; h_\- tlie Max or vV Ivecorder 
and tooke his place Accprdin,c;-iy 

Evert Duyckinck v.lio vras EUcie.l Constable of the East Ward tlie 
29-'' day of >-eptember la-t, A!)pe;trcdi h'.fore this (.Yuri ir, Iris proper 
persf)n and Acquainted iIkim ';e v/as r.'ady to pay his ihie A: desired 
Anr.ther Rerson Ix: Elected to ser\-e m his Rocm. OKOrfro that the 
AEiyur Ts>ue hi> Wkirrant to t!;c Alderman of the Ear^t Ward M Cause 
A New Election of A Constable oi the said Ward on Salurdav Xext. 

A Draft of A Ihll l^mituled an Act to Enable the Cor!)r-ration of 
the City of Xew \'ork- t^> Irdd Idea '-i forrai.-n Attachmen.i and for 



Conilri'iiTij^ to tliem their Anlioiit L!ip;hls Customs iS: Liberties as tli-c 
saint; are .L:ivcii Ciraiitf.l and Confiruied unto them by their Cliarter. 
\s-as brou.c^iit in b}- the Mayor and Recorder rcarl and Approved and 
Ordkr'd tliat ihe ,-anie be Recommended to tlie 2\Ieml.iers of this Cor- 
porati>.n to ( V.nain the Rjissing of the srnne in the Gen" Assembly and 
C)ia)i:::'i) that M'" ]\!a\-or and Alderman jansen do hy out for this Cor- 
poration such sums of Mone}- as they shaH find Xessessary for 
Obtaining th.e passinc;; of the same. 

Okdkk'd that tlie :\Iayor Agree witli four Able men to be the BeU- 
mcn of this Cit}- from the f.rst day of Xovemljcr Xext to the first 
day of .\['ri) then next following arid make Report thereof to the 
first Con^.:ne>n Council 

Att a Common (."ouncil held at th.e 
City Hall of the Said City on Thursday the 
Second day of X'ovemixn- 1710 

Present Jacobus \": Cortlandt I^Sqr ^layor 

^lay iJicldey ESq'" Recorder 

John V): Re\ester / .,^ 

"-.,,. c- ■ 1 J-.So''^ Aldermen 

Wdliani Smith \ ^ 

[194] Johannes Jansen A 

Saniuell Jia_\ard J>F.Sq^^ Aldermen 

jacobus Kip J 

Ah.rl CR,ck ^Assistants ' 

Abraham Wendell J 

0]:[>i-k"i) that th.erc be A I'.onlire on the hiLh da}' oi Xovember Xext 
as u~u,rdly in this City witli the usual ciuantit}- of wine lV that the Treas- 
in'ci- jirovide the same Aicciirdin.giy 

?vK ]\oiK-rt Lurtir.g Tlie I'reasui'e!- or Cliamberlain of this Cit_\" 
delivered to tlris Court A I loud for the due Execmion of his Said Cftiee 
Executed by himself ar.d V,^ Stejjhen Delancey iMerchl which is A[)- 
proved by t'hs Coml and (.)!;r)r;R'D the same be lodged with the Mayor 
& thereu;-K!i tb:e Said Rebert Eurlin.g was sworn Treasurer of this 
City Accordingly 

The i<. ■/•.(} ^[^ Em'ting proiluced his ace': of the time h.e has been 
Treasiu'er r.f this City t JROi/a'i) tliey be Refer'd to t!ie ConTittee for 
Auditing the Enbhek Ace-: 

AR Cieirett WaPihorne having made Application to t!u"> Court 
his Eott of Ground Iviiu' at tlie West end of loll D Revsters house in 

Cornelius D : Pey 
Rartholeuiew Ean 

OF 'ilih CITV ()!• xVi:w YORK 425 

Queen Sirecl be lairl out .\ocordiv.g to the Oa'-.i of the same from this 
Corporation. Ordi.k'd th;il the surveyor ol Luis City la;,' out the same 
Accord in,:;-!)' in the L're^e;lce of Aldei mari 1) : Teyster ami Ml Wendell. 

Ordf.r'd that the Cage Pillory Slock.-^ >\.- whiping i)05t be Removed 
to tlic upi>';i- end of the br'.,id Street A little behnv the City Hall and 
be put up there and that Aid.crman Jan.>eu and M^' D: Peyster do take 
Care to sc[ej the same performed. 

'W Rceijfder descents from this Order. 

City of ^ „^ At r A Common Council held at the 

Nev/ Yorl:^ "" City ilall of the Said City on Tuesday th.e 

j.l*'' day of Xovemlier Anno TViIn 1710 

Piesent Jacobus \' : Cortlandt }'-Sq^' 3.Iayor 

May fjickley F.S(|'' Rccord'T 

K^hn D: Pevster ) ,, * , , 

"..,,. .', >- PSo" Aldermen 

\\ illuun .smith ( 

[195] Johannes Jansen "^ 

samueli Pavard V ESq'* Aidern.ien 

1ac..bu> ICip J 

Corne'lius I): Pc_\stcr ^ 

Abra.ham W'eridell L Assistants 

Partholcm-w I,aroux J 

The Committee for Acrreeino- v/ilh Bellmen 

Tn*^ jo ]\-.port that tii'-v ha\e A;.^''vcdi \vii.!i William Ivicli- 

Warrl Issiud for ardson Rich:ird P.-vi.-, Dirck Cook .v .Vrnout 

ten jioimds PIendricks(.-n to be the I'ellmen of this City from 

tb,e lirst In>tam to tb.-- in-.-.t of April Xext for the 

Sum of ib.irty Six poim''s t.-n. poimd- w'lerrof to be p;ud Pnmt-diately 

which Report is Appruvt. d and r)iaii"K'i) tlie >.Pi\-or Issue bis Warrant 

for the Said ten i)ound.s .Xccordiiy^ly and Ik- a!s(j providie the Said 

Piellmen \",it]i an hour bilass and Pantlh,>rii. 

ORi:>i'K'D t'Kit the Mayor P^uc his Warrr'.nl to tb.e Alderman of the 
West Ward for tb.e Clm-in.c,-- of .\ Co!i>t.d.k- in the Room of Claese 
P>ogaeri who ha<^ paid his fine and (hat the Pb/ctirm lie made on fryday 


( )i<i):-.k'D >AMnIiie (."ontra dieente th;il iiie Mayor 

N" I r Ts^tie bis Wariant to tlu- Trea>urer to pay out of 

V\'arrant Issued tlie Six hundred [>ound T.ix unt':> M'' Walter Thonc^ 

the sum of ten p-ouud.- twelve Slu'lin-^-s aivl ten pence 

half penny Current Money oi Sew Vorl: it beiuL^ for Mon;-y by liim 



paid to C?jr];cnti:rs La'.'nuicrs Cariiieii iVc: for \v(j''k clone- to the Bri<li^'o 
from .March to Scptemljcr hisi as .!•)■, vars by iii^ Ace! AiK'ited which 
is Allowed 

The C'onimittee for Audiiiiij^- tlu- i'uidick Acc'v Fvcijort upon tlic 
Aect. of [Vter W'lhemse RooiriC iii hxx X'erl-a (\'iz^) I'urbuant to ir-f 
Order of Co-.nuiop. Coiuicil v,-ee ha\-e iLxamiricd two Audited Ace*' 
of ]'eter WiUern'^e I-iooiiie One for 5 — 7 — 9 and the Other for 
6 — 13 — 9 both Aniountm^q; to 12 — 1 — 6 Audited the 9'^'.- of Sep^- 
1700 aiid find biv the oUi Cc'rnir-v^n Council Look page 302 that th.e s;iid 
I'eter W'iileiuse Roonie on the i8''- of S^i.teml^er in the same year had 
A U'arrant Granted hi:n f<;r Saiil 12 — 1 — 6 on th.e Treasurer beir.i:: 
for se\-eral di.-burstineirt.s at tlve CiL> house at the ferry and said 
Audited Acc*'= being" for the same service i'ts our Opiniciu that Xotti- 
inv; \^ due to t!:e Said f'eter Widerns- thereon ]:e being paid by tl.e 
aforesaid Warrant wliich is [196] Subiuitted by Samuell Bayard 
Jacobus Kip wlnchi Re; v'rt is Approved ;md Confii-med 

Oi;r>i:K'D tlie ace: of \\d!iiam PFolT's be Refer'di to the Connuiittee of 

^'ty..t / ^,, 
XewVorkC '" 

> IkSfj''* Alderman 

AvT A Conunr'U Council held at the 
City Hal! of tl:e Said Cit\ on fryda\- the 
first day of Dtceuiber Armo Doni 1710 
7h■e^cnt jacobus \': Cijrtk.ndt iCSif ?\layor 
May iJiekley J\Sq' Reco'der 
William Smith 
Johannes Janseu 
sarnuell P.a\ar..l 
Jacobus Ki[) 
Ed\\ard Blajr-e 
Bartl.olciu.w Laroux ^ 
Cornelius D : iVy-ter 
John I''ue^ •:.(3!-t 
All-ert Cb'ck 
An.thouy Ivutg-ers 
Abraham Wended 
dhii:. fu! lowing; ].-<.v:> Orv!er> and^ C^i-diuances of iliis Corporation 
were this day made (.'>r(kuued I >:a];lid-;ed an^! [.ublijlied ^ Ordcr'd to 
Ik- CoiUiuue and Remain in full i"-^Q aud \"ertiie for three Montlns 
frou.i and aJter the date liercwf (Xh'z') 
I-'r-r the Ob>er\ati(>n of the Lords day 
ConcerniuL'' Strangers 


OF TiiL-: cnv OF Ni;\\" york 427 

None to !:co]> pnblick liuusf \\-ithcut L}'ccnse 

Surveyors of tlie City 

To Prevent i-'ire 

Regulation'? of the Markett 

Assize of Bread to Ije li^t:ibli>lied Kvery three Months 

Retaliations for Carmen 

jvlastcrs of A'essells to rive Ace' of th.eir Passengers 

Common Council to Apjjcar ujxju Summon^ 

Guagers P;ickers an;i Culkrs 

Freemen and /Ypprenlices 

Laws and Orders for t!ic Cr-ivFrmneiit of tl-e Dock cl- Ships 

Law ag^ tiring Guns in th.c Streets c^c : 

Law ag; KilHng Cattle anv where but at the Sloughter houses 

Cattle to \j Landed at the Sloughter houses 

Lc'uv Juir:o>ing A fine upon such as refuse- to watcli 
[197] Law for Cleaning the Streets Lanes A: Alleys within this City 

Law Prohibiting Hawkt rs and I'ediars 

Carmen i\(A to dri\e o\cr the Comni'jn 

Swine I'ri.ildl-.i'ed to Run at large 

Law a.'4; iJigging h.oles on the (^'vjuuons or Ciutin.g Sodds 

Law for Preventing frauds in h'irewond 

Law for Suppl}-ing tlie A'acanc;.' of Pu.hlick- Elective Magistrates ^:c: 

Aldermen .^Vulh.orized to puit the Laws in. Execution 

Ofikers to bo C'lxserven.t in the l~xecution of the T^^aws 

Law I'roliihitiMg S\\'eei.;ug liie Street'^ in time of Rain 

Guagers Packers an.d Culleis 

Law {<:>]■ Priving the Streets Lanes anil Alleys withir. the City of 
New York 

Law {prohibiting Swine to rum at large in the Bowrv k)ivision 

Law for Kemoving the I'o.-ts oiU of th.e Streets of this Cits- 
Law for Regulating the <'.)thce of Chaniberlain or Treasurer of the 
City of New Ye^rk. 

AssizK or }JlU-AD 

Ordkr'i) that the Ay^ize oi Pread be tiil ip,rthier Order as followeth 
(\'iz') A A\diite loaf of tlve finest !■ lower to v.eigh twelve Ounces for 
three half pence - 

A Wdiite I'laf of the tine-t Flower to weif-h two pounds and A half 
for four pence half penn_\- 

A \\d:eaten loaf the Coursest E-ran only t'!;eu ='.;: and not Other- 
wa_\'S to weigh three P'>unds for fe'ur peuc;. ivil:' pemv-. l-^ing 



at five Sliilii).£:s ""[.-' lUishel!. aivi rh-it no Other brc-^.d be made for sale 
^vithiIl tliis City init According- b:* the above As^i;:e (Bisketl only Ex- 
cepted) and Okpf-r"!) that all I'.ahers of this City do take Notice hereof 
and bake their Ijread Acc'>rdinG:h' 

^■ESq^-^ Aldcrnieu 

Att A Common Council held at tlie 
City Id all of the Said City on fr^'day the 
k/'- day of Januar) Anno Dr)nT i7io[-ii] 

Ertsent Jacobus \' : Cortlandt EScf Mayor 
May P-icklc}- ESq'' Recorder 
Jolm D : pJy>ter 
William Smitli 
Johannes Jan '■on 
Edward Blagi>:e 
samuell Bayard 
Jacobus Kij) 

|i(j81 C>Kur,K'ii the 3da_vor E"^"-ue his W'arra.nt to the 
X"i2 dVeasurer to pay out of tlic Six hundred pound Tax 

Warri Issued unto ^\'illiam hhdjbs Carpenter the sum of thirteen 
pounds Current Money of Xev/ York i)i [it] being: in 
full for v.-ork done in }ve[)airin;; tbic Cuipulo of tl;e City Had in the 
Mi'iiilis (if Sop'''- October and Xovemlver last a^; Ap[iears by his Ace! 
Audite'l so nuicii whereof is Alli,.wed by the Auditors and no more, 
iu.,1 d..dii.K-tiric; tlu'ce Sliiliri:;b and nur pOiuiy h;dt penny for old lead, 
nemine Contra dicente 

ORni'u'n th.e "AIayi")r Issue his Warrant to the 
X" 13 Treasurer to ])ay out of the Six himdred pound Tax 

W'arr: Issred mu.o }A' William Ihadford or ( drder tlie sum of three 
])'junds CurrtiTit ?\Ioney of X'ew "S'ork in full for sodder 
Chare(de Caudhs and work done on the Repair of the Cupulo of the 
City Hall in Xoveniher last as Apjjears 1)\' his Accl so muclr wliereof 
is Allowed liy the Auditors and no more. XT-mine Contra dicente. 

Ordf.r'd tlie Ma}'or X^'emine Contra dicente Issue 
X'^ 14 bis \\'arrant to tlie Treasurer ti;i pay out of tlie Six 

Warrant Is-ucd hundred pound Tax unto Jiihaiu-i.'S \'an.c:elder or 
Ordi^r the s;un of tw" p'.nn^ds ten shilinp;s and seaven 
pence b.alf penny Current Moni>- td" Xew York it beinc: for boards 
liy hi-m sold and delivered for the Repair of tlie Cupubo of the City 
Ihdd in J-uly and. September last as Ap[)ears liy his Account Audited 
which is Allowed. 

OF 'IHi: CITY OF XL-:V\' ^'ORK 429 

OuDi-k'n Xcniinc Contra (licciUe that the Mayor 
N*^' 15 T'^siie hi^ Warrant to the Treasurer to pay out of 

\\'arrant Issued the ^ix hundn.^d pound Tax unto M^" Abraham 
KeleUas or Order the sum of one pound Six Shii- 
mgs and seaven pence half j>enny Current Money of New York it 
beiui;- for Nail- Iry hhn s:_dd and dehvcred for tlie Repair of tiie Cupulo 
of thie City Ihiil in Xovemher la?t as A])pears b\- Iiis Ace! Audited & 
Reported ^vLiell is Al;o\vecL 

OivPiik'D Xcmine Co;itra diocnte tliat tlie ]\[ayor 
N° 16 Is.'^ue his Warrant to the Treasurer to pay out of the 

Warrant Issued six hundred ];ound Tax unto Jacobus \^ : Cortlandt 
F^Sq'' or the sum of four pounds Six Shilings 
and three pence Currer.t Moucy oi Xew York it being for Sheet lead 
b> h'in.i sold viv.l delivered for the Repair o\ tlie Cupulo of the City 
liali in X^ovenil>er as appears by his Ace! Audited and Reported which 
is Allowed. 

[ 191;] C)}-i!v.u'n X'emir.e Contra dieente that the 
X'' 17 Mayor Issue Ins Wsrrt to tlie 'iVeasurcr to pay out of 

Warrant I=su.el the Six hundired pound Tax unto samuell Phillips 
i'dacksmith or ()rder the sum of o:\& pound five 
Shilings and Xine f)ence three farth.ings Cm-rent Money of Xew York 
it being for Iron and Iron ^vork for tlie lve]>air of th.e Cupulo of the 
City Hall in 2\ovember last as Appears l»y his Ace; Audited and 
Reported which is nllowed. 

Omder'd tliat Ald':nman 1'): Peyster AMermati Jansen i\P Clock and 
M«" Rutgers or any three of tliem be A Committee to View tlie liouse at 
tlie ferry 'dud tlic landing 1' ridge there Report to this Cotu't what 
X'esscssarv ]\epc-:rations anrl .Amendments are wanting to the said 
house and Bridge with all Convenient F.x];edition. 

Order'i:) that Alderman D: Pevster Alderman I'lagge Alderman 
smith and Alderman Ixijt or any tlirtc of them be A Committee to 
Inspect and Pxamitic what Incroach.ments are made upon the high- 
v/ay between Fresh water au'I Cri'iuniesse and make Rcpnrt tliereof 
to this Cotirt vvith all Coin'cnient Rxj^'Cdition. 

Thk Rf.port of t'lO Committee for Stating the Debts due to 
Citv was Read aiid .\pi)roverl and Conhrmed and Oijozk'd that the 
Treasurer dem.and cV Rtceive r,f th.e several ]-'ersons D^' to this Corpo- 
ration the several sum.> of Mone}- Mentir.ned in the -aid Re})ort and 
niake Return of his Proceedings therein to this Court with all Con- 
venient Speed. 



Ordi-'.k'd tiie Saiil RcjKjrl be Entrod in tli'.- Miuutt-s of Common 
Council which is in tiic^c \\\irtls foI!o\\"iri'> O i"'-j 

I'L'ksuAXT to an Order of Conunon Council bearing" datr the 
lliirte'.nth day of I\lay last past Ordering- us to make A further State 
of the Debts of the Corporation with the Persons indebted thereunto 
ar.d to Receive th.eir Ansv/err, dsx : I'n.r.-nant to which Order v/ee liave 
Examined all Accounts and Persons Except Ca])". Provoost and Capl 
D : Riemer, who upon our snnnnoj^ses never mett us and find them as 
licreafter Expre-t. 

Thomas Clark and James Evetts Stand Irideljtcd for" 
Rallance of tlieir Eease of th.c Dock ten p-jurids and 
hho by A Report made by an [200] Order of th.e 
Mayor to \'iew the E^ock Wharf e kc: they 
Indebted thirty ilve pounds as pi Saifl Award 

to v.'Mch Ivcfer the wliole 

Rebeckah \'an scliaick Stan.ds hidebted for the "^ 
pound for four years for wliicli uill C)r can Ren.- 
der no Account, it paid one year \vith Another > 10 — 00 — 00 
upwardis of litty Shilings so wee Charge her 

with fift}' Shilings ^-p^ Annum 

Clem I'dswortii is D' for Eand Sold Aliraham Era- 


sier for £150 at A publick Sale and he i^a.-i ^ 
bi;t £ 100 — : — : Re;na.ins D' J 

Janies Spencer RemairiS D^ on his Eease £32 — 8 "^ 
— 6 for which William Hnddleston Entrcd intvi ( 
Pond for ]*aynK-nt thereof so is become b'»und 
for Said .. .' 

Jt'jhn Are.-on. Stands Indebted for his Eease of tb.e 
ferry £56 — 7 — 3 \vhich his Ex':'eu.*''^ Say is 
paid to Cap; Provoost Irnt produce no Recei[)ts 
Xeither has Cap! Provoost given any Credit to 
the Cit}- for any such sum nor amy part tliereof . . . 

jc>bin Ewouts Stands Eidebted to the City on Ace! of 
the r'crry £70 he Aliedgcs to ha\e paid to Cap'. 
Provoost £500 and some Mont-v to Vi^ Emott f 
but prduces no Receipts j 

Frans We>sells i> D- for baliance £5 — 2 — 8'; } 
on Account of'Ean.d bought from tb.e City \ 

Sa — cxD — CO 



05—02— 854 

Jacobus Drkev is Dr by P.ill under b,i:- hand ) 24— oS — 03 

Wilham Anderson is D'' for Cit\' Cash in his hau'ls 
tor liallance of his Treasurers .A.ce'. 

3cS— 15— 02 

Oi" THE CfiV OF NE\V YORK 431 

Phiili]< FrciKJi is ])■ £107 — 8 — 0:1 Acci of I.and 
bought of ilic City .V £03 — j^— 3 on Ace! of 
Money Received ns May.u £i73'_3__3 O" 
which paid to John>en £43-- 1,-^0 by 
Wan-ants in M^ jaii-ns hands when he v,as ^129—12—03 
Treasurer for v:hkh vo Credn \va^ ^iyt-n hjin m 
the City Books, tIi.;refore tlie Bahance due from 
him is £ 1:^9 — 12 -- 3 towards pavment of which 
he hat;i some Warrant:, in his hands 

7 ransferd on tlse (diher sid^c 461—14-1^2^ 

[20] ] Drou-lit fro!n tlie C)th,er side £46i_i4--o2j4 

Jacobu- \': Cortlan-li is D'" for Bahance £y2 s ^ 

— 6 and aiso for lind-er of Uv: City Hal! £ -— o [ 

— iS lov-ards i.ayment of whioli hv liatJi Monev f 73--03~ '-^6 
due by a Warr! ' I 

Ebenezer Wihson Stands !.)■ to i' dance of Ids par- ) 

licular Ace: with tlie City f ^^ ^'^ — '^/'^ 

Wdiham Merrett StaTids indelne : for tl.e Ballajice 

of a!i Accounr Aiahted the lod^ of Fchruary 

lyoyG the Sum of 85— 14 — 6 tor :\!oney in Id's I. 85—14—. 

hands as .Mayor 01 tl'e City as 7' Rejjort to 

which Refer 

DavifJ l^rovoost as Mo\r)r of this City hath nr-t by S 

any rd the Cicv Books Accomucd for the h'rccdoms 

and Lycen^es (hitinj^ his ^iayorah1y in widch yi-ar 

52 persons paid Excise to the Collector and the 

same yea:- were Cdranied 24 Id'ecdon.^s to Mechar.- L 63— oS. 

icks and one to A .Alerch' de usiia! fees of each 

Lycense is lor the City 18--' each tradesmans h'rce- 

dom 24- and each Merch'- £3 — 12 — o the 

whole if Computeil is 

ISaac D: Riemer as Mayor of this City not by "^ 

any of tlie City Books Accounted for the Free.kMiv^ 

and Lycences d.r.rin.q- his Aha}orahty in which \ear 

55 persons paid Excise to the Col'ector and in the 

same year were Granted 19 Ida-edoms to [>- 87—14—00 

icks and 4 to Merchants each tradesman fee to the 

City is 24s and M '• O: Riemer Received A Idne 

for Colt Minveihs Xegroes Emptyins^ A ddil) of in tlie Street th.e vdiole if L'-'-r^uted \^.. 



U^ D: Ricuujr as .Mayor had Orders to Scl! A s:iirdl ^ 
j'oard house of the Citys but h;i.s not Aecounted 
for ]t tlie Order of Common Council was the 2i)'l' 
of September 1701 as %] old Common Conned 
Book page 441 Appears 

^^'ce find an Order of Conmiou Council on the ^ 
Treasurer of the 27, July 1701 to pay the Bellmen 
the sum of £24 v. liich with £31 already Order'd y 
is in full of their Saliary due to them as Belhiic 
for the seasiju foregoing 

Wee likewise find an Order of tlie 13-1- October fol- '^ 
lov.dng in which it is Order'd to pay to ISnac D 
Ricmer tiien Mayor ihe surii of £20 in full of sal- ^ 20 — oo~-oo 
lar} due to the Bellmen ending } •. : 25*''^ ;\[ar(. 
last w-i^ wee a^e of Opinion is a wr.. ig Charge. . 

S-DZ — 14-— ■023-S 

{202] Brought fron.i y*? Other Side 802 — 14 — 2j4 

M- D: Rienier as Treasurer Credits tlie City by 
£152 — 8~' — 8'^ Jveced. of Jolm, X'incent fcir y^ 

£i6o'0 Tax for tlie City Blall ar.d by his Receipt ^ 06 — 00—04 
tliere Appears to be £160 — 9 paid soe that he 

gives Credit for S — o — 4 Short 

John \'incent Stands J)' for tlie £1600 tax of the "j 

Dock AVard £9- -12 — i}< for which he has a j 

Note from Cap^ Provoost the tlien .Mavor on L-aac 1 , . 

,-,,,. / . ,,, , • ; • . , - 09 — 12— oil V 

i>: Jvicmcr the men treasurer wlncn is not .-vl- 1 by hiin he having not given the Ciiy Credit I 

for it So it is Still due to tlie City J 

Mf Barlholemcv,- L;rronx Collector of the West ^] 

Ward is indebted on Ace* of trie £1600 Tax for j 

ye: City Hall 6 Shili 435 q-) 'lis Own Accl but [ __^ _ z^^/ 

he gives in Ins List of Xonsolven.ts James (h-aliams j 

liouse for 3 Taxes £1 — 13—- 2^4 wlrich \^ ee { 

think ough.t not to be Allowed as A Xon solvent. . J 

Ph.ihi]-) Minth.orne Collector of tiie Bowry Divisi<^n 
for the £1606 Tax for the Citv Hall is D'' £6 — 

9 — 9-'^4 being lin'ce Taxes of Ceorge S\-nd.en!\-im 
which he Returns as Xon solvent^ Vvhich Ought 
not to be allowed 

06— TiO — 09 3 < 



Stephen Buck-uhoven Cullector of the South Ward '^ 

is imlelited on Acei of tlie £160') tax the Sum of 1 r -t/ 

, . , , . , ^- 01 — 16 — 73/4 

£i~iO — 73.4 winch he is ready to pay pro- ' 

viding- he may be di.-cliar!:,^ed 

Jacohus Goeiett and ISaac Kip Executors "of ye: ^ 

Estate of Gerrett llohar are ready to pay the Bal- ^ . _ ^ _i, 

lance due from that j^.siate to the City for Mate- ^ 

rialh of the Gitv flaU the sum is 

Justice ]Jush Stands ] )• fur timber of tl^' Gity Hall ""^ 

r>^ ,r,\ 1 ■ , 1 •. 1 , 1 1 - , ,1 .- . L- , I 

L 00—08 — 06 

gi> — f,^ vdiich lie saith lie bou;;ht oi (Jlfcrt Suert 
but if -vK Sueri. will not pay the City for them 
he will 

S35 — 10 — 09 


if the ppyment of the Warrant of £2.1 granted the Bellmen in this 
Report and the £20 — Order'd ]\B' E) : Riemcr for the same service 
together \\ith the Otlier warrant? j)aid by former Treasurers were 
Rer!:ularl}- Charocd in iiie City Book> wee Could plainly discover ilie 
ovcrjtaymcp.t of Said £20- — but iiK'St Warrants have been by some 
of the former IVeasurers premiscuonsly Cliarged which is the Reason 
wee Cannot plainlv disc'^'ver that matier all which is Immbly submitted 
by Rol/l Eurting 

New ^'ork 28 Sep''^ Sanv' Bayard 

1710 • Jacobus Kip 

[203] City of / ^^ All A Common Council held at th.c 

Neu- York J ■ ■ City Hall r)f the Said Ciiy on Saturday the 

3'' day of februa.ry Anno ]^)om i7io[-ii] 
Present Jacolnis \' : Cortlandt l-'Sq^ Mayor 
I\Iav Bickley E.Sq- Recorder 
John D Eeysier 
William Snn'th 
E'lhannes jaii'^en 
sanmell Bayard 
Jacobus Kip 
j'.arlh'. ilemew I .arr.ii: 
.John Brevoort 
Cornehhis D Eeysier 
Anthony Rutgers 
Alliert Clock 
Abraham \\'endcll 
Vol. II.-2S 

>ESq" Aldermen. 




Ordkr'd that Alderrnan Jaiisen /Vklennan ]>ayard and AU D : 
Pe_\sler or any two of ihciu be A Committee to iniploy workmen and 
provide Matcrialls for finisliing the !:;reat ]3ridge by the Custom house 
and Making the same Convenient for the Shiping of and Landing of 
Merch.anchze : and ako that the same Committee Cause the Wall 
under the Markelt liL'>use at the South end of the broad Street near 
the Dock to be l-icpaired wh.ere the same is wanting. 

Ordekd tliat there be A bonfire at the Charge of this Corporation 
on Tuesday next bf. ing her Majestys Birth day, tliat there be so much 
Wine Expended th.irreat as the Mayor Shall Direct and that the Treas- 
urer provide the same. Oudkr'd also that the Treas'jrer attend this 
Comt on Saturday next. 

V\">ifki:as several disorders have been lately Committed in this 
City hy F.vil dispos'd Persons \\'ho make A Common Praciice of 
going about the Streets tliereof in th<^ dead time of Night and breaking 
and destroying the glass windows of th;; Inhabitants to their grievious 
damage against the peace and in Contempt of the Laws, for the better 
detecting such Evil P'racticers it is therefore hereby Order'd that wliat- 
ever Person or Persons hereafter Shall Apprehend or discover any 
person or persons guilty of Stich Offences so that they be Convicted 
of the same such Person or Persons giving Such Liformation Shall 
Receive as a Rev.ard from this Corporation the sum of fourty Sbilings 
to be paid by the Trcasvnxr under the h.and and seal of the Mayor. 

[204 1 J-'v Till'. ALwoR .\>:d Aldermen 

OF THE City of New York 

Assize of Bread 

Ordi;r'd that the Assi/c of bread l)e till further Order as fol- 
low eth, (\'i7») 

A White loaf of the finest flower to weigh fourteen oimces for 
three half j)ence. 

A W'lkte Inaf oi tlie finest tlower to weigh two pounds and three 
c[uariers for four pence half penny. 

A Wdieaten loaf tl;e Coursest bran oidy taken out and r.ot Olher- 
\'.a}-s to Vv-eigii three pounds six ounces for four pence h.alf penriy 
wheat being at iny.v Shilin-s rvA Six pence 'f' bushed, and Order'd no rither bread, l.)e r.i.ade for Sale within tliis City but According 
to the ad'o\-e Assize (d'.iskett C)nly Excepted) and Order'd that all 



Bakers within the same do t^ike Notice hereof and bake their bread 
Aceordingly. Dated at tlie City Ilall of the Said City the third day 
of febriiary in the Ninth year of her Majestys Jveign Anno Donl 1710 

^■] Order of the ]\layor and Aldermen 

Will SnAFa\AS CI 

City of ( 
New York J '^'- 

>ESc/-" Aldermen 


Att a Cop.imon Council held at the 
City Ilall of the Said City on Saturday the 
10".' day of february Anno Dolil r7io[-ii] 

Present Jacobus \' : Cortlandt ES(|^ Mayor 
May liickley ESq'' Recorder 
John 1): IVy^ter 
^Vi^liam Smith 
Edward ];lag-e 
Samuel 1 Bayard 
Jacobus Kip 
Bartholemew ] .aroux 
Anthony Jvutgers 
Cornelius I): Peyster 
Albert Clock 
Abraham Wendell 

The Conmiittee for X'ievvii'.g- the ferry h'juse and brid,;:e at the ferry 
[205] I\ej)r'i-L the Ma.ntle piece in oit: of tlie ]\ooms is broke and 
tl'iat there ought to be A New one in the Jvooiii thereof, that they have 
abo A'iewed tlic landing bridge which they fmd very much out of 
Repair and too Short h\ twenty foot, and are of Opinion the same ought 
to be Repaired and len.gtlmed. it is tli'/refore hereby Okoi-:r'd tleat 
the same Committee do Materi;d!- and imploy workmen for 
making the Said Neu' MaiUle piece and for Repairing and lengthning 
the Said B,ridge .Vccording 10 tlie Said Iveport. 

Oi^nru'i) tile Mayor Issue his Warrant to the 

Warrant Issued Treasiuer to pay to Mv Th.omas Eell or Order the 

N*^ 18 sum of thrre pounds Caurent Money of New York 

it being for i'uitring tlie .Vcc": of lbi> Corporation 

in the New ledge i- in Janr,.-iry last 

ORDr.u'n the T 
City his Acc^ durii 
Com.mon Coimeil. 

•a^urei do^re of Ca'." W 
'■ Ids Mavoralit\- and d.v-li' 

in kite Ma_\'or of this 
til'' same to the Next 



City of /^^ 
New York I 

:> ]:'.Sq'^ ^Mdcrnien 

Att a Common Council held at the 
City Mall of the Sr.lA City on Saturday the 
3'-^ day oi March Anno DoIiT i7io[-ii] 

Present Jacobus V: Cortlaiidt ESq'- Alayor 

?day P'.ickle}- ESq^ Recorder 

John \j: ]'V\sLer 

'W'illia!]] Sn]ith 

Johannes Jansen 

Saniuell Uayard 

Jacobus Kip 

Bartholcmew Laroux "^^ 

Cornelius I) : Pcvster I . . 
, ,, ,-,, , ' >- Assistant? 

Albert Clock [ Wendell J 

The }>Iayor Rendred an Acci of the Profitts of the Corporation 
during.-; his ]\fa}-oralit:}- since the f.rurteenth day of October last v.-liere- 
b:- thert.' is due to tliis Corporation to Ballance Elcaven pounds nfteen 

RlsOIA'KD that the Comnnon Coimcil of th:is Corporation chj meet 
at the Cat}- Hall of tids Cit}- at the hour of Xine in the forenoon on t'le 
fu'st fryday in lA'cry ^Montii and all persons Concern'd are to take 
Notice thereof y\ccording!y. 

[206] Thk FOiJjjwiXG Laws Orders and Ord.inances of this Conpora- 
iion wtTf tkds da\ made Or^iained ]:^stablisheLi \' Published and Oiu^kr'd 
to be Continue au'.' Kcn.iainc in full force and \'ertue for three Months 
from and After tlie date hereof. (. \'iz-) 

Eor the C^liscrvation of the Lords day 

Concernini^ Stran.£;ers 

Xonc to Keep puldick house without L\'ccnsc 

Surveyors of the City 

To Prevent fire 

ReL,ndations oi the 3Jarkett 

Assize of liread t<i be Established e\ery three Months 

Re_::^ailations for (Tarmen 

Ma.^tcrs of \'es-ells to cd-ce Acc: of their Passeucrers 

Comn^ :n (r"e'Uncil In Apj^ear ujii'n Sumn.f'ns 

Gua.^ers Packers an.d Cullers 

Ereem.en and .Apjjrentices 

Laws and Orders for tlie Government of the dock and Slips 



Law ag:ainst firing;- Guns in the Stret-ts c^'c : 

Lav. ag-! Killing: Cattle any uiiert but at the Slaughter houses 

Cattle to be laraled at tlie SlouLjhter houses 

Law imposing A fine upon Such, as refuse to watch 

Law for Cleaning the Streets Lanes and Alleys within this City 

Law prohibiting Hawkers and Pedlars 

Carmen not to drive over the Connnon Sewer 

Swine prohibited to run at large 

Lav»' ag: digging holes on the Commons or Cutting Sodds 

Law for preventing frau.ds in hrewood 

L'lw for Supplying the X'acancy <:A pub'ick Klective }vLigistratcs Sec: 

Aldermen Authorized to put the Laws in Execution 

Ofticers to be Ob'^ervent in the ILxccuiion of the Lav.,'S 

L'ciw proh.ibitin.g Sveejnng th.e Street-^ in of ]vain 

Guagers Poachers and Cullers 

Lav.- for Paving tlie Streets Lanes an.d Alleys in the City of New 


Law proliibiting S-wine to run at large in the Eovrry Division 
Law for Removing the Posts out of the Streets of this City 
Law lor Reguhaiing the Oflke of Cbamberlain or Treasurer of the 

City of ?\fw "^'ork. 

CouMnnn Council to riicet the first fryda\' in Every Moi.ith. 

Att -V Conunttp Council held at the 
City Ilali of the Said City on V\'"ensdav the 
y^'} day of March Anno DoITT i7io[-ii] 

Present Jacobus \' : Cortlandt l-.S-E ?vIayor 

May Pickley ESq' J^ecorder 

John D: b'ey.-rer 

Johannes Jansen 

Edward Pilagc^e . .^,, , ... 

,, ,. , V I'^Sq"^^ Aldermen 

sanuK-11 liayard | 

\\'i;iiam Sm.ith 

Jacobus Kip 

Partholer.iev,- L;ir"u:\ 

Corr.ehus D : Pe\>;ler 

John P.revO'^rt >- Assistants Wendell 

Aliiert Clock 



Tlic Committee for Aviditiny the Treasurers 
N" IQ Acc^^ Report upon ilie Treasurer^, Ace! from the 

Warrant Issued fourteenth of Octolier ijc/) to the fourteenth of 
October ];'07 in tliese word'; following (\ iz') Wcc 
underwrilien Auditors of the City Accounts have Examined the Cash 
Ace', of the Treasurer (x>:t Robert Lurling on the Other side from the 
fourteenth of C)ctober 1706 lo the 14''.' October 1707 witli the \"ouchers 
produc'd for discharge lliereof are of Oirinion that Colt Robert Lurt- 
ing Ought to have A \\' arrant granted him for the four several bon- 
fires of tliat year Amormting in all to the sum of 19'' — 12^ — 1^2^ 
which having OlUaincd ami i'hidorssed by iiim to have been discounted 
in that years a-.c; then there will Remain de.e to him from the City on 
tlie 14"' October 1707 the Sum of ilft> tv.'o pounds Kiglit Shilings and 

Six pence wliich is Submitted bv ^, , ^ , 

* - Sam) Bayard 

New York 3^^ 3.1arch 3710-] i Jacoljus Kip 

Abra : Wendell 

which, RcpiiTl is Approved and Confirnx''d and Ouder'd the Mayor 
Issue hh Warrant to the Said Treasurer for the payment of the Said 
sum of £79 — 12 — I v'j Pursuant to tlve same Report. 

The Committee for Auditing the Treasurers 
X° 20 Acc'f Report up'on the said Ace' from the fourteenth 

Warrant Issued of October 1707 to tr.e 14"' C)cto'-''" 170S in these 
words lollo',\ing (\'i/''; V/ce undier written Audit or ^ 
of Ace'' have Strictly Exanuncd the Cash Acct of the Trea^urer Robert 
Ltirting on the Other Side of this our Rcnr)rt with the \'ouchers pro- 
duced by him from the 14"^ Cjctober T707 t^ the 14'^ October 170S and 
are of Opinion that he Ough.t to have A Wa.rrant Granted liim for the 
three several T'onfires of that year Amounting to the sum of fourteen 
pounds I-^ight Shilings and four pence half pemiy wliich having 
Obtained and same being Endorssed b}' him to have l)een discounted in 
tliat years Cash Acct tlien there vdll Rema.iu due to the Treasurer to the 
]4'" October 1708 the sum of twenty two pounds Six Sliilings and four 

pence half p-ennv all which is Submitted l)v out-, 

^ ' • Sam" Bayard 

N York 1710-11 3'^ IMarch Jacobus Kip 

Abra: Wendell 

\vhich Re['0rt is Approved and Confirmed arid Okdrrd the Mayor Issue 
his Warrant to the said 'Jh-easurer for the payment of the said sum 
of 14 — 08 — 4J/J Pursuant to the same Re{->ort. 


[?':'Sj The Committee for Auditing the Treasurers 

N° 21 Ace*-: Report upon the Said Ace' from the 14-':' of 

Warrant Issued Octoher i;oS to the 14".' of Octoljer 1709 in these 

words following- (Viz*) Vv'ee underwritten Auditors 
of thr- City Accounts have Examined the Cash Account of the Treas- 
urer Coll Robert Rintinj; on the C)tlicr side hereof from the 14*^'" Octo- 
ber 1708 to the 14''' October 1709 with the Vouchers produced for dis- 
charge thereof and are of Opinion the Treasurer ought to have A 
warrant Cranted him fnr the tliree several I'.on.fires of that year 
Amounting- all of to the suni of fourteen pounds Sixteen Sliilingi. 
which having Obtained and Eiidorst by b.lm to have been discounted in 
that year^ Cash Ace^ of his then there Vsill Remain due from the Treas- 
vvcT to the Cit}' oi\ the fourleenfii of October 3709 the sum of seaven 
Shillings and iour p-:ncc lialf penny vTiich is Subuntted by 

N York 3'^ March 1710-11 Sam^- IJayard 

Jacobus ]\ip 
Abra : Wendell 
wliicb. Jxepnit is Approved ar.d Conlirmcd and Okder'd tb.c r\Iayor 
L'^sue his "W'arrant to the said I'reasmer for the payment of the said 
sum of fourteen pounds Sixteen Shilings Pursuant to the sanie Report. 

The Committee for Auditing the Treasu.rers 
]\To 22 Ace*-" Report upon bus Ace! from the 14''' October 

Warrant Issu'-'l i/Oij to tliC 34''' October 1710 in these v/ords follow- 
ing (\'iz!) Wee undervrritlen Auditors of the City 
Accounts have I'xamined the Cash Account of the City Treasurer C01I 
Robt Lurting from the I4''- October i7e->9 to tb,e 14'^ October 1710 with 
the Vouchers produced for discharge tliereof, arc of Opinion that the 
lYeasurer Ought to have A Vv'arrant Granted him for the two several 
Ronfires 01 that yeai' Amour.ting Ijoth to tb,e sum of Xine pound^s 
seaven Shilings and four pence half ]icnny winch, having Obtain'd and 
Endorsst by him to b.ave been discounted in that years Acc-^ then there 
will Remain due from the Treasurer to the City to the fou.rteenth of 
October last the of Eighty Xitie pounds four Shilings and fr.ur 
pence which is hu.mbly snbmitted by Sam'-' Bavard 

New York r' ^rarch 1710-11 Jacobus Kip 

Abra : Wendell 

which Report is Approved and Confirmed and Orim-.r'd the Mayor 
Issue his \A'arrant to the Said Treasurer for the payment of the said 
sum of 9'' — 7S — 4j/j^ Pursuant to the same Report. 


[iKy] Tlie Committee for Auditing- the Treasurers Acc^^ Report upon 
his Ace' (.'f the ("h'lri^e and discliarge of tiie fir.-t payment of the Six 
hundred pound Tax in tliese words follovdno; (^'i^'') Wee under written 
Auditors of thie City Accounts have ILxamined the Account of 
CoU Robert Lurting- I'rescnt 'J'reasurcr of tliis City of the first payment 
of the Six hundred pound Tax with tlie \\juch,crs [produced by 
for discharge th.ercof and find Remaiiiing- in his hands on the fcur- 
tcenthi of Octoljcr last of that Mone}" tlie sum of one hun.dred fourt_\- 
Eight pounds one Sh.iiing and one jjcnny and are of Opinion that Said 
Treasurer ought to Call the several City Collectors of th;it Tax to an 
Ace*, if the}- have not Actually Received more than is paid in by them. 
?)vfore the Repealing of that Act, v/hicli is humid}- sul)mitted by 

i\ : York 3^ .March 1710-11 sam^ Bayard 

Jacobus Kip 
Abra: Wendell 

and thereupon it i^- Crder'o that th.e Justices do Require tlic Col- 
lectors of tiic Said Tax to Appear before them an.d Account for Ih.e 
Arrears thereof. 

City of ) 
New York J'' 

Ay-r A Comimon Council held at the 
City Hall of the Said City on fryday the 
G'l" da}' of April Ani;':i Dom lyir 

Present Jacobus \' : Conlandt VSq' Aiayoi 
Bicklev ESci'' Recorder 

John D: Peyster 
Johanne- Jansen 
kdward Blaggc 
Jacobus Kip 
Cornelius D: Pe}ster 
Bartholomew Laroux 
Jolui Brevort 
Alljcrt Clock 
Abraham Wendell 
Anthonv Rutgers 


^ KSq'"* Aldcrnicn 


OrxT-rKD tlie Treasurer forthwith purchase Fdghteen Rush bott-m 
Cl;>>.irs and an Ovel Table for the use of th.e Conunon Council of this 


The Petition of Riclru.! 11 arris was read praying- leave to lay A 
drain from his house into the hroad Street and to Open the Ground io 
lay tlie same and that no body brin;; in any Other into itt [210] without 
the Petitioners Okof.k'd the Petitioner liave leave to lay A 
drain f'-oni his dv/elling- house through Princes Street into the broad 
Street at hi^ own Charge lie filling up and paving the Street again and 
that no person do lay any drain into tlie Petitioners drain without tlie 
leave of this Corporation and paying tlie Petitioner A proportionable 
part of tr.e Charge he sliall be at in Aiaking the said drain. 

: Att a Con. -non Council held at the 

City Hall of the Saii.1 City on Tuesday the 
10*1' day of April Atuio Dom 171 1 

Present Jacobus \' : Corthnidt ESq'^' Tvlayor 
l\Lay Iheldc}- ESq' Recorder 
John D iVyster ""^ 

Tolianncs lansen >i-c ,<; \ti 

-' - . fESq'^ Aldermen 

Jacobus Kip "^ 
Bartholemevr Laroux I 
A nil ion;.' Rutgers ("Assistants 

Abraliam Wendell 

OrI'Lr'd the ylayor L':sue Ids Warrant to the 
X« 23 Treasurer to pa\ to the Bellmen (\'i;^M William 

Warrant Issued Ricb.ardson Richard Davis Dirck Cook and Arnout 
tlendndcksen or Order the sum of twenty Six pounds 
Current Moiiev of Xevr York which witii ten pounds ih.ey have Already 
Received Makes tliirfc Six pounds which is in full of their sallary as 
Bellmen of this City from the first of November last to the first day of 
this Instant Month of April 

MF..%roR.\NnT'M April ve : 13^^ Andries Douw Scav- 

^Varr' Issued er.ger of this City had A Warrant for A Quarter of A 

N'^'24"/ years Sallary due and i^nidiug^ thic n^l' of March last 

Pursuant to an Order oi Common Council of the 12''.' 

of September 1710 



ESn---5 Aide 

AiT A Coriiii;oii Council held at the 
City Ilall of the Said City on Saturday the 
21''.' day cf April Anno DoiTI 171 1 

Present Jacobus V: Cortlandi ESq^ Mayor 
May r.icklcy ESq' Recordcr 
John D : i'eyster 
William Smith 
Johannes Jaii?en 
Jacobus Kip 
{211] Bartholenicw Earoux "^ 

Albert Clock L Assistants 

Anthony Rtitgers J 

Order'd a Eonfi';e be made nt tlic Charge of this Corporation on 
i^Ionday Next being- the Anniversary day of her -\Eajesiys Coronation 
that there be sucli A quantity of wine <is the "Mayor shall direct and 
thpt the Trea'-.urer i)rovide the same Accordingly 

Oi;DEi<'D i"nc ]\Iayor Issue his Warrant to the 

Watr*: Issued Treasurer to pay to William Sh.arpas the sum of ten 

N°25 potmds Current Money of New York it being in full of 

one half year? Sallary as Town Clark of tliis City due 

&. Eliding the fourteenth luttarit. 

L-ityoi I 
New York 1 


Ai r A Comn-.(jii Council held at the 
City Hall of the Said City on Eryday :,e : 
first day of June 171 1 

Present Jncobus V: Cortlandt ESq"" }.Iayor 
Ma}- Bicklcy ESq^ Recorder 
John D: Peyster 
W'illiam Sniith 
Johannes Jan-en 
Edward Eligge 
Jacf^bus Kip J 

Bartholemew Earoux 
John Ihevort 
Albert Clock 
Abraham Wendell 

EoKASMUCii as Cap! Lancaster Symes one of the Lessee's of the 

ESq""* Aldern-ien 

I Assista 


Dock of tn.i.s City lias not Ck-oricd t!ie same According- to his promise 
and Agrecmcni witl^ llils Corporation, it is therefore Order'd, that th.e 
Action agi him at ilie suit of Corporation for breach of Covenants 
nov/ depending; in ttic Supreani Court of this Province be brought to 
tryal in September Term next and that the Jvccorder have Notice 

Order 'd that th.c Widdovv of Andries Douw deceased be Continued 
Scavenger of the Bruad Street of this City for one year att F.leaven 
pounds ^:1 Annum to ComrncncL- the Eleaventh Ir.stant and that the 
Mayor Issue his v/arrants quarterly to the Treasurer for the payment 
of the saU'C as it becomes due. 

•Mem.It. June ii^'" the I^iayor issued h,is warr* for 2 — 15 
N° 26 — O to Ariantie Douw fur a Quarters Sallary as Scavenger 

of the broad Street due A- Ending thus day by r)rder of 
Common Council Sep^''' 12-r i/io 

[212] Thl followixg Lav.'S Orders and Ordinances of this Corpora- 
tion were this day made Ordained Esudjli--.hed 0: published and Ch<DER'D 
to be Continue and Remain in f;ul force and Verlue for three TvEDnths 
from and after tlie dale hereof (\"i/.'.) 

For the ObsLrvati>.>u of the Eords diay 

Concerning Strangers 

None io keep publick house vdthout Eycense 

Surveyors of ihc City 

To Prevent the 

Regulatii'TS of th.e /darkctt 

Assize of Bread to be Esiabdi.-lied Every three APjnihs 

Regulations for Carmen. 

Masters of X'cssclls to give Acct of their pas>engers 

Common Council to Aipjjcar upon summons. 

Guagers Packers and Culk-rs 

Freemen and Apprentices 

Raws and Orilers for the Governinent of the Dock and Slips 

Law a.qainst firing Guns in the Streets e^'c : 

Law ag: Killing Cattle any where luit at the .Slnughter houses 

Cattle t'"^ I'C La:ided at tiie .^ioughler houses 

Law Tmposiiig A h'inc upon Svich as Refuse to Watch 

Law for Cleaning the Streets b.ane.- and Alleys within tln^ City 

La\\' PreiJiii'iMng Hawker-; and Pedlars 

Carmen not tn drive Over the Conu'tion sewer 



Su iiic F'rof'ibitcc! to Run at large 

].<i\v ag' ("'igging- Iioivs on the Commons or Cutting soUds. 

Law for Preventing frauds in firewood. 

Law for Supplying the \'acancy of Publick Electi^'e Magistrates cl'c : 

Aldernien Authorized to put the Laws in Execut'on 

Officers to be Obs-jrvent in the E,\t.'CULiLin of the Laws 

Law prohibiting the Sweeping: the Streets in time of Rain 

Guagers Lackers and Cullers 

Law fur Paving the Streets Laiies and Allevs in the City of New 

Law Prohibiting Swine to Run at large in the Powry Division 
Lr;w for Removing the Posts out of the Streets of this City. for Regulatini;- the oflrce cif Clmmberlain or Trcpsurer of tlie 

City of Xev, York. 

Conmion Couneil to Meet tlie first frvdav in Everv }vionth. 

Att a Connnon Council held at tlu 
City Flail of th.e Said Cit}" on Thursday ye 
28'':' day of June Anno DoTn 171 1 

Present Jacobus \' : Cortlandt ESq' Mayor 

May Bickley EScf Recorder 

John D : Peyster 

William Smith , _ 

T 1 T > ESq'^-- Aldermen 

Johannts Janscn ^ 

samucll Bayard 

[213] Cornelius ]') : Peysie 

Bartholcmew Larou\ , , . 

All . r-i 1 yAssistant5 

Albert Clock 

Abraham Wendell 

Pr'RSfAXT to an Orvler of liis Excellency the Governou.r and Coun- 
cil niade this day Requiring that the ^Mayor and C^'-rporation of this 
Citv .!o direct all the Markctt houses in this Town Except 
at I>i;rg.T5 path be sett apart f(^r the Carpenters to build their Battoes 
in. it is tlierefore hereby ORniK'n tliat all the Mark^tt houses of 
Clt^ 'Except tliat. at Bui-gers path) be sett Apart for the Convcniency 
of bi'.ibling trie Said Battoes and for no Otlir-r use or service what^^oevcr 
lintiil tlic same be Compleat and fmished any former Law Order or 
Ordmance of this Corporation to the Contrary hereof in any wise 


City of / cc '""^"^T A Common Coimcil lieM at tlie 

NewYoikJ'' Lity Hall 01 tb.o Said Cit}- on Fryday tlie 

Sixth da\- of Jul}- Amio Dom 171 1 

Present Jacuhu^ \" : Cortlaudt F.Sq' iMayor 
May f!ickU-y l^Sq^ Recorder 
John 1): Peystcr ^ 

Johann?.s J an sen 
Samuell [!a}-;ird 
Jacolnis Kip 
Bart'.ioleniew Laroux 
Corn'jlii.u-- D ; Peystc; 
Albert Clock 
Anlhc)n\- Putfi^crs 

ESq" Aldermen 


C)ki)Kk"l) (Xeminc (\'ntra dicente) that the >dayor 

N'-' 2/ Issue Ids Warrant to die Treasurer to pay to liendrick 

Warr! Issued Deforcest or Order out of tlie six hundred pound Tax 

the s^uM of ten pound-: -tud iwo pence half penny Currt